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Elects Officers- Will Put In 6000
or ,7000 Feet of Cable A
Home. Enterprise.
Saturday at the annual stock
holders meeting of the Farmers &.
Merchant's 'Telephone Co. the old
boavd of 'directors was re-elected.
It is as 'follows: . 'James Smith, J. A,
Yates, William Hamilton, W. J.
Rouse, Dr.. J. HJBell. T. A. Wilson.
I. L. 'Owen, W. H. Elliott, A. Lee
Ely, AC. Meyer and John Kendrick.
After the -election the directors met
and organized as follows: James
Smith, President; William Hamilton
1st V.-P;; T. A. Wilson. 2nd V.-P.;
I. L Owen, Secretary and Manager,
W. R. P. Jackson. Treasurer. Wil
liam Hamilton, I. L. Owen and
W. J. Rouse were elected as Ex
ecutive Committee.
The Stockholders instructed the
Board to put in 6000 or 7000 feet
of cable as it will enable the com
pany to give better service altho
the service now furnished is the
equal of any in Missouri. This
company is composed of home peo
ple and should have the support of
every citizen who believes in home
enterprise and wants to make Mon
roe City a better town. If one phone
is all you need in your home or
business let that .phone be the one
that is owned by the people who
live among us and help build up all
your enterprises, besides this is an
institution that is worthy of your
support. The only way Monroe
City can ever nope to prosper is for
all citizens to patronize home insti
tutions in preference to those of
distant cities and other states.
Don't miss the best show of
the season at the Opera House
Dorothy Reeves Company at Opera
House This Week.
The, Dorothy Reeves Company
playing at the opera house this
week are presenting some real good
plays and giving the best of satis
factioa Monday night Dads Girl
was the bill and all were pleased
who were there. Miss Keeves as
Pads Girl was splendid. Tuesday
night Uncle Josh Whitcomb was
given and another pleased audience
saw the play. I he specialties are
all good. Thursday night The
Southern play in Old Virginia wil
be presented. Friday night Driven
From Home and Saturday night
Ten Nights in a Bar Room which
closes the engagement. The prices
are very reasonable 15, 25 and 35c
considering the quality of the
The College of Agriculture in Every
Not every county can have a
great institution like the Missouri
College of Agriculture located with
in its borders. Gut under a new
plan devised by the College it is now
possible for each county to have an
agent or Farm Adviser located at
county seat and devoting his whole
time to the agricultural interests of i seal skin coat, ostrich feather hat,
NUlKfc Having sold my coa
business I would like all those
owing me on account to please call
at the store and settle at onee.
The Thirtieth Annual Convention
of the Missouri Woman's Christian
Temperance Union, was held in the
King's Highway Presbyterian church
St. Louis, Sept. 25-27, it being the
largest and best convention since
the W. C. T. U. was organized, there
being 700 delegates present. Old
-officers were re-elected for the en
fluing year.
Poll Tax.
roll lax is now due and l am
ready for you to pay same. Please
pay at once
10-10 Street Commissioner.
The U. D. C.'s will meet with Mrs.
Dr. Southern this afternoon. Mes-
dames C. A. McClintic, M. B. Proc
tor, D. R. Davenport and Misses
Lucile Proctor and Elizabeth Boul
ware are the delegates from the
Jno. L Owen Chapter to attend the
Convention October 15th.
Apples Good apples 50 cents
per bushel at orchard or 60 cents
delivered in town, cider 25 cents
gallon. W. C. Morse.
New Fashion Fad.
A fashion note says that belts,
gloves and neckties of rattlesnake
skin will be worn a great deal by
women this fall. We knew the
poor rattlesnake would come to it
sooner or later. It was about the
only varmint left that women
didn't wear. Think of a woman
going around in a silk worm dress,
J. D.
.. Jl illll MM 1 A n U H V
is the place for Short Orders, Lunches, Hot Chili,
Bread, Fine Candies, Cigars and Tobaccos.
the county. The object of this plan
is to bring directly to the individ
ual farmer on his own farm the
benefits of the investigations and
discoveries made by the College of
Not only will the departments of
the college be able to give instruc
tion on soils, farm crops, orcharding.
