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Who lTf e and hides the giving hand
Nor counts on favor, fame or pralic,
Shall find his tmallcet gift outirelRhs
Ihe harden of tho tea and land.
Vfho gives to whom hath nonght been given,
Ills gift In need, though small Indeed,
As Is the grass-blade's wind-blown seed,
Is targe as earth and rich as heaven.
A Cure for n llnlkylIorc.
A Canada paper gives room for tho
following curious modo of dealing with
a balky horso: I would proparo mysolf
with a good strap I want no whip per
haps ho has got a good toslo ot that al
ready, and still ho is master. Hut somo
lino day when I was nt punco with my
solf and all around, I would hitch hi in
to tho buggy, turning his head to tho
Tillage. Ho goes halt way very woll in
deed; then ho begins to consider that
ho had gouo far enough in that direc
tion, and stops. 1 stop down; ho ex
pects mo to U8o tho whip; ho is mis
taken. As a criminal, I treat him on
tho silent system. I push him back a
llttlo out of tho way. I show him tho
strap, putting it up to his nose. I go to
tho ofl'-sitlo and bucklo it to his foro log,
closo up to his breast, throwing tho
other ond ovor his shoulder; I then ralso
his near foot and fix it with tho hoof al.
most touching tho belly. This done, I
say, ''Now, old chop, you Just stand
there" I don't smoke, so I tnko a
papor from my pockot, and finding a
placo whero I can sit down, and ho sec
me, I begin to read. This is something
ho did not bargain for, and tho novelty
of standing on thrco legs somewhat di
verts his m hul from tho causo that stop
ped him. I think that is tho chief point
gained, and tho most humane When
tho strap is taken olf I show it to him,
caress him a llttlo, and wn movo on
without irritation. The strap will now
becomo a part of tho harness for a
month or two, till at last tho sight of it
will actrs atMisman.
f.Irooju Corn.
Ilroom corn, as many of our readers
may know, was introduced to this coun
try by Dr. Franklin. Ho saw a seed on
a broom, planted it, and tho seeds from
this single plant wcro tho beginning of
broom corn as an American agricultural
product. Tho credit of tho broom
making Industry is duo to tho Shakers,
who, raising tho plants In their gardens,
manufactured tho brooms and sold them
for fifty cents, or more, apiece. 1m
mediately after tho war, so great was
tho profit from its cultivation, that it
was soon overdono, and tho many who
had rushed into tho business wero soon
discouraged and abandoned it. Now it
is cultivated in all parts of tho country.
Tho stalks grow very tall; tho seeds, if
loft to maturo and ground with corn or
oats, arc deemed excellent for fattening
cattle. But as tho straw is brighter mid
moro dcsirablo if cut while tho seeds aro
in tho milk or dough state, tho seeds
aro not gathered. Thoso should bo
planted on good soil, in drills three
feet apart, tho seeds ono foot apart in
tho drill.
Tho Potato.
It is supposed that tho potato Is
indigenous, and confined to no particu
lar part ot tho world. Mr. Darwin, for
instance, found it wild in tho Chonos
nrchipolago. W. J. Hooker says that
't is common at Valparaiso, whero it
grows abundantly on tho sandy hills
noar tho sea. In Peru and various
othor parts of South Amorioa it appears
to bo at homo. It is a woll known fact
that it was to tho colonists whom Sir
Walter Koloigh sent out, in Queen
Elizaboth's reign, that wo aro indebted
for our potatoes. Hcrrist, who wont out
with theso colonists, and who wroto an
account of his travels, makes what may,
perhaps, bo rogardod as tho oarlicst
mention of tho vegetable. Under tho
heading of 'roots,"l,.emontions whatho
calls tho 'oponawk." "Theso roots,"
ho says, "aro round, somo largo as wal
nuts, others much larger, thoy grow on
damp soils, many hanging together as
if fixed on ropes; thoy aro good food,
cither boiled or roastod." In early
times the potato was oonsidorod by
many to bo poisonous and unhealthy,
and was avoided as an artiolo of diet,
particularly by tho vory poor.
lVluit KHIh Fruit TreeN.
Somo time ago Josiah Hoopcs, in nn
address before tho Pennsylvania Fruit
Growers Association, mado tho lollow
lng oxcollout remarks on planting fruit
trees: "Deop planting Is ono orror to
plant a trco moro shallow than it former
ly stood is really tho right way, whilst
many plant a troo as thoy would a post
Hoots aro of two kinds tho young and
tender rootlets, composed ontiroly ot
colls, tho fecdorn of tho trco, always
found near tlio surface getting air and
moistui'jf, roots -of ovor ono year old,
which Iprvo only as suppirtors of tho
treo aird as conductors of its food
Ilonco tQp injury the? ensues when tho
dolIoDo ttootlotsiroQo deoply burled in
earth. Plaolug fresh or grcon manuro
in contact wit tho young roots is, ho
tells us, another groat error, Tho placo
put manuro is on tho surface, whero
tho elements disintegrate, dissolve and
carry it downward. Numerous form
of fungi are goncratod and rirodued
uy mo application or such manures di
rectly to tho roots, and thoy immediate
fly attack tho troo. It is vory woll to ou
xloh tho soil at transplanting tho treo,
but tho manuro, if to bo in contact with
or vory near tho roots, should bo thor
oughly decomposed."
I'Vewli Air in T'tiypbold Fever,
Dr. Hampton,' of Paris, lias latoly is
sued u pamphlet containing n history
of several romarkablo cures of typhoid
furor. Tito Dootor regards tho dlsoaso
as a sort of paralysis or asphyxia af all
tho vital lunotlons, occasioned by inhal
ing a poisonous Atmosphere, emanating
from a typhoid patlont or from somo
othor morbid sonrco. By tho Doctor's
experiments ho has practically demon
strated that groat advantago is to be de
rived from tho uso of open nir. Tho
cures whioh ho reports aro ascribed
matniy to mo admission ot out-door air
to tho patient's bod-room. Ho argues
that tho patient cannot suffer from tho
application of this remedy, from other
diseases, or from tho temperature of tho
atmosphere If tho patlont Is kopt warm
in bed by artificial means, tho frco
breathing of puro air will at all times
koop up tho natural animal heat. In
typhus fevor, complications of all kinds,
of tho lungs, or other organs, slmplv
rendor tho access of fresh air moro ur
gint nnd essential. It also enables tho
patient to tako stimulants moro easily
when necessary.
