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Tnw'ji FktUoVpbta Tlsses.
Mary had a William Goat,'
Ho followed Mary 'ronn a all day,
And lilted her I you Just bet I
He went with her to school one day,
The teacher kicked him out;
It made the ehUdrem (pin, yo know,
To hare the goat about.
Bat though old Wheckem kicked Mm omt
Tet etUl he lingered new,
Be watted Jnit ontelde the doer
TU1 Wnnekem did appear.
Then William ran to meet the man
lie ran Me letel beat;
And met him Jut behind 70a know,
Down last below the rest.
OM Wkaekem tamed a eomeruult;
The ffoat itood on hla head,
And Mary Uoxhed heraelt ao atek
Some years ago, while making a brief
ojoarn In the city of Baltimore, I tet
out one evening with a friend for a itroll
through the city. We hadTialted boy
era! placet of interest, and were on our
return to our hotel, when in passing
through a dark and narrow street, a fe
malo, closely mufnodma coarse hawiTnjscrTu10 other that she regalnoda
which, thrown over her head, wasj fond hugDand at a moment of all othors
drawn around hor face, so as to conceal 1
all but her eyes hurriedly crowed oror
from the opposite side of the way, and
accosted us in tho accents ot despair.
Gentlemen, for the love oKSod, give
me money! My mother is4ying of hun
ger, and I havo not wherewith 'to pur
chaso a morsel ot food!"
We wero both struck whhlho'tono of
hor voice, for though agitatod'by a feel-
ing of desporatlon, it had a 'peculiar
sweetness, and her languogo was that
of one both educated wndTdflnod.
"Do not think me inquisitive," said
my friend, in a kindly tono, as ho drew
lorth ms purao, "i sk wnas mwionuuo
has brought you to tbW? for it is clearly
evident that you to ho common nppll
cant for charity,
"Oh! no, sir moT'-eho said, shrinking
Vinnlc Into herself, as it woro: "I never
asked for charity boforo; and though 1
havo not laken food for two long days,
I would sooner iporlsh than aK it lor
.... . ... 1
mysolf cow; but Tcould notscohoruio,
my only frleoo-Jun.'uooi 1 coum noi
sec hor diet ...
Hore!" 6ifl my companion placing
a sum in her hand which 1 immediately
Sho clutched the monoy liko a miser,
and for a moment or two was complete
lyovcr powored by hor emotions. Then,
with choking effort, sho gasped lorth:
Thanks, rrontlemcnl may God In
heaven bless youl"
Sho turned away, and took two or
threo hasty -steps, nnd then stopping
suddenly, tiho looked around, and
' 'You ask tno what misfortune brought
mo to this.'! I shall seem ungrateful If I
rcfuso to toll."
"Never mind," said my friend; "tho
recital will givo you pain, and therefore
consider liho question unaskod."
"Your noblo genoroslty overpowers
me, sir," sho rejoined, In a tremulous
voice, "anditny prldo shall glvo way,
If vou hvo a fow minutes to sparo
como with mo and you shall know all."
"Nay,'" eald I, "do not lot us intrude
upon yomr -sorrows, unless you think
wo can bo 'Of further assistance. You
aro wclcomo to tho llttlo wo havo given
which should'bo doubled if wo had more
to sparo, but wo havo no right to claim
your Bccrotiln' return."
She burled her faco in her shawl and
Imrst. Into itnars
"Alasr eho'sobbed, "if all mankind
wero thus generous, how many a mis
erablo being 1 might bo mado happy
Como with mo and hear my story. I
know I can itrust you, and I shall rest
mutnr to koowil have convinced you I
am no Impostor'."
Wo assured her that we did not for a
moment dowht ot her 1 being tho victim
of aomo temblo imisfortune; hut as we
might be of toother serrlco to her, we
would see her -safelyihome, and she
!.. r,y not. .
,Bu. -
"XU11UW IUC VUU no va nv 1
a quick walk down ituo-street, we Keep-
... ....
... j,-. 1
inr a respeeuui uwmuwutuiuu, u .
for ono feoling an .unusual .curiosity to
know something more 01 ,nr.
At thenoxt ootmor-oi.thoktreet was
and standing near It, tin a listless attl
tude, wo observed a man in-tho garb ol
p, tailor, and evidently juat from sea.
As our unknown guldo .drow near hlu,
I noticed that she seemod much agitat
ed; and on coming up to him, to cur
surprlso, and apparently ihls, sho etop
pod, and lookod eagerly into his faco for
,a moment, and then, wllili a wild cry..
ho suddenly throw out hor Arms, clasp
.cd him around tho nock, aMappearedl
o swoon upon his breast,
"Seol" said my friend, making an
abrupt halt: vo aro duped this is
tame trick flat elrl Is an impretorl'
llmposslbiel" returned I, unwilling
to bflllove thatf uch grlof ar misery as
he rcresenteocould UU aaseeounter
felt "Hafseot" 1
As I spoke, tho sailor, as if la .deep
surprise, partly umfbund the arms ol
the unknown from his neck, raised her
head, and looked, first cautiously And
then wildly, into hor faco, which we
could see, even from whore wo stojd.
vaspalo and beautiful. The next mo-
went he uttered a wild cry of surprise
and quiokly throwing his arms around
her now lifeless forn bo exolaimed:
"My Godl my Qodl Maryl My God!"
