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Mr. Hfutluyl). .Johnson, of Salt
Lake City, Utah, Is spending a few days
in this city, visiting his daughters, Minos.
Irvine tuul McMurry.
Messrs. Jacob Michel and Alois
Niug, of this count', will louvo on next
Moi.il:iy, for Portland, Oregon, where
H k their intention to engage in tho
'cattle buslues.
-Just why a man should bo nslmmcd
tuown that ho is injured by u fall wo
don't .sou, hut nlnety-tilno men out of u
hundred, on getting up from a slippery
spot, will lie liko Satan, and say "not
hurt at all," when In truth they aro
bruised and skilled in over twenty placet).
The announcement, In our adver
tising columns, that the Hcd Front
Store, Forofrt City, is closing out at
cost, to quit business, will undoubtedly
tiausoa rush ol customers to that estab
lishment. There arn no pcoplu any
where vbo liavo keener eyes for bar
gains tlinu tho cit zens of Holt county ;
aud the fact tbat all the goods at the
Kcd Front aro nuwand fresh will make
them spocially anxious to secure tlieiu
at wholesale cash pi Ices, bco ndver
tlsemeut. Wo have already published Prof.
Tile's weather predictions for Febru
ary. Ills rival as a weather prophet Is
Prof. Venuor of Canada, who
predicts as follows: Tho
mild spell with which January
closes will probably continue well into
this month, with tho exception of a day
or two, up to the 12th of the month,
with balmy, spring-like weather pro
vailing iu many parts, and snow rapid
ly disappearing. A couplo of days
of blustering weather, witlt rain or
HO'iW, will bo followed by snow-storms
and cold weather throughout Ontario
ami the Western United States. This
term will bo followed about tliu ICth by
storms of wind, rain and snow, previous
to tho setting in of a colder term.
With the brginning of tho last week of
the-month brilliant, mild, spriug-liko
weather will again appear, niching t lie
snow and rundciiug sleighing impossi
ble, iu some localities. A few days be
fore tho close of tho mouth high winds
aro Ikelv to prevail, ni:h gales around
Now YorK, Long Island Sound and
other points, with blustery weather in
Canada and the Northern United States.
Tho last two days aro, however, likely
to be fair, and tho mouth will end with
little snow on tho ground.
Sol Miller, of tho Troy (Kansas)
Chief, is just now wrestling with a sub
ject on which he wilt have tho sympa
thy of every editor of auy intelligence
throughout th.) country. Wo allude to
"obituary poetry." Tho btrango pro
pensity of otherwise sensible people to
try to write poetry whenever his or her
friend dies, although they may have
never attempted anything of this kind
before in the r lives, Is well known to ed
itors. Tho result is that overy newspa
per is constantly receiving quires of
dismal doguercl, which is so wretched
in meter uud matter that it is enough to
make tho subjects of It turn over iu
their graves, Thk Countv I'awi:
some time ago adopted tho rule, which
it has rigidly adhered to, of charging
ten cents a line for all such effusions;
and wo aro glad to report that tills has
had a wonderfully rcttralulng iulluuuco
on the muse of these embryo bards.
We recommend tho adoption of this
rulo generally. But hero is what Sol.
Miller says: "Obituary poetry is usu
ally the very worst stuff that can bo
written, and is tho very hardest to re
fuse to publish. A majority of people
who lose friends by death, seem to bo
ia a manner soothed aud consoled if a
few versos aro composed aud published
to tho memory of tho deceased; and it
is a very unpleasant matter to refuse so
slight a Aivor as publishing such verses,
although w ell knowing that thoy will
be subjfbtcd to ridicule aiTU to rudo re
marks." It is getting to bo so common,
that sunw nil ul poet -writes verses to
tho memory of 6lloit' overy one that
dlesJlil or youtig. Wo uro actually
ashatnt d of much of tho stuff of this
kiud that we publish, and only wonder
that the friends of tho doad do uot fool
tho same way, A gentleman once re
quested us not to publish a poem that
bad been sent In on tho death of a
membvr of Ids family. We admired
his good sense, and complied .with Ids
ruquet, although greatly to the disiip
polntuicnt of tho well-meaning poet,
Tbeso versos aro usually some poem
which tint writer lias seen or heard,
and has been uttered to suit tho occas
ion, and to make It read nonsensical
and ridiculous, Wo havo loug been on
tb point either of rejecting all suoh
contributions, or charging an advertis
ing foe for tho infliction. Wo hepo the
praotico will bo abandoned, except in
rare and peculiar casos, It is uo com
pliment to the dad."
