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The County Paper!
Booksj Pictures. Jewelry, Flower and Vegetable Seeds,
Buggies, Etc., Eto.
Free. Gifts to all Subscribers and Something to Suit
the Taste of Everybody,
Head This List Carefully, and, When You Find What
You Want, Make up Your Mind to Have It.
For lererftl months past we bare been negotiating with various parties with a
low of pmchaMng from thorn choice and acceptable articles, suitable for gifts
to our subscribers at the time of the enlargement And change of name of this
paper; and wo now have the pleasure of announcing that wo have perlvcted cr.
rangements whereby wears enabled to ofl'or
Tlio Most Attractive Inducements to
Subscribers Ever Given By Any
Paper In the United States?
Tub Countt PxriK ts now the Largat, Ika Handsomtst and the Stsl paper
published in the State outside ot the large cltle; it Is til that a county paper
should be; we can say without ranity that it is a credit to Holt county ; and
eYeryoirlr.cn of the county, without regard to politics or religion, should feel u
pcreoaal interest in increasing Us circulation, thereby uuabliug Its publUburj
to raaintatnit at its prvseut high standard and to add such other improvements
as may Irons time to .tltae suggest themselves. Every copy of this papor
whieh goes abroad will Instant!y attract the attention ot all who see it; and its
beauty, Its else, and the excellence of its reading matter will advertise the tact
that U this portlna of the West there are intelligent people, who have splendid
Skhosls and churches and cosy homes, surronuded by orchards laden Jwlth
holcest fruits, aati Held ot fine wheat aad corn, nud pastures In which roam
Jat eattlo and hogs, with soils of unsurpassed fertility and a climate famed for
Us aealthulneis, in wboa midst thousands nioio of good people, who arc
now wearing away their lives on tho hlcalc hillsides ot the East, can Hut! a
weleome and obtain homes of their awn for a raero nominal sum. To attract
to us good dtisons from other States will bo one of tho main alms of Thk
Cwoxty pIpck. and in this work It hopes to bv largely aided by its subscribers.
Our citizens are coiupesvd ot people from almost every State laijtae Uuion, and
vary SMbsaribcr U Tus Coumit I'apkk should send it each wcok.Jaftor read
lag it, to some friend in tho Statb whence he camo, whom he thinks would
Ijh likely attracted here to find a home.
Onr first aim, howuvur, is to increase oar subscript!) list at homo until The
CeUNrv Pai'ku Is a welcome visiter to overy fireside in Holt county. Thuro
are Twenty-live Hundred people lu the county who ought to take Thk County
fArim, but who du net. Wii desire to appeal to each ono of these people, in
order to show him that it Is to his interest to take the paper, Tho plea of pov
ei ty will uol avail as an excuse fer not dolag so, ns the Inducements , offered
below are ko liberal that, in many oases, tho subscriber not only gets Tin:
County Papkk for nothing, but is aetually fiato" to take it. How we can at
lord to uiako these gifts does not concern tho general public. "Xcverlooka
gift horse in tho month" (s a saying as old as it is wlso. Let It suflice that we
get everything heaeslly and that we are willing to share our good Jfortune with
ur subscribers.
Uelaw will be found a list of the Rifts wo odor to overy sibscrlberjwho pays
Two Dollars lu advance tor a year's subscription to TukJ County Paper.
Some of the Gifts are fur old xubcribcrs who renew ; nthcr.i artjlor now su
eribers. A lull explanation of how the Gifts are awarded will bejouud at tho
bottom of the List of Qifi.
NO. I.
A Choice of Books.
Any of the present subscribers to Thk CouNTr 1'Arnrt who pays np nil he
isnowts and pays Two Dollars in advance lor another year will recelvo, us a
free'giit, his choiuo of either one of the following books. Tlivy arc beautifully
printed, on good heavy paper, and ate complete and unabridged. They are
printed by Uarpcr & Bros., which is a guaranty that there is no fraud about
l.-"F.NDYMIOX." Ry Lord Heaconsftcld. This Is the new book by tho
eolebrated English author aud politician, which has caused such nuj'inteiise
excitement throughout the literary world during the past few months, and for
which hi publisher paid the author Sixty Thousand Dollars In old.
2. "THE HISTORY OK A CHIME." By Victor Hugo. This Is n vivid nnd
fjraphlu history, by tho great French novelist, poet and historian, of the crime
of Louis Napoleon in strangling the libsriies of his country.
3. "THE PLAGUE IN LONDON."' Hy Daniel Defoe, author of "Robinson
Crusoe." This Is a true history, by one of the meat dUtingiilshcd writers in
our language, of the mystcilous and awful visitation of tho Plague lu Eugland.
Mftfi. Atun 3.
sjwnrnvm niHnv w -
Flewor and Vogetablo Socds.
