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1 . ,v t lt0"
Hy tlio way wo understand Moses
Honuett has tlm contract to bulal tlio
house for J lid go Uussel. Wo infer
from this thu house Is to bo of brick.
Sickness continues in tlio low lands
and other parts exposed to malaria, Hy
tlio way tho oecurrenoo of dlptherta at
points fur re aio to from whero tho theo
ries uf writers place tho eaiiso over
throws nil their theories.
Holt county is tho 49th county in
the Stato us to population, having 16,
610; Andrew is tho 42d, Atchison thu
Mth ; while Uuchannn is tho 3d and
Nodaway tho 7th mid Jackson is the
Stories about small-pox at Clinton
Missouri aro much exaggerated. The
casus aro ne&rly nil among those rlio
lmvo been vaccinated, nro merely vari
oloid, and mild too. Wo warn thoso
who have never been vaccinated to
hayo it dono forthwith. See to it that
tho matter is puru.
Joseph Proctor died Tuesday of last
week aged about 6G years. His death
was very sudden, having gone to bed
well. During thu night his wife was
dtsttubed by his struggles and ho died
in a very few moments. Disease was
doubtless of tho heart. Mr. Proctor was
jin old citizen of Holt having resided
hero upwards of thirty years.
-Mr. Milo Williams of High
land Kausas,was mnrriod in St. Joseph,
but Friday, to Miss Magglo Hyan,
daughter of Jeremiah Ityau of Holt
county. They camo up on tho after
noon train thu fame day atjil a big Clip
per was given thum by tho bride's pa
rents on Friday lilght, 10 wliluh all their
friends wcro invited.
A long experience of life on thu
Upprr Missouri ltiver convinces us that
ull houses here for business or dwel
lings should be of brick or stone, to bo
comfortable, Tho objection of the.su
costing mora should bo met by putting
up smaller houses. One comfortable
room is better than half a dozen un
comfortable. Tho saving in fuel and
health will ln'iv fow years pay for the
Mrs. James Coursiu left last Satur
dayfor Kansas Clty.whero she will spend
a few daysjvislting her married daugh
ter, and will then go to Salem, Indiana
to spend n few weeks with her aged
mother, ninety years old, whom alio has
not seen since sho loft Indiana for Mis
souri fifteen years ago. Her many
friends wish bur a pleasant visit and
safe return.
-Mir. It. Coleman of Silver Cliff,
Colorado, --daughter of Mr. Jacob Fos
ter of this city arrived hens with her
four whlldreu lnt Thursday and wi'l
remain all summer. Shu was eight
days on tho road, having been
snowed-ln four-and ii-hnlf davs. She
speaks in tho highest terms of tho offl
cers of thu Topeka & SaHta Fo railroad,
who did everything in their power for
the comfort of tho passengers while
they wore snow bound.
As the time comes for Old Wlntor
to relax his icy grasp on all things peo
ple should begin to look about and con
eider of Improving, if they ever intend
doing so. We hear of several projects
likely to be carried out. One
firm intends to erect n block on a cor
ner of the square. Mr. Ira 1'etcr will
probably erect u store house, nUo Judgu
ltussol has let the contract for n dwel
ling to be put up on tho south lino of
town and lacing plainly tho view from
the most business part of it. Thero is
no si to equal to this ono for a mag
nificent residence. It will, if of a good
elzo, set off our town perfectly. If
now tho city and thu Woman's Union
will eojliblno to oreot a city hall, oven
thougwit bu of one' storyjiur lovely llttlo
town will muke iv different showing
trora Ifyputt. m tf '
f)vp wood srsearco that it seems
almost impossible to get any. There is
no reliable supply. Tills Is becauso
every considerable lot of wood, plied
up in tho timber, Is bought up hud car
ried north. To burn green wood dur
ing such u winter as thin is to suffer
from cold and many Incoftvuulencs.
Thousands of cords of wood are pur
chased as they stand, by speculators.
Hero and there, near town, whore ono
has a fow cords, is our supply to bo
found. What shall bo duio? To roly
on the railroads for eoal during tho wln
tor is to make it certain you won't got
any when you wunt it most. Wo ad
vise every one to burn ooal and bo sure
and havo a, supply on hand to do them
before October eiids. Il is vory evident
that our wood Is nearly exhausted, so
fay as u market supply is concerned.
Mr. Will Graham and wifo of Malt
land aro vitiiing friends hero this week.
