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3" 1 - '
"Tha County Paptr," . . ,,
"Tin; IIoi.t Corsrv.fiKNiiM:!." is'
among tho thing that were. In ll
Jikun wo present our re.ulcr.s w'ith Tim
Cou.ntv I'ArKK, which will be tlio n.uuc
of this pulilicatioiUn future.. We tWer
liked the old tntiue. It alw.iy.s seemed
MntrlinnulnJ .pinrriet tn
1'onnl.r rttlii Arils.
Our columns ln.i week contained no
counts of mi unusual number of inar-
iiir i niMij.-i r,t..,,,. . r Jn Ttl;i (Itirlll 'the ttrcCfadlll ' W''k It! nistiri., 7i--iijiiiii4 hiiii uiii'i;
Inappropriate anil Us war-llku sound J ,. ,l' . ' ulV ,nt 1 1 'j.'? lln'iwns, match safe, raka turner and
. 1 .' . i tllt'll! MKUIlS til lliVVO MllCt! tlCl'll little 1 , '
nnsuitcd tu the prosperous ttni?s tit
peace. "Tut: Cocstv l'AfKtt " I ft
name which Is not nieamuglcs. It cv
prosses Just what tlm paper Is intended
In tin. Wit pitiiiiitL lutiiii In lini'i nnv
i i .i .ii i ii i. 1 tllcngerureOUIlU
treneral circulation out de (if Holt , , " . ..
. of tin! wedd ncs.
And hence tlio name Tiik Cocxtv i
How do you like it? Is It not appro
A Kri'ck tea serve.'.
T I lircek mid wlfi; one do.'.cn nap
kins. A limes mid wife HHile Hand.
Mrs. I'lillip .Simile toilet mat.
Mis .M:n'r1c lloliz pair nsr.s.
V S linstock, Si rolling tdn, three
And how do vou Ilka the manner In
filler the engraver Jms rarricd out our j
tnstructlnti.s ijrt preparing u head for tin;
fTApvr, sugg.tstlo of the good (schools '
And good farms which Holt county offers ,
iw attractions to homc-sccke r.s? Nu't It
handsome? V know of no newspaper
In the United States which has n more
Attractive head. At the right is John
(. Cowan's drove of short-horns; in the
l'eft,iii thu man nt the foot of tnc ladder
nimicuiciii in Hie rusiiol ladies am:
tlenien anxious tu ret their ure'-if into
fix Iiintllttl.tl1ii1 ln. ten I
As n.-uid wo have to complain of the
furnished us of the
It fact wr hint diffi
culty In wine eases hi ascertaining the
, proper nniui'S of the parlies mid oHic
' luting mlnlmer.
The notes below contain all the In-
' formation wu have been ablu tt obtain.
At the resltlenco of the bride's father
iu Kluf Orovj, Mo., December 28th,
1W40, byKlder Win. A. Oardnor, Mr.
Win. lncnle and Clara A. Ncvins, all
of Holt county.
Mr. Wro. Cain of New Point wan
married to Miss Colia Wood of Forest
attic box.
Mrs. Long three smoothing IroiiH.
(!eo N'ies -brui'ket lambrequin.
An hie. '. Monitor egg whlsp and rus
tic Halt cup.
Hen ii In Muttlter potato'masher.
Mrs A tJenweker crystal fruit staud
and suit cup.
John Ingraham nnd wife hanging"
Mrs I)r Lohmor sliver sugar npoor'.
I i i
Vi rtnbouls of Momc rorinvr
lllUrits or Holt Connty,
A roportnrof Tub Coi:niV PAfRrt'
hitely met the following tinctVtdd cit
izens of Holt county In llrownvllle, Ne
hraitcn, and ulveii the Mibololned M'-
F'rctW' Cclumla, Mo.
The holldavs an: upon us, sndlhc!
rlu'dcnls linvlng gone vi-illng to their
count of them. There r1c but iVninH'l ltn'mes and el.Muvherf , the college and
part of those wlio went there from here, ilnlvcr.sll hnlUllngs, liko nneliiit 'a-
for thu town mav be xId to bave or
lginntl in Oregon, as Dlek Hrown, tin!'
fotinder,w.-'s ohu of our citizens. Cnpt,'
I.T. Whyt.c, Win. Hobhtzcll, Adrt.ni
llobtitzelt, H. C. Frazor, and many
others who have left there, went from
liciu when Hrownvllle was hild'out.
Dr. Jonas Crane, for many years a
citizen of Oreiron, resides in 'Irown
lies, are deserted cn4 still. And. at'
tliongli there are from sixty to eighty
students Hill here, and this Demi; ti
I (tin tl'll'li nltrnt'-l. l.l'ltif. IIL'ii n1!
practices, grows upon u iiirii. and liV
swearing and drinking, U a most oillmis
! habit.
1Wo should never neglect, slight
or mi'irciM n wortliy ft lend or person
In order to silence the tatter or curry
favor with em tints or, Jealous hearted
people. Those who l!vo Hilt right and
stand finn in the right regnrdles.)
of what pitnplo may say, arc tlm only
people who c:n proi Uc themselves any
tine hapjilnos.
I won it cnrnesllv iconimcinl tht fot-
.. . , , s i . i, i . . I won it cnriiestlv icotiimcinl tht fol-
t me of much joy ni.il hilarity in most
., , ' ' . i . . low ug tics and ui-o upon nl t keep
, . , t . . . . ' i.l . . tTV.I, . 1 null..' ... -."- Hurt ililMI III'' 1 I I'll. IIIU lu l
(iiant Holt.-vilvM p etuto frame. ... , ... , , , . .. nl I ., ,
, , . , . . , . .1 vine, Nebraska, with his family. Ills versa, which accompany
T J Peters and w fit crystal can't. .. ... . i ' , . ;. . . , ' , . 1 1
., , . . .1 IichIUi Is loor, though ho s.ny.s he N ing.s antl h-eoni ng.s or
Mrs Havnrss ervs a wa er pitcher. .i , . ..... r , ... , ,7 .
