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1W ' ' -
f '.
new subscriber to Tub County Vavui gets seeds which nro worth ns much n
he pay, for a year' subscription.
Cabbage, Early York.
Cabbage, Premium Flat Dutch.
Carrot, Long Orange.
Celery, Dwarf White
Cucumber, Imp. Long Grtcn,
Cress, Fine Curled.
Endive, Green Curled.
Leek. Urond Flag.
Lettuce, Malta Drumhead.
Water Melon, Mountain Swtot.
Mnntnrd, White
Okra. Dwarf.
Onion, W'eatheisflold Kcd.
Parsley, Double Curled.
Parsnip, Hollow Crown.
Pepper, Long lied. ,
KnddUli, Scarlet ShoitTop.
Tomato. Ilnthnwny's Excelsior.
Musk Molon, Prollllo Nutmeg. Turnip. Purplu Strap leaved.
I I10C SOtdS. kc those dcin lhru. lu llin oilier t wo ...illwltntw. will tin mi
UP in a neat box. (.-niitnlni
cultivation ot cacti vegetable; and will bo delivered to subscribers Immediately
af tcr tho loth ol March.
Tlie County Paper!
Books- Pioturos. Jewelry, Flower and Vegotablo Seeds,
Buggies, Etc., Etc.
Frco Gifts to all Subscribers and Something to
tL d Teste of Tvc ybedy,
Bead This LU Carefully, and, When You Find What
You Want, Mako up Your Mind to Have It.
ih'or several mouths p.ist wo have been iiczotlntiug with various parties with a
view" ofpurehaHlng froiiithein ehnlio and acceptable articles, suliablu for girts
to our niibscrlhcr at this time of thuonhrgement and clung: uf nauio of this
paper; and we now have the pleasure of announcing that wo have pcrleetud ar.
.nngements whereby we are cnniiled to offer
Tho BSost Attractive Indw.cmntsto
SuLbscri'bers 3Svor Given By Astv
ITS tf J t -iff -j ! rti i n
NO 5.
Pictorial Handy Lexicon.
Every new subscriber to Tiik Countv Paper who pays Two DolUrs In nil
vanee for a year's subscription, will be presented with either of tho books
above natn-d, or either one of the seed collections, or If lift does not want, either
of the nbovc wc wilt present him with a copy of tho Pictorial Handy Lexicon,
containing over 25 000 words and phrases nnd 230 enuruvlngs. This compre
hensive III ih! Dictionary will answer questions of spelling, pronunciation and
meaning in more than nine-tenths oT this eac that occur to the avorags tender,
and save time, mitsclo and pMlenco every day, even to tho owner of the big
Unabridged. It is neatly bound in cloth and clearly printed on good paper..
NO? 6-
. The RSIdlancS Farmer-
Any prcfont snbsr-rlher to Tin: Countv 1'aku who pays nil he now owes
and paj-s Four Dollars In advance for two years' Btib.grlptlnn ; or pays Two
Dollars for his own subscription and brines tho name of a new subfeilhc r f
one year at Two Dollars, cash In advance, will be presented with any two
Of tn above Clfts he lliav Hrlcct. tremt Knx. nnd A; in- If In- f'wm.iw iw.t i..
lake either oi them, 'ho will bu presented with a year's subscription to The' Mid
land (inner, a monthly agricultural ptpsr. pubilt-hcit In bt l-ouls and devoted
to tho In'.eittlH of Western Farmers . Jt Is an old and well estnblNhed tu.
per, which has a wide circulation among Intulligeut t.irmcrs and will to sure to
pleasu nil that elans who lecelve It. The new subscriber will also be entitled
to suy on,. ( the above ull'ts he may select, except the Midland Farmer.
UiidcMntid tlut. If the old subset Ibcr who hrlnss tho nsme ot a ieio snlrli).
fJ chooi.es the Mldlauil Firmer, he nets no other nllt. lie ran either tulco unv
two ot the above ctttN, or he ono take thu Midland Farmer; but he tunuot be
glven.MA the Midland Farmer amlWui two other gifts.
good as nro worn by tunny ladies who hold high heads In tho fashionable world'
The articles tor gentlemen's wear are also nobby and Jaunty and stylish. No
one. nfter examining this Jewelry, would believe It p.Milblo for us to furnish
aueii an amount ot reanv na.visntno . 'Weiry tor tho mere trlllu at wnlcli w
Very Broll jo Think Of.v
. uuwnutmi uuiii; lilllllb V7.ffVfrj fill
from any other soap bvci' luado
scorns very droll to think of a quiet,
Uso Dobbltfs Etcetlvo Most) ti6xt Aslit
oirer It In tonnoctlon with Tun Col-.stv I'Afntt yet we do It, and do It honcMh. ...tVV.i.. , i wlllinul any wajh boiler or J
Some Idea or how wo struck this bonanz i may bo gathered from the following - i' ,',! nn'1 ,"C,I ''WeroDtlir f I
viBiciuuni: ioooi. iwo years no a itrm ot jewelry inanuiaciur'rs in rrovt
deime. Uhodo Inland, reerlveil no order trout a prominent Now York llrm ot
manntacture 200,000 or these Caskets, ciieh containing tm-nlj pieces of Jewelry.
