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II" -1
It. - V
-,-Dr. I.ukciiK will lireach at Forbes
,.ioU Sabbath morning mid nlglit.
Y 1 Vl..t..... V I. - ..i..
Kansas irpent lat week with Kin old
Irlouds in libit county.-
, !. Wn litaro fnt-firml tttlh'a rnll 'l.isf
Wednesday fmnv'Fraiit L. AIHh nf St.
t slotrph, who represent the Uradstrcct
i i
sWDluiuicill Jj;eiii;j
' Captain Kaueher went to At Loo Id
last Monday to attend ilip meeting of
''the grand lm!je!nf' Odd Fellows. , 'Ho.
Srill probably return' to-morrow or ear
ly next week.
Dou't fall to put two cent' stamp
nu Tiih CouKTr l'AVKulf you mall It hi
....... 7.1. ...I 'I....I, ' til......'' It J .....
VIIWJ II ICI.ll D.lll UI I Hi 1 l-
ttrrainilit. out tlm l no lnntrer Mif.
lltijut'to pay 'tlto postage on it.
1 1 Those railroad employes of the K C.
road, who eaiuo out dear o the charge
tf robbing baggage, have now brought
Hiilt against tlm parties wlin worn In
strumental In their arrest, and propose
to prove them guilty of perjury,
' "0. wlifN lumr fcoj ta-hlllil
' Tf lioro ! my trnd.r youth roxtulug?"
. A unthnrtMiK, lu iniloui Uin,
Att.hr tKlllfhl'i jfllow (loaiufnr.
' vr.ll, lkl IngUm yoiiiv win a uilla away,
IJulto rontUrtatily flttit, yen unit,
Willi a bstnrlnir lrl f 900 ponntt
A liKTCtlut nu till knes.
There U a class of men who will
tako a paper And compliment its "put
up" fur ten yearn, but Jint present their
iiceouuis and tho paper lose nil of it
attraction. It is just such iiiimi who
keep the preMH pojirr but how to run n
yipar and steer clear of them U it ques
tion to bu solved
.I. M. Young of fit Joseph has been
in Oregon ami viciuity for auveral days
part purchasing, black walnut-timber.
' u ha thus far pureliated ubout i!00,
OOUteet, paying $7 to 610 pur thousand.
He think thu tUdierof Holt county
ar superior to that of the East, tlng
harder uud uitieh hotter grained.
The Miprcruos?ourt ha reudcrud a
neeiitiou oigrunv inipoiiancu to larmera
nuddroverHcouOerhlngtlmsnle.of dUeiis.
ihI cattle. Thu declnion, i to thu vffcel
that he who velU diseased cattiu forlclt.H
the pay for them, ami Is llahlu ton diun
igen tor the .ipread of the dUeiiHO.
The following are Prof .' Tit:e' pfe
illctioiu for tho remainder of the month:
14th to lCth.clear'atid very cold.if heavy
Urnu .liavu.-oci'iirrtid; 17thti 20th,
I'ltiinlluj nod threatening wt'ather, with
oiitiw or rata; i'lst to 'JM, ' cleur and
foM'IfVto'r'uiH 'of iuorti' than ordinary
'neri;y have oecurml; Slid to 'itith,
t'loudlng, thrateniiig weather, mid
lieiny rdii mid tiiiow storm.ij' 27th to
a8tli, clearer (Jr.',2tb,t .lint, cloud-
iiig-iureaieuiiig wv;uuer, wuu ram or
blow. The comparatively warmer
uptlU. will W tiio 18th,, U5th,' ami
WWi.'Tlie 't'imipknitlvely colder. nclli
warbtVaKimt tll'e lith, JlHt, "itli .ami
30?''11)e'eVrihquake u'eriods aro"altiiut
thT7th, itth ufid 5lh Auroras wil
robably he viable alioiit thu titli, 'xOtli,
Tb'e"fo!lowliig advicf Ui lathes,
Hltli'li Wo llhilfloaUug tlinnig'h our -xr
Vhnngel'wiufout credit, deserves to bu
t'uml anU'pduder'eil over by every o'nuof
our lady reimVri : Ladles - caged birds
f UekWtllul pluuKlgu,1 but'tdckly ' looks
pltd pet of the parlor; who vf getitb
(n M tiuhealiliy'aUilogihei,like Ihe'po
lHti,germln:ttlng iu'tt dark cellar, why
4nj7Nr not Into 'the opeuair "ftnd
warm wu.tldne, . and aild lute'r tJ your
oyitt Wom to your cheeks, elasticity to
,your uteps, und'vlgor.to your, frames?
