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Mrs. Sterrett x bought the Cnllen
trnperty, aatl will Mceuuy It after the
Wvit of Man.
County Court meets net Moiutty.
Tlie. cisterns in.tbls city tiro nearly
nil "irniiig dry." This would b n bn I
Hum for ii big !lr to break out. , .
Tin) game v wenl Into ciJW on
Tuesday iiml it is now im' t'vftil 1 1 kill
quails, pluM-unls or p.'i r! i chle!; in.
Tin! s'cet lastSuiul:ry nir' t cut-ed
iijrrf.nt in inv' iicoplu 1 1 tea" ". lb-it
-' !.' 1 - in. A. C u' 'n
tr"'i! ii l'" i ' .i "d in "" '
i- i -I W . I C . I'll, II Ml'
, . i' im John P. l(lt lmiiioii is now neimg
tit i' l us secretary of tlio l-.ast I'linj'i jiiih
Sever! enmiiimeatinn,(lwo from
V ... U,.M.V fLS. M'mI- ,.., I.iIm fill i.lt... ...t.tl-lt.t ..111 .in ulllitlii.!. til.,-!. ' I
A.U.l t .F.1I.J MM WVI-Of II. V. -. ....w w. , mi II ILIIWI "UMIII wil .IH'(-I.I, . .
ltv Mr. MUler will preach In Ore-1 Van llii-klrk left for Kirusvlle, Mo., j
transmitted to auburn or golden " l imi
she becomes u yomg lml v : tin1
hcaded boy remains roil head d nlways.
Wti are not responsible for the
vlow'4 or np'nlons of correspondents.
.im ii i.ii;n "in. in ..ii .iii'.'iji , . i , . ,
, , .. .. ... , On the cnntniry, wo ipilto frc.piently
Misses dulla huckhaidt ...id Mui-y ! J( whh tl0m 1t W(J ,et ,.v,!ry.
jron next Sabbath morning and even
ing. Hi'V.O-A.,McKlnluy will preach
In Forest city next Sabbath morning
nml Veiling.
Arkansis fruit reports are to the
vffcet that peach mill apple tree nre
killed atone dead, liut xniiill fruits,
iu!iir- anil plums arc unto. j
Mrs. Owsley of V.oniam, who has
M'i!ii vUltin Mis. Ira Peter mul otliur
frienils in Holt county for mivcrnl weeks,
left on MouiluV for Iowa Fill I h.
The nWtlngi' nt New Tolnt, cin
luctcl hy Kev. Mr. Miller, nre still In
jirogresn anil will be eontli)iifil nt
week If the woAtli r does not get .too
l'lisxenRer rnUw have been rostored
to tie t'ormer fisurcM, the war having
cininntcd Inst wk. The vrctmi
j isnger aonts hnre rrcelvcd ordur.i
to Aell no more cut-rate ticket.
There will lie a temperanc niai
Titeetlnj: at the OlirUtUn Church next
SumUv eriinln.'. The m-ellng will be
:uldreHcd by KlderH Maupin,ShowaUcr,
Jrof. III1I and others.
Wo call attention to the novel offer,
i't our advertl'lns colituin-i; to all
last Monday where they will rcnialli
."cveral inoiitlin, perlcctlng their iniul
cal cdueatiou.'''
Profe or Hill will deliver a lie turL'
in Milton, Atcfijsnii i-ounty, Hiw (KH
day) evening; and will also be in at
tendance at the Tea 'liiirV n.tllii'o to
be held there to-nmmiW.
Fnrest City. c, . , , , aW . . . . .
nii.. . 1. . i .1 ead..d enen.v or wel-, PleiphliiK in. and around llijrelou U
I mail liiiinmuu. Imbeen a tl.inR anions the pt; l:..t .Satnr.Iaj
-Kddle DobyiH, a little son of the P midst italn. This time taking not only took the -mow but thawed the
liililt.linriir il.U tuiiwie. hIIiiiiimI mill fell 1.1... I. ...... I !. uil mother. Mr-. Hi- cround an luuli or twodeep until It be
-The hair of the re l-hevl-d lrl 1 1, Friday and broke his arm This mul,. Her s ckne.-, pleiiiopneuuionln, ( came rery muddy and In cou.cipienoc
Is the second time ho hits broken liiw was ,i and severe. She win taken Hienw 11 very mou-u. i ue
arm within a year. Li.-k T.n mlay evunli.K .vlth a chill and tnot win shunt of le where it i- not
1 ,, , ...i.!.... iu,,. im mi A a friend traveled much, which nfforiN to the
Then-port tin' the Knt Korent dnd tnd:i. alHiut in on. a-a
i, a mistake. Wu are aured that th y " ' , , , , ,,, ,,.., 1)t
eompany never contemplated a tuove-; . n on ,.. I. '' ' ;
... ..i t.. I ill llilTe llie iierii m'h khiii
iiieiu iu any oiiiur ix'iui. ... . .
friends, in thU thulrdark hour.
Itplvcs us much nWnre to an- Ml. i.',iiVber Is air.iiii on the
body have his or her say.
