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Tromtbc CMeaco Tribune.
01 a thouoond things that the Tear mowed
The buiy Old Tear thatha gono away
How many will rlio In the Spring, I wonder,
Brought to life by the sun of Mayt
Will the roictrco orancbet, bo wholly hidden
That never a rnso-trce seems to be,
At the sweet Spring's call come forth unbid
den, And bud In beauty, and bloom for met
'Will the fair, green Earth, whoso throbbing
Is htd like a maid's In her gown at night,
Wake out of her sleep, and with blado and
Gem her garment to please my sight 1
Oyer the knoll In the valley yonder
The lovelleet buttercups bloomed and grew;
When tbo snow has gono that drlltcd them
Will they shoot sunward, and bloom anew I
When wild winds blow, and n sleet-storm
I lost a Jewel of precious worth;
If I walk that way when the snows have
Will the gem gleam upfromthebare,brora
Earth t
I laid a lovo that was dead or dying,
Forthe year to bury tnd hide from sight;
But out ol a franco will It waken, crj log,
And push to my heart like a leaf to the
light I
Andcr tbo snow Ho things so cherished
Hopes, ambitions, and dreams of men
Faces that vanUbcd, and trusts that perished,
Never to aparklu and glow again.
The Old Year greidtly grasped hla plunder,
And covered It over and hurried away ;
Of the thousand things that ho htd, I wonder
How many will rlso at the call of May!
0 wise Young Year, with your hands held
Your mantlu of ermine, tell me, pray
A smaU room, poorly furnished; n pot
of mlgnouotlo in tho window; a girl at
work ut tho tablo, sowing steadily. She
vnuld havo boon pretty ifsho had not
been so poor. It sho hud boon hotter
fod, sho would have had a rosy 'check;
if sho had had lrcedom and less labot,
sho would huvo had dimples; Ifsho had
worn a dress of violet silk, instead ot
faded calico, it would have brought cut
tho fairness of her skin and tho golden
huo of hor hair. As it was,.Alico Morno
was pale, and pinched, and sad, with
tho sowing-girl's stoop of shouldors, nnd
tho sowing-girl's heavy heart.
Sho rose suddenly and folded up her
work a child's garment, of fino cam
brio trimmed with dainty laco. Sho
mado a packugo of It, donned hor bonnet
and shawl, and went out of her lodging
house. Sho threaded tho commercial streets
rapidly, and emorged on the avenues
ofwoalthy i rivato residences. Hero it
was quieter. Tho dusk was gathering.
Now and thon u carriago rollod by. Ono
or two stately houses woro llghtod for
receptions. Many .moro woro somberly
closed. Allco wont on with her quiet,
rapid stop.
She stopped atlastbeforo a houso all
In n. blaze ol light. Costly laco curtains
concealed tho luxurious rooms within;
tho soft notes of a piano carue softly up
on tho girl's car.
"Tho Tracy's give another party to
night," said Allco.
Sho went into tho area and rang tho
A sorvant admitted hor. Sho went
in with her bundle.
Sho came out with a light step. Tho
work had beon approved, and sho had
been paid. A little dazzled with tho
scene sho had .just emerged from, she
paused upon tho pavement to count tho
"Give mo acont," saidalittlo beggar
boy starting eomowhero out ot tho si
lent shadows.
"What do you want It for? asked
"I'm hungry" answered tho child,
flo was palo and pinched,
"Hero's a dime; I would givo you
jnoro it I could,'" sho said.
Tho child ..took it eagerly. Sho
passed on, with less than. $2 to buy sup
per and pay for a week's rent.
Sho had moro work. 'Whon it was
finished she cacao tho samo way in the
dusk. As sho passed ovor the side
walk a faint line of whlto attracted hor
There was a knob of glass, gonorally
called "bull's-eyes," irtitho ,pavoment.
It is usually inserted aver a coal vault,
and is removed to Admit tho coals. This
ono had not been adfustod with exacti
tude, and at tho crevice .appeared aline
of white. Alice stooped down and
examinod it. It was tho edgo of a
folded paper.
Sho drew it out with a wild thought
that it might bo some valuablo check or
draft. But it contained only a few
words, writton in pencil.
"I havo watched for you constantly
for a week. If you would savo my life
como back hero, and nil night long
place matches whoro you found this pa
per. Y6u shall bo rewardod with all
you can ask,? A PwsoNBit."
Alico eloseltho paper in hor Hind and
looked around bowlldered. No ono was
to bo seen, ho looked 9wn at tho
lump of dl glass, but ltfhvas ontirely
opaque. Tho bull's eye was not set
.qulto ovonly in its phico. She touched
it with her foot, but could not move it.
After waiting a moment, confusod and
In doubt, Bhopassodon, rocollcotlng her
The area door admlttodher. ThoOor
rant had a child in hor arm, tbo dainty
little thing for whom Allco mado gar
ments. "Mrs. Tracy said you was to como up
to hor chamber," said sho. "You know
tho way."
ft Tho lfcdy whom sho mot was not low
ly; sho was sallow and dark; very disa
greeable looking clutching her cash
moro gown at tho breast, and turning
Impatiently toward hor llltlo sowing
"Why did you not "como boforoP"
sho asked In n hoarso voico, with A slight
French nccont. "Tho child should havo
had that dress to drivo in to-day."