Tlio rVoso in the Dnlry.
This scorns like an insignificant mem
ber of tho working force about a well
conducted dairy, but it really is n pow
erful ally when properly appreciated
and Judiciously npplicd. Every ono
knows that bad odours aro tlio greatest
mischief-makers that can como in con
tact with milk, butler, or uliccso. Willi
its prcsonco good butter cannot bo
mado, while milk, and especially cream,
alsorb bad smoils rapidly ami fatally.
For tho purpos c of detecting tho presence
ot thoso utiwolcomo visitors a keen
smelling noso should bo. cultivated.
Thero is no doubt that this sonso, llko
all tho othora feeling, seeing, tasting,
etc. can bo greatly cultivated, nnd just
as surely lost by neglect. Tho person
who lives within tho roach of odours
from ijluc and soap factories soon be
comes totally indtfl'ereut to thorn. Just
so tho careless dairyman, who allows
old cream and grcaso to accumulato
about tho milk-room, uovor thinking
about tlio smell of things, falls in tho
end to notice them until ho finds his
butter totally rejected in tho markot,
Fumes from cooking onions, cabbngo,
and other smelling tood may pcrmoato
tho air to such an extent thal'tho women
of tho family loso all senso of bad odours,
nnd consequently lall to detect lesser
but equally fatal odours in tlio milk
room. To dotect a bad odour it is necessary
to dovoto tho wholo attention of your
mind to tho matter. Tako up each ar
ticle in tho milk-room, and smell ot it
to sco if undetected troublo is not brow
ing. Doing this onco a day will put tho
senses on tho nlort, and thus nvolu much
troublo and loss when tho butler is to
bo marketed.
Allor Hie flutter Coiuvh.
At the churn comes in our most radi
cal need of reform. How to free our
butter from tho buttermilk nnd in doing
so keep from working tlio bultor into a
gralnloss, waxy mass? For myself, 1 am
n strict ndvocato of tho brino system of
gathering and working tlio butler. As
soon as tho cream begins to break add
a gallon ot strong brino, tho coldei it is
tho better, slowly won; tho dasher until
tho butter has assumed the appearance
of b rd-shot, then draw off tho buttor
milk; cold water should now bo turned
into butler and tho (lusher occnsiorally
worked, but notcnougli to gather the
butter. It is better to chango tho wa
ter once, making tho sccontl a weaker
brino. Draw tills oft' and tako tho but
ter worker, roll it very gontly and only
enough to forco tho remaining water
out. Tho mass will will then bo found
to bo of uniform color, frco from specks
or streaks, and tho traces of buttermilk
will bo wanted. Then salt three-fourths
of an ounce to tho pound, using lino
salt invariably, as tho sharp crystals cut
tho grobules ot butter and break down
tho grain. It is quite n mistaken notion
that salt preserves tho buttor. There
is no chemical union of salt and butter.
Salt merely occupies tho spaeo between
tho grains, and If moisture or butter
milk, but never tlio bultor, nnd at a
certain stage salt or no salt, tho butter
milk undergoes a chango and tho but
tor (?) becomes rancid. Tho buttor is
now set away in tho bowl for twontv-
four hours, tho temperature being kept
as tow as 07 degrees, when it Is again
placed in the worker and gontly rolled
again, a trillo moro salt added, and
without over coming at any stage in
contact with tho hands put' into tho
NourccNol ctrolcuiti.
Thosourco3 ofpotroloum aro found
In nlmost ovory part of the globo, and
tho uso of tho articlo would scorn woll
nigh coeval with civilisation. Tlioro is a
spring In ono of tho Ionian islands which
has yielded pctroioum moro than 2,000
years. Tho city'of Gonoa was formorly
lighted by oil from tho wolls of Armonla,
on tho banks of tho Zj.ro. In Persia,
also, near tho Caspian Sea, at Baku,
numerous springs of petroloum havo
been known Iroui oarlicst time; nnd
thoso of Rangoon, on the Irawaddy,
aro said to havo jloldod, boforo tho
gonoral introduction of petroleum,
somo 400,000 hogshoads of oil a year.
Goorgo Eliot has lott somo unpub
lished works behind hor. Ono olfyhoso
is a "History of Ideas of Immortality,"
writton soveral years ago. Tho oilier
Is a comploto translation of Spinoza's
"Ethics," executed during tho Sjrauss
and Fouorbach porio
v mil as aa.si.iir IMIlll U
Oa'ro (111. 1 Hnlli-.il ltniiil,llji.ii. V
v s . s m r . m-
"What do you know about St JaiVibs
Oil?" said ono of our oldest subscribers.
This was a fairquestlon, and wo nnsw.r,
that wo nro reliably informed, thntm
gentleman of this oity who hns an Horn I
untold agony, and spent a mint ot mo;
(iy to got relict irom Uuuumatlsm, in
dosnoratlon bought somo and tOyl it,
and doolarcs that it is tho best rxJitoily
for Rheumatism ho -over heard of.
"Thoro I" 6ho cried, in an excited voice. '-I
ehoutil llko to know what hag becomo of that
umbrll. I sot It up acln tbe rountcr when I
come In, and afcro 1 could turn rortU it'd
Roue and It wan only a Monday that 1 nl.t
four and tlx for'tl" "What kind of an um
brella was It, ma'am!1' asked tho polite cleric
lu his blandcet tones. "A. snick and span new
nlnpham,youn(;nian," wastne cogtrrespouec,
"with an Iv'ry handle on't and a" "Like
the one In your band, ma'am, for Instance!"