It aee mod to bo all that ho could ut
ter, as jko fairly tottewi with his fair
burden ui for a few moowota bo stood,
dumb with aMazement,
"Wbat'a thUr what'fi the nwaulng
of thief" he now demanded, hjoklng
freely at us,
Well, if ttat is acting, it is tteo best
erer saw,"" mutterod my companion,
as we hastened forward, and gavo a
harried account of all wo know or the
Great God I is 11 possiDier" saia me
man, looking alternately at us and the
creature in his arms, and clasping
forehead as if to colloot his scattered
senses. "Maryl" he continued, at short
inteirals; "my wire! my dear wife I Ana
my mother, too, sUrTingl"
Be continued to repeat these expos
slons like one overpowered by some
errible shock, and who kntw cot wha
he was saying! while we stood looking
on, too much astonished to think of
offering him any assistance.
At length, with a sort of gurgling
mid. the ooor creature opened hep
eyes, and looking wildly and fondly into
the manly face of him who supported
her, she murmured:
Chariest Chariest Is this yonf In life
in death or In a drcami"'
I pass oror the wiidt frantic passion
ta exclamations on both sides
m each began to realize the
truth the ono that he had
fnnnd a lovlnc wllo in the depths o.
when sne mogt needed his aid, council,
OT0 and ,npport,
Coae," whlsporod my friend, touch
ing my arm, "let us withdraw; their
meeting should bo sacred from tho in
truslon of strangors."
Though deeply curious to know somo
thing of their hlstery, I ellontly acqulesc
edinhis proposal! and qulotly departing
returned to our hotel, musing upon tho
un0ertaln.ti09, vicissitudes and romance
0, liro
Two davs after, as I was sitting on
,hnnIn,,a of .i10 hotel t saw tho sailor
paslng aiong tho stroot, nd curiosity
pron,ptcd mo to firjrjrcss bim. The
mom0Bl n0 8aw mo ho camo bounding
up, grasped my hand, and burst Into
'God bloss youl" ho-cxclalmod In a
choking voice; "God bloss you and your
friend I and so says Mary, rvo been
hunting yon all over tho 'city, sir, but
r j - "
fcarort i& novcr you again. Here,
lot mo bftok 70Ur monoy and
wJllj0U bo 80 thid.-alr, as to aecopt
thosn two rlntra for voursolf and
I took tho monoy-ifor I saw if I did
not ho would feel vorymuch hurt; but
fearing hla circumstances might not
justify him in making a present of so
much value, I attempted to doclino tho
rlntrs. It was of no uso ho would take
no denial and so Ireluctlantly accopt
cd them, thanking him In behalf of my
Irlend. who was absent. I thon drow
from him his etory, which I will glvo in
a fow words.
Ho and his wlfo were both natives of
a small viltago on tho Chesapoake, and
had oftcu played togothor as children
His own father was in good circurn
stances, but subsequently lost his prop
erty nnd diod aoon after loaving himsell
and raothor to struggle along as best
thoy might
Among thoso believed to uo irionus
in prosperity, but who soon lorsooK
them in adversity, was the father of his
prosent wile; but though change of for
tuno soparated tho youth and maidon, it
only increased an attachment which had
begun in childhood.
For years, howevor, they did not
meet; and duringthattimo tho narrator
becamo a sailor, and acquired sufficient
moans to prarchaso a cottage for his
mother, leaving a small balanco on
mortgage, whloh hls next voyogo was to
clear off. While at homo ho and Mary
again met, and discovering a mutual
passion and knowing her parents would
not consent to theunion, but wero most
anxlons to ally horto a wealthy suitor,
thoy took advaatage of tho opportunity,
nnd worn nrlvatelv .married.
Charles Delaine, 'lor such was his
namo, then .took leave ot his wife, and
shipped for a wbaitng voyage, intonding
it should be his Uatcruise. While ab-
t.u wtfa'a naMAnta. HlnnnvArlnfr thn
"" " 1 " -
aecret of her marriage, dUowned and
,w l,r lnrth. nd ho.tookrofuve
niLU ilia uiubuoii
Tn.tnnr tha widowed .mother and
1 f . - . . .
,rn ..rllinrt aloaf. -both ,nnxlou3lv
lookln lor thc Ktma ,of .their onlv
nn. tha mnrtdire, wnfl for0Qlosod.
tho property sold, andatmoat penniless,
thoy ropalred to Baltlmoro, 'hoping to
boablo to maintain themselves by the
needlo. .