I Band Concert, Court House, Fri
day evening, February 18th.
Mrs. Sierrctt has bought tho mil
linery establishment of Mrs. Curry aud
Miss Johnson.
A small dwelling house and three
acres of land, beautifully located, with,
in the corporate limits of tho rliy of
Mexico, Mo., a thriving place of 0,000
inhabitants is offorcd for trade for
property in this city or for land Iu Holt
county. For further information apply
to the editor of this paper.
Sara Bernhardt, tho groat French
actress, is to give ono night of Opera in
St. Joseph on tlio 28th Inst. Exuursion
tralMswllI run on all tho roads into
that city.
Mr. James Scott has bought tho
residence of Mr. Joseph Hoblltzell in
this city, l'rieo paid, .$2,500 cash. Wo
i ...... ... ..
uunr mat air. uouiltzcil Will build a
fine brick dwelling iu tho spring, if he
can buy a lot to suit him.
The sleet which fell last Saturday
night did immense damage to fruit and
other trees. Tno weight of tho ico
which clung to the limbs was so great
that the trees broke aud fell, reach trees
wire especially dainaircd and most of
tho aged trees were ruined. Iu the
forests the s cue Is ns if a cyolonu had
passed through tho country.
An Ohio paper proposes to number
thu hours of a dnv and nip-lit emisei.u.
tlvely from 1 to 24, tr from midnight to
nilitniglit, thus doiug away with a. tn.
and p. ni , iu railway time tables and
elsewhere. Tno advocate of thU pro-
posed new method says tliero is no
more leason for having two 12 o'ol.nks
in one day, than there is tor two twelve
mile posts on a twenty-four mllo rail
road. List of letters remaining iu tho
Postofllcc at Oregon, Holt Co. Mo., Feb.
l'.t 1881. Any one calling for thene,
will please say, "advertised."
K. O. IIoi.tz, I'. M.
M. O. Ashton, Can. Jones, Minda
Drown, John Drunk, L. II. Cnmson,
Henry Cranstin, Henry Hall, (ieo. I).
Mlnten, Marllia Rush, Josephine .Strut
ton, H. Chaplin Thorp, James William.
-Dear in mind that after tlio fifteenth
of March no more gifts will be given to
subsorioors. If you wisli to get the
beuellt of our very liberal offers, you
must call or send aud pay a year in ad
vance, before that timu. No matter
if your year does not oxulro until July
or Octobor, you can get a gift by pay
ing a year ahead from tho expiration of
your tune, provided yon do so before
the fifteenth of March.
Wo have sent forward tho order
for tho books which wo offer as gifts to
.subscribers and they will probably
be here about next Wednesday. Those
subscribers to whom gifts aro duo can
get them after that time, provided they
havo selected books. Several subscrib
ers to whom gifts aro duo havo not yet
mado i-cleetions. Wo iiopo they will d j
so aud notify us what they choose, as
soon as convenient.
A weleomo visitor to tho sanctum of
Thk Countv I'Ai'KK Inst Saturday was
Mr. Jonas Whitmcr of near Mound
City, who gave tangible ovidenoo of Ids
appreciation of our labors by bringing
ustlioiiamo of a now subset iber and
$2 cash to pay for same, aud also by
subscribing and paying for a co;."y of
Chambers's Encyclopaedia for his own
uso. Mr. Whitmcr Is a mail who has
read a great deal and is well posted, and
by supplying himself with this Encyclo
paedia ho shows that he intends to'kcop
abreast of tho times on all subjects.
Wo hope many others will folloWhls
Mention was mado in our last iss'V
of the death of tho fathor of Mr. Clan
irvino aua ol tlio dangerous illness o
his uiothor. Mr. Irvine, in rcsnous
to a telegram, left this city on Saturday,
tho 29th ull. His fathor, J. C. iVllnc,
had died the previous night. When he
arrived at tho old homestead in Mt.
