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How to Win.
It takes a little courage
And a little self-control,
And some grim determination
If you want to reach a goal.
It takes a deal of striving
And a firm and stern-set chin,
No matter what the battle
If you're really out to win.
There's no easy path to glory.
There's no rosy road to fame.
Life, however we may view it.
Is no simple parlor game.
But its prizes call for fighting.
For endurance and for grit,
For a rugged disposition.
And a don't-know-when-to-quiL
You must take a blow or give one,
You must risk and you must lose,
And expect that in the struggle
You will suffer from a bruise.
But you musn't wince or falter,
If a fight you once begin,
Be a man and face the battle
That's the only way to win.
October. '
Ah, thou art welcome, heaven's de- i
licious breath!
If matters cannot be better, let
us be glad they are no worse.
If anything must be done, do it
and be done with it.
If some people were as swift of
feet as they are of tongue, they
might catch the lightning.
If all others lie, then speak you
the truth and be one true man
among many bad ones.
If mistakes were haystacks, cat
tie might thrive.
If others say how good you are,
ask yourself if it is true
If in the journey you would speed
give the horse an extra feed.
If money be not the servant, it is
sure to be the master.
If sin be the fashion, let us be
out of fashion.
If the best man's faults were
written on his forehead, he would
wear his hat close to his eyes.
If the eye do not admire, the
heart will not desire.
If you are really beautiful, you
need no paint.
If you are deaf to the voice of
God, He will be deaf to you voice
If there were no fools there would
Kd n r utora
Whn wnnrla hpciin to wear the i
orimSftnipnf . If you are kind to the creature.
And suns grow meek, and meek j do not toT&1 the Creator-
suns grow brief,
And the year smiles as it draws
near its death.
Wind of the sunny south! oh, still
In the gay woods and in the gold
en air,
Like to a good old age released
from care,
Journeying, in long serenity, awny.
In such a bright, late quiet, would
that I
Might wear out life like thee, 'mid
bowers and brooks.
And, dearer yet, the sunshine of
kind look.s
And music-of kind voices ever nigh
And when my last sand twinkled
in the glass,
Pass silently from men, as thou
dost pass.
William Cullen Bryant
A Helpful Thought
Thank God every morning when
you get up that you have something
to do that day which must be done,
whether you like it or not Being
forced to work, and forced to do
your best: will breed temperance
and self-control, diligence and
strength of will, cheerfulness and
content and a hundred virtues
which the idle will never know.
Charley Kingsley.
If you command and hope to be
obeyed, observe yourself the laws
j yourself has made.
j If a thing be easy, do it as well
I as if were hard.
; If the country sink, it will be by
If every one would mend one.
then all would be mended.
If jolly were grief, there would
be weeping in every household.'
If you cannot have the best
make the best of what you have.
ii you cant taKe things easy.
take them as easy as you can.
-If you-argue, let it-be with some
one who can understand you.
If you trade with a fox, look out
for tricks.
If you jump into a well, don't
blame Providence if you are left
there. Ex.
In Case of Sore Throat.
For sore throat get one teaspoon
ful of common baking soda, dissolve
it in a glassful of hot water and
gargle three times a day. It is al
so a geod preventive. Do this once
or twice a week and you will not
contract any complaint that may
be in your locality. Ex.
The Corn Carnival at Perry will
be on the balance of the week.
c II 1 1011
A representative of a leading Cloak
House will be at our store on
onday, Oct 21
With a large and complete line of the
very latest styles in
Cloaks, Suits and Furs.
Remember, he will be here for one
day only, so get ready to be on hand
on above date.
Shearman & Gottman.
Wilson In St. Louis.
All over the country Gov. Wilson
is receiving great ovations He was
in St. Louis Wednesday of last week
He is a clear cut, forcefu reasoner
and a good speaker and presents
the issues in such way that all can ;
understand just what lie stands for. i
We were at the Democratic Editors
banquet and there heard Gov. Wil
son. There waj a four mile torch
light procession. The coliseum
holding 16,000 people was filled
and two times that number outside
trying to get in.
To us it looks like the big money
ed interests in the cities are ex
pecting the single tax amendment
to carry and with that end in. view
these people are getting out into
the country towns picking up the
choice locations. We understand
that during the past week "a repre
sentative of a strong city loan com
pany was here to see D. K. Yowell
and instructed him to get options
on all the best business corners.
These options are to run until Nov.
10, thus showing that they are
waiting until after election to close
deal. These moneyed people are
thus endeavoring to get the best
parts of Monroe City and doubtless
other cities as well and thus help
weave the chain of landlordism
around the necks of the people. Re
ports are that leaders in the single
tax movement have let it leak out
that the lands would all be forced
out of the hands of present owners
should this amendment pass. Be
on your guard until the last vote
has been counted.