Alter disposing of about 100.000 of the Carols, which told as rapidly ns thuy
eould bi thrown on the market, the New York llrm was overtaken with flnan
rial difficulties nnd were unabUi to take the remainder. This made it necessary
to dispose of them at nny kicrlllee, and wu have secured it luw of them lor tho
subictlbers to Tut: Cocntv 1'a ii:it.
1 Ladle' Elecant Imitation Coral Set.
I Ladies' Klegant Imitation Coral
I Ladles' Imitation Coral ShawM'in.
1 1'alr Ladles' Imitation Coral Cuff
1 Cents' Coral Scarf-l'ln.
1 I'alr (iolil-l'latid llracclots.
1 Ladlus' Klegant 1 1 wavy Cold-Plated
I'nineo Stone Hlnr.
1 Ladles' Cold plated Veil or Hat Pin.
I'atr Anietliynt iilecve Hiittons.
1 Pair Kugrnved Cold-Plated Sleeve-
' I flet Aht'kn Diamond liar-Drops.
I I Heavy Cold Plated WeddliiL'-Kln
I Lndlci' Jet aud Cold Set (I'm anu
1 Heavy Plated (Jenls' Watch Chain.
1 Cents' Met Alaska Diamond Binds
1 Cent' (Sold. Plated Collar-nutton.
1 (ieutt' Lul;c Cieoigc Mallco Cruis
I Cent!.' Set Engraved Cold-Plated
Shirt Studs.
I Cents' Camo Stutiu Kliif (good ns
derly two )iourv light work on wash-day,
with no heat ami no steam, or utiell of
te u ashing through the house, Instesd
of n long dux N liant woik but hundreds.
ot tliniiMiiuK of women, from Nova
Scwtiato Texas, nnvo proved for them-
sen es that thw p doe.-, by using Dob
hoap. Don t buy it, how-
bin's Fieri ie
1 Set Cameo Stone Ear-Drops.
IT Any lady or gentleman Who wishes to si-.Mirn ono nf thrtn rnakets without
the payment of any rash en do so by bilnging iim the name ot ciijht new
snUicribtr at Two Dollars cmcIi. rnsh in advance. Each ot thes nw MibfCtib-
er will he entitled to the s fts thev choose, tho aiiiu n nthi-r now Hii!iiMlLr.
Tnu Coustv 1'AfUit is now the Lanjc.it, tho If.tmteoMC.it nnd tha Hal paper
published Ih xhe Stale outside ot the largo uitl; It Is all that a county paper
fthould be; wc ran say without vanity that It Is a credit to Holt county ; and
every cltizon of the county, without regard to politic or religion, should fuel a
personal luterot lu increasing its circulation, theieby wnabllui; Its publishers
to maintain it at Its present hlli standard and to add such other tmproveiiiruts
.ns may from tlino to time suggest themselves. Every copy of this piper
wuiah goes abroad will Instantly attract the attention ot all who see it; and Its
ibeauty, Its the, and the excelli-nee of its reading matter will adyurlinc the. tact
that lu this portion ofitA'u West tiieto are Intelligent people, who have splaudld
bebools and ehurches and cosy hoiiK'S, siirrouudud by orchaiils l tdcu with
clioltewt trulti, aud fields ot Hue vrhuat and corn, aud pastures In which roam
lat cattle and hogs. with soils of uuurpHed tertlllty and a climate famed for
Its bcAithluluons, In wboo midst iIioil-iihcIs moru of good people, who are
mow wearing away their lives on tho bh ak hillsides ot the East, can find a
-welcome and obtain homes of their own for a mere nominal sum. To attrurt
.to us good cltlzjn Jrom utner ehates will lu onoof the malu alnu of Tiik
jCouxty PArr.it. and In thl woik It hop to be largely aided by its subscriber.
Our citizens are conipoKcd ol people I'loni almost ever; Stato lu tho Union, and
,overy subscriber to Tin: Counrv i'apek should send it each week, aiiur iviid
Jug it, to some friend lu tho State whence he came, whom he thliiks would
.be liknly attracted here to And a Ihuik.
Our Urat aim, bowerer, is lolucreaso our subtcrlpilon Iistatihomo until Tin:
.Count.- Pa I cit Is a welcome visitor to every Hreslda In II. dt county. There'
iir Twcuty-tlro Hundred people In the county whooNfAf to take Tub County
i'At-Ktt, but who do not. We de.li e to appeal to each one of these people, hi
.ordtirto show him that it is to bis intertill to take tho paper. Tho plea ot pov
iity will not avail -m an e.eu(.e for not-Jolng so, as thelndiieements oir.tred
tielow aieoo liberal that, in many cases, thu subscilber notjonly gets Tiik
County Pai-eu for uothlng, but U actually puid to tako It. How we can at
lotd to make these gifts does not coni:ern tho general public. "Never look a"
gift hurho In tho mouth" U a saying as old as It is wise. Lot It snfllcc that wo
Hot everything hoiiestlyund that we arotvilllng to uluro our good lbi tuuo' with
our siibuci lbiirs. ' '
lielow will ba found a list af the Gifts vre ofl--r to every subscriber whonavs
. n..0,,,iHW njMcrimi)ii O 1IIK; COUNTY Pai-ICK
iioine of titeJins are for old Mibtcrlbars who rnew ; others are'tor n w nub
ucrlbcrs. A full explanation of how thu Gifts are awarded will bVjound tit tha
.bottom oftho List of Gifts.
