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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, September 13, 1918, Image 8

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We Advise Mothers to Buy Now
Children's Outing Flannel Sleeping Garments
Ages 2 to 14 Years
50 Pairs of Good Quality Cotton Blankets
Only $2.20 Pair
Cheaper than common unbleached muslin for sheets.
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Free France By October?
Expulsion of the Hun from
France in October, ssy in six weeks
from now, is cautiously predicted.
It shows great confidence ia the
possibilities of the near future, bin
coi as much as a prediction six
weeks ago that the Allies by this
time would have crossed the Hinden
burg line mid would have destroyed
60 much of i he enemy forces, th--ch'.et
objective of till the war,
And with Fiance uiishackled in
October, it is to much to hope that,
given favorable fall weather, we will
have the Hun out of the greater
patt of Belgium by Christmas, when
we cocsider the great number of
men Marshal Foch has not yet
utilized in the drive?"
The Allies huve won limited suit
ceses in the past, when they hardly
deserved to win. Often they have
losf when they deserved to win, or
have attained only partial victories,
when they deserved to win more de
cisively. But thej tre winning now
because they deserve to win and are
winning on a tremendous scale be
cause they deserve that, likewise.
Onf mystery about which the woild
will be very curious, until explana
tions come in is how they manage to
fet their heavy guns forward at
such speed, often keeping up with
infantry advancing a mile an hour
end moving forward over new and
broktn ground more rapidly the
Get man guns can be moved back to
the rear over long-occupied ground.
This was a problem that entered
into many bit ter allied disappoint
me nis in the past, but evidently it
tias been solved
We btve reached the stage of
swift, decisive, terrific movements
in the war. With the splendid in
crease in Allied efficiency, on the
one band, and the clockwork me
chanism of German war making
el.cueted e.r.d disarranged, on the
other almost anything is possible.
fc oss Bond, of Claremore, Okla.,
came Saturday for a visit with his
brother and sister, W. L Bond and
Miss Hathe Bond of near (bis city.
Sweater Coats, heavy fall over
coats and Jerseys in plain colors
and stripes. Hanly & Green.
Wonderful Opporunity.
Any young man of 18 or nearly
18 years of age. who has completed
a High scl ool course and who fails
to tiike advantage 'jf the offer of the
government made thru the State
University and a number of colleges
of tlje state, is very foolish. The
government offers to pay board,
lodging, tuition and provide uni
form and to give the boy $30 per
month while he attends such school
or coll-gp provide he takes the
military course provided by the U.
S government. As these youths
are in the draft any how and will
likelj be called to service nex' sum
mer if the war-continues, they are
very foolish not to accept this
chai.ee at schooling for which the
government pays.
Gardner Will Preside.
Gov. Gat doer has accepted the
invitation of the democrat v state
committee to preside at Kirksville,
September 21, when the democratic
state campaign will be oppned.
Former Gov. Joseph W. Folk.'
democratic nominee for the United
States senate, will be the principal
Gov, Gardner is confident that
Folk end the demccratic state ticket
will sweep the state. Several mem
bers of the state administration here
may go to Kirksville for the event.
A pioneer in Pike County, 81 years
old, boasts that he never took a
drink of whiskey, never used tobacco
never pleyed cards, never played
checkers, never played dominoes,
never was slaved or had his hair
cut by a baiber, and never had a
tooth pulled by a dentist or doctor
It is a remarkable record, partic
ularly for Pike County, where the
folks generally pride themselves
mostly on what they do rather than
on what they don't.
Mrs. Kotert Adler returned to
her home iu Kansas City, Monday
after a visit at the home of Henry
Begley and family.
Splendid new line of boy's fall
caps juft in Hanly & Green,
Some Dice bargins in wall paper.-
Jackson's Phamacy.
Interesting items About the
Different Denominations.
Regular services as follows:
Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Preaching at 10:45 a. m.
i Senior League at 7:00 p. m.
Preaching at 8:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting every Wednes
Pay evening at 8:00.
H. C. Bolen, Pastor.
Holy Communion 8:00 a. m.
, Sunday School 0:45 a. m.
Service and Sermon 11:00 a. m.
"Science and the Bible" 8:00 p. m.
