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Tfeiags Worth Koowiag
To Gear a Room of Smoke.
Dash a towel in vinegar and hot ,
.water and shake it above your '
.bead while walking through a i
moke filled room. In a few min-!
utes the smoke will entirely dis
Cider in Jelly.
Last fall when making jelly I
got it too sweet and had no more
juice. Acting on a caller's sug
gestion I added a little cider vine-1 With glee three letters she'd repeat;
gar. It jellied at nce and the Just M O. H. were they;
flavor was not at all impaired. j Yet what ' their meaning we knew
To Tighten Macbiue Belt. j not.
When your sewing machine belt I For did we ask. she'd say;
become loose put a few drops of ! "Why. that's my motto, and I've
castor oil on it, run the machine j learned,
for a few minutes and the belt The very wiset plan
will tighten. i Is 10 ,lc' out wnal others need
Wire for Curtains. j And helP th'm if ou can "
A piece of round millinery wire, with each success, as we would
is a good substitute for a running j seek '
string in short curtains. A looped j Some helpful act to do.
end serves as a kidkin and is ready , We found that cheering other lives
to lock over a nail or honk. Cut Brighten our own lives, ton
the other end and twist it over thei t ld tier this one day. and plead:.
tuSSjjr :ail. The wire keeps taut! "M O. H. please make clear."
and straight and there is none of Then smiling sweetly, she replied:
the unsightly sagging, as whenj "Make others happy, dear!"
string or tape is used
Fur Stretched Cane Seats.
If the cane seats of chairs have
become stretched dissolve a table
. spoonful of washing soda in a quart
of boiling water and saturate the
under sides of the seat with the so
. lutioii leaving th;" chairs upside
down to ilrv This treitment
stir; .K cine I i njiual st re.
i'.,e iki.is; .0 V-.v iiu.'s.
Sli; a piece o; rlnn ier be
tween your toi Kiiu and me sole
of yuur shoe. The -!ioes will not
bur:i ou it-. ;.
To Cl-:in I'.'ini Brushes
When your pun' hrushes hive
bee-tii" tiff :ta .ir: d p '.,! they
can be easily cleaned in hot vinegar.
A raste mat nut sue ley of the University of Missouri
Stir together one pint of sifted j College of Agriculture. It is very
flour and one heaping tablespoon- important that the child should
ful of sugar, and mix to a smooth j have during these first months the
paste with cold water Then add : best food, and nothing else is as
boiling water until of the right con-; guod as that which nature has pro
sistency. Cook three minutes. This j vided mother's milk,
paste will always stick. j Mother's milk is best for the baby
For Your Shelves. I fur the following reasons:
Buy table oilcloth and cut it in! I It is adapted to the needs of
to the required length for Jyour , the child in composition and
shelves and wide enough to cover amount.
the front edfie, where it should be 2. It is provided at the proper
fastened at regular intervals with ' temperature.
brass tacks. The effect is consid
erably neater and the covering Jis
more permanent than when shelf
oilcloth or paper is used
To Remove a Rusty Screw.
Apply a red hot iron for a short
time to the head of a rusty screw.
While the screw is hot you should
be able to remove it without
Shaping Stiff Collars.
A good way to make stiff collars
retain their shape is to slip them
into a glass or tumbler after they
are ironed until they are thorough-
ly dry -Country Gentleman.
According to an item that ap -
. . ., r. r- . : i .... ,
pearea in tne rerry enterprise wsi
week. Saline township will likely
have a c andidate for sheriff, who
is Walter Greeves, son of Jas. T.
Greeves, of Perry. He is a splen
did young man Center Herald.
From tha General.
Rear Admiral William H. Emory,
Wfclle attached to the navy yard, New
Tork, had under hla command a young
arbsdoea negro whom ha enlisted aa
meal attendant while at the islands.
3a admiral waa busily engaged with
I large amount of official mall when
Ike mess attendant came In hurriedly
afxaouncliig: "A message from the gen
eral, sab." "General wbeT" inquired
, (aa admiral. "General Dellbery, aak."
filed Ike Innocent looking aegro.
goading the admiral a general daily
ary letter.
j Make Other Happy.
! When rain beat down aud all is
As often i3 the way.
With happy smile I will recall
What grandma used to say;
"Why. bless your heart, it doesu't
I To let the tears drip too;
Just wipe your eyes and
( around
i For some good deed to do."
"When stormy days give yon the
Miles. .
Jii-t help to set things right:
Kind acts will fill the darkest
With sweetness and with luht
Look tip the real unfortunates.
And ease their aches in-
As viiii hi ike otlie.s hop, v.
V hi jnsi f.iriiel n r tins "
Geo-.- U'tireiiel i U Vys
Christian Herald.
