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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, January 07, 1881, THE HOLT COUNTY SENTINEL, Image 2

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"Whereas. Arthur l'.arco, by his mortenM with
power (if sale ciated"tne 3U uay
Iscs, convoyed td Holt courityF M.,it.
log described real estate,, to-w!t u
The f.olithcas.tfourih of t'.lotiorthwc
provided In aald Deed of Trust that In eaaa , c
Sheriff's Sale. & 'M??"'
. euruaiy. yn,. v Ptn,rf(1i.htiilinltlr nrn anr nfaMOtltMn'' milk,! Auh)u hi. - t oh ijUTit nf Ul.)
'' ' i ,XVurtf if.'olt vcdituty; Mo. returnable;
lortliwcflt iiuarior;- Jummrv term. JwuMif naftl CoUrt.&hd to
ot section 10. towitshlp t, range 3f, reeled in favor of tHe Statiflrbf Missouri at
'Which said convennnce was made to( secure
tho payment pi a certain. bond,.ns 'In "s:il m ru
ga ge with powomf sale ladescribod.and where
sislt is provided in said mortgage that in default
of tho pavmont of said bond r ecording to w
terms and effects, that tho shoriif of said county
might prococd without suit on said mortgage ft
sell said mortgaged premises to satisfy said
debt. And wluws, cfntilt has been made in
the pavnient of said bond and whereas, tho
Couutv Court dlil on tho Mh day of December,
18S0. liiakeaw order entered of record couimand
lilg tho slivrlff of said count) to Sell said pre in -(mb
or so mneb thereof as will bo HUfflclent to
iay said debt, lutcrest and cost, .now. mere-
ore. t virtue oi sam mortgago nnu uruvr. i
will on
between the hours of nine o'clock In the fore
i five o'clock lu tho altoruoon bf that
issued freiri thtVoffiwtof fhtfCtarklbf tit. Circuit
retuniKDie-, at trie
to me cii
'at tho ref
lation anil to th; una uf Fred Myers, collector
of rove una of Holt comity and against
William Brooks, John I. .William and Stephen.
C Collins,
I have levied upon and seized all the righMilie,
Interest and claim of the said defendants, of, in
and to tliu following described real estate,
to-wit :
Tho southeast fourth of tbo southeast quarter
of section 16, township 02 of range 4p.
All lying and being in said county, aud State of
Mlssouii : and I will, on
between the hours of nine o'clock In the fore
noon and five o'clock in thi afternoon of that
day, at the Court House door In tho city of Ore
gon, county of Holt :ifrcsald, sail the same, or
so mucu mereoi as inav uo required, ai puouc
venduv. to the high'.st bidder for cash In hand,
. .. ... i '..... U..MI.U .i.wii- lit tbi. Hi of Ore- vcjiiUHv. hi iuv niuir.Nt uiuiiur iiir ui-u
l&yyt, T.h Rherllf of liolt C
nil th rlL'ht. tin. aud Interest of uvtA deleucl-
ant Artbur rearce, of, in aud to the above och
rlbed real estate or so much there A aa will be
sufflclont to .satisfy tho forcoihf niortgaKC. lu
terestand coiit. W tl UtAMB,
flbcrltl of Holt Comity.
It A ME,
"Whereas, .Tamcw O Mauck and Anliala
Manck his wife.by th.-ir mortgage w.th power of
salo dated t.u loth day f May. 1877, eouveyed
to Holt comity. Mo., tho lollowlug dcwicclbed
ral estate, to-wit :
Lota one and two in block 7 as shown by the
plat of tho Western addition to the town of
VMchKald conveyance was made to secure
tho paynuiut ot a oeitaln band as in sa.d moit
rage with power of siilf i dfhcribtd.nna wliere
us It is piovided lu said inortjfage that in default
df tho paymuut ol siild bond aceotdlng to Its
terms and ellect that the slidlfT ot said county
might proceed without milt on said nmrtgag'. to
frf.ll said mortgaged premises to satisly said
debt. And whereas default has beu made in
tho payment of said bnd ami wheroas, tke.
Comity fcourt did on the fith day of December
18S0, make an order entered of record command
ing theshorlll olsald county to sell said prem
isu or so much ttieteof an will be snfflcltJiit to
pay saW debt, interest and cost, Now therefore
bv virturool said mortgage and order, I will ou
between the hour?, of nluo o'clock in tho fore
noon and five o'clock In Uie iifienioiiu of lhat
day at tbo Couit House dour in tho city of Ore
gon, ctounty ol Hon nforuskld, null at pnb.lo
vendue, to tho hlghost bhldi r lor wish in liitlid,
all the right, tit and h tent oi avid defend
ants .lames 0 Manck iii'd Mithala .MiuicK. ot,
In and to the abvy deerl 'il teal f-statv or no
muoh thureof as wi(l h- .Hiftl .iciit to VKtisfy the
forvgoiug mung- gv, iiur!t and cot.
