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Iitfo b&s a burden for every man's shoulder,
One may escape from Its troubles and cars;
Miss It In youth and 'twill come when we're
And (It us as cloto as the garment! wear
8orrow comes Into our lives uninvited,
Bobbing our hearts of their treasures o
Lovers grow cold and friends are slighted,
Yet somehow or other we worry along.
Everyday toll Is everyday Mossing.
Though poverty's cottage and crust we ma)
Weak Is the hack on which burdens aro press
log, Hut stout Is tho heart that Is strengthened
by prayer.
Somehow or other tho pathway grows brighter
Just as wo mourn that there are none to bo
ilopo In the heart makes the burden seem
And somehow or other wo get to tho end.
A lrlnciplo in FccrtlHjr.
All food beyond such amount that is
propotly digested and assimilated by
tho animal Is a sourco of loss to tho
owner, and that In two ways: First, tho
food Is lost; and second; tho animal is
not keptin tho best condition for getting
tho most out of its feed its stomach
is ovorlondcdnnd its dlgostlvo apparatus
moro or less disarranged. Just insido
tho limits of assimilation is tho point to
havo In viow In feeding; in this way tho
animal will havo a good appotlto, and
other things being equal, is suro to givo
tho best roturns for food consumed.
Thoro is a golden moan in feeding farm
stock, which tho farmer should find.
ClinnginRT the Crop.
Tho advantages of a rotation, either
regular or irregular, result from n uum
bor of considerations, somo of which aro
as follows: First, different orops require
food elements in different proportions
Thus potatoes require much nioro potash
than wheat, and this crop grown for
n succession of years would exhaust tho
natural supply ranch moro rapidly than
when only grown with a number of other
crops between, not demanding a large
amount of potash. In tho second placo
a rotation, when managed properly,
cuablcs ono crop toproparo food for
another. Clover sends long tap-roots
into tho subsoil which act as pumps to
tiring up food olemonts that may bo
used by surfaco feeding crops that fol
low. Thirdly, as dlfferont crops ro
quiro different methods of cultivation,
tho rotation can bo so arranged that
.thoro will bo a constant supply of lubor
distributed throughout tho whole sea
son. For tho same reason tho variety
of crops pormits of a hotter cultivation
and improvement of the soil, tho de
struction of weeds, oto.
M'lic SiiccommI'iiI I'nriucr.
I had occasion to visit him tho othor
day, or at least to visit a man who is
said to bo a very successful farmer. I
havo always heard him spoken of as
such, and often had heard that ho had
commenced his lifo in Michigan with
nothing, and had accumulated and got
at interest a full $100,000. Of courso
under these circumstances, his success
could not bo questioned.
At tho timo of my visit ho was pros
trated by sickness. On attempting to
cntor at tho front door, I found it iru
, posslblo from tho lack of steps to got
ovor an abrupt rlso of about four feet,
but I followed a path to tho wood-shed
door and thenco to tho living room of
tho house. Tho yard by tho houso was
open and accessible) to tho cattlo of tho
farm-yard, and was apparently frequent
ed by them. Insido tho houso I did not
obsorvo any nowspaper for family read
ing. Thrco books lay uoar at hand ono
of which had tho outsido appcarunco of
boing much in uso. In tho courso of
my conversation, I had tho curiosity to
pick up tliis book and opened it; it prov
ed to bo au interest computing book. I
found, in talking with tbo man that his
mind had becomo entiroly ongrossod
with monoy-macing, at tho oxpunso of
all other considerations. I must say
'that when I loft tho houso tho quostiou
was upormost in my mind: Is this a
successful farmorP
A fowdays alter this, Ifelng in a neigh
boring villago, and having somo timo
to wait for a train, I was invltod by a
farmor acquaintance to go homo to tea
with him and his wilo, but had nover
beon at tholr homo, noithor had I ever
hoard him mcntlonod as a particularly
successful farmor. But, when wo ar
rlvod at their homo, I found it a re
markably ploasant location, and insido
tho houso everything pleasant and
agreeable. A fiuo library and sovoral
uowspapors and periodicals woro at all
tlmos accossiblo to tho family. Tho
children in thoir joks and conversation,
gavo unmistakalilo ovidonco that tho
books and paporfj) had ben !bd to a
purpose. Th(.6oiltloman h'Jd not, I
learned, been putting monoy at Interest,
but had appropriated th? profits of his
farm to homo improvements and adorn
ments and to tho education of his chil
dren. His groatost ambition scorned to
bo to mako his homo surroundings
ploasant and roflnlng. In this 1 thought
ho had succeeded admirably, on loavlng
I oarao to tho conclusion that tho world
had mado a great mistako in selecting
a successful farmor, and that this last
gentleman was really tho man.
ferney Cowh.