"1 was sick yestordoy; I could not
finish it," answered poor Alico, tremu
lously. Madamo snatched tho package, tear
ing it opon, and lotting tho little cm
brolderedrobo fait upon tho bed.
"Well, horo is your monoy," saidsho,
opening a volvot purso. "Next tlmo I
will employ somo ono who will do ns
they promise"
Alico turned nwny with a bursting
heart for tho woman's words meant
starvation for hor. Sho darod not ralso
hor voico in roply; sho dlvinod truly
that tho hoart undor that rich robo was
onool atone.
As sho passed down stairs, sho heard
a low voice. It proceeded from ono of
tho rooms nbout her.
"And ho is twonty-ono to-day?" it
"Yosj it Is threo years sinco his mys
terious disappearance," with a sneering
Tho voices woro stoalthy. A door
closed and shut them in.
Allco passed down into the street.
Sho walked fast, treading, unthink
ingly, upon tho bull's-oyo, and wont
homo. Whon sho flung hersolf down
to weep, sho suddenly felt tho crumpled
paper in hor hand.
What should sho doP Sho lay think
ing a long time. Sho considered tho
strangnoss of tho request, tho possibil
ity that It was not meant for her, tho
idea that it was a hoax, or written by
some madman for it was a man's hand
Hut tho girl's hoart was warm and
ttuo. Tho possibility that somo ono
was in troublo, and sho might help them,
was tho thought that had most weight.
With no ono to council or object sho
ohoyed it.
Sho wont to tho store and spent $1 of
hor precious money for matches. Sho
received a largo package, containln
thousands of little Inciters.
Tho city clocks woro striking nlno as
sho reached tho bull's-oyo.
Tho street was silent, tho pavement
deserted. As sho bent down, somo ono
tapped upon tho bulPa-oyo. Sho slipped
a sheet of matches into tho crcvlco. It
disappeared. Sho waited a fow mo
monts; tho hand tapped for moro; sho
supplied them.
As sho waited again a pedestrian ap
proached. Sho rose, and stepped back
into tho shadows until ho had passed;
otherwise, she did not foar. Tho street
was quiet, and sho could sco tho stars
twinkling in tho clear sky.
Hour after hour eho supplied matches
at intorvals of quarter hours. Occa.
slonally tho rap camo for nn oarlier do,
mand. Hut sho could not sco the
hand. She only imagined it to bo
It was long past midnight. Tho city
clocks were noar striking two when
hor matches becamo exhausted. Sho
had not been sufficiently supplied, sho
Quito at a loss what sho ought to do
sbo roso from ber crampod position
sluudlng in doubt, whon a voico
"Como with me!"
She started in terror, for a man stood
besido hor; but tho next words reassured
"It is I whom you gavo tho matches
to; do not bo afraid, but tako my
arm and walk fast, I am not safu
Allco could seo only a tall form, and a
pale faeo, tho features of which sho could
tot distinguish; but tho voico, though
hurried, was gently modulated, and tho
stranger took her hand with a grasp that
was not unpleasant.
"You must be tired; but this has been
a good night's work for you, llttlo girl,'
ho said.
"What did you want tho matches for P''
asked Alico, trembling.
He had drawn her hand within his
own, and sho walked rapidly besido
It was tbo only way in whloh I could
get firo," ho answorcd. "The heat
melted tho cemont whioh inclosed tho
bull's ovo in the wall of my prison, and
I escaped through the. cavity. It wafl
largor than tho one in tho pavoment. I
havo boon a prisoner in my own houso
for threo years."
As they left tho vicinity of tho Traoj
dwelling, ho walked slowor.
"I was qulto helpless, he added. "I
know of no ono to appeal to whom
could trust. But listening and waiting,
as a man only listens and waits for irco
dom, I grow familiar with your stop as
it passed so often ovor tho bull's ova and
up tho stops, and a week ago, whon t
board your voico to that bosrear-bov. 1
resolved to trust you. I knew you?j
tread tho Instant that It touched tho
curbstono, and I slippod tho papor up
tho crovico. You saw it immediately.
Thn hrmr tlllvou anmn nasand hnnvllr-
J , ' ; J ''jas
you wuru my umy uupu. iuu uru a
bravo, good child. Now, whoro is your
homo? Can I go thorn for a littlo rest bo.
foro day-llghtP"
"It Is a poor placo," said Alice, "but
you artwolcomo."
Daylight was dawning whon sho re
vujletl her poverty-stricken llttlo room
to him. Ho flung himsolf into a chair
and dropped his faoo on his folded arms
upon tho tablo. Allco- fancied that ho
was praying, and niovod about noisn
lossly, preparing a llttlo breakfast. Sho
did notroallzo that this man was young
and handsome, and it was not, perhaps,
propriety to havo him thoro. Sho was
only zealous, in her pity, to servo him,
seeing, by daylight, bow ill hp lookod.