WO- 7.
. "Good Literature."
Any present Subscriber to I'm; Cou.trr I'ArKit who settles tin nil nrreara
ces and pays Six Dollars m advance lor three yeai a' subscription : o w o pays
Two Dollars lu advaucu for hl own subscription one year anil b-utgs tiie
unwes ol two new siibsuribejs for one year at 1 wo Dollars each, c.eti. will bo
presented with any two ol the gilts above dese'rlhcd ; or instesd ol them , If he
jireters, we will piment him with a yer..-' siiln-orlption to (hod Literature, it
wuekly paper published lu New York, every 1-stio ol which i.- tilled with ilr.st
cla8 reading mattir. It U jut one-half the hI.c ot Tiik Coi sw Papku and
t'ontnlHS no advertisements. Those who wish to keep up rlin the time In
ilteraiuro win lie ueiienteii with tnis paper, as
reviews of all new publicat'ons ,.f worth.
Tho nuw iubsrribeiM iindor thU i.tlrr will each
tho gilts above deacrlbei!, except .Yw. 6' i(f 7.
It contains lull notices and
bo entitled to hli choice ot
MO. 8.
Books for Every Fireside
Any present nbstnber to Tin. Countv Pai'kk who will nettle up all
arrearages and nav Two DoIIhim for another year's Hubscriiitiou tor hlinseli.
and aluo bring uh tluee new Mihseribers at Two Dollain each In advance, will
be piesentei4 with his choice of the following eollecllons:
1. All three ol th bonks decrlln-d under Gift No 1.
'J. Klthtr one ot the hooKs described under Gilt No. 1, and Gilts No. 'J
and No.
S. (Jlft No. I. and ellher of llin book in Gilt No. 1 ; or Gilt No. 4 and
either Gift No. i.'or Gltt No.H (but not bulk ol thu latter )
. 4. Gift No. A nnd any one of Glll No. 1, -, il Hiid 4.
r. Gilt No. 6 aud any one of Gil'u No. 1, U, 11 and 4.
t!. Any one ot the i-iliowiog well-known book each of which should havo
a place In every lamlly in the liuid. Every one has heaid ot thucu books and
nlmout every iirowu person lias iviul them. lint thry are new to iho young
peopl and forgent'iatlous hive been tegardud t standard works to stimulate
a love for reading. They me read with eijiiul pleasure by the child ot (en aud
Hie graiul-siro ot eighty; and both can alwaja find them 'instructive, entoi tabl
ing and umusluir.
Complete, with very tine Illustrations
by Itumard and olheis. Laryo type;
cloili binding in block nnd gold.
"TitK A itAiiiAN Niruirs." Tho won
del In I .toiicK of the thousand and one
night' entertainment.. Sixteen full
pagu Illustrations. Cloth bliidln,lu
blaek and gold. '
"IloiiiNstiM CituvoK." Who needs
to be told about this book? Full and
complutc; sixteen full pags Illustra
tions; cloth binding in black nnd nolil.
"Aksov's Faiii.es." Complete,
with copious addltlotiH from modem
authors. Profusely illustrated ; prin
ted in large typo with cloth blndiiigjln
black and gold.
"Sayinvis, Wihk AKi) Otiiuuwisi:."
A book which will inaku you lanh,
and yet which will set yen to thinking.
Large type; Ver.vtiihtyjctoih binding
"Tin: KoitArf or MoiiAMjian."
Translated Irom the Arabic by George
Sale. It should be lu .every house. It
ouly lo refer to as a mattui jof t",curiosl
ty. Neatly, bouud lu doth.
NO, I.
A Choice ol'Sooko.
Any of tb preseait Btibscrlliers to Tiik County Pai'kr who msva nn n i.
aowowo. and pays 'I wo JJollar. in advauca loranothe r year" w'fl J
1re silt, his choice ot either one of tho following book J Tn"y JrJ belmifu 1?
primed, on good heavy pap.r. and a. o complete aud unabridged T - r
iirluted, by Harper & Uros., which is a guaranty that there H'ao fraf.d Uout
l! "ENDYMION." By Lord Heneoutfleld. ThU Is th new lionU i. ,.
oelebrated English author and politician, which has usej s"eh l, JU1 '
sjxclteiueut throughout tho 1 erary world dnrlus: tho mist iW m, ,. I"l10l'"e
which hls.u.bllsheiH ,,, the author Six ty Tl louS . Z iHo ' nd 'r
2. "nlli II1STCUY OF A CHIME." Uy Victor Hn 'o This Is i'vlri i ,
graphic history, by the great French novelist, poet "m hlsto Ian at Vhl I""1
-ot Lohis Napoleon I.. Wrsngling the lll.eriiea of h I s roij h J-y ' of crluio
8. "THE PLAGUE IN LONDON.'' JJv Dunlel Defoe author nr ..pi t
Crusoe." This Is true history, by one of tho mml &Sl&d w?SS" ill
our language, ot tho mjsteHous and awful tlsltaUou of the Plaguo i K,,8laud"
NOS. 2 At3D 3.
Plowor mid Vogotablo Seeds.
