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W. J. ROUSE, Editor.
filtered at the l'osioillce at Monroe City
Missouri, as second-class matter.
thursdayToctober16T 1912.
If you want posters,
If you want sale bills,
If you want circulars.
If you want envelopes,
If you want bill heads,
If you want price lists.
If you want statements,
If you want note heads.
If you want letter heads.
If you want address cards.
If you wnnt invitation cards.
If you want pamphlets or books.
If you want any kind of printing
done, call at the Democrat office.
For President
Woodrow Wilson
For Vice-President
Thomas R. Marshall
For Governor
Elliott W. Major
For Lieutenant-Governor
Wm. R. Painter
For Congress Second District
W. W. Rucker
For State Senator
Robert S. McClintic
For Secretary
Cornelius Roach
For State Auditor
John P. Gordon
For State Treasurer
E. P. Deal
For Attorney-General
John T. Barker
For Judge of Supreme Court
Henry W. Bond
Robt F. Walker
Chas. B. Fari8
For R. R. Commissioner
James T. Bradshaw
For Representative
James P. Boyd
For Assessor
John T. Glasscock
For Sheriff
G. K. Lewis
For Treasurer
W. M. Meteer
For Prosecuting Attorney
A. T. Stewart
For Judge Eastern District
B. F. Vaughn
For County Surveyor
M. W. Caldwell
Public Administrator
P. G. Msrr
John A. Wilson
For Constable Monroe Township
H. A. Graves
Bring your sale bills to the Dem
Davenport &. Mahan make Farm
Loans on best terms tf.
your wants in
William Hays departed Friday for
Edison, Neb.
Dr. Hornback Oculist and Aurist
Hannibal, Mo.
Thomas Foster went to Hannibal
to spend some time with his son.
Mesdames D. S. Sharp and J. E.
Johnston were wumcy visitors r n-
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hardesty
spent pan oi me ween wun men
. . .1 1 . A. 1 l ! I
SiE, HJSS4 tbe
Mrs. C. B. Hull, of Bushnell, 111.,
was here part of the week dispos
ing of her property. She will spend
the winter in California '
What the Missouri
Editors Are Saying
And Doing a Good Job.
Taft seems to be resting on his
oars while l. K. is rocKing tne
boat. Bethany Democrat.
And Still Are at Work.
The Republican papers have al
ready picked out a part of President
Wilson's cabinet for him. Mem
phis Democrat.
Should Be Ample Warning.
The Democratic and Republican
party state platforms both denounce
the single tax isn't this warning
enough? Ravenwood Gazette.
So Say We Al
The Kansas City Star is the chief
organ of the Bull Moose party in
M issouri. The Star is also advocat
i ng the single tax theory. "Nuff"
said.- Hopkins Journal
They Do Not Compare Well.
Mr.lRoosevelt puts a great deal
of emphasis upon his reference to
Governor Wilson as a schoolmaster,
which indicates that pedagogy ill
compares with killing bobcats as a
steady job. Kansas City Journal.
He Is the Real Stuff.
Old John L. Sullivan is to take
the stump for Col. Roosevelt Now
what more is needed to convince
the great American public that the
Bull Moose is the original blown-in-
the-bottle savior of mankind?
Nodaway Democrat-Jorum.
This Woman Was Sensible.
One New York woman after
studying the big tariff exhibit in
New York City for an hour and re
alizing how the tariff robbed her
home at every turn, indignantly de
clared, "I don't know much about
politics, but I'm going right home
to my husband, who is a Republi
can, and tell him he must vote for
Wilson or the babies and I will go
on strike. Henry County Democrat.
From a Republican Source.
It is gratifying to note that the
newly elected governor of Maine re
fused to rest under the insulting
statement that he got the support
of the real Republicans of his state
under false pretenses even if the
statement did come from one who
carries the banner, "Thou shalt not
steal." Kansas City Journal.
We Shall See What We Shall See
The regular Republican organiza
tion is determined to do a little ante-election
housecleaning, and has
begun by ousting every member of
the National Committee who re
fused to pledge fealty to Taft. Per
haps after awhile they will get
around to Governor Hadley, then
we shall see what we shall see.
Glasgow Missourian.
