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Volume XXV.
Monro f City, Mo , October 17, 1912.
Number 30.
Scratch "YES," Leave "NO" on Amendments Number Six and Seven
to Elect Wilson President?
Of Farmers, For Farmers and
Pertaining to Farmers.
John H. Smith will sell at public
sale at his farm 9 miles southeast
of this city, 1-2 mile south of Brush
Creek church on Thursday, October
24 his personal property as follows:
4 horses, several head of cattle, 29
hogs, farming implements, etc. Col
V. T. Youell is to be auctioneer
and J. M. Johnson clerK.
On Tuesday Oct. 22 Mrs. Emma
F. Gosney will sell at public sale at
her farm known as the old Pres-
Hymer place, 6 miles northeast of
tii?s city. 2 miles west of Ely, on
the old Centerville road, several
head of good horses and mules, cat
tle, sheep and hogs. Farming im
plements and many other things
The auctioneer will be Col. W. T
Youell and J. S. Rutledge the clerk
William Berlin has found from
experience that rye is a very valu
able crop. He will sow some this
year to be plowed under next
spring for fertilizer and he thinks
it much better and cheaper than
commercial fertilizer. He has sow
ed some part of his wheat but will
sow more.
James Cusack shipped a car of
cattle his own feeding to Chicago.
Roy Burditt shipped a car of his
own feeding of cattle to Chicago
this week.
Roy Melson and Elmo Jackson
have been to Omaha and each
bought a car and a half of cattle to
feed this winter.
We have on hand one eight
foot galvanized dipping tank. If
taken at once $5.
Weekly Market Letter Published by
Woodson & Fennewald L. S.
Com. Co., National Stock
Yards, I1L
Interesting; News Concerning the
Different Denominations.
Cattle receipts have been moder
ate this week, including some choice
cattle, but bulk of receipts have
been medium kind. Top being
$10.80 for one load of 1575 lbs
Poll Angus steers which we sold
yesterday for Fennewald Bros, of
Audrain Co., Mo. This equals our
$10.80 sale last week, both sales be
ing the highest priced cattle ever
sold in the history of this market.
Bulk of good to prime steers sell
ing from $9.50 to 10.80. Good
$8.50 to 940. Medium $6.25 to
7.00. Fair killers $5.50 to 6.00.
Cows steady. Choice $6.50 to 7.00.
Good $4.85 to 5.75. Fair killers
$4.25 to 465. Canners $3.23 to 3 50
Choice heifers steady. Medium 15
to 25c lower. Prime light heifers
$7.50 to 8.50. Good $3.00 to 7.00.
Medium $5.00 to 5.50. Fair killers
and stock heifers $4 50 to 5.00.
Hog market 5c lower. Bulk of
good hogs selling from $9.00 to 9 25
Sheep stendy. Bulk $3.65 to' 3.75
Lambs steady. Bulk $6 25 to 6.85.
Market Reoort.
For Wednesday before date of
Hogs .$6.25 to 8.25
Sheep 3.00 to 4.00
Lambs 3.50 to 5.00
Cattle 700 to 9.00
Spring chickens 1 1-2 to
2 1-2 pounds
Old Roosters ...
How deep is your conviction that this government ought to be in new hanos, in
clean hands ?
How much are you in favor of a clean slate from Wilson and Marshall clear down
the line to the very smallest offices in your locality?
" The Democratic National Committee has every reason to believe that every pro
gressive voter is willing to spend a dollar to elect Wilson and Marshall and their ticket
And that thousands are anxious to contribute to the Wilson Campaign Fund in
amounts of $2, $5, $10 and $20.
To such we make our appeal. To such we must look for victory.
Time An Important Factor
This is another case where time is money.
The enemy have their funds supplied instantly by
the Interests.
We have only a few days and contributions to be effec
tive must be received at once.
There is no question of the money of the People being
able to defeat the money of the Trusts.
Because it is greater even in volume and will be used in
Straightforward telling ways.
But to be effective it roust be received and used within
the next few days.
Quick action is absolutely necessary. Let us have your
contribution or the list you make up from your friends and
co-workers today if possible, tomorrow sure.
How Your Money Will Be Spent
Wood row Wilson, our standard bearer, kas never had
the time or disposition to talk about himself.
He has never used spectacular methods to place himself
in the spotlight.
His greatest work has been done without ostentation, in
the most expeditious, dignified manner.