Dut by noon thoro woro strange do
ings in tho littlo sowings-girl's room.
Sho had boon sent for a lawyer, tho
most renowned and popular ono in tho
city, and ho camo with two othor gen
ttoman, so grand that littlo Allco was
qulto awo-strlckon. Finally, Mr. Lionol
Tracy that was tho namo ot tho hero
wont away with thom, and sho was
loftalono with hor poverty nnd wonder.
Only sho was not quite so helpless and
distressed as sho had been, for ono of
tho gcntlomcn hnd smilod upon her,
and left a fow pteccs of gold on hor
lint tho marvol was all ovor with her,
and tho gold was spent, nnd poverty and
labor and caro had como back, when,
ono day, thcro was a knock at tho door,
ond tho landlady's littlo girl said that n
carriago was standing for her, nnd a
man In waiting said that sho had been
sont for.
What could sho do but to obey tho
summons? wondering what fairy work It
was that luxurious rido until sho be
gan to seo through it, for tho carriago
stopped at tho Tracy mansion.
Thoro had boon great publlo oxoito
mont tho papers had been charccd
with tho development of tho infamous
plot in high lilo, whereby tho truo heir
ofa groat fortuno had been drugged,
whllolll, and concealed, and a story
trumped up about his mysterious
disappearance; but Alice, in her soli
tude, had known nothing nbout It. Her
pennies wot t for broad Instead of news.
Iiut when sho stepped upon tho thresh
hold, Lionel Tracy, tho restored master,
met her with a tender courtesy that
took away all hor fear, and made her
feel llko a llttlo queen in tho midst of
tho splendor.
"Havo tho rest all gono awayf"oho
asked, seeing no ono but new servants,
and a plcftMnut woman who was tho
"Yos; I am qulto alone, and shnll bo
unless you will como and live with me,"
said Mr. Lionel Tracy.
"Do you wunt a sewing-glrlP" asked
Alice, innocently.
"No; I want a wife," ho answored;
"ono whom I can lovo with nil my
hoart, ns I do you Allco. Will you
DidshcP Well, yes: And tho publlo
had another cpisodo to oxcito them
tho famous Lionol Tracy's marriage.
Alico grow charming with happiness,
and sho was chronicled ns a beauty
whon sho booamo his bride.
Wuslnns .Undo tiasy.
Havo a boiler full of boiling wator.
Assort your clothes, tho cleanest Into
ono tub, tho moro soiled Into nnothcr,
nnd any that aro very dirty into somo
pall or tub by thomsolvcs. Tako n pail
of hot water, add to It tho dissolved soap
needed, and pour It over tho clothes.
Continue to do this until they nro nil
covered. Then take your wash board
bottom end up, and work tho clothes
around a fow moments, nnd leave them
until tho water is cool enough lor your
hands, lou will find that thoy net
almost no rubbing. Tut them into tho
boiler in cold wntcr without soap, let
thorn get scalded but not boll, rinso in
one water, blue, and you will find thom
puro and white B.iby's washing will
need no rubbing and in placo of boiling
you can pour hot wator ovor tho nni
cles, cover twonty-minutes, then rinso
Flannels wo wear tho year round, and
they never shrink. Put thom in boiling
hot suds, work with tho washboard
wring onco moro into botliiighot wator
and even very dirty flannels will como
out clean, solt and clear, without any
rubbing. If by f omo mislortuno you
havo flannels shrunken, wait until you
can have snow wator, wash thom
that, and when tboy nro noarly dry
press them carofully with n hot iron
and you will bo pleased to find
them porhnps ovon a littlo larger than
thoy woro at first.
NO ItlOlti: UNhM.
Indianapolis Dally Beutlnel.
It wo nro correctlv Informed. St. .Tn.
cobs Oil Is now tho usual tea-party topic
in piace oi mo former ttiapie ireo gos
sip. now wiso ana bow much moro
Tlie Splder'ai ApimrataM.
Few things nro moro wonderful than
tho spinning apparatus of tho spidor.
On the under sidoot thooroaturo's body
aro placed four or six littlo knobs, each
u.-ft larger than tho point ofa pin. Those
nro outlets of certain rccoptaoles within
tho abdomen, whore tho Bilk is prop sir
ed. When the spidor wishes to spin a
throad, it presses tho knobs or splnor
ots, with ono of its logs, and forthwith
thoro issuo from oaoh, not ono. but u
housand fibres, of such exquisite fino
ss that it is only whon all tho products
CMiU tho spinerets nro united that they
biiomo visiblo to the naked oyo. The
"tAroad" of tho spider is thus a tiny
ro,io of four or six thousand strands.