Groom to
Tick' Covntv Pai-kk
warmest conjiratulations
I"" '" 1.1... t...
ll'lde coal stove, base , .. ...
; i.v.-. mi i-iiniiirii iiir iiniii. in;
, , i keeps u drug store and Hill practiced
extends Its' , h 1
. medicine,
to Mr. anil u,.,.,., Tllnr. I,,,,,.,.), ,, i
Mrs.rah(m and hopes tl.iU nil tlu-n-: M,.A1,isU.r..s Mol.tt ,n Oregon, is in the
future may be as bright as limy have , rricMltlrnl lin,0llielll hMaei nml
ever pictured It In their fondest linae- i (j(ljtlf W,j
Inatlon. U alo congratulate the. good. .nrnin, riiniinn. mi Ore.mn.
people of Maltland upon the accession ! , wll0 ,)U(1 rowvn,u , 18l-,0, ls
now In the grocery liu-luess and uct-
will ba rccognt.cd the faiuillar features I cllvo VtitUy Dr 31sl( ol Kor
of N. V. Murray, gathrilug thonu pre-1 Mt"city, Mo.
niluni peacluis; wlr'de, In the centre, the j .
wheat harvesting, segue is one. which, at
thu proper season, can ho witnessed all iiiuoham o.viK.
overUie county. At the upper left-hand Married, at tho resldenco of the
lorn'iir, i't a correct engraving of thu bride's father, MN.s Lizzie Cain, daugh
the Otegon' Public School building', and Iter of Robert Cain, to Mr. Charles
at the i(p''er right-hand corner in an j Urigliam, by Elder Hardtnan.. They
pcciL'iit picture of the Mound City ' were married on New Year's Evo.
Publliu School bulldin'. Gracefully
curving between tlicso, In lmudsomo , , meyku olm '
letters, is tTiu, name Tub Cot'NTVj Stari'ledDsccraber 22d, ISM, by Rev.
Pai'EU. Altogcthor, tho head pleases t Button, at tho rosidencu of Henry
lis, una wn are sure our reaaeH wiir mum, near llllauisviiie, aio,, air. J.
to their sociaPclreles
' Ur.Mlll11tfitl..ll Irilll
........ .t.l ....rt .......j tr l.n... ..lit t. i
, ' i , , . , t t. i . 'in reinembraviv tho sintimcnt and
lonesome .mil ilcieeted air. It Is next ,,.,, ,
Ii II II 11 t tlllll l HIIV !'
I- J ....'
...I.I II . .11-.. . I. -""" ...I. V.VlT II lll-l 1.
nun eonege muii, p irn.ii inn
fluctuations from life to tlea'i, anil vice
the mit-iro-
students; to
which this, nnd alt other like places,
are not only subject, but aeeiistonied.
TlicM- schools, the Statu University,
unil Christian nnd Stephens colleges, i ir quirt nmt miwtwu jnn'il havlt prsumtMl
all located here, are a source of great 1 1"tt your huiDll position u isity ji.istmied
lluaWeiat Intel wt to Columbia and sur-. -l" '!''' HoUt..K. or else o.i'rr Au.ot.
rounding country. In the course of a , ,.()t u, ,.,.,
single session thc-o Instllut.lm.s con-, mA oM tMf
Miuitt 000 nounds of butter, 840 b.ir-1 jqiioen,
re's of llour, 11000 pounds of lard, and I You'll hear snm lo-'tilitts tli.it you're sel Mi
mul mean.
action In
"You may Ki-t through Ihe worlit, hut 'twill tit
wrr slow, S
If vmi IMi-ii In ill lli.it l still as vnn 'SV'.
' Yisi'll be Mutrl.'it mul rctletl ami kept In n
I Mev.',
for mi'ititlesoine tutijtuts will tiave something
lu Ui,
I'er pipli! tf.l t;ilk.
Also bo pleased with It.
?. Meyer sot) of Gwrgu Meyer of Holt
Frcdilin, son of John W. and De
borah I). Davis, departod this lite on
Docciubor 2Uth, 1S80, at 7:10 a.
m., aged K years, 4 months, ad 'J5
days. Hi disease was diphtheria. Ho.
was carefully teudnd by Drs. Cioslin i
and Flegcnb.iuiti j but all that medical
aid could do was unavailing. j
All our hearts were tilled with grief i
nt the unexpected death of this beuiiti-
fill, Intelligent child. Hu has left a host
190011 nmniila r;f wiitrni. Tliirti.rti iti)7.
.UngngwelU He has been County vWhM, , tweu.y-seven turkeys. "7
rtcaxurcr of Nemaha county in the ; are consumed at omt meal. Their meat ' i.r people ulil ulk.
I.... .....i. . .... . i. . . . .... i
pan mr m'otiii i.LTnis. i,, inn alono is ?;ks ) per montn. tiii'm'
I Henry C. Lett, formerly one of Me- Deltools uc about S8000 bushels of coal
I Allistcr'.s men at Lafayette, lived in and 70o'coi
Hrownvllle, for manv vears now and livus
ortis of wood d'.irlm; each scs-
-i. .. .! . i. ... . .
i siou. iiicvenm;ov m servanis nvn
iu Lincoln and is a prosperous merchant monthly expense of about ?H 10. These
there. Jiuwastlie uenioeratie camu
AnJ thfn It you show thu least boldness (if
Or a slight ItulloaMfiii lot like ynur nwn putt.
They Dl cill iuv'.t upstart, c'lwJtert'HtuI
Rutksep siralKlit ahoinl. rton'l slop lu explnlu,
fur pi'0)li) will tall;.
To our brcthrVn of the press-all of county, to Mt Carrie Hluni of Wayne . Htl, fneiuh to mourn his doparturc
i 1 i...'.'.'..; ...in . 1...1.. . i. I for tlm sr lrit Intnl. but nartlculnrlv in
date for Go crnor a few yeaas ago.