No breed of oattlo has mot with croat-
or opposition or boon tho subjeot of
moro conmuung opinions man iiavo uio
.Jorsoys. Thoy havo novortholoss grown
rapidly in favor not only as fanoy stock
for gontlomcn's show farms but as but
ter producers among dolry men's bonis.
In this country tho Jorsoy cows' milk
for tho manufacture of ,,gilt-odgod"
butter is readily acknowledged. Tho
milk not only makes butter of a plott
ing color but of a sweot, nutty flavor,
most acceptablo to consumers. In
quantity tho milk yield of tho Jersoy is
not largo, and from this fact many far
mers still profor cows of othor improv
ed broods showing a largor porformanco
nttho nail and in tho churn, makincrun
I in quantity whatovor admirers of tho
Jorsoys may think thoy loso In quality,
In this connection it may bo wdll to ox
plain that while Jorsoy cows aro small
and require a less amount of food than,
say, short-horns, thoy must havo for
best results, botha regards quality and
quantity, all tho food thoy will eat, and
that food must bo good. Tho rulo that
applies to nil other brcoda applies with
equal forco to this ono 1. o tho hotter
tho food tho bettor tlio product.
Jorsoys aro prominently a breed for
milk; thoy aro two small for beef and
owing to dlminutlvoslzo unlit for work
ing. Thoroloro Jorsuyoxonnro animals
raroly to bo mot with. A question rola
tlvo to this breed still unsettled is tho
ono touching tho hardiuoss of tho ani
mals. Many broodors assort that thoy
aro as hardy ns need bo, wlillo farmers
in sovoro climates with inferior pastures
considur thom tender and profor cattlo
of somo othor race.
Thoro is no doubt but that theso soft
oyod crcaturos from tho Islo of Jersey,
so attractive in nppoaranco, havo won
favor largoly Irom tills very attractive
ness, boing nn ornament to any farm on
which thoy nro introduced. It is nlso
equally truo that with good caro and
proper food tho Jorsoys will thrivo well
and pay for thoir extra hooping whero
butter is tho required product. With
Jorsoys ns with othor breeds, howovor,
thoro oxlsts grados of excellence. Pur
chasers should boar In mind when mak
ing thoir selections thatovory thorough
bred animal belonging to a buttor breed
is not necessarily high up in this quali
fication. Tuoroforo, not only purity of
blood should bo Insisted on but this
ought to bo accompanied with a satis
factory porformanco at tho pail and
An English correspondent, writing
on tho whims of fashion in regard to tho
color of Jersoy cattlo, says that lr tho
valuo of tho Jersoy stock is to rest on
this ono feature deterioration will suroly
follow ol'many useful qualities. Ho has
owned hundreds of acclimated Jersoy
stock, but, as a rule, lias not found tho
wholo colored cows such largo pro
ducers as many partl-colorod ones. The
truo typo of a Jersoy cow is, in fact, nn
nnimai that thr -vs thojbulk of hor feed
properties lntobuttor and but tlttlo to
Adulteration of Food.
A Taper I cad lieforo tho American Social Science As-
luuiuuuu Hi uuuun.
This Is n Ireo country. In Franco I
was assured that no medicine could bo
sold ia Paris which had not boon ap
proved by a board composed ol somo of
tho host physiciau3 of Paris. No phy
sician could praotioo who had not been
examined and approved by a board com
posed of somo of tho best physicians of
Paris. Deadly poisons could only bo
sold by persons of good character, li
censed by tho polico authorities to soil
them. Thoy wcro required to bo kopt
under lock nnd key, and tho key kept
in tho personal possession of tho person
licensed to sell, nnd overy salo was re
quired to bo registered, and tho registry
preserved twenty years for tho Inspec
tion of tho polico. Theso and a hundred
othor regulations to provent tho im
proper salo of poisonous and dangorous,
and adulterated articles, and to protect
publio health, wcro, as I was informed,
most vigorously enforced. Porhapsno
stronger ovidonco of tho comparativ
freedoms in this couutry can bo ad
duced thau that millions of dollars
worth of quack medicines, which no
rospectablo physician would prescribe
aro widoly sold; that most dangerous
poisons can bo bought nt hundreds of
places In any of our largo cities, without
restriction; and that it wa3 shown to a
commiltco of tho Massachusetts legisla
ture in 1878, that moro than thrco hun
dred ignorant and uneducated persons
who wero practicing mcdioino at that
timo in tho city of Boston; and that tho
signs of thirty-four of thorn wero on tho
doors or walls of houses oflll-roputo.