Every present siiberibcr to TrtE Cou.NTr J'Ai-nt who mm nil i, .
itmd pays Two Dollars in advaueu for iHicillw joa". ffl
rented, as a Ireo gift, with his cliBleoof either of the two f 11, .n "i,ro-oeds-lustcad
of one of the books abore tlt-&ni il'oil i Iiu iii-trii- 5V j'O1 '
book. Tho seeds are in-own be u w-11 l,n, .i . ' ' 'P''lthe .ee.ls to a
1'ltlltl lllit ....... 1 .7 a
Kv,.,. ..i.. .: . , -"r'n""".umi 'u
ontalns as many seeds as thosu o.nniu- ...i, ':, T...' ?" 's ',l ' "i s.zo And
i i . ... ... . . .--v .iiu nillll-3. J Jut iirilw if
iirouieu on uie loin oi Mareii, winch is ear v unniiili (,. ..n ..... r 7. , v. "V u
I .. . .. ll'll IICIIS ill IIIIU Inl
tiiereaitcr as wo can ivu-Mi-.. i i 1
guaranteed to bo fresh and turn to nauvs.
tude, and will bo delivered as soon
as wo can reeolvo them by uxpro.
Contains ten packages if choice annual F oncrSucds, vsJued at SI as foil-,
.Uw . Double, Choice, mixed varieties Pansy, CJ.olt Vadet es nl!
ami colors.
JJalsa4, Double, Choice, .mixed colors.
Cypress Vina, mixed colors
in Moustrosum, Double va
uixed. f,
asket Varieties, mixed.
Petunia, Fhieulliolrh;;,,
iornilaeca, Double, elml ti,it ..... r.
inixid. .o,
7!!'nl?;ll)II.1TI'lrt' ,C1,0,ieo ''"htrs.
inula, Double, .jden,!,,! colors, inl.xod.
Collection,, 10 99
sqfoTlSsl tU'U,VftO rf "hole, new Vtable Seed,, valued at l.o0,
CablMigo.I'iirly Summer.
C'uhbage, Marolshoad Mammoth.
Celery, Golden DwurL
Musk Molon, Now Surprise.
Catillllowsr, Early Paris.
j.enuce, uurieil HlleJla.
Onion, Giant Uoeca.
Egg Plant, Illaok Pckin.
lomato, Aonin.
?1Iil!lfJ,,,,.,o,UK or Summer.
HaOh, 1-ranch lireakfast.
c-ontitlDs, and will als, Illustrate mos of , Z H 1 ' St? iMfll1 vnrioti" "
leeeivtng , Beed can act knowingly, nd will bo autc . hi tria0 1,Ur'n
NOm 4.
More Vegetable Seeds.
Kvery new subjerlbsr'o Tub County I'ai'jir who i.nvJT. no .
mh;aiu;ot,.r a year's subforlptlon. w bo presented whl,1 1? TV"8 ,,u
collection of seeds, enilnnclng al tho n(,puniVnr.PM lollowlne choice
JijrnUh all JhodKTerest kinds "or VeJcifbK nfflolent to
Wcid8,lfboughtiutho.tm?w0u?d ZTtL'Z ZJlLL
I ..... I tl ( I J
"The. Perfect Shakespeare"
10 nay anoscriiiur. new or old. ho w o.iv ns si.x ro .ii i.. .,n-..,n
wo will send Tiik County Papuu one yo.ir and also present him with a copy of
J he l'erjecl Shakespeare. This edition ol'Sh At. esiit'Mnrs IVlll-l.'. Ii. Itlr thi.
iiesmim inosi vompietu ever issued, it is caielinly prepared from the earliest
and moru inod-rn edition, selected wheie roinmeniatois have dill'mi d ns to the
sense ol obscure or doiibttul passages, fiom tho-o readiuus which the ables
urines ocneve 10 on ini- unwi MiaKe-puiireaii ami best sultrd to a populur
edition. Jlltiitraled with 30 Large Engravings, designed by Jouw Coxis.s, the
celebrated artist aul engraver, and a tecl portrnlt of Shakespeare.
Ve have until Uie lerm "Perfect" hs upplle.i )le 10 this .ditlon. nail any onu
mui mil examine 11 win ni-o inai 11 wen merit Ihotllle; and, Indeed, is the
oiuv eiiMiniiMiiui inn- ueserves tne tine ot "i'erlect."
Tnurc me uumeniiis editions of this woudeiful writer' works, got up in all
tyleS. and st rvuiy prlee. Hut. unfortunately, they are ull moie or less f.iul.
by. i rouisomo eiiitions many ol the strongest pas'iiges aio omlited lu dolor-
nce i" Hiiieaunsii iinmoy.iainnvisiu. in other editions many scenes are trans,
posed, till thu plays are made, like Joseph' coat, 11 thing -"of shreds and
patrhes." lint iu this Edition, the "Perfect" Shukespeaio, all tho Poems
all IbeJ'lays all the Chaiacters all the Language are given unahrid'-ed,
clear and perfect as they originally prang from tin august brow of this Jove
ot Poets the sublime fihuakspcare. It Is not nereisary Ht this Into day tosaj
aught in praise ot Shskehpesre's works ; for Ihey am uoivcrsallv admitted to be
the grantlcst elfoit.ol any bun.an mind. Works that have been eulogized by
Hen. Johnson, by Dryden, by Addison, by Milton (Prince of Poets,) who ha
beautifully written of him au
"Sweetest Shakespeare Nature's child
Warbling his native wood notes wild,"
needs no eulogy from meaner men.
They present nn epitome of
all hnmnn fiasslons, motives,
actions and expressions.