Take exercise; inn up thu hill on a
wugoP,aud down again forfuuj roam
the liebirf, climb ;thu feu'eej, leap thu
lltehe4, wml. thu brooks, mid after, n
ilny of exhiluratlug exercUu andiiuru
titrnined liberty, o home with an uh
jit'Ue acquired iy hualthly enjoyment.
U'lie bemitlfuJ outd blo'dtthg young,la
ly rosy cheeld and brJl;ht-eyed who
tun darn a Blocking, ihwl her own
frock, oommiittd u reglifjuiit ol potx mid
kettWa, nud Iw. young Jady when ti'j
uiivvl, io ngJi-l that
lint young mcRfaryJu
qiistf foi' wife. Mint you pining
ncrewe-urs WJtsp-waUted, dull-dressed,
coiiunpti''in-inortgaied, niOde-mur-lerlug
aui novel devouring uiiiighteru
of fashion nml Idleaess, are no more lit
ior matrlAiwy than npulietln to look
nftcr a broodttf fourtwm chlckcim. The
truth Is, dear girl, vu want loss fah
iouablo rtirttnimt mid nioiv liberty of
Mellon; moreteheu and lew paror;
more leg exe t00mid less sofa; tnore
frankneds ai1'omproh mock' modesty.
fepure atmosphPwJ' l'""il biHtomu hoiiic
:, thing. good iilottora.jtlful us mitiirp
tlOSIgllVU. lot OW
A boy can t pull four times moro
Weight In boyg'oti a died than bu can
wood from thu back yard.
S.li.Davis old to .lohli KaltcnWni-k.
last week, ejuljty aero of tiuimpraved
iTalrlu laml five lulu-r cat of Oregon
for ei.Mu asb.
. Key. Mr. Shoivalter will preach nt
Triumph, c,hixil hwiivi next Sahlmth
inuriiiug and at New Tolnt In the af
ternoon. Mik4 Annie Colvln while eoantlug
lnsfcTuesday evening, rullldfd with tho
occupant of another uled and wk o
severely Injurud tliat ho has since ben
.eonflnrd to her td.
rmodi who borrow Tho County
Taper from thflr gelisrous neighbors
should bear in mind that thu subscrip
tion price is unly 2,00 per annum in
ndvancp less than four cents a week.
Tho following adaptation from
Mother Ooo.su seem llkly to enjoy a
winter's' run(or Hllde)lhrough the col
iimns'of the jiro.H:
"O ro.lli.r, mar t r al t akntsr"
"O y: I'ljr datlliiK'dniiithlf t
n ur ilsn'l fall n yusr pi,,
Uirt illdswo nxt oiigtiltr,"
Those of our subierlbor.s who wish
to Feud Tint C'ountt 1'apku to friends
in other States, alter they have re. id It,
will pleiuu take, notice that tlt j paper Is
so heavy, since its enlargement, that It
now requires two cents postage.
- If yolf l'vo not yet done so, be
mire to read nil about the gifts to be dis
tributed to tho suhicrlbW.s ot TtlK
I'ouiTr l'.Al'KK, fall partlculurs of
whieli will be fouild on our ' fifth page.
You. can lielp iik, and, at thu mine
time, help -yourhelf by securing one or
moru ot these gifts. ' '
Thu Kansas City, St. Joseph and
Council lllutts railroad last week passed
Into the hands ol the owners of the Chi
cago, llurliugton and (jiilney Uallroad.
It is not yet known whether the new
ownuis will make any change of iitlleers,
but it Is devoutly to hoped that they
will. If they will give tho 'gland
bounce" to Col. Harnard, thu (iuncrul
Superintendent, they will do a favor to
every man living along the liuu of thu
road. He In conceded to be the meali
est man that ever strutted in a lltllu
.bii'ief authority; and thu uiaunur iu
which be has piled thu rates up on ship
purs.will cause hliiV'tt long be remem
bered only to bu uunthematixed.