6 ibelow zero Saturday morning
Mr. John Eilor is quito ill at his
resldencu: at last account was slowly
Our notice of the cruel treatment of
horses by leaving them hitched out ox
posed to tho storms and cold has called
forth approval from several.
Weather is wonderfully changeable :
from 80 to 60 abovo zero Tuesday, when
by 4 r. M. a sudden turn of tho wind to
northrau it dovn to about 10 above
Mr. Joseph Iloblitzell bought the
Gardner homestead, nt the sale, and
traded it to Sir. T. I. Kreek for the
property occupied by Horshberger &
Anderson as a storo room.
Cows aro running out ovor thu
town this week. Wo saw several plung
ing through drifts to get at sleds and
wagons from thu country Let us nev-
get back to old times in that respect.
Look to it, city marshal.
Quito an effort is making to pre
vent the grant of dram shop license to
nny person who may apply to sell in
Oregon. We think that is tho pcrfcc
lion of tho law, Inasmuch ns it gives the
people power to control tho matter in
their own different neighborhoods. If
they don't want it they need not hnvo it
Kvery day during this wcok and
most of last a woman has been seen
driving a team through Oregon streets
seated on a lnrgu sled lnadcned with
wood. When thu roads wcro worst the
was yet pursuintf her course, and sho
was thu first to break tho road coming
to town. Shu was an hour coming up
the Sterrct hill tho Monday after the
great snowfall.
Wo understand that tho county
court refuses to grant dram shop llcenso
to parties in unincorporated towns. Wu
hope it is tho case, because it Is tho
right course to pursue. Drop a llttlu
grogery at ovury cross-road, with no
otllcer iu tlio immediate neighborhood
with power to preserve tho peace, and
what a sweet-scented statu of affairs wu
would have, Hoekport Democrat.
Thu lecture by Captain Poseguto
was very well attended. Head speech
es and lectures nro not popular and we
think onu, who speaks and talks as well
as Captain Posegato, makes a mistake
when he reads a lecture. Ho is a good
ta'ker and excels m an off-hand deliv
ery and thus gits in rapport with Ids
hearers. Wo mlvisu dipt. P. tc use
notes, but never recur to them unless it
is necessary.
Go away from Home for news of
it," is an old saying. How many people
In Holt County know ahou t tli o 'mad
stone owned by Unulu, John Kelson, at
Savannah, Mo.? And yi't tho New York
City papers liavo mora than once, spoken
about It. It has Uecu used In over a
hundred case, where persons hnvo been
bit by mad dogs, mad hogs, etc, etc
It has never failed to prevent hydro pho
bia. At tho meeting of tho Democratic
Central Committee last week, at Forest
City, Mr. Joliu L. Chuning was chosen
to bo recommended to thesGov
o.'nor for County Judgo v&o
McCoy, resigned. Wo learn that Mr.
Levi Zook's name was proposed (prob.
ably against his will.) Mr. Chuning
refusing to accept, another meeting
is called for tho Both Inst. Mr. Zook
would make an excellent ofllcerNf he
will only accept, IHumcss is uusIiYiss,
and that much wo will say. ij
Another caso of out wanton brulfll
ity has been reported. A follow, on
lug himself a man, drovo his punti.
loam up to thu post olllce door during
thu great storm, there hitched iQll left
It, for over thrco hours, thu poor nun
mals becoming nlmost chilled to dcatl
as tho snow froze to their smokliu
sides, meanwillo tho owner hjmsolfj
saught refugu after duo stimulation by,
tho warmest .stove hu could find. A half!
day's bitching out In llko circumstances
mid ft heavy lino woiiM teach him "how
it is, himself."
zt -Tia roportcd tliat tho mercury ten to
ovor twenty bulow zero at Forest City
Wednesday morning of last week.'Thoro
is n vast difference botwoon tho tem
perature when thoro is oxposuro in tlio
shadej'to the blasts from tho North, and
whore n wall protects from the wind j
also between thejbottoms mid uplands.
Warmer air rises aud colder sinks. Tho
murcury, oomslonaly at Forest City, will
bu found almost ton degrees lower than
It is up hero, at Oregon, on tho highest
point, llohlnd a vory thick wall
the tempcraturo will bo found 20 Or 25
degrees higher then wh6ro thore is com
plete exposure, duripg n blizzard.