She i Itt of-Ho.t county.
ByJvlrtiiM and authoilty of a gerir ral xe
cutfon hsncd from tliv olllc of the ''erk of
tho Circuit Cutut o! BdhMiaii oourity. Wo., re-turnabh-lat
the -Jammry Tcrui. 1MJ1. or said
court, and to mi diiHiU'itfck-1 fnr. ot Wllllnrn
ti Kiiifc., by hi Stduttor. 4urdlHu and Cu
rator, Henrv LiH.r. and :ig'iinnl
JamcBA Matuer William. 21 Albix. and Jos
L Gbcton,
1 Imvo levied upou an. sel?.'l all the rl ;ht,tltUs
interest hiuI cla ra ot the -i (ftindwurt, wi. in
aud o ttw faillowlrii;
UcifUc.(l r-al vMalt), tu-
Tht SKiivhweKt fourth L KoutlieHst ujr
tcrof wrcUon jc ; the uorsst fourth x tb
north wxM u;irtor ; ami t:. inrv veat fourth of
the '.outhwejit iitinrtei of .!ectlui; tfi. All lu towtJ
shipO, range St
All lylns aud b'dng I;-. ld ouniy and Htato
of Mo, : and 1 w 1. u,
bi'won thft hoi r- of nln o'M . In the fo'
neon aud flvo u'ciouk i. i the ifino'in of tlint
day at the Court Tfons door in th City of Ore
gon, county of UtnL nforeid, m wif- anio r
co mucn uieroij ; fivv P rco v.ieii hi pin-
4w .alisfy said rxet ui'i m'
ShcriiTs Sale.
Ity viitn-. and authority of a special exocutli-n
issued from the oflWo of the Clerk of the Circuit
Cftirt of Holt county. Mo., returnable at tlto
January term, t88l, of said Court, and to me
directed In favor of the State of Missouri at the
relation and to tho use of Fred Myers, collector
of revenue of Volt county and against
Granville Francis.
1 navelevt'd vpou and seized all tho right, Utlo,
kiteivsl and chilm of tho said defendant, of, in
and to Abe following described real vstate,
to-wit : N-
The northwest fourth of tho northeast quarter
of se.otion at, in township 52, of range 39.
All lylnrrand being in said comity, and State
of Missouri : and I will, on
between tho hours of nine o'clock in the fore
noon aud five o'clock in tho nfteniMon of that
day, at the. Court Kousv dour in Hie elty of Ore
gon, county of Holt aforesaid, sell the .saino or
so mn di thereof as may be rqulrei at public
vendue, to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
to satisfy said executlen and costs.
aUerlit of Holt (bounty,
Sheriff's Sal.
P.y virtue aud authority of a speulal moohUoh
kme lroiu tite iTTlo of the Clorlc of the Circuit
Cwun of Holt cdijtity. Mo., returnable at the
JuiiuarytorKi, l&si. of iid court, aud to mo dl-r-ctod
In favor of Mark Slrlckler and Catharlnu
K Strlokler and agaln.st
Botnuol A Qlena and Borah 3 GIon,
Ibavc levied upou and seized ii the right, title
itrt'HC! and claJm.of tho said defendants, of, in
nnl to the following described real estate, to
wit j
Lot 7 in Ulooi: 8 Ui the town of Mound City,
All lying and beiasr in said oounty and Htato
of Ati.--t.ouri : and I will, on
between tho bourn of nine o'clock in the fore
noon and flyi o'clock lu the afternoon of that
day at th. Court House door in Uie city of Ore
gon, county of Uolt n foresaid, sell tho Nunc or
much mereoi as imkv ue required at public
niuur, in iiiKiiKannQcmr io r iii
fall liuiwwi ui oitn i m9i iwvjr iw vj
lU proporty koreln helorb de3rlb?d
. Jow, thoirefvro, uiiKeriki'e provisions t salt
Deed of Trust, aud by virtue of tho' power there
in contnfned, the uncterslgucd Sheriff, trill offar
nil tho right, title, Intorest and claim of the
said ZC IlonJ iLeaso, in and U the above eeaj
estate aforesaid far sale at -public venduf ,
to tho highest fciddcr for cash at the Curt Houm
door In th City ofOregou, Holt tounty.
Wetweeu the hours f tn o'clock in the foro
noon ani flvt o'clnk in tbo afternoon on
for the ptu-poset Of said Trust.
Vf. It. FRAME,
ShM-lft of Molt tfotitity.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue and authority of a transcript oxcu
tion issued front the office of Uie Clork of the
Circuit Court of Holt county. Mo., returnable at
the January term, 1881. of said court, and to me
dlreotod in favor of JTThatc'xer, and aainjt
Henry Shmtts.