Young man. there is one thing
you cannot do. You cannot make
a success in life unless you work.
Older men than, you have tried it
and failed. You cannot loaf around
the street corners, smoke, veil stories
and sponge on someone else with
out making a failure of life. You
must learn a trade or get into
some honest business: If you don't
you will become a chronic loafer
and there is no place in the world
for loafers. The ripe fruit is at the
top of the tree and you must climb
if you get it or some smart man
will pluck it from you. Do some
thing no matter how small or how
low the wages, it will be a starter.
Help yourself and others will help
you. There is no royal road to
success; will grit and endurance
are the qualities that lead to it
LaBelle Star.
D. M. Kelley.
J. Adam Shearman.
An old darkey was preaching,
'De Almighty, he made man of
clay and set him up agin the fence
to dry." "Who made de fence?"
yelled a brother. The minister
paused a moment then said: "Brud
der, such questions as that would
upset any system of theology.
Boston Red Sox and New York
Giants have beeu playing for the
world championship. After the
game Tuesday night the result was
3 to 3 and one game a tie. Yester
days game won by either team set
tles the match.
We live in deeds, not years; in
thoughts, not breaths;
In feelings, not in figures on a dial.
We should count time by heart
throbs. He most lives
Who thinks most, feels the noblest
acts the best. P. J. Bailey.
L C Henderson and wife are the
guests of Laclede friends.
Mrs. Hoard and daughter, Miss
Lucile, spent part of the week with
friends at Clarence.
E. A. Thompson is on the market
buying goods for his trade.
D. M. Proctor and wife returned
Friday from Kansas City where
they have been for severallweeks.
Several from this city will attend
the Odd Fellows Reunion at Center
Buy your Holly Braud Chocolates
at Barnes Model Bakery. Adv.
Kelley & Shearman
We have bought the Yates & Shearman Grocery
Department and most respectfully solicit
your patronage. We will carry a full
line of pure staple and
Fancy G
and will always treat you right. Come in R
and see us.
Mm mod
Any young man or young woman wishing
to attend one of the best Business Colleges
in the United States can secure a scholar
ship at a price that will please you. Apply at
Fresh oysters and celery on hand
at all times at Barnes' Model Bak
ery. Try us on an order. Prompt
delivery. Adv.
Mrs. M. P. Asbury and Miss Bess
are the guests of Quincy and Can
ton friends.
Mrs. J. P. Patton and daughters
were Quincy visitors yesterday.
Mrs. J. C. Ralls of Palmyra, has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
D. R. Campbell.
Fresh line cigars, tobaccos, pipes,
at Barnes' restaurant Adv.
O. W. Jones and wife of Oak
Dale, have been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. D. R. Campbell
Joseph Grady and wife of Neva
da, Mo., have been visiting Mr.
Grady's brother, James H., and
other relatives and friends here.
L IL Hopper and family spent
part of the week with friends at
Clarence and Macon.
Mrs. Mary L Rouse went to St!
Joseph Friday to visit her daughter,
Mrs. T. P. Middleton.
Mrs. Patrick Cochlin and little
granddaughter went to Chillicothe
Friday for a visit with relatives.
Allen Umstattd, wife and baby of
St. Louis, are the guests of friends
and relatives here.
M. K Armstrong and R. E. Ellis,
of Stoutsville, were Monroe City
visitors the first of the week.
Do Good Work or None.
You are learning a trade, my boy.
That is a good thing. It is better
than gold brings a large premium
But to bring a premium the trade
must be perfect no plated silver
affair. When you go to learn a
trade do so with the determination
to win, to be at the head of the line
to depend upon yourself for a posi
tion and holding it. Make up your
m:nd what you wil be. and be it
Do not whiffle around, but hold
your upper lip close down and labor
for the future. Be a good workman
or let the job out American Boy.
A Scotchman in search of work,
was recently given employment as
a laborer at Cramp's shipyard. His
first job was to carry several heavy
planks. After he had been at it for
about two hours he went to the
foreman and said:
"Did ah tell you ma name when
I started to work?"
"Yes," replied the foreman, "you
said it was Tomson."
"Oh. then it's a'right," said the
Scot as he looked toward the pile
of planks he had you to carry.
"Ah was jist a-wunnerin' if you
thocht ah said it was Samson."
Strayed or Stolen From my
barn in Monroe City on Tuesday
night, October 15, two drivinghorses
Report any information to Perry
Hays. Monroe City, Mo. F. & M.
Phone 87. Reward if wanted.

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