Truly God is great in little things. Tho
twisUng of tho fibres into ono cord is
porf 'r mod by tho hindmost pair of legs,
whlbA, like tho rest, aro furnished with
three lilaws apiece. Using theso claws
- .'
tho llttlo rnpomaker twists
her groups of throad into ono, with sur
prising rapidity.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
That wonderful remedy for ilieuma
ttsru, St. Jacobs Oil, has boon used by
a mrgo nuinuor cu pcopio in mis oily,
and with offeot truly marvelous. Fre
quent roports nro made whor i sufferers
huvo bcn nfforded relief, and tho sale
Is growing largely. Tho fact that it is
an external remedy, commonds it'to
many who would not othorwieo think of
going out ot tho beaton track to find a
Gen. Fl zliugh Leo Is to dolivor tho
oration at tho unvolllng of tho Louisi
ana Confodorato soldlors' statuo of
Stonewall Jackson at Now Orloans on
tho 10th of May noxt.
A Cam Wkero the Frco Lunch Sjstem
Wouldn't Work.
"Little nock Queue "
"If thoro ain't a change In tho relig
ious world pretty soon I.nm going to
throw down tho gospel and tako up tho
grubbing hoo," rcmarkod an old man
yesterday. "I'vorldn circuit for forty
odd years, and I'm treated worso now
than whon I fust begun."
"What is your causo of complnlnt,
parson," asked a bystandor.
"My rccenost causo Is ono what flanks
all othoH," nnswerod tho circuit rider,
wiping a drop of wator from tho ond of
his penkod noso with tho slccvo ol his
brown jeans coat. "I havo proachod a
good lieal horo In Llttlo Hock, nnd until
recent it had alters beon my belief that If
a man could pull through huro ho could
pull through anywhere. But I was blind
wrong. Yostorday I wont In tho Gum
Lick district whoro I had an appointment
to proaoh in tho school-house. When I
got thero I found that old man Wiggles,
a hard-shell Bapttst, had got in ahead ol
mo. I wont in without any ill fooling,
Intending to wait until ho got through,
whon I would muster my congregation
nnd tako tho field. After nwhllo ho got
through proachln' nnd announced that
sacrament would bo taken whon tho boy
got back from tho still house. 'My con
gtcgation uses whiskey instead of wlno,'
ho wont on, 'ami Arkansaw cornbread
instead of your wheat llxins.' Just thou
tho boy arrived, and tho old man tuk
tho cob stopper from the black chunk
bottlo and began to pour out tho whis
koy. Now, if thcro's anything Unit
slrikc3 mo natural, it is whiskey, and
thinking that I could preach hotter nf tor
being wnrmed up a little, I went up to
tho tablo and reached out after tho bot
tle, when the old man looked at tuo and
"Ain't you a Mothodist?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Don't you know that wo don't allow
tho Mutliodists to commune with usPDj
you tako this pluco for n Ireo lunch
counter, chP No, sir, if yon are not a
customer ot tho Lord you can't cnt and
drink horo."
"1'vo got n right to the trtblo," I said,
"and I'll help myself."
"Teteh that bottle and I'll lift you."
"I grabbed tho bottle nnd tho old man
struck mo with n pone of corn-broad and
knocked mo down. Then somebody
kicked me, and all hands dragged mo
"You got Into n nest of close com
munlonists, did yonP" asked tho by
"Kuthcr llko it. Why, them follows
would snatch a plcco of bread from Jiv
cob nnd tear tho bosom outen Aura
ham's shirt. No, sir, until thero is moro
freedom in church I shan't renow my
connections. Where can a fellow got a
two-pound hoe?"
Kvcry farmer, merchant and mccimn
iu interested in tho leading Issuo of tho
nay, tno transportation question, should
read tuo umuiia uce, tno most out
spoken tmtl-monopoly pnpor in the
west. Samplo copies mailed froo Di
rocr letters to the Daily Bee, Omaha
Prof. Honry S. Holden, of the Na
tlonal Observatory nt Washington, is to
succeed the late Prof. Watson nt tho
Washington Observatory, Univorsity ol
President Gonzales of Mexico is liber
nl. Ho has just given 9.500 toward alio
vlating tho Provident distress in Mata-
William F. Dalrymplo, of tho famous
grain farm in D.ikota, says that tho
clear profit for 1880 was over $250,000.
Ho raised more than 00,000 bushels of
wheat on 21,000 acres, and sold it in
Buffalo nt a profit of fifty cents per
KlrM. t'.irttiiirtou Niivh
Don't take1 nuv of the quack rostrums, as they
are regimental to the human cistern; but put
yourtrust lu Hop Bitters, which wlllcuru gen
eral dilapidation, costive nablts and all comic
dlreaBcs. Thcr saved Isaac from a eevcro ex
tract of tripod fever. They aro tho tie plus
unum oi meuicioc. Aioswn moor.
Isn't tvkutbt ftr u Itricurturtl taw until m tu tluk
-itii ui utmm iffer if IOWA HOMESTEAD. Sni
mine uiuiti ti let i iWmm iiht ui i firm. BiriH.
HiusehaM ini Business MmioI TRL fir unili tin
JJ iiMiiiMVfs a aa I ft
iiireu, nuntsiuo, set bmm, mm.
"Itouiili on Hutu."
The tiling deslrrd found at la-t. Ask Drug
Rlsta for ltoucn on Hats. Itcleirs out rats,
mice, roaches, bed-bues, Ac 15c boxes.