But theso aro only a fow of tho evi
dences that may bo easily adduced to
show tho perfect freedom which provails
in this country. Take tho adultoratlon
of foods, for Instance One of tho most
eminent chemists of Massachusetts tolls,
mo that almost ovory class of artlo'es
now sold in this country lor food ia
moro or less ndultorated, and that many
of theso adultorationi aro extremely
poisonous. Lor instanco, oayonno pop
por Is adulterated with red load, mus
tard with chromato of load, curry pow-
dor with red load, vlnogar with sul.
phurio acid, arsonio and corroslvo subll
inato. It is stated in tho Scientific
American that probably half tho vino
gar now sold in our oltios Is rank poison,
Ono of our Boston ohomlsts analyzed
twolvo paokages ol pickles, put up by
twolvo different wholosalo doalors, and
found coppor In ton of thom. Another
chumUt analyzed slxteon packages
of plcklos, and found coppor in all of
thom. Many of our flavoring oils, syrups,
jollies and prosorvod fruits contain poi
sons. Tho adulterations of tea aro too
numorous to mention. Coffoo Is not
adulterated, butu patent has been taken
out for moulding ohioorylnto tho form
of borrios; and I am told that clay is now
moulded, and porhaps flavorod with an
cssonoo to roprcsout coffoo. Cocoa and
chocolate aro adulterated with various
mlnoral substances.
Sovoral mills in Now England, and
probably many olsowhoro, nro now en
gaged in grinding whlto stono into a
powdor for tho purposo of adulteration.
At somo of theso mills thoy grind thrco
grades; soda grade, sugar grado and
flour grado. 1 am told that thousands
of tons of it havo beon ground in ono
town of Massachusetts. It soils for
about half a cunt a pound. Flour has
boon ndultoratod in England, and prob
ably hero, with plaster of paris, bono
dust, sand, clay, chalk and other artl
clcs. I am told that largo quantities of
damngod nnd unwholcsomo grnln nro
ground in with Jlour, particularly with
that ktnd called Graham. (To detect
adulterations of Hour sco Sanltnrian,
November, 1877.) Cortnlnly hundreds,
nnd probably thousands of barrels of
"torra alba," or whlto earth, aro sold in
our cities overy yonr to bo mixed with su
gar In confectionery and other white sub
stances. I am told by an eminent
physician that this tends to produce
stono, kidney complaints and vnriotls
diseases of tho stomach. A Boston
chemist tolls mo that ho has found
soventy-fivo porcont. of "terra alba"
in what was sold ns cream of tarter,
for cooking. A largo Now York houso
sells thrco grades of cream of tartar.
A Boston chomlst rccontly analyzed a
samplo of tho best grado and found fifty
por cent of terra alba in that. Much of
our confectionery contains 33 por cent,
or moro of torra alba. Tho coloring
matter of confectionery contains lead,
mercury, arsenic and copper. Baking
powders aro widely sold which contain
a largo porccntago of terra alba and
In 1871 a medical .commission of fivo
physicians, nppointod by tho board of
health of Boston, reported that over a
million and a half gallons of water woro
sold nsmilk in that city in that year,
for which nenrly $500,000 in mouoy was
paid. Thoy stato lurthor, that this wa
ter is likely to bo taken from impuro
streams and barn yard wells, and so to
produco typhoid fovor and othor infec
tious diseases in thoso who drink it. In
ono instanco thirty-four cases of
typhoid fovcr wero produced in
twenty different familios by drink
ing milk mixed with water taken from
a woll standing noar a cesspool. Tim
high death rato amongst infants in our
cities is largely nttrlbutablo to adulterat
ed milk. In ono year, for instanco, 18
G8, whilo there were -187 deaths of chol
era infantum in Suffolk county, in tho
same population outsido tho city thero
wero less than 100.
It is not water nlono that is mixed
with milk. Thousands of gallons, and
probably hundreds of thousands aro sold
in our cltio3 which havo passed through
largo tins or vats, In which it lias been
mixed with various substances. I am
told aftor being drawn from theso vats
It tastes better and will keep longer than
puro milk. Receipts for tho mixturo
can bo bought by now milk man from old
on payment ol tho required sum. I am
assured, upon what I bolicvo to ho relia
blo authority, that thousands of gallons
of so-called milk havo been, nnd proba
bly aro, sold In this city which do not
contain tho genuine art'clo. Probably
this kind is principally sold to tho poor.
A Itomuuco of tho Harem.
London Court Journal.
A pretty story comes to us from tho
East, whero it is aflirmod to ho scrupu
lously exact, nnd quoted ns tho motlvo
of that hatred toward tho Grook Chris
tians which all roeoiit trnvelors describe
as being the most prominent feature of
tho Sultan's policy. About two years
ago tho favorito wife of tho Sultan
oloped from tho liarom with a Grook
doctor, and took rofugo in Athens. Tho
lady did not lly ompty handed. Sho
took witli her tv quantity of jewels be
longing to tho other ladies of tho harem,
nnd worso than nil, tho two little girls
sho had borne tho Sultan, and to whom,
its sho know well, ho was devotodly at
tached. But tho mother soon finding
tho children a burden, placed thom with
a Greek lady, who llndlng thoir expen
ses unpaid, transfered thom to tho Chris
tian hospital for foundlings at Chichll.
