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NOT OF HF ART Monroe Citv's Third Bank Organized
UVI VI lU-HIVs -Directors Elected-Ready
Real Facts In Regard To F. R.
Huffman's Illness. Relief Ob
tained By Curing His
Stomach Ailments.
Waynesville , N. C Mr. F. R. Huffman,
of this city, says : "I suffered dreadfully
with what I thought was heart trouble,
and tried various medicines in vain.
After other remedies had failed, Thed
ford's Black-Draught restored me to
health. I would not feel safe without
Black-Draught in the house. I consider
it worth its weight in gold.
It cured my indigestion, and by this
means I was restored to health. 1 can
not express my gratitude for its benefits."
Good health depends on the condition
of your digestion. Poor digestion and
good health do net go together.
Thedford's Black-Draught will
thoroughly clca.-se and set in order your
digestive system.
It has done this for others, during the
past 70 years, and is today the most
popular vegetable liver remedy on the
market. Try it. "
Insist on Thedford's. Price 25c.
For Business In About
Sixty Days
If a i
W T9v Y
After the Fair.
Yes. the 1913 Monroe City Fair
is over. The weather was against
the fair, but pleased the farmers.
The fair this year had but little
racing, but there was a lot of good
horses, cattle, sheep, hogs and poul
try on exhibition and the Floral
hall was a bower of beautiful things.
While the fair did not pay out it
was one of the kind which draws
the people.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership exising under the
firm name of Drescher &. Woodson
is mutually dissolved. We will
occupy the same office as hereto
fore and will individually conduct
a real estate business.
W. S. Woodson.
N. A Drescher.
The capital stock for the third
bank in Monroe City has been sub
scribed. The stockholders are some
of the bert and most prorperous
citizens of Monroe and vicinity. A
strong board of directors has been
elected. The board is composed of
the following gentlemen: J. P. Pat-1
ton, Roy Mcrarland, C. W. Hoar.
Daniel Boone, W. L. Bond, E. S
Hampton, A. Lee Ely, E. M Schweer
and R. L. Wilson. The bank is to
a state bank and has been
christened Citizens Bank of Monroe
ity. It will be ready for business
about sixty days and will be
ocated in the north room of the
Monroe Hotel block. .The capital
stock will be $30,000 with a sur
plus of $3,000. With its strong
board of directors and the splendid
gentlemen who are stockholders
this bank will certainly be a strong
institution and will do a big business.
Judge S. C. Fields has been here
from Humansville visiting his many
friends. No better man than Judge
Fields ever left Monroe County. His
neighbors in PolkCovnty have found
this out and altlio the County is
from 800 to 1000 Republican they
elected him to Represent the
County in the legislature. His work
was good and true and they cannot
do better than return him. He is
needed in the legislature.
Charles Volland of the Grand
Leader Variety Store, went to St
Louis this week to purchase a very
large stock of Holiday goods. Mr,
Volland says Santa Claus will bring
lots of nice things to Monroe this
For Exchange.
I have a fine 80 acre farm to Ex
change for Monroe City property.
10-2 W. S. Woodson,
Rev. Thompson Penn and wife o
Kahoka, have been visiting their
daughter, Mrs. R. O. Cranston.
Leave your orders with Monroe
Coal &. Grain Co. for your winter
coal. .
For Sale -2 2-year old bucks and
several early buck lambs.
tf. Charles L Elzea.
Miss Susie Calvert left Monday
for LaGrange where she will attend
Call Monroe Coal & Grain Co. be
fore ordering any kind of feed.
C. M. Uearfoss and lamjiy and
Mrs. John A. Bird spent Tuesday in
- Hannibal.
See the Seward, Morkin, Spald
ing. Paris and Hagar Monuments.
Work done by Bedwell. J. J. Brown
Manager. , .
Frost Sunday night
A wreck near Evansville Monday
delayed traffic on the Katy severa
For latest and attractive styles
in Millinery, call on .
Miss Sallie Rouse.
It is generally hoped that the
Democratic administration at Washi
ngton will find some way to re-es
tablish the time-honored Jeffersoni
al principle of rotation in office.
he Republicans, through the mon-
archial instition of "civil service"
have managed to place about 250,-
000 men in office for life. That
principle is wrong. The people
lave the right to change the per
sonnel of their government at
every election if they want to. and
that is good Democratic doctrine.
When a man gets into office for life
he. is no longer a public servant
but simply becomes a member of
an office-holding aristocracy and a
ruler of the people instead of their
servant. One of the last things
that Taft did in office was to place
30.000 more, postmasters on the
civil service list. That order should
be countermanded without unnec
essary delay. When the people vote
for a change of government their
wishes should be respected.
Democratic Bulletin.
Health and Happiness.
"Health and happiness" are terms
that are so often closely liked in
our speech and in our literature
One is almost a synonym for the
other. Perhaps the true signifi
cance existing . between the two
would be more correctly stated
were we to reveise the form in
which they are usually set forth
and say ."happiness and health" in
stead. All observers of human na
ture and its many complex attri
butes are convinced that happiness
is the fountain spring of health.
One of our keenest students of
life tells us that "small annoyances
are the seeds of disease. We can
not afford to entertain them. They
are the bacteria -the germs that
make serious disturbance in the
the system and prepare the way
for all derangements. They furnish
the mental conditions wnicn are
manifested later in the blood, the
itssue and the organs, under various
pathological names.