Every proaent suberibur to Tun County I'AritK who pays all he now owes
and pays Tw Dollars lu advance for another year's subscription, will be pre
sented, as a tree gift, with his choice of either of the two following collections of
seeds Instead ol one of the hooks abore described, if he prefers tho seeds to a
book. The seeds are grown by a well known and reliable seedsman nnd jrc
guaranteed to be iresu and uue lo name. ivry package Is of the usual size al
contains as munv teeds as those usually mid in the Morn. TUn teeilu will i,'
ordered on tin loth of March, whieh Is early euouirh for all trardriu in this lnti?
tude, and will be delivered as seou thereafter as we can receive tSiem by express'
Weed uoiioctioati, .TN o.
Contains ten packages ol cuoiee annual tiowerbsous, valued atisl, as follows:
now subscriber to The County PAi'Eitgcta seeds which are worth as much us
no pays tor n year's subscription.
Cnbbago, Early Toik.
Cabbage, Premium Flat Dutch.
Carrot, Long Orango,
Celery, Dwarf Whlto.
Cucumber, Imp. Long Green.
Cress, Flno Curled.
Endivo, Green Curled.
Lock, Hroatl Flag.
Lcttuve, Malta Drumhead.
Musk Melon, Prolific Nutmeg.
Water Molon, Mountain Swcot.
Mustard, White.
Okra, Dwarf.
Onion, Wcntbcrsflold Red.
Parsley, Double Curled.
Parsnip, Hollow Crown.
Pepper, Long Red.
Rnddlsh, Soarlct Short Top.
Temato. Ilathnway's Excelsior.
Turnip, Purplo Strap leaved.
Thono seeds. Ilko thoso described in tho other two collection!?, will be nit
np In a neat box, containing a pnper giving full directions In regard to the
cultivation of each vegetablo; and will bo delivered to subscribers immediately
after tho 16th of March.
NO. 5,
Pictorial Handy Lexicon.
Every new subscriber to Thk Countv Papek who pays Two Dollars In ud
vanco for n year's subscription, will bo presented with either of tho boks
nbove nnraeil, or either ono of thoeced collections, or If he does not want cither
ot the above we will present him with a copy of tho lHclorial Haniy Lexicon,
containing over 25 000 words and phrases and 259 onuruvlngs. This compro
heuslve little Dictionary will answer questions of spelling, pronunciation and
meaning In more than nine-tenths of the cases that occur to the nvcrngo reader,,
nnd save time, musclo nnd patience every day, even to tho owner of tho blrf
Unabridged. It is neatly bound in cUth and clearly printed on good paper. J
NO, 6.
The Midland Farmer
Any present subscriber to Ti:ic County Papsh who pnys all he nowowos
and pays Four Dollars In advauco for two years subsurlptlon ; or pays Two
Dollars for his own subscription nnd brings tho name of a new Mibscrlbcr for
ono year at Two Dollars, cashj In advance, will be presented With any two
of tho above gifts ho may select, except JS'os, 4 and S or If he chooecs not to
tako cither of thom,;ho will be presented with n year's subscription oThc Mid
land Farmer, n monthly agricultural papsr, published In St. Louis and devoted
to the Interests of Western Farmers . Jtisnn old nnd well established pa
per, which has a wide circulation among intelligent farmers and will liesuru to
pleaso all that class who receive it. The nev; subscriber will also be entitled
to anyone of tho above gilts hu may select, except the Midland Farmer.
Understand that if tho old subscriber who brings the namo of n new subssrlti-
er chooseH the Midland Farmer, he gets no other gilt. Ho can either take any
two of the above gilts, or he can tako tho Midland Farmer; but ho cannot be
liven both tho Midland Farmer and thu two other gifts.
"Good Literature-"
Any present Subscriber to The County I't rr.n who settles up nil arrcara
ge and pays Six Dollars in advauee for three years' subscription ; or who pays
Two Dollars in advance for his own subscription one year and brlugs the
nr.nie3 of two new subscribers for one year at Two Dollars each, cash, will bo
presented with any iwe ot tho gifts abore described ; or Instead of them , if lie
prelers, wo will present him with a yef.ru' aubkcriptlon to Good Literature, a
weekly paper published in New York, every Issue of whluh is tilled with first
class reading matter. It is just one-half tho size ol Tun County Papkh and
contains no advertisement's. Those wlm wish to keep up with the times In
literature will be delighted with this paper, as it contains full notices and
r eviews of all new publications of worth.
Thu new subscribers under tfils offer will each bo entitled lo bis cholco ot
the gilts above described, ctccpl Kos. 0 and 7.
NO- 8.
Books for Every Fireside.
Any present subscriber to Thk County Papek who will sottlo up all
arrearages and pay Two Dollars for another year's subscription lor himself,
and also bring us three new subscribers at Two Dollars each iu advance, will
be presented with his choice of the following collections:
1. All tbrco of tin. books deccribed under Ullt No 1.
2. Either one ot the books described under Gilt No. 1, nnd Gifts No. 2
nnd 0'lft o ftn(1 cj,j,er 0f tj, bookr In GItt Vo. 1 ; or Gilt No. 4 nnd
either Gift No. 2 or Gltt No.3 (but not both of tho lattor.)