Thenco ono of thom was placed only ns
a little drudgo and servant to a certain
M. Vaccaro, an Italian merchant, whero
thf-phild was woll cared lor, clothod,
fod, br, mado to work hard. About a
month ago tho mother confided tho se
cret of tho destination of this unfortu
nate child to Nltalis Pasha, who is a
Frtihchman by birth, aido do-camp to
tho Sultan. This gentleman immodl
atc'ysot out forChiohli, accompanied
by t. o Chief of tho Polico, and summon
ed Mj Vnccaro to dolivorup tho child
at oncn. This wa3 accomplished with
out nil dlflloulty undor tho sign and
seal ofijSlster Martha, tho Suporior of
tho foundling hospital at Chichll. Tho
oljjld is said to bo of surpassing boauty,
just nino.vyoars old, of fair comploxion,
and higloy-dovolopod intelligence, and
tho Sultti's gratltudo to Vltalls Pasha
is roporti U to havo boon oxhlbitod in
th ,-mostivonorous manner. Who knows
what mnybotho dostiuy of this llttlo
princess, whoso story seoms a rollzatlon
of "Tho Illustrious Trogona," that
oharmiug fiction of Corvantos. Hor
restoration to tho Imporlal harom took
plnco immediately with all tho honors
duo to hor rank, and tho Sultan betrays
tho most livoly dollght in hor company.
Of tho othor child, just ono year youug
or, no traco has boon found as yet.
Sistor Martha declares that sho was ta
ken away by a travolor about to start
for Cophalonia, whoro ho declared ho
possosscd a vlnoynrd, aud whoro ho
rosldod with his wltb and family. Itolor
onco was given to tho Italian oonsul at
Constantinople, whoso uiomory fails
him ontlroly with regard to tho clrcum
stances of the caic, and so Vitnlls Poshn
has beon dispatched 6nco moro in quost
of this second stray blossom from the
Sultan's family tree whoso adventures
may, porhaps, bo oven moro curious
than thoso of her elder sister.
ABtrlpetl llns Hint la Ono of tho AVnmler.i
of the World.
"I seo an item in ono of tho papers
about a dog down in Goorgia that stolo
a nickol nnd bought somo moat. I like
stories about animals, becnuso I havo
somo vory sagacious animals mysolf.
Did you ovor hoar about that striped
bass of mlno? I got him two yonrs ago
up in Pennsylvania. He's tho most
sagacious cuss in tho world."
"Don't think I know him," replied
tho city editor, to whom tho question
was addressed. "Is ho particularly
"Ho dono a thing recently that mado
somo talk in our neighborhood. Wo
had company for supper ono night, aud
tho cat stolo tho meat whilo my wilo
wasn't looking. Took it right offtlio
stovo. What do you supposo that ilsh
did? Ho just Hopped out of his tub nnd
crawled into that pan, and began to
cook hlnisolf! no didn't propose to havo
any ono go away from my houso hun
gry. My wito snatched him out of tho
pan and slung him back into tho water.
Ten minutes nftorward she found him
trying to scalo himsolf with a plcco ot
tin. Fact. And sho had to scud for
somo moro mont bo-foro lio'd lot up.
He's a knowing ono, that bass. A
couplo of wcoks ago ho had a row with
i servant girl. It was her placo to Iced
him with spiders, nnd sho 1'orir.ot him
for two days. Ho didn't say much, but
tho third day ho began to rear around
and tear things. How do you think ho
got oven with that girl?"
'Haven't the romotcstldca," said tho
city editor.
Why, ho just went nnd hid somo
spoons In hor trunk. Wo missed 'em,
searched hor room, nnd discharged hor
without a character. Tho way wo found
it out was his trying to play tho sumo
dodgo on my wife for not letting him
sleep in tho teakottlo during tho cold
snap. It takes tho wholo family to got
ahead of that, fish. Yesterday tho water
frozo stiff in his tub, and ho put up a
dangor signal and was skating around
it on his tiili, and trying to fall in when
wo found him. I broke tho ico for him,
aud that night ho sent mo a bill for $1C,
bccau30 tho sudden thaw had reduced
his stock, and ho felt ho must raise tho
prion. I gavo a trado dollar for him,
and cheap ho was."
"As I should say," conceded tho city
"IIo's a rcmarkablo bass. Ono night
not long ago I heard tho derncdest row
you over seen. Went down stairs, aud
thoro ho was, sitting on tho sido of the
tub, and a class of cockroaches was
reading: "It is a man. Who is tho man?
Has ho a boll on his shin? Ho has two
boils on his chin. What shall tho man
do? Shall ho wipo off his chin? Tho man
shall wlpo off his chin." That Ihh had
got hard up and startea a night-school,
and was making $20 a month. 01 courso
I had to bust that couldn't stand the
noise. Would you llko to publish some
thing about hiuiP His namo is Abolard
and lloloiso."