The great mass of voters do not know what a really
great man Wilson is. They do not know all he has done.
They do not understand all the features of his platform.
We must tell them.
To educate this great nation of voters, especially the
clear thinking Independent Democrats, Republicans and
Progressives who choose their leader on his merits, means
the expenditure of a vast amount of money.
We propose to use your dollars in just this way
judiciously, and without a penny frittered away for an un
necessary item.
We know you have confidence we will do this thing and
Why the Dollar Counts
In this campaign the issues lie between the forces of
Representative Government and Popular Government.
In Representative Government only a part of the people
have influence those with no political faith, who spend
fortunes in any direction where their own ends are fur
thered for money.
In Popular Government all the people have influence,
because their executives and legislators do not dare to
thwart the expressed will of the people.
Representative Government, as ever, this year is being
supported by the money of the Interests. It is being spent
lavishly to give the voters a wrong impression of Wilson.
Popular Government, this year, to win, must depend on the
truth being told about Wilson. We must publish his record
and platform broadcast so that no one can controvert it.
Your tl, your 12, your 15, your $10 or $20 will count and
ount to win if SDent in this work.
Head a List For the Fund
If you know several Wilson voters, or work in a place
where there are Wilson voters, take up a subscription from
an ot tnem. .
Place your name and the amount of your subscription at
the top of the list and get the others to join you.
Mention the name of this paper on your list.
Then mail the list and contributions to C. R. Crane, Vic
Chairman Finance Committee, Democratic National Com
mittee, 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 111.
This is the most helpful work you, as an individual, can
do for clean government next to casting your ballot foi
Wilson and Marshall on November 5th.
How to Contribute to the Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon in this corner and fill in the amount
you give. Then attach your Money to this Coupon and mail
today to the address given on the Coupon.
Issue all checks, money orders and address all con
tributlons to C. R. Crane,. Vice Chairman Finance
Committee Democratic National Committee, 900 Mich
igan Avenue, Chicago, 111.
Then write a letter to this newspaper giving your name
as a contributor and stating your reasons why you believe
Wood row Wilson should be elected President of the United
States. In this way you will be listed as a Wilson con
tributor. A Souvenir Receipt, handsomely lithographed,-
well worth framing, will be sent to ou. Your letter will
the fight by encouraging your friend. ; -Do
everything you can to hold up Wilson's bands in his
clean campaign for the people who do the work and fight
ing of the country.
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
To C R. CRANE, Vice Chairman Finance Committee,
The Democratic National Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois.
As a believer In the progressive Ideals of government repre
sented in the candidacy of Woodrow Wilson for President of the
United States, and to the end that he may take the office free
handed, untrammeled. and obligated to none but the people of the
country, I wish to contribute through you the sum of $
toward the expenses of Gov. Wilson's campaign.
R. F. D State.
Endorsed Kv
Prospects Bright.
The salt has all disapiieared
Tallow. 04c i from the water in the deep well.
Butter.. 19c i Wallace Bond look water from the !
Green Hides. 10c
Corn--. 50c
Wheat No. 2 1.00
Oats.. ..27 to 28c
Hay $7.00 to $8.00
Baled nay S8.50 to 10.00
Shipments for the
CuEack 1 car cattle:
car cattle; T J Yates 1 car hogs and
1 car mules. 1 car butcher stuff;
Monroe Coal &. Grain Co. 2 cars
oats; E Curtiss 1 car hay; Henderson
&. Sons Produce Co. 1 car poultry
and 1 car eggs; McFarland Bros. 1
car flour. Total 11 cars.
top and other depths in the well to
Shloina and had it examined and
there it was pronounced the best
water, either surfaca or deep well,
in this part of tho State. Samples
have aiso been sent State Geologist , noiice station to mevent him beinii
week: James . Buaier at Rolla lor analysis, but up lynched.
Koy iiurditt 1 to the time oi going to press he i After the shooting Roosevelt went
to the hall and spoke for more than
aa hour. The prisoner is believed
Roosevelt Shot.
fnnrlar nidhr uVula FY-Prpcirlpnt
i Roosevelt was leaving his hotel in
Milwaukee in an automobile for the
hall where he was to speak he was
shot by John Schrank, a Baravian
from New York. The assailant was
knocked down by Roosevelt's ste
nographer and hurried off to the
This Column Closes Promptly at
1 9 A. M. Each Wednesday.
j Dr. J. W. Smith has been select
ed as a delegate to the Missouri
i Baptist General Association which
; will be in session at Kansas City
! from Oct. 22 to 25.
j Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
I Preaching 10:45 a. m.
j Junior League 2:30 p. m.
j Senior League 6:45 p. m.
j Preaching 7:30 p. m.