4. Gift No. 5 and any one of Gifts No. 1. 2, : and 1.
5. (Jilt No. 6 aud any one of Gills No. 1, 2, 3 nud 4.
6. Any on of the following well-known book. each of which should havo
n place In every family in iho land Every ono has heard ot theso books and
almost every grown person has read thorn. Hut they are now to the young
people and lor generations have been regarded as standard works to stimulate
a love for reading. They are read with equal pleasure by the child ot ten aud
Iho frand-slro ot eighty; and both can ulways find them Instructive, entoi min
ing and amusing.
Complete, with very fine Illustrations
by Barnard and others. Largo typo;
cloth binding In black and gold.
"The Akaiiian Nights.1' The won
derful stories of the thousand and ono
nights' entertainments. Sixteen fall
page illustrations. Cloth binding in
black and gold.
"KoniNsoN CitUftOE." Who needs
to be told about this bookP Full and
coaipleto; sixteen full-pnga illustra
tions; cloth binding In black und gold.
"Aesop's Fabi.es." Complete,
with copious additions from modern
authors. Profusely Illustrated ; prin
ted In largo type with cloth bluding)ln
blnck and gold.
"Sayincis, Wire and Othekwise."
A book which will uiako you laugh,
aud yet which will sot you to thinking.
Largo type; vcrytnstjcloih binding.
"Thu Koiian ov Mohammed."
Translated from the Arabic by George
Sale. It should bo In every house, It
only to refer to as n matter of curiosi
ty. Neatly bound In cloth.
Astrs, Double, Choice, mlxsd'Varietles
anil color J.
Balsa.i, rouhle, Choice, mixed colnrs.
Cypress (fins, mixed colorso ,
Hciiobryijini Menstrosnw, Double vr.-
rlutlMit. mixed.
Lobelia, flasket Vtrlstrll, mixed
Petuula, FinoU Matched nnd MrlpeQ
Portulaeca, Double, cholce.t colors,
Verbena Hybrids, Choice mixed colors.
Zinnia, Double, splendid colors, mixed.
&ee Collection, IVq. "13."
Contains twelve packets of extra choice new Vegotablo Seeds, valncd at $1,20,
as fellews : 1
Cabbage, Early Summer.
Cabbage, MaroIeheud'Mararaoth,
Celery, Golden Dwarf,
Musk Melon, New Surprise.
Cauliflower, Early Paris. o
Onion, tilant Rocca.
Egg Plant, Mask rokln.
Tcnato, Aonie.
Spinach, Round or Summer.
Kadlrih, French lireakfast.
l'eppor, Largo Hall.
Eooh of the above collections is uiit'un in a neat nnd attractive bo and will
contain a sbett of paper, glvlffg the culture and description of each variety it
contains, and will also illustrate most of the sorts, II v aid of tliU, every person
receiving the see'd ecu act kuowlngly, and will bo sure' to have success,
. NO. 4.
More Vegetable Seeds.
Every new snbsorlber to The County Paver who pays Two Dollars iu
advjineo for a year's subscription, will bo presented with the following choice
collection of seeds, embracing all the popular varieties nnd being sulllolent to
furnish nil tho dlfferost kinds qf vegetables usually wanted by any fumllv.
Ttjcse seeds, If bought lo, tho stores, wouli cost Two Dollars; so that every
i '
NO. 9.
"The Perfect Shakespeare"
To any subscriber, new or old, who will pay us $3.60, cash In advnnco,
w will send Thic County Papek ono year nnd also present hlin with a copy of
The Perfect Shakespeare, This edition of ShaKespcure's works Is by tar thu
best aud most complete ever Issued. It is carefully prepared lrom the earliest
aud more modern editioni, selected whero commentators havo dllfered as to Iho
sense ot obscuro or doubtful passages, from thoi-o readings which thu utiles
critics beilevo to be the must Shakespearean aud best suited to a popular
edition. Illustrated with 30 Large Engravings, designed by John Coxen, the
celebrated artist and engraver, and a xtcel portrait of Shakcspcaro.
Wo havo used the term "Perfect" as appllcaole to this .ditlon. nud any ono
thai will examine It will sco that it well merits thu title; aud, indevd, Is thu
only edltionthat fully deserves the title of "Perfect."