; K. H.Hurcl.e.ss, with Dr. n. L. IV-
tcr in the. nursery business before, the
I war, Is Hill following his occupation in
'Hrownvllle. His wife is a dauglitei'of
John Mastci.s of Oregon
institution! accommodate annually nOO i
pupll.s at an average expeltsu to each of j It lltrrndtiare yur rtrei urolit-duViimeJ ysur
about KKI, making an aggregate of hll,i
832.1,000 which student, bring hero and ! Iffit M
icavo iiuriug uacu scnoiaviic jinr.
The soulety of Columbia Is divided
into two elapses :.nn upper and a low
way ;
Hut iloti'l Ki t ovltcd, whiiti'se'tbuy iy,
Vi people tslll tulk.
nmiH l'KKSTON.
Married, at tho residence of the
bride' paront in Fillmoro, Mo,, by the
Rev. Wm Cowlcv, Mr. Wm. H. Durr,
whom, wu knnw, will adniim it and county
wish to'kn'niv who made it and what it
eji.st we may state that it was designed
nnd engraved by the Photo-F.ngraring
Company, 2, mid ti New Roade street,
New York; and it cost, with four the
simile sub heads, column width, only 'of Holt county. Mo., to Mis Mary
Forty dollars. It is eery way supe-1 Preston, of Audrew county, Mo.
rlor to a wood engraving, yut the cost .7-
Is nnlv nhiitit otie.tlilid. Tlm Mmimmr 1 QKAHAM KIKO.
tof tl.- rm,mMV M"r. P. t. ltl.i.v.dt. 1h T"8 M. E. church In Oregon
a very pleasant man to do business with
and their designer is certainly ono of
'.ho best in the United States.
ftt1iii urteil loml Iml t-Mii'ltnitlnf lv Iti !
IUI VMS! ltl JllllUt "HI JiUII.lUHI l(l 111 .
his own family has he left an aching , ' '
-..v.im. i ...u .V. .lives in Hrowuvllle.
oiii vtiiilu ran nuMUjiiu inii'ii. i nnuj;ii
Mrs. Mary Carson, wlfn of John L. ,.r. The tudtvtAi'alV of th'e wiit, a
ebrasl:a banker, Coutiiern, rebellious, llgoted.chlvalnc,
they have lust Ihe Idol of their hearts
thev need uot weep as those without
.Mrs. .Nannie llioaity, a former teacii-: cw above the students, and n-cni to
cr Iu the Om'gon schools, now the wife (,k upon them :.s a set of low-down,
,il-linn .1 II n... n ,.n.1..,..,i i.. . i in -i-'H.i i
rr, I honoi thev know ihatlte in whom thev i", '.' " " ''i ' "l,l';l""lat ' Vnwi pl"r'" ""
i ...'. ....ft ... .t t !Netiw lawyer, is content with leach-, amuses and blaek-lczs.
.U.llllll, ,,J. ilk IIIU I "III I Cl.lll.ll .lll.ll ,... ,l.l . . . ,
, , , , , i "Ug her own little Hock "how to shoot."
nunc the r bov in newness of life. , .... ... . .
I .Inlii.iu fillip. in . unn F ll.i, liil.i
lV...1.ll.o 1. II,. ...I1.1 .i u rw. ..v
.IVtlillU.'.lu.-.fc iiii-i, iv I iiiiru lift . , , .... r y ,
. .. 'Judge John Gibvon, is following his
His uiotnor aim latner, mt alter Kis-, ,,f ..,.,..,,,,,.. , ni,llw,Ull.,
It you dress In the f:Lhlon, don't think In e.
l-'n'lher erltl'lii. ttn.in In ti itlir.iniiit stifiis, .
aristocratic. (?) class, hold themselves I You'realicnd ot yvw'uiean.s or yourtallor'.i un-
Hut mind your own kmlneis there's ajuht to
bo Matte.
l'or pniplo will talk.
tVlrcult Pourt.
Tho January term of the Holt circuit
court convened Monday lust, with
Judge H. S. Kclley. presiding.
The following JuforH wro Impon
naled: (IRANI) JfllORH:
Wm Knucher, torcmaa; W. B Davis,
clerk; J F Davis, aheriff ; tf'chard Col
lilson, John L Campbell, Henry Minton,
.fohn L Chunlug, J) H Taylor, Henry C
Miller. John Htdgtns, Robent Patter
IJarrlHonlVandivar, J. H. Hoblltzell,
Thofnaa Miller, Jamcii Ratnoy, K. H.
Irvine, .Ynrn'eit K. Wilson, J. V. Cor
nutt, Adam Smith, John Hodglua, Johm
Galaway, Hugh Ruley, Bani Hardy,
s. S. Armstrong, G. P. Skaelg, F,d
illehards, W. Wright, B. Griftin. t. 6.
Meadows, Lee GIHIb, Clark Eppler,
Andrew Odall, Jonne Vaughn, W. A.
King, II. II. Llvingood.
The following cae wera dupoed ot
up to Thursday evening.
State vh C. M. Slaughter clliag
Uqnor; fitietl $50.
Suite vs Garnett ; not guilty.
. Statu va Cotton, relating efQier,
hark 10.
State vs Uickw, rntUtliig oflloor, ine4
State vs McFadden, earrylaj eon-
ccaleo wea'jion'i ; not guilty.
State vs I).' I!a!((wiB,doHriiylB fence;
nolle prnssetl.
State vh Croo'i:H, grant! laromyi alx
months county Jail.
inaM.,. ciiuicA in viregon : Mng them, nnd nil the ine.mbets of tho j
Slled with a largo and deeply InUres- frtJ).,v ,.1)Vhe ,,, . tll W!int to
tctt assemblage or lauies ana gentle- M1 l)rothpl. mi sister Waittt.good bve."
men on Friday Win, December 31st, j Klssil)1, hm ,,0 J;,d . .,SUlc' w'litP(
1880, who had bee. drawn therti by In-. hong about the angels." He
vitations to wltnesi tho inarrlago ,oM hi3 luolll0l. ,0 tt;i s,it hU school-
Mr. William A. Graham to Mis Grace I
Uelle Kiuft.