Avon's Heel SnuVuert kern boots and shoos
eiraiKui, com oy rnoe ana naraware dealers.
To rest at ntchtln snlte of couirhs or soro
throat, take PIbo's (lurn on pnlngto bed,
Iltttv 'I'u Necure Health.
It seems strain's that nnvnnp will minVrfrmn
derangements brought nn by Imnurn bloot,
when scoviLL'a sausai'aiiiixa an i stillikou,
or DL'ion anii MVKii sviici-wlll p.vtoro perfect
health. It Is indveit a strenRtnenlng
syrup, pleasant to tako, and has nroreu
itself to bo the near m.oon ruuinnit vr
discovered, etlectua ly curing Scrofula, Pyph
little disorders, Weakness of tho Kidneys,
Krysipiias, Malaria; all Nervoui disorders and
Debility. Dillons comnluluta and all niRinia
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys. Stomach, skin.
etc. It corrects Indlerei-tlon, A single bottle
will provo to vou Its rm-rlts ai a healthv r.
newer, for It AOT8 LIKE A (JHAKM, especi
ally when the comulalut Is of nn iih:nuilr,.
nature, hivlrii: a toudencytolesscntbe natural
Vigor of tho bruin and mrvnnn aysfr'Bl.
AN F.HOllMOUJ niAFFH!. I'lirahnri'h hnnnU
that 64'J,74(l uottlej of Uaku'IMNB huvo been
sold wittiln the lt tlx months. This shows
mat tne great armv ot ba dheads will soon b
ruuceii to a corporal's guard.
All Remedies are Too Lato when tho lunirs
aro destroyed. Extinguish a ckUsIi at once
witn Haiti's Honey ol lioreunund and Tar.
Pike's Toothar.tm ftrous rum In ono minute.
LrdlaE. lMuklium'H
has done thousands of women moro good than
tho msdlclnes nf inanv doctors. Itlsapoi).
tive curs for all female complaints. Bend to
auto, i.yuiti j.. rwKiiam
For cuts, burn. liHildmir'a Itussla salve.
Don't you Forget it.
Tho crnnd premium distribution of
tho Omaha Ueg, consisting of 820,000
worth of agricultural implements,
household goods, jewel ry, watches,
musical instruments, sowiriir maohlnos.
nnd ollior valimblo and useful nrtiolos,
takes placo on Fobruarv 22 1, 1881. No
postponement. Tho Weekly IIek. n
50 column, 8 nngo, shoot, contains moro
far wostern news, including every stato
and torrltory betwoon tho Mississlnnl
and tho Paolllo. Samplo copies, with
full promlum list, mulled treo, All pre
mium subsorintlons must be in bv tho
20th ol February, Direct lotters to tho
Dally BeoJ Omah Nobras wa.
Homo Convcrautlon.
Endoavor to always talk your best bo
foro your children. Thoy hunger por
petunlly for now ideas. They learn
with ploasuro from tho lips ol parents
what thoy dream Is drudgorv to loarn
from books, and ovon if thoy havo to bo
deprived of many educational advan
tages, thoy onjoy in childhood tho priv
llogo ol listening dally to the conversa
tion of Intelligent people. Wo some
times sco parents who nro tho lilo of
ovory company whloh thoy enter, dull,
silent nnd uninteresting nthomo among
tho ohlldron. If thoy havo not mental
stores enough for each, lot thom first
uso what thoy hnvo for their own houso
holds. A silent homo h dull system
for young pooplo, a plnco from whenco
thoy will cscapo If thoy can. How
much useful information, on tho other
hand, Is olton given in pleasant conver
sation) and what unconscious, but ex
cellent mental training is lively, social
argument I Cultivate to tho utmost tho
graces ot conversation.
'I'lio ltfNi I.tlu lr:Ncrvcrs
Warner's Mafn Kidney and Liver Cure.
a 7r.tiu aunt.
Iu our stylo of climate, with Its sudden
changes of temperature rain, wind and sun
shlno often Intermingled lu a single day, It
Is no wonder that our children, friends and rel
atives arc o frequently taken from us by neg
lected colds, halt the deaths resulting directly
from this cause. A bottle of Koschec's
Herman Byrup kept about your home for
immediate uc will prevent serious sickness,
ft targe doctor's bill, and perhaps death,
by thu uso of three or four doses. For curing
Consumption, Hemorrhages, Pneumonia, Se
vere Coughs, Croup, or any disease of tho
Throat or Lungs, Its success Is simply won
derful, as your druggist will tell you. Her
man Syrup Is now sold In every town and vil
lage on this continent.. Sample bottles for
trial, lOcts. j regular tr.p , 7.'cts.
rolilily l''ricliliirl.
'Tls folly to bo Irightenetl as many
nro becauso r.filictod with Piles when
Hucklln's Arnica Salvo will certainly
euro tho worst cases and only costs 25c.
Soltl everywhere.
