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rm2L. IB f J
is My Choice of
Duke's Mixture Presents"
Among the many raluable presents now gtren away
with Liggett & Myers Duke's Mixture there is something to
suit every taste and in this all-pleasing; satisfaction the
presents are exactly like the tobacco itself. For all classes
of men like the selected Virginia and North Carolina bright
leaf that you get in
(lMW&e if
rfj iiimrn r-
Now this famous old tobacco will be more popular
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If you haven't smoked Dultf's Mixture with the
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For 4c you get one and a half ounces of choice granulated
tobacco, unsurpassed by any in quality, and with each sack you
get a book of cigarette papers FREE.
Now About the Free Present
The coupons now packed with Liffitt & Hfytrs Duke's
Mixture are good for all sorts of valuable presents. These pres
ents coat yon not one penny, ' The list includes not only
W. J. ROUSE, Editor.
rntered at the Postoffice at Monroe
Missouri, as second-class mat ter.
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If you want sale bills,
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If you want any kind of printing
done, call at the Democrat office,
To Prevent Lamp Chimneys Cracking I
Pluce the chimney in a pot filled j
with cold water and add a little i
cooking Halt: alluw it to boil well, j
then cool slowly. Chimneys be- j
come very durable by this process,
which may be extended to crockery,
6toitewfii iorcr-lain, china, etc. The
process ?c s -npiy one of annealing,
and tlif ,
ly of ckk-V
be the v. . '
of a J..H.,'
on tht: iv
for the i
fcf at.- F.
See thai
the Peoio
r t tin proctss, especial
tht wore effective will
If the glass chimney
4. v.ith a diamond
' ue, i wil. i.ever l
u:isicii afford :. room
afforded y the
y hl'Hiit.g Dfioer at
Jm3 AT
smelters articles but
saaay deal rablepreaents for
women and children fin
fountain pens, umbrellas,
cameras, toilet articles,
tennis racquet, catcher's
gloves and masks, ate.
As a special offer during
December mnd Jmnmrnry
only, we ivflf aenef ymm mmr
new Ulmtirmlmd cmtmlegM of
presents FREE. Just send
name and address oa a postal.
Cut trmm DukJl Mfixtwn M
U minrUd milk Imrl trim HORSE
mnd thtr taxi v tntmt iti4 hy to.
Premiuaa Dept.
Where Is the Garden of Eden?
Forty miles west of old Bagdad,
) in the vast level valley of the his
' toric Euphrates, near Hit of the
Hittites, lies the traditional Garden
of Eden. Such is the interesting
conclusion of Sir William Wilcocks,
the famous Egyptian engineer and
Bible student, and many other au
thorities agree with him.
! "Out of Eden came a river which
watered a garden, and from thence
j it was parted and became four riv
ers." And these four rivers, known
j in Bible days as the Pison, Gihon,
l Hiddekel and Euphrates the an
Icient "River of Babylon" - have
i been identified by Sir William.
It was while studying, surveying
and mapping Chaldea previous to
starting work on the giant irrigation
scheme planned for Mesopotamia,
that Wilcocks became convinced
that the real Ginuni of Eden lay in
the region descu!ai.
Thp HArripii i:t Prlan lioa ouiqu
- h ... . .
from tin b-..";ii tourist trail to
draw many MMfeere. Probably
not a dozen white settlers see it in
a whole year. To reach Chaldea,
the safest and surest route lies
through the Suez, over Pharaoh's
bones iu the Red Sea, through the
Straits of Bab-el-Man-deb, up the
hot Persian Gulf, and thence five
hundred riiilesup the winding Tigris
and Euphrates. The Christian Her
ald. Rev. A. B B k, of Macon, has
: . j s. , . l m ... .
i uiuieti wiui me i nnsti'i cturen
1 and precchi J nr darence rcjnly.
; At "un. ti.e ..c pastor .r fiiei
Moo'oe City Ci.xt of the Metho-
d?t church and is wti! Hown her
Story of One Han's Faith,
Collier's Weekly prints an inter
esting story concerning Charles I.