I have levied upon and seized all tho xtgbt.HUe,
Interest and claim of tho said defendant, of, in
and to the following described Mai estate, to
wit :
The wost half of tho southwest quartet
seetiou 26, township 01. range 40 ; and tin north
east fourtii of the north west quarter ot section
02. township 09, range 37.
All lying and being in S7.ld county, and Staff
of Missouri : and I will, on
between the hours of nine o'clock in the foro?
noon and five o'clock in the afternoon of that
day at the Court Houso door in the City of Ore
gon, county of Ilelt, aforesaid, sell tho same or
so much therein' as may bo required at publla
vendue, to the highest bidder for cosh in hand,
to satisfy said execution and costs.
Sheriff of Holt County.
Sheriff's Sale,
By virtue aud authority of a special execution,
issued from the office, of the Clerk of the Clmdt
Court of Holt county, Mo., retucnabla at the
January term, 1881, of said Court, and to me di
rected iu favor of tho State of Mitsouri at the
relation and to tho uso of Frad Myers, colleotor
of revenue of Holt county, and at alrist
Paul Brown axd S B Wilson,
I hava levied upon and seized all the rlght.titl,
interest and claim of the said defendant, of, in
and to the following described real estate,
to-wit ; '
2? acres lu the southeast corner of Uie south
east tourtli of the southwest quarter of section
18, township 01, range 39.
All lying aud betas; In said motility and Mtate of
Missouri :und I will, on
between the hours of nine o'clock in the fore
mtoii and five o'clock In the afternoon of that
day, at the Court Houso door In the city of Ore
gon, ceunty of Holt aforesaid, sll the Rnme or
so much thereof as may be required, at publltt
vendue, to tho highest bidder for cash in hand,
to satisly said execution aud costs.
VT. H. Fit AM K,
SherlK ef Holt Cxmnty.
TrKgtoe'K Sale.
Y- hrc, by Deed of Trtwt dated th 81st day of
Jinuary, lSfO, aud recorded In Uk
Reeorder's oflco of Holt county, Miwonri, in
Rook forty-twe ut JPage U'J, X N Glu and
vomlui. in Uih liiciiiiMLliMtinr .fr i "hLV.j iVl"1 " ieunjns wile, conyjd to Wbllam
to satl.fv said execution Tni iT ""' i . ..Uee, the folUwIag dwribet
W if I'RiM v JV V.18"."'.' inAd "Mug in. tho ounty
li in is
Rhirilf of Holt County.
XJIock Ct t
Trusttee's Sale.
YTbereas by Deed of Trust dated tl. o ISlh tir
of A mil Iftso, rid recorded 'n tho ISf
eorders office of Holt aouuty, Mo., in
TSunV i ,it nnir Mr T l,..lT, i '
and Hnnnah I?piifl. ' oonveveil i to Jacob "a'-'iod of Trust, notioe la hsraUj fflvcu that
KimSI'V. )S tt-lHIOI. Ihi fntlnu-lt,.- rl.. ..,!,... I 1 Will Oil
. .... ....... ' . . . i . i. . i UW1 III VU
re:u c.iww lymg ami ueing in Hie county
All Of IntK S. .t R 7 tO tori
the town of Mound City. Mo.
Mhiehaald conreyance was imde to soDiitv
tho payment of a certain promissory note there
in described, and whereas, default has bnci
made In the payment of said note : uow tUonj.
fore, at the rcqnrat of the legal holder of atM
note ami in compllauiH with the provisioui- f
jinn arii .taie ot Missouri, lo-wlt
Al1 ''.'I1 ,2' in ,,,,0t'k :,! sls doslgnated la the
IMatt of Mouu4 Ciy.
vendue to the MfVi.p lioVpr foi t-Ash
h 1 it Mir
t'.hcr.i: of Holt dotmiy,
glilch siihl Deed of Trust was mnde to mohw
a certain note in said Trust
mill (toMUrlhutJ. mid wliornun
said note by lis toruis Is due and 'unpaid, and
w! '"tPiis. Jacob Kunsry rpfusos to act i8
sttuh truitcp as nf.rouiild : and wlverehn It U
nt pul'iioth' payment of
Ix lilted, Peed inonW-'iifd
ofrsr for sale for cush toUte bluett Mdti,,
the Cpuit House drer In tjie city ef Orwmn,
State of Missouri, betwewn tho hours of plv.J
o clock. In tho forenoon and, flvo o'clock In tho
afternoon of that day, all the right, title. Inter
pit and claim of tho said A N (Jenn. of, in
anJ to ihe i nbvyo described r;al estate, for tho
purpose of imvlngstild note and IVe costs and
expeiiKcfi ot this trust.
V. 11. FRAME. Trustee.

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