Vernon, Ohio, ho found tho corpse of
his father in. ono room ami in an adjoin
ing room ids mother lay upon hor death
bed. She lingered until 2 o'clock P. M.
on Tuosday, when she too passed away,
and the aged couplo were buried in tho
samo gravo on Thursday. Thoy were
uSoug tho oldest citizens of Ohio, hav
ing lived at Mt. Vernon flfty-ono years.
Doth died of pneumonia, Mr. Irvino
was 70 yours old, and his wifo two
years oldor. Ho was a man of won
drous vigor, and, notwithstanding his
advanrodago, ho rosponded promptly
to tho call for troops in the late rebell
ion and had tho distinguished honor of
raising the first company which ontered
tho war from Ohio. Ho loit an estate
valuod at from $50,000 to $75,000, to be
ecmally divided among his six children.
Don't fall to attend the Daud C'oncet
at the Court House on Friday uvoning,
Fobruary 18th.
Dev. Mr. Miller will preach nt New
Point next Sunday morning and orcu
ing. A petition is Iu circulation in this
city prating tho county court not to
grant any further saloon license in
Oregon. Tho?o who nro circulating
it say that it has already been signed by
a majority of the tax-payers.
County county lias been in iu sess
ion all week and is still in session.
This being a regular term, tbwro is an
liumonsu amount of business. We be
lieve our readers will preler that we
publish all thu proceedings in ono Issue,
instead of publishing a portion this
week and tho ruinainder next wcok.
Consequently wo omit tho proceedings
this wick and will publish them iu full
in our next.
On lost Friday tho printing material
and presses of Thk Coi'ntv Papkk
were iv moved, without accident or
breakage, to thu first tloor of I lie build
ing in which thu paper has heretofore
been printed. Wo are not yet "fixed
up" to suit us, but wo aro much better
situated than ever beloro; aud as wo
now havo a room which can bo proper
ly heated and a tloor strong enough to
bear the jarring of tltu press without
danger of breaking through, wo inland
to see that our readers in future always
receive papers which aro jloarl and
legibly printoX. If any one of tliem
gets a badly prlutfd paper wo .vik him
to send or bring it to us. The ed.tor
cannot do thu press-work himself, ,nd
thu only way hu can kuuw whether his
iiintruciions nro obeyed by tliosu to
whom that duty is entrusted, Is by
patrons showing him such papers ns
aro not til to be sent out.
Do you chew or smoke tobacco or
drink wiil.-key? If so, stop a moment
and ponder over this thought: The
money which you spend every year for
tobacco or whiskey would buy you a
full set (l.i volumes) of Chambers's
Encyclopaedia and nt leift fifty more
volumes of histury, poetry and rununcc.
You need tin Encyclopaedia; you want
it badly; but you say you aro not ablo
to buy it. This is a mistake. If you
will quit using tobaiwo and whiskey,
which ruin you mentally and physical
ly, and spend the money for books
which you nro now paying for these
tii-clons luxuries, you can u one year
procure tho nucleus of a flue library.
Hooks which formerly sold at from $1
to 810 each are now being sold by the
American Duok Exchange (of which the
editor of tills paper is thu sole agent in
Holt Ctiumy) at from thirty-rive lo fifty
cents a plcic. '1 Iiiuk over thcto facts.
Attention is directed to the adver
tisement iu another column, headed
"hand for Trado." Tho laud there
described will undoubtedly bo In brisk
demand at an early date, and meanwhile
It Is increasing iu value overy day. It
will be traded, In quantities to Milt, for
properly iu Oregon or land iu Holt or
Atchison county. Or propo Itlons to
trade for houses aud loUitt auy of thu
towns of those counties would be con
sidered, provided they can be readily
rented nt fair figures. Tliero is an op
portunity to make money in these lands;
and any one having property in tins
section, which bu wishes to dispose of,
can mako an excellent trade. Thu in
vestment is a perfectly safe one, and by
simply holding thu lands the yeatly In
crease in value will far exceed ten per
cent. Tho owner's object in disposing
of them is to get his aff Irs into micU
idinpo that every thing ho has will bring
a present income. All information can
bo had by Applying to :hc editor of this
-How to cure a cold. On tlio fir-it
day of tiulng cold there U a very un-
ilcasant Miti-utlnn of cliillitw-h, Tno
'Jnoment you observe this go to your
oom and stay there; keep it at !uuh
t-i tnni. I'Milnrn ux will nienmt t is
idly feeling, even if it req'iires WO
cirrou or tit iruniicit. in audition,
jjjit your feet in water, half-leg deep,
as hot as you can tn ar It, adding hot
ter water from time to timu fur a
quarter of an hour, m that tlio w.iti r
shall bo hntior when you take )uur
feet out than when you put the in in;
thou diy them thoioughly, and put
on warm, thick woohm t-toeklngs
oven If It be m summer, for summer
colds aro tho most dangerous; and
for twenty-four hours eat not an
atom of food, but drink as largely as
you like of any kind of warm teas,
and at tho end of that time, it uot
sooner, the cold will bo effectual y
broken without any modiclno whatever,
If thcro u any truth iu the theory
that a rigid winter is followed by an
early spring and good crops, our farmers
may ns well cotmnrnoo building addi
tions to their granaries ami corn cribs.