Goodell, 'pt.sl.or of the largest Meth
odist church in the world. F rom
this article the following is taken:
"I am- just out of the state's
r. r jti j ,:j.
revival service when a man stood
ud in the aisle and shouted these
words at him in a voice that was
harsh with excitement. The preach
er paused in his discourse. The
audience sat breathless and trans
fixed. Every glance was turned
upon the man in the aisle. His
head was bent forward. The mus
cles of his face were set. The beam
of his eye rested steadily upon the
face of the minister. After a mo
ment that waa tense almost to pain
!'t!lners, he repoat.'ci his statement
am' cmp1'!!-d it.
"I am j'-in! out of ti c sit.-.e'5 pis
on. I am nuilty of" fill that was
charged ar(' of thini.s whkh wftrc;
never fouiwl cut. You have been
6aying thivs her vljieh ure tre
mendously' true or terribly false
You have been talking about some
One who could save people from
their sins. You said it made no
difference how wicked a man had
been if he repented; that his sins
would be blotted out. You said he
would know he was forgiven and
the sense of condemnation and guilt
would be gone. Now, if you are
saying what you do not know to be
true, you ought to be ashamed. If
you are holding out to a man like
me a hope when there is no hope,
you ought to stop it"
At this point, without appearing
to cease speaking, the man's voice
seemed to die out or him and he
stood silent, but with the intensity
of his pose unrelieved and his hun
gry eyes searching the face of the
preacher. The sincerity of the man
obviously entitled him to every con-
Ijsideration. There was tragedy in
the lines of his face and in the tones
J!jofhis voice. He took some 6teps
vl! nenrer. to brind himself riirpftlv in
fwni .of tthe st,retchin?
out uia uuuus iu u gesture ui appeal,
"I want to know, sir, whether you
believe that this religion you are
preaching can save a man like me.
You said that Jesus saved a thief
on the cross. Do you believe that
Jesus can save a thief now?" The
man's chin quivered and his eyes
swam as again ' the voice died out
of him. The entire audience was
moved by the force of his appeal.
Dr. Goodell confesses that he felt it
to his heels, but he felt also bis faith
rise within him at the challenge.
He reached across the chancel rail
and took the appealing, out-stretched
hand in his, saying, in a voice for
all to hear:
"My brother, I have honestly de
clared a message in which I believe
I cannot afford to preach a gospel
that is not true, and I will not I
am ready to make this contract with
you. If yau will meet the .condi
tions which ere laid down in the
Bible, by which a man may come
to God, and you do not find salva
tion, I will never again gq. into this
pulpit to preach!"
Something line a sigh swept the
audience us they realized the signi
ficance of the issues thus joined. As
for the two men, they knelt togeth
er at the altar. There was an earn
est exposition of the way of life by
the doctor with the open Bible be
fore him, with eager, earu:t listen
ing by the man. Thereafter the
minister prayed fervently, and the
seeker hiniseU uttered a few broken
sentence-. Thif :ote othur foci
dents of ti c ' revival ttnioo ti.ut
night, but nothing -comparnbla iu
Importance to thU one, fnd i h ecu-
v-as diiiniostrd ib eitp-
pressed excitement;
th'e following nii'.ht
Tlie service ol
had been an-
nounced, but with the stipulation
that Dr. Goodell would not preach
except upon the condition which all
new understood.
As the congregation passed out
and left the doctor alone, and final
ly the man who had challenged his
Gospel so strangely was also gone,
Dr. Goodell began to feel a sinking
at the heart. He realized that he
had risked all the future of his min
istry upon the chance issue of af
fairs in the soul of a highly emotion
al creature who had stayed bis
meeting. Yet he reasoned with
himself that he had done right and
only what an honest prescher could
da He believed that redemption
began here and now. If this man
if any honest seeker couldn't get it,
then either there was no such thing
or else he, the preacher, did not
know how to proclaim it, and might
therefore as well cease to preach as
to continue.
However, Br Couddl did nut
slevp much thut nhtuud the next
day was a restless one for him.
Some of !iis parishioners thought
he had been too rash and came to
tell him so, but he withstood their
urgings. Night came, and the hour
for service. Dr. Goodell was at the
church, but did not enter the pulpit.
Instead he sat just inside the chan
cel rail with his eyes upon the door.
Would the man come? Would he
come a conqueror or a miserable
failure, confessing defeat? The time
to preach at length arrived, but the
man did not. Dr. Goodell announc
ed another hymn, and the congre
gation stood and sung:
"There is a fountain filled with
blood," etc.