"tijki.-s alive 1" she cxclulncd. AndonomlKht
Oo thought she saw a serpent rather than
her own "spick and span frltiRhatn," wllli Its
"Iv'ry handle" clutched faft lu her band.
She colored up llko a ilrusRlett' window, and
went oil amouK iiulntelllglile excuses. She
never felt so nuttrated In all her born days, as
She told Jemima Ann when lin cot homo.
1IV Kit" ITTlfllUT
Keokuk Constitution,
A man, or oven a pieco of machinery
that does its work right every time, Is,
wo think, vory corrootly judged "valu
able." And certainly none tho less
valuablo is any artiolo designed to re
Hove tlio ills of mankind, and which
does bo every tlmo. Mess, Jones, Cook
& Co,, Hay Stuto Drowoiy, Boston,
Mass., write! Wo havo used St. Jacobs
Oil among ourmon and find that It holps
them "evory tlmo." Wo thereforo
heartily rocowmend it a apain-hoaling
Printing Greenbacks.
"All papor money," said a Treasury
ofilccr in conversation with a Chronicle
roportor, a fow days ago, "both legal
tenders nnd national securities, is now
ongraved, printed nnd finished in tho
Bureau of Engraving nnd Printing nt
Washington. Somo years ago, ono-hnlf
tho noto was finished in Now York but
that has been dono away with for somo
timo, Under nn act of Congress, n
building has just been complotcd for
tlio solo uso of thu buroau. Boforo
moving into this, thoy occupied a part
of tlio Treasury Department."
"What about tho process of making a
"Tho process of making tho green
back and other govcrnmont securities
i3 this: Tlio papor is first taken to tho
wotting division. Thoio It is counted
nnd dampened. It is then delivered to
tho plato printers, cncli sheet being
charged to them. Thoy again count it
in tlio presenco of their asslstnnt, who
Is a lady, nnd glvo a receipt there lor,
tho assistant certify lng that she witness
ed tho count. Tho receipts aro taken
to tho wetting division, whero thoy nro
compared witli tho books boforo tlio
work is begun, and must ngreo. This
is done with a hand press. Attached to
all theso presses aro registers, which
keep count of each slicol ofpaperasit
paiscs through, so it is impossiblo to
secroto any without being detected. Tlio
note then passes into tlio examining
division, whero It is counted wliilo wet
and placed In n drying box. When
pcrfectlyNIry it is taken out and again
counted, and tho work examined by ex
ports, all of whom nro ladles. Tho
sheets found defective in any way, aro
cancelled, and tho perfect ones placed
in a hydraulic press, whero an Immense
pressuro Is given thorn. When taken
out they aro perfectly smooth. They
aro then sent back to tho wotting divi
sion, whero thoy tiro again dampened."
"What is tho next step in their manu
facture?" "Woll, thoy aro taken to tlio print
ing division, whero they ncclvd the sco
ond impress, which is is the black part
of tho laco, after which thoy tiro taken
to tho examining division, tlio dry bryc,
tlio hydraulic press, and back again to
tlio wetting division, tho samo as nt
first. They aro takon from hero tho
third timo to tho Stato printing division,
whero tho third impression is received,
which is tho largo red seal on tho face,
After litis thoy aro taken to tho examin
ing room, dried, pressed, counted ami
examined, tlio samo ns on both previous
occasslons. From hero thoy nro sent to
tlio numbering division, whero thoy re
eclvo tlio numbers that aro seen on tho
upper right corner nnd left center.
Both legal tondcr and national hank
notes arc printed on shoots, ami there
aro always four notes on each. Alter
being numbered, tho legal lender notes
nro taken to another room, wltero tho
margin is trimmed from tlio paper, and
tlio notes separated. Tills is all dono
by machinery. After being sepirated.
thoy aro again counted nnd placed in
packages ol ono thousand notes each.
This is also done by ladies, who aro ex
perts. Ono lady, a Mrs. Silver, will
count ono thousand notes in five min
utes. This is tlio final count. Thoy
aro then ready for delivery to tho par
tics authorizen to receive them. Tho
national bank notes aro not soperatcd,
but aro sent to tho banks that issued
them in sheets of four each, so that they
may bo more readily signed. Tlio rules
governing tho Buroau of Engraving and
Printing aro very strict, lii fact, dur
ing working hours tho employes nro
treated moro liko prisonors than thoy
aro liko ladies or gentlemen. From
ono thousand to fifteen hundred persons
nro employed thoro, tho Jadics out
numbering tho gentlemen considera
bly. How to Cook Oiiliiicul.
Oatmeal, says nn Irish paper, is a
loou oi great strength nnd nutrition,
having claims to bo hotter known and
moro widely used thnn it is nt present.
Oatmeal requires much cooking to
effectually burst its starch-colls, but
when it is well cooked it will thicken
liquid much moro than equal its weight
in wheatcn Hour. Tho oats of this
country aro superior to thoso grown on
tho Continent and tho southern part of
Englaud, tmt certainly inferior to thu
Scotch, whero considernblo pains nro
tnken to cultivate them; and it is need
less to point out tliat tlio Scotch are an
cxnmplo ot a strops: nnd thoroughly
robust nation which result is justly sot
uown as Doing uerivod irom tho piuutl
tul uso of oatmeal. Dr. Uuthrio has
assorted that his countrymen havo tlio
largest heads of any nation in tho world
not oven tho English having such
lnrgo heads which no attributes to tho
universal uso of oatmeal, as universal
It, is, being found nliko on tlio tables ot
tho rich and tho tables of tho poor in
tho morning tlio porridge and in tho
evening tho traditional cako. Tho two
principal ways of cooking oatmeal aro
porridgo and cako (bannock), which I
will describe, nnd also somo othor modes
of cooking, in order to atlord nn agroo
ablo variety ot dishes. First, then.
wo will commjncQ witlt n rccoipo for
porridgo: To thrCo pints of Colling
water add a lovel tcaspoouful of salt
and a pint ot coarse meal, stirring
whilo it is boing slowly poured In; con
tinue stirring until tho meal is uiuuscd
through tho water about eight or ton
minutes. Cover it closely then, and
placo it whero it will simnior lor nn hour,
avoid stirring during thu whole of that
time, servo not, with as llttlo messing
ns possible, accompanied with milk,
maulo syrup, or sugar and cream. To
make oatmeal cake, placo in n bowl a
quart of moal, add to it ns muuli cold
water as will lorra it into a soft, light
dough, cover It with a cloth fifteen
minutes to allow it to sivcll, then dust
the pasteboard witli meal, turti out tho
dough and glvo it a vigorous kiioadlng.