I need not prolong tho story It .Is an
old tale. Sloknoss and mlefortuno fol-,
lowfd thorn; thoy failed to proouro
sufficient work for their necessities, and
on tho night whon tho wife appealod to
us thoy wero In a starving condition.
Charles had just returned from his
cruise, and at the very' moment when
his Mary so unexpectedly met him ho
was thinking bt homo, which ho expect
ed to roach tho next day. tie una ceo
prudent; tho yoyaeo had lyiea moro
than usually profitable, and his share,
ho said, would enable him to start into
Come what will," he conoluded, "I'll
never loavo my dear mother and Mary
again while wo live. They'ro happy
now, (hank God, aud it shall bo the aim
of my ill'e to keep them so."
Ho uiged me to come and seo him
and his now happr family, and bring
my friond; and then invoking upon us
tho blecjags of heaven, ho wrung my
hand and turned quickly away to con
ceal the emotions he cared nottodls
plu. 'Ah I such Is life, in this world of
solilsh and unselfish humanity," mused
I, as I watched his rotroatlng footsteps,
till a turn in a stroot concoaled him
from my view. We nover mot again.
John Stoln, Esq., City Browor, refer
ring to its valuablo qualities said to a
Ntw$ representative: I have used Ut.
Jacobs Oil in my family andracommond
It to my acquaintances. It has always
given tha best s&ttafootlon, aa4 if truly
woftderful rttoedy,
Jefferson's RepublicM Simplicity.
A writer on "Historic Washington"
in tho Washington Btar recalls the fol
lowing customs of tho earlier days at
the capital: With tho introduction of tho
purely Republican ideas of Thomas
JcfforsoB, when ho rose from the office
of Vice President to that of President,
tho pomp of the "court" came to an
end. He abolished at onco the weekly
lovees. Fashionable society railed, but
tho great Republican was inflexible
the lovees were not restored. As to
dinners, he preserved the old Ylrgtnla
stvlo of free and easy hospitality. He
kept at the Presidential mansion about
eleven colored servants and a French
cook, a French stoward and an Irish
coachman. His bill In Georgetown
market averaged $5 a day for the use of
his tablo. The President's "mansion-
was converted Into a general rendezvous
and froo club. No etiquette was roqulr
ed or observed at these dinners beyond
tho forms of ordinary good breeding,
The whole code of procedure was abro
gated. The second rule of Republican )
etiquette laid down by Jefferson was
this: "When brought together In society
all aro perlcctly equal, whether foreign
or domestic, titled or untitled, In or out
of offlco." Ho further ordcrod that "to
maintain the principle equality, ot pele
molo, and to provont tho growth of pro
ccdonco out of courtesy, the members
of tho executive will practice at their
own houses, and recommend an ad
herence of tho current usagos of the
country, of gentlemen "In mass giving
preoedenco to ladles in mass in passing
from ono apartment into another."
Tho ladies of Washington rogartlcil
tho abolition of tho lovco3 by Jefferson
an Invasion of their vested rights,
and put their pretty heads together to
nonsuit whatthov woro going to do
about it. Tho rosult of their dolibcra
Hons wascoerclvo, and thoy determined
to apply It upon Mr. Jefferson. So, on
tho usual day for holding tho lovees,
thoy took possession of tho Whlto House
In force. Tho President was taking his
nan n horseback ride. On his return
ho was told tho circumstance. Ho on
tcrcd the room whoro tho fair invaders
wero assembled, booted, spurred and
dusty, and received them in tho most
courteous and graceful manner, but tho
lovees woro ended, nevertheless.
Mr. Merry, tho English Minister ot
this time was a fantio on tho subject of
etiquette Ho was thoroughly out-
raged and indignant at tbo manner 01
- ... .... K
I.U vfinontlon bv President dacKson. no
wrote as follows to Josum'itfuincy: "i,
j- -- y
In my ofllclal costume, found mysoll, at
tho hour ho had hlmsolt appointed in
troduccd to a man as President of tho
United States, not merely In an undress
but actually stauding in slippers down
at tho heels, and both pantaloons, cravat
and underclothes indicative of an utter
slovenliness and indifference to ap
Adobes, er Ubnnit lirlcki,
Adobot, of unburnt bricks, aro princl
pally in vogue in the plain ol bhinar
and Egypt, and in China and certain
portions ot North America inhabited by
tho Puebla Indians. If well burned, tho
clav I'orover loses Its plasticity, and can
not mrnln be reduced to a mortar. 11
It bo merely dried, It will assume Its
oriclnal condition, as it camo irom tho
pug-mill. Such has lately i(1871) been
tho experience of tho Chinoso in tho
vioinlty or tho Hoang-ho, whoso houses
of adobes aro reduced to mud-heaps by
thn nrnrllnw of tho river. Mr. Toilllin-
son, C. E., of London, has treated this
matter moro fully than auy other author
writing In our langu-igc, anu no sajs:
Thu first action of heat is to drive
off hygrometrlo water; the day thon be
comes dry.but is not chemically .chang
ed; it does not ceaso to bo plastic, ua
continuing to raiso tho hect, tho chomi
cally combined water is separated, and
the clay undergoes a molecular change
which prevents it from taking up water
again, except mechanically. With tho
loss of this chemically combined wator,
clay ceases to be plastic."