Weruceiviul tie following through
the postofjicu last Monday. 'It seems
very much as It it were . intended as a
hint to Homebody to behave In church:
"When. young gijnilcmrn ami young
lailles in attending church neglect to
give their undivided attention to' the
minister and thu irvu'V but" whisper
and giggle amoiig.ltiemse,lves, tlieyitru
,apt to Impress III kit that.liu would have
n'n easy fiuiu iu couve'itiug them if their
hearts were as Mift'iw their huud. This
is not designed as sarcasm, but its a vni
diiuUion of good behavior, which Is ac
cepted, tli.' civilized world over, as an
other name for yood 6cusc."
, -On of the most convenient arti
cle's to be used iu n sick room Is a valid
bag.- (iet somo clean, line vaud, dry it
thoroughly in' ii kettle on thu Ktove,
luukc a.liag about eight melius square
o'f flannel, IUi it wth.dry hund,- su'w1 the
opening arefqlly together, and cover
thu bag wjla cotton or linen cloth.
This will prm'uut- tlie. saud from sift
ing out. aud also nimble you to heat the
bag quickly by placing it lu the oven,
or eyeu on. top of Llie htoviv After once
iisiu'g you will never again attempt to
Warm tlie,feet'or baud of any sick per
son with a bottle. . of water, or brick.
The tutuil holds the , heat .a long time,
and thtt bag 'can bu tucked up to the
back without hurting the invalid. It is
a good plan to make two or three bags
aud keep thcni ready for ma.
I'arenU, the true way to educate
children is to teach ihemlhu dignity of
lulair, either of brain or bauds, both ;
to direct their studies with a view to
practical utility; t give a llrni, Vroad
Putidatton, Mid upon tliat you may
rear what siperlruqtre you iyi!l.
Teiieh yiWr daughter the mysteiles of
housewifery and plain snwlng,' give her
thorough. but ruction iu tho elemen
tary branches, take care tUat she can
read well, speak and' write her native
language Miiderstandlngly, and work a
practical buslneaju problem for her
father, then If clrcanutMiees will per
mit, 13t Her equabilities bound her ac
quirements. Jlut oven liuro tho praeti
ualshonld not liu lost sicht of. A
knowledge of current eyonts is of inare
value than thu ftcqusittou of a dead'lan
t ii age, und a knowleilgo .of 'tho laws
and customs or mr own contemporary
governments Is of moro wovtii than the
l'jiii of (Jrci'lan inytholoyy.
! llov. (1. A. McKlnlay will preach in
Forest City next Sabbath morning aud
Mr. Miller will preach iu Oregon
on unit Sabbath, morning and evening.
The preliminary morning survlca wilt
bu a short sermon to ch.l dren. Chil
dren especially Invited.
We intend tliat Trip. Cot'.tTV Pa
i'kk shall be pro-cmlnentl the family
paper nf tho northwest. When the
women and children are onliMod in our
behalf wo have no fears about the men
quickly following.
County court met last Monday, but
was in session only long enough to re
ceive thu Assessor's Hook aud a!low
a few accounts. Only the newly elect
ted Judges, lluiatt and Bradford,
were present Judge McCoy absent
ing himself.
There aro a great many people Iu
thu county who still believe iu thu vir
tues of tho mad Mono. It will bo of
Interest to such to learn that John
Kelson of Savannah, Mo., has a fam
ous stone, which hr has hud since 1848
and which ho claims has cured upwards
of a hundred aases of hydrophobia.
It was last Tuesday, on the train be
tween Forest City and St. Joseph, ami
polities had givun way to theology, and
the young man with n turban hat had
the tloor, and was denouncing thu old
fashioned idea of hell. "I tell you,'
bu cried, "man was never intended for
such a llendish punishment. (Sod nev
er inadu mu for klnd.ing wood."
"lleckoii not," said thu old parson,
buck near thu tovu; "too green."
Thu shipments of ling nt Foroit
City during thu past tea days havu
weighed an timuually large average.
Michael lliinr. of Kast Lewis township
delivered thirty hogs which averaged
312 pounds; Jubu Stephenson of Forbes
township delivered lu.1 which averaged
200 pounds; and Daniel Hurler of
Forbes township delivered 61 which
weighed Slti pound. The price paid
ii eueli case was 'jl.l.'j per hundred.
