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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, January 07, 1881, THE HOLT COUNTY SENTINEL, Image 3

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Businoss good, especially in the line
of oystors and confoctonorius'. Jim
puts up the best oysters and t.Iio most of
them in a dish, and the largest ones
and for the least money, of any shop
north of St. Louis.
William Ochcr, aged about forty-nino
years, died on last Thursday morning
of something of the naturo of dipthoria;
'His' illness was short but his suffonngs
jWora severe. Ho was an old citizen of
llolt county. Ho leaves a wife and five
Work on tho new brick store has a
gairi closed on account of cold weather.
Oui Dupot agent, 1). P. Car.r, has for
the past month or so been pleading for
an assistant; but tho Company remain
ing leaf to his entreaties, he has at
last secured one at his own oxpense,
an assistant for life a beauti'ul female,
Miss Clara Foster of Phelps. Rev.
Davidson officiated in closing
tho contract. We, tho pooplo of Bige
low, greet tho now couplo with our
hearty congratulations ; and would rec
ommend that some other of our bus
iness men adopt the saying "Go thou
and do likewise."
Preparations for tho Christmas Eva
Entertainment aro being made rehear
sals every uight.
Corn is soiling at 20 cts. Not much
iu the market. Wood $2.50 to -$2.75.
Wheat 75 cts.
Bigdow has but one Saloon ;-onc has
r,eGfntly closed business.
Mr. O. L. Chunning, dark in the
house of W. H. Bell & Co., is on tho
aick list this week, and his brother Leo
uiastaiccn his place ra tne store.
Writing about the "Western Cavew,"
Roy. H. C. Hoyey says that m the water
loyel fis known to be three hundred and
"wiiu will 11 HIJ UU9b Vll UIU II 1 11
, covering, the Mammoth enve, llto BHbicr
rauehu rivers must be a little less than
Hint hvhnfcor of feci 'beneath the Burfaco.
and must alo bo the' lowest localities
possible. lienor he reasonably con
cludes, no dome in that cave could ex
ceed three hundred and twelve feet in.
height without cutting through to the
open air.
When lead pipes become incrusted
frith sumliidn of linl i ....... k
Meancd In Utts way : Allow a liofc con
loiitrated'sohtipiv of Sulphide of sodium
loflowftliroiigli t ho, pipes for tcu or fif
'feeii minutes Iho inside of the pipes
fvill thou appear as if coated with a gray
f . ----- j MW jtiinvift
ttirougU t bum ii-ee of any lead.
A return has been issued of tbe nu-
' WltX7t?nP.lis,,i Scot d Irish of
.the. individual members of the British
ar,Ny,-Qho total of 178,000 men not
mute 40,000 are Irish; that is town;
about 22 per centum. The nroportiJu
Recording to tho ratio of tho population
of. Ireland to that of tho whole empire
would be only about 17 per centwm.
ovotland. contributes 14,000 raencrio tho
total, or about 7 per centumpwhilo ber
proportion would bo nearly 10. England,
including Wales, contributes the roniain
ng;0 wjr centum, which i no' far from
ber ratable allowance.
Compiled from Latest Dispatches.
Among tho bill introduced In thoFcnate on
tholithwna oho by Mr. Williams to prevent
tho lutroduotinnarid dlsfiemlnaiionof cplzootlo
and communicable- diseases of iiiimnls in tho
United fc-Mntos. Tho bit! for tho. relief of Kit a
John Porter was amended M to 2180 ns to
provide that within eighteen nonths tllo Pres
ident may appoint him to a Colonelcy on tho
totlred ll&t, without pny for the timo lntervvu
inn: since his dismissal, and wna then pw3Cd n4
amended M to 21, Mr. Davis (111.) voting with
tho Republicans in tho negative, and Messrs.
Dawes, Hoar, Iiruoo uud Piatt (Republicans)
not voting.... Tho Consulate and lJlpl.iiimtto
($1,100,4,)1 and the MilLary Acad my (JtK.l'tA)
Appropriation bills were reported .111 the
House, ordered printed and recommitted.
.Mr. Moraon introduced n bill to Incorporate
the Maritime Crtnal Company of Nicaragua,
und It wiw referred to tho Committee on Com
merce; It names uh incorporator IS. S. Grant,
13. 1). Morgan, II. J. Jowutt, W. I. Garrison,
Howard Potter, Fred Hilllnga, Q. W. Itfggd,
Solon Itdmpiin'y, Frederick IJuttcrflold. .1.