(.'i'u. .Imiih a. iignn,
m) of the lato war and now United States
Senator from Illinois, writes: "Some years
ago t was troubled more or lcs with rheuma
tism, and have within the last year or fu suf
fered Intensely with the same disease. I began
to take 'I Huang's Itliuumatlc Kerned)-,' and
am thoroughly satlslled that I have been per
m.inently cured by Its us. I do not hesitate
to recommend It to all suuVrcrs."
ft'lioutc Women.
Cases of fema o weakness, delicate and en
feebled constitution, urnl those guttering with
Stoimicli, Liver and Kidney complaints will
And Electric Hitters a speedy and certain cure.
The tick and prostrated should rejoice that
such a reliable remed Is placed within their
reach. Health and happiness will surely fol
low where Electric Bitters are used. For
snlc li v all dnifgltM: ii'lri. only tl'ty ennt.
ZVo Time M1011M bo t.nnt
I tlicitomach, liver aad bowels are affected, to adopt
tLeturu remedy, Iloatettera Et mach Illtlcrs. Dl
cjks of thcornani named beget otliera far more, cil
out, andttdrlay li therefore hiiariioui. Dyipepila,
liver compl'ilnt, chills and fever, early rbetimailc
iwiitK muii j &ul--, urn e reriuu. uuuliy I'ou
blc if tr fled with. Lo.enot niulutiilntr ihta .frtlvp.
.ii uuu iuiik kuuwu uieuiillie.
t or aaie uy mi urusnw an i iieaicri generally.
.King of Saw Machines
Prloe S0.OO.
$1000.00 5" ,?ABH. ""'
ytvvvivv bonk against any other
saw machine) tn America. This ts tho
cheapest machine made, and warranted
to saw logs easier and taster than any
other. Wo aro the oldest saw machino
Arm In America. Any prominent mer
chant will toll you wo are responsible.
Beware at Infrtncomenta. Our circulars
are free. Address,
Dnlted States Manufacturing Co., Chicago, 111.
Our WELL AUGERS wtU boro a
well 75 feet deep and S foet In diameter
tn a day. This would cloar you $50 In a
day. Send for our Pictorial Catalogue.
D. S. HANF'G CO..Chleao. III.
Constioatlon and Piles.
Vr. K. H. Clark, South Hero, Vt., Bay "Incaaea
pf kJJut j Trouljl it has acted like a charm. It
wj cared many very bad rosea of rue and ha
.uT,r'sll'l'oK't!.5'5!nl1,T:,.. . 1
of jiricelcM value. Aftcraliteir! yiu'ra V(rrvat
suffering from Illn and UokUvimu It coin-
Ct rl. Hiwabon, of Derkahlre. both. "Onanark.
ageluudinieM'niiUerif Tiiofn tuuinletclr eur- I
ina a aovero Uvt-r and Kidncv CoiunLiinLrt I
r5i-.:n It At'.J 03 the LIVES, tho E0W2LS til
Beonuca It clonnses tho system of
tlio noloonouo humors tlint dovolopo I
in maneynna urinary aisonooo, ull
lousnccs, Jnuncllco, Constipation,
and norvouo tllsorrJoro.
pvuuuuuu can uu.eni uy lUUlll.rvuulJ.
uno parLnsro ulll mafcoulx jts nf medlrlite.
thy i 'i axro-vu-1
CVlluy II nt tbo llriiEsUta, I'rteo, t l.OO.
WEILU, Ei;aMH b CO., rrcjrieters,
IS (Will ,nj pott pU.) HurlUf ton, Tt.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gcut, Quinsy, Sora Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Krostod
Foot and Ears, and all othor
Pains and Aches.
No rirpsrntlon on earth qul St. Jacom Oil
as a fitfr, mirr, ntiiifp and elirop Extrrntk
Ilrmcily, A trial rntalli tut tbo eompnratltrlj
IrlMliiR outlay nf 0 (Vnts, and ft cry one tunr ring
Willi alti can haio chrati and twaltlro friiif or IK
Direction, In Klettn Langnagra.
Baltimore, ltd., V. H.A.
Insurance Company,
ntvKnrntix .
(lALVSItA l'M!Sns. rrt'tilfnl.
in;iiitn:a. 117.70 r. aim vm-rntuitnt.
I. Il.7I. .. a. tlKIDlYllir.T.
If. K .1 XlillK WS, II. II, Cll MUM U. .
Inmrea properly, bul'd'ngi. their contenta. ani
mal' nn prenilaea or nt larse, etc., agalml lota or
High Winds of Any Kind.
Alto irrowingcri pa anninat una or damage by
Tim Coinnnnv tit tnAtifliird I v onii' of tho ttrtt hint-
nivin ru in the Hta'o. Iti cuntrnrls hi-imiuhv cqitUa-
niin cue inrurni, ant. v hit iiniiv iurtr limn H r
fi rnl by hdv utticr cun dudt tlolnff it wiuU mdU hall buivl
Mirriinp, urniBorcwicr information, apply to our
a ecu I p. fir lu
204 Filth Street, Des Moines,
A SKln of Beauty is a Joy Forever
Oriental Cream or Magical Beantifier.