The church had been beautifully dec
oruted or the occasion. Over the altar
was an evergreen arch, with horse-shoe
suspended frot.S center, and tho mono-!
cram "Git" tn white- iu center of
Tho niamaro ceremony was pro
mates to meet him iu heaven for, said
he, "1 11 be there in that bright and
happy land above." "When I die bury
me by tho side of ulsters Lizzie and Dol-
He, and ted Mr. McDcrmot to put a '
John L. Minton, late with Graves &
Weber, lu Forest 'City, is now with
McGee & Moore, general merchants,
John Ponn and Th'codore Hid's
names arc prominently inscribed on
some of the prln Jifal business houses of
Jacob Sirlfkler did live in Hrown
villc, nnd was at one time a leading
liiiutijr.de mun 1 111 f liiu t ii'neiinf tL'lif.ri.
nice tombstone to iny grave;" he also i . '. ... , .. i
' ' ! nlifinld ivflm lint .tcri.ivl .miiiil
. said : "Jesus Is ho good to us; ho does' , . , . . , . ..
Lieut. J. L. McGee of tho Atchison
I everything for us." .,,..,...,,
ino mamago ceremony was pro T raBtlnm uml crandiia when '
nonncedby Rev. Showalter, assisted , thr'Vo'' 1, ,1, n , Ive, 0,-tiC'rU,riR tl,u r-". livM "
by Rev. Miller, and was very impres- ,j 'UI..toJ .,,. ... .. lvlnr, I Urownvlllo. Dels totally Heat, ills
Mr..T.L.Prieo pre.lded at the . X,e 1 " Zl t die 1 CllSU a n'" lhoh 1,0
rrrn Tdcra wore rto attend-mts , Ili,n nu;,lL'ne' 8I,i'n! ' J does not hear jet he.spe.iks plalnlv and
organ. I hero wore atiinii.uus. j . . Jesus. I can t cret well." His i f ii. " .
I lie unao was arewyQ in rave.ing cos- . uMe,o 1ar(m ., clmr;l(V ennyf rom.
tu.no, and, tramodlatcly after the cere- , ln hebudc thnm (hi.cwu11i llttho
mony, the happy couple left for St. 1 Ue Ump W hem (om- ,
Joaeph to purchase household uprliea ' mwvh ,,,, ,.x, teacher I
-it being their Intention to go t j thmlU ,ltm for tt,,chinK mo myh,ssons.t,
houaekcopingat once., , I "Tell cousins Harry and Franklo I'll see
Mr.Grahaiu waa tor a lonfj time i hjr mothc , hc!lven
Deputy Postmaster in Oregon and is Thus AM and wost
well known to, and much imtoomed liy. w b of h!s tlmtIcver kmnv
a., ourii.tzo. .. ion ........ n ,,. ,u Ue Jt jV(j Mm
c.naecU.m with Mr. Iramo of St. Jo- t U d fc of our ft
aepu, uo angageu in ino ...ou-u.m.o u,- w.t'f.sav. "Tliv will. Oh
Lord, not otirAvlll, be done."
A lirljlit, and happy, Uivlnc.uoy,'
ills paronts ptlJu, oursperlil Jiy t
No other nue can fill his place,
No other o Indued with grata.
Ilut eight years old, he older leelited.
As front hU lips the tojpoi'Wuoutd,
He lauKht the llvlnx how to five
lly (xhoitliiK friends to love, (orittve.
Miiturftr mtnds.mtsht well proclaim
ad SllA llllfl i S1UI.11 uiiuuilll'l5 luis- ill mini .iiliiy,
m... U...I Jl.. 1. ...... I ... !.,.. ,T..alh
. Fill I lllllllll KMVII HI, U...'..hL.' .vl
Now the h'Mt ny tn do Is fo do as ynit ple.ve,
l'or your mind, II yoa-h.-ivii one, will then he Ht
Lund lor Sale.
The N K ) bf the S K J ami the fi I:
of thcN K 1 scj 11, Tp i;2. R :5l). 0 mile
Mirth of .Mound Citv. The X I of Wu
ii tt 1 Si- 15, Tp ii:;, 15 ., t miles X K
nf Moiiiid City. The X ii Sve U, Ti
fii'. Kg 40, I-'.' mil.) Wist of ('in!..
Thu S H 1 Sec ft. Tp rt'J. Rg 10. ev
rvptliig i'' ai res in H V corner I h,
miles X W of Craig. 11 acres ia X.
W Sec 1 1. 'Jp K. Rg. in, Joining Craig
jii X V. . S W nnd W i of S F. nrrT
S t: S '.' nml S V J i,( N P. J See''
fp 01, Rg !i 1 miles mmtl, of MnnfT
Cfiy. Terms. Oue-ihl nl down.bal.in'cts
tfiiit? to suit purchaser.
J. Ko.srF.it Makswam..
Oregon, Mm.
SHI n it1 0 B
m tie mmi
nonce we have !lto
While tlieou'iT class is so inferna'dy
low that no stiidcnt will stoop to its
depths and become nctnaintlil with i Olmw youltntfet lth all sort. c.t abuse.
,' , ,, ... tint don't think to ston them, IC ain't auy me,
its members. I he result is, that stti- j,()r VMJi,n K)1;lllU;f
dents here associate free y nmong r-We should not think n of nny
thcrWelvos, nnd have an cxoepf.'.ui.ibly I ,., or W(in,.m cXeipt undor uron.V
strong attachment for each other, and provocation, and then wo should speak
j are as a unit in defence of any action only to the persons themselves. Thu
J which one of their number sees lit to j nrli'mirmiscr and slanderer deserves
take; wiuiii tuny noiit incmeiYes ai- mi Hill fi,i i4 va.em that laktt which
most strictly apart from, ami scarcely j luirns with liro and brimstone. Finally,
ever avsoelnW with, the towns people, i ,.t us lovo truth, do jtisiU', lovm God
There ant thirteen students In th ' and follow Jesus in nil it.,. uti!.?a nf lit'..