Then Hear J. Bull Howl.
The Panama canal is to be open
ed to traffic in the fall of 1913. This
statement has been made officially
at the navy department, with an
announcement that the Atlantic
fleet would be rendezvoused at
Colon this winter, befeore the water
is turned in. The navy s estimate
is based upon the latest report from
the army engineers. Atchison
County Mail.
How Herbare Has Tumbled.
How the mighty have fallen. On
ly a few weeks ago Governor Had
ley was the idol of the Republican
party in this state, and some of his
admirers went so far as to claim
that he was presidential timber.
Now behold the tin horn straddle
1 hantfint? on the fpnrp wnirind Ha.
velopments before be is willing to
announce whether he is a stand
Ptt or a "pull looser."-King City
Roosevelt in the High Ranks.
The third time candidate's favor
ite reply to the telling, unanswera
ble arguments of Gov. Wilson is
that the latter's opinion are based
"not on actual knowledge nnd ex
perience but by reading musty books
on "political economy." The colo
nel himself at a tender age was put
at hard labor! It is not often that a
man whose whole life has been giv
en up to politics and office-holding
gets as horny-handed as Mr. Roose
velt in the ranks of labor and high
finance! Atchison County Mail.
When Champ Came Home.
Champ Clark was given one of
the biggest demonstrations of love
and loyalty ever extended a public
man at his home coming at Bowl
ing Green Saturday. The town was
decorated from end to end and
there were large delegations present
from neighboring towns, while the
farmers for miles around came in
carriages and autos to swell the
procession. Hundreds of floats and
vehicles, gayly decorated with flags
and bunting, formed a procession
more than a mile long and trav
ersed all the principal streets,
shouting and cheering. Platte
County Landmark.
Read This and Reflect.
People have almost forgotten the
charges made against Ballinger, but
the most important of them was set
tled only the other day when Sec
retary Fisher issued an order finally
cancelling? thirty-three coal land
claims in Alaska. The Cunningham
claims covered an area of 5.250
i ii.
acres and tneir value ran mgn up
. ! 1 fTI 11 i!
in tne minions, ine cancellation
was recorded in the Juneau land
office for fraud, the $52,000 paid
into the United States treasury by
the claimants is forfeited, and the
Morgan-Guggenheim fortunes are
just that much short Two promi
nent public officers. Pinchot and
Glavis, and several officers were
discharged from the public service
by Taft for calling attention to this
scheme to fraudulently get posses
sion of the coal land3 of Alaska.
St Louis Times.
Banking Rules Stiffened.
New York, Sept. 21. A ruling of
interest to country banks was laid
down here to-day by Lawrence 0.
Murray. Comptroller of the Curren
cy, in address delivered to a gather
ering of national bank examiners.
On after October 1, he said, he
desired that at the examination of
all country banks the Board of Di
rectors shall be convened and the
! examination of assets made in their
The ComDtroller cautioned the
examiners to inquire inio very
carefully any undue concentration
of the loans of a bank in companies
controlled by the bank's officers or
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letters
of administration on the estate of
David J. Stanford, deceased, were
granted to the undersigned on the
22nd day of August 1912 by the
Probate Court of Monroe County,
Missouri. All persons having claims
against said estate are required to
exhibit them for allowance to the
administrator within six mouths
after the date of said letters, or they
may be precluded from any benefit
of such estate, and if such claims
be not exhibited within one year
from the date of this publication
they shall be forever barred.
This 26th day of Sept. 1912.
10-10 Administrator.
Fr. P. F. Coonev and niece. Miss
Maggie Cooney came home Friday
from St. Louis where they had been
called by the illness of Fr. Cooney'
brother. The siek man was con
sideral better at the time they left
St. Louis.
Have your Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry repaired at Bebb's
Jewelry Store. All work guar
anteed. 0. R. Emerson and family visited
Hannibal relatives Saturday.
Let Me Show
You Wyoming!
You may have questioned some i
of the statements you have heard
about the wonderful crop yields ob
tained by Wyoming farmers par
ticularly those in the Big Horn Ba
sin -but if you will visit the coun
try and talk with some of the farm
ers from Illinois, Iowa and Mis
souri who have settled there, you
will readily understand why they
feel so optimistic.