A dispatch was received ny Clark
Irvine lint Saturday morning auno'ini'
uoiincethat the Woiiian'.s Cuion, at
The literary soeietv on. 1at Satunl.iy
iek evening had an luteri .tlnjr 6fsion.-
I This society is :a' oritil.alloti in the
In" tint his -ftther had lust died and . her meeting on JlonUay iilit, vote.l Mr. Charles M .ves of Kau-as City, cause 01 lempecrncc, coii-imi..?; in-.-in
thai his mother was not evp-cted to nnauin sly to lmlte (apt. I'-.-.ato H,u.nt Sumlay w.th hi- -In
live. Mr. Irv.ne left lor Ohio on the j nr .ioscp i i i u.'iiver mains cu.v.ai an
no. m train. early day, Ids lecture on the Lights and
...vi. ...... i Sliailows r Mfe. luu notice wi'l ne
1 for the leeture.
I In anot'ier eo'u'im we pu'v.'i t'vit
I ..tn.itiKile ll.i'l ll'fut 1) 'II. "I.' . IIL'
-The report started last week by the j . . tu.lt.itll., ,., ,.. .r ..
Kansas City Mall that l'rrtfcssor Mill (.,,..... i,. ...i.t..!, ... ... i ,..,! Snrelv. we have mated ko often
of th s city Is to be (Scneral (i.irlleldV Uvo .j. ,,,, Head it. Von will 'ju that ovet-elMidy to umlerstaud.
private sccr-tary, is a nimiru. .miiii- t ,.,.u.inw )V tmt we charge ten cents a line for pub
iMjr.of the kind was ever tnoinxni 01 i;y
Ihv Professor. It lias been the means,
however, of hrlnjjiutf Mm a shower of
cntifjratu atory letters ami dispatches
in a Hiap-entiu match
r, Mrd. Cico.
I'oiiiuexier. 1
i l fills :irc am visliiuL' Carr, our i? -pot a'iit,
Kill imo ..- - ----- -rf , , .
.. ........ .i from the coir nanv an nssi,iaut lie has
i lie. r nm ner. uiii . . i.i . -
of young folks and i doiiig
i? mot nin'tit, has
a iroiiu
. .1... ..... ......... . .... ltiii. Iiaiiii li, i.i.ii.l tit ..ml
Li". anvii u in.: .mm nm ma) iiHniu . Th ,...,ii, .1, eolitiiiue. lliere '""n "l
anil (.t;.igo
from all over the country.
Mrs Miliar of Oregon, the proprie
tor of the Electric Bath, desires uscve e
ease of rheumi.tlsm, which she wi 1
treat uilh an entire eoun-e, jrte 1 WOM-, ,Viku this town
vhargt : In order to show the virtue of
her Hath in curing this disease. Jhl
llnth is almost an infallible cure tot
iIiiimi severe cold that at this season of
tlic year are so liable to rcsuU in l.ung
lewr; If tnkm in time.
To-morrow the pilntlng mnte ial
of TilK ' "ot'STV I'At'Klt wi 1 lie riiiiinved
from th second Hour to the I'uwt lbor
f t!ie building it now ooivpius. In the
i. .1 bli's.mgto sum,) siitferi wi fa nilv:
utile to " k it i:n" to suit our notion. ..." ...
wl have tlie model county .Hint
ing olVicn o the State. Tl e buildiiu is
nsii"tlj suited to o ir wants a. ill can be
m-iile all wewNh it tube.
- - . t . I ......,H. ..t (.n....l
t rim 1.) pu'..ie lias gone irom anion-i u-muiir ".m.inij ...-..j. ... ,....(..
His, and now the fools out eit haul ' continue to send It to in, without fie
started a new' game -i a diversion. easu. Y cleslre to lie courtenus to all
v....i..r f..ltn ini.ei nt illitieiit nlaces. but we niust be just toiill.audt'ier.'fore
' . l .. . . i.i.i' ... . .,. ... .1... i.... ..r .ii.ii.
ihsucii poeiry, uiiacconipanieu ov ine mug, ihiicu hi uh- j"i " " .
1 have be.'ii several conversions and
ditiuiiN to the church.
The party at the rcldenre of our pop
ular agent, Mr. llovey, has been post
f oned tor several days.
?ir. Wells juine.l his wile and sot
in W'iut liro,) la! Sut unlay evening.
The Kat I'orct Mills Hr again run
.. i Hell & O'.look advantage-of the good
roads lat ,-eek. mul git what nrivn
up a good supper, mid f.istlvuls at tli x
M. II, eh.uvli .no .iiw.i) wll p Wi-.V-lnd.
u tlo-Nk
Mjuid City.
I sIim'i have to I'.'gin this comuul
(Mtiini bv in iking n cimtcciIou, I re-ceutlv-'latiil
Hint I here ha 1 been a
pari -'in Mr Kunkel's, when 1 fli" .id
hax," .ld at Mr. Dimkcl'-. It!- my
Inlentl iil alwsNs to Mate III.? trillli. but
vniiHiiue. there Is n faianv. Till case,
wevrr, bear nc!o neiiibnicw lo
what the taw Irrnis i'lon hjuhu a if 14
for that ica-oii eHisiilile
There is lulls, of mgnni.ing A moot
leg'laiuie h .'iv. Im'i il i"t done vwh
H wil. be ton late lor the mjhoii.