Hcv. Mr. Miller will preach In New
Point next Sabbath morning and night.
The proceeds from tho band con
cert woro about thirty-five dollars.
II l ?...!. t, L A . ,
-"- v uk K" '"K,
inn quuMuii miiruiei um mst j uuo.e ui
that town's name begins with n p or a P. j
John H. C. Curtis nnd wifo left j
on Monday for Virginia, his old homo. '
ne win visit Washington in time tone
at tho Inauguration.
How wo long to hear the honk
honk of tie wild gooso as ho wends
northward; tho best sign of winter
Carelessness of loino one in neglect
ing to closo a cellar door caus
ed Mr. Ulanchard to loso a large quan
tity of apples ami potatoes.
Wo hear of several persons who
propose to romovo from Kansas to Holt
county. Wo hear ol several persons
who hnvo sold out hero to remove to
Kautas and Nebraska.
Wo think it is about time to have
tho weather vane on thu Couit House
fixed so that it will tell whence tho
wind blows. It has Mood In one posi
tion many months.
Tho concert given, by Prof. Arm
strong last Friday night was well attcn-
tied by mi appreciative audieiico. It
afforded tho very highest satisfaction to i
an pre.scni.
Great Hoods are likely to appear on
thu Missouri bottom ere long, as tho
upper Missouri nnd Yellowstone aro on
a rampage, ovoi flowing the banks, play
ing havoo.
Marrlttd by Uev. Isaac W. Hoards, at
his residence, on Thursday, February
loth, 1881. Mr. John F. Xellseh to
Miss Carrie Hubitt, daughter
Hnhitt, all of Holt County.
of Juduo
Tiiiui and again havo we alluded to i
the urgent necessity of providing means
to drain the waters from the bottom '
bulow Forest as far as to tho vicinity of J
Forbes. Tho whole enmity Is deeply
Interested iu thi. One private person
offers io given thousand dollars towards
this. Who else will contribute?
On Tuesday afternoon an exceed
ingly Iliiekeyed individual of venerable
aspect, whoso long white locks fell upon
his shoulders from under a cap, fizzled
around the street liko a squib.in various i owner in a trot having lived six days 1 is requeued, and all is sati-lautory be
diru,:tions, coining up with n sudden j thus m and upon thu snow apparently ; twecn the parties interested.
hall and taking a stop .backwards.
Shame, old man!
The damage dono to peach, plum,
cherry, apple and shadu trees in and
around Oregon by tho continued sleet
and snow that settled on thorn during
the great storms of Saturday and Sun
day two weeks ago, breaking down
branches nud trunks must amount to
many thousand dollars.
Thoso who coino into Holt from
the Kat buy land readily, this spring,
at good prices. Mr. Henry Sterrett
sold this wcok, eighty acres of raw land,
upon Squaw Creek, for nineteen hun
dred dollars, to a Mr. Miller of Shelby
county Intl., who reports that more aro
coming from his neighborhood. Come
on I Holt county has room for at least
20,000 moro people.
Thoro have been Instances of colder
spoils of weather than thu coldest of
this Winter; but no Instance of such a
;oug,ijersisteiit reign of freezing weath
er. Since sometlmo Ih Nor. thero have
been but thrco or fwur times when tho
murcury went abovo;32 or tho freezing
point. Intho wlntcrof 18ft7 Feb.
thu niercuryjoneo got lower than UO
below zero
Now whllo we think of it lot us sug
gest that some business man of Oregon
lay in a supply of coal during next
October. Thoro eanjbo no ground to fear
any loss iu so doing. Even iu the mild
est winter ten per cent will bo tho low
est pi ofit to expect; wood also might
bojlald in to even grontur advantage,
Some ono with a very tmall capital
might makeja reniuiiurativu oinploymout
for himself and toam nil winter in this
way. No ccmniunlly should over bu
found as dustltiilo of fuel us was this
when tho big storm broku upon us.
Dally now the tun is mounting
and growing warmer. At every mo
ment more of his rays aro beginning to
strlko farther northward and moro di
rectly upon us. YotOld Wlntor holds
his reign seemingly unmoved, although
sighs in tho treus and around the high
er hills and occasional trickles of tears
on tho old fellows part toll us he is get
ting nervous and troubled. Soon wo
shall recall thosu striking linos of Hia
watha about his death bed.