An exchange says : To clean out
a stovepipe, place a piece of zinc on
tho live coals in the stove; tho vapor
produced by tho zinc will carry off tho
soot by chemical decomposition. Per
sons who havo tried tiio process claim
that it will work every time.
Wo have received a copy at
tho original Chattcr-llox, published by
Eslcsifc Sourlet. of lloston, which is
one of tho best magzines for children
that we have svor-seen. It will bu
published monthly nt $1 per annum,
nnd Is thu fac-slmllu of tlio English
edition. Persons subscribing will bu
entitled to a magnificent steel engrav
ing J'Ought and Carry One," as a nruin
iiim. Any.'ono that wishes to sue a sam
ple can get one free by writing to tlio
Thu following, which we clip from
the St. Joseph Saturday Democrat, will
bu read with interest, iu view of the
lecture soon to lie delivered hero by
Captain Posegatc: "We see by the
Oregon Oou.itv Papkk that our fellow
citizen, t'apt. F. M. Posegatc, has been
invited to deliver Ids lecturu on "L'ghts
and Shadows of Life," there. This
lecture is In the Captain's be-t vein,aiid
is a magnetic and interesting one. He
captures Ids audience at the coinmei.ee
mem, mid so iruo is he to nature, lu his
dlseriptlons aud illustrations, that he
makes his hearers forget their sur
roundings while ho photographs the
sunshine and shadows which fall on
life's pathway. Wo guarantee our
neighbors an elegant entertainment,
and every ono who is present will sec
oud tho remark wo' make above."
All our rcadoM who aro fond of
good books shou'it Join tho club wo are
forming to Miudnfr on tlio 2M of this
month for tho various buoKs published
by tlin American Hook Kx change. We
publtih full particulars elsewhere in
this paper. Enough persons havo al
ready joined the club to make It certain
that wo can deliver I lie books in Oregon
at tlie'r net price Iu New York, thus
saving from six to forty cunts on each
volume, and wo guaranty to do this.
lliosu persons who contemplate buy
ing either Chuniburs's Encyclopaedia or
tlio Library of I nlversnl Knowledge
will save from ono and-a-half to three
dollars by joining this club, and such
an opportunity wil not again bo offered.
Kcmcmhcr that by joining this' club you
can get thesu books (15 volumes) at the
following prices, delivered in Oregoi. :
Chambers's Encyclopaedia, small typo
edition $7,50; Library wf Universal
Knowlege, larco type, embracing all
of Chambers's Encyclopaedia and tho
American Additions (which fill four
volumes) for $12.75. There aro also
many miscellaneous books in the list
(which we publish u'sewhero and to
which wo refer tVreadcr) aud this Is a
good time to 'Mock up" at a sniall
price. Please examine the list and send
Iu )our order as soon as you determine
what books you want. Wo will posi
tively send thu rdur for the books on
Monday, February 21st.
To secure ono's self from thu dan
ger of catching cold, nothing is surer
than to batho tho feet uvery day. If
tho pores of the wklu aro elo.ed iu any
part of tho body, that part is unnatur
ally hot or eold. If the circulation i
vigorous It overheats, bucansu It cannot
escape through theso capo-pipcs of the
system. If the circulation Is slugulsh,
if tliero is but little vitality, tlio blood
of the veins stagnates and the blood of
thu arteries, which carries heat and
life, cannot get there; hencu tho first
step in keeping tho feet warm Is to keep
tlio pores open. Tho poics of the solo'
of tho fuut are nuioh the largest ot the
body; hence tho necessity of keeping
the pores of thu bole always open.