'Tdoreare numerous editions of this wonrieiful writer's works, got up In nil
tylcs. and at every price. Hut. uufortiinutely, they are all idoio or. less fatil
by. From some editions many ot tho strongest pusnngcs aro omitted in dolor-
ii to to KQiieamlbh uumby-pambyism. In other editions many sceucs aro trans
posed, till tbo plays aru made, like Jobcph's coat, a thing "of shreds and
patches." Hut In this Edition, the "Perfect." Shukespearo, all tho Poams
all the Plays all the Characters all tho Lauguuge aro given uiiabrldjjed,
clear and perfect as fhey originally sprang from the august brow of this Jove
ot Poets tho subllmo flhwakspeare. It Is not necessary at this late day to say
aaght In praise ol Shakespeare's works : for they are universally admitted to bo
the grandest efforts ol nny human mind. Works that have been eulogized by
Wen. Johnson, by Drydcu, by Addison, by Milton (Prlnco of Poets,) who has
beautifully written of him as
"Sweetest Shakespeare Nature's child
Wnrblinghls native wood noteo wild,"
needs no eulogy from meaner men.
They present nn cpltomo of
nil unman passions, motives,
actions and expressions.
None are too high, none too
low to miss being Instructed
as well as delighted by tho
plays and puctry of Slinkes
peare. Tho
Perfect Shakesneare
is In every respect tho best
Icdltion. Every word ot the
original is In It. It Is printed ft
from new, clear, easily-read
tspo. It Is a flue, largo.
ISSN ' ItSlllnlfalMHjf
ff indoomo Oook-aii ornament to any parlor table. It Is embellished with manv
silking Illustrations. The "Perfect" Shakcspearo. In addition to tho whole of
Sjlikespeare s Comedies, Histories, Tragedies and Poems nil that he ever
wJotecontalHS fife full text ot Shakf spearo's Will as recorded in the olHcoof the
rrorogntlve Court ot Canterbury, and also a complete explanatory glossary of
uMtho uiiusal words or phrases occurring In his works, making ono Ha.idomo
Quarto Volume, bmind In tho best English cloth, with artistic designs In bUck
and gold on back and side. The size ot the book Is 11 1-2 Inches hleh, 9 Inchus
wide, 1-2 Inches thick, aud weigh S pounds. Aspcclracn copy can be seen at
the otTlcc of tho editor The County Papeh.
Whwn this edition was first issued it was sold at sovon Dollars n copy ; but we
havo mado arraugemeuts where by we can give it away to our subsoribors in
tho manner above mentioned, effir Any ono who wants to procure the Perfect
hhakesptare without the payment of any canhf can do so bv bringing us tho
names of seven new snlmcrilersM two Dollars each, cash in advance These now
subscribers will bo given promiuns tho same as other now subscribers.
NO. 10.
Beautiful Jewelry Casket.
To nny subscriber, new or old, who will pay us Four Dollars
ad vance, wo will send Thk County Paphu ono year, and also pi es
with n Casket containing Twenty Ploccs of Heautlful Jo wolry. This je
cash In
csent him
1 1 . i . u iru K"in. oui an mo parts representing goiunronoavilv
gold-plated nnd look ns well and aro almost as good as If thov wero solid gold.
Ib various artlcjes Intended for ladles' wear arc really lmnisqino and qrp, as
good ns nro worn by many Indies who hold high beads In thu fashionable world
Tho articles for gentlemen's wear aro also nobby nnd Jaunty nud stylish. No
ono. after examining this Icwclrv. would believe it nosslbla for us to furnish
such nn amount of realty hn.idsomo jewelry lor tho mere trlllo at which wo
offer ft lu ionnectlon with Theuounty Papeu; yet we do It, nnd do It honrstiy.
Some -Met of how wo struck this bonanza may bo gathered from tho following
statement : About two years ago n linn of jewelry manufacturera iu Provi
dence, Rhode Island, rccnlved nn order lrom u prominent New York llrm ot
manufacture 200,000of these Cnskols, each containing twentj piece of Jewelry.
After disposing of nbotit 100.000 of tlm Cnskels. which (.old ns rapidly ns they
could ho thrown on the market, tho Now York firm was overtaken with llniin
rial dllllcultles nnd wero nnuhlo to tako tho rumaindci'. This made it necessary
to dispose of them at nny sacrifice, nnd wo havo secured n lew of them tor tho
subscribers lo The County Paphu.
1 Ladles' Elegant Imitation Coral Set.
1 Ladles' Elcgunt Imitation Coral
1 Ladles' Iinltntlon Coral Shawl-l'ln.
1 Pair Ladles' Imitation Curat Cuff-
1 Gents' Carnl Se.irf.Pin.
1 Pair Gold-Plated nruuelels.
1 Ladles' Islegant Heavy Gold-Plated
Cr.moo Stonu Ring.
1 Ladles' Gold-plated Veil or Hat Pin.
1 Pair AmcthyKt Sleeve Buttons.
1 Pair Kngravkd Gold-Plated Slcovu-
1 Set Alaska Diamond Knr-Drop.
1 Heavy (iold-Plaled Wedding-Ring
1 Ladles' Jet and Gold Set (I'mund
1 Heavy Plated Gents' Watch Chain.
1 Gents' Set Alaska Diamond Studs
1 Gunth' Gold-I'lated Collar-Ruttou.
1 Gents' Luke Georgo Maltese Cross
1 Gents' Sot Engraved Gold-Plated
Shlrl Studs.