Win. Hail is uipid y rct-m'riiig from
a m'M i.' a tie-k of piicnm uia.
Pro '. I Irak.. Isnilit lots and u
preparing ! Iitnlil n tli spring.
Uigelow ami tin- bottom is fully rep-re-enicd
h.'.e alnvo.t even- day. Tiuy
cimie Willi appareiitK imdless iiuallties
(JO.IKKI) U ov needed from Kel-ou's kiln , w,tlll tm i0ao happy
The per that can devour a bar ol j eash or a promise to will and pay, goes ' eu tinners
vellow M.'ip the tp'ickc-t, is ivwanliHl
with u . L'M nieee. Hone that game
Into the waste basket.
-The trial h! the two
-Miss Ma'-v t. Peters, daughter of
. j T. .1. Peters, who has been In toe millin
ery bu-luess at Coming, Kansas, for
the p ist live months, returned to this
city on Saturday mi 1 will reiua'u here
until spr'ng. at whle'i lime Mr Peters
i and his fmn - will remove to Corning.
Kaun, and make that placu Ihclr per
' m.iueut home.
of this p'H-e, was in l-'-o-st la-i Thnr -rallmtt
bovs , ., (.,... .,, i.t. ..i.t ..! i .
ntMaryvllte wa. eoueluded last Friday- iiumur wluspeis of the intruded d -evening
and after a brief retirement the 1 parlure ol unoiher of Iirct lie-t cl i
iury returned a verdl t of murder In the . '''. V' ",k' vsv tm"1 t,',
.will iroir in m- mim iii.ii.n.i.
; Miss Alice Pet M-s ami Mer of ?
tuitinthn mttom. Tlney are retnly now
ns, sooil-ms the wii.U b.-rsofleiis, logo to
work on tlic .second stiry on tlmir In iek
store l .use. This Iml'dlug w ill bt- a
crvdit lo the town.
Huij-.sii.s ho vHliHikelhiMlry-aisid
Vimlii.-.s lieller if liu-ve wa.s a. liltte
Mr. Ithode.-. a former r-Idep t P'"r "i..isui.
.Illll MCI.UIIII im io oiii mi ns'"
title a id interest iif tin miIoou building.
and has buuglit a saloon in : .lo'pl,
Miviings ci.nt.nai! at tlin l'lV.ower
ian ehllieb llu- week.
Mlder W.iymui wil driver his lee
ture on "Hie Hiblu Vie.v of 'Penip -r-micir
' nt tin' M. II. ehuro'i next. Friday
dvoimg It is -.aid to Ikj an iixeellent
Tin- n"iarti;rly ni'eting
uliureh w Ilia-held at lid
Haturd.iy ao I Sua lay.
Mr. Litis ill mi le a ..He of his house
of Hie
M. M.
place. nct
to wljehplaci-lie will uuivo in a M!'"'' lt,ld g..U la-l we.jk, and everything
-We. no'.'ee lh.it the Molt County
lli.re Is an ili'.iii llul
lirhlet, maile ny in iioii-rKecpfr,
paper publUhcd at llrntlleboro, Ver
mont. Capt. Kaiielmr went to Uarnard,
Kodaway cofiity, on Tu-sday, where
bo is ova hau'iiig and repairing a mill.
1I will iiriili-ihlv lie uliseut about two
wce , Press hi-i week slonped over with ful-
i sitiim p-.'-d-n of Co1, llarn.iril, 'lie fien-
Dr. (Soslln returned from Chl'-a?o I su-ieiittii".ileiit of t'm If. C. St. do
on Tuesday, having spent a prollta , C. 15. raiYo.nl. II ill be re neinber
b'e mnulli In tli it elty, and is again 1 tltut on y -i few mo iihs ago lla-nessj
ro.dyto respond lo the ea'ls of the j , ,, i;i:li-iied h! n I'ke a pirate and de
lihysleally distrf sed. I noil". .1 him fir everything he e uld
Until a mail agent Is placed on the think ;f. We presume the change In,
branch railmad between Uigelow and . lone ! attilhiU i )!e In n free pa.s over
Villlsea Ihn eonduetorof the passenger Iheniail.hy wh eh llnriiard ha. 'bought
I niin liiis kin'illv t:iken clmrrn (if! hihI Mm lilt.'1 Ifauvol'our readers doe.