Infant feeding
Last year in Missouri alone more
than 7.OJ0 h ibi-s died Tlirt
fourths -if these children tii-.-d before
they were ihree months . I At
l-ast half of ities- hiii-M emld
have bten saved by proper feeding
in the opinion of Miss Louise Stan -
It is more easily digested by
It doesn't sour
It contains no bacteria and
6. It strengthens
the baby
against disease
If mothers realized how much
greater is the chance for life of Un
naturally fed child, they would
make a greater effort to nourish
their children. There are few
mothers who cannot with consist
ent effort nurse their babies The
mother must have abundant and
j wholesome food, plenty of liquid.-,
in the diet, plenty of diet, exercise
jand fresh air. Regular nursing
. stimulate the flow nf milk
- -
Vinol Restored Her Strength
Canton, Miss. " I am 75 years old and
became very weak and feeble from th
effects of La Grippe, but Vinol has done
me a world of good. It haa cured my
cough, built up my strength so I feel
active and well again." Mrs. LlZZlB
Baldwin, Canton, Miss.
Vinol, our delicious cod liver and iron
tonic without cil, aid digestion, en
riches the blood and createa strength.
Unequalled (or chronic coughs, colds
or bronchitis. Your money back if
' tM Paw Ara.
A ayata la ajrually a paisoa who
lamagtaaa ka at assart moogfc to ba ao
Uta and tU-aatarad at tka aaana ttea.
Washington Star.
Why the Stov is Stove.
The typical household operates
on the hit-or-miss rule of thumb
Effectiveness is secured either
through happy ch nice of coincid
ence of that rule with some sound
Why is the stove in the kilehen
kept black? The United States bu
reau of Standards asserts that not
one women in ten knows. It says
I that the reason is that a blackened
I stove is the hottest of stoves. A
) nickel plated stove loses half of its
'capacity for hotness.
' Do you want your hot water
j pipes to transfer heat without loss.
"Black them bright and shining,
j .viys the bureau. A bright pipe
; loses less heat than one insulated
' in tbiu asbestos. Pans and pats
kept bright stay hot longer than
those not so. An ideal kettle is
black on the bottom, to take heat
easily and bright on the sides, to i
keep heat long.
, Fuels ore ton freuquently used !
'.without understanding of their j
, special Illnesses for specific pur- i
; poses, A coal tire takes h tlf an
hour of cojxiii.; to proper eiithiisi
is;n for 'ryinj "ogs j
Many furnaces vork b 'iter on
.-mail than o.i coil. w!iirh:
oiS.i is more expensive. Th-' heal
i ii'g surfaces a:id the flues of fur
I naces should be kept clean. Soot
iiisiilates the s tun e of warmth as .
i' an ashes' n pi it i re i'it
tw.'Ul the sto in i tile per. L.
A Monroe Count v Ce it..-m: i.in
Mrs i'. Win e. . ... , r
i.:.dr.fh :.. I .v I', d ... I
2" at 'lie li niie of le r
f h i lives just ii irrh i
-,ii s.
r m i-i
li- lli'.v
4r Hi t
' i;i :
l-l 11.
m- hs ui ,-r "'
-., -even of iioiii
In.. S'.e h.is f.irr i u ,
tfri'ii uid n numb-1 i f 'c it : r : (
h'lilr n S?.e w.i- horn in LV.- ii
County. III., was It-fi a widow in
; I Mil
moveo to Monroe County it:
1N83. She is in f nrly uood health
Her eye sight has heen failing for
some time until now she can barely
distinguish between day and night.
She has retained her mental facul
ties and for years the relatives add
friends have been bringing their
well filled baskets and celebrating
her birthday with her she tells them
many interesting incidents of the
early days.
Hour-Olasa Auetienssr.
An ancient custom has Just been ob
served at Chard, Someraet, England,
when a meeting of the burgesses con
ducted the annual lettlag of the mar
ket tolls. An hour-glass was set, and
while the sand trtekled from one half
to tha other bids war Bade. Tha
buyer ot the tolls was determined by
Ui last kid kefora the taad ran down.
l fiie
me iioii a w
I Nearly Everyone TrlM ta Worthy
of Consideration That la
Shown Him.
i Proaa California aomoa tka raport
of a high resolve of tha achool author-
; It lei of San Francisco. How shall
that mysterious, self-conscious, aerial
tire savuge, "the big boy," be ad
, dressed by hla schoolteachers? The
j wise of the educational leaders Toted
I tor "Mr." They were outvoted. The
I big boy Is to be catted "Master," a
nam which will Irrltata, anger and
dlsoat elev "Maeta" la "all wron."
Tha exact causa of tha dlsagreaa-
bleness of "Master" may ba hard to
explain, but It eeeme to carry as im
plication of patronizing condescension
and superiority on the pan ot th
addreeear. To tha addressed It brings
a sense of goody goodloeas. It sug
gests "Bauford and ktertoo" sort ot
boy, a boy In a valret cap with tas
sel, boy In a frock. It branda him
as an Intermediate an a Juvenile
person, whereas he deem himself a
man, and would be proud to bo called
Addreaa a lette to a ' bar boy" as
"Master" So-and-So If you want to
make him unhappy. Call him "Mr."
and he will he happy, and ha will
strive to dotferve the manly title you
give him You cau't be too polite to
boys, '"t you may be unintentionally
lnnulttng them all the time, from their
I nint of view. Give them the full
Image and Riipcracrlptlon of the
"grown up" status to whlrh they a
Cedars cf Lebanon SMI Stand. '
I ri,..-- the most htMorir little for-
est on the of the Ki.itie is the I
C ,;ir of Lebanon. Pane .1 for tln-lr '
age. size unil bruuty ai.ri 'heir roimec- !
tfon ith lue aniituree. tlu-.e trees 1
are visited by rgrttus lrnm all over '
il.e earth.