Cover it with tho cloth a fow minutes,
and procced.at onco to roll it out an
ighlh ot an ineli in thickness; cut it lu
mnll nlcCes. and nartlv cook them on
a griddle then finish by toastlnir In
jjront of tho flro.
J. P. Kriegor, Jr., who as Cashier of
tho Broadway Savings Bank, of St.
Louis, wrecked tho concorn and rulnod
his father, committed suioitt c in 'ho
Western Hotol, in that oity.
Wretclitil, Indeed
Aro those whom u continued tendency to bil
iousness, subjects to the various and chance
ful symptoms Indlcattru of liver complaint.
Nausea, etck headache, constipation, furred
tongue, an unpleasant breath, a dull or sharp
pain In tho neighborhood of tho allected or
gun, Impurity of the blood and loss ot appe
tite BlKnallzo It as oue of tho moot distressing,
an It Is ono of the moct common of maladies.
Thero le, however, a benign specific for the
dlscuso uud all Us unpleaeuut manifestations.
It Is tho concurrent U'ntlmony of the public und
tho medical prol'ctilon. that Hottetter'e atom
ach Hitters is a medicine which achieves re
sults speedily felt, thorough and benign. He
sides rectifying liver disorder, it Invigorates
the feeble, conquers kidney and bladder com
plaints, and battens the convalescence of
those recovering from enfeebling diseases.
Moreover it It the grand spcclno for fever and
Tho African liocrs.
Tho typical Boor Is doubtless n pat
torn of hospitality, simplicity of hoart,
fondness for his homo nnd family, and
of thoso general domestic attributes
which aro so dear to an Englishman.
But in relations nnd contnet witli tho
nativo races nnd real owners of tho
soil, tho Dutch Boor scorns to loso all
senso of reason and justice, nnd to re
member only thoso early and blood
stained annals of ploncorfng, when the
white man nnd tho blnck neither gnvo
nor asked forqunrtorin their slrugglo
for supremnoy in tho land. Indeed, his
intolcrnnco ofn nativo is so intenso
that ho cannot bo induced to look upon
him ns a human boing, but ho regards
tho unfortunnto nborlglnnl as n wild
beast, to bo hunted ami shot down. But
tho Boor has his fnlrcrside, although
his typo has as ct been unchangeable.
As ho cxistcl when ho ruled in Capo
Colony in 1808, so now ho exists in tlio
present day in Ills settlements in thu
interior. Ho is uneducated, unculti
vated, unprogresslvo and obstinate;
but ho develops qualities under -adverse
circumstances which must command
English respect. Ho Is certainly do
mestlo as far as his own family clrclo'ls
concerned, but, at thu samo 'time, tho
revcrso cf gregarious in regard to tho
world in general. When ho first com
mences to farm and settlo ho likes to
possoss not less than 0,000 and not moro
than 20,000 ncics of good undulating
"velvet." When ho lias obtained tins,
ho starts In his was wngon witli his
wife, his children, his scanty supply of
goods and chattels, his cattle and shcop,
nnd his only literature, tlio family Bi
ble. Ho selects a good spring of water,
boing carolulthatno neighbor Is located
within at least ten miles. Ho builds
hlshouso with ono largo central hall,
witli tlio kitclioti In rear, and lour or
llvo bedrooms opunitig out of tho hall,
all on tho ground Hour, and sometimes
witli a wldo veranda outside. Kraals
for his cattle, fences to his gnrdun ntitl
enclosures of fifty or lOO.icres nroqulok
run up; and so fertile is tlio soil and so
favortiblo tlio climate that in foul cr llvo
years his garden will ho full of oranges,
lemons, citrons, peaches, apricots tigs,
apples, pears and vines. His herds and
Hoiks multiply, Ills wheat and Indian
corn tlnivu, and tints ho lives in a rude
but gratotul abundance. Ills sons ar
rive at manhood and marry; his daugh
ters aro sought as wives, nnd, if tho
land is good und plenty, they remain
and I'nrm near, and for each generation
and now family a now house is built a
few hundred yards from 1m original.
Mora acres with each generatl iti' are
brought under the plough, ami the man
who is a good fanner, good lather ami
good husband cannot he brought to seo
that ho must not covet his neighbor's
land when that neighbor happens to be
a black man I Without sentiment, with
out a particlo ol enthusiasm, and with
tho most circumscribed intellectual
horizon, ho has a stubborn practica
bility which is admirably suited for tlio
work of a pioneer, but which never de
velops into a power of civilization
nmongst savago tribes. "Tho Story of
tho Zulu Campaign," by Major Asho
nnd Captain Edgcll.
How French Women Cross the Street,
"Cross" writes from Paris to tho Chi
cago Intcr-Occun: It is a rare treat to
seo a Furlslcnno cross a muddy street.
Sho advances tip-too to thi edgooftho
pavomont. Thero sho poises liko a
bird roady for lllght, and thon deftly slio
raises her dress moro than enough to
show her embroidered skirt, tho dainty
hose, tho elegant bottinos, and without
moro delay sho trips across, too ami
heel hardly touching, and mud lefusing
to cling to tlio fairy feet that hardly
leaves an improsslon on it. Landed on
tlio other side, sho gtvos her lino leathers
a llttlo shako into placo nnd passes on
witli shoes that look as if put on ut that
moment. Watch an English woman
immcdintoly aftorward. Sho reaches
tlio curbstone, comes to a dead stand
still, and solidly contemplates thu mud
dy road. Finally sho selects a route
Thon very cautiously sho lifts her shoos,
making suro that the tops of her boots
aro under cover, and thon slowly ad
vancing sho puts her right foot out
plump it goes, tho wator oozing ovor
it, and then splash! splash! until the
other sido is readied, when witli soiled
skirts and soaked shoos, sho proceeds
on her wot and muddy way. Nothing
could bo moro charactoristio of tholr ro
speclivo nationalities, and nothing could
bo more amusing than tho mutual con
tempt for each other's ways.
