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When He Gomes Home.
An Englishman put an idea in
my head over there that tins been
The Hindanburg Line.
German tactics of late have con
formed fairly well to the policy laid
working ever since He said that down in the captured orders issued
by Geo Ludendotff, The German
Army fights, but makes little effort
to gain ground and gives ground
whenever its positions become too
hot for comfort.
It is not to be supposed, however,
that any such policy will be perman
ent. There is a line somewhere not
very far in the rear which the Ger
mans will give up only when they
are sonndly whipped, and that line,
very likely, is the old Hindeuburg
line. The German command chase
it as the best in the neighborhood
at n time when they had ample leis
ure in which to pi in and choose.
. If it suited them two years ag ,
there is reason for thinking that it
will be their choice this time, if the
pismire of the Ailied armies be
comes sufficient to demand atetire
inent It may be, as some critics
hold, tint they have already decided
on a retirement to the Hindenburg
line, and are now engaged in making
the Allied advance as cosuy as pos
sible. But if the Germans go tack, they
will have a difficult time stuffing
the German public wuh the theory
that they went of their own free will
The "strategic retreat" has its limits
as an excuse for advancing toward
the rear.
A retrent to the Hindenburg line
will mem the surrender of ill that
was gained in the big spring offen
sive, and that offensive was part of
a grand plan to use the accessions
this war is going to in ike or break
many homes because the men will
be so changed that they never will
be content with old conditions.
Over there they have taken men
so much older tlian our men that a
larger percenta.e are married. He
said these married men from the
mines end factories hud been con
tent with dirty homes and slovenly
wives because they had never
known anything different But in
the army they must dress neat
and keep clean. Bathing is com
pulsory and many never had bath
ing conveniences at home. And
when they were sent to the Ins
pital they were put in clean beds
and attended by nurses with neat
cleao clothes and pltasant ways
and faces. These things will make
an impression on such men and
they will not be content when
they go back home to a sloppy
looking wife who keeps a dirty
The n flections of this English
man are worthy of our considera
tion. Our men, mostly unmarried
young men, will have similar ex
periences They must keep neat
and clean and they will eat well
cooked food and get the same men
tal picture of a neat wotinu in a
clean horn .1 ho?ne with bath and
books and music.
It isn't the English woman of
the farm isnd factory alone who
must look these facs squ ire in
the face. Every w fe, mother and
sweetheart w'no has a man over i bi.iw taat was 10 bring defeat to ihe; plies.
Marion, Ralls and Monroe
Counties and Monroe City
Tablets, Pencils, Inks,
Everything in School
Etc., Etc.
Rev. W. P. Wynn, of Hannibal
was a Monroe City visitor Wednes
day. The Grand Leader is headqaar-
due to Hi" Russian collapse a , i?rs for all kinds of School Sup-
there or in camp must take meas-j Allies had end the war. Nabily
lire of herself and see whether she j can make ttieGnnin public belie ve
can and will progress as much as
he whom she hopes to hold in her
He is learning, progressing. Is
she? He is meeting other women
in this and other lauds. Can she
hold him against all competition?
She must make htrsclf and her
home os attractive to him as any.
During the civil war and in fact
during the Spanish Am rican war
only twenty years ago, the camp life
of our soldiers was more dangerous
than the battle line Tne nealth if
the soldiers wa3 not properly safe
guarded. Indifferent and inom
peient surgeons were in control, of
the hospitals and sanitation in cam p
life did 1101 receive serious attention.
The de i h list from disease was, as
a 111 rter of course, verv long. We
have learned soaie things during the
past twenty vears and our bay are
now as free from contagions diseases
in camo as tney ar at hvn In
every possible way the health of our
soldiers is no.v carefully guarded.
Yes, we have learned m inv thing3
ill 20 years nnd oik1 of the important
ones is to ta'te better care of soldiers
in camp mid hospitals -
The allied line of battleships and
cruisers alone extends a over a dis
tance of tevi?nty eight miles, ac
cording to a statement of Congress
man Ce;irles H. Randall, .if Califor
nia, who is in London, having just
returned from visiting the allied
fleet. He also stated that there
were now between 4,000 and 5,000
deslroyers atd sm iller vessels of
ell sorts chasing submarines day
and night about the British Isles.