Lecture on American Christianity
every Friday night.
Rev. 0 Lindstrom. Rector.
E. L Crane, Pastor. J. D. Utter
tack, S. S. Supt.
10 a. m. Sunday School,
11 a m Preaching
8 p. ro. Preachiog. Subject: "The
Actors and Watchers, at Calvary."
8 p. m. Wednesday night prayer
Wearing Old Clothes.
We shall have much greater need
to economize in food and in fuel
this coming winter than last win
ter. Everywhere in the world
Iheie is a great scarcity of wool and
while for the sake of health we
should dress comfortably in winter,
it should be made disgraceful to
dress extravagantly. There will be
nothing so vulgar ar.d so far from
good form as to pay undue atten
tion to alleged "fashions" as regards
costume. In every other country
on earth, all, people, whether rich
or poor, are thankful if they pos
sess a supply of old clothes, and
they regard it as patriotic to bring
to light discarded things and leave
the entire new wool crop for army
use. This is no minor affr ir, but a
deedlv serious one. Last year hun
dreds of our boys died in the camps
because cold wedt her overtook them
belore the Quartermaster's Depart
ment had got their winter uniforms
end overcoats ready. Civilians will
have to buy many articles of dress;
but it will help all trades, including
the clothing tude itseif, if eveiy
man, womuin and child gets as
much wear as possible out of gar
ments already in hand.
A weddinp which ceme as a sur
prise to the many friends in this
city was that of Miss Alia Finch
and Mr. Ernest Berry. The wed
ding was solemhized Tuesday even
ing, Sept. 10. 1918, at the home of
the tfficiatirifi minister. Rtv. H. C.
1 he bride is the daughter of. Mr.
a rd Mrs. W. L. Finch, south of this
city and is a most excellent young
lady She was a member of the
1918 Senior Class ;of the Monroe
City High School.
The groom, an excellent farmer,
is the son of Mrs. Anna Berry, and
is a splendid young man.
They will reside on the groom's
farm 5 miles southeast of this city.
The Democrat joins in with their
many fri Ldsln wishing them the
best of happiness. K
Don't pass up our line of sweater
coats. The Bradley line is featured
here. Hanly & Green.
J- B. Kimes returned Sunday
from Illinois where he been attend
ing to business.
Miss Alpha Elzea left yesterday
for Fulton to attend William Woods
Get your prescription filled at
the C S. Jackson Pharmacy.
Little boys' Blue fhambra School
Waists at Hanley & Green's. .
Mrs. W. S. Harwood was a Ben
S, Harwood
rjibal visitor Monday.
Pastor Gives Reasons How Bonds' Are Sold
Rev. Charles Durden, pastor of The Treasury Department has de
West Park Baptist Church. St. Louis : termined. after careful consider.
i has abundant reasons for the posi -
tion of himself and church la sup J plan for disposing of the Fourth
porting the Liberty Loan and other. Liberty Loan B.wJs on the install
agencies of the Government. Thejment plan, other than the usual
reasons he outlines are as follows: plan of previous loans
"1. We are an evangelistic agen- This information was conveyed
cy, and we believe that every dollar; to Chairman, Wm. R. Compton of
spent in driving back the Hun. in the Liberty Loao Organization of
oeigium ana iNonnern France is an,
ev angelistic dollar.
"2. We are an American Church,
and we believe that American
Churches must support the Ameri
can program. Prayer must be
backed by sacrifice.
"3. We are the exponents of jus-
tice and liberty in the earth, and we
believe the cause of justice and
liberty demands our fullest allegi
ence. "4. We are the followers of Christ
and we believe that if he wer-' here
in person he would be found in the
trenches of Europe., The ciuse is
his. He could not be God and be
neutral at such a time
"5. We are the preachers of free
dom for all, and we believe that
the stronger must help to bear the
burdens of the weaker nations. Bel
gium's crime in German eyes was
her weakness. Our streugih is our
opportunity, not to plunder, but
to save.
"6. We have seventy-two stars on
our service flag, and we believe that
:;..;. -rt . .
inese .constitutes (i vital reasons
for doing our fullest 6hare. We
must match their self-devotion with
our self-denial.