"It wu.i l'ubaiin. tlio wlutor,
Trom lils cyc!i Uit tunrs wcro flowing
Ah from molt'lnk lakes tlio streamlets,
.Ami hit body shrunk aud dwindled
As tlio slioMllD kui ascendud,"
Snow full on 11 days this winter, i
Hnluiall for the first tffl days of
February, wis fi.2f inches gi cater than.
IfortlinPiitiroinonthfornnvlvu ir stneo
observations iiatooc.n
" -
..u ,10vcr rams but it pours" mm last
week people began to think it ncvur ,
snows but it snows more. After tho ,
great downfall ol Ifi Indus at every!
nine rise oi tne mercury moro snow
Ml i Our town was full of diunUuii noisy
Thu mercury hns tended npwnrds j men again last Saturday, and It was
since Monday morning. On Tuesday I unsafe to pass along thu streets on tie
morning tho air was almost spring like, ' count of pistol shooting within thu cor
and through thu day the snow rushed off i porntion.
ranidlv tho murcury riming as high as! Lorn Walter of whom I have wrlton
-T.ial on We.lncF.lav, before th
MiHVor. of Moonov for storing orercoat
from Campbell;' defcnd.mt "icip.lttrd.
This Is tho third party noei.sed.nf whom
one plead guilty .....1 two were a.quit -
ttij " '
. 1 fli-nfrnti I :m-nnl li'inrl Iq -ilwint
,, , ..
in iiiiiuiu wilful iiisbi uuiuiua. iiiiiti
Prof.Arinstrong.siinstructl.MS this Uai.d.
Is beeom ng one of the best In Missouri
Prof. A. has the power of enforcing his'
instructions ton degree unsurpassed
by any in his lino.
. Pfilit ir.imtliitl t11tf 114 lli.lf tlm
T- 1 4-11. it...
v..,... ,w ...
amount of water fall during thu eight
davs of s'onns conn's I t)8-t00
i iw i .1CHW3 m snow mm 11-11 .1 1.
dnys later raised it to over fi Inches.
From 10 to V2 inches of snow make one
MM... jf 1 I .1... ..11
inch of water, dHpumling on tho.lensity
..r .1... il.. ... L L-t.l.... ... l..t.l.... iu
of thu Ibuc.'.Froni Friday to Friday,
inches fell hero.
Another attempt at robbery and a
succesful burglary occurud Tui-iday
morning at Schultu Urns' Store room,
one pane of glass was cut out and un-
trance thus effected; soino goods were
I disturbed and that so far seems
to be I
all thu damage. As thixjjoys keep their
safe open since tho ot bur burglary,
doubtless thu thluves hoped : get
llttlu chanco.
N'ear Foiintalubl.niin, Andrew coun
ty,a luvorltu'young mule was lost In tho
snow drifts for several days nnd giron
up, after long search. Finally, some
one saw hlu head sticking out of a big
drift. Shovels woro brought to dig il
out and a sled to carry it off. When
dug out it started to tho house of the
unhurt. Two trains were in snow drifts in
That was a must enjoyable dinner I sight of each other between Mound City
with which Prof. v.ud Mrs." Hill enter- i and Maltland a'l day hist Saturday,
tallied dipt PoM-gato and a few fiieuds They were dug out and moved on Sun
hist Tuesday. Thu uxcelleueu l' the I day morning
comestibles and thu kind, free spirit of j Kev. Miiupin, of the Oregon Chris
hospitality iu which thu guests woro re- j Han Church is now holding a revival at
colved made thu littlo reunion as pleas- thu M. K. Church ut this place. Thu
ant as possible. The guests wu-c dipt j services are meeting with gratifying re
Posegatu, Dr. Gosiln, Copt ISoecker, ". "d good n: tendance nightly.
Prof llelsley, Mr. Itobert Montgomery, Several additions have been received to
JhiIl'o Anderson. Mr. Dohvns. and a thu church. Craig Gazette.
representative of Tin: C'olntv Pai'Kh
As il was wholly a gentleman, parly
ladies names aro not mentioned.
-A good washing innehiuu is some-
thing ueeiU'd In every family; but the
difilciiltv housekeepers havo always
had is to find n machine which really
does thu work well nnd quick y and
with thu smallest amount of labor.
Thu nun kut Is full of machines which j
tliu'r manufacturers claim will perform I
wonders ; but a few ti nils convince tUuj
housewifo that thu machliiu dues not I
thoroughly cleanse, or wears and i ears
the fabrics, or is so hard to operate
that it is a sort of woman killer. Mr.
