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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 15, 1914, Image 3

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A Business Education
Is the kind that pays big dividends.
Four. Scholarships
Two in each of two of the best Busi
ness Colleges in the country and will
sell thim at
Bargain Prices.
We take this opportunity to say that having bought
the Fletcher Bros.' Livery Barn
We're Here For Business
It is true some wrong impressions have been afloat
as to our stay. We want your business. We are
here to stay and respectfully ask for your support
and assure you we will give you satisfactory service.
S. M.
m k Son.
Texas for the Winter
COME to Texas where all
pleasures of other "win
tering" places are combined
with joys that you didn't find
You'll be delighted with the
social life, the superb hotels,
the varied recreations of such
charming places as Galveston
Corpus Christi and San
Antonio. And, with
the climate that makes
your simplest diver
sion a delight
Your vacation in Texas is a new
treat in store for you.
A 1 ' V iH
I should like to sc-tid you our
ppiemua new books
on the wind r n- yj
sorts of Toxas: v? i
tell you cost of S
loncr-limlt. low- - i
fare tickets and " ir ? 's
the best way to
Bo. 'rito today.
H, H. HURST, Ticket Altera,
Monroe City, Missouri.
Burpee's Seeds
should like to make vour ncouaintance. Simnlv sen
you will receive Burpoc'a Annual for 1914, n nuRlit bwk of 182 pai;cs, which has long been
iuv.uui.cu iuc L.cnuuig American nccu maiug. rwiuuiy writ to-aayj Auurcss
W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO., Burpee EuhMings, Philadelphia
are supplied every year direct to more
American planters tliau arc the seeds of
any other growers. Do vour seeils come
direct from I'luludeliiliiu ? If not. we
Pimply send ih your address t:i postal card ill do) and
According to our way of think
ing a hen is the contraryest thing
this side of Mexico. When eggs are
cheap she shells them out, but when
they get high you cannot induce
biddy to come across.
Furs Wanted I will buy every
Saturday, second door west of E. L.
Anderson &. Son's. Will pay good
prices for all kinds of good market
able furs. Bell Phone 99.
tf A. L Cruser.
Pay your bills promptly on the
first day of each month, the man
you pay can pay somebody else and
in this wav monev run he kpnr in
circulation and everybody can pay
tneir debts.
From Democratic Bulletin.
Now that we have an adminis
tration known to be sincerely de
voted to the best interests of the
whole country and all the people,
the great trusts are showing a dis
position to recognize the inevitable
and readjust their affairs with a
view of conducting business along
legitimates lines. It is the road to
industrial peace with honor with
the Wilson administration leading
the way.
The lumber trust has been found
guilty by the Supreme Court of
Missouri and fines aggregating
$438,000 assessed against the cor
porations composing the combine.
The case was instituted and prose
cuted by Governor Major while he
was attorney general and is anoth
er notable victory for the law and
a lesson, at least, to big business,
teaching it that the looting of the
public will not be tolerated. The
victory will doubtless hasten the
coming of the day when big cor
porations shall reverence the law
instead of defying it; when we
shall have industrial peace and the
door of opportunity be open to all
In the first months of 1913 the
Democratic party came into con
trol in both Nation and State. The
people were dissatisfied with the
manner in which the affairs of fcov
ernment had been administered in
the inrerest of the few and had
turned to the Democratic party as
the instrument by which they
should be able to regain control of
their own affairs and have them
administered in the interest of the
public. Have they been disappoint
ed? Evidently not in the least. We
We assert without fear of successfnl
contradiction that the party has
more than met the expectations of
the people. Our leaders have met
the grer-t responsibility with splen
did courage, excellent poise and
great wisdom. The party enters
1914 possessing the confidence of
all right thinking people in a high
degree, and a faith in itself that
gives promise of great things in
tne future. There is correspond
ing gloom in the stand-pat camp.
Clover Seed For Sale!
For Sale - 130 bushels fine mam
mouth clover seed. Sample can be
seen at The Yowell Saddlery Co.
Wilson and Congress will be back
on the job on January 12. . A presi
dential primary law, a farm credits
law, amendments to the Sherman
anti-trust law so as to make it
more definite and government aid
for the roads are some of the good
things. on the program for the re
mainder of the session. It's a feast
rather than a'fright for the country.
Money to loan in any amount
Office over Wood's Drug Store.
tf. A. S. JAYNE.
Lenten Laws.