In tho directions which havo been
published tor building with adobes, it
is recommended that they should be
guarded, by some material impervious
to water, from absorbing moisture from
tho ground, and also that tho root
should bo mado to project not less than
two feet in order to shed tho water and
prevent its running down tho walls.
These directions seomto indicate the
weak point; and the experiences derived
irom tho drv plains of Asia and Africa
riand the olovated arid regions of North-
era Mexico and liowor uaiuornia, ao
not apply so well to our moro humid
The mould for making adobes resem
bles tho ordinary briek-mould in having
four sides and havlnghnndles at tho ends,
but no top or bottom. It is much
lnrrrer. liownvnr. nnd sometimes n nair
' .-1 1 lH .Hnln . v.. .vi ft- la
laoed in position on thodrvlng-ground,
filed with clay, and when tho top is
siV)otlicd by a striker, tho mould is
ca.Vlullv raised, leavlnc tho adobo to
dmlor a fow days, whon it is turned to
ox-so me oilier siuu. a iuw wuukb ui
favtJrablo weather completo tho drying.
KrKlt Is a cheap matorial. and easily bul
"''Tup. It does not appear likely over to
becorlo a favorito mode of building in
thosonarts of tho United States which
aro atVtrnsent most thickly populated.
It willaot do to make too general a
jttatenr tat in a country wnoso cumaio
Varies between Alaska and Moxlco,
rda of s
WtlUmK Wit
W.11 W.II. W.trhmLtl.
At the closo of a mass meeting, ac
cording to tho report of tho same pub
lished in a La Granee paper, reference
was made to tho phenomenal eflleaoy of
at. Jacobs uu in the many painiui ais-
eases to wnton manKina is suDjoct. we
refer to tho abovo as showing how
strong a hold the Old German Remedy
for Uhoumatism, has on tho experience
aud good wishes ot mo great pumic
To Soil Bait Salmon. Let salmon
soak ovor night and boil it slowly tor
two hours: eat it with drawn butter. To
Elekle salmon after it has been boiled,
eatvluegar scalding hot, with whole
peppers and elovos: cut the fish in small
square pieces; put it in a jar, and pour
tne vinegar over, pnau may do aoao
lathaiame way.
Something Concerning the' Leading In
surance Company In the State.
Its Record
for the
Year Just
Wh.t Mat then Done hv It. for H. and for the and uncqulvocable wordsand plain def. recti; from thlt cause. A bottle of Bos
What H.I Been Done bV J or K, for aMoun 80 that the M che German B kept .to, ; your home
The First In the Field.
Fmra the Iowa BUte Leader, Jan. 13.
In 185 there was organized a modest
llttlo insurance company in this city
under tho namo of the "Hawkoyo," and
Mr. E. J. Ingersoll at tho tlmo engaging
. litprntlvn nractlce in tho law was
chosen president. From that to this
ilmn Vin rnmnanv has been doing n
safe and an Increasing business, and
exclusively within tho statu of Iowa.
Tho stockholders wero men of means,
and tho managers possessed knowledge
of tho Insurance business. Having a
dcslro to placo tho company upon a
lovel with tho best insurance companies
of tho land, no drafts wero mado upon
it cither In dividends or in payment of
high salaries to Its officers. This with
tho conservative charactur of tho man-
ngomont enabled tho company, iirsi, iu
prov do undoubted security tor us poi.
icy holders: second, to estaunsii me
namo and reputation of tho company,
its officers and agents and, third, to cn
largo its capital and surplus so as to
. . , 1 it.
Micrcnso its guarnniica uu u
facilities for business.
For tho nlno years past tho Lkadf.ii
has enjoyed facilities and opportunities
for a closo Inspection of tho record of
tho business dono by tlicllawkoyc. Tho
examination and investigation by tho
Stato Auditor; his certificates as to as
sets nnd liabilities havo been submitted
for criticism favorablo or unfavorable
and each year tho Leapku has given its
readers 11 conscientious conclusion just
as It has in tho collection of statistics
and figures concerning the capital city,
and many of Its loading enterprises, in
no onn thing and concerning no ono in
dustry has thcro been an opportunity to
write moro favorably ami to - peas wmi
more nssuranco than of this leading
Iowa Insuranco Company.
This year, as in past years, wo have
looked at tho record nnd what do wo
find? Total assets $020,051.01. And a
net surplus over and above capital stock
and all other liabilities $237,331.03. This
Is the officially certiliud financial back
ing or basis of the Hawkoyo nnd tho lig
uros mean just what they represent.
Thcro is no inflatiou, no exaggeration,
no worthless paper included therein for
where there is tho least doubt as to any
securities tlwy aro charged to profit and
loss account.