As the last note died hasty steps
were heard in the vestibule, then
the doors swnng oper and a man
the man with hair disheveled and
his features dripping perspiration,
rushed down the aisle.
"The car broke down," he ex
claimed, breathlessly, but" and
bis voice rose ;in hoarse notes of
triumph "you can go ahead and
Lodges. ..
It is the desire of the Democrat
to publish all the Lodge news you
desire the general public to know.
It will he helpful to your members
and your lodge. We cannot get the
information unless you tell us. Let
us know who are elected or install
ed as officers.
Mrs. M. Sloan of Thomas County,
Kan., came in Monday to visit the
family of Frank McGarthland.
Hare your Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry repaired at Bebb's
Jewelry Store. All work . guar
anteed. .IMIjy OVER 68 YEARS'
' rn.Ar-a.ni s.ns.
Trade Marks
Copvuiohts Ac
Anyone mdlm a sketrh anil description m
qmoair aoaruun our opinion ire mm
InTanunn la Drohsblr DAlentahla. Con;
!ittaar an
sent free. Oldaat i
Patent taken tl
uuua bu icity ouuuuumuu. rmnuuuUa on raiouce
thruusb Munn A Co. rw
racy fur aecuruta' Dawn
aatclui eutwCi without
Scientific Jltncricam
eiiam, wine
A nsndeoinely lllntrtl weakly. Jjinraat dr.
oulaiton of any sotenudo Journal, fl'ernia, Ss a
yenr: fnnrmonUia,L Sold by all nawadeatara.
filUi.?l&Co.3e,BfM-'' New York
Branch OSce, 2S V St. Weatalugion, D. C.
Licensed Auctioneer
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Monroe City. - Missouri
Ryan's Low Prices!
Mn'u and Misses'
Children's an 1 Women'
VT ...
Eiv Vuf Shines: -'j J
Oc, 19c, c,4c, 60c, 08c, $1.23,
and 1.40. . ,
Fcrty-'Flvc t..i-jy Pins. to 1
v.!ccr f -.hi. j
207 N. Main f(. - Hannibal. Mo-
J. R. B. KIDD,
Licensed Auctioneer.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Will so any.
Monroe City, Missouri
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Glasses Fitted.
Rooms 401-1-8 Hannibal Trust Bulldlnsr
W. T. RUTLEDGE, Dentist
The saving of teeth a specialty
Office in Redman Block over Va
riety store. 'Phone 56.
Will cry sales in Marlon, Monroe,,
Ralls and Shelby counties.
Bell Phone to Ely,
ronu merits.
W. B. A. McNutt, M. D.
onicc over Wood' Pi ue sture. Residence
Office over Rogers & Thompson's store.
Telephones: Residence F. & M. S40. Be.
S5S. Ofllce: Uell5fl.
Office over Monroe City Bank
Monroe City Mo.
Osteopathic ' Physician
Office: Proctor Building
Monroe City, Mo.
Phone P & M No. 195
Farmers and Merchants Bant
Monroe City Mo
Capital $25,000
Surplus $50,000.
F. H. HAGAN, President
WM. R YATES, Vice-President
W. R. P. JACKSON, Cashier.
W. M. PATTERSON. Asst Cashier
W. W. LONGMffiE, Secretary.
Dr. J. B. Corley. J. D. Robey
John Shearman, .W. W. Ixrogmire,
T. M. Boulware, - W. M. Carrico.
Foreign Exchange Bough. aa&
New business desired and unex
celled Facilities offered.
Mkbiwkthbr & Meriwether,
Attorneys at Law I
Will practice In all courts. No
tary PubU. Jn office.
R I RUFII Veterinary
,:PUCTL Physician an
Surgeon. Calls promptley answered ,
Office: Elliott's LlTry Barn.
F. & M. Phone 262. Residence.
Phone 273
r.v.a, pubM.
Monroe City. Mo.
Deeds and other legal Instruments slresi
prompt attention.
2nd Floor Trust Bldg. Hannibal, Mo.
Practice Limited to
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Monroe frJty, o.
Satisfaction Gnara utecd.
Headquarters at :he i)jiiMjcrat
' Office. ' '

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