Few people understand why eggs
play so important a part in Easter
celebrations. The reason is that
the mediaeval law forbade eggs dur
ing Lent, and, hence, at Easter the
hungry mediaeval populace return
ed to their favorite dish with re
joicing. With us foday, when Lent
no longer forbids eggs, there is no
reason for featuring them upon our
Easter Sunday breakfast menu.
But we do - it is the pretty survival
of an obselete custom.
In Elizabeth's time he who ate
flesh during Lent was fined three
pounds sterling. He who so much
as had meat in his house was pil
loried or set in the stocks.
But the rich, as usual, dodged the
harsh Lenten laws, and they who
could afford it bought licenses to
eat meat in Lent For these licenses
a lord was charged 20 shillings, a
knight fourteen shillings and a
commoner seven shillings. Nation
al Daily Slock Reporter.
The Interest on your taxes is 12
per cent, pay them and stop it.
Morgan Quits Big Corporations,
New York, Jan. 3. J. Pierpont
Morgan announced yesterday that
he and his four partners had retired
from thirty directorships in twenty
seven of the largest corporations in
which they were represented, in
cluding the New Haven, the New
York Central and the American
Telephone and Telegraph, three of
their leading interests. Further
withdrawals ore to follow from cor
porations where there is no special
obligation to remain. A charge in
public sentiment regarding director
ships in the reason given for the
sweeping policy of withdrawal from
corporate directorship of the Mor
gan house. "This is not done in
any spirit of pique or annoyance,"
it was said at the office of the firm
after Morgan had personally dis
tributed his firmal statement, "but
after months of deliberation and
solely for the best interest of the
companies concerned and of J. P.
Morgan & Co."
Morgan's announcement caused a
thrill in Wall stieet and almost
created a halt in trading on the
Stock Exchange.
While it is probably true that
many of the prominent bankers had
information foreshadowing this
move toward tnding interlocking
dircctor;;tf s, tlie public and brokers
had no advanced knowledge of what
was taking place in the inner coun
cils of the greatest American house
of finance. Wherever telephone and
ticker flashed the news about the
street groups tf men gathered to
discuss the topic.
Pay your Ciiy Taxes. Stop the
By the way, has anybody seen or
heard of Jack the Peeper?
Advertise your wants in the
John W. Skillen of Sidney, Ohlof,
Has Found a Remedy.
Experts declare that the rnson.
Stomach disorders axe so common la
this country Is due to haaty and care
less habits ot eating. Stomach
troubles and rundown conditions
usually go together.
John W. Skilkn of Sidney, Ohio,
Bays: "1 had a bad stomach trouble
for years, and became so weak that
I could hardly walk or do any work.
My appetite was poor, and It seemed
Impossible to get any Tellef. Sirica
taking 'Vlnol' I find a remarkable Im
provement In my health, my digestion
Is much stronger, and I hare gained
In weight I would not be without!
Vinol makes weak stomachs strong
because it strengthens and tones opt
the weakened, tired and overtaxed
nerves of the digestive organs. Vlnol
Is easily assimilated by the weakest
stomachs, and Is delicious to the taste.
Try a bottle of Vinol with the un
derstanding that your money will be
returned if it does not help you.
L. M. Wood, Druggist. Monroe City
"Goodby, Old Year, Goodby."
"Good by old year, goodby."
We've had good timrs together;
You gave us many a bright Wesky
And sonicliuns stormy leather.
But we've had lots of fun
We've skate'!, fished and baited
And now. just as the year is done.
In school we've been promoted
Old year, be brave and proud;
With bantu rs floating ovt r you,
Y(;U join the shadowy crowd
Of years that went before you.
Goodby old year, goodby;
i . .
wun nnis to your story,
The stars shine out on high
To light your way with glory.
Margaret E Sangster.
I Strean &. Son will give you the
! most up-to-date hair cut.
We Do FirstClass Work
And the way you want it in
Haircuts, Shaves, Shampoos,
and all other work of a first-class shaving parlor.
Your bath is waiting. Try us once.
r-rr-r. s P f$7.
- s ... -- tr-rr-
: 'v?i
"DAMl rsr Vii A. Ml 1
"Procrastination is the thief of time." It is constant
PUTTING OFF that gets a man in a fix like the one
in the picture ''Going to stop wasting his money
some day, some day." Don.t YOU put off banking
your money. MAKE A START begin now. Gome to
our bank and start an account. We will treat you
courteously and take care to serve you well.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank.
Farmers & Merchants Barak

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