"What do you call him that for?"
" 'Causo ho likes it, and 'causo he's
all brains and affection. Wiion I was
sick, a month ago, ho took my mcdlcino
for mo, and when my son frozo ids oar
that fish went around with his head
bandaged up, just out of sympathy.
Wo mado him a nlco Christmas present,
now, you bet!"
'What was it?" inquired tho city edi
"A rat-trap."
"What does ho do with a rat-trap?"
"Ho sots it and plays mouse. He'll
dart into that trap and holl6rJiko a bull
till somo ono lots him out. Yon-faat
rockon ho has fun to himsolf. Ho broko
tho trap tho other day, but ho didn't
notico it. So ho went in and sat thero
for forty-eight hours waiting for tho
spring to catch him."
'Cau't you bring him down and lot
ono soo him?' askod tho city editor.
'Woll, not oxactly," stammerod tho
stronger. "He's busy now, and will ho
tho balanco of the wintor. He's gotting
up tho plans for a ship-canal. His Idea
is to put tho sea-serpont right across
tho Isthmus and run tho ships down his
throat. Ho's got to swallow, you know,
and whonthoy roach tho Paoilio sido ho
cuts open tho serpent and thoy sail out.
Bosidos that, ho's lamo."
"Hurt himsolf?"
"Yes. Yesterday morning ho was
walking around in tho yard, taking a
sort of siosta, and ho foil and sprained
his kneo."
'His what?" demanded the city edi
"His fin," said tho stranger, correct
ing himsolf. "Ho fell ovor a ton-foot
louco and canio down on ids thumb."
"Do you know you'ronn awful liar?"
asked tho city editor.
"No, I ain't. Haven't I got as much
right to a fish as a Goorgia man to a
dog? Ain't my fish assmart as his pup?
Bosldas, my lish has got onnlons nnd
tho spring -halt, nnd ho oan liok any
domed dog in tho Stato of Goorgia; now.
you hoar mo," and tho proprietor of
Abolard and lloloiso marched away,
offering to hot that his fish could ropoat
moro Biblo vorscs than any cur outsido
of aProsbytovlan, orphan asylum for a
hundred to twonty, monoy up.
Arkansas mon aro loud sloopors.
Ono wont to sleep In a pullman car, and
when ho began to got his work in
pooplo turnod out, under tho impres
sion that a shooting affray was in pro-gro3s.
That ob3uro poison whloh produces
hydrophobia lias been known to lie la
tent in tho human aystom for years bo
foro developing its lntal results. M.
Pasteur assorts that tho supposition is
woll supported that tho vims docs do
volop in certain otgans, and not, ns in
other cases, in tho blood; nnd that when,
after a period variable according to
circumstancos, tho organized poison
passes into tho blood sovoro symptoms
como on rapidly nnd tho victim soon
dies. An explanation substantially tho
samo as this had long been advanced as
a mcro theory, hut now M. Pasteur ad
v nnccs it ns annscortaincd physiological
Tlio IMiotopHonc.
Dnring n into visit to tho Solar Ob
scrvatory ns Meudoii, Prof. Boll was
much interested in M. Jansscn's splen
did photogrnphs, and expressed tho
opinion that tho variations of brightness
of n given solar point might nmko tlio
photophono speak, nnd so reproduce in
tho laboratory sound produced on tlio
sun. M. Jnnsscn put his Instruments
ntProf. Bell's disposal, and tlio experi
ment was mado on n fiuo day, but with
out distinct success. Prof. Jnnsscn lias
proposed that a series of succcsslvo
photographs of a particular point on tho
sun's surfaco bo passed rapidly boforo
au objoctivo giving images on tho selen
ium apparatus, thus condensing Into a
brief spaco variations which in tho
solar images aro too slow to produco
sound In tlio photophono.
,'mircHMl IN'iil.
Compressed peat in London, nnd, in
deed, in almost all tlio towns of con
siderable size throughout Great Britain,
is rapidly coming Into use. Tho plan
pursued Is to mako tlio cakes or blocks
of liberal dimensions, this being thought
prelerablo on most accounts to tho
small sizes which characterizes tho
mottcs, or artificial fuel produced in
Franco. On one of tlio. most important
railroad lines too, compressed peat lira
for somo timo past been used, and with
ontlro satisfaction; tiio (act appearing,
from tlio engineer's report, that twenty-
ono pounds of peat will raiso steam for
a mile of transit, whilo tho number of
pounds of coal required to do tlio samo
work is twenty-six. Its cost is less than
ono-lialf that of coal.
Mow to .llukn IN-m-II Writing
It i3 said that poncil drawings may bo
rendered inellaccablu by tills simple pro
cess: Slightly warm a sheet of ordinary
drawing paper; then placo it carofully
on tho surfaco of a solution of white
rosin in alcohol, leaving it there long
onoug to become thoroughly moistened.