None are too hleh, none too
lowtomUs being Instructed
an well as delighted by tho
plays and poetry of Shakes
peare. The
Perfect Shakcsnoaro
lit lu every respect the bent
edition. Every word ot tin
original Is In It, It is printed
from new, clear, easlly-read
t)po. It Is a flue, largu.
1 .. .1 . . 1 1. "" '." 11.
.1.1. 111 V. " orn;,lt't to nny parlor lahlo. It is embellished with many
piking Illustrations The IV-rtecl" Shakes,earo, In ..ddlllon to the whole ot
S,Vikespeare's Comodles, Histories. Traaedles ami Poemsdl that he ever
v)t text ot Shakespeare's Will as recorded In the otllco of the
1 urogamc Court ol Canterbury, and also a complete explanatory clossarv ol
OrVnim ,W.r(jH 'Uu'w oanH 111 "I" works. i.iakluL' one UiLid-onio
Qwirln Vnlii no, bound Iu tho best English cloth, with artistic designs In black
an J gol. on bank and side. Tlw size ot the book Is 11 l-, Inohe- high. 8 Inelius
wide. I 12 Inches hlek. and weigh f) pounds. Aspeclmen copy can bo seen at
the ofrice of the editor Tiik County Paphii.
When this edition was first issued It was sold at. seven Dollars a copy; but wo
havu made ai raticcinuuts where liv we can yitc it atrai to our siibsrribor in
I he manner abovf. mentioned. C- Any one who wains to procure the Perfect
Mnkcspcarc. without the payment of uny cash, can do so bv bringing us tho
iK. niriBte'dc'1,,nl ,WH '''ni-seuch. cash In lidvance Tho-e now
BtiUbti lucre win be given proinluns thu same as otbsr now subscribers.
WO. il.
The Peoples' Encyclopedia.
To anv subscriber, new or old. who will njviis.s,.'f.:7.ims.ii 1m iiilvniwf. ,
wc will send Tut: Countv Pai-kp. oiiw year and present a set set of Chambers's ;
hiicyclopu-din. In Fifteen Volumes of about 800 pages ouch, lino type, rlo-oly
ini. uivmij imiuil-u, iiyu nnnusuineiy ami suosiannaiiy oollhil 111 cloth rtil- Is
tho publication (with the exception of the American Additions) which has been
o extensively advertised for thu past year under the title i.r Librari of lrni
vernal ICnouitdye. It Is a lull and coispleto reprint of the Edluhu r. hcotlaud,
18f edition ot Chamber.? Encyclopaedia. When, about ten months ago, the
Aiuurloan Itnok Exclunge announced their Intention of publishing this Immense
work ill tllteen volumes ami selling them nt Fifty Cents n Volume, people were
Incredulous and it took several months to convince the public that there sas
n.i humbug or swindle about it. The now price ws to tieineiidniisly lower
(being less than one-third of the old price) than the price at which It had
lormerly been sold, that people could not believe It possible that they could be i
manulactiired lot the price named. When the first vulninu made Its appear-1
sure people examined It closely, loitnil It to be well and clearly printed on thin 1
but stiong paper, nnd strongly and substantially bound iu durable cloth. Still I
.1..... ..1....... I ..tu 1 1 . I . ... !..(... .... . . I
inu.i nuuuu i mir Hums mm tiuiiuu'u nun preiucieit mat the piuillstu-r wouic go
into bankruptcy before they llnlstud the lllteeu volume-. Hut steadily every
iwu in ilicu re u new volume miiuo us aiipeai'iiuce, uuil, as lime wore on,
peopio oegim io gam conuiieuce. ills sales luureaseil rapiillr toward thu Lift. ,
itniil now the tllteen volumes aro tlulshud mid are on our table betoru us nn we '
write. Notwithstanding the rapidity with which they wore rushed through the j
press meiu was no Biiguiiug ot tne worn, ami ovorv voiiimu Is a nioilrl of m.
chauical oxecntlon. Upwards of one tin mired thou-n.ud copies have now been
sold, aud thu publishers say that Ibis is but tlm beginning, as they intend to
fell ii million copies. Aor is this Improbable. These books coustitiitea library
In themselves. Whether a m.u has other books or not. he should have these, !
ior uiuy contain iiiiormaiion upon almost every subject within the range oi l . .