W. H. Willis of Forest City has, how
ever, patented u machine which he is
now selling to tlio people ot Holt coun
ty, which is treo frum any of tlio nbovu
objections nud has tho additional recom
mendation of being tlio cheapest ma
chine in the market. Thu butter-half of
Tub Cor.NTV Pavkh bus tested this
machine thoroughly and pronounces It
all thu inventor claims. It d es its
... , , 1 f.l .1
work well and quick.y and w tl, the
least possible amount of labor. Mr.
Willis soils this machine for only 0
and it Is really butter than many others
which soli for llvu times that sum. Hy
addressing a postal card to Mr. Willis
at Forest City ho will deliver a machine
in any part ot tlio comity.
Special Notice.
All mombers of tho Woman's Union
aro roquosted to turn out Monday even
ing, Feb. 28th, an important business
demands attention,
lly order of Prosidont.
ICato Q. Kvans Seo.
Why? Why?
Why should wheat sell nt from" CO to
06 cents a bushel hero and front OU to
103 cents In Chicago? 40 centa for enr
rylng to Chicago ono bushel of tho stuff
that, niakoi t,lte staff.of life. Outrageous
Mrs. 0. A. Bryant of Craig is visiting
friends In our Ullage.
' "r. 1 laves, lormeriy oi mis pinec, ,
(village on buMnu,s and visiting town, i
Dr. Hayes, formerly of this place
village on buslncsund visiting
, ,. ,iop.or,.tt! Hardware toie is
aUmJ mmoltlA Hllll Wll , bo
m-k,.,! with goods,
'rjle ;ievutor started up last week,
i js now . r0(Jlj niunini' ordur.
.so often. Is now mtiroviiur ranidlv. He
1 IU ly '' W ve
, bis bed ... a fuw moro days.
A writing .....aster" is In town, try-
I In? to make up class, hot If hu sue
! cceds hu will surprisu tlu native ol this
i place.
I During our recent Visit to Omaha and
" ... . . .
Douglas count . 2ul).t wo found much
tiiiiit-iit-.iiiii.iif in Itiith iltv utiit I'liimti-v.
... f . , . there
flo (, reo u ja
, ... u,m .... .
' ,tj i,,.,,,, .i,,,,! u'.,.
1 .. . , ,.
loo. our
I '
. I,,.,.,,,.
...,.., of MuVere weather last
t,,,,,,!.... Hi.,.,, tlm f tvxtn :il at tlie.M. K.
c,iun!ll w,ls nileli I) i t uly postponed.
( iMo t of HUl. villager's wood plies
,....u nvhm.sted iluilne- the i.rotrnctcil
r r
j , a ,eatlur, and now
wood. is selling at three dollars per curd,
i and small cords they are too.
j Our traveling artist, Mr. Simpson,
J went up to Council Hluffn last week mid
. returned with a new wifo. He tavs he
killed two birds
with one stone.
Craig Items.
Thoro was a i-plcy little law suit in
a Justice Doiiuhty's court last Monday.
' I he parlies answering to the roll call
wcro u young man aud a young woman.
Thu defeudaut stood trial aid was
acquitted, l ilt he was very libera Jy dis
posed nnd made her out notes for S'jOU.
He didn't waul to marry, he taid. ami
thought he whoiild support an heir at n
small legacy. Thus the niatteis was
i disposed of. No further Invotigntlou
j Thr miow, Oh the beautiful snow.
Our streets nro blocked full to nvrr
flowing, don't think we Miall go any
i where untlll wu get a little .sun and
I (h)alr.
i lllrain Denny and Mrs. Joe llo.lgens',
arrived homo from their visit to I ml.
Nuw Point lost onu of its citizens,
Wu ruler to thu deatli of K Kirk.
Tho .oiing folks were enjoj ing slides
on tho Laey hill 1 liursilay. hen a
youug inanjwlll bo cowcatcher on a. sled
down hill, then lend ids left arm for
as.siftrnee to a young damsel up a grade
of out) foot in live with ail Inch of sleet
on tho ground, ho surely means
business. u would.
Health is goneraly good.
The snow storm done considerable
ilauiagu lu this vicinity, tho loss is most
ly iu hogs,
J. T. Patterson of Mnryvlllu intoeds
to neighbor with us again. Jno. is good
company ami we welcome him back.