Thu dwelling houso occupied by
Alfcrd Gentry ami John Komi and their
families, 2'l-'2 miles Southeast; of Ore
gon, was destroyed by lire last Monday
morning. A defective Hue is uppo'.d
to havu hewn thu cause. Thu families
weru jiiht sitting down to Lrcakfait
when tho Urn was dlscovero I, and the
Dames had then made Mich headway
that it was impossible to savu the
building, lly hard work they Miureed
cd In saving niv'St of their bedding ami
a Kirllou of the furniture. All cNu was
burned. Theio was uo Instirauur, and
the loss falls heavily on Messrs Gentry
mid Hond, both of when are luduMrlous
young men; who wuro Just getting a
start iu tho world. They havu thu
heaviy sympathy of all their acquaint
ances. '
Astrologers and soothsayers should
bo ot good courage this year, if there la)
miy premonitory virtuu in thu curious
comllluatloiis of numbers that may bo
evolved from thu date lKvSl. Not
only does ii read thu samu backward and
forward, which only occurs every 110
years, but the magic number nine' is
interwoven Iu It In a remnrkablu way. !
The sum of either tho Hint two or thul
last two llgiues Is 0. Th- sum of all
four is the saitib a tlm first two, 18,
"which added (ogothcrordltldtd by two
gives nine.-. Multiply tho wholu by 9
and thu product, lG,02!),eoiitaIns two
nines, 'iiiu tho snm ef th digits H 27,
Or tljrcu niiws or, added, onu 9. i'lacu
tho 18 under the 81 and add ithe sum Is
i9; Mihtraot, aud thu remainder is 63,
or I tUnes o. Almost innumerable
similar combinations may bu formed.
TheJIolt County Press last week
eoutalncaV. thu following local item:
"Thu sulifWed Skntinki., for tho lack
of u "he.uljv failed to maku its appear
ance In its Nlaeu an 8x10 thumb shsot
was i.ssiied yi) terd ay. Wo shall bo lu
suspense for jjnotber whole week before
wu seo .bt long talked of, long looked
for, muc.,ybraggcd of mammoth metro
politan paper, 1'jit think wu will survive
the .iirnrl.su." 'HVci imhlish this as a
Specimen of the Amiali-soulod ouvy by
wlileli some men ) lives uru mauo mis
uiable. The writer of. tho above be
giudgo thu prosperity of others and is
consumed with envy and jealousy
when h tees others, doing well,
Nor can he restrain himswlf from exhib
iting thu mulltic-.s of his character by
writing such paragraphs as tho ono we
quote. Thuro was no occasion for
him to say any thlog, for our papur was
only delayed a few hours (not "a wholo
week," as he statos) ; but ho Is so full
of ragu and envy that ho cannot help
"slopping ovor" in tho lll-inannured
snarl wu have copied. Poor creature.
His insignificance Is moiu to bu pitied
I him duspWod.
-Head "Lands for Sale" by J. Fos-
(ur Marshall.
Thu most dreadful pun recently per -
petra'ted wullud lu nnuxchuage which
says: "Last
weeK, street sleigliing
and henrl slaying ' occurred sighed by
' Sliurtff Ff-atnn went to Jefferson
City n Tuesday, taking with him Wil
liam Tall, colored, who was sentenced
to the penitciitiury at' our recent cir
cuit court. 1
Professor- Hill wnnl to Illram,
Ohio, last week to atto'ud a reunion of
his former college class mutes. Ho
savs be had adiMlghlfill'tlme. Of uourse,
hu called im IVesldent (larllehl, while
Man luil, rtl tho residence of tht
bride's parents, seven miles mirth of
Orugoti, on Wednesday, January fith,
1881, by Klder W. .. Walte, Mr. .1.
W. lloyd to Miss Mary I.. Thomas
all of Holt county. The presents weru
numerous ami valuable.
Tho entertainment given by the
ltlvnl Concert Company lu this citt
last Friday evoaing was well attended
and gave great Mitlsfaoiou to all pres.