"' .... ,
!.... 1 .l. ...... .. M..I.I.....I I
meal in iiiu ilui lunii tf. tituiimuii,
whare hols now doing a thriving bus
lues. Mr. and Mrs. (3. leKfor that
placa on Mouday, whero thoy will por
maneatly renldo.
The bride Is a daughtor of Dr. Rrti
bea King of thiv city. Sho is beautiful,
aooompllshed and amiable, and her
aliaeuoo from tho social circles of Ore
goo will bo much dup'.ored,
endearsd hemelf to a largo
accents prop.' riy. His words are a lit
tle drawn sometimes, but no one would
know from his conversation that he
could not hear a word th'A ho sneaks
university this year from Holt county:
L H. Irvine, Chas Jfook, ('has. Peter,
Chas. Gravis, D. W. Porter, A. H.
Schrantz, I). S. Alktre, Katie S. Rin
dolpb, Jihii' Kennlsh, V.-h. Dear
mont, J. W. MorrU, W.M. Drury and
H. T. Alkiiu.
Columbia, Mo. Dec. 23d, 1t!Ku.
Xoti; by tiik KniToit.Our cor
respondent, by some means, Wust have
gotten a wrong impression of tho so
cictv of Columbia. It did not use to
himself, nor anything that k said to j i)P ns ,0 (cser!hes it, and we don't
him. Xo noise of nny kind affects the I ij0;c it y now.
auditory nerve; that is entliely sense-:
less. His misfortune was tho result of f h!w W Dorjln tho New Yoar.
the extreme heat at the Centennial. Kditoii C'ol'.ntv PAfF.it: Let tint
On night he lay down with his he ir- past with all Us burden', cares ami
ing perfect and the next morning woke ! unpleasant reminiscences lis hurled
through this year, ant? by its closu we
will know for ourselves that aui-h a
course Is the way of happiness and tho
way of life. Let us liud this way and
then steadfastly abide there in all our
day. Tho light of heaven shines n'ong
this pathway. Hanpy the man who
walks In the light, for he has tin prom
ise of thu life that uow'is am! the lift)
that is to come. V. D. M.
up unable to hear a word
J. Ii. McAllister, whoso
tinmo Is
nnd left behind; and let us emer
upon the new year lintrammcled, re-
That Maltlaai Saloox
Mr, Kditok: PIimso allw mi
space in your most excellent paper
to say something in regard to the
saloon petition which has been circu
lated In Clay township and lias been
presented to wur C'tmnty diavt,
but has been laid over tilt thu January
term, at which time a lit'cns: will bo
granted, If there is not a remonstrance
mentioned in tho foregoing notes, was : solved to battle earnestly for victory on 1 prttsrntt il nt that time with u majority
State vh Morris, murdor; oontlr.ued 1 ..,.,., nit vlnaWn.
niitil tsrm' From Father and Mother
.Debonl va Miucks; luugmtni tor .,i.t -nd nalr tullu cluthN.
Uow we should nraltit iflm ttlth tivcry breath.
i frleuda, J ,)n tve,y ostl nnj pSpt.r prliod,
The following Is a Hat of tho pi es- Wu fouml a name he Idolized,
'enU.whlch.lt wUI be observed, are i That nmno of name so flow to us,
well known to many of our older citl
zens. He was a merchant of Oregon
and occupied the oldKelley Hotel, now
the site of Hershbericr & Anderson's
store. He bad branch stores at La fay
ettu, Mound City, Linden and Hfewn-
j tint sido of trut'i urn' right. Let us re
i solve to look on the bright side of life:
i to so live that wu obtain th'e greatest
I amount of real lawful happiness. To
' do this wit must resolve not to be Idlers.
If wu fulfill our mission wn mist work.
thl meaning for us?
of the names of the taxpayers resident
in the township. Now do wo- need a
saloon at Maltland? If so, why? Will
it make our village more business? Will
It bring more of tin reliable men of tint
country there- to trade? Xo; only a
few, those) who generally have l.nl
-950.00 tu
l. . ... . . -
plaintiff. , j Sister Fanrile-lrnvelinz value.
Catron vs K. C. St. Joe A C. H. R. D P Smullwood and wife towels aud
It., killing sioca; ooniinueo. tea-shell.
Clarko Irriae re Joha Young; v
John Mb(Mrma'k ; ve Huujamon Me-
Cormack ; all ooinjirntnlsed.
S. M. Gists va K. C. St. Jo & C. H
tt'. R; dtsmli'sod.
Hprav va Ouslv; ontiniHsl.
Cbndduck vs Chaaw; dUmlaied.
Nfrmal 6eiool,
Johu Uond and wife glass fruit dish.
Miss Mantle Swallwood pair pickle
A C Ware aad wife large fruit tlish.
I)r Lukins, Geo Andursoii, Clark
Proud, A W King nnd wlrca-a nug
nlfloaat parlor cloek,
Meaihera ot tho M K church, in ao-
Average atandlng of tho studenU In i "nnwiaasmen aervioe oi miH
She Normal for the llrtt hall of eewnd i orgauUt-an elegant ailvar cake basket.
. J u 1 rice and who una Biivor castor
Anieroa D 80 i w,lh pa" bel1'
Athworth J . VI I' 11 Kaowlaa flnely egravad but
Allure Rachel. 93 iterdfh.