Keep tho feet clean. Clean away the
concretions, oil and dust, which are al-way-
accumulating, and seal the tops
of thesu pores, the chlmuays of tho sys
tem, hermetically F.aeh morning, be
fore you dies, put both feet iu cold
water for a second or two -they need
liot go deeper I hau the toes then wipe
dry. This bath ought to bo attundtd tn
by all persons of sedentary habits.
Many have got rid of tho discomfort
of cold feet in tlio way described, Wo
once 1 1 card an eminent physician sny
that if a por-ou would batho the breast
in tho vicinity of tho Imigs overy morn
ing witli salt water, and drink a lass
of watci containing n little salt, no cold
would bo taken. If persons havo no
strongth or vitality, this or other meth
od will fall.
Fat hogs aro now selling at $4.00
per hundred. The farmers ought to
get rich nt these figures.
Dev. Mr. Showalter will preach in
this city next Sabbath morning aud
The real estate business seems to bo
looking up. We hear of a great many
contemplated sates and Irudrs iu and
around Oregon.
Eueo.irago tho "hand boys" by
attending their concert of the Court
Houso on Friday evening, February
Cards aro out for the marragu of
Mr. Unbelt Thonnw to Miss Louisa
Meyer, daughter of John Meyer, at tlio
New Point church next Tuesday, Feb
ruary 15th
Thu fine trgan which will bo used
at the Dand Concert on Friday evening,
reimiary istli, is for sale at a price (
much below Its value. Prof.Armstrong ,
will tell you all about it.
Marrlud, nt the rrsldenco of thu
bride's father, H. 11. Ynuti, four miles
northeast of Oregon, by ttev. (jeorge
Miller, on Thursday, February a, 1881,
Mr. Wm, A. S. Derrto Miss Ida Young,
all of Holt County.
Cod blei -the women! They arc,
almost williu.it exception, .staunch ami
true friem s of TitK Coujrrr Papkh.
Mrs. Susan Mary Wood, one of our sub
scribers at White, Cloud, Kansas u rites
us, timler dai of Febinary 6th : "I
have received The Codntv P.ri:n. It
i a noble paper. It Is the best family
paper I know of. I am one of the old
subscribers and I expect to tak it as
long us I live."
Mound City.
The last two days have been the mutt
disagreeable of the whole season. The
creek is high and the streets loppy and
both aro overy ininutn growing worse.
Tliero wa a dc.ith of a young child
In tho new part of town, the namo lie
tailed to learn.
A child of Mr. Swoeton's has got a
gram of corn up it nose. Dr. Hoss
was called in to extract it jesturday,
but could procure no instruments that
would reach it.
Mr. Pltolier out his font severely last
Thursday, but is nut so far as learned,
suffering gi.-.itly from it.
It is mid that we arn to h ire a dairy
! in town soon. Onu of our best citizens
thinks of going Into tlio business.
tie hoar It rumored, that Mr. Mux
low of Hiifo'ow contuinpla'es coming to
our town shortly to go into tho hotel
P. S. Durham is on a trado with
Smith & Llusali for their butcher sh.p
K. F. Hicn has not yet closed his bar
anln with the Forest City gentlemen lu
relation to his butcher shop.
Mr. Mostlu, living one mile west of
town, is quite sick. Ho lias been ill
for some eight mouths, aud Is apparent
ly growing worse.
The literary society has been unable
to meet tor two weeks past, but still
holds itself m readiness for work when
over an opportunity offers.
Tho quarterly meetings of thu M. E.
Church were hu'd hero Saturday and
yesterday. Key. John Wayinan Is pre
sent. On Friday hu delivered a very
instructive lecture on "Thu Dlblu View
ot Temperance "
Tho Temperance Union meets to
night iu the Presbyterian Church
building, and will bu addressed by Kev.
John Wayinan.
On account of the almot impossibility
of getting about to make tho necessary
inquiries wo omit the market quotations
till. week. Hkut.