.i ..... .... A i .'.t man. woni.iu
leiivcr every wees, inn ('iicsnpcs in i mil iur iiiiuei -iium . uu u. -..u.'i '
J'hk CotiiiTV Pai'KK for Mound City
and Maltland. This will bn a great ac
commodation to our subscribers nt tho.
first degree. An effort was nude to
so -nre a nun trial, but Hue .fudge rcftis
e I to praut it and sttntcuccd them to be
hanged on the '.'."illi of March. Tke rvsutt
of I he trial was not tmexpeetcd.lt app ar
to be the almost universal belief that
the verdict Is a just on:. I' ileis the
Governor interferes -which Is not
likely the patrl-ldes will exp'ale their
are visiting
grand-motli r
A .
said thai oa'oiw pniiude l lo a pulp and i inoustrous crime- on lm gallows at tk
tied around the throat, removed when I lime inentloiieil.
dry, will e trc di.the la. This is a sim- j m.It;, t.,)li . of ti10 CI.
pie, inu-ipL-nsiv.. rem dy. and snr.-ly lti,i. fllP tiu ,,:Ht month, across the
well worth trying, when the life of n ( .ui,,,,,.', river, large. iiuinber.s of in -n
human being is at stake, asd I his Is the fn)(1 Nu..k;l . K:,sas have annoy
su won when this dUe.iso is so preva-1 ml , )L.0.,(. Uvhv, M,01f, , u'e-tcrn
lun:; we a lvi-u parents to inakn a , , , j ..mmtv hv ,,,,1,,., V(...
Al UregiiN, rvbronrr IHIk, IKHf.
i'uooi:. m rouKxon v.
The nnped ditch, from the f't "(
jtlm bluffs, at a point about two miles
',a'aovii M'liud City, Ii to Is? agilalcd
' next week Mor. the Cmmty Court.
Most of the land owner who cspecteil
to be lieiiclittcd tfier.iby mvih to be en-iii-.iU-witili,i't(ivf
th. Ir iHiiilon for.
... v 1
note ol It. j
It is s.inifs'vhal luteivs lug to bo
told that, nlt'ioujih the X.w on beer Is
hut ! a barrel, it glv.n a reumun o
ll.'iO ),fivi a ve ir, and that the Tniled
wi'h teams and eiit'iugaud hauling ua-k
lire wood, without saving so much a
'th-inkyou." In a few e.ic.s we hear
of parties being ualibed. and, under
t reals of arrest for Mealing, made to
I I ..!!..!. '..I.. I.. '1 lut I. Im I..'-,, .i I....I- I
Wit 11 llulvlll.n.i:, ii, ii ii. ...... t. .......
... ,,' .....i .i.s.it. ,.f i.,.. i i... i beer may
ofilanmrdwl.cn he 1 no pa-s more tl an they were entitled to
Stales produe s .1,.VVi,u ID.O'J ) drinks of ,;,y ,ii,t heurlly .for the wood they had 1
this beverage everv twelve mouths or taken.
, one hundred and ten 'drinks for each
and child. Some who Dr. Flcgeubanm mot with a Fevere
have mil ti. ken their full share of the ' aeeident lat Moud i.v ailcruoon, v 1 1 i 1 1
-old well.
A. Cr.Miti 'll looks urieli better than
when be lefi for (Htiunwu. lie inlemU,
retuiT.mi: again in a fe.v day..
A bre.h Tin' I).' II. Y N is-' 1.-
on a visit fro'ii i)a! i. It to ir-.ipeil'
that In'w.ll Hev dl e i ui'i t'u sum.
AiiiiMiir-t us to in i!.e In- ho lie.
jlhls wueU rxtnUil iuiprov:uicut. It i 1 1 , s .-. wa- an ti.fl--.iom. liuunwi
J will lewl I'-irgHy to bring lolil'...blc. con-' tlJtititi in ciivuli ion Ii -re :W wuek..
were iiitv-oiiit
witbotit vJnibt, destlu'jil, iij no distant ,'...,,. ..i.i.iiu,.;! Sont of our ei l.eiis.
. day l lie the "Eden'' of Holt comity. (,j,n signing U beeau-e they
V m, . ,,lllT wl11 lt Um"1 l" W,k e Hllalile, f,..,lv, -)t vn)J Tuuiv ' bUiiiV'
lier, '"it u'so t iviulmr tld-action mure , ,Ul.v M.( 0il UU, ,.x.
i h. aillhy iH-aiiin(? tttw wjtr from , lu.,1,,1,ll.v,'ail reeogui.o the fact that
... 1 w be. r- 31 MamlK. stagnant ai)d nf-1 ,.,,,,,.,.,, . . (, ,., )AS IV;(I n,,t (.ilt ( ,
,. jfoniing.-ffir.-itiiui.hiume: wliuniliy it may lljri. tw n h Ul,llIlt. b-jiusj they
ibe. milimali. SAX. i , ,., ...... ...m.,-.,. .... but that iintt-
j temperai.iix' ivwm will t,li n if thoy ib
j favor tiinj civiwv. J.U thi iiuittec
i wu would '.ill atteuL'o.tkto lljj i truths,
by which every honest uia-i s!) ii. be;
I .... t. .11..... 1 I ...I.T..I. I . , . .
1. Aii.tlnMl.-s iii the -chool roon i. I illtioii nn nevtt in ooiunu .uu, i)iiie., vvv .Ul, er-tavul thai llier
' I -m 1 . .1 1 ... 1!
March Polk. Iit-cu-sum : .111 Fic
Clias. I.iikeiis.
2 Model recitat'oii ill spelling- -
Sehat. Oti'ier me hods: M II Wil.
Md ward Key I .