Tho income, as shown by the official
statement for the year 1880, amounted
to $100,180.67, an increase over the pre
vious year, 16711, of $:VM08.07. Hand
some, indeed, but comparison with pre
vious years shows that from tho organi
zation of dio company to the present
there have boon steady steps forward
and upward. Each following year in
creased tho -niwctts, the net surplus nnd
tho volume of business.
Tho lnoosio from interest on loans
for the year 1680 amounts to $30,053.88,
and referring to previous years wo lind
that there lias been a steady incrcaso
in this nccouut each succeeding year.
This shows tho character ot tho invest
ments mado; it shows that tho funds of
tho company aro securely Invested nnd
mado prodiictivo, thereby increasing
tho guaranties which tho policy holder
needs to penult him to rest iu perfect
conlidunce of protection in tlie event of
loss by tire.
Tho data furnished gives positive and
conclusive answer to any inquiry as to
tho reliability and soundness of tho
. . 1 1 .. 1
company. And tue sure ami sicuuy
incrcaso in business, assetts and sur
plus without a singlo revcrso and
without a shadow of complaint, official
ly or otherwise, against tho character
of Its officers or of tho management
emphasize tho conclusion drawn from
tho figures themselves.
How has this enviablo position dccu
attained? To thoso familiar with tho
company; to citizens of Des Moines
who como in daily contact with the
officers; to the world of insurauco men
who study tho conductof companlcsltls
familiar phraso to speak of "thoold reli
able Hawkoyo," of closo atton tlon to busi
ness by its officors.of conservative man
agement In tho character of risks taken
and of Immediato adjustment and
prompt payment of losses. If thcro is
anything a policy holder appreciates in
the caso of loss, It is prompt attention
and honorablo adjustment of the loss
sustained; nnd touching this point let
us refer tho reader to tho record. In
1870 tho company sustained ilO losses;
In 1880 it sustained 413 losses,
making 853 for the two years, or an
avorago of nearly ono and a half a day.
Out of tho losses inclined during tho
two years only $3,832.07 or about 17
losses remained unpaid at tho closo of
tho year, anu tho records show further
that all tho losses woro paid during tho
two years on an avorago of less than
ten days after tho loss occurred. When
wo stop to consider that these- losses
occurred all over tho stato and think of
tho delays duo to natural causes wo can
not but conclude that tho holder ef a
polloy in tho Hawkoyo is tho holder of
the vory best.and also.tho most possible
satisfactory assuranco papor.
Indeed jwo make tho broad statement
that no corporation or organization of
any kind, transacting a business so
complicated, so dlverso, and subject to
so many quibbles and folbllngs as In
surance.can do tho sarao amount of work
with a similar amount of monoy paid,
and show that it has bcon dono with so
llttlo irritation and vexation as marks
tho conduct of this company. It has
been tho polloy of tho company not
only to bo prompt, but to bo exact and
firm In maintaining its rights, just al
ways, and adjusting losses with tho
least possible irritation or vexation.
Ita applications and policies aro exact;
the terms of contract are full, specific
land plain. Nothing Is to be Inferred; I
nothing is taken for granted, uond -
tlons and stipulations aro stated with
that clearness and fairness which char
which char-
acterizo an honest dcslro to
meet honest losses promptly
and whloh will enable speedy settle
ment and without perplexity to either
tho company or the assured. Ambiguous
nliraaes and Inferences aro avoided
sured Knows wnni no nas pmu ur 1
so that the comnanv may be protected
so tiiBi me corapauy "J f
aga nst cr m nal doslgns of evil persons,
Hero n wo find one groat source 01
... . .. ....... i 1...41
tovt company.
"u"-u" .v,j
One other point; the Hawkeye has
from its organization to the present
been under tho sarao manage
monr Mr. E. J. Inrrorsoll has con
tlnucd tho prosldont from tho beginning
and his time has been devoted to insur
anco and nothing else. No at-hemo or
project of speculation or temptation for
UlVCfSlUll ima lUUIUVU mo iumu j 1
.If t 1 tHA1tHn.1 1. 1 , mlnil sw.V
from tho Hawkeyo and the same is
,!, ntl.n nfllonra' nven thn rlpr. I
II uu ui Uklivt wbi e w- -
a,a w a.w wa . . I
cal force .including adjusters orC
nfrnnln Ih fnnnit tho same vcar in nnd I
.... I ,l .1 l lin.tnna. I
with .an eye single to the stability and
prosperity of tho Hawkeye. Tako any
business, and If you can discover such
an oxcluslvo and lattunu anu consiani
,j0votion to it as you lind in tins case
aud you can rely on us prosperity.