Wo are having sleel by tho wholesale,
and our fruitmuu predict no peaches
this year. It is clne to that time ot
the your when many of our farmers
look about tlieiu and say "wlieru shall
I wander?"
Mr. Turkins school closed Friday the
4th. Tho school and guests weie
treated to a sumptuous dinner. His
term is pronounced an educational
Tliero aro about 1,033 bond of cattle
feeding in Hickory Township.
Mr, T. Kerns has two children sik
with Dlpthena.
Wo know of a few subscribers that
won't renew to tho M. C. N.
Wonder if tho senior will notice them
iu his personals P Oh, Where, oh,
where wore thoso wedding bells, ono
nlirht last .veek Drother (learn? Some
of our young men got disappointed,
Mr. Wlnslow, our New point druggist
glvo them to iindorstaiid that it takes
Preotiript.ons as w II a- mnoy to buy
whiskey. Oui 100.
jfiy lio-ton Mixed Pickles for bale by
E P llostettur.
Tho ice took Its departure from the
boughs of tho trees on last Sunday
night, after whlun wu have had plenty
of ice In liquid form.
The "stock-man," Ashbrook, sold to
John Caton ono hundxed nnd sixty
head of hoys, which averaged over 300
lbs. Price $4.50. Tlio same were
hipped fom this place, ono day last
Mr. Campbell of Scotland Co. Mo.,
has been spending several days iu
Digclow, Tlcltlng his son Johu Camp
bell, our popular druggist.
Ed. Auibal is refitting his
drugstore building, by partition
ing a clerkV room off of the
rear end; this adds much to the appear;
anee, as well as the comfort of tho room,
as It was heretofore larger than neces
sary. Esq. W. H. Muir, who was on the
bick list lift week Is on duty this week
again iu the drugstore.
Deport of illgelow tchnol for tho
month ending Fubruary 4th 1881 . No.
of pupils enrolled during tho month 48.
No. that made full mouths attendance
39. Average dally attendance SO, visi
tors during the month 12.
Tlio school, and especially the teach
er, were mado happy on last Friday bj
thu presouco of mure than a usual num
ber of visitors, via: Mrs. Wade, Miss
Jennie Smith, Mr. A. L. Chiming, Mr.
Leu Chiming Vr. Cha.. Sproule, (.
W. Smith, Miss Molllo Moek, nnd Mr.
Fuller of Cialg. Why it is that the
people, especially the parents, don't visit
their schools moie. is a question for
thu people and parents to an wur. Is It
because you havo no interest there?
Then you had better keep your children
awav. Is it because this is none of
your biflucis? You help to pay thu
expenses. Ih it bu-'iiuso the school
room is a dull irksomo place? Dctter
go and try to make it more pleasant.
Parents, It is your duty to visit your
school often enough to become-acqualut
ed with iti working. Sax.
Dkfir A large stock of tho Finest Con
fectionaries and Cigars just lorelved by
E PHostotter.
Forest City.
Death has vinted us again : thN time
thu well-known, honored citizen, Mr.
M. Howley. "A friend in noed Is a
friend Indeed " In sickness or need, no
ono was moro willing to loud a helping
hand. In losing him wu have met with
a Iok that will bo long felt, but our
loss is his gain
There is a great deal of sickness in
townpiow, among thu number are, Dr.
Nelson and wifo; Charles Graves; Mrs.
Plummer and Mr. Leo Martin. Mr.
Martinis Improving very fast.
Mr Chas. Cary was confined to his
room a few days with a sev ere cold
Mr. Davu Perkins Is recovering from
an attack of erysipelas,
Mrs, Hhodca, a former resident of
this place, passed several days with her
many friends last week,
Mr. Eiull Wcbor has bought Dr. Mc
Donald's property.
Mr. Win. Mlnton was in town Sun
day. Ho will purohaso Mr. Weber's
stock of groceries, etc., and will welch
them out with his most fascinating smile
lu future.
Mr. Alt Morey. a former tolegraph
operator of this place, was shaking
hands with a few of his many friends
lust Sunday,
Why don't the farmers bring ns eggs
and butt' rP Wo havo almost forgottvn
how Mich articles look. Eggs aro from
20 tn 30 cents per dozen, butter 20 cents
per pound nnd almost impossible to bo
had nt any price.
