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Interesting items About the
Different Denominations.
Co-operative Revival Meeting
Our meeting Minted with fine in
terest and attendance Inst Sunday
Crowds are growing this week. The
spirit of co-operaliou is beautiful.
Let us continue this and please our
Lord who prayed "(hflt they alt
nay be one" Jno. 17 11. "How
good and how pleasant for brethren
to dwell together in unity " P. 133
1. All Christians are Members of
the Same Great Heavenly Fiimily.
Jno. 3 2. So let us work together
for the good of our community in
general and all our Churches.
Come and make yourself at home
with us, be sure to bring along
your unsaved friends. Lei us lift
up Jesus, whu said "and I. if I be
lifted up, will draw nil men unto
We are glad to see several labor
ing men attending Jesus loves
everybody. His enemies said of
Him, "this man receiveth sinners
and eateth with them." Luke XV. 1
Have you Joined Christ's army
against the greatest foe of man
kino? Come and let us help each
Leo R Sparks.
Pastor Evangelist. "
N. B. We made an extra effort
to have this meeting Just now to
accommodate country folks, whom
we urge to attend
Rev. W. R. Hull of Moberly. will
prettch at First Baptist Church
Sunday morning and evening
Everybody specially invited.
Natural Thrift and Economy
. Promise Rapid Progress
Our Great Ally Pomnn Recupera
tive Power Which Justify Belief
That 8he Will Meet and Solve Tri
umphantly the Problems Which Con
front Her After the War.
With Paris Boalevards echoing with
Mvea" for American troops our In
terest lo the wnrfure ot our ally vastly
Increase, and the facts are not luck
ing to encourage the belief that she Is
Uready on the road to recovery from
the blow uf Invasion by a ruthless en
awy. Oue ui the must linixirtant de-
..V- . -f-'
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,1 ' V
t i
Marshal Joffr and the French Mission
In America.
Telopment Is the announcement that
isne of the largest bunking Institu
tion In America concerned with for
4gn trade, the Guaranty Trust com
pany of New York, hns opened a Paris
Branch to handle the rapidly Increas
ing volume of French business.
S' . Vol
Furnished Weekly by Wood
son -Fen new aid, St. Louis
Cattle receipts have been liberal
during the past wevk and the mar
ket has declined 23 to 40c oo beef
Prime steers $1623 to 1723
Choice 1500 to 1600 Good $1250
to 13.50. Medium $9.00 to 1000
Heavy grass steers $1000 to 11 00.
Medium $800 and 900. Fair killers
$7.00 to 750
Choice feeders $900 to 950 Good
$823 to 875. Choice stockers $850
to 9.00 Good $7.73 to 825 Fair
$7.00 to 750. Common $600 to
Heifers 25c lower Choice $13 00
to 1400. Good 1050 to 1150 Medi
um $700 to 750 Stock heifers
$6.00 to 6 sa
Cows 15c lower Choice $900 to
1000. Good $775 to 85 . Medium
$683 to 7 40. Culterso$600 to 623
Common $525 to 550.
Hog receipts 9500, market slow
Best butcher and heavy hogs 1950
to 19.70 Good mixed and light
shipping hogs $1900 to 1940 Good
pjeking sows $1825 to 1860 Good
weight pUs $1800 t 1840
Sheep receipts 3500, shi ep steady
lambs 23 to 4'lc lower, F t sheep
$11 25 M 11.50 Good to best lamrw
17 50 to 1785 Fair to good $1675
to 17 25 Fat AngM gosts $700
to 7 75.
The trial of Claude J. Piersol,
charged with being the leader of the
band who kidoapped, and after
w ird 'murdered itie Ks.-t oiby at
SpriiiL.fi Id, was i-nnmeneel Moil
dav at Marslifield
This actloa muy surprise many per
sons who had thought of France as
bowed under a calamitous Invasion.
The bank, however, gives figures Indi
cating that France la not only meet
ing her military and civilian problems
with a stout heart and never falling
courage, but la re-establishing her ex
port business with this country.
In 1914, the year of the outbreak ot
the war. Imports from France to this
country totaled (141.440282. This to
tal was reduced to $77,158,740 In 1015,
but last year the value of French Im
port to the United States rose to
"A nation that can achieve such a
commercial recovery while her terri
tory la being ravished by the Invader,"
say the Trust company's statement.
"possesses recuperative powers which
-Y V" st.
General Pershing Arrive In Franc.
Justify the belief that she will emerge
from the present' conflict prepared to
meet and solve triumphantly the prob
lems which confront her."
The commercial and Industrial rec
ord of France, following past wars. In
dicate that she ahould recover quickly
from the actual physical destruction
Inflicted In the present conflict: The
reconstruction of railroads, the erec
tion of factories to replace those de
stroyed, and the replacement of the
mechanism of Industrial activity that
will be required and that Is In part al
ready planned, offer a peculiarly Invit
ing field to American capital and en
terprise Tentative steps have al
ready been taken by representatives
of American engineers uud business
men In tills work.
Christmas Packages.
The Post Office Department au
thorizes the following.
It is essential that ' Christmas i
p ackages for American soldiers in
France be mailed not later than '
November IS in order to insure ,
their delivery on Christmas morn ;
ing '.. !
Arrangements have been made
tor prompt delivery to the soldiers
on Christmas morning.
In furtherance of this, Postmas-
t er General Burleson, jointly with
the Secretary of War and the Sec
r etary of the Navy, have issued the
following notice to the public:
The time is approaching to give
thought to bringing Christmas
cheer to the American soldiers and
sailors abroad.