:l. Select Heading. Kale j. Ilval
I. MJuotntioiis'' X.iuntv Xe-!i
o. Vocal Mil -im - l-Ved Kel ogg.
eu. -ion: S.iiuiioI Alkire, (!ei't
(I. Pajier S hool (J-iveriiini'iii .
Fi.-ti'i'. I i-i'Hr-i-.i : Prof Audei
I) uiel l.i-.M..
7. II i.v lo intcrct P.ilrou-: Sal
be lui'ious to know who got
othVca, a It will assure the delivery of
the papers t those places evrv Friday
Hfteruoou. For thl.scKitirtesy wo return
him thanks.
An Industrious farmer residing in
tho suburbs of Cameron arose before
day a few days since, and, with tin
luieket under bis a in, went to I he barn
tii milk the family cw. It was dark ;
and threatening snow. 'In fumbling
about for old Hrtndle, he got Into the
wrong stall and began to milk the off
mule of the wagon team lie can't tit
member now which side of tho roof he
vent out ni, but his recollections of
alighting on a picket fence r very vW
Id. He expects the bucket down )m
few" day.
It' may lie said to 1o definl'ely cet
' tied that Maitland is to have a uewspa
tier, and that at tin distant day. Mr .l.-l.
Moulton, of Clarinda, Iowa,publlshcrof
tlie Xodaw-iy Chief, will move his estab
lishment there in a few days, and com
rhcucn the public it Ion of n live news
paper. Those Interested in tills beom
.nre enurgetiea'ly bestirring themselveu.
Tjik Coi'NTr Pai'kic extends a friendly
gre-.-ting and hopes It may- dn well.
' There are already too many papers In
the county, but wo believe in the survi
val of the fittest, and hope tho new pa
per will fill the long fell want.
Peter U I.e.), known In every
iiuwspapcriifllleu In the United Slates,
as the g-ea)ltyi'iographl.'al tiAirlst, has
coui'i to grief. Tim editor of the Ver
sa! Ins (iiuifte empty red itiim. for a few
days uHel?is as Tuaj as Peter will
stay fu one pla'xe to work ou his
paper during thu editor's absence fioin
town. As soon as the lifter left Peter
got ilruhk us limn' and how to obtain
the whure-wltb'iil to contlniiu his spree
was the great iiuuMiiin. Hani wash
up, ami id the hardness of
' h '-tule an overenat and a
Uu now Uiizuis'ii's in jail iiwIiIm
IrUl. Pititrimo ol the very wnrsi
ypccmieu. oi iie.'ims iitimp, auiiru
of how he i-pukc of hliu after lie got one.
The a t of pulling a lead pencil U
the tongue to wtit it, iimt before writing,
which wu notice In so many people, is
oiiu of the oddities for which It Is luwrd
to give any reason unlws it began In
ths davs when lend was poorer than
Header, if j on have had occasion
to bny oystns recently you have prob
ably observed that the price is higher
than it was some time ago, but il It not
as high as it will be, if all counts r
true. The fact is that there is ab. nt U
be an oyMer famine, and the bivalres
will bia-nme a litMirv that none but the
It hardens the oyster waters from Connecticut to Vlr
mean-: Mrs.
niiiv- mul w.ts emit limed bv examtile
into the next generation. A lead pencil wealthy will be able to enjoy
should never be wet
lead and ruin- the pencil. ThU fact U ' ffwia are froren up and oystr ar
known to newspaper men and steuo
grapliers. Hut neaily every ono elst
dues wet a pencil lulore using l. ThU
fact wa definitely settled by a newspa
per clerk away down eat. llelng of a
mathematical turn of mind, he 'aieer
alncd by actual count that of fifty per
sons who came into his otflro lo write
an advertisement or church notice, for-ty-uiiio
put a penell in their mouths be
fore using It. Xow this i lrrk used the
best ciic'.l , cherishing a gi ltd one
with , something of the prid a soldirjr
feels in h's gun in sword, and it hurt
hls feclliigs to have bin iil-II spollei'
Hut politeness and business consldertft
lions iripiired him to lend his penell
career than for tlie pat twenty-live or
thirty years. As a result prices har
advanced AO per cent and, If the o!d
hftldn, aie liable to ndrance further yt.
Opened oysters liar gone from a
thousand to f 12. Shell tuck kits gone
from W.W to f 6, and from 97 to ilV,
according to the grade, and box ojtert
for the West, which wero selling at 91,
have advanced to and it is very
dilllciilt to have order tilled at that
will prisbaby eau e him to be eouliucd
to h!s bed for several weeks. He luul
liefii to visit apatient'aiid, while return
I g home, when about a mile be o v
Forest City, his hoc..? s'unibed and
threw him and fell on him In suuh
manner as to braak his (the Doctor's)
left leg, Immediately below the knee.
Xo one lived 'fear and lie lay there, in
the Intense cold, about forty minutes
before he could make any one hear his Cha
cries. When iis-Mancc llually arrived
he was conveyed tn the nearest house and
l)r. Savllle ami Wi so'u scut for, who
nave Iii in proper 'attention ; and later
in the evening, he was brought to Ids
I nine in this city, where lie is nov
testing as comfortably as could bo expected.