The heavy Bluet of Saturday and
Sunday damaged the trees uud tele
graph wires very much. Several of the
wires aro down between hero and Ore
gon. Tho inclement weather prevented
services of any kind, Sunday erenlng;
meetings consisted of two hearers.
EniTOK Cot'NTV PaI'KU: Not seeing
anything from this part of tho heritage
I thought I would give a brief synopsis
ot things as they occur.
There Is quite an intcrusling Literary
Society here iu full blast, which meets
j every Friday night. Tho following of
I fleers wore elected ou last Friday:
(illes Laughlin, President; Miss Lucy
Niirvllle, Secretary; Mr. Lacy Vice
resident. Thu subject for discussion.
Devolved that compulsory education
should bu the law of the laud. AUlrm
alive: Odes Laughlin, N. F. Murray,
Miss Lizzie Houneii; Negative: M.
Poke, Mr. Lacy and Miss Josio Nor
vllle. Mr.N.F.Murray has justjreturncd from
an extensive tour through. Kentucky
and Tennessee. While in Kentucky
took in the mammoth cave. While in
tho cave lie picked up quite a lot of
curiosities, tho study of which would
tic very interoitlng.
Mr. N. F. Murray Is Vice-President
of the toiupuranco alliance of Forbes
Township ami would havo organized a
foelety ut thu Highland school houso
on last Saturday night had it not been
for the inclemency of tho weather.
We are having at present writing
one of the heaviest sleets over fell. It
bus broke down trees eighteen Inches
over and stripped the forost almost
bare. leaving notnlng but
trunks standing. Orchards aro almost
destroyed. Tho majurlty of Poaoh-troes
aro entirely ruined, stripped of all their
Our school is progressing finely. Tho
average number of scholars is some
thing near forty.
(icorge Allen of Oregon sways tho
septer, aud is a No. 1 teacher.
Wu had the pleasure of vMting tho
Pleasant Hill school under the mauago
uient of Edward Drodbeek. Ho loo is
from Oregon and a vury clever genial
little fellow and a No. ono scholar. Tho
patrons of his school say hu can't ho
beat as a teaoher
Uncle Dob Patterson is talking of
building a nobby front to his largo aud
commodious dwelling this spring.
Air. Wuslly Iluiatl is also talking of
building an addition to his dwelling,
which will add to the appearance of hie
house as well as glvo the surplus room. .
Ho also contomplatos building a bam
ami smoko house. Mr. Huuttt believes
in taking time by the forelock
Health generally good, save bad
colds, and Mrs, James Vaughn who
has been confined to hor ro mi all win
tir hut hope were long torcpoithor
Miss Jes.suy Murray and Miss Lizzio
Houneii will visit tlio mammoth cave,
Kentucky, In .hu spring uud ou their
return will stop lu Gentry county to
rusticate through the warm summer
months. J. P. R.
Sfcfr" Ovsters served In every style at
E P Uostettcr's.
A CJaiutco for SpooulutovH,
To. an Intelligent and honest roan
who will take hold of and develop the
property, an undivided interest Is offered
torsalo'lu four hundred and llftv-flve
acres of mineral land, located in Wash
lugon county, Mo,, about sixty miles
from St. Ixm'ls and about fifteen miles
from tho Iron Mountain Dailroad. This
land Is only three miles trom tho cele
brated Palmer Load Mines, and Is on
tho same rldiro with them, below them.
Tho former Stato fleologlst says that the
samo voln of ore which is found in tho
Palmar Lead Mines undoubtedly lays
under this land : and oompotout Judges
pronouiito Itoaeof tho most valuable
tracts of mineral land in tho Stato. Thu
owner Is so confident that a fortuno is
llioro, seventy or oighty feet from tho
surface, ready to be taken out, that hu
ii'ltl iml ilUnfisA (if Mm ntitft-n tntirnjit in
any portion of it; but if ho can find a per
fectly honest and onorgotlo man, who
win go hutu anu sunt biiiuk iiu mun
find out thb amount, quality, size of
v.iln. nlii . nf Mm lnuit nro. ha will sell
an undivided interest or will trade an
undtridud lutccs for unencumbered
nropertv In northwest Missouri. For
furthet information apph lo the editor
of 'I'm Cqv.ntv Pajxk.

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