A former Iowa man recently
wrote me as follows:
"I believe there is no better loca
tion in the west than just where I
am, and I heartily advise my
friends to look over the fine irrigat
ed land that is open to entry on
Shell Creek Tract, if they are inter
ested in acquiring a home in a pro
gressive, rapidly developing coun
try. I have planted an apple or- i
chard on part of my land and shall
enlarge it considerably this next
spring; during this past season I re
ceived returns that were more than
satisfactory from quite an area
which I truck farmed, in spite of
the fact that this was the first year
the land had been cultivated."
What this man has done is not
at all unusual. There is no good
reason why you can't do it too, pro
vided you get your place picked out
before all the good land is taken
In order to make it easy for you
to look the Basin over without too
much expense, the Burlington Route
will run special Homeseekers' Ex
cursion's from Omaha on October
5th and November 5th. Can't you
go with me and see for yourself
just what the opportunities are in
this section?
Just write me on what day you
can go a postal will do and I will
send you our folder and tell you
just how and where to meet me in
Omaha. D. Clem Deaver, Immigra
tion Agent, Burlington Route, Room
338 Q Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
Oldest Railroad Doomed.
The Rio Grande Rail ad, the old
est in operation anywhere in tbe
United States, is being dismantled,
will be changed to standard
gauge, and its 50-year-old equip
ment sent to the scrap heap. Its
15-ton wood-burning engines, built
in 1862, went out of service today,
The line is 22 1-2 miles long run
ning from Brownville to Point
sabel, Tex., and is part of tbe t ris
co system. Passenger cars that re
semble the old-time horse cars and
ook like toys, compared with the
modern 70-foot coaches, will go to
the junk dealers. St Louis Times,
J. R. B. KIDD,
Licensed Auctioneer.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Will go any,
where. A trial is all that is asked-
Monroe City, Missouri.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Glasses Fitted.
Rooms 401-2-3 Hannibal Trust Building
Will cry sales in Marion, Monroe,
Balls and Shelby counties.
Bell Phone to Ely.
Licensed Auctioneer
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Monroe City. - - Missouri
Ryan's Low Prices!
Men's and Misses'
Children's and Women's
Every Day Shoes:
10c, 25c, 50c, 75c, 95c
and $1.25.
Forty-Five Large Bins to
Select from.
207 N. Mam St. Hannibal. Mo
W. T. RUTLEDGE, Dentist
The saving of teeth a specialty
Office in Redman Block over Va
riety store. 'Phone 56.
W. . I i
Omce over Wood' Drug Store.
Phone 89.
Physician and
Office Over Rocern Thmnnmn', .tnr.
Telephones: Residence F. & M. MO. Bei
S53. Office: Bell 56.
Office over Monroe City Bank
Monroe City Mo.
Osteopathic ' Physician
Of!ice: Proctor Building
Monroe City. Mo.
I 'hone F & M No. 195
Farmers and Merchants Bad
Monroe City Mo
Capital $25,000,
Surplus $50,000
, H. HAGAN, President.
WM. R. YATES. Vice-President
W. R. P. JACKSON. Cashier.
W. M. PATTERSON. Asst. Cashier
W. W. LONGMIRE, Secretary.
Dr. J. B. Corley, J.D.Robey,
John Shearman, W. W. Longmire,
M. Boulware, W. M. Carrico-.
Foreign Exchange Bought and
New business desired and unex
celled Facilities offered.
Meriwether & Meriwether.
Attorneys at Law
Will practice in all courts. No
tary fubi
in office.
Physician and
Surgeon. Calls promptley answered
Office: Elliott's Llvrv Barn.
F. & M. Phone 262. Residence.
Phene 273
S. C. Hampton,
Monroe City, Mo.
Deeds and other legal instruments si
prompt attention.
2nd Floor Trust Bldg. Hannibal, Mo.
Practice Limited to
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Asst. Cashier
Monroe City
Established 187S.
Thos. Proctor, D. R. Davenport, J.
Brown, P. W. Huston, W. B.
Arnold, A. Jaeger, M. B.
Monroe City, Mo.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Headquarters at the Democrat

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