ive stock farming, poultry keeping.
and saving hogs from cholera but a
demonstration farm will be con
ducted in cooporation with the
county court' for the purpose of ac
tually demonstrating the most
profitable methods of farm prac
This plan has been approved by
the Missouri Federation of Commer
cial Clubs, the Missouri Bankers'
Association and farmers organiza
tions. At present only a limited
number of Farm Advisors can be
appointed, but it is expected that
another year many communities
can be organized under this new
The College is now aiding Mis
souri farmers by holding Branch
Short Courses in Agriculture, dis
tributing hog cholera serum, con
ducting a soil survey, making soil
investigations in seventeen different
localities of the state, judging live
stock at county fairs, making educa
tional exhibits at state and county
fairs and in many other ways, car
rying directly to the farmer the
practical work being done at Columbia.
The nourishment for the patient
should be kept seperate from the
family supply. A separate refriger
ator should be used when possible.
Address questions on prevention
of diseases to Preventive Medicine,
University of Missouri. Columbia.
Notice of Final Settlement.
All creditors and others interest
ed in the estate of James W. Hen
derson, deceased, are notified that
the undersigned, administrator of
said estate intends to make final
settlement of said estate at the next
term of Probate Court of Monroe
County, Missouri, to be holden at
Paris, in said County, on the 11th
day of November, 1912.
Meriwether & Meriwether,
Attys. for estate.
Notice of Final Settlement.
All creditors and others interest
ed in the estate of Joseph A. Adams,
deceased, are notified that the un
dersigned Executor of said estate,
intends to make final settlement of
said estate at the next term of the
Probate Court of Monroe County,
Missouri, to be holden at Paris, in
said County, on the 11th day of
November. 1912.
Meriwether &, Meriwether,
Attys. for estate.
A bake sale by Class 9 of the
Christian Church will be held Sat
urday, Oct 19 at Mr. Lamar Woods
Drug Store the public patron
age solicited.
goat skin shoes, whalebone stays,
kid ekin gloves, horse hide belts,
tortoise shell comb, fish scale trim
mings, stuffed canary birds, clam
shell buttons. Spitz dog muff, camel
hair underwear, mink tail collarette
alligator hide purse, and a now a
rattlesnake necktie Solomon in
all his glory wasn't such a menag
erie as one of these and yet we
love them no matter what they
wear. Ex.
J !
Editor McDowell of the Gallatin
Missourian says: - An appeal is
made to renters to support the Sin
gle Tax on the theory that as they
will pay no land tax and will be re
lieved of their small personal tax,
they should be benefited by the
Single Tax. Mr. Reader, the man
who owns that land, whether it be
a farm or a town lot with a house
on it, is going to get a net profit
out of it if he can, and you may be
certain that as his tax goes up, your
rent will go up, and your rent will
go up more each month than your
tax for a whole year, under existing
A. H. Donley and sister, Miss
Lena spent part of the week in St.
The Dorothy Reeves Company
at the Opera House all this week
C. L Drescher and wife and Mrs.
George Dye were Hannibal visitors
part of the week.
The Dimmitt divorse case has
been decided by the Kansas City
Court of Appeals. Mrs. Dimmitt is
granted a divorce and given entire
custody of the child.
Monroe 26, Paris 3.
Friday Paris and Monroe High
schools played a game of Foot Ball
at the Proctor park. The score
standing 26 to 3 in favor of Mon
Is the time to have those
photographs made
Miss Belle Johnson,
For Sale Nice large piece of
property, 9 rooms, barn, cistern,
fruit, 4 lots, worth $3000. Price
$2250. $750 cash and time on
the balance, a snap.
J. L. Lyon, of this city, under
went an operation for appendicitis
at 9 o'clock this (Wednesday) fore
noon in Quincy. Dr. McNutt was
present and reports the patient as
getting along nicely.
$1000 to loan on Real Estate.
W. V. Huebsch.
The most amazing true story of
crime ever told. The Auto bandit9
of Paris. At Gem Theater, Thurs
day Oct. 31.