cut. Thu 111 villi havu established
themselves as favorites with the music
Ittvlng people of Oregon. Wu hope
they will visit us again at no distant
We tako pluasuro in ca'llng ntten-
tiontothu advertlseinuiit lu our col -
timiisofthu uiamm.th Seed houuof
1). M. Fony & Co., Detroit, Mich., the
most uxttfuivu seed dealers lu tho
country, tfhosc business has been built
up entirely through the quality and pur
ity of the Seeds they supply, and who
havu thus obtained the conlldeneo and
patronage of thu public ns reliable
Seedsmen. Their annual Catalogue
for 1881, containing a vast amount of
useful Information suited to all who
have a flower or vegetable garden, can
bu obtained from them free on appli
cation. Wo have received a sample copy of
the largo type edition of thu Cyclope
dia of Universal Knowledge, and those
ursons who havu rucently called at our
olllce to see It can now be accommoda
ted. The price of the Cyclopedia iu fif
teen large volume is 315, e.xelusivu of
postage. hieh amounts to $ 3.16 more,
making a total of $18,1.1; but wo have
made arrangements whereby wo can
offer a copy of the Cyclopedia delivered
at our ollleo, and a'years's subscription
to Tun County Papkii, for 816. This
edition Includes the American Addi
tions. Wu doubt whether any one will
ever hare an opportunity to obtain this
valuable work ou more favorable terms
ha it this,
Wo can give employment to ono
moro agent to solicit subscribers t TuK
Countv Patkii, lllg wages can !tu
made by those who will put a little en
ergy In thu work. Thnroaro tibuiit a
hundred young mod in Holt county who
spend their whulo time Hitting by the
tire, toasting their bIuiir, who, If thcy
would go to work for us mid 'work as
energetically as they should. could maku
from Hire, to twenty 'do.lars a day.
We cau- alio glvu a fuw days em
ployment to onu lady iu each town Iu thu
county,-. mid vo wilt guarantee them
good wages lu every esse.. Thu em
ployment I light and pleasant, mid Is
very mltable for ladhs; .Any ono,
male or female, u lid wishes 'to ungate
wlili us, will lie furnished fCll partiuu-lkrs.-byifipplyiug
to thu editor.
An uxuhango utters tho simple
truth, which every experienced editor
will recognize us sucli, when it says:
"Our experience ns an editor and pub
lisher for several 'years lias taught us
that mi matter how many good things
you say about people ntul tho enterprise
iu which they are Interested, you sel
dom hear from them words pf approval;
but, If per eluiuee, something should
get In they de not llku, you will bu quite
suru to havu a storm of abusu comii to
you that will forcibly remind you of an
approaching tornado." Iiimr earlier
editorial days wu weru quitu sctisltiVu
over ill founded blame. ;ltut we've
grown out of that now, aud, lu fact,
rather llku it. Wu don't 'shun being
found fault with, and a say to onu aud
all who gut mad at in for nothing, (for
wu would not Intentionally injure any)
just get mad as often as you like stay
mad us long as you llku it is all thu
samu to us, If however .you should
prefer (having a you think sojuo just
cause ot complaint against us) to oiiiuu
to us lu a manly or wphinuly way, and
say so, wu will mak'u amends if to
blame, just as suru as dm situ shtnus'or
grass growH. Hut for the, grunt dumps
wu don't wivvor a hair. 'Wo. weren't
madu to please evcrvboilv and luivo
long since learned Iho fil'iicy of trylijg,
to do so
JANUARY 14, 1881.
A iniiii who is worth SlOO.tjOO, hut
( who Is too poor to tako his county pa-
, pur, certainly never thinks th.it he will
die hoiiiu day and the editor will bu
called on to wriiu nix ointnury.
Hid cattle fceilurs of oilaway
county have recently lost a great many
miliuals from bloody murrain. They
have now found that the dlscasn can be
conquered by reducing the feed ami
giving saltpeter and salt. The medi
cine Is composed ol two-thirds .salt to
one saltpeter; mix aud put lu feed
! troughs.
Wo hope to distribute not less than
. a thousand packages of Vegetable and
! Flower seed among our subscribers
this spring. As every one. who pays
Two Dollars In advance for a year's
Li.lidi.rliiltnii t4tittiii4 it i.lititei. nf ttlt.se
I " - - - -
I packngtis, we expect to scatter them
everywhere. The seeds are all raised
lu the Mohawk Valley Seed (iar.lens,
Caintjoharle, N. Y., and are warranted
fresh and tme to name. Tin: Coijntt
P.WKlt has thu umIiisIvu control of
their distribution iu Holt County.
Tins Countv l'Ai'i'u contains
neatly llfly coIiiiiiih of reading mat
ter, which is more than is furiiisbod
by any other county paper in the
State. " In fact Tiik Cocxtt Pai-lii Ii
the banner county paper of thu Statu
And don't you forget It I
since wu havu done our part in making
! t,s ie bot paper In the North W.don't
forget to do your part by increasing
our snbi-crlplioii IM. Wu inteud to
keep harping on this until we get the
number wu are determined to have.