Tho Hawkoyo's onvlablo position Is
ono worthily attained and it is a matter
0f uo nuic pride to Dos Moines and to
. . . 1.1 t 1 j .. .1 I .. I
iowatonavo 11 wun us. it ia uusui viur 1
of nil tho patronage it has
ias got and 01
much moro which Is sent out of the
Stato. With such a company thcro is
110 need of going to Now England for a
policy. Hero wo havo our money spent
at homo, employment given to our own
people, wealth accumulated In our own
midsts nnd thc men wo do business with
are our neighbors, amenable to the re
straints not only of our laws but also of
our customs and habits.
Wc observe that tho Hawkeyo was
tho first company to receive aecrtiticnto
from the Stato AudttorinthcNewlcnr.
This is characteristic and shows its urn-
bition and tho stylo In which it executes
its work, tho cleanness of its books,
tho pride of its officers.
Tho people of Iowa have dono well by
tho Hawkeyo; they will continue to
stand bv it and upon merit. It is of tho
stato, helps tho stato and with its super
ior merit deserves much more each suc
ceeding year.
Tho Chicago city council has passed
in ordinance permitting the South aide Street
ltllwnv Company to uso cnJIesscable (under
rrou'Hl) as motive power for their lines. The
umuanv will beln laTlnj; cable f arlv in the
pnne. i ni roi 'vim hp civit t.iwimhwi.
torirni aro tho natural clean
cruof Ilia i)item. inner worn vi'ii, um
win on peuecii u mey u.-cinuu r u.u,
droit ul Ulavuci are iuro ta fulluw wliu
DlllomutM, Ilcadacbr, nj'priiala, Jaun
dice, Caiutlpitlon anil IMIm, or Kid
ney Complaint, tirarcl, HUIicIm,
or Ithenmstle Pains and AcIim,
are df velo.ii'd tceaua the blond It pnlinnr d
win. ilia liumors luat (liouM baru uvcii
E3 eiptllcd naturally.
Triltrcitoro tho healthy action and all there
Oettroylnit ctIIi will bo banlihcil neglect
tbrin and you will llro but to Buffer,
i tinii..mUh&vehepBcurtd. Tryltandyon
3 will add one moro to tho nnmbcr. Tako It
ananeaiin wiiioncoroosiaiiociijuuriiii.
wty tr l4t fraa lUtmmnt tt itUwkwkl
n t; Ut nth al.li trim CmUM aa4
K:dmt-Wotw11I core too. Try a pack
age at once and be latuncd.
II It a dry ugtlabU compound and
Out PackaftraaWi tlx aaarta of Hadlclnt.
Your DruggM hat II. or vltl fit It Jot
you. nii!upn Aarlriff It. rrlet,lS.
IO (Will ml put l.t.) Birllaitm, VC
la mponm to tho nifant roquoaU of rreat
number orpaoplo who prefer to purelusa
KKSney-Wort aireaay proparea, u-o pre
tuition of UUj celebrated remedy now pre-
cuaitlnUauldfana at well aa dry. It ta
I very eoneentrntcrt.il put up In Urce bottlet,
and la equally otaelcutta that put up dry In
Unoant. It aavea tho nocoMlty orpreparuif ,
la always reaUy, and U moro cosily taken y
moat people. Price, II per bott:o.
i A Iltirtlncton, Tl.
Hlcop, Appetite and NtreMjfth
Itctura wken Iloatetttr't Stomach Bitters U system,
atlcallr uied kr a sllltut dyspeptle tnferar. More
OTSf, tints lbs brsla irsapstblKS clottly with tho
ttomsebland Its satoclata organs, me urer anaino
bowtls, as their dt ran t-csae.)t la rn tiled by I be action
of the Btitert, menial drtpoidtacy pmdictd V,
ttaangtintut dlaappoars. ,
jfw sals by all JrsaHata and Dtjastr saantV.
U The LWer.llie Bowels and thoKidneys. 1
H TIipm mTt orirni aro tho natural clc-anv is
taBaaataaaasnSaanH YitanaaaaManaaaaaal
" Work, .
. Al.wnT.r Ferr.; 'orUVaVngoArt.; Ml
y., recently. He ned Warner's 8fe kidney
recommend It to all person tattering In the
ana idler wire, now ne says, -i wkhuii;
tame way." ,
A Ueatle lliwt.
In onr stile of ellmate. with IU tndden
changes ot temperature rain, wind aud inn'
la no wonder that our children, inenai ana
relative! are to frequently Uken from ut by
iu.4 -m. fcATf i daatha raaalttnar Al
ntM, alarjredostor'sblll, ana pernape aeam,
by the use of three or four doeei. For curing;
(intumptlon, Hemorrh(ret, Pneumonia, Be-
coughs Croup, or any disease of the
Throat or Lunge, it success it simpiy wonner.
ful. aour uruielsl Will ten jou. uennau
Bjrup It now told In every town ana Tinas on
thlt continent. Btmnle bottlet tor trial, 10c ;
rtemnlanow told II
VoallatilY FrltrliteMe.
iSa rvoiv to bo frlffhtened as many are
because afflicted with Piles, when Buck
na Arnica Salve will certainly cure
lh0 worgt cases and only costs 26 cents.