Thomas Defiance, K. K. JJcalo and William
IJenulBon, and provides that tho capital stock
shall oonsint of not lees than fX),00O nor moro
than 1,UOO,000 wlmros of StOOonoh. A resolu
tion waa adopted alleging tUut there was do
talnod In the Washington City Posi-oMoo
cat tain bairn of mall matter which, it wai
thought, contain ml unfrankable matter,
and which was attempted to by sent Mi rough
tho mails under frank, and calling oh the Post-mastor-Uoncial
for information as to the de
tention of such mall matter; also for Informa
tion as to the abuse of the franking privilcgo
by.mcmbnrs of Congress, or the loan of a f raiilc
for any person. The Republican again re
fused to voto qn a demand for tho provioim
nutation on tho 13lc.otoral-oiunt resolution,
thus indicating no quorum present, and Mr.
Dioknell announced that h would let tho
resolution go over tho holiday adjournment.
A. W. C. Nowlaln, r-f Virginia, waa appointed
Poatmaster of tho House.
The following bill were lntroduco.1 in tho
Sonato on tho 15th: rty Mr. Iilll (Coi.),
for the retirement of small legal-tender
notes; by Mr. Pendleton, to rcgu
iato tho Civil Service of the United States
and to promote the elHclenoy thereof; by the
panic, to prohibit Federal oificorp, claimants
and contraetoiu from making or receiving
asscsmftiVi or coutriontlons for political pur
poses. Tho bill ,to devote to public education
a part of tho prdiooul8 or tho sales of publto
lands was supported, by Messrs. Burnsldo.
Morrill and Urown...Iti tho IIoupo Mr. Ucl
ford (Col.) Introduced a bill for the retirement
of email legal-tender notes. Tho Seu
ato bill granting- a pension of fioo
per month to the widow of Provident Tvlor
was parsed. The Fortification Appropriation
bill waa considered In Committee of tho
Whole, reported back to tho House and passed.
Mr. Gibson (La.), from the Committee on Mis
sissippi Levees, reported (i bill appropriating
$1,W,000 for tho Improvement or 'the MIbI
Blppi ttiver, to bo expended by and under di
rection of the Secrotary of war, in accord
ance with the recommendations, plans, speci
fications and estimates, and under, tho advis
ory supervision, of tho Mississippi Itiver Com
mission. M. Maxkv introduced a bill in the Sonato
on tho 10th authorizing tho President to place
General Ord on the retired list according to
his brevet rank of Major-Gonoral with the pay
and emoluments thoreof. Mr. Hoar presented
ii petition ior woman-suurago.in tno Territo
ries, which, ho- said, was nlgnod by ludles of
tho highest attainments and occupying places
of tho highest respectability in society. A
prolonged debate took place on the Educa
tional bill.... A concurrent resolution was
ndoptcd In tho House 125 to 74 piovldlng for
a recess of Congress from tho22d of Iiecemuor
to tho Gth of January. The Pension Appro
priation bill (WU.OOO.O.X)) was reported from
Commit too or the "Whole and passed.
Mr. Bland (Mo.) asked and obtained
leavo to havo printed a substitute
Which he proposed to ofTer for the Funding
bill; it appropriates of coin in tho Treasury
tho sum of $100,000,000 for payment of tho iii-torost-boarlng
debt of tho United States fail
ing duo during 18W) and 1S31, and direct tho
Secretary or tho Treasury to causo to bo
coined the maximum amount of silvur dollars
In tho mannor now authorized by law, and to
nay out such dollars in redemption of tho pub
lie debt; Section :J repeals all laws authorizing
tho issuing of bonds for tho purposo of fund
ing or redeeming tho interest-bearing debt of
tho United States.