Arangemenls have been perfect
ed whereby the Christmas mail to
the American expeditionary forces
in Europe is to be delivered by
Christmas morning Without the
fulle&lcooperation on the part of
the public it will be impossible to
accomplish this result.
The three essential respects in
which the public can aid in assur
ing a happy Christmas at the front
are mail early, address intelligently,
and pack securely. For this reason
it is urgently requested that all per
sons having Christmas mail for the
soldiers and sailors and the civilian
units attached to the Army in
Europe observe closely the fallow
ing directions:
Mails to reach the soldiers in
France by Christmas morning must
be posted not later than Novem
ber 15.
Every package must bear con
spicuously the words "Christmas
mail,'' the complete address of the
person for whom it is intended and
iu the upper left-hand corner the
name and address of the sender.
Every parcel must be so packed
and wrapped as to admit of easy
inspection by the postmaster. No
parcel will be dispatched to France
which has not the postmaster's cer
tificate that it contains no prohibit
ed articles.
The time of sailing of transports
and regular liners, the examination
of parcels oo this side so as to ob
viate their having to be examined
by censors, and the uncertainty of
land transportation on the other
side bas to be allowed for It is
essential alsd that the packages
should contain nothing that is un
mailable under the parcel-post reg
ulation of this countrv: and that the '
parcels shall be securely wrapped,
but may be readilv opened by the
postmaster to detetmiue the char
acter of their contents.
Measures have been taken to
have packages received in France,
which are marked tor Christmas de
livery, delivered on Christmas morn
ing. Parcels so marked will be held
at convenient stations for delivery
on that day. This will insure a
real Christmas to our boys in
France if parcels ere mailed here
promptly, and prevent the Christ
mas character of the parcels being
destroyed by too early delivery.
The rate of postage oi parcels to
members of the American expedi
tionary forces in France is 12 cents
per pound from any place within
the United States.
Most people, when they hear a
young girl spoken of as a "chicken"
Daturally think the expression is
j slang, and pretty raw slang at that.
But it is not if Webster's unabridg
' ed dictionary can be taken as an
j ihority. The second definition of
i the word in that bcok is as follows:
' "A "young person; especially a young
j woman; a maiden." The following
quotation Irom Swift is also added:
, "Stella is no chicken." Look it up,
; and see for yourself.
i For Sale Half interest in. a good
paying business, located in good
live town. If interested apply at
Democrat office for particulars.
, Friday and Saturday
Flour, per sack................:.... ...$2.75
11 Pounds Sugar. $1.00
25c Peaberry-Coffee . 20c
20c Coffflee... .18c
70c Tea, per pound '.. ..55c
50c Tea, per pound . .35c
3 Packages Cornflakes.... 25c
30c can Apple Butter ....25c
Pure Lard, per pound 30c
Compound, per pound! ; ...23c
Pink Beans, per pound 1;-; -12c
Matches, per box 05c
Macaroni 10c
Spaghetti 10c
Potatoes, per peck ..40c
5 Gallons Oil .. 55c
Ben Hur Soap, per bar 05c
4 bars Star Soap 25c
4 bars Ivory Soap... ..25c
Prices Washing Powder 05c
When you buy a Ford car you buy an es
tablished quantity, a proven quality a mo
tor car that is giving satisfaction in practi
cally every form of service under every con
dition where an automobile can be used. A
car that may be depended on in every cir
cumstance. No one will dispute this fact
Then why not place your order for a Ford at
once? Runabout $345; Touring Car $360;
These prices f. o. b. Detroit.
Woodson & Graham.
The submarine menace is not
ended but it certainly bas been
greatly lessened in recent weeks
For four consecutive weeks the
number of boats and tonnage sunk
by the Kaiser's U boats has been
much less than during any week
prior to that time since February 1,
when the threat of unrestricted
submarine warfare went into effect.
The sinkings of the last week are
the smallest of the three, indicating
increasing effectiveness in the meth
ods employed for combating that
lawless system of sea warfare. In
the meantime the construction of
new shipping is going on with in
creasing expedition and it is prac
tically assured that the attempt "to
bring Great Britain to its knees" by
shutting off its fond supplies is
doomed to fail.
Pie Supper v
A pie supper and entertainment
will be given by the Yager school
on Satuiday night November 3
Come and enjoy yourself. We will
appreciate your help and money.
, Anna Norman. Teacher.
For Sale Single Comb Rhode
Island Rtd Cocke rells-Ivan Yates
Monroe City.
The Marion-Ralls Association I
O 0. . F. will meet with Marion
Lodge No. 31 in this city Friday Oc
tiber 19 The meeting will be held
at the opi ra house, both the after
noon and evening sessions and the
committee of the local order baa
made big preparations which will
make the affair a great success and
a large delegation from everv lodtfe
in the two counties and from lodges
in adjoining counties are' expected.
Palmyra lodge No. 228 and Marion,
lodge will confer the second degree.
The last word received from the
Grand Master, R O. Hartley of Kan
sas City stated that he expected to
be here on that dale. The Rebekahs
will serve meals for the visitors
Palmyra Spectator.
Rev. antLMrs M. L McReynolds
are visiting relatives in Ironton.
Rev. McReynolds has been in poor
health for several weeks and hopes
the change may prove beneficial.
Laundiy via Parcel Post. The
While Star at Hannibal payt re
turn postage on all bundles mailed
to them.
Mms. L T. Lnndrum and William
Painter of Hunuewell were shopping
in this city Wednesday.

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