1 Gents' Cameo Stone Ring (good as
1 Set Cameo Stone Ear-Drops.
XjT Any lady or gentleman who wishes tosccuro ono of these caskets without
the payment of nny cash uun do so by bringing us (lie names of ciuhl new
sulscribcn at Two Dollars e.ich. cash In ndvttuco. Each of these now sulxcrib
crs will bj entitled to the gilts fhey choose the snmo ns other nuw subset Iburs
The Peoples' Encyclopedia.
To anv subscriber, new or old, who will pay us f&'.GO, cash In ndvnnro,
wo will send Tin: County Papeu onw year and prevent a set set of Chambtr'
Encychptdia, In Flftc VolniiifS of about SOU paces c.ich, llnu type, closely
but clearly ptintcd, and hauihomclv nud substantially bound in cloth. This is
the publication (with the exception of the American Additions) which has been
ko extensively advertised for tho past year under the title of Library of I 'hi-
vernal Anoicteaye. 11 is a lull nnii compsutu ropriut at tlic billiiuu rg, bcoiiatui,
1883 edition of Chamber' Encyclopaedia. When, about ten months ago, the
American took Excluugu announced ihclr tnfcntlon of publishing this Immense
work iu fifteen volumes and selling ihem ut Fifty Cents u Volume, people wero
incredulous and it took several mouths to convince thu public that Ihcro was
no humbug or swlndlu about it. Thu mnv prlco was so treuiumloiixly lower
(being less than one-third of tho old price) than tho price at which It had
formerly been sold, that people coutd not bullcvu It possible that they could be
manufactured fur thu price named. When the llrst volume mado Its appear
nucc people oxamiucd it closely, found it to hu well and clearly printed, on thin
lint strong paper, nud tronglr ami sii'istaullally bound In durable cloth. Still
they shook their huids und (luubied and predicted that thu publisher-, would go
Into bankruptcy before they finished the llltcun volumes. Hut steadily every
two or three weeks a new volume m.tdu its appearance, and. i time ivoro on,
pcole liegan lo gain conlldencc, the sales Increased rapidly toward I lie last,
until now thu llfleeu volumes nro llulshed and nro ou our tablu lieloic us as we
write. Notwithstanding thu rapidity with which they wero rushed through the
press thi-ru was no slighting of the work, and every volume Is a model of dip
chauical execution. Upwards of one hundred thousand copies havu now been
sold, nnd thu publishers say that this is but thu beginning, us they Intend to
sell a million copies. Nor is this Improbable. Theso booksconstlliilea library
iu themselves. Whether a man has other books or not. hu should havu these,
tor they contain information upon almost every subject within thu rango of
human kunwlcdzo; and, as thu subjects aro alphabetically arranged, any ol
thrm can bo turned to in u moment. Formerly tho possession of an Kueyulo
pacdla llku that nf Ciiamborsar Appletou's was reserved lor only thu wealthy;
but since the daring Innovation of the Liter-try Revolution in publishing Cham
bers's Kncyelopiedia in fifteen volumus at Fifty Cents a volume (with ten cunts
a volume added tor poMugu to thosu who cannot call f'orthum at. the publication
olllce) almost any man can becomu the owner of these coveted books. Tin:
County Paphu inou earnestly wlshm that every family in Holt county may
havo a set of these volume.; anil it l proud nud happy that it has an oppor
tunity to offer them to its sub-orlbers at a price considerably lower than In
charged by thu publishers. To demonstrate: Thu vory lowest price In cash at
which thesu books cm be bought ol thu publishers In Now York is Fifty Cont
per volume making seven-am! a-h.ill' dollars tor the lll'teun volume. To tills
price peri-ons outside of Nuw Yorit city must add tho cost ot sending them by
mail, which is ten cents a vnluuiu. This -imouuts to one and-a halt dollars,
making tho total cost of th F.ucyclopaadlu, to persons lu Holt county, Nine
Dollars. And tins Is thu very lowest price at which they can bo bought, lint
by availing ourselves of a very liberal oll'ur mado us by thcpuMilshcr. whereby
we nro permitted to pay a considerable portion iu advertising, wo nro nblu to
offer thu Knoyelopaedhi and a year's subscription to Tin: Couxty Papiii: for
Filty Cents less than any ono elsu would havu to pay for thu Kneyolopaodia
alone! In other words, wo furnish the Encyclopaedia and Tin: County Papkh
ono year, for only Klglit-und a-half Dollars, which is Fifty Cents less than
tho lowest cash price ol the Kucvcionaudia. nostniru added. It Is not neces
sary to alhidu further to this branch of t'jo sulijcct; every reader will IiiMuntly
see tho point, and we hope t lint hundreds oftlium will avail themselves of this
opportunity to procure books to o.imtiul to overy Intelligent hunt-ehold. Wo
must add nnn other thought thtigh wo havo already said so much. Thu
editor of Tin: County Paphu owns both Applelons's Cyclopaedia nnd Cham-
uern'8 Hncyulnp.icriln. llie lormcr Is In sixteen volumes niiu cost Im ninety
six dollars. The latter is iu llltcen volumes and cot him ninu dollar. Yet If
he wero forced to give up one or thu other he would keup Chambers's 1 It
contains more reading multur than Appletou's; tho subjects nro treated mnru
Intelligibly ; tho print Is just us clear; nnd, thu volumes weighing so much
le.s, arc vastly more couitoriDb'o to hamllu.