The IIouso resolution for adjournment of
Congress from Deeotnbor 22 to January 5 waq
disagreed to in tho Senato on tho 17th 27 to
ill and a motion to reconsldor tho voto was
subsequently mudo by Mr. Ingalls. Mr. Will
laco Introduced a bill to establish a unlfonf
system of bankruptcy. Mr. JJlalno offorod a,
resolution, which was agreed to. that tho Judi
niury Committee inquire into tho expediency
of Increasing tho number of Supreme Court
Judges to thirteen. Tho Educational bill wa3
oauuidnrwL uud on amendment offered
'y Mr. 'Louor. fTtritincr out tno cmuso settini
Rpnrt tho proceeds of lands and patents as
a permanent fund, and pnnlded th. t.
lor the Mrst ten yours said po
ceodH shall bo paid to the eov -id
States accord n to ttir proportion of popula
tion oer teu yours of, ago who cannot read
dud write, wtis; adopted in oommlttoe -31 to
but whs subspquotly lost 26 to 23, tho
Vice President not being in the ehair. The
bill was then piwed 11 to H. Adjourned to
tho :'0th..r.tTue IIqu'g passed tno Senato bill
irrantlng a pension to the widow of General
Hcintzolmnn. Mr. Aldrleh Introduced a bill
to g vethe city of Chteibtotltio to certain pub
lie grounds. A bill tu pustod limiting bcs
p.Oiis of tho Legislative Assombllos of tho sov
orul Torritorios to tlxty dnye' duration.
jnoium. explosion tnado a to'al wreck ot
Fauci's boip and candle factory at Louisville,
Ky,, on the Mth. A hox-makor was instantly
ki.Icd, but tho other rmployos escaped with a
few u.tght bruises. The fireman had $'J,0O3
In hU vest pocket, which was b.own into
Irai tfi .al cunoncy and scattered to the four
wi B
Miso Iii.txAinrrn Taylor, or Oakland, Oil.,
was accidentally flbot dead a few nights ao
by hernilianced husband, John Scotcuer.
Mas Joxi:a und her two children, living
between Kansas City and Lexington, Mo.,
were fatally burned a lew nights sgo by tho
c:cplo.-l'u of a coal-oil lamp iu the bauds of
tho mother.
Tun awrreatu receipts of grain at New
York, Bofton, Philadelphia, Haltlmore and
Montreal from January 1 to November !J0,
ISS'J, were 31 5,fVJ7, 112 bushels. The grain ex
ports from Uie fame cities duriug the same,
period Mere 2-12,701,590 bushels.
Tnc Nation 1 Uoatd of Trade, in sesslou at
Washlnrton on thu 15th, appointed a com
mittee to urgo upon Conirress the need of a
new commercial treaty with Canada.
A spkciai. telegram from IiuiTalo on the
15th announces that there was no prospect of
tho grain boats, which were frozen in In
tho Erie Canal, gottlui: through to tide
vii ten
T11K MA it RETS.
Nr.w YU , December 20, 1830.
LIVE 6TOCKOmle i 00 11 00
Sheep ,... i i) 'in 0 Ifftf
Mua , , jvj ck i s
FLOUU-GordtOCholeo....: 6W a Oo
WHUA'1-Xo. 2 Ued,. 1 I'J t l ro
COliN No. 2. .. fS
OAT Western Mixed.... ...
t?K2,W!4 J3(y) 33
fcuLMVjlt'Min 0f, 8lHI
OOL Domestic , U7 f2
WihVK-Extra , i?5 80 Q. $0 fiO
Choice ; i no n 5 1
V,uo 1 2.) 1 05
Medium ... ... !J 5J . '23
Puteheis Stock., 2 2f ;i ir,
MoekOttle , 2 50 t,u 21
;,19.ts;Ii,v,?-c",,"1 tociioico t so h i uo
Tin re 'nlV"r f Cholcw ' 3 , ( 4 9:
UU'l J'hlt Creamery :.r ;
LOGS fresh y7 eh "3
FLOl'K-Wiutor B Oj & 0 AO
.rV"1 0D (i 21
1 atcnts 7 00 dr. ".")
GK.UN-Whcat, No. 2 Spring 1 0J'i(6 1 o.lS
Outs, No. ;:o tr-i koS-
l ye. No. 2 (.-8 Sh 87'6
Ilarley, No. 2. in a 1 UK
bed-Tipped Hurl 5 fi'
' ne Ireon & 0i?
Crooked 3 Z 1
WW 1:100
Common 'Oressod Siding.. 17 0f tin 18 fiO
Mooring ...... W ;t 00
( 0111:11011 Hoards 10 00 on u oa
Jnncing JO 50 id n f,o
T'1'l,u'-: oa 2 25
fahingles 2 5J fie y 23
CATTLK-Itest 4r, 10 (To ?3 75
SHEEI'-He 1 tnj ft c no
Commou a 00 rt ;i 50
CATTLE-Ilost U HO ft $5 CS
Sllh EP Poor to Choloo. , .... 3 50 O 5 CO

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