Mush. Stir a tablespoonful of salt
and cup of flour mixed with ono quart
of Indian moal into a quart of boiling
water; boat it well and boil gently two
hours. Turn tho wholo Into dishes
which luvo boon dlppod into cold wator,
and set away to cool. In tho morning
cut into slicos an Inch thick, and fry
brown in pork fat. Servo slices ot pork
fat with it.
IJjmimj. Wash and soak tho largo
hominy ovor ni.'ht; oarly tho next
morning put it on to cook, in plenty of
water witli a llttlo salt; it absorbs, llko
rico, much wator, and must bo cookod
witli caro, and bo perfectly white nnd
soft. When anlto donu, stir In somo
uowmllk nntl uuttor, and lot it stow for
ton minutes. Servo hot. Small hominy
will boil in an hour. It is vory nioo
ricd for breakfast, and is a ncoossary
accompaniment to pork.
Miss Illanchc Murray Is a very proper young
lady. Last week she caught her llttlo brother
"You terrible thing," sho hissed, "I am go
ing to tell father on you,"
"This Is only corn silk," murmured tho boy,
"I don't caro what It le. I am going to tell
on you, aud see that you don't get Into that
beastly, horrid, degrading habit. I would't
havo uuythlng to do with smokers."
It UuveutuK. Mies Murray Is sitting on the
front stoop with Algernon. It Is moonlight,
nnd the redolent spirits ot the honeysuckles
and evrlnguB are wafting bliss to their already
Intoxicated touls.
"Would llttlo blrdlo object to my smoking a '
"Not at all," replied Miss Murray. "I like
cigarettes, luey aro so irogratit uud roman
tic. I think they are Jiuttoodcllcfousforany
thing." "Thou I'll light rne."
Ilo lights a cigarette, and they talk about
tho weather for two hours and a naif,
I'utliui- In Uuitiutr Well.
My daughters lay. "How much better fath
er Is slnce'he ured Hop Hitters," Ho Is get
ting well after his long suffering from a dis
ease declared Incurable, and wo aro so glad
that he used vnur Hitters, A lady of Roches
ter, N. Y,-Utlet JferaiJ.
A I .inly Corrcnpotidcnt.
Mr. KUton
In a recent Issue of vour tinner "Dalnv H."
writes to know what to do when she has the
"blues," Now, I havo been troubled with that
very unpleasant and essentially femlnlno com
plaint In the piet, und I am quite suru my ex
Dcrlenco will belli her. 1 don't hellevn thorn.
indigo feelings come becauso things don't go
right around u, but because matters don't go
ngm wiinin us. every lauy understand tins
and knows the cause. For years I suffered
tcrilbly, and I now see that I might havo
avoided hall had I known what I do to-day,
I tried taking Warner's Safo Kidney and Liver
Cure ns an experiment, and It did forme mo-e
than I could evef have dreamed It nosslhln to
do for any woman. I would not bo without
It for the world, and I cirncstly adtlso Daisy
11. or nnv lady troubled as she was to um tho
means which I did nnd I am (tiro It will have
the same effect.
Carbollnc. n deodorized extract of ictrnle-
urn. cures baldness. This la a rui.lllr,. fct
atti sled by thousand. No other hair prepa
ration In the uorM will really do Mil;. He-
noes, as now improved, it is n delightful
lb It known unto nil wnu nru sllllcfccl with
salt rheum, Itcb, scnld head, Impetigo, nnd
nvrry oiner eruption ot ine SKin, mat wemrs
Sulphur Soil) will stecdlly remove such liar
raaalng and dlsllgtirlng complaints.
Nothing Is ucller thnn n crnokril Imnt. nr thnn
ttratghten them with Lvon's lleelStllTcncrs.
An Inwlcr.tte old w.ii.'. sppIiil' a lionvV-
door nearly off Its hinges, In which condition
of .neglect It bad been left for ionic time, ob-
eerveu mar. wncn it na.i laiicn nna Klllcil f ome
one ltwotild priiliahlv bn hung.
i!u. -ititin a. i.3r:tit.
Ifera of the late war and now United States
Senator from Illinois, writes: "Some years
ago I was troubled moro or less with rheuma
tism, nnd have within the Inst year or so suf
fered Intensely with tlicsnmcdlscatc. I began
to take 'Durnng's Itheumatlc Itempdy,' and
nm thoroughly satlslled that I havo been per
mincntly cured by Its us". I do not hesitate
to recommend It to nil sufforcrs."
For cuts, bmns.UKu Iteddlng's Itussla salve.
Don't )Ht on I lit) I'rcmtMCw.
Aik Druggists for "Hough on Hats." It
clears out rnt, mice, bed-bugs, roaches. Only
15e per box.
tJKI-ll.WS A IK JUST I'LOnillt.
J t Is natural for people suffering, with Dys
pepsia ami Liver Complaint or nnv derange
ment of the digestive organs., such us Sour
ttoinacii, sick llcnd.iehp. HuMttml Costive-m-so,
palpitation of tho Iltnrt, Heart burn,
Water-brush, gnawing and burning pains nt
the pit of the Stomach. Yellow Skin, Conted
Tongno nnd dlsngteenhlu tnMu In the mouth,
coming up of fool niter vntlng, low spirits,
iVc, to put off from day to day bujlng nn nr
tide that they know has cured their neighbor,
friend, or relative, yit thev hnvo no fulth In
It until It Ih too bite, llut if you will go
to your Diugglst nnd get n bottle
of Onur.s's AuarsT Frowitii your
Immediate cure Is as certain ns you live. Sam
ple bottles of thli tnedlclno can bo obtained
for It) cents to try its superior virtue.
liPk'til.ir size T.cents. Try It, twodoseswlll
rellci' nnv ense.