I'lmplen, Moth
faii-he , and
every h rml h
on beauty, it
Maa a'owl the
teat of thtr y
harmleit we
mite It to be
ration la prop
erly made. Ac
cept no CflH
larname. The
anl tn u.l
W of thcAriuHim
Eiv Itt patient!)
.? 'At vou .((
irllttt'ellieirt. Irtenmttvrul 't?ouruuTCm'a
IraM iti'infitt of all the Skin ireitrathntH Alio
rutidroSuiitllH removea aupeilli.oua tialr without
jury lolh.'ikln.
Mini. M, II. T. GOUltAUD, Sole Trop., 43 llond
St.. N. Y.
rvrBle. ny all nmggl'ta and Fancy Gooda uenicra
iiirniivi.nut me unuc.i nraira. uau uaa anu turopn.
Wllcwur ot hae mliatlona which aro I.
Vie clli-r !.() neward rot the arrcituud aov
In rcttwuso to tho urgent rcoucoU of crcit
tiurabern of pooplo who prcfof to purcUaafl a
KldncyWort alwady prepared, tho pro-
i prlotoraof this celebrated remedy now pro-
ftroltia liqu'dfrrm tut wall oa dry. It la
ua-yooncntru'xd.lsput up in larjo bottlor,
: and la equally cdclcntaj that pajt up dry In
tfnc&iu. Itaavcdtlio nocesaity of preparfnxv
I t alwaya ready, aad la moro cacily taiu by
at pooplo. iVico, 1 1 lr bottlo.
Ilr!tfiRtan, VU
Molima.lnwu, Agnita.
Hu rJ dllTirlair from U othtr. it
cip-thp, with fiJf-AdjQiUrjf
Is ctour, ftd(u luclf to all rsMliloDi
or th bmly, MI tb RAIL In tK
ftf lUrota It bdd Mn.Tl 1., .. a ui.ui, n I a nMcl tun ttt
Ula. It ll tat, duratilt IM elitif, Hiul It In. II. t.irvohr.
r-qmcston irusa uo., umcaoo. III.,
. In. HA'tTKlt's Inof Tomo la a preparation of
pnalea, aaaoclalod with tho Vegetable Aromatica,
-S J ra oi BsT f&mJl
p Ma-Jjg jew
" uy uu.ui Kir iijapeiiaiu. uouerni lieuiliiy, reuaie aiiaraxaea. Haul or Vital'
ly aerioii" l'rci.fjjitlim. Ciiiivulcreuro from ft'ever ana C'tiruulo Clillla and
' tr. It serves cvtry liurpoaa where u Tomo Is ueceeaary.
TL I ! AQBNTB WANTED for "Tha Udlet 0
no I Off DOC .".Hie Homei ol the President," the mot
I IIC teClCJlCO WASHINGTON Iilgfl ever publlabcd.
mlnl.lrotloii from WianiNaiOM tothaprtacnttluio. Includes ranch UWhiVA llAllfilt
Pericnal and PrUala LUtory never before rmlllilmt. Addreaa
DBAPLBx & CO.. 00 N. Fourth Ot.. f blU.. F
Iho ll'nreat and Ileal Jledlclne erer M4,
A co
mblnatwm of Hops, Buohu, Mnrr
9 anu unnaailon,"wuiiomtwn
ura tlta propertlea of alt olbe r luttfra,
to oat o
greatnt Blood Purifier, Llrer
anu uwoau iivaiva mtvennf;
W .Voi't
1 Uiiur
t OIJViu:
i pnxdbty lor tlrt whtr Hop
-dovarlcU aiid perfect art Ibclr
ft tal rljct U IU ei ltd ItSm.
To alt wbrrio s
iploymentaeaua trretrnlarl
urinary organ or who rr
trof t:iabowi
tiulroan Appttlcer
Tonio anu mini fiutnuiant,
Mup Hlttcri are
Ho matter tthatyuJr fo,'Hnffi or rymptoma
am what tbo dlwaxor allWnont la um Hop lilt
tir. Don't waltunlil)ouare alck but If yun
cilr fe.-l bad or tnlacraLle(ueiheni al mo.
it .u-rte yourlire.ltbatl'a'eu bundredj.
530Owl!llr!dforacja they will pot
curoorbtlp. lo nut aurTerm"'rourfrlcnd
i au.fer,'jutuM,amlurg tbnna to u"o Hop O
1 Heiiifnilr, Mop llltteni la noV "I', rtruggHd
ittn'. 'i in.tnjm. but Ilia I'urtatw n d lien
I 51. i virinadoitbo "KTtUrrs1. W1MD
j and HOt'i" nmt no perwn or family
l ,ii.uijLvwit...uineni.
