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(V J. ROUSE, Editor,
.13 C'.iO PER YEaR
i.'cii at Monroe City
. iH.-i.iys matter.
The present standing is as fol
lows: !
JANUARY 15, 1914
Kilty's Arithmetic.
Sia'c i M ivp -i -. ' landing
Bv i !. i -.vhI!.
"Tell ; tenlier
To li"r scholar; snoill,
"Oik: poor slurp was frightened.
Jumped ;iik! r.'iii away;
One lion: sevenhow many
Woolly shof p would stay?"
L wc nt Kitty's fingere,
A f .ri'.ei's daughter she,
Net so I'ii'' :.t "'.;' ires
As h" 'Mu.'it. to Im.
MIV -. iiii-'i,: i " "Well, then Kitty
T'"! i' j, i; ; 'in konw."
.,! ii w.t:'. j .i ii-d over,
All tlicri'si would go."
Our flotto "Others."
Lord help me live from day to day,
In such a self-forgetful way,
That even when I kneel to pray,
My pray shall be for Others.
Help me in all the work I do,
To ever be sincere and true,
And know that all I'd do for You
Must needs be done for- Others.
Let "Self" be crucified and slain,
And buried deep; and all in vain
May efforts be to rise again,
Unless to live for Others.
And when my work on earth is done
And my new work in heaven's begun
May I forget the crown I've won,
While thinking still of Others,
Others, Lord, yes, others,
Let this my motto be,
Help me to live for others,
That I may live like Thee.
-C. D. M
A. Lte Ely spent Thursday in
Quincy. (
Hurry Mnd'i,x went to Quincy
Dr. lJornlaei, Oculist and Aurist
HanniLal. Vo.
For a lit:
Strean & u
!-t .ass hair cut go to
W. R. 1'. J; cKsoti was in New
Loudon Fiiilav
Thos. lliiwki .s was a Hannibal
visitor Thiii sd iv.
Davonpen t.
Loan on bi..-
Median make Farm
t ins tf
hi returned to his
Orvilit. JcIh
home tit Q'l'iu v Friday.
J. V. iK-y, of Quincy was
in ih.s. city -v oi the week.
Mito uttiic b irbin was in Hun
newell from Fn ...y till Sunday.
Mis lluili .iee visited Hunue
Will l.itinis tin- ia.it of the week.
But Ten ' Days Remain in
Which to Work for the Pi
ano. Contest Will Close
Tuesday, Jan. 27, at 3 P. M.
No use to shout about the virtue
of the pitino or other prizes. All
have become familiar with them.
Now is the time for steady deter
mined effort, the kind that wears
and tears and makes character in
the doing. Every one of these con
testants who have been working for
the prize will be the better for the
effort even though there is only one
piano and only onewho cau get it
Who is to be the one? That is to
be the momentous question. Do
tlpy at times see the vision of ihe
dray stopping at their door, the
men union., tramping into thf houso
with the beautiful instrument, the
reward of their prowness and en
deavor? How much interest did
you take in such a dream? Have
you not dreams of your own? And
how would you feel to have them
realized? Don't you think you
would have very much the same
feeling could you in some way as
sist or have assisted in the realiza
tion of some such laudable ambi
tion? Try it and see. Put forth the
effort Bear in mind some of the
contestants whom you would like to
see a winner and then go out and
Every time you spend a dollar
put it some place where you can get
a vote coupon and then turn it over
to your chosen candidate. You
won't be the only one doing this,
and how do you know but what
your little help will turn the trick
and put the prize where you want
it? You people who get out of
yourselves,,once in a while and do
something for somebody else, are
beginning to learn the true secret
of a happy life, and once you get in
the way you will keep it up forever
you will speedily see that the
millenium is no fickle dream but 'a
blessed reality, to be brought about
by just simple means.
If when you do a kind act you
should fatally wait for the gratitude
you might therefore miss the op
portunity of doing mother, and
failing to get what you have fool-
ishly desired, lose all the joy of life j
or having got it, lose the other j
cnance of being satisfied. Best keep
on trying then; what is done for
others you have done twice for your
self, for what is your end and object
Lizzie Miles
Agnes Mudd
Virginia Fields
Lucy Zeiger
Alena Knott
Catherine Lawless
Gladys Young
48,441 3-4
26.412 1-2
well was here
Roy Moose, oi
spent p-Tt oi
Mrs J. F. iv
day vviih tic.
Miss Liil.;i.
port oi ihr .
Mrs. Anna Vi
Teny V i l .
ence uau;.c
Thursday .tin .
W. 1. B .
Louis were i
the last of ir.
Mii-t A' I. t
spent part i
frienc.', r .
our ii
C0UD1 .
land, 0.
Sorrell, of Hur..ie
a last of the week.
Pittsburg, Kanas
ne week in this
iuw spent Thurs
vlaughter in P'l-
ir, of Quincy spent
. with her cousin
id wife, of C!ir
i business hre
and wife, of 3t
ess visitors hre
'sey, of Hannijal
te week with her
By Rev. A. J. Brumer.