I Prayer meeting Wednesday
:7:30 p. m.
Choir practice Saturday 7:30 p. m.
John H. Hubbard,
Pastor in Charge.
Wednesday evening, 7 o'clock.
prayer meeting.
Friday, 2:30 p. m. the Woman's
Missionary Society will meet with
Mrs. J. L. Owen.
Sunday, 9:45 a. m. Bible School.
We are glad to announce the return
of our superintendent. The best
way to show our appreciation of
his noble service is to greet him
with a full attendance next Sunday
morning. Regular preaching at 11
o'clock. At 7:30 p. m. the Rev. Mr.
Edwin Thompson, of Fort Worth.
Texas, will be with us in a union
service. His subject will be, "The
Duty of the Hour," and will deal
with the observance of the Lord's
Most cordially is the public invit
ed to these services.
Double Wedding.
Rev. Fr. P. F. Cooney of Indian
Creek said the words yesterday at
St. Stephens church which united
two happy couples for life. The
ceremony was at 7 a. m. and the
young people took the 9:25 a. m.
train for St. Louis where they will
spend a few days.
Miss Blanche Pike, the daughter
of John F. Pike, and Chester Finne
gan; and Miss Delsie Buckman, the
daughter of Joseph Buckman, and
Nicholas Quinn are the young peo
ple whom their troth have
They reside in the vicinity of
Indian Creek and are all excellent
young people, and all number their
friends by their acquaintances.
The Democrat joins their host of
friends in wishing them long happy,
prosperous lives.
Turkey Hens 10c
Young Toms 8c
Toms.. 08c
Guineas, each 174c
J. L Lyon is getting along as
well as could be expected after
the operation which was performed
in Quincy Wednesday morning of
last week. His many friends will
be glad to welcome him home
B. D. Neal arrived Tuesday night
from Colorado where he has been
visiting. ' He is much pleased with
that country and says he will go
there to stay if Missouri adopts the
single tax.
R. S. McClintic, wife and son
spent yesterday with St. Louis
had out been heard from. Mr. Wil
son the contractor is to be here in
a few days and the well will be
pumped for several days. If all
tests prove good the city will be in
a position to put in a water works,
sewerage and all day electric serv
ice and thus be in a position to
move forward rapidly, as new fac
tories and labor employing institu
tions can be put in and in addition
these improvements will make our
city more healthful and a more
desirable place to live. Boost and
keep right on boosting. It will do
you good, it will do your town
Miss Clara Abell has accepted a
position with Shearman &. Gottman
where she will be pleased to meet
her friends at any time.
Mrs. J. M. Johnson, Sr., J. M.
Johnson, wife and little daughter
have been with friends in St. Louis.
to be sane and will be tried after
the election. The wound is more
than a flesh wound and Roosevelt
will have to be quiet for several
days Physicians say he has 99
out of a hundred chances to live.
Last week T. E. Willard advertis
ed two red male hogs for sale and
closed the deal on both of them by
Friday morning. Clay Underhill
and Ad Vaughn each bought one.
The telephone was brought into use
as soon as the farmers read the
advertisement. If you have any
thing to sell try an advtrtiseraent
in the Democrat.
Called Off.
On account of not being able to
get a special train on the Katy the
Monroe County Odd Fellows Reun
ion at Holliday next Tuesday has
been called off.
Mesdames S. T. Pollard, O. R.
Emerson, J. S. Starrett and W. J.
Rouse went to Stoutsville Tuesday
to attend the Rebekah Lodge and
visit frienas.
Dr. Scott and wife of Illinois, have
been here visiting friends and look
ing after real estate Interests.
While razing an old house at
Cameron two ears of corn were
found between the inner and outer
wall that had been there over fifty
years. In the same aperture was a
paper published during the civil
Dr. Thomas E. Green the Progres
sive speaker who was billed to speak
here Saturday missed his connec
tion at Chicago and failed to get
here. Many regrets were heard as
Dr. Greeu is a fluent speaker.
Miss Lucy Hampton spent yes
terday with Hannibal friends.

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