Uaaler Jminljt. . 89 1 Kn,Uy Seheol elaaa-sllver onp and
term :
Acton Roeo .
llrhlges LIU
Allabau Delia. Ho
leVoler Mary.... 00
llroiulbe.ck n.,.91
iterres Mdry ...07
isles II H ... K4
Jnttrell Hello.. . 99
3urry Mav K'l
phaifdtick Miu . 94
Cottier R 8!)
L'olvin J 82
Cotton Jennie.. 88
Cross Ida DC
fiavls TO 98
JJvnna Frank.... 89
Graham F 86
Hilt Carrie 97
trviue Clarn,....9'J
ygerKlls worth 75
Kreck F 83
Hunker Leua.. $9
Coltrcll Htittle..9J
Collina Wm . . 93
Cludduck Lulu 9'.'
Cottier Kauua .9(1
Curiln Anna ...94
Colriu Anna. . , 83
Colllsoii Kuinia 91
Uuvis Delia ,.93
Dkivoro W II.... 9 j
Pirntori Knto ...90
Hill h P 93
Hoffman LU ,.83
Uoltz Grant.... 91
Johnson Luura .90
Krcek II tib
Kulley Irene . . .91
fliuwitr ....... nu ..U.IUJ ItVIIO tt,ifl
Kellcy Missouri. 97 Klnzy DS 93
LdiKena Jbdna . , ,vt j.ukuiu atuie. , ,'Ji
Payne Liiczie. . ,.7o
Menifee K.,,....9o
Meyer Hauuiih 1
jXesbit K T 92
N.wpcr iu 88
SbhatzC 91
Socman Anna .,90
Pinks too Ida.... 91!
Ruler Ida 99
KosejlusK 91
vVinuon hater F..9S
WlUon Leo 90
Wool W,... ii
MarktJ 81
Morris R 9o
XesbltS A ... 97
O'Faliou Kila.,.9A
Splcur Llllle....90
Super Chas 90
Schatz II 94
Peter Sophia ..88
Rostock F 89
Russell Ota 8C
Thomas M ... .89
Van UusklrU M 97
Comer J 89
Howell Grant , ft
butter knife.
T C Dnugen and wife fine ailvar caa
tor. Albert Whltmer-ailver butter knife,
aius InrliK Johason-ellver boquet
Dr Kiraberlin, feansas City a superb
silver plckl castor.
Mn, DeBtlow.-ailver clock aud
Harry Graham, Bt Joseph at ctit
gluas goblets,
Kdltor Craig Gazette and wlfo-llera
nns and Hrownlaga poenm.
Sheriff Frame and wife an elegant
bronze lamp.
Mrs K G Holtz elilna bed room wot
Miss Stella Goalin set china pie
plate ,
Mrs CSrAhiini set erjitul goblow en
graved witli Initial.
Miss Xcttio GnV'dncr Jaj nneso cab
inet. Levi Zook pair pnnei ploturos.
Mra, Roecker table oloth,
Saa'.uel WhlVniiV tiud wlft -crytlal
tea uuV.
The father's Kin, our precious "Jenui."
Tlcit llttl lieai t lo w.rm hcfofi.
Oh, nun U cold and licit uu more,
Aud In the village ut the dend,
Thv froiea earth ii l'reddle's bed.
Sisters, brotlurs, ho kind of hvott
Tin hard with oun no dear to part,
Yet iitroly the Kiln aud Ktlef withstood ,
All work together for tlm Christian' good!
And rather, mother, look away
Kioin that drear mound of froze n'clajr
To that bright hoinii our Kreddln'i ptldo,
Wur sorrows are not, and Joys abldti.
Ia hoavea your darling boy Is blened
Cured for by angels aud careisud,
No ausulsh, pain, nlokneu or cam,
Cm thai lovtd 0.39 e'er trouble thtrn.
And, by and by, your work all donu,
And you'rs prepared to meet your son;
Oh I Jujfiil. purr, rctatlclov,
You'll share "ttu thoso who've gone abnrp.
W. 1'. and A. Y. W.
vllle. He eiunliiieil manv of tho most llns tlm nmv vmie
iiefisoi-eiins business nii.W of tin. Mis. ' ll.w.c If nuini. sc.. el- .w..l- 7'..,1 1 1 Htllu IllOnilV to spi'lltl, whicll tlvi'V spend
... ... - - - - - .. .... . i 1, tti'in f iMin ioi Mini umi j , ,
soutt Valley as clerks and a number of j man? If not wu have failed to iraleh , !lt ik saloon, while their funiHWff iiro
tlm liiisiness turn nf ltrnwnvi In u'i I 1 1... t-..v..n,.i In il. v.-,...i ,.1in.u I...- 1I I'Ced pelliabi of tile COinmoiie.st
formerly in his employ.
however, at tho beginning of tho war
and died Wn after.
11: failed, i man life.
7 3?er Cent. Interest
fur Ave years or as short time as desired
Will belli Craig Mondays and Mound
City, Tuesdays of cich week.
Okf.oon, Mo.
0fSIxivrsof coffee can get-five-nod-a-hslf
pound of thebest coffee for a dol
lar at Burnea A Colllson'a.Xow Point.
Is an Klev'ant Book ol lM,I'.ipf, Oaa Colored
Klnte and MOIIlustrstlons. with Deserintlon f
the Item Flowers, VeKetnblei and Illreettons
for prow I nr. Sent free hyrnutl, for JO cents. In
Vick's Seed are the best In the world. The
Floral Guide wilt tell how to m and crnw them
Vlck'a Illaitrated Jtfouthly MHKatlue 31
ruKes. a Colore Plate lu Kvory nuinlier and
many flaa BnitraTlngs. Price, Sl.U a yean
Vive Copies for M.0. Speclinea Numbers sent
for 10 rents t trial toples for 2i cents.
Addreiw. JAMEH TICK. JtochMtir.N, V
tr5Jj You can get twenty yards of Cat.
Ico for Ono Dollar at Ramos & Col
llsou's, Xow Point.