Subscribers! Subscribers! Moie Subjcri
bcrr! That's what we're after now!
Uoll'em lu!
The llolekow Herald of last week
contains a tbree-eoliimii cdltorvl urging
the Republicans of thu Ninth District to
arisu at dhmc and lUiuaud that V. M.
Tracy, of thu St. Joseph Herald, be
madu jiostma iter of St. Joseph. The
article contains several inls-sUteincnts
iu regard to Col. Tracy and his paper,
which aro nut calculated to help his
cause. Tin: Coi-ntv Patch does not
propose to take part iu the squabble
over the St. Joseph Ponto.llce, unless
Jim lleach should loom Into promi
nence as a candidate. Tracy is a good
man ; so is Po-egalo. Ilut our llolekow
contemporary has overdone the matter
iu itsadvocucy of tho former
When we determined to change the
name ol thu Sentinel to Tin: Countv
1 Al'lllt we expeetetl it wouiil cause us
many annoyances, and wo havu not
been dUappointed. It teems next to
Impossible to make some people under
stand that the paper has simply changed
Its namu and been enlarged mid im
proved ; tliat there has been uo change
iu thu owuer.ship or editorial mamigi
ment; thst we do not intend to iaw
two papers -thu Sentinel ami Tun
Couxtv Pa l'Kit every week ; that wu
will send Tin: Coi'srv Pati:ii to all
who aro taking StiNTiNur,, and that
those who paid in advance, will receive
Tut: Countv Pati:k until thu uxpp-a-tion
of thu time paid for and will nut be
charged any increased price for that
time. Wu repeat these assurances
'again now, but wu daru not hope that
everybody will yet understand them.
Wu regret to notieu that tho Ore
gon editor of' tho Corning Herald has
had a connlplioti fit because this papur
recently suggested that it would' boa
good Idea to"strlng up"soiHU of the ras
cal who havu lately been commitlngbur
glarlu in this city. Wu hopu the nerves
of the Herald man Will bu quieted by
our assurance that we never meant that
any onu should bu murdurod hanged
until dead -nor do wo thluk any one
else so understood in. The Idea in our
mind was simply to itilllct a punish
ment which wouUl earrv with It In
effaceable disgrace. Perh ipi If wo
had s.dd "strung up ri'n7c" it would
havo better expressed our mean-ug;
and, in I'aut, wo supposed wu had writ
ten It that way until our attun'lon was
called to it by thu Herald. Still, wo
think tho Herald should not pratoof
thu beauties of mercy when It carves
us to the heart by u tiling m "Devil
port." Thu barbaric cruelty of dodg
paling us by this Irreverent title can
only be appreciated . by siiulr uu tured
ami reunuii mums a) uiu ueraiu jinny
attributes to us thu possession of, Tho
agony wu endure therefrom would bu
mitigated to some extent, If ho had uvea
called in "Mr. Devllport"; but to omit
any amohonting prolix or alllic and
crush us Into smithereens by that one
santonin appellation is enough to mako
thu clouds weep blood mid thu winds
cry out in remonstrance, llettur that a
thousand dupoilers of lieu roasts should
bo "strung up" than that one "highly
cultured, rellned and elevated" gentle
man should havu Ids vanity wounded by
bclugudled "Devllport. "
Mr. J. I). Thomas, living on Hm
Perkins plaeu. 1 l-'j miles north of Or-
egou, will cll off all his personal ont
erty at public aiietioii ou the Mi of
February, and will start in a few
days after for Tea, to make Hut
State his home. Sorry to Jose him,
but hope ho will do well.
-We havu .received from Messrs. J.
C. Ayer Co., of Lowell, Mass., ,
I.mm.I e.tloi,. i, ,;!, r I,,,,.,, ,.(
thu various Issues of Aycr'.s Aluciniie
for 1SSI, Wu liud III the book sample
Alniaimci eompteli), Iiieliidiug the
bright yellow cover so familiar to every-
body In this country, lu each of the fol
1 lowing languages, vl.: Ihiglish.Fi eh,
I Cenuaii, Spanish, Holland Dutch,
, Norwegian, Portugese, Swedish, ami
lloheilllau; aUoa page or two of Chi-
nese, with speelinens of the liriu'.s ad-
vertlseiiieiits iu Creek, Arable, Armeii-
inn, and llulgariati, the whole forming
a book of about four hundred and llfly
pages. The work is really a literary
curiosity Iu itself, and when wo consid
er the fact that the various editions of
Ayer's Almanac aggregate teu million
copies per annum wo can hut womlur
at the gigantic proportions nf a bus!
lies willed employs this Alumnae, grat
uitously distributed lu such vast num
bers, as one, only, of the many nieib-
...I . ..,...!....!...-. I., . . .