"Good thoughts are the only
germicide We must kill our re
sentment and regret, impatience
and anxiety. Health will inevita
by follow. Every thought holds us
in even the slightbest degree to
either anticipation or regret hinders
to some extent, the realization of
our present good. It limits free
dom. Life is in the present tense.
Its significant name is Being."
Farm and Home.
J Tasteful and graceful are the
New Fall and Winter Cloaks for
Women, Misses' and Juniors.
f Choose to your heart's content
from these beautiful Seigeil Gar
ments. j Take plenty of time when you
come here, as there are so many
styles to select from that an hour
slips by before you know it.
Don't imagine for a moment
that you see the whole range of
different Seigeil Cloaks in a few
We will gladly show you. It's
a positive pleasure for us to spread
the line before you, and an extra privilege to be al
lowed to try on you the many pretty styles.
i v
Miss Vallie Utterback spent yes
terday in Hannibal.
Mrs. L. M. Williamson, of Hunne-1
well was here the. latter part of last-week.
J. P. McHon, of Sheibina went to
Hannibal yesterday to consult Dr.
Hornback. Mr. McHon was struck
in the eye by the head of nail
abont two weeks ago and it is giv
ing him considerable trouble, Mr.
McHon is the son of Mrs. E. J. Hub
bard of 'his city.
Worth While. Mrs. Albert Bixler and Miss Ellen
We need, each anJ all, to be needed I Bixh r- ,f Elv were Ml"!ros visit0
To feel we have something to give j yeslert,avj
Mrs. Ida Montgomery and daugh
ter, Viola, of Sheibina, visited Mrs.
Ida Allen the last of the week.
Miss May me Lewis is spending
the week with her sister, Mrs. Mark
Smith near Hunnewtll.
Mrs. A. W. Holmes of Sheibina,
spent Saturday in this city.
Mrs. Raffensperger and daughter,
Miss Wilma, of Hunnewell, were
here shopping, Saturday.
Misses Eulah and Mabelle Bowles
of Palmyra, spent part of the week
with their uncle, J. S. Scott, and
Charley Bower spent Wednesday
in this city with his mother, Mrs.
Mollie Bower.
Toward soothing the moan
earth's hunger: j
And we know that then only we
live !
When we feed one another, as we
have been fed.
From the hand that gives body and
spirit their bread.
Our lives they are well worth the
When we lose our small selves in
the whole.
And feel the strong surge of being
Throb through us, one heart and
one soul
eternity Dears up eacn nonest en
deavor; The life lost for love is life saved
and forever.
Lucy Larcora.
of! Mrs
C. W. Gross of Palmyra
came in yesterday to visit her
daughter. Mrs. O. D Young.
Mesdames Laura Grmi and J. T.
Hanly are visiting Mr H. C
Scheetz in Palmyra,
The Little Things.
The every day virtues include
very many fine little traits that
serve unconsciously to make our
paths smoother, our skies bluer and
all of life more glad and golden.
They constitute a habit of doing
the right thing at all times and so
quietly and unostentatiously that
no one is made to feel any sense
of obligation. One who possesses
these virtues does not wait for
I stated times and occasions ' to be-
stow evidences of love and good
i will upon others, but like a flower
i in bloom spreads the fine perfume
Roy Penn and wife of Springfield j of friendship upon all come within
spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. ne cnarmed presence.-Ex.
R. O. Cranston. I
Mrs. Wm. Hunter of Benten, visit
ed her daughter, Mrs. J. Henderson,
Found A silver
W. V. Huebsch.
watch. Mrs.
Miss Florence Simmons of Han
nibal visited Miss Vallie Utterback
Don't forget that poultry has al
ways gotten cheaper in October, so the latter part of last week,
any poultry that is about ready
for market had better be disposed
of not later than next week to
be safe.
Henderson fit Sons Produce Co.
I Mrs, D. R. Campbell went to Pal
. myra yesterday.
Mrs. J. Corethers and children, of
Ely spent Saturday in this city.
Prof. H. D. McNutt of Tulsa, Miss
Ethel McNutt of Fulton, Mrs. Josie
Forest of Slater, Mrs J. O. Davis,
Mrs, Mason Love and daughter Lu
cile of Hannibal, and John Forrest
of Madison, were called here the
last of the week by the death of E.
Bailey McNutt
E. W. McCulIough and wife. E. J
McCullough and family and G. T.
McCulIough spent Sunday with
friends in Hunnewpll.
irSTTtl'tM 'L ,Ti il nbl I' I I'll "I'llHWII
Ever consider, Mr.
rarmer, how easy it
would be to locate a
few customers for
your eggs, poultry,
fruit, etc., with a
want ad?
CJ Your dignity will not
be disturbed, or your
time wasted by this
course, and you will
find eager customers
at the best prices.
New Violins and Old.
contest took place in Paris which
teems to vindicate the contention
that modern violins are aa good ta
tone as those of ancient make. A.
Lumber ot violins vera played In a
dark room, and at the end a vote was
taken from the musical audience
present, with the result, says a Paris
correspondent, that the finest vlollnt
was Judged to be a Belgian instru
ment dated 1911 1 the second was a
Wench 1911 violin, and not until the
third came a Btradlvartus. valued at
mora than 8,000.

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