JvUpsEttie Mills
of Maltland liHs opened one of the finest
millinery stot'? tn the county nnd aska
the ladies of Xdrillc'Hi Holt to call be
fore buying clsowncf?'.
"There I that explains whero toy
clothea-lluo went to!'' exclaimed un
Iowa woman aa she loilrid Iter hunband
iaiilig lu the Mablc
Fiim! Scttluntunt.
Creditors and aji b'llicri Internstcd In the es
tate of K. .V. Krusor. deceased, lire notified
that the undersigned administrator will ni.ike
final lettlement of said estate at Ihe February
irrui. iB5i, unite i -rouate louri oi iion rouuiy,
W. llltOWINIl.
Final Suttlcmont.
Creditors and all others Interested In the e.i
tate of John Markwell, decniued, are notified
that the undersigned administrator will make
final settlement of said estate at Hie February
term, ml ef tho Probate Court ofll-lt county
Mo, D.iniki. Zook, Adm'r,
Final Settlement.
All rrmlltnrs aud nthsrs Interested In the
vstata of Thomas lUmsay, deceased, ara notl
Hed that ItJlU t. ILunsav. the underslaned.
ndiulnlstrator ot said estate, Intends tn make a
anal settlement ot aia esime at me ucxi term
Jl UIU 1 IUUUIV l.uuil 11 linn rutin., milt-sum I.
to be begun and holden at Oregon, in aald
county aud Htute, aforesaid, on the IMh dny ot
jreuruury, imi, hui.i.a i.iiAvinAi,
k Adnilntstratr.
CiiAiansAV. Thomas, Attorney for Ariuiln
II'. H. ChIIiiwiiv. a
township, Holt t'ouuty, Mn uu
i th day of
Nov rinbir. 1SS0. one red mid white heifer calf
about eight mouths old i Unmarked,
Hi V-.bU.
Taken up by F, M, Hloan,aud jio.ited before
jiiaucc nr
inty.Mo,, i
le red and
old i ilnins
venrllnlr li
except tho head, which Is nearly whit i marked
with ii eron nml unlit In Ihu loft and u eron mid
nuiler hit off nf tlia rlflit sir. Annrulsed at
810 00 by C. W. Nate, J. .II, Unglss and S, V.
A true cony from wy Htray Hank. . .
H . U CAIJ.AWAV, J. 1'.
Fur Clay Township,
the pence In Clay
ed. Ann
Also, one yearling heifer, mo.slly red.
Mra. PnrUtiirtoil anva slid linn illil.tfd
and huntod; rujtL cnn1t flnd,out wlifj eald,
"That Rutii citiMied to vrtrtU elitsll tU
There is One who rules in the heav
ens, who carts for us at',, but Ho will
only help those who labor tn help them-
sclvis. That He will help them ami do i
what is best under their surroundings 1
fur them I do most profoundly believe ;
but that Ho will do our part or bless us
whether wu work or not I do not be
lieve. If wo have no life work, no lofty
necessaries of life. Itiismesn, tr. Awuy
with such an idea. Tho good results
accruing or growing nut of a saloon is
beyond my conception to sub. Hut thu
reverse I enn seo In all its various
form. It takes our noble boys from
the paths of virlno anil happlne-s; tits
them for crime and misery, and finally
for a drunkard' grave. Why i nz ilfdt
men claiming to be Christians sign a
'Mki Artteieif,
FtwkH Books,
c . t' he found in Unit 1 minis. .
OliliGOX, -Mi.
TsV. nit In ,1. n ' , ;nl " h', -r."
It. Can ;e liei -I ' vrce le CIY
tennv .inti -fin..,; do., i n t.'i IJlh dsy nt
viYiiiber, i one etiillii li'liei btsV
" ii 'i in linhed. .'linn- ..uie.r. erbolry
i. l enitoftall. At'i r.lid al . L. t'tUu.
t. rty an I A . u i t i r
.w tr jii cup from in) SImv Honk.
, . I), r.u i i w.w, J. Y.
I or t'luy Township,-
Taken ttp liv U 11. l'rnej , tiad posted lfer
r, M. Me sVl. ii justice i f the pe.ire In lllrh
"fV tnutiUiip, Holt rouaty, Mn.. mi the ttl It day
i'. Xlccmu . . In), one steer, tine yjr old -I'
a 'K me y''ilo. sii'ii;'led ; in lath erup ott w
I' leir App.-ilS'J .it ls.w. 'teller, f1
yeiru'il ..... uu li'iieklihnut head 'mil ne'k,
hlt'' un ler l.ell.', hvf mp nil ...v pllt lu.
iiid sp'lt In rhM e.ir, minus to o
I acdiid. Apl r ''ii il it f.O On. An onehelri.
rti slit Iiltu enUir. sr.tin'' "r.i. and .wo
m,- In left tA). smintti crip oh t rlRhl jai,
sr;iled.it 'U.'Vj.
V ttim cvpy troiit Htw P.onV.
K. fi. Mi flONAI.lt, -1. 1'.
I'nr UieknrV TllWOslllp.
1003 I'ccofi. SOCO Umrrat-lflcs.
1'oitj: PJ.UF.S cor.or.r.i' rr.twi
ccutaininff a sTJiTiiEaisirr.'' t
4SD KW T0P.D3 an,d islranla-;
az.'jo. a ar.W
or..iscr 9700 NA'ajjS.
ipitTTcuiAti DEnwmfi'ws.