Hulev. Oilier
Mr. Campbell.
H. Paper: Mv School liooni-Wilkiii-ou.
Other School Hot
Nova Polk, .1 I! Payne,
U Paper: Teaching a-it wa-, ar
it is, Titos. Miller. (
I. Minun N'lionl Law. Sam
j Corning.
; .TwpiliHogrcfo i- ciwiing u
' biiiMttaauilw.U .-tiv.'-k It Willi
' w .vn-.
I Ti t-Ti:y. is put ting: m -i l'tiM
' l-'ri)." n.iovi'r tliroj feet -;i
it wa- '.'tu'.
! A litil.!- girl f T. (.'. Mar's.
i eilil j-e-.u'.olil, dk'il.of Cii'.tg.'-lix
I IS I illft MilKll...
j TlkMleii.Cor u III be ii;ady for op. r.:
' t ton i.i-t of Uiis week. Tiu job i n 11
O'- i have K-.-.tii.ii-Ii.' l in si wck-, bat
' e e 1.
ti i.tt!.
govciiiuil; Tljn ll.st ipmstloi) ti 1.
propjis'ly n iiitlnit-.l b.'lug is, nit
.h it i- prolituhl ', but w'iu Is rigi',
Duty mii.ilMpninary, promiuotit, m ht
1 ei.s4Mc i n num.? Uu objcjts of
'human thought .u 1 pursuit. It wu uast
itdiv.vu fruii) itssn;ren icy, if we it,
tiptivif th.-t 1'im' i:ir interest an. I thun for
; out-ilitU-, w.t . sh all certainly orr. W.i
can never see I Im riiltl c'ou ly and fully
but Im; unking H our lir.t euneern. X
Wwnrolu receipt of a mignetle
map of the Sta'e, published by Prof.
F. K. Xlpher, who lias be -n i 'aged
for tlie p:it thr e years In miki ig a
i magtietle surveyof t'lo S ate. Thu sur
I vev. allh m h not yet comnleted, tie-
We have rceeircd from an esteemed muustrvtes thS fact that the magnetic
correspondent a eommuiiiiieatlou ou f variation in M s'ouri Is coiistatitly de
"The Curru of Drink," which Is so ex-1 creasing. Thlsisof great iniportaneo
treniely hirsh and abusive to all who to our surveyors mid it is to meet the
ell ardent spirits, that we are sure lt . demand fur correct Inlorm i'lou on
seorrssif times erery day. And o'teo jlublieatl in would not be productive of ihls.subjeet thai this in ip has been pub
after itli'd been wet till lt sra hard aud j )Voil. In the eouilug alttition onllldiul. It Is 'furnished to all applicants
brittle and refused Ui mark, this feeling
would verpower him.- Finally he got
some cheap pencil- aud sharpened thU
aud kept tlicni to lend. The first pt
son w ho took up I he stock pencil was a
dalrym-m, whnrfe breath smelt of onion
and whiskey. He held the polnl in his
mouth and soaked it for several miry
utca while, he was torturing himself in
the effort to sviile an adverti-eiueut for
a missing bull-dog. Then a aweot
l.ooaliigyonug lady came Into thitoltlee,
Willi kid gloves that buttoned half the
lcugin of her arm. She picked up the
tile temperance ipiestion we think it the
itv of every g iod elti'tn to d i all in
Ids power to allay the bitterness which
such discus-tons alwiua arouse, Sim
nhiibuso does not help any cause. To
for -) cents a copy, this Is uH the
only work of importance that Prof,
Xlpher Is engaged In. A little more
tuan I lire.) years ago Im orgAtiUcd the
Missouri weather bureau, w'lh head
Falun. DJ.cu-.'on: Prut II II, Da ilel ( -ixu-eu wn.iv.. mne pa-ju ii'iium- uuu..- jtulnuitO. c-iiik lx just ut- wiso but tbit
l.ewi.., Prof C I- Hulls. j not il..iK?y.i but th i -I line all iv.-ls-on whch ls ,)uiu ()lth() WMlv.ict,m of n,,,
J. Fir-t la u in Xumbi'i-s, !rs. Ihe ..tatu ut tho wjalher. I paramount worth ami importance of
Kelojg. Di-cii-ioii: .Joe Wilkins m, j U. I'. vetL.-oii-iu-'aw- of llnniee (tmy utl,, fiswtimuutal truth, tho
i i . . -.1 I i . ,.. -I ! ,!i! .1 '
uir..cn. .Miiriin. i-.-it., c, iiuni.- lauv.iv i. iniiug ; ,,liri.m(, .MX f tv.-,tK mul the muni
!I. Social ti'id School Training : V rof oiu nwnn ui.viirm.ig. mv. i.ongv,iu. , wMvx tlW ,l0t -.tu-t froiutlus in its in-
C I. Hull-, lli-ci-siou: Prof.- Pra Ue, ' lormeriy ii-.a ecso, auiuviu-n iu uun ,.ujini.s i,lto Umiviii tiff ui-rf w doomed to
jnxir, ivHiap f:)'tJ kitut. 'i"Ue right
Hrowu. Aitili'i.-ou. I f ill
4. Prat Ileal Language,, J It Pay n.
Praetleal Kvtlinple.: Samuel Hulev.