human knowledge; and. as the snbjeets are alphabetically ai ranged, any ol i n.c
thein can be turned to in a moment. Formerly the posso-a'ion ot an Encyclo-
iMruin hm: uimi ui oiiaoiocru or Appieions win reserven tor only thi wealthy;
but since the diring Innovation of tho Literary K'-v ilutlon in pulilHliiyg Cham
her Knoyebpiedia in llrtuen volumes m Fllty Cent a volume (with ten vents
n volume added tor postage to those who eanuot call for them nt the iiihllr:iiimi
otllue) almost any nun cao become the okwcv of these coveted books. Tun
Cou.ntv PAfint most earnestly wishws tlut every t.inilly In Hilt county may
have a set of these volume; and It is proud and happy tint it has an oppor
tunity to oirer them to its subscribers at a price considerably lower thau is
charged by tho publishers. To demonstrate: Tnj verv low-st prl.ie lu cash at
which those books can ba bought ot the publishers in New York is Fifty Gouts
per volume making seven-ami a-lulf dolUr.s tortile (lftuon volumes. 'To this
price persons outside of Nuw Yur.t city intist arid the cost ot sending them by
mall, wnica is ten cents a toIuuih. Tills amounts to one and -a-hili dollars,
insking thu total cost, of the Encyclopaedia, to persons in Holt county, Nine
Dollars. And this is the very lowest price at which they can bo bought. Hut
by availing ourselves of a very liberal offer made us br the publishers, wherebv
we are prnuittod lo p-iy a considerable portion In advertising, wc are able to
oiler the Encyclopaedia and a year's subscription to Tim (County Pai'i:h for
Filly Cenis less than any one else would have lo pay for tho Euryolopaeilia
alone! In other words, we furnish the EncTclopaedia and Tin: County Papkk
one year, lor only Eight-and-a-half Dollars, which Is Fifty Cents less than
tho lowest rnsh price r.t the Encyclopaedia, postage added. It Is not neces
sary to ulliido further to ibis branch of the subject ; every reader will iininntly
see Iho point, and wo hope that hundred of them will avail themselves of ibl.
opportunity to procure Imoks no e.entlal to every Intelligent household. Wo
add one other thought though we have nlrrndy said so much. The
editor or Tin: County I'Ai-mt owns both A pith-Inn' Cvelopaulla and Cham-
urm n lilL) Ul.i,i.n-Ulll. 1 IIU I III 11 1 IT IH III SI.NICril TIIIUU1CS Ullll l'0t I11U1 IllllftV-
nix dollars The latter Is in lllleen volume and cost him nine d illas. Yet 'if
no were inrceu to give up one or tu other ho would keep Chambers's! It
um.iim niwiif luiiiini ni.uier inun Appieioii's; inu suojecis are treated more
ln.ttfll!giblv; the print Is just as clear ; and, the volumes weighing so much
!es, are vastly more comfortable to handle..
HTAiiy one who would like to get the above described Chambers' Ency
clopaedia without the payment of any cash whatever, ran do so bv bringing us
the mime ot thirty new subscribers, at Two Dollars aach. cash, Eaeh ot theae
nw subscribers will be entitled to a girt the same as other new subscilbers.
....... (. .. . . ... . . - ..
uver.u umj m'i in your ways to use it ac
cording to iliriu-tVm,. that are ns sim
ple ns to seem nluiost ridiculous and so
easy that a girl nf twelve y-ars ei.n do
a large wnh uiilmtit being tired. It
potithulv will nut Injure the fun si fab.
lie, has been before tho public lor fif
teen yeais. and Its nlo dou'iles rvery
ytmr. If ymt groi-ei has not got It, ho
WinJet it, as all wimiesnio grocers
V.np It. Nny,.. MrCord mid Co.
wholetnlo Agts. 1. Jcwrpli Mo.
I. L. Ciiaoin & Co..
.m(jromtv Hoockr,
OKP.nnx, mssofttt,
Io.-ii Mosmj. lliij NUr. Draw Df-tUs on all
Brli-.inl Hli-. nnd vli:ii. pri)iiiitly iimd.
I'st Ta far noii-rutMpitl i I.miu imiutlat'st
n real titti. and lur.tfi)i nts m;u!e nn 'avnra
'lie terina. Jnlera-t sllnweil MiTtine l)c slU
Frazer & frlcDonald
'piUMSAl.-IH a (I'lii ril bsnKlli hi sin w
X --tils eveiianya on (lie clilsr t.tits of the
I a It ! Stiiti-s anil rnrip(n-. Mlns 1 1 1 1 - ril on
.'i oi is Hi-n l't -(' l-il iluti, i mi,. Ulj
ici'ie ret-fiil nttemiuii.
h. i . n-.Ani:. . jii.no,i i,
1'ai.Miirxr. rtiex.
jS'Kiri!. At jvlilm)i. iw.i rfoiri north
l A Cttos Store i fotinorlj. testilemo o
I.m orjii
. i.ost.rs. m. i).
(loslin c
I. A l-fKOKMl.U HAM M l
oki:oo.v. MO.
oki K;sc opiwiir .vii Hi or :
anl:. up tslM
ri'.i'l'i'j'.. c.c .viRt:s.
Atlorncya at r.uw,
moi;m pity, no
ori'IC'i: .Ovr'oiniil Mi- r' lore
A 1 t. o r u o y :t Law ,
nl Kstnte, Iinnnuico nntl Collnct
Jir; Kut,
IflfN't) CITY, MlrtJSOl'Ul.
W:.i prartlcQ In all tti cuiirts ot northwt
lm iiirl.
Attorney at "Law,
W III i rsiillcs In -II Hi roiirt of "5!ltiioiifl
r.".l HuO'U biuliifsi -ml Pnll-lloiis in-nipt-
t iiltrunixl
at nart-
to. onice wot Mite ft l'uhllc
t. c. ni:
A t'TO K N E Y
NCi A?T,.
A 'I' L A V
WO. 12.
An Elegant Top Buggy.
For Eighty-Fiyp Dollars, cash In advance, wo will semi Tiik CorNTr Pai'kk
one year and also present tho -ubserihor with Ids choice of three iliff.-ront stylus
of Top Huggies -a pletttra of one of which is shown elsewhere thu suh.eribn'r to
pay freight from Cincinnati, Ohio. Pictures of the other two styles can be seen
at the ollicn of Tiik CoimTV Paimih. Thoo Ituggie aro iiianufaeture4 bv T. T.