T y ap! located In Syria, and bo
. :.. - !.. r.- :iri- r.u furi i.- i f tall trei-i
tlu.t ::i:id t:;..y h.ie llii1 reputation
'. i . I;.-- t:.i-! lefty '' 'men of
.-... v. l-. -:t'i k:l:i! linn. V tun red--a
-1 tr. , - ui Cilitornui. :. . t.hlng a
. . . t of :. i- i t. il -viir; thi.-lr nioiiest
:-t Ni v. rth-.-li-sn. liie girth of
f;.i-ir trunk is enormous, the largent
i" .i.g 47 1'i-et in eiriMiinfereni e.
Ail th.it niiW r- inaili9 if the Cedars
ef l.ibani.n ar- Hume f vir hundred
re, rt. 'I L- y ri--e trum a .:Kl:l i.iaieau,
tuated at an altitude i.f il.liS feot
' si a U v-l But. Ii'-autiful as
'hey are. their iriteroHt to the world j
lies only In their connection with the
i- miue built by Solomon aud the varl-
oun allUHioiiH to them (n the Hlble.
Emperor Lacked Tact.
Joseph 11 emperor of Germany, half
in Jest, half in earnest, suggested this
as an appropriate inscription for hia I
tombstone. "Here lies Joseph, unfor
tunate in all his undertakings." tls
was a good man. with excellent Inten
tions, but somehow his plans almost '
Invariably went wrong "lie good and
you will be happy" did not seem to ap
ply In his case The truth Is. he was
lacking In Judgment. Jle was a seal
ous reformer, and deeply concerned 1
for the welfare of his subjects; but
ha went about It In the wrong way.
He tried to reform people with a ham
mar, and totally disregarded tbelr
feelings In the matter. Many of them
did. not even know they tie. 1. d re
forming. Joseph had about .-in mie-h
tact as a runaway hum- in a flower
garden. Ho probably did not know tt.
but this lark of judgment was largely
the causo of his bolng "unfnrtiiniioi in
all hla undertakings."
I'hMrfulnMa and reatenl are frtat
bautlnrs and er famous prracrvtra
ot suod looks. lHckens.
TV find in life rxnr-tlr what e put
Into it.- l-ltnerMon
Croquettes will naver lose their hoU
upon us, for they are moat delightful
diahea when well sea
soned and carefuTly
drained after frying
Tne tedious method ot
handling, dipping and
rolling each on la
enuabs nay be dona
much faster If the cro
quettes ara rolled in
toon. . dipped and
crumbed In fours, th
CI can bo throws over four as quick
ly aa over one. Then In frying bav
the fat the right temperature for tha
mixture, brown a cube of bread tn tha
fat It It browns In forty aeconds It
la ready for rooked mixtures and ritty
seconds for uncooked mixtures. When
eggs are high a tablespoonful of wa
ter ran ba added to each egg without
making any difference In the process,
thus earing quite a little egg when
making a number of croquettes. One
good croquette maker says she uses
as mtteh water aa egg and can see no
The while sauce to use tn binding
croquettes should he thfeker thau tha
ordinary white satieo. t'se a half cup
ful of flour, one-half tcar"ontul of
salt, four tahlespoonfuln nf liurt.-r and
a pint of milk When the better la
bubbling hot. add the flour and when
mixed pour on the milk; cook until
smooth and thlrk.
Man-aronl croquettes are tno-t tasty.
Mix conked nun arotii hroV.-n In very
pmall pleren. with a thhk fea'nnod
white sauce o tv l.ieh a lirtb grated
ch. - has I i Med Pl.i. .. In a
rool place until flini then dip In egg
ant erunihs and frv as ti-uiil.
Potato Croquettes With Peas.
Make the potnto InPa .n-ip out tha
center and All with e-aiineil peas,
cover and roll In egg-, crumbs and
fry. Perv with a thh k white sauce,
garnished with ear!ev
Paltnon mixed with n rho.t..-.i -lour
pickle, white s;iue,. jinil s-en'iinmcfl,
formed into er.-vi-'tte tvnlie ; m i.iljer
good supper duh Serve uirh need
A rery thick white sauce, stirred
thick with cheese, cooled, then molded
Into bails and dipped In buttered
brown crumbs Is a tasty dish.
China Book Enda.
mis are always Interesting.
ind unusual ones are sought after aa
x'.fts for all occasions. There Ib a new
et In china which Is particularly
'iretty Th" design shows one book
lying flat, its .overs of dark gray,
with yellow- edged leaves, and another
book standing upright on the lower
book, is partly open. The ends ara
quite heavy enough for all n irponea.
and the coloring of the china Is par
ticularly attractive.
Oomestic Science.
Stella "Can you show Urldget how
to cook?" Bella -Certainly; 1 Just
tell her to watch me and do it another
y u

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