Foelhi:reit IJ rendnrod tjrpfcturelnd
fnlui;. kok ui Die plctines nndcrtlio lollonluir
wohIi in WcUotir.cu'hllhisl.-'illnnftndiler.nlDX
thowunLor or words Mitrasn une.fedi
rioir, pnj e i.-V -ltl Itfotillnn, ji MU....UV
I'liTwr, l. :i.......n Vlirenolosy, oii..r
Culli p. SCAi !.' tovrlln, r 1S....1L
CMimw, . s3...30 HIilps, jl lliM,lil9..11lt
l s,-'.p.Ml ..lt Meiiai Jliiiftln Xtk1
U'oe.c, p.l.rj, ......45 'ilniliora, p. ISJjl, l;l'
tloSHnn i',4'J wonl'i itnd'rjrms ileOhe'd by thu
ftctirr umlir .iUi 1" 'aonls In' Wefontor
lnil.flilr(e:,fr leller Hint vnuld Uo duLu by
mr tliltirt'eti. rts-eir la'mir,ls.
ts there iny Wileridd'tlioivYeuifcr Vi hUpi
r. umlly t(-itSuiao lutcllUmitl
ll.'O Tacci Oclsvo. COO E.H3Wvlntj.
a. u c. ri'ir.niAt'.i.riii'iiehiirii.sptiaiaaid, siu.
Wobtftiv AorItynonixi,--piis!il.
ivictM, auaaiJAU, UYLOit a co n ywl.
Wtbtici'i. Vrimrrj S'Jitof Clef; .COt Efl()ialn(n.
" Coxr.ion Seliail " 21 "
IlifhCtha:! - 237
" iciilcmlc " 344 14
" Cwntlito H01139 " w!lh tunr lllmlra-
it, a til til j-ibli t;tlci nt tn lis found liewher
aspirations, no good to accomplish, no ' dramshop petition? I am told of a
victories to gam, life will surely prove numwv wnoso names are on sunt pen
exceedingly burdensome to every think-, " l'lacw ,!icru .v "r own hands,
ing inltii and woman. Better by far Will It not bo a swjul ronieiiihranin to
live in liovcrtr and without tho world's their children to know rW tW illfatliers
filenrlsll'o rn'il 11m vli'ln tltnn Ilvi nn "'dl'-ld saloons; MM tlll'V WW1 right;
fiienilslt.p .mil lite ilgln I nn list an chrUllnn ,njtitutl0ll. hniJ for their obi
aimless nbnse ess life, with nil tho jcei the good of society?
splendor find honor that wealth nnd j r,Nw, lr. Kditor, If I was nnn of tho
woild v Ir e s i ns can e ve. Amontr .move nieniinneu signers i wouiu navu
the niariy thlHjts we ought to consider
as wo oritci' ilpliK tile new year, wa men-
that (,ourt erase iny tinme from lLar
i.iper. It can hu done. Sign our re-
iitiiii it
uonstrance whim prmmted.
lion tho follotVing: 1 In whatever save our town from the curse of a saloun
calling in which we rtro wo ought to P. nd ur boys from lis alluring anarus
content nnd tti natientlv do whatevA
we find lo be iIoiih, Sticces is uey'r
attatnetl h'y lntnenttng over want of ifv
portunltv aud want of abilitv. nor bv hrr
slilfting from place to place or frninjF
one vocation to another, but by ilMng
what we llnd to do hero and Aow.
Neither Is success found in constantly
hunting new amusements and frivolities
that time may bo killed. L'In all our
works and dealings wu ought to otei v'e
strictly nu honesty of purpnso nnd In
tcgnty of word and action, Suoh a
course ts necessary for our happiness
and final success in this life and thu life
to come. 1Ve are profoundly convinced
that no disnonost man can succeed per
manently,. He may nourish for i season,
hut Ids faliurt is only a matter of time.
3 We should he tin 3 to our convic
tions of truth and duty, no matter what
people inay Wy of us or whosb' fiiend
ship we lose. Those who live and aim
to please ntlic'rs are never happy. They
seldom pleiUo any and never pleaae
bouwetvc'.sl ior they have no worthy
aim in life'. We should rcso've to speak
Wmo V'allkt, Deo. 0v 18W).
O. C.
'th 4 ,'urnt nd lint Hellclai rer JUJ.
Aoclmbtatlloii U Hopi, Duchu, Man
drakl ci"l Dandollon,lttialliliotstJ"l
tuonteHvrAtlvpruisrtUi f ftll oUi.r Bitttr.
mkii ati.rretiUlood Purinor, LIor
neau'ntoe,ndl'"'u,-l"tlia luirai
l!odleMe.wtlM'a,l'""f "Sllop
BUKntlo al,tSel,Aitiul'luulisrf('Ctisilliflr
Ilii iIti iosr "1 tlat Jti lJ isl UStm.'
79Jlv,li4 0ttmpli)impUrnu! Irrtclul'
tjirtUIelioi'lt utlnrj orrn.. cr ' Uo ts-
iur n a Jifiuir 5. . ---.,
flop llliK-rs an WthISV"6", Wltll0UtllJt0'
Icatlnu. torn
njtuuurwMijourfvSv'une er qmpMii
mvLAttlM aisiAsnomllWovxl If no Hop Bll
Krt. Dcn't vsllunlll j0.' lek tut If joi
snlrfMlbi.il or nilrH)H,Husitlini t cwt.
It u7 Mn yoar llfo.ll l'Q ,T budrll.
500"ll lpuIitforcB'-n thfr will not
crornlp Ponn jnfrs,''Jl,rpli'lii
uffrr,bvtuieiidunra ttw.mwiut Hop
It.nuimlx r, II. p IillUn It tviV U. amcissl
amnkml nnitisim. but Ui raraiVVkiJ' IXfl
MttUrlna .Tit mul. , lit niTlUUW. Wan
and uors" nnd no raea or tamUr
kbuuklbasiliavuttbcin. trnmnoM
O.t.O.ti an alMoluta and Irrtnlitlbla curt I
(lliranluuraf,uiu et oulum, toUoxi audi
uarrallci. ill kU by dmr.fl.Ki. snd J
f or l.ircuiar. u,r mum hit. v..
Itwtiair.KT j1Tpr.Tllo1IWt.
a?, a?. HAYDOOK
I'jis the lamest nnd most complete wm ks for tho m.mtifncliiro of carvnwej Itf
TIIK WOULD, lluggtea for the trado a specially .
Comer Plum and Third IQts,

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