Afterward dry it in ft current of air. Pa
per proparcd In this way lias a vory
smooth surface. In order to fix tlio
drawing tho papor Is to bo warmed for
a few minutes. This method may prove
useful for tho preservation of plans or
designs, when tiio want of time or any
other causo will not allow of tlio
draughtsman reproducing thom in ink.
A simpler plan thau tho abuvo, how
over, is to crush ovor tho back of tlio
papor containing tho charcoal or pencil
sketch a weal: solution of white shellac
in alcohol.
An I'.nlixli Salt .Hiiio.
A very singular trouble has overtaken
tlio producers ol salt in Cheshire county,
Englnud. It seems that for somo timo
past, instead of digging out tho rock
salt from tho mines, tho salt men havo
allowed largo quantities of fresh water
to run into tlio pits, nnd when It boennio
brino havo pumped It out and chrystal
izod it. Tills was in ono way a dangor
ous operation, ns tlio ground undor
noatli tlio town of Northwich was honoy
combed with mines, anil tho water
gradually sapped away tho foundations.
Howovor, tlio proccys was a slow ono,
and it would havo beon years boforo it
produced bad results. But, a fow weeks
ago, a tall and heavy chimney fell to
tlio grouud with a sulllcicnt jar to crack
a gap i,nUia brook that supplied the
mines with wator, and into tills opening
tho wntor flowed until tlio mines woro
wholly filled. Tho fear now Is, and it is
woll founded, that as tlio water will cat
away tho salt supports, tho wholo town
will sink, demolishing all tho buildings
that it contains.
a'urulliite itHit Wooil IrcH-rvcr.
A German chemist, Dr. Schul, has es
tablished tho fact that wood impregnat
ed witli paraflluo is preserved from rot,
especially when employod in nlizarino
manufactures, whoro it is opposed to tho
decaying action of damp, acid andnlka
lino lyes. Wooden vessols which bo
ennio totally rottoa in two months las
for two years whon impregnated with
parafllno. Tho preparation of tho wood
is effected by drying it in warm air for
threo wcoks, and then steeped in melted
parofllno to which lias beon added somo
potroloum other or sulphurctof carbon.
In preparing this bath groat caro must,
howovor, bo oxcrcircd, owing to tho in
flammability of its ingredients. To
provent tho paraflluo from escaping
ftom tho poros, tho wood should bo
coated witli oil varnish or soiubio glass,
washod aftor drying with diluted hy
drochlorlo acid. Tho slliclo aoid thus
formod clogs up tho pores from tho
outsido, nnd protects tho parafllno from
tho action of wator. Parafllno, molted
with equal parts of linseed or rnpesuod
oil, is also, according to Dr. Schnl, uso
ful for coating iron vossols, which in
chomlcal factories aro othorwiso very
linblo to rust.
fi'Iour ly n Now I'rocess.
Tlio millers of Minnesota and other
Westoru States aro taking out thoir old
millstones nnd substituting steel rollers
in thoir places. Wheat by tho Hun
garian process, is not grouud but crack
ed. Thoso rollers nro about thirty
inohos in diameter. It takes fivo sots
of stool rollers to finish tho flour. Eaoh
sot of rollers runs closer thnn the p
ccuing ones. Aitor tho wheat passes
oachsot of rollers it is bolted or silted
through coarso cloth. Tho clotii lots
tlio disintegrated particles of whoat
through, and passes off tho bulky nnd
largo pieces, which nro tun through nn
oilier nnd closer set of rollers and crack
od again. Tho Inst rollers havo llttlo
oiso man wheat nuns anil tho waxy
germs of tho wheat, which do not crack
up, but smash down llko a picco of wax,
Tlio conn of n kernel of wheat Is not
good food. It makes Hour black. By
tno out millstone process this wnxy
germ was ground up with tho starchy
portion nnd bolted through tho Hour,
By tho now systom of cracking tho
kernel instead of grinding it, this germ
Is not ground, but flattened out, nnd
sifted or bolted out, whilo tlio starchy
portions of tlio whoat aro crushed into
It is sudden changes that try tho
health of men and women, rather thau
absolute heat or cold. Tho dry, puro
sunny nir of tho Arabian deserts makes
tho climato of theso deserts ono of tlio
finest in tho world. It is healthfully
stimulating. Tills is tlio caso, too, with
tho climato In somo of tho regions of tlio
Hocky mountains, nnd in parts of Call
fomla. Even tlio heat aud tho molsturo
ot tho tropics aro lavorablo to health
provided ono guards against malaria
resulting from vegetnblo composition
Abovo a height ol 8,000 feet in tiio
Peruvian Andes essentially tho samo
Is truo of other kindred elevations con
sumption is unknown among tho
natives, aud rcmarkablo cures of con
sumption from abroad occur thoro.
loiig tho coast lines tlio disoaso is com
mon ami speedily latal. In such cli
mates as that of tho Andes to which wo
havo alluded, tho favoring nygicnio
conditions nro tho dryness, low atmos
pheric prcssuro, clear sky, abundance
of sunlight and equability of tempera
turo. Somowhat similar conditions provall
In our dry Western plains, whoro ex
posure to tho atmosphere can uo en
dured night nnd day with impunity.