M,n"'h l" puom: rioneu mu mer
its oi uiu ineiiiciues compoumicii ov
this firm.
The Teachers' Institute To-morrow.
The f llowiu Is the program of the
lUlt County Teachers' Institute, which
will be held iu Forest City to-m.rrow,
Saturday, January 16, 1881.
Religious exercises, conducted by
Kev. (I. A, McKlnlay.
. .Classllleatlou of Graded Schools, W.
F. Drake; discussion opened by S. M.
Routine iu school room, Miss Sallle
K. Ileiiuutt; discussion opened by Miss
ATTi:il()(l SKSSIOV.
Discrimination ou ueeouut of sex or
unequal pay for equal r.'ork, Miss Klla
Kvulis; discussion opened by Miss
l'nblio Hebool aud puhllu llbrarv,
Kev. Duncan Drown; discussion opened
! by Mrs. Thomas
The metliod of teaeliiug reading to
beginners, Prof. O. C. Hill; dUeusMon
opened by Chas. Coiir?eii.
Object of American Kducatiiiii,
O'Fid en ; discussion opened by .Mr.
Health of thu neighborhood Is quite
fnlr at presuut. There hae been four
deaths out of twenty cases of iltpthcria.
Colds seem to bo an epidemic. Wo
aUo have plenty of cold weather, and
snuw, giving the farmers iigood oppor
tunity to sled their summer's wood in.
And wo also notieu the younir men em-
braeuthe'opportuulty to sleigh their girls I
out with slciglis, sleds, hob sleds and
jumpers. (School 1'eachers use the
hut named.) It is prohahlo that some
of these instruments may bu tho cause
of you printing somo wmlding cardi.
Our School Is doing lino.
Tho young pooplo In this neck of tlm
woods arc onjoylng themselves at par
tics. Wo would itdvlsu them to dls
penso with tho old play of "SlsWr
Phoebu" and "llulton", and It the
folks are m unfortunate as to havu a
Mound City News to told it up, so as to
cut strips one inch whlo by eight long;
commence at one evruer and fold It up
lu the tdirpo of aeoriiiinoplu;they maku
tip top plpo lighters and savu matches,
Old 100.
Kndorsed by tho Faculty. Tho re
putation of Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup has
been solclv achieved mi account tf its
merits. Physicians prescribe it,
Denton Neighborhood.
Kditoii Countv Patkh: If yo
are not too much oiowdeil wo would
lUutosuolu your columns an ItJiu
from our neighborhood,
We attuudud a vury nice party at thu
roslduueu of Alfred Murray on the
7th Inst. Wu havo attended Can-
ly Fu'llugs mid Play Parties
but they aru nothing to compare
with our-daneu at Mr. Murray's.
Among thosu present wu noticed Miss
Llbhlu Noracu, Misses Jeunlii and Dora
Meek of Mound City ;Mls Laura Wilson,
Miss Aiiulu Ulue, Mis Minnlo Nolnnd,
Mrs. Kn'inia Mlllur, Mrs. Delia Clibson,
aiid tho gunts wuro Mr. Win. Norns,
Mr. Joe Kino, Mr, Pat Horau, Alf. and
Charley Miller, Will Car by, James
Miller, Pres. (ilbson and thu Murray
boys. Mr. Laura furnished thu music,
and did Id part well. At half past
cluveii supper wa announcud and uvury
thing that could bu wished for, wasou
baud. Mrs. Murray tlooorves pralso
fr tin suppi-r. At .thrif
-nwd p.med for tlndr
o'clock thu
forms, we I pleased w It It the entertain'
ns'iit. Wi1 think tlien.' rs nil'diig ulcer
tlmn a ciil ilamv, C. M.