Which has the tiu;-t gravity for
you the Church or the world?
The Lord never turns down a
man that's on His side.
If you're right, don't trouble
about the spoils of victory.
God has faith in the man that
believes in himself.
There's a difference in occupying
a seat in the church and filling a
Your danger is not so much
without but within.
The stars shine the brightest
when it is the darkest.
Torches are best companions on
the the dark of the moon.
Grapes have to be pressed before
we get the wine.
Spices are more odorific after
they're pounded.
The oak grows faster after being
shaken by the wind.
If the Lord gives you a crown
wear it and don't be above your
There never was a landscape
without a cloud.
There never was a rose without
a thorn.
There never was a smile without
a tear.
There never was a bitter with
out two sweets.
Display of dress proves that we
want to be better looking.
Virtue constructs while vice de
structs. Evolution of the mind is the de
velopment of the body.
Man is the only creature of self
culture. Sparrows use skill in building
nests but the first forest had the
B.'es use great skill in building
coll? but the trees . of Eden had as
good honey.
The nightengale and lark inspire
all creation with the evening an
them but they don't use the same
Evolution of man led him from
the tent to the modern mansion.
Thoughts and actions build char
acter like brick and mortar build
In the drug line, more than any
other, people demai:d a quality
guarantee. Therefore, the quality
of floods handled by a druggist is
one of the most important elements
of his business - for it is th? back
bone of rcpntation.
The retailers' success depends
largely on the hor.'-mg of trado
marked, advertised i iods. The
trade-mark is the u.nufactura's
stamp, whereby he assumes sole
responsibility for the quality of his
goods, and because good goods de
pend upon identification so that
they may be asked for by name,
recognized, recommended and call
ed for again.
What is r? fair price? What is
the ritfht price? It is but nrtti '-i
that the buyer of drugs or any other
kind of in' ichandise should wis!) to
save money whenever possible. Vu
ii thy 0'iver of drills is nut fax!".!
with qu.'.lity he is apt to wast-" u:m
ey in trying to save it. As dru;',
buyers ere handicapped in jiidin.,;
quality, they must rely on trr, c
druggist just as they rely on then
In selling goods there must be n
definite margin of profit to cover
the cost of doing business and an
other fair margin to yield the deal
er a livelihood. Druggists who sell
some items at cost, or less than
cost, must sell other goods at an
exhorbitant profit in order to bal
ance things up.
Real economy will always be
found in trading at a store like ours
where quality of goods is in the
first consideration, and where every
thing is sold at a fixed and reason
able profit.
We buy goods as close as any
one and take advantage of all cash
discounts and we sell at such reas
onable prices that every customer
is sure to make his total purchases
at as low pi ices as can be had else
whcie - lower than the average cost
Farmers and Mertots Bank;.
Monroe City f.'.o
Capital 5)25,000;
Surp'.'is SC.OOO.
F. II. IIAGAIT. President.
WiM. R. YATfiS. Vice-President.
F. P. J.CKSON, Cashier.
'.V. PATTERSON, Asst. Cashier
W. W. LONGMIRE. Secretary.
V--: J. Ii. v nrify, J. D. Robey,.
J;;h:i Shannon, ,V. vV. Longmire,..
T. Ivi. Loulware, W. M. Carrico..
foreign Exchange bought and
JThvj bu inoea desired and unex
..ellet JJi.?i:!t!oB offered.
t( f, . ...
r 9 i
itional Weekly
First Time
in Clubs
Until this year
Collier't has been
sold at $5.50. Now
the price is .$2.50
a concession where
by we can offer it
at a still further
reduction in con- I
nection with this
publication. t
Special Offer to Our Readers
Ki-ctiKiii.-ine the great demand for Coffin-' at
the new price, we have made arrangements to
oficr it arr1 our own publication each one year
fnr the price of Cofff'cr'aalone. This is a limited
offer anti must be taken advantage of promptly.
What You Get in Collier't
Collier's is the one big. independent, fearless
weekly nt the whole country. Not only is it the
Rood citizen's handbook but it is also a
magazine for the whole family. Among the
things that a year's subscription gives aret
1000 Editorials
COC News Photo
250 Short Article
ISO Short Stories
100 Illustrated Feature
2 Complete Novel
Colter's $2.50) "faJ
Democrat $1.00 )j)2.50
than happiness, which never fol-jnojr,i3-
i material mat conies ironi two
worlds and unite in one to meke
lOWS tll'PPll'?
.... o - -
A piano is never a foolish posses
pic i. When one can play it all
within roach of it's sweet sound are
benefitted thereby.
The bonus is from now on as fol
lows: For every 7 new subscribers 8000
extra votes making a total of 12,-
Fur ev?ry seven renewal sub
scriptions we will give 6,000 extra
votes, making a total of 9,500 votes.