TI-oTnulMvo Cnro
w aia wn wwi vnm
fur all tho to Painful roniplr.lnti and tYcalnrr
woe u.nmon foourbcftl ft initio populatlun.
ItwIHcuro entirely tlio wont fnrniof I'lUmtoCom
ptnmtst, all ovarian trriiMc,lii:laumiatlcn ud Ulcera
tion, ralll nrr nni lH'Tlfic-tiiunU, ni.tltho rouxcqiicnt
Splnnl WcaUncu, ana U ruUicularlj' tuUptcJ to tlio
ClWiLTO of Hfo.
It will dlxsolYO ondc:rrc!tnmorifrcmthei:tt?niln
nn early HaooC iltTcuinncnt. Tlio U-tnIencytocrtii
ctrnuMuinur8llicroUi;lTrkiil veryiiKiilUyl.y lt.tun
It rcnviTM falntncan, Ilatutoney, ilcitroyMiH crarioc
forft:mul.nnt3, nntl rttJovoa weuknm of thr rtonncli.
It cures Hloatlnir, Headache?, Ncrvmis 1'roiitraUon,
OnrrrJ IxUlllty, SUtiilcSdiu-KS, lxjrcutoa una hull
Rcttlon. That feeling of Wrinff down, murine pain, weight
aQdbackacho.laalHayaivnnanently cured lylUuto.
It wilt at all time and under all i'lrcumtamx3 act la
harmony with tho laws ttat irovcnt tho frinaio ystem.
Compound la unsurpafwd.
forwiecurooE Kianey uoupuuuu oi ciuic; eextuli
POUND Is prepared at 833 and 3 Wenton. Avenue.
Lynn.Mass. I'rlcoJL Bit bottles for Si. Kent by mo U
In the form of pilli, also In tho form of loznifff i, on
receipt of price, f 1 per box for either. Mrs. rinUiam
freoly answers all lettsrj of Inquiry. tJcnd forpaiuph
let. Address as above Mention this 2iptr.
No family should bo without LTDIA E. I'lMCHAM'a
LUXIt rn.T-S, They euro constipation, btllouuncui
tod torpidity of the liver, 3 cents per box,
The Only Remedy
I'lint Ac U nt the Baiuo 'lime on
iTfie Liver, Tho Dowels and The Kidneys
TM8 comoinai action pivrstc wonacrjm
tmirt r to cure all tU uaif.
Why Are We Sick ?
JlfrnifXAies nllmo ttie sear eat ornantto be-
,fimerlnftnednrt.)rnUl. and vol sonata hu-
nora are there for force! into th blood
4CK moum oe exjKtitu naiurcwi,
IlllloiiinrM, film, Constipation, KIJnc)
I'ominainu .nn um-nitx, iican
wane an it Jfcrrout Illnorucn.
bycautmq frte action oj thtteenrgani anat
rtfionnn inetrrowcr iw iiTuwvp utetuse.
Whr .iulfrr 11 1 1 1 ii u i lull n a mill krlirnl
Why tornifiiVvS with I'lloii, CoiutlMtlonl
WliyfrlglitcrutOTfnlUorilir.'il litilnrjx t
Hlijr ciuiurniifnnuj ur kick nonuutiitai
ilirliato tlrrnlrni ulsliWt
Vte KIDNEY WOIIT and rrlolet In
health. It It a Urv. ttottalli comvounilanil.
Ono p.cLff.wlll maLvalxqtaoMcitlclnc.
uet u or your vrvgqm, nt ti'W oraer if;
rjr you. rrtctt si.iiu.
7li.s, nciLiit::ti & riotntten.
I I tui (ittu.,,aM jt nunc,, u
la rcspoiMo to tho urcoat rcqueiU of creat
Dumber cfpooplawba prefer to purcluu. n
Kidney-Wort already prepared, tho pro
prietor cf tills etlobratod remedy now ptv
parolUaUquMform 01 welt ai dry. It la
cry concentrated, la put up lit largo bottler.
cd is equally efflolcnt M that put up dry in
tin tuna. It saves tho necessity of proparfnE.
1st always ready, and Is move costly taken by
Inoitpsople, Price, tl per bottle,
utjuTDANDcni' bold uy snuaoism
WELLS, MGAttDSOX CO., I'ron'n.
A Ilurllotton, Vt,
cr tun
r"! !
No Irtrrtlln on earth ciuili Sr.JimM O.im irr,
K mmi tr. an 1 ciir.Ar ltcrnt ItciiicJr A tr.l entalli
jl'li c w'ratl(lj' trlUlnftmlla) it Ml M u,lry
tug Willi aln can kaierlivapaii.lwaiUij rwUf
r'ali.., i,M:(-tlnH IK ILLVI.S UMVal.l.
IliiHIinnrr, Mil,, V..S.A.
Chicago Screw Pulveriser
Pats In Craps at Half tho Cost of tho Plow.
o?er 35,000 Acres put in by ibem in 1880.