"7. This is not President Wilson's
war, nor Mr. McAdoo's war, it is our
wai, and we believe that our sacred
honor is pledged to the most vigor
ous prosecution of it. All the
wealth we have is nothing compar
ed with the task of maintaining
our honor."
Important Notice.
Having been reclfssffied by the
District Eceid rnd placed in Class I
I tm liable to he called now at any
date and em therefore forced to
close up my business in order to be
ready to answer the call. All those
owing me on account are asked to
please come forward and settle im
mediately so that I can close my
books and my business.
L. L. Lane, Tailor.
Mrs. S. B. Thieheff and Eldred
Thiehtff ceme home Wednesday j
frcm St. Lcuis. Mrs. ThiehoS is:
just recovering fttm a recent oper-j
alien which she underwent in aj
St. Louis hospital about two weeks'
ego. Eldred ceme home to register!
and will visit here until Friday. j
Mrs. Edgar Davenport left Mon-
day for Palo Alto, Cal. Her hus-;
banc who has been in training at
Cr.mp Fremont. Cal . for several;
l cnihs expects to be moved to an
other camp 9oon. ' j
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Williams re- j
turned Tuesday frcm Arapahoe,'
Neb, where they spent several
weeks with relatives and friends, j
Mrs. J. D. Zilhman and children
after a several weeks visit with rel
atives in this city left Monday for
their home in Scotland, Texas.
Mrs. T. P. Middleton and sons re
lumed to their home in Bucklin
Sunday after a few days visit with
her mother. Mrs. Mary Rouse. f
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shannon and
little daughter, of Burlington, Iowa
are visiting at the home of her
father, A. S. Jayne.
E. F. Montgomery submitted to
en operatic n of the throat at St.
Elizabeth's hospital in Hannibal
Miss Fiances Rouse went to Ful
ton Wednesday, where she will ot-
j tend William Woods College.
Mr. end Mrs. George Howe and
Mr. end Mis. J. C. Kincaid were
Macon visitors Tuesday.
Uioo. that v will not orovide nv
the Eighth Federal Reserve Dis-
trict in a telegram from Lewis Bv
Franklin, Director of War Loans.
The plan, as heretofore, will con
sist of initial payment and three
subsequent payments about one
month apart.
Director Franklin requests Chair-
'man Compton to advise the local
committees at once of the decision
Bishop W. F. McMurry of St.
Louis was assigned by the Missouri
j Conference to the work in the
; Orient and will soon sail to take up
! his work He will supervise Meth
odism in China, Japan and Korea,
Bishop McMurry is a native of Mis
souri, having been born in Shelby
County. He formerly was pastor of
Centenary Church in St. Louis and
Francis Street Church in St. Joseph.
He was presiding elder of both the
St. Louis and St. Joseph districts.
He was Secretary of the Board of
Extension at the time of his eleva-
L . A , n , "
ference in Atlanta. Ga, last May.
Stockholders Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders ot the Farmers & Merchant
Telephone Co. of Monroe City, Mo,
will be held at the office of the
Company at ten Oclock A. M. Sat
urday October 5th 1918. for the
purpose of electing eleven directors
to serve for the ensuring ye;ir, and
for the transaction of such other
business as may be desired.
L 0 Wilson, Pres.
H. J. Riley, assistant Secy.
Mrs Clias Demps-y and children
of Shelbina are 'visiting her parents.
J. R. Carrico and wi e.
You can count on the quality
Overalls wbrn yon buy from Hanly
& Green.
Are You A
Skilled Meduolc
Perhaps you have a trade
or you may be, one of those
men equally valuable with
out a definite trade but with
a mechanical turu of mind.
If vou come under this head
and for some reason are not
exactly satisfied with your
present position, write (o us
and we may have something
that will just fit your partic
ular case.
Id our factory we employ
men in dozen or more trades,
besides the many others who,
while cot exactly journeymen,
can be properly ilassed as
skilled workmen. To this class
and with us it is a large
class we pay the prevailing
high wages that such labor
If you contemplate a change
for any . reason whatever, we
will welcome a chance to cor
respond with yout We may
haye an opening for you, one
that will just meet your re
quirements Parlin & Orrendoif,
Manufacturers o! : firm Implements

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