"Six feet in his boots!" exclaim
ed Mrs. Partington. "What will
the impudence of this world come
to, I wonder? Why, they might as
well tell me the man had six heads
in his hat" Ex.
w. H. Wilson, wite and sens,
Russell and Leslie, and Mrs. Orville
Wilson were visiting friends in
Quincy, Monday.
Mrs. Mary Brace of Kansas City,
spent part of the week with her sis
ter, Mrs. Eugene Madden.
James Finks of
spent part of the
brother, J. H. Finks.
San Francisco,
week with his
Mrs. Julia Randol of Mexico, has
been visiting her brother, J. H.
Finks. '
Miss Iola Harwood left today for
Milford, Texas, where she will teach
in the Presbyterian college
Mr. Landers yesterday sold his
coal yards to Ben Puckett who will
conduct the business in the future
AVING sold my interest in the dry
goods and shoe business to Mr. Will
iam Gottman, I wish to thank one
and all for your liberal patronage and all
favors shown me. Mr. Gottman comes
not as a stranger to all of you. He will
be assisted by his sister, Miss Lizzie, and
with ambition like these people have, it
means success for them. They are wor
thy of your patronage.
G. Loren Yates.
Where you are needed most
is where you will make most
Your opportunity is in Texas where soil,
climate and natural conditions are all
favorable. It is not an uncommon thing
for a farmer in Texas to pay for his farm
in one year. This could only be done where
land is fertile and inexpensive; crops big
and prices good.
Now is the time to make a trip to Texas
and see just where your opportunity lies.
On the First and Third
Tuesdays of each month
excursion tickets are sold via The Katy at especially low
rates with privileges of stop overs. Such a ticket enables
you to visit a large section of the Southwest and to see for
yourself the prosperous condition of the entire section.
Will you go now, or wait longer until land prices advance
to the top notch and the opportunities are less attractive.
Probably I can help you decide at any rate write me
for literature and further information. Address
W. S. St. George,
General Passenger Agent,
St. Loui. Mo.
Prevention of Typhoid Fever.
The source of typhoid germs is
the typhoid patient These germs
are carried from the patient to the
outside world in excreta, in the
bedding, and by attendants. If the
excreta, bedding, clothing, towels,
and other clothes are disinfected
before leaving the patient's room,
the chances for spreading typhoid
fever are greatly reduced. To dis
infect the excreta, make the entire
mass of excreta a two per cent so
lution of carbolic acid by adding
strong crude carbolic acid. The
clothing, bedding, and other materi
als should be placed in a two per
cent solution of carbolic acid. All
material to be disinfected in car
bolic acid should remain in the so
lution from two to four hours. Af
ter which they may be handled as
desired. Attendants and visitors
should disinfect their hands bet ore
leaving the patient's room.
New Enterprise.
The Monroe Coal & Grain Co. is
at Work putting up an elevator ou
the Burlington between the depot
and Main street For some time
Monroe City has needed an elevator
to handle the grain marketed here.
This one will be equipped to shell
corn for transient as well as local
use, and will be of 10,000 to 15,000
bushel capacity.
State Highway.
M. B. Proctor the Monroe County
Commissioner of the Hannibal and
St Joseph Highway proposition is
doing his share of the work. He is
an enthusiastic good roads man and
will always do his part He has
the hearty co-operation of the farm
ers living along the route selected
from Monroe to Hunnewell and the
business people of Monroe City. A
steam engine attached to grader
and several horse graders have
been at work on the line and the
large part of the road Monroe Coun
ty was to fix up is now in good con
dition and all will be by the last of
the week. Curtis Hill. State High
way engineer, and the people who
went through with him last spring
highly complimented the citizens
of this part of the country on the
good road. They will find them in
good shape this time.
Thursday night "In Old Vir
ginia" at the Opera House by
the Dorothy Reeves Co. Prices
15c, 25c and 35c.
For Sale 700 large sized hedge
posts assorted and piled separate
from 1500 posts. These posts will
last 50 years. Also the same num
ber of smaller posts will sell quits
cheap Thos. Proctor. 10-17.
William Griffin and wife are
proud of the young man who has
arrived at their home in Hannibal

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