Aair,, Chicago Scraper & Dllclicr Co.,
34 Motropomnn Block, Chtcn.RO.
P AOtN 1 5- WANltD rolf THE
Km'irnclrp: full anil nnttirntle ncrriuntt nf vir)ni'
tlon of niuli-nt nnt mu'i rnltmi'p, nn1 tnrtuil niru !ila
lory ut tic rl.i' unit full of unvk iiml ll'jiiMn Km
pin', tin' Itl'ddlcr pea, lliorruandi, 1 1 s ftmlHl aia
u in, i lie reformat on, ttioillacuvtry iin-t ai n.rmi nt ot
Ihe New Wurlii, ttc, i'ic. tt riinlnlna 018 ttno Mia
torliiil rnirrtivlriRa, tnl la t lie HKai rumpli'M1 HWlury
of tlio Wurldvvrriui'llsniM, Erndfuriptclini'npuKea
and extra tirma to Ayiiia. i ri'aa,
National I'i iilihiimi t'n.. Chlrngo. Til.
lax lit 111 Jlu'
1 7' ivl..l,ml,.,l
CMN.C.IIN mnp Tffl
pent by mull on tvivlpt
of tU'j.fiO i or a
HAMIM.H or tntno
n.. ....... i, .t ..r rt c.i.tri.
nu tlio hm.st ti:
l.....nK...t V'.i,-r..nl..,l
lomltnlltnitos. roitnKi-stumps tiiki-u. Tctcif.'CO
Theilrent Amerlrnu Tel Co. . Iri'ortrrc
F. O. litis 4431. M Vruv St.. K. Y
,.t oitKi) .ii.Klt I l.'I'lilCAI. and Family
It i,..n..r th-vnt'.il l.i llm I
fn i.il ill iiiiio for I'rt'o aamplo i-onyof IOWA
;3i(i.t!i:vs'iMii iimi u i!sri;it. I'Ais.nf
j)i tt.N.M.. It. t-. (ll-F, IMItur. A I'lirniyjj
..ill 11 I'll, a a ..nf, ti miiii iiini,,t-niH ,,a III,
fl"tl I, IIH'I v . iiiiiiiimv I null lll.lliy
il.l ..I C .....M...l3
fun to ivory new aiiliMillu'r. Kcuoiiriowcliilii
rati"' Willi oiIiit p.iin Tf. .Mlilrcaa,
I' V,IM ' i'.'ii'in . i in
. .r.itlran il.iv n..lllnu our l'rlzi .t(.ilal Noeillo l'auk.
i is.l'jiNeedfeiiliiaiuckai.'O. oniupirtaly u"Ortod i
'irlco to aironta $lt "r liitiulredi aelU for 25 eld.
S miplo packBiro IS eta, in Blaiupn, l'!"da w irrnnteit
imliellfaat. Hfinl for circular. iiniTlHtl .NlillliUJ
A HWi)fllA,TlON.aiStw Church ritrect.ow Xvti.
Thompson's Eye Wafer
Thla wol.k"own and thoroughly f Hide nt feme uy fo
tiesaes of tho Kve, tina acquired a worldwlde renuta
tieuaea of thu Kve. tina afautred a world. wide rentita
luu uuiiiik Hi" 't. r-iHiujr'uvu jrnra. huh it la rr
narkalilu fact itia: llita renin ailon tma been auatalntil
ilinriiy by lira Merits or the Mrdlelnr Uai K and
i.ot by a y pultlnRor ixtenilvo ftdverilitnc;. The many
IhouiHr.da wliohnve med It will hear Iratlmony toihi
iruih of l hli atatcmeni. Msnufuiturrd only by JOHN
J.. Tl-iOMTSON, HONa & CO., Troy, New York.
I'rlrfjt Bolil hy all clruirirlafr.
1 1 Is t ho purpwo of this Company to supply tlio
nrml of ii Ktnto llunuii ofliuuwratlnn, iiuil uotto
nilwcriutlio iniri oMHof any liiimliluiil, railway,
orollifr i-ormiru(lon. trrmAiilrtt!tiiibfitinhturHolil
1 nfoniiatloii f iirnlaheil thofo l.hlUK' to nclllo lu
I'tixiia. I'm rfiBiwiitl.-mii k.tllrlli.,1. Aihlnvu
W V.t..X(l,Vni(MtJtarfcrTexatState llrmpt)
or ji. ii, in vai., rte, yiiiiini, jexua,
A po'ltiVHiuro Kocnt
tincout. No i a tins out.
No hutnlnauut. Nopivln,
fan In r.fed by patlculiat
tiuinc. Addfcas
Aliii'ahitlltnwii. Iinvi.t
TTTf . l sm'iif ''" k s . if
iu; uunu: rt ttiu rtt
wliti rrlcrsuf tiredr. u.U liowiu
f row iliein, r Itf V. TO AI.U II iclll pay ro it 'nl for
i,, uwui.winn.iiii3.il, pamiaMaw, ,
nil iu tr (II fVI
klla, Iowa.
...ui-imiiiih aan.iii i i,,vfi ,, ,i
loUUllliyH. ,ii.,. (lltflliot
lilt. J. HI UI'll L'UM. I.I.I1.1II.1., I.
M UPOUojat.hi-a. uupp. Illuatraied. 1'rlco
sJUMsTiVl.1'11- I'roiprctua 00c. Illir pay. Oni
'''tiinnaoMillll. .1. W. Marsh. St. Ijiula.
DUUUII.O Territory given. Catalogue free.
4 Tlio ltrxt t'niiBli Syrup l
llao's Cure for Consumption
It acta quick and It tsatii con. I
Dane mnll, Iinttle Inror.
Therefore tlio chrnpeM aa will
as tho best, fold everywhere
3r. and 81.011 per bottle.
AffMii. iiniAiinn niiinii. cuiiumunirom jiu
On. IU ITitn's Innrr Tomo Is a preparation of rrotoxldo of Iron, remtlan Hark anil tho Phoa.
pliatis, atsoclulcit Willi tho Vt'iretalito Aroinatlcs, Kinlorutil ty thu Medical rrofriilon, ami rccom.
ineiiileit hy tiu.Mil for llyaPiali. 'luitornl Kclilllly. l'viuiito Itlarnsra, Want or Vital.
Ily. Nvt'voua I'roalr.ulloii. fun t ali'X'rnrii Irimi S-"cvcr and C'liroulo C'ullla ana
'' r. It serves utcry purpoao whero a To.niu Is necessary.
Manufactured by THE DR, HARTEfl MEDICINE
The Ladies
In Ilia Homes
mlnUtrotlon from Whiiinoton to the present tlmo. Includes much 1
Ptritnal and Private history never before imbllslml. Address
osasjap THEsass I
VHAJJltax & UO OO . 1'OUrth Bt.,
tf ATt TtTriltn-nTi r)
(A .HcJlcInf, not n Drink.)
noret, Dccnn, maniiraki;,
AKOTitu rmitST ahi nraTMtnirAt.QrAt.1.