Thero is a stimulation which shows it-
solf in improved digestion and blood
making, nnd in nn iucrcaso of muscular
igor. Diminished atmospheric prcs
suro such as is aiw:iys caused by in
creased olovation quickens tlio respir
ation and pulso, and en largcs the capao
ty of tlio chest.
Nearness to wator promotes equabil
ity. In ono of tlio Hebrides tlio mean
dill'cronco between July nnd January is
only cloven degrees; in Moscow it is
ovor fifty-four. Low grounds sur
rounded by high hills nro moist, and ex
posed to chilly blasts which rush down
from tho latter, and arc, therefore, un
healthy. 4,'ouchc'rt Wcnlltor for I'eliriiury.
Tho weather for Fob. 1881 will present
quite mild days whon mild; and quito
cold days whon northerly to westerly
winds occur. Tho moro marked storms
ending with severity, high winds, and
high barometor will bo noar 5, 10, 15,
10, 23, 28. Tho storm periods will bo
1 to 6; 8 to 12; 11 to 1G; 18 to 20; 22 to
25; and 27 to Mar. 1, cxtonding to Mar.
f. Tiio milder days with easterly to
southerly winds; and rain or snow near
soa. coast lines, will bo near 2, 8, 13, 19,
22, 27. Tho colder days with northerly
to wostcrly winds nnd clearing sky will
bo near-1, 5, 11, 10, 20, 23. Earth-quakes
and nuror-as near 1, 3, 10, 11, 19, 22,
27. Tho zodiacal light may bo soon on
the ctoar ovonings near 6, 12, 20, 20,
and moro general near tho latter dates
in tho wostern sVy at ovcnlng. Tho
abovo prccictions aro based on tiio laws
of energy. E, J. Couch.
Turning a Snake.
New Guinea AlberlU.
I went to tho nntivos and tried to ns
cortain tho causo of tholr conduct, nnd
thoy mado mo understand why thoy had
lied. I then returned to sco tlio snako
myself, which, in fact, I did, although
two-thirds, of its length was hidden in a
holo in tlio earth. His slzo was such
that I concluded ho could not be poison
ous, nnd I at onco grasped him by tlio
tail. Whilo dragging him out of his
lair with my two hands I was proparcd
to flatten his neck closo to his head witli
ono foot tho moment ho omorged, so
that ho should not havo tho power of
turning or moving. My plan succeeded
perfectly, and whilo tho snake's hoad
was imprisoned undor my foot I grasped
his body with my hands, and, as though
I had vanquished a torrlblo monster, i
turned towards tbo natives with an air
of triumph. Thoy, struck with torror,
had looked on at tho scono from n safe
distance I must confess that tho
snako ollored llttlo rcsistenco, although
it writhed and twisted Itsolf round my
arm, squeezing it so tightly ns to stop
tho circulation and mako my hand
black. I remained, howovor, in posses
sion of its neck, and soon secured it
firmly to a long thick stiok I had brought
with mo. I then gavo tho roptilo to my
men to carry homo. This sorpont was
thirteen feet long, wliorcns tho ono
Wntorton caught slnglo-handed was but
ten feet, though it might havo boon
equally powerful. This snako was kopt
alivo and becamo quito tamo, and whon
tho natives saw D'Albortls kiss its hoad
and lot It coll rouud his logs thoy howl
cd with nmnzomeut and admiration,
Six wcoks aftor tlio capturo ho writes:
"aly snako continues to do woll; it has
twice oast its skin, is woll-bohnved aud
tamo, and does not nttompt to escape,
oven whon I put it in the eun outsido
tho houso; and whon I go to bring it In,
it comes to mo of its own nccord. It
never attempts to blto, oven when
caress or teaso It. Whilo I am working
I often hold it on my knees, whoro It ro
mains for hours; sometimes it raises its
hoad and lloks my faco with its forked
tonguo. It is a truo friend and compan
ion to mo. When tho nntlves bother
mo it is usoful in putting thom to flight,
for thoy aro vory much afraid of it; it is
quito sufllclont lor mo to let my snako
looso and mako thom fly nt full speed."
Ho kopt his serpent for nenrly six
months, nnd latterly another of tho
samo species with It, till nt Inst both es
caped, and ho mourns thoir loss as ot
dear frionds, adding, "fori lovodthom,
and thoy loved mo, nnd wo hnd passed a
longtlmo together."
Where Elder Down Comes Front.
How York Hour.