fj? Any onu who would like to get thu ubova described Chambers's Kncy
clopaedla'wtthnut tho payment of any cash whatever, con do so by bringing us
tho names ot thirty new subicribers, at Two Dollars oach. cash, fcneh of thuso
new subscribers will b'i untitled to a gift tho sumo as other new subacllbcrs.
NO. 12.
An Elegant Top Buggy.
For F.ighty-Five Dollars, cash iu advance, wo will send Tin: County Pait.h
on year and also present the .nbseriber with his cholco of threo diff-runt stylus
of Top Buggies -u picture of one of which is shown oNuwhero tho .sulxorlbor lo
pay freight from Cincinnati, Ohio. Pictures of tho other two stylus can bo seen
nt the olllco of Tun County Papkh. Thesu Buggim nro manufeiurel by 'I'. T.
Ilajdoek, tho celebrated Cincinnati muuufaeluiur, and thu lowest ouh prlco at
thu manufactory U iM 10 for each. It will thus bo .seen that we liirnish them for
82S less than thoy can possibly bo bought for, and throw in a year's subscription
to Tin: County Papisk besides. Any ono who wants a good buggy will uevur
havu a hotter opportunity than this to securo it for so little money. All these
Buggies havo Luthrr Quarters; Rubber Roof and Curtains; Trimmed In LeatVer
or Bluu Cloth, as desired ; Surruu Patent Wheels, Vest Springs nnd AnUs, In
short, thoy are madu for survico as well as display, and will last well and give
satisfaction. Thu manufacturer givu.s a written Warrant with each Buggy that
if a wheel, spring or nxlu breaks within ono year from date of piirii,ie, on
account ot bad material, It can bo returned to him ami ho will scud a uuw one
rl?!xlj: JPsii'tii'tiil:!,. Notioo,
All the bonks oll'ered as t'.ifts by Tin: County Papi:u will Im ordered by ui
from thu publishers from timu lo time a wo may have call for thorn. We shall
probably wnler about every two weeks. This plan is reud.r.-d necessary iu order
to prevent us from accumulating books which our Mihscri'or.s do not w-nnt. Wc
liavo no meiiHs of judging iu advance what lnoks thoy will sulcct. Thoso sub
scribers who select books us gifts will inform ii.s or our agents what books thoy
want, nt tho tiwti tlwv pay their sulHcrlptlons, and if wo do not havu them oil
hand wo will scud for them nt oui nuxt ordur and forward them to tho subscribers
as soon as wo receive them.
OoncliE.liii- Appeal.
New, Good People of Holt and neighboring counties, Tin: County Papkh is
before you. You sou what It is and it speaks for itsulf. Wo promised that It
should bo Iho Largest, tho Handsomest, aud thu Bvst County Paper in tho Statu.
With becoming modesty, wo claim that we havu fulfilled ourpromlsi. No cltlzuu
of Holt county will hu u-Jiusiod to sond Tin: Coij.-.ty Papkh abroad as an index
of thu intclliguiicu of our pooplu. Wo confess that wo aru proud of tills paper,
and w bcliovo our prldu will bo shared by all our subsoribors.
15 it not only do wo furnish our readers tno host county paper in tho Stato: wo
also offer tho most liberal Gifts to subsoribors ever presented by any paper in thu
United States, so far as our knowledge extends. Our object iu this is to largely
swell our subscription Hit. lit" want more subscribers n GRKAT MANY more
and wo want our present subscribers to aid us in getting thorn. Wo ought t
have a thousand more subscribers in Holt county, ami wo can secure thorn if our
present subscribers will only aid us by showing thu papur to their neighbors nnd
telling thorn of thu pleasure thoy derive every week lrom reading it. Wu ht-roby
appoint uvury ono of our subscribuis our agent, and wo urgo each ono to InWrcs't
himself or herself lu our behalf. Just think of this; if each of our subscribers
will cnd us Just onu narau wo will have nearly thre tlioiuanil subscribers; nnd
then wo can and will make Tiik Cov.nty Paphu still bettur than It now Is,
vastly more so. Though wo know our subscribers feel kindly toward us, we
stimulato their good will by offering thorn induoonionts, In tho shapo of valuablo
gifts, for all they do fer us, Thesu (lifts arc so various that, among them all,
r.o ono can fail to Hnd just what Im or sho may want. Wo of for Gifts for secur
ing all tho way from ono subscriber up to llfty, aud ranging in valuo from '.'5
contfi up to Si 10, Good Friends, in liuli ivg us you also help yourselves, Thu
more subscribers you gut for us, tho bettor wo will makothu paper for you. And
thora Is not a subscriber on our list who cannot send us at least one now nanm.