D l,O.Ii',"l'"'"""llrTml'trjloc
I irnnkwMK .j,uof opium, tobacco
nnT ' I a, Allftd I br flnurrltl. Kr
fjr Circular, Ha; nlltm Jiff. C,
IPk Tio.ter N .w.t Toronto, ont
Lay the Axe
to the Root
If you wonld destroy the can
kering worm. For nny exter
nal pain, soro, wound or Initio
ncss of mnn or bonst, uso only
MENT. It penetrates all mus
clo nnd llcsli to tho very bono,
expelling nil inflammation,
soreness and pain, and healing
tho diseased part ns no other
Liniment over did or can. So
saitli tho cxpcricnco of two
generations ol Riiircrern, and
so will you say when you hnvo
tried tho " Mustang."
es of Appetite, Bowola costixc, nm Ut
teo.Ueod, with a duU sonsatlon in the twvjt
pirt, l'nin undor tho sbor"ior hlslc, full
oeta after natlntx, with a aiatccluintion to
ixortlon of body or mind. Irritability a)
tttcjpor, Low splribj, with fotdlrjn of lw
mi? neeloctod some dut y, Wt'irlucM, Um
tui'eso, FluttorlnRRt tho Heart, Dota fccfor
tXsA oyes, Yellow 15 kin, Jleadacho pjnr-ff.V
aver tho rlRht eyo, ltcfltlessncn, nltb )H
'. drniima, highly colored Urlno. aa.
u.rr rapcrlally atlaptrd to aurh ravira, a. cli.
fie iloaeefflrcU urh at rbmnge of frtta( c
0 pixtonlah thr attirrrcr.
'Mttl-VK. 3A arT MtraatU Nw v- .
Chicago Screw Pulverizer
Puts In Crops at Half tho Cost of tbo Plow.
Oyer 35,000 Acres pit in ly item In 1880.
Ailnu Chlongo Soraper & Ditcher Co.,
34 Metropolitan BlocU, Chicago.
Rmliraclrft full and auttipntlc acennnia of ivfr)na
tlonof Hntlrntanil nioiltTntlmca, aniltncludlniratili.
lory of Hi' rlie anil fall ct Urei'k and lioman Em.
plri'i, the m'dillF ki, lherruado, tie feudal ijra.
If in. ttiK reformat on, ttiedlicovery and afttlrmmtof
thr New World, etc, etc. It contalni 07U line ti I
torlial enirravlnKa, and la ihemjai complete lllatorr
of the Vorldevi-rputjllaned. bend for apt'clmenpagci
nuu eatrM it nn. iu AKi ui. na rr..,
riATlUNAU i vu
ruLitniKo Co., Chicago, 111.
Ol of our
U2 f.Vlebrated
Bent by mall on receipt
of 8:.no or a
SAPIPI.K of Rnme
on recelld of O cents,
ll Ik Die I'lMlST TKA
Imimneil. Warranted
tOGuItalltastrs. rost.lRChtnnips Inkcp, Tiraifiio.
Tb (Irrnt Amerlran Tru Co.. Ir.porleri,
. 0. 1U1V 4"."tR. .11 SI Veuov St.. K. Y
into vLAiM'iwuaa juuajLjuunD iwu
Nw r.ikw. Thouiftndiof iflldlpri &ndhitrflpntttl
Vt mloni date Lack to ti lie barge o" deatb. ftn.t Umll
id, Addreia, wjtb itamp.
Dlf. TTKNItKItSON, I Anthorized by the
1 tfl W. miiht.. atata to treat Vm
Kaii.i.a Clly, Sfo, Ivoua. Chronio and
Spi clul 1 acam : Ne rvoua DctilUty, Urinary Ula.
lux-a. clc. MeillclriH cnt everywhere, cures
(rurunieeU or nunry rofunued. ConioltaUon free call
or rtte. IlluMnucd 1hiI and circular. H'ntcale4 for
two nam p. Ago and cipcrlcoco are Important,
! All pi vita, uoltl, tillvcr and Mckel, fl.U
JIKI 9 UIIlVt CW., BCUI J. U, 13, a VJ DQ
ezamined. write ror caiaioniti to stand
rii AnnT)canwfticrn;n., niuturtr,rtt
Rtni ataniD for CtalofDa.
Itlfl.HhottluDt. HrolT.ra,HDt a. o. d. for .lamloatlaa
Tprr A AafE?llTCWniedeTei7wlirreto
I Ut AlaCll I Oicllto famlifca, hotels
and lame eunaumuiai larirraE ifLrk In thn rnunrrv
quality and terma tte lii'it. Country atorriteeper
Humid call or write 11IK WKLL8 TEACOUl'ANV
S01 Fulton it., N. Y. 1'. O. lloif.CO.
norniiiiiu llanl) Ciirol In III
tlkUOflilVM. W.kmt. till Ciinv,.
I llll. i, hlKI'lllil.NH, lA-bllllo!l, C-l'
A Month and Expenaes
'imnuim. a. rOATKH CU, ClMiu.ll. a
W. N. V. He.Mutne.. Tllpo"fi
VVlica wrltluu to uderlleie, tileasoeay yon
aaw Hip advrtlement In Ihla paper.
Protoilde of Iron, Teruilan Park and the, rhofc
Undoraed by Iho Medical Profession, and rucom.
CO,, No. 213 North Main Street, St, Louis,
Seod iUod for Citiloata. y
AGENTS WANTED for "Tha Ladle Ol Iho Whit HouM or
moat Intereatlsg book of
ed. A Illatorv uravaav
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