Maggie Workman.
Paper: lvti:il I.abur, l-I pial Pa v.
F.lla llvaus Dhcii-lim: Tims Miller,
Xaniiie Xe-lut
(i. Select Heading. Helen l.ehiuer.
7. Paper: Social Htliics, Teacher and
Pupil, Sallic llelllietl. DIscu.sliii i :
Prof. Drake, Win. Hoffman.
H. Public S-.'hool Mbr.irv, W V
Drake. Oilier opinions: Prof. Ilrowii,
Stun O'Fiiliou.
'.I. Paper: Culture out-ide of TeM
Hcoks, O C Hill. Reneral remarks, ln-..lliiiln.
in. I ruo llilucalioii, I'has. riuu-oii
nyJJ hai every ui in who scils tnpior is 'pmrters at in i wasiiiugion i Diversity,
ajiirsc, a unlsaiiee, a dep ared ami , He established Mat'ons throughout the
deuaded creature," Is merely a Vert , State and now puhli-hes uumthly state-
har'Ji assertion, wliieh does not eon-' incuts of thu observations' uiiido The
vine anybody. Tin: Countv Pai'kk 'vatlationsof tlmiln'riiiometer, harome
will always bo found on thu side of ter aud Physehromitter jiru carefully no-
those who are end 'avorlng to proniotu
morality ami temperance; hut It will not
It. P.iijf: Hieharil (leant While
View of l'nVic Siiheol System. Prof
An. let'-in. Ds'iissloii: Prut's .MeCar
ly, Hi I, and others.
1. Select K'ui , m iioinn-.in.
I coliirn
All the teii.hei's of. llm county are
en ne. Iv rn.itwiii'l t hi orusent. Im-
lo TtiH e NeU., we l-t otu ol wir
be-t citizen-. :uuL net ve nieiu'M'r.s.of the
M. M. clmalii. Tabt.i I! iek citi..-iis,
ehiireh a ilii.Hu.id malrfiv I'alu file ae-ipi-it
on iu tlw fiumly of Mr. ijmg
well. Mrs. Hcmv ii--uis-lts Is-i-u ipiUc
.ie:-C for Sv'Vi-!t ivi-y-. IStohi l-Idward,
who has U.nt,i rJimC nx ..-lao-d nt Ore
gon, came iMiins-Lw-t Viuliy ti her,
lint us thehidkr.th.iwif riliiniiui: lietdth
ivero fuvor.ilrfo, In ii-tnnast to the f Triumph.
Normal. Kilmtind spi- ery favor- T,tr trfmuplH a'ml trtbttl itiou
nblyoftho work In XiHitbi West Nor- Uv)-ll, ,We..sis. Cl.m.s of sorrow,
M,!'' pjiin a.-diugulsi .:otir-e down my arm
Wo had Hip pfi.-a-r.ni- f-f l.onmig the . l( mv ltf,m. Uki t.jiyKl, the av-''lll-llf-Halid
of Utl lltrb Hot." toot - ' ... .i.,...,,).,. u.o nm-ertlie.ess
tblivgs doc- happen" In this communj-
u the suprenn g to t
'L'lui fiUlo.fiugiuvtlii pn'ees of grain
Imhv: Wlw it iT.Ms, corn 'JOets per bush
el. Hogs Jets o-.ittl-.' acts. K-r pouu l,
Mr. Iynn IHoo- Ikis e wtlnetal th
sali'of his biiln nir shop lo a gentium. in
from Foni't City, wh mi ho expects tin.
to-lny. tuclwe thu trade.
lii-t Siituiilav iiiu'bf, mxltufaytliatihev
Wh iido you Think ; (jh is. Fo-ter, Mrs. Juno improved r.ii.llyf l putting il in ,
s I 1 1.. f....t .1..... .... I
........ I .. i ... . l..l..r.l.l.rt . II. r.li.l ttl.ll' UI1 t
ti;i j ,.,u,'j ii, i. ni . .1, .... ", . ".i
like ii full llslgetl isMH-t b ml like
full gruwii in ii, ns It weitf. Suceess to
joii, boy-, 1 1 n ready foe i ie-1 Fo'ir.h.
Our covpo-utuiii b.is again beu i iv
vised, and Mo corp.. of the council
bud ( Im- been lunched, bu' -ti I it (deep
be among those who wish to ride rough
same old pencil and prcs ed It to lier , shod over thu rights of other', or who' carefully watehed and all cXnraclcrls
..,.,1,1,1. i, m. .. i.. In l m:i . let. A e-oilil
nslilute uulie:ii.ned. Fi'te enlc.-talu-1" l "w f M mo.MU.g ami find
,..!. ll.e Pntn fnll. rw, Mini f.ii-ee l .., lt...r,,i i,i .,iiillc at 'J ' IUUS-ll III UU -W! I oov, lot II- oil-
the wind; am mnt, kind aud course of ..viuek, .i. m. "s. li. Tiiom is, -b'd- within tbot"s-.'p Ttiiullu.'K
Hie el.m.ls! iu-rc s'oriii or mcloiie Is, A . .him I -f.isK. Sec. ' Pll'S. 1. 1st fa'.ll' I IJ' llliTllt W i. Ill lll,-
Th imitv NiiuIUkI d at Conwaj's.