Ilajdoek, the eelnbrated Cincinnati niiniifacturer, and the lowest rash price at
thn mauitraetory 1 .'3110 for each. It will thu be seen that we furnish them for
$.Mss than they eti possibly be bought for, and throw in a y-ar's subscription
to Tiik Countv Pavki: besides. Anv ono who wants a good buggv will never
have n butter opportunity than this to seeuro It for so liltlo monev. All these
llusglss havn leather Quarters; Hubbor Hoof ami Curtains ; Trimmed In Leather
or Hluu Cloth, a do'lrod; Harvn Patent Wheals, Dot .Springs and Axles. In
short, thuy are made for service as well as display, and will last well and givy
satisfaction. Tho manufacturer gives a written Warrant with each Ruggy that
if n wheel, spiing or axle breaks within one ear from date of purchase, on
account of bad material, it can. bo returned to him and ha will send a new one.
All the boohs offered as Gifts by Tiif. Cot'NTr Pai'ku will hn ordered bv us
fiom thu publishers from time to time as we may have call for thmn. Wo shall
probably order about every two weeks. This plan is rendered necessary In order
to prevent us from accumulating books which our subscriber do not want. We
havo no means of judging iu advaneo what Iwoks they will select. Those miIi
nunbers who select books as gifts will inform us or our agents what books they
want, at the tlma thev uav tln-ir siibseriotloiiM. mid if wn iln not Imv.. h,,,.
hand we will send for them in out next order and forward them to tho subscribers
in soon us wo receive them.
V. ill - r i-l!.,f ii) all Cmirls of MIsvmrl.KaiUAS
limn i. i.i N:in'.'.a !oal Ustali' bitsJucis. nr.il
CV'ii.'t'i.ut iin xiptt) jliwiulfil lo.
ts. i. ki:a,
Aitnnuty :tl; Law. 'Xotary
Pulilie nnd Heal Evtto Agent,
t II hIIviiiI ii) 11 Ivial lunlat'ss liiiiustrt la
lilsvuri- In all til" rmirtstif Xnltlint Mlttonrl.
Ilit for uli' a lar-ju imiilir of cliuko lm-.lus,
h. 11. KNOW LIS, 'I,
a i t o n n i: r at l a w ,
our.doNt !ii3.soi;r.i,
III frurlldt. .ii .All (WM. Ileal Kste bil
u,i. -sj ( nilri'iiwiis jtroi.sjit I y atlrndt'tl to.
T 0 K N i: Y A T I. A W
cit.vin, iii.ssoi'tii.
Ml ill smi'tiu in all tin.- roiirU nfjiiiilt
om I uj; ciiuuitus.
. Tlieie l'aiuaiiB lastrii-
Hit-lit!, .unv iMCClt
- 89,000
1 n mirMl)"i-, tli fiif torv lru
fr ii.-ii,Iii Huerpul opnr-
tli.m .a year. The Orsaas
( ueSt in Towr,
NO. 10.
Beautiful Jewelry Casket.
Pitbicriber. new or old, who will pay us Four Dollars cash In
Will Sl'lll TllK I'nuvTv Pitti.ii .. ,l l .,'
...t, i. i..i. ft . . . . ... .-in , hiiii utnii llt-ulll nun
with a Casket containing Twenty Pieces of Heanllful Jewelry. This jewelry Is
lint composed nf so d nnr.. mtlii ,.n n . .. ...... r'. . i , A , ,
. I t . I . i .. . I H-.M, ..ii, mi ,.,v in., ,n i ,;.i, rncui E LUI I all! lieflV 1 1 V
The v'i! rl ot i V il l-i I i" t " ? W,I,,,V"1 R0""' ,ls U the? were solid gold.
Ihc iuiotis tutleles lulcnded or ladles' wear arc really handsome and a?o ns
To nny
advance, we
OoneliKliiifi Appeal.
Now, Cood Peoplo of Holt a:-ul neighlioring rountTcs, Tin: Coi'ntv l'.UT.it l.s
before you. You seo what it is and it speaks for itself. We promised that it
should ho Iho Largest, tho Handsomest, and the llcst County Paper In thu Stato.