All niacfol ttieEtomsrh, nnwela.ntmd.
Liver, Kldnrra.and Urinary tlrraii". Sir,
vouiscsa, fclrrrleaanraanud cipeiUlly
Fcinalo Comrlalnt
win re pid for rsic tney win not nrr if
help, or for inythlns linpuro or Injurious
found In Hitm,
Aikyoor rlruntlit for Ilnp Plttrrannltfy
them beforo you ilecn. Tnlio no uilu r
O t, C lannatwolutcrindlrrraliMrilern'' for
vruu;uui:u, ufu ui opium, UiuaiCO anil
"end ron cir.crt.An.
All jtrftv hMUWAi
ll"P Il'lUflMfi. I , llmhnlrr, N, V .ATof ail ..Onl.
Bnttlo Crock, Mlchlgon.
JtAKurACTiwina op anr. osw ontDrxn
Traction and Plain Engln.03
and Horco-Powors.
Most CostpHaTlirearicrruc(oi7 Established
In tlio World. 1 ID4C
ft ft VCADO ff ton1tn4mitanltvwfithHt
B fcllllvJ i(, xltuout thart-m nf :
w imniimncni, or location, i "ohik '
Iruaa fcjrninty glttn vn alt orff.k.
Coitiplrto .sirnirt OutOlncy watnJr wtUiift
VYrtilTritrllnii Cnuitirinn I L'lalil j'tihlticf
cmtbooii in llto Aiiicilraii jimrKct.
A muUituil nf tprtnl 'ettturt-i anl imrrovrmnti
t r JMIilorcOi' r with tuiterhrquHltttn in ron true
tfan itf I itutierl'tU twt ilirnnicl t f I ylljrrmil.cni.
I'tmr mzTtt iSepimtortt, Inim O to liorau
CUt'lKity, t'otftntbi orhntt hnirer.
Two M Ivt nf XInutitcil " 1 rjo-lCTWn.
rnvUfitltr 011 Iimf, frnm uliicli hullt tlio lif.
iWc I, 10, lij Iioroo roir. I 'iff
m I T'i
(.w'-Ti"", r?i "", Tlirclirriiirn nro invllril to
a Ml' ' Mii'rAhM ThnClmr Uachliiiry.
CircuiirB n-nt f rca Aiidms
Bnttln fVck Mlchlcan.
An Open
The fact Is well uiulcrstootl
tliat tho MEXICAN MUS
the best external known for
man or licast. Tlio reason
why becomes nn "open
Hcerot" when wo explain that
" Mustang" penetrates skin,
llcsh uud inusclo to tho very
bone, removing nil disoaso
and soreness. No other lini
ment does this, honco nono
oilier is so largely used or
does such worlds of good.
of Appetite BowoUl noctiv-e, T-ivt; ta
Cto'id, with a dull sensation in tt o tout
V&xt, Vain undor tho Bhoi,,-lor bind;, ( 1J1
usua after eating, with a aisinclirui'.lrm ro
txcr.llon of body or mind, Irritability oi
Romper, Low splrlta, with a feelinir of hav
Inn neijlocteil some duty. Weariness, In
;wcso, I'luttorinn at tho Heart, Dots bnfor
the eyes, Yellow Skin, Hoadacho RdneraU'
aver the riKht eye. ltcstlessnpfit, wittjt
fvl .teamii, highly colored Urine, t
i rsperlally adapted to such rases a stk
uteilOMDcRi'riasurfa a ebnear af fecttra
0 9ionUlj IhOMiirYi'rrr.
OtJt.?o.3 ntirrT vrV
Do You Wish To Know?
1. DO YOU WISH TO KM ;W about Kan-
eaa-hereoile, i,cr hoinea. tier lamia, her products, her
towns, her countlea hi i Iut public Iniillutlona'
2. DO YOU V SU'l'O KNOW about tha
wuiiilciful cJlinah', t i leu wundcrfut sceuery, tfio
clutmlua summer n iru, t!.B macnlncenl inlnn and
the iniineloiis yrnwih unicrally of Colorailu, itioCen
teunUI KUte
steilcii. the NeuMiUI cunniry, h'Icii la Just developing
to the modern uurld a clhnaio sn'l a lu'iiera) wealth sur
j1hk even that nf t nl oi.vloy
1. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW stout Art.
roni, wuiuiut iloulit lii. ruhivl iiiiiiitiI couulry in thn
Uuitiil'btotrfl, uliiii.th r n.U'inliui'a ofi'lliiiale anil aollf
O. DO YOU WfUI TO KNOW alwiit Call,
fornla ai.il tlioKitluiisif llm Uutkufclvjic, MU norlh
ami Hiuth?
.0. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW about 014
Mexico Hint Irw nrxfrH-tu
.7. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW, how to reach
tlirao bUles una Tinltoliea 1U 11,0 Iciut poatlhta
trouble suit exia-Tscy
If lliut art tlu Uiliiai you irliA u tnour, irriu to
Oars A.. T. e B. H. Tt Tt. Tniieka, Kansas.
A Month and Eipenwa
taiaH-ra-Kll 1UU J?."K, Safcu
If H is I C II iili.Mii. wt. a. roaTth s i-o.. cawMti. i
"W. S. lJTllfs Molnea."
vol Ik no 4
When wrltlne to advertisers, ileao eay yon
saw the advertisement la this paper.
CO., No, 213 North Main Street, St. Louis,
rV -tWTr
AQENTH WANl'Htl for "Th iadiu ot tha Whits Kouts i
ol tha Presidents'," tho most IntereatiuK lawk ot
WAblllNUTUIl iilU'JJ ever mbli.heu, AillaioryorctcrjN
1 ever iuuuueu, a aiiatory oi uivrsssr
White House.
l'hlla, - , JfA,

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