And "every llttlo helps," If enough subsoribors will send us nuw names to make
an average of ono namo from each, wo will hu satislieil Read over carefully thu
foregoing list of Glfis; aud if you find tho namo of sovuitlitng you want whloli
an bo bad by sco ring a few subscribers for us, make up your minds to have It
and go to work and get It. It will tako very llttlo troublo. No one can lok
through Thk County Pait.h without bolng pleased with it; and when the further
inducement is held out that every subscriber Is allowed his cholco of a number of
valuable gifts, there Is not ono Intelligent man out of twenty who will refuse to
subscribe. Try Itl Young ladies and gent'emen can, by very littlo effort, secure
a largo number of thoso charming books, tho names of which arc sure to maku
them wish for thorn.
Now, who will help usP Wo propose to publish, from timo to tlino, a Roll of
Honor, containing t!io names of thosu who specially Interest themselves for in.
SlialJ wo uot have tho ploasuro of inserting your namo m that HstP
Very Droll To Think Of.
If not nhovo being t -jht ly n man,
uvo Dobbin's Klcctivo ioap next wash
day. I'sed without nny wasli boiler or
rubbing board nnd used differently
from any other soap uvnr mnilo. It
seems very droll to think of n quid, or
derly two hours light work on wasli-day,
wilh no heat nud no steam, or smell of
the washing ihrough tho house, Instead
of a long day's hard woik btit hundreds
of thousands of women, from Nova
Scotia lo Texas, nave proved for them
selve.s that this ;s does bv using Dob
bin's Klecllo Soap. Don't buy it, how
cver.lf loo scf lu your wirys te iiso It ac
cording to directions, that are as sim
ple as lo seem nlmost ridiculous and so
easy that n girl of twelve yiurs can do
u largo wash without being tired. It
positHely will not Injure tho finest fab
lie, lias been before thu public for fif
leeii yeai.s, and its nalc doubles every
jcur. If your gioecr lias not got It, ho
will get It, as all wholesale ;roepr
keep It. Nave, McCord and Co.
wholesale -Agt.H.M. Joseph Mo.
1. L. CltAOIN it Co.,
iWii(Komery & jJoc'eker,
OHKOON, jiusoriii,
. n .'IV'"" "".v ;v".tH'1. 1rmv l,r;f" "n ' 1
Wlewi call's, ami Cftiti'dtlt,,!, iimniptlr ma-t,
I. i T.ixe'ifi.r liiiM-rcilili'iiNi Tiiahs tiocntlali d
i) i real ,-.tai,., nud liiv.Hiii"iili ic.iilii mii mviirn
Mc 1'iriiw. hilcri'Slnllimi'il n Hum Dcr-mlM.
Frazer & SHcDonald
I 'iA.-, vr,fi " ('""rill liiinMi.n IiiHIiim
l I il-i lli l i,n. Lu,,,,,,.. ,iw.s ,,i.ro.
ils.mll wlifti i '( ,iv riguil Hun-, CullcMlfns
rcci'lv j i'.o,.'ii; i,ii,.iu.n.
II. I.. I'llAKCII. I). McIKJNM).
I'liiwitii-.,' ...V'?.'
J.T.TilTCJIEIl.az. I).
Oltr.do.N, .MI3OUUI,
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.1. A. h.cv. Kieru; formirly rriMoae n
l.''M iircii
.0(.M.V, M. K. O.A. riMll:.MI.IIll,A.M.,.-S.U
(J os! in A" T.Mpjyfnbaiim,
ot:i:(;oN, mo.
OI'PI' i:- Oncil r MiCili ci Hani:, up-ctr.ln
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Atlornpyii sil Law,
MOfXIl riTV, mo.
l)l'nCi:..OvcrC(irs.iiil & Mcjcr'sMiirc.
A. II. .1 A 37 i SOX,
A 1 1 or n i y sit Jun tv ,
'pal Estnto, Xnnnrni-.cn nnd Collcct-
mocnd rnv. Missnriii.
Wi i practice In all Hi: cimrU of iintHiwest
Mis nil.
Attorney nt .jsir,
onr.coN, mo.
Will practice In r.ll I! cnrW of.M lso-it f.
nciil l'l:4lc liuslni-vi anil C'ollf cilom iiriitiirit
l nllciidul in. ODicii ct Mite ut I'm lie
or;i:iiox, Mis.ofin.