With becoming modesty, we claim that ws havo fulfilled our promise. No citizen
of Holt county will bo ashamed to send Tin: Coi'stv Pai'ku abroad as as nidev
of the Intelligence of our people. We confess that wo are proud of this paper,
and wo believe our prldo will bo shared by all our stibsoribors. '
Hut not only do wo furuish our readers tno best county paper in the Statn- u-
also offer thu most liberal (lifts to subscribers ever presented by rm v paper lu the
I'lilted States, so far ns our knowledge extends. Our object In this Is to lm-"olv
swell our subscription list. Wc want more. .vib.vribersi CHEAT MANY more
anu we want our present siiusoriiMirs to alii us In getting them, Wo twht t
havo a thousand more hiibseriliors in Holt vminty, and we can sneuro themf our
present subscribers will only aid us bv showing the ouner to thou- u,,,, i
tolling them of the plonsure they dun'vo every week from runihuir It. 'iv II lli.l'i.ht
appoint every 0110 of our subsoiibeis our agent, and wu urgu each ono to Interest
himself or herself In our behalf. Just think of this, if oaelt of our subscriber
will send us just one namo wo will havo nearly three thousand mibsoiibors- and
then we can nnd will make Tin: Cot'NTr Papku still butter than It now' Is
vastly moro so. Though we know our subscribers fool kindly toward us, we
stimulate their good will by offering tlinni Inducements, In the shape of valuable
gifts, for all they do ferns. The.su (lifts aro so various that, ainouc; them all
no ono can fall to find just what, he or she may want. Wo offer Clfts for secur
ing all the way from ono wib.orlber up to llfty, ami ranging tu valuo from "6
cents up to $110. Good Friends, lu helping us you also help yourselves. Tho
moro subscribers you get for us, tho better wo will mako thu paper for you And
thero is not a subscriber on our list who cannot ssnd us at least one now nauio
And "every littl helps " If enough subscribers will send us now nanios to make
an averaije of one hiiiiio from each, wo will be satisfied Head over carofullv tho
foregoing; list of (llfis; and if you Ilnd thu namu of somuihingyoii want which
an be had by seo ring a fow subscribers for us, make up your minds to have It
and go to work and got It. It will t.ko very llttlu tronblu. No ono can look
through U iik County Pai-ku without being pleased with it ; ami when thu further
Inducement is held out that every subscriber is allowed his choice of u number of
valuable gifts, theru Is not ono Intelligent man out of twenty who will refuse to
subscribe. Pry It I YounS hulios and t-entleinfti can, by voiy little offort, seeuro
a largo iiunibor of thoso eharming books, the names of whloh are sure to make
them wish for thimi. c
Now, who wl 1 help us? Wo priSpnso to publish, from tiiiio to tlino, a Hull of
Honor, conta nl ng tho nrtmos of (hose who specially interest themselves for us
bhall wu not luVve tlo pleasure of inserting your namo in that list?
R1ost ToiGtefu! in Form,
Out Lists all Others,
A -jest tarm'y uf rvis Imlli for piilillc soul
prlv.nc iiw ( al iliMiii s si nt fruu tu anyi ml
tlrs n AppUeatlim. Also a
ua"ui'i.MStnl In Tune ami Workinanthlp.
Adilrtss lliecrmpntiy eltlierM V'cjIoii,
Kanms I 'in , .Mi., or Atlanta On,
Holloway's Ointment,
t'oMeMod f ihl.t rnim-ij, etery man mar lift
his own Potter It nity be milifrt Into ttrn
"jttni. no n loii-iifli any Inlornal ruinplMiit i
by these iiii'.ms it ciirrs Sorot er u!i-L-r In tlio
Clirti.it, Slomai'li. Mvr, Spl.n, or ethrr pail.
It l nn Inf&lllhlH remi.'il) or Unit I.rj;". Unit
llrmsts, Ciintiiictnl or Mffl .lollltJ, Uuul, Hlisil
lliatlsiii. :init llll S.la IH;o.
iMi-nitrvwr C action. Norm jro i!nulno
hbIi-m Ilio Rlznntutx ot ,1. lUvnocK, j njont
fur llin ritittd Stti, urrnoms ccti Iwi of
I'llls anil Olutmsut. Jloxn nta uts, t emit,
ami tl 'iicli.
UWTIitTe It onliltrallo jiivins by taklne
the InMcr Jlro.i.
If.ir.i.nwi- Si Co.. Nw Vork.
WlioloBiiiti AC.u ta. NEW YORK.
jJL The Best Thing Yet
f"lTlio ritchlmrtf Arointle Trlcton Co'
T 'Now MolnlloTeltffone. K?niJ fot Clvou
Isrs, Fltchbu-5 Awullo Telffone C.
tlox TS, 0iai)7Vfc'iimirK,,M.u",
"ncfnr umsnliKtlipuwvr totay, llelmld I
Tlivjswi ot Uarknea. lmvo devouroit It tip,
fn Outfit st-nlJftiiH to tlmtewliu wish to n
L L KKo im tliu init .leaiini:nil pruntablo
ni)iiJiiemkiioa. llvi-rjllilnir new. Cftl'l
MUtio not n-uulr-it. We will furnish jua
i-vrlfilKK. iu a (Uy and tiiiwurdi In cn.illf
tnudo without ilnyhiff atvny from lioinu over
nlutit. Noink Mluitsver. Miniy new workt-m
wunted at onco. SlMiyaro innklne fortuutsnt
the IiudIiii'ns, Untie mako u uiui'h m luqt.
Kreiti pu). no
iniiKi- mora
and yimiiK bors mid ulrl inaVo sr
nni. tvlui 1- ttlllluir tu tt'nrk' fulls to
mimoy vory ttay ono caii u mniw in n wur.
iitntix nrillliill-v riiltlttl-lllPllt. lllOHO WOO tl-
'kmkh st orn'oUl Ilnd liort rosd, .to fortune
AtUrt'it-s H. IUl.l.KTT, t Co,, VorUand. Muhm
TOTFtTt VnraforBonuul fltrli tl
tl Yftunf acd 01411 A. KKW IN
VKNTION liuS tMfet4 lor Uwa,
(srHomauMl Jt
Vrt and Bcrpu nnrnw, xcntKiiri
HrlBir. Orl.uo,uripa
Bern CJutUur.t 'Prk
I BtnieceBtalnr Ji
( ... ,i.
O'r; siC

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