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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, December 20, 1918, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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H 4
Monroe City, Missouri
Asks for Investigation
E L Sanford, chairman of the
State Highway Board, gives out the
following for publication in regard to
charges made that the board was
being dominated by politics:
The Board invites a full investiga
tion of this charge.
All of the members of the Board
were present at the meeting in Jef
ferson City Saturday and all join in
asking that judgement be suspended
until such time as the Board reports
in detail the work of the Depart
ment for the period ending Decem
ber 1. 1918i. This report will show
that, notwithstanding abnormal con
ditions notwithstanding the enor
mous task of organizing and setting
in motion the machinery of road
building in 114 counties, there is
nothing to be ashamed of and much
to be proud of, in the accomplish
ments of the Board; and there is
Executor's Notice
Notice is hereby given that let
ters testamentary on the estate of
Mary A. McAtee, deceased, were
granted, to the undersigned on the
2nd day of December, 1918, by the
Probate Court of Monroe County,
Missouri All persons having claims
'against said estate are required to
exhibit them for allowance to the
executor within six months after
date of said letters or they may be
precluded from any benefit of said
. estate, and if such claims be not
exhibited within one year from
date of this publication they will
. be forever barred.
Dated this 2nd.dayofDecember.1918
Joseph C McAtee, Executor.
Penn Brace, Judge of Probate.
Meriwether & Meriwether, ,
Attys. for Estate.
SOS . Mala at. ath Ph
every reason to believe that even
the most sanguine expectation of
the most enthusiastic road advocate
will be realized.
There has been no politics in the
Board. All the politics even re
motely affecting the Department
has been the occasional injection of
the word "politics" in newspaper re
ports. Our Board has always work
ed to secure the co-operation of all
the people in building a system of
State Roads that will touch every
county in the State. To succeed,
this co-operation was necessary
Therefore we ask that you be not
influenced by inspired publications -that
you await the official report of
the work of the Department, and
then form your own judgement.
We assure you that we have not
been lax; that we have built . every
mile of road possible under the cir
cumstances; have approved every
proposed road project, and that we
have properly and judiciously car
ried out the work outlined.'
And now it develops that Ger
many's wail for food is another
piece if deception. It is true that
the masses need more food but it
is also true that the army reserve
stores, when placed at the disposal
of the people, will give them food
enough to last till April As a part
of the peace settlement, they should
be compelled to - open these stores
at once, first, because the people
need them, and, second because
G ermany should be allowed to re
tain no military; stores
It was recently charged that a
Kirksville minister, who made
monthly visits to Moberly, was also
a monthly customer of the saloons
of that city, giving as an excusi for
for his conduct that he was acting
on the advice of his physician, from
which it may appear that Moberly
bo ose is . possessed of exceptional
medical properties
Go to Miss Belle Johnson" for
high-grade enlargements. -
Mothers who have had sons killed
in France do not fel I i k- making a
triumphant tour of Europe. To
them the war was a terrttl reality,
and receptions. bai-que's and cheer
ing multitudes have n place iii the
heart-rending role ihey played in it.
An estimr.te nude, by experts
have it figured out the farmers, dur
ing the month of Octobfr. were paid
$120,000,000 per week for live stock
used for meat purposes
We are not in agreement with
those rewspapers that take the
ground that Henry Ford will fail in
his effort to establish a national
weekly newspaper. Mr. Ford, it
should be remember, has enough
money to bribe people all over the
country to read his paper.
The best evidence that the ex
Kaiser has not become entirely
harmless is the fact that the Dutch
government is still afraid of him.
Organize Food Production
The' government, it is announced, '
will soon give out a program for an
organized movement to increase the
food supply.
The success won in the Liberty
Bond, Red Cross, and War Work
drives ought to teach us a lot about
organizing food production. These
drives were put over by going from1
house to house and asking people'
to give, the ground being well pre
pared by newspaper advertising.
Now let the government handle
the food production in the same
way. Every farmer in the country
should be visited by some repre
sentative of the local organization
of business men. Personal inter
views will obtain co-operation ftom
many people where you would not
get it from agitation at public meet
ings. The organizations conducting
these canvasses should find out
from each mau whnt obstacles ex
ist that prevent him from raising
bigger crops. If it is lack of farm
machinery ard tools, arrangements
could be made in a great many
cases to share the use of such ma
chinery with neighbors. If a man
needs more capital for a legitimate
extension of his business, and if he
has good security, he should get the
funds. If be needs more labor, he
shonld be shown that the govern
ment employment services and
other agencies will care for bis
Frequently the only thing stand
ing in the way of a bigger corp is
the conservatism characteristic of
many men. The hesitating farmer
should be assured that the com
munity stands back of him in the
effort to increase food production.
After that pledge is made, it should
be rigidly kept, and the farmer
should not be left in the lurch for
lack of needed equipment or labor.
A nervy crook named Stewart
walked into a Kansas City bank
not long ago and handed in a check
for $2,500 He was a stranger and
the name on the check was not the
name of anybody who had money
in the bank. Nevertheless, the teller
handed out the $2,500. Explaining
it to the court after his arrest Ste
wart said: "Bold things always
succeeded, your Honor." Up to a
certain point they may, but Stewart
got five years in the Penitentiary,
and the Kaiser is in Holland.
1 H
imeto Jitie
IS IT merely a duty for you or is it a pleasure
as well? We make eating a daily pleasure
for those who know our exceptional method
of supplying the housewife with foods for her
table it. is our business to feed people and our
business depends upon how well we fulfill our
obligation!. Try us once and you will come
again not to make complaint, but to tell us that
you appreciate our interest in you.
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fresh and handy.
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Fine Line

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