Sold ovorvwhoro
Th raont rnmlnrtubln boot IU town It that
with Lyon't Metallic Heel Bllffenert.
Uae Redding' Kuwia Btue vph, mra.
. . . m.ii
u. f..,.M. . i.Ho much better fath
l. .Inr. h ill Ml Mnn Bitten." lie It rot-
a.BaaiaiaawvHw a- . . .
ll - U.n anlfaitfin ffrtfTl lllaU
th.thn ned vour Bitter. A lady of Rochet-
tr. N. Y. UtlM JfrrM.
,3 &?ffiiti
weaknets by the use of Lfdla B. Flnkhtm'a
for pamphlets. .
You are rutuin minaiy inw vod.uiuum
jwj ;nV;r7or a couiTh or cold, rike't
toothache Drops cure In one minute.
e werli hrti lttttsru mu ml m m m
-y. H offer if I0W1 HOHESlElO. Sin
' 1 1 i 1 1 r r I
M1lr yiKutitt lit I IKMM S sdb s run, vmwm
HtMthala tnd Butmett Manual FREL tor tmipli tif)
aidrets. H0MESTE1D. Dei Moinei. lain.
'l'errltole I.ohh ol Lire.
Millions of rats. mice, cats, bed bnct,
roarhet, loe their lives by collision wltn
fWURU on liai8." uu uj uiuh.ovo.
Chicago Screw Pulverizer
Fnti In Grips at Half tho Cost of the Plow.
Oyer 35,000 Acres put in br Inein in 1880.
pamphlets fuee-ccts and letteks.
a"" Chloaao Scraper & Ditcher Co.,
34 Metropolitan Biook, Chlonao.
Moines, Iowa. Agents.
FmbraclnR full and auihentlo accounts of . very no
Mun of anciiniaail modern timi.anilln(ludinK,lilt.
loryiiftcrlijan"fiiofOrcfkan Uoinan Kinplrea
the middle aces, thecruaailce ihe feudal ara rin. the
ri foi ma. luu, llic diacoviry and 11" Ufinen-. uf thu Nc
World, cic, to. It con almoin fine i.la oilclen.
Bravlnu. nd la tho unit complete lllaio y tf the
Vvorlil ever niiliilahi'd. Bend f rapcclmen fnti M
cxiratcr.i a 10 AKi-nta. AUdreia,
HATlOWAI. 1'UHI.IBHII.U V.U . .lluwm '.
Oldest. Cheapeat, neat
n.nW.WuH. m.KI. . . .In.la nnlr il .
evening, lfualneaa. ArUhmettcandCoromrrclalLaw.
Btiortnana, i;orreaponaece.
Chian boardlns
State and county talra for is;. A'dn it for (ample
pcnmanahlp. A. V. jeNWIHUa. Pes Moines.
rangements for tluuenta.
Plfioen Brit rremtumt
Tuts Claim HiantatiM 1865.
Maw Lttw! TBOasandsof soldiers and helrt enti
tled. Pentlu sdste backtodateofdutbargsordeata,
P. O. ll'i if !' Watbtnatcn. P. C.
iliu. ot oiir
sent br mull on receipt
of iij.no t or
BAMI'1-K uf Himi
on receipt of O rents
It Is tho nXKST TK
Imnfirti-.l. Warrnntit
klirultftll taste. rotf.ROstnnipi taken. Tttaifilt
Tha ilrest American lea i o., imporie,.,
). BOX 42115. S.?IYeiiev8t.N.
P. O.
Photographs Enlarged.
Tho New York Conylna- Coimony conlet In all
allH-a uf tho I'l. Ag.nta' and (:ih o ilera UI per
cent, on retumed free. 810 rttndaii or nerlln 1'liotot.
IJUI. ABouta-outfit, fiiur cl.ole tsmpl tltwncpl
or.diwltli Sample cae, BOI free.' rieml for prlco
lit. Kiamei a specially. W A. H UtOeNT,
Ueneral Weatern Aft.. Kattlloi Molnea. Iowa.
nil' NT CI "anted for llOHUKIt OUTI.AWS,
J Trut hlatorr vocnoiaa JAHsau
JAHBa Daoa..
I ll.e noted oullawa. to IKSI. br J. 1
Tnu rdatorr Yoo
J.W.UueL Interviews
anu Uiiera Irom Cole Younger. StarUlHg ttmlmloiu
OrcrtO lllualratlona. H CAarx l'laut. lleata erti
blug. 1JW. Outfit Me. lligl'ay- DAN. UNAllArJ,
tth Waatilnirton Are . 8L tools. Mo.
i ertrr.
nn IriMvala l.nv tr.mn im m. .mmnHab
elates, aaeoclated with tha Vegetabls Aromatic. Kwloraed by tha Medical rrot&ulon, and ecoav
ended by then for Drastfatalav. Oeuanl Debility, ranaalt) atlaeaaee, Waal ar Vital;
Itr, Ncrvotaa I'roafraillon. CottTalrsrcaace fom Vawarsi ataad vturm'f Clallla autti
ararci-. it acrrta crery purpose where a Tomu It nsccaaary.