The young flks had a lluu lima
fiwstlngilowti Lucy's lllil.lhe 'J7th,
;. .Indian's hllud mule eats hay.
lio-lle Co.. were taking In thu sights
id your cry ou the 2-l.
Il mmm. iiM'ki.sIhU lo el ITV Oil a lit-
I otli. How.lhs mid law b: e Avw would , )r (Mlt,.rt:ituu) iut huTRj Tiey orgiil
i'ir butter be on the walth. I'l- executive , lt.,) three times.
, anil j ..Ilea, maiy ma i e io ,., n m, , s ,
Denuvon the .'uh,-died the-Jflh.
Midi Cochran lias a child flek with
i inttierja.
le.t-t epect"il, tin 1 mie ono may yet
. . j j nHIHV VIVI I'll-.' tv i fill" f
his "P'ljncai,,,, urBparal.ry to writing an dver.Hunk
fur collar, j ,Ismont f,. t ,rnL.,.t. Tho clerk place i
Hut denuiieinllon supplies the
if ariiuin.iut. Nr will it lie the
tics carefully n iled. The interuatlun
al weather syiiibols are used by the Im
reau and its obs-jrvers. Prof. XIpher's
won d bare stayed her hand at the risk . part of wUdom, wo think, for Hie advo-
of a box of Ihu best ptiiclls Fuller cater cities of temperance" .HP -Inaugurate atbibnrs In emmectlou wllh physical
irardcd ill m lntfiv who'staid a week In ' ed. but ho was too lato, And thus that i crusadu of tilmsei Commmile:itIius i sciences Hru of the great.i-t Imiiorlauce,
thu snuin uilleo willi.coiiienmt. He puiu-ll went from mouth to moiilh for a on Ihts, as well as nlU iilller -mi., I-. j uiiil, as he dues this wo-k al his own
Ima h was sucked by poopla of all which are written in K s?.il.n in.l i.. 'expense and without coiup insiUlon, the
i r eaiwiit loans' w.iiii nbtalnfdi honk ; ranks and stattuns, and all U grces of j pcctful tone, will Iii ps n-i?iv ii r , Statu, should aid him iu soini way. A
l.g Ihlongli tlie bars Inrayear or -two ; cleanliness and unoleanllness. Hut we ed',. but we do in." tii' an u oei i. State Weu'hur Huroaii would be au liu-
forbear Surely no ono who reads this ivo nuuis In mi c -rimtii ...i i i tj ii i-1 poi tiiut aud valuable uddlt'ou to our
will ever agalu wel a lead pendl. ' tlm nf any cl-issoj" tli j cuuimuuity. '' jiutttutloin. j '
Th Orcyan Pu JloltittA.
Mlt. Mm nni There 1 a good deal
wi.ui" iu ine m-uu'jemiMit or inn i-oi-
mis by d -ii iken, hoaling uieii. Pistol
firing and pi'of'tm liu:u i;o could he
heard al over tow n, jet not an effort
was in-lib to Mon the il-uder. The
'.Out. of our voiinir men skiimml tlio
euunlrv with borrowed capital to thu
amount of 30.00.
Ol.li 100..
oille.-in ( 'icgoit l heir much cstin-1 emiuty cuuii may 1 1 ' Sot' an oMtiuismH " "
pbniii mul unilee. in .e!, tu.ieh Hiat ,.10',,trm.e, from the ladies -of our j ,
slmilld lie cone. led. I Us p'jneipal is, ...... ....,. ,
an ;
L.'tik Ui'i i'."
l!. i - . . ' f'unroml
. . i . t lit
,W ,' II ' .1 - - .i V on uto
' ' i-'iiistant
i ,-.i d ;or uc'
ui with pi'tua
iii.ii v.i c. at s
l.iie .
n'.i .
i . , .
' . , . i i
l 1 KUi
ivlll lui'lo ibledly do him gouJ if any-thJiTyl'iiii,
.... i.ii.l ileilaui. and mu"ii to take I town, against the iumg ui atu more
mme ii'ea-uie In fiitertii inn1' her per-1 saloon llcene in our t.ivvu.
... , v ... .i. ... ... ..... ... . i i,.
Sinai aiiunici-niin in oi.-u'.'iiiiS i"" uur l'ltl.eniir.i piepmiwg ir iiiioio- i,.7. v.. ..Iiiuimm
.Iii'I.m .,i- i.m.-... 'li.- ... mi is . .. . i .. , ta.souable eouml..iim. ,mi v-i.tujo-t
I..!.. iiie il l i.'iii iifleti l- il and olfeil- lesilVlll llliue M -.. rii.i.e,., ... , , K , t.,lntart
rW February 1Mb T.m J'lCMu
i:A Corning ladlj know J ut how to got j Uivgtm, mu.

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