1 AssoicTnent of Holt Counly.
I Wrawlmi Uw3 ffV. II. KieluiilH,
1 ",'lMrt.v 1'it, for the following'
. Mrwl U th- h-sc-no,! valuation of
! o1''' Pcvsi.ir.-il Property iu Holt
eoinitv, as shown by tho tvruntly eoiu
pletcil Astnsor'.s llook:
I'KttsoSAIr tJ-(.us.MKN7 :
.Vo. lliONcs, o,'J7S ialm.il' at a 7,a.t
Asses fc .li nr.i?ls,l ,
Mules, iti;-jo,
Cattle, ),S,lil5')r
Sheep, t,?(llf
' g.615
3 1 ,.'.')(.
' f 10O
! " Hogs, I l,7f:t,
All othur live sloofc
I Money, nolos ami bomSi
All other Personal Proptrty
Total Personal, )?l,7:W,a:J'
I.ANIt assksssiumt -18S1.
Total No. of Acres, J7l,7iW SI-100.
No. Tracts of l.aud, 4.8S0, pirUttAifr
No. Town Lots, 3,'JIU, 341680'
Total Land,
Total l. ind and Penoual, 81,181,'JUtl
The above shows an iuere.no ot'
f:l.ri.'l,i;:iii over thu total autssmeut ot'
the preriou year.
No moro Hard Timet.
If you will stop spending so much on
Hue clothes, rich food and style, buy
good, healty food, cheaper ami better
clothing; get more real ami substantial
tilings ot lite every way, anil especially
stop the foolish habits of employing
expensive, quack doctors or using so
much of the ile humbug mulleinc that
does you only harm but put yuitr triint
In that simple, pure remedy, Hop Hit
ters; that cure always at a trilling cost,
aud ou will sen good times and havo
good health. Sen another column.
ol' MuittaiMl,
uihes to inform tlm public that be will
fiiriilsb outfits ,,f Furniture to thosu
who may need them, cheaper than any
house ibis side of Chicago, Kansas City
or St. Joseph. He means just what ba
.-av ami a-ks every one to call and bu
convinced by examining bis stock ami
learning hi prices.
Farm for Sale
I deslruto sell mv farm of 1M0 acris;
t acres in tame uras, lialaneii under
cirtvatiun. liooii well anil cistern;
plimlvof slock water; iibuiidance of
timber; young orchard (if 260 bearing
trees: ouc-aud-ii-half mile Southeast of
New Point. (Vl ou or address M. S.
Modie, New Point, Unit county, Mo.
Post of Honor
Hence wu have tho
Toitat Articles,
Pocket Cutlery
Pocket Books,
etc , to bu found in Holt Countv.
Final Suttlumuitt.
All criNl'Inrs avd nthi-rs Ititi-restfit la tlm
t'sliilr nf TImhiiks lt:iiiisy, iliMTitvt'il, ra imtl
lli'il Hut Hil.it I'. Kamsaj, III.) uihIitsIkiihI,
inlitilii' -Iriilur n( s.mt ,iiie. Inlcmls m nuke a
llii.i: si'iPi'iiielil til MlM i'liil, nt l lit neil lorm
at I lie Tinliale Ctnni nf lln't riiinity, Misiuurl,
III III' IH'Yilll llllll llll'IIIMI III lllf'lllll, in huiii
I'liiiniy Hint Male afurrs.iiil. mi Hie llih iy ut
filinury, ImI. lidl.l.A T. ItAMSA Y.
TllAlll.K W. Thomas, Atlnrney (or Admin
TaVrn tip liy 1'. M. H'li.iit, nml (.nstril Imfnm
II". II. C.illmwiy, a Justice nf llio jii-aoi. In Clay
trnviislilii, Hull eimiltr, Mn nil I lit- mil itay ut
Nov eiiiliT. Isw. iitii ml nii,l wlilln lii-lfcr call
alioiil rl dit iiiiiiiIIh oM ; uiiiiKirkeit. Aptiralscil
at .7.'i'). Also, tine mmHIhk lii'lfer. laiwlly retl,
i xrcil iliu lieiul, nlili'li nenrlv Mlilte i liiarkoil
Willi a t nml illl In tlulettaiularn.il nml
nmli'r lilt elt tif ilit. rlylil . ir, AMiraUeil nt
t-liioi ,v o. V, Xnte, J, ,11, Unultia and H, I),
A truo eoiiy fniin my Hlrsy llttok,
II 1), C.M. I. A WAV,. I. V.
I'rClay Tuwaslilp.
It Is now generally wired In extent))
Uoit of Anaulas' oa"eus that lie wot
rolsoi. with iia ollwr playmatoa Ujan a
oouplo otwa mutora.
Uty lo(

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