In n country so poor ns Icolnnd tho
down of tlio older duck is nn npprccinblo
sourco of wealth, and tho bird has boon
practically domesticated. Closo to every
llttlo haudclstud, or trading station, if
there is a convenient island, thero is
suro to bo a colony of elder ducks, anil
tho birds nro to bo soon by hundreds
swimming nnd fluttering about their
island home, or squatting upon its
shores in conscious security from tho
foxos which infest tho mainland. From
tlio largest of theso "duckorlos" ns
much as 300 is cleared annually, tho
lown being worth nbout n sovereign
per pound on an avorago. Tlio ducks
mako tholr nests nmong tlio rough
hummocks characteristic of all grass-
iiid In Iceland, laying their largo
olive-green eirgs upon neat littlo bods of
down, "so solt nnd brown." Thoy nro
perfectly tamo, allowing themselves to
bo lifted oil their eggs anil rcplnccd
with only a few querulous notes of ro-
monstranco. hen tlio nest has neon
repeatedly robbed oi tho down, nnd tho
poor duck finds dllllcttlty in replacing St,
tlio drako comes to tho rescue and re
cognizes his parental responsibility by
furnishing-a supply of down from his
own breast.
Tlio greatest lover ot tlio human race
is a Toledo man. When ho slips down
ho profers to havo n crowd sco him, so
thoy cau havo tho fun of laughing.
A two-year old child of a prominont
Democrat of Des Moines adhering to tlio
custom of praying for thoso in author
ity, astonished her fond mamma, tho
othor ovening, by closing "Now I lay
mo" witli n loud "Hurrah for Gar
field!" Thero is a grandmother in tho
ouso who happens to bo a Republi
Nprrail tlio 3oo(l".'ewK.
As n. mmllv mcillpltie nnd tonic, ttlurc Is no
remedy at promt giving euch universal satis
rnctton. nml ellectltiir 60 many astonishing
cure, ns Electric l!lttcr(. Our tlrugglt9 re
port a lively demand for them, nt times hcing
unable to supply tlio many calln. All Dlllous
Attacks, Stomach, Mvor and Kidney Com
plaints, Diabetes and Oravel, readily yield to
their curative qualities. Sold by all druggists,
ut fifty cents pit lint Mo.
E-'ooIiMlily lVixliluiiciI.
Tis folly to bo frightened us many
nro because mulcted Willi rues wnon
Bucklln's Arnica Salvo will certainly
euro tiio worst cases and only costs 25c.
Sold everywhere,
D 1 1 f2 f2 1 C C INTtRPRlSt CARRIAOt CO. CIN'TI, 0.
D U U U 1 1 O Torrltory given. Uamloetio Irco.
Vl.l.KVrt IIICAIX rilllll t'Urt'K NblVuui ll.'MI-
lty, wcakiicMur ri'xtiAliirftniM. l. iillitruiMirt), Send
TH?jse Cholcrittnihou'url,!
iirciK UIHr l vim b i II II ill , i n v . i. , . .
111 AHHTll'H iuplo
nrtcln lUfHsci ever) iioiy im.iii ronnniiHiiy in
cretiilnK AKrnts wanteil evi'rjwlii'rc hi'it Induce-mmtii-ilo'i'i
winti Mine Si'ixl for clr'-uliir.
IIOIIT WHM.S. 41 Vwr HI.. K. V l1. O. Hot 1ZT7.
. JAII nt '!, (laid, Stiver un.l Nickel, l.l
fev r lo(lvl.Chiln, i to., wnt O. 0. I).,tot
i''!l-'cxMntnc,). Write for CatsloisuuloStaiiC"
aar rl Amrrii iinWuichOii.. l-Itmli-jm. r.U
4 Jiuriirgii
1 At
Jf K.nil limn fnr fVtatmu,
Itm.h Shut Hum. n.totTwi. Wat e.o.d.forlMl
NfwLuw. Thouinndaof loHleminclhetri entitle
Pcnitom data back loillichargour death, Tir. Kmlt
i. Addreti, with itamp, . .,,
r. O. Drawer WaMrtitcn, D. C
Mulnn,InwH, Agentn.
hy Tim rsi: of
JPIIIOE, 7B Cents.
of Appetite. Bowels costive. Fain.la
.ultima, with a dull oensatlou In the luufe
part, I'fttn under the Bhoi:"ior blade, full'
iiom alter eating, with a disinclination to
Bxortloa of body or mind. Irritability of
tamper, Low splrite, with a foolinu of hav
lor. noRlioted some duty. Weariness. JDii
a(ncuo, Muttorinjiat tho lleart, Dots befrm;
l9 eyes, Yellow Bkln, Hoftdttcho eeciralW
t.for tho rinht oye, JlostlesinesL, with tit
ful dreams, hicbly coloroa urine,
re especially adapted te such rases, a ttm
alsdose eOi'cls such a chanae ef fc aa
OMtca.a Moxrstr lrl. IXsw YnU

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