A federal tax of two cents per
gallon on gasoline has been agreed
on, but Mr. John D. Rockfeller will j
blithely pass it onto the ultimate,
consumer, with the interest on the j
tax, pins the profit on the tax, plus)
the interest on the profit, plus the1
profit on the interest on the tax.
Mabetiie perplexed reader can't
figure this out; hut John D. can.
Leave it to him; he kuows how.
Master John Kelley is visiting at'
the ho iw of Thos. Wood?," near
that if the spring offensive was a
sreat success, a further success can
be gaine t oy giving up what the
first hULCess won
The Crown Prince of Bavaria,
who was put for ward as a great
military leader until things btgiu
to go wrong, is to be married. By
the time the war is over he may
need a wife to support nim, for even
a sh.idow throne liKe that of Bavaria
1. ay pe "scrapped," along with other
trappings of monarchy, before every
thing is settled.
We have an 8-ronm hous, with
two large lots, in one of the best
locations in this city. Hi-use is so
arranged that it could be made into
modern bungalow at a nominal
cost. If taken now can be bought
for S1000 C ill or see A S Jayne
& Son, Monroe . -ity. Mo.
Long hair and full beards will be
the Vogue for men if barbers gen
erally nceeot ihf s igjfs'.ioa of the:
Baioer Supaly Driers' Association
at its recent meetinii in Chicago 1
They sy barbers should charge one
dollar for a haircut and fifty cents j
for a shave. j
For Sale Several nice Daroc
Jersey hair piiis. Ed LougtnireJ
ionror Cit , 1o
For all kinds of School Supplies
to to the Grand Leader they are
A W. Scobse and wife, rf Paris
were guests of J. S. Starrett and
family this week.
For Sale Upright piano in first
class condition; owner going to Ok
lahoma. Apply to A. S. Jayne &.
Roy Yowtll of Vandalii came
Wednesday for a few days visit
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Ed
Yowell and family.
Reginald Sharp went to Hinnihal
yesterday for a few davs visit with
his cousin, Harry B Maddox and
wife and other relatives
Mrs. A. Anderson and daughter.
Misses Leotia and Emily, of Hanoi
bal are the utists of relatives and
friends in this city.
Earl Baldwin underwent an oper
atisn tor appendicitis in the Brook
fi Id hospital Monday afternoon
A'though a very serious operation
ha is getting along as well as could
be expected owing to his condition.
Miss ClaM H irnback after a sev
eral weeks visit in this city with
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. M." A.
Hornback lias returnpd to Brook
lyn, N. Y., to a vait her Call from the
Government as a Red Cross nurse.
We have received om Convened
Bonds and are now ready to deliver
.them to all who lefc First and" Sec
ond Loan Binds with us for can
version Farmers & Merchants
Mrs S B Tnieiioff underwent a
surgical operation in a St. Louis
hospital last S atucday. Sh is get
ting along as Will as could be ex
pected owing to her condition.
We have received our Converted
Bonds and are n reidy to deliver
them to all who left First and Sec
ond Loan Bonds with us for Can
version Farmers St Merchants
An announcement of some very
extraordinary values in Fall coats,
suits, dresses, blankets, silks, dress
goods, hosiery, underwear, in short
almost everything in the dry goods
line has been mailed out by Kespohl
Mohrenstecher's, but their list of
names has been somewhat incom
plete. Therefore, if you have not re
ceived one of these announcements
write for one without deiay to Kes
pohl Mohrenstecher'sl
Mrs. D. J. Ebey returned Friday
from an extended visit with rela
tives at Jacksonville and other
points in Illinois. Her sister, Mrs.
Anna Ashley, of Marshall, who had
been visiting relatives in Illinois
accomp mied her home for a visit.
Floyd Hansbrough is ill with ty
phoid fever at his home north of
this ciry. Jack Keller, who ha I
been visiting at the home of his
sister, Mrs. Hansbrough was takeu
to his home near Palmyra Thursday
suffering with the same trouble.
Mrs. H A. Baldwin went to
Brookfield Tuesday being called
there by the illness of her 3on. Earl
I have a limited number
of purebred Dark Brown
Legorn Cockrells for sale
if taken at once; price
$1,50 Each.
MB. P. f .
stoutsYiiie; Mo.
Now on sale, many of thorn have
enough in them for skirts and dresses
Buy these NOW
Levy's Dep. Store
Monroe City, Mo.

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