Manudctured by THE DR. HARTER UEDICIHt
gajil AQENTB WANTBD for "The Ladlsi ol tha WkKe House or
The Ladies
mlrJttrstion from Wasaweto to ihs .nlSisimatli lgWI4A UnilttO
Nturagia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Sonnets of tha Chatt,
Ctut, Quins, Sora Throat, Small'
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, Genera Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
K Preparation on earth eo,ual fh. Jarou Ott.
at a tafe, turf, MiW ana tmap uifrou
Remedy. A trial entatla but the eemparatlftlf
trifling Mitlay f 10 Cents, and f ry one urTerlnc
with ln can hate oucan sad poalUTt pruuf ef Ita
DtrecUont In Keren Languages.
llalHmnrr. itd., U.S.A.
(A medicine, not a Drlak.)
And Tilt rrnanT ND nTMinirAI.Qt-aU-Tin
ur axi. otuxb llimua.
All Dlaeaietof the Stomach, rtowelt. Illood,
Liter. manria, iu ui.uai;
vuuaucaa. Sleepleaanaa ami eapcclaliy
r emaie uuuipiiuuu.
win ,..M f nr a r.ie theT will not cum 1
lirlv. or tor ar.jrthlnu linpuro or lujurlout
fuundln thim.
Atkrmir drueitUt for Hop nitteri and try
thiiii before yuu alecp. Tuuo uu ulhcr.
ll I C laanahaolutoandlrreMitlMerurefor
urunacuiiiaa, u.u .u ...uu., .uwvw u
rrrmff Fknh run CincvLaa.
All at., i.ld te rfrurclitv
i.ld Vj rfrurclitv
.b.,t.r, N. V., A I,
Hepimttri Mr, in.. If
Survival of the Fittest.
EVE It llADC lit AlIEniCA.
Tho Mexican Mustang Liniment lias
been known for moro than tlilrty-flvc
yearn ns llm bi.lt of nil Liniments, for
man nntt iscatt. jts rnioa louny arc
larccr tlian ever. Jt ouroH whon all
others frill, anil Denutrutcs skin, tendon
and miixclo, to tho very bono, bold
tout ot Appetite, BoweU ootrtive, Faiu tx
tboHead, with a dull aenaatlon in the bacV
port, Vain under tho ahoclcr blade, full
nssa oiler eatlnc, with ajstnp.llnaHon to
exertion of body or mind, Irrttabtlltj ai
temper, Ziowaplrna, with a feeling; of bar.
Ins nefftocted soma duty, Weaxinaaa, Ui
tlnessi, Fluttering; at too Heart, Dots befor
the eyes, Yellow Skin, HMdaohe general
over the rUht eye. Beatlaaanaet . with fit
ful dioama, hlghJy colored Urine, ro,
sra raaeclallr adapted la such eases, a atk
ale doae aCrcta aneh a change af fefHng- m
C-fitjee. 3 JBurrmT Btrwat, flaw YwrkU
Do You Wish To Know?
1. DO VOU WISH TO KNOW shoot Kan-su-her
people, t"-T l.iniie& her lands, her products, her
towna, her oitintlrii.d tier public InatiluuoosT
S. DO YOU VISH TO KNOW about ths
Vuudeiful cliinitlc, 'Im i.o U-at wonderful scenery, tha
charming runnier re;rta, the majmlficeut mines snd
the nian'CiOus i;rutli ouerally of Oolorsdo, the Can
tcnnUl SUle r
. 3. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW alwut Hew
Uolco, the Nctr-tllil cuuuiry, which la Just deTeloplng
to tlic modern world u illiuaie and a mineral wealth tur
-jmUw even rhat of Caloni loy
4. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW abont Art.
eotiii, without duubt Hie r.clitvt iiiirn'ral conntry In the
Uuill'Stntca, wlcli. iin.'r iulvaiiU.'ia or climate and aollT
.6. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW about CalU
ferula and tho xnjtloua U llio Uolilcn bloie, both north
. 0. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW about Old
Alexlco and lia lri.aMH-tar
7. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW, t reach
thwi btetes uikI T.riltorlca with the leaat poealola
trouble and cipcnae 'f , .
It Uu an UU iImi wu tela to knoin, urlu to
C. a OtJ!KU.
Oara A.. T. at B. r. It R. Topaia.i
Morphine Habit Cured In 10
tolcadaya. NuiMajr III! SJnreaf,
l)n. J. HTaeiiKSw, ihanini. Ohlq
"VT. WTP. Ilea Melare.
When writlnfc to adTertlfera please say you
aaw tba adrartlMineat In th( nari
nt PmIa.U. tf ImR. WraYlan Tl. rk mjiA ftiA Phea
CO., No. 213 North Malo Street, St. Loth,

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