III I'tlli' lc III i.ll I'niliN llf Mli url,l.nis.-s
ln!i ,iii 1 .N. :i:i!:n lirnl I'.stnio Ijiisjucsi, ami
Colici'limn pr.'inpt'y ullcndcil in.
II. I. HE A,
Attorney sit JLsmv. 21 alary
Public nnd Rcnl IMalu Agent,
W ill :il! 1 1 nil cni imsiiip Intriiit-il t
nliciuc In all the cmiil-u NmiliHcst fiisi.ir
lla fin mlu a Uik imuiber t vLulvu liinlnn
lot s.
W III Pracllci' In nil rfmrli. Heal l!li IjksI
iie 1P"I t I'ltiull.iis in)iniy alUMli il In.
35. .!. K&LLOGift,
A I T () R X i: Y A T L A W .
(.'iiAio, MiKsorui.
U III iUHclIra In all tliucmilof;r:olt nd ail
(Ullll Clll.lltU'4.
Ua B Of)
Tlieso l'',iiiiin liiilm-
Illt'lltS IIUH OCd'll
In mciilirr, Iho farter- liav-
irtU i't'Hll.lll hUCCC!44Ul lljll-l'.
attiin.ll jc.'in. TKx Or'i.mj
sir- IJEbT IN TOxiL,
TiSost Tasteful i Form,
Out Lasts a 51 Others.
A kici.I arlct iif siyl. lif.tli for pulil!" tn.t
pilv.iU' iim;. I'.iIjKki.'--. M-nt dvu to ajiy uar
ilrcvi nil applli' , ' t ton. Also a
(insorpasjcil in 'ivuiu aiul Vurl.inaiiKlili.
Adilrwf llie cenipany i tiler at Kuitiiti, Mr.ss,
Kiinsis Cllv. Mu, or AtMiilu Ua,
Holioway's Ointmeiit,
Pv.cicil f Hu icincil, i'M-r iiimi n.ay I'a
liltuwii D.irtnr. II nu lc iHilml lulo Iho
sWcin, sit ; In reach any Internal complaint ;
ly tt.cit inciii.il it fun s Sure-, nt ulcer'. Ill llio
Vl.mal Climiach. l.lvcr. -tv ur other parli
It Is an iurnllililc iciiunl) l.r liail l.fRi. lla
llrel.MV ('(iiiliaelcil or Milt .loltitii, Uout, lihen
inall'in. ainl all SL l libua-eii.
iMI'olirAM' CAl'TMN. -Nlltl'l lire BMllllDCI
miles llie ,-i;imlnr of .1. ItAVPncK, a nxeiit
for I lie L iiliuil Sun-, eiirri onili each bd of
I'llts anil Ol.iiliu'at. P.cc at J.1 cuts, 02 centu,
aud -I inch.
;.V"TIm.ic i conilJcrablc saliiB by luklliB
Inreei- sl'.
I.'iii.low vv ft Co.. New York.
SjREN'i' liOOXJ ftfift,;
Wlioloialo ilKitu to. MEW YOKIf
The Best Thing Vet
Tlie l'ltcliburR Acoustic ToUfono Co'.
New.Mi tllc Tclcron. Head for Clrou.
Fitebbuixr Aci'.lo Tololcmo Co.
J.OX It, (.'.U I H , J'lU'lluiii,, i'i.;-i?)
"Ueforu aimmhathpowfr tnay, llcliohl
The Jawj of d.irknum liiivu dovourod It up,
Slliitlll scntlfrMO to lhon who wish tn on.
srnuHlii the most plcasiuit .ami profllabla
iins(cs known. UveijtliliiK new. CnpU
tin not reunited. V,o will fmi'lsh nu
iiH-riimi. gio it (iHy I'lin unwiiriw u casoy
madu wltlioul .la)lnit invuv irm home (ircr
niuUt. Norlk wliatorr, Mmiynew woikors
wanted at once .Many arc in.iklni; foitniws t
'Hie iuMu"hf. I.iuIIm niaki) as mm'h lis nn,'!!,
uHilyoiiiiirPoys nun Rin. inaiio rcni i.v.
I'ine who Is wlllmi! to work falls lojjiiiilii' mora
money ci cry na ninu can eu iininu hi i
u ail) oniniaiy riiiiio,viiiiuii. mi v"
mr.t -it mien ulll llllil II Kllnlt ri4.1ll to lertllllfl
Address ll. 11ai.i.kit, r Co., rortlnnd, Jluhiu
JOTtUh Vtm forHoyunl flfrW I
Tounaml OUI I A NUW 1 if,
FVKNTIOW. Jurt Mtnte4 for Ut;m,
lor noma uu i . i
i yrct md' Scroll 8lnr, TunJoff,
IloriDg, Urlltluj.Qrlndliiy.l'ollUiIii,
Bcrw Cutting. Pries fa to ISO,
i Raii ftrnt. for lOOnbrfla!
'rpmiii;'pitowN, Ev(i, vm.

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