For every seven back subscrip
tions we will give 4,000 extra votes
making a total of 6.800,
For every forty merchant's cou
pons, 10 )0 extra votes.
By studying out the above bonus
offers any contestant will be able to
win as each and all have this right.
The following merchants give a
conpoo with every one dollar cash i was a eper,
A Church spire is just as high
in the mind as it is on the Church.
A rough hewn brace in a man
sion reflects on the architect.
Samd elements develop men and
animals but one is a man the other
an animal.
The body is a .true index of the
soul within.
Take the "r" out of "friend" and
you have "fiend."
Hard to make men religious who
have no tnought of dying.
Fire and hammer give metal
form and the rub of the file its
Where afflictions hang the heavi
est grave hangs the. longest.
The glow worm looks the best at
Naaman was a great man but he
purchase to those who ask for them.
Get ynr tickets when you buy your
1 to look after
nroe and adjc cnt
or Commission,
-y Oil Co., Clev(-
No tickets given on ac-
'em & Spalding
& Son
' iderson
on & Mudd
l eader Variety Store
Paul was a great Apostle but he
had a thorn in his side.
The night may be long but the
Day Star will arise.
David was a great ruler but his
house was out of order.
Moses was the meekest man but
a golden calf made him angry.
Peter was a great man but he
had a high temper.
Mrs Lehenbauer's Record Chickens.
Mr3. Dan Lehenbauer says it pays
to have pure bred chickens and it
pays aLo to feed them well. Her
eighty-five Rhode Island Reds . lay
three dozen eggs every day.
Their morning feed consists of a
gallon of wheat thrown into some
clean wheat straw which covers
the floor from four to six inches.
This makes the hens work for a
living and makes them healthy.
At noon the hens are fed a mix
ture consisting of one gallon of
bran, one quart of ground alf".!
and one quart of meat scrap. -
In the evening the flock is given
one gallon of .corn.
Wifh this very good plan of feed
ing the matter of supplying water
s not nep looted. Plenty of fresh,
clean, we mi water is given three
times a day.
The fact that Mrs. Lehenbauer
has a high grade of pure bred chick
ens and gives them excellent feed
and attention are the reasons for
the three dozen eggs which bring
almost a dollar each day.
Pcpuj.tir Mechanics
A G''- z V Con. l-med Stoi j- t!m World's
" Fi -tr' ii which you ma:- I-esin reading
ct nny t'f.c. End which vl'.l hold your
intereit lurever. You are Ii'. ing in the best
year, ot the n.ost wonderful uss.of what 19
ut.'u!tif s the srreatest world in the universe.
A resident of Mars would gladly pay
to t!:I s m t .rj-ine.In order to keep In formed of
tuir pio(.rn.-s3 i- Engineering and Mechanics.
Are yo-.i irailin,; L? Two millions of your
jMiH"il'rs are, and it is the favoiite maga
:itu ia ilioitsaiidj of the best American
hnn.i'3. U appeals to all clauses old aua
youitg men a ad women.
Iha "tu Tota" Department (30 paffea)
rlv.l euy vruyb to do (lung bow to make
u-,ot nl urUclj lor home and shop, repairs, etc
" Am a .riv Kscli atdos " ( 10 pairee ) tells how to
THitkr Mi .'.op t iraUnre. wlreleKs outfits, boats,
in:.f'lf, aud all the things a boj lores,
... y.fir Nuwii(lou)r to Bhvw rou m r
poi?i7i!: MECHANICS CO.
318 V. Washington Su CHICAGO
Posts for Sals.
I will sell aud make to order
fence post, barn post or brace post
Sterling Hays. F &. M. Phone.
Do you know that there are more
people who "sponge" on a newspa
per than there are people who
"sponge" on their relatives? When
a man comes into the world he re
ceives a free "ad" and when he dies
his bad debts are overlooked by
charitable editors. All during his
life he asks and receives favors
from the newspapers. If they speak
well of him the flattering notice is
received in silence. If his acts are
criticized, he talks of a damage suit.
He desires favorable mention and
he desires it often. In fact some
men have an idea that a newspa
per is run expressly for the purpose
ol keeping them before the public
and that too without money and
Without price. Bucklin Herald.
It has been reported that Col.
Kidd, the auctioneer, is to be mar
ried in March. He is a splendid
fellow end has a hst of friends
all of whom wi sh him well.
The farmers of this vicinity
bought a large number of manure
spreaders last year. This is an evi
dence tnat our peopie believe in
better farming.
J. J. Pritchett, of Mason City, 111.,
was here last week looking after
his real estate interests. Mr.
Pritchett has made many friends
in his visits heie.
Mrs. America Johnston and sou,.
V. L., of LaPlata, have bt-en visiting
her daughter, Mrs. W R Smith.
Col. W. B. Fahy went t Quiuoy
Monday to see his m V" who is
in a hospital in tn r y. Mrs.
Fahy's health is not in ing.

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