I X I1U Milium, V - 41-" nil, II, w
tllk ,.,, ... I.............
MM... U1....1....I ...iii..lil iri'.i.it in. mi if
mill pretty strong. u need and ought
to havuonu by all menus.
Oi.i 100.
Upper Kimsy
Kurrou Coi'ntii Pai'KK: A fow
weeks ago soiuu person from this
neighborhood wroto sumu items for
your paper and signed his uamo "Look
out." In that oomimmulcatiou the
man saw lit to speak of our load ovur
seor hauling offsovoral thousand feet of
bridge lumber, and afterwards making
samo into Yankee' Sleds, aud as I hap
pened to bo the abovo- overseer of
ours.) it must hnvo meant 1110. As I
am not a t-ubsoribor to Tim County
Pai'Kii, I did not know of tho abovo till
my neighbors Ibformcd mo that I had
been nceusod of using the county lum
ber 11ml that soaiidnlous ploio was in
the paper to that effect, llcing on my
way to Oregon, in my frenzy, I ruihcd
to tho editor and demanded the writer's
" iimiuiu.-, mo nui i
of the kind editor, I found I had been
uiMnlonued: that I had not been ac-
namo. in a fuw in uutus. tv t in lie In
cuscd ot using thu lumcor qolonglng to ' water, when tho thermometer stands ut
thu county, which was a fact. It wai W degress below zero, let him
stated 1 had used brldgo liiniber.whlch j ol M- Denny and Charley Hay
was equally a fact. Hut I paid for tho ' hill and hoar them relate thulr oxpci-
same with my own money, which tho
writer did not statu. I have found, too,
that the said publication has caused
much fun and umiucincut among my
neighbors; nUo, that it was written by a
young lady of this vicinity, for no other
purpose than amusement, lleiini
thought I would offor this ruplv: not
: 0 V0 !l ;vowV ,n any way,
I "y f a,..ls .a am not an-
j KO or out of hun.or; hat 1 ko Inn as
; ''"' " nyl,ody. A 1 I d.s iku abon
that coinmunnlcati..,, Is, tbatll t o word
! liinkuo; for my friends know that my
nuuouamy is moro oi a uer.uan ioxi.
'li I I.. v....1,.. CI. ..I .. l...
Die reason I nia.lu Yankee Sled was be
causo I couldn't uiitko any other; nnd
! because I live in a Yankee settlement,
whl,l. is only my bad luck that
, 1C. i coneiusion I will say
I can't i
ir. ,i...
I boy"Go ahead with your amusement,
am! il l can help any I will throw in ;
I ..... ..!!. !...
mv v It it. I'o (li-i. l ull-nil- i,il. ivljl,
is that I may bo permitted "to take her I
.lelKb-ndlniron'onu of thoso Yankee i
I Sleds. To the worthy editor of this na-1
I hit I tnniliT mv thimUw. I lwlt.iv-.,
there is no news. The saw In Mr.
liowers's saw mill U about thu only
tiling In thU neighborhood that is on
the whirl.
Yours Kcspocttnlly,
Guo. Audler.
Mound City.
Mr. W. It. Dawson, was badly hurt
yesterday in his mills, lly some means
his arm was caught in the machinery
and torn and hinted above aud be-
, , ,, ,..!!....,
1UII IIIU fllUlY IU il J1I"IU1I11 ITXLtllll. 1 -
Thu hurt is thought not to bo danger-
ous. j
Thoro was a good and interesting I
meeting of our temperance workers at
(hu Christian Church last night ad
dress, essays, readings, music. A coiu
mlttee was appointed to see to tlio pre
senting of tho remonstrance against
granting lioen.su to own county court.
'I onight there will bo a Martha Wash-
llinrtitli f.i.i.ilii-1 f It in iint r. t.iln ttiintf .it
i..hw..,'-in.i ri,M..i. u... ov.,,.i,.,i
to be a plcasu.t uffulr.
Wheat now fells at (10 to fl cents.Uve
AO cents. Hai-lov (10 emits, corn 18 to "
cents, oats -10 cont, hogs .?1,,.'5 to 4,50.
So many things havo happened since
my last that 1 hardly know whero to
begin again. Hut i will real ono se
cret any how, viz. that h igh waters and t
low thermometers and deep snows havo through them, ruaclilng John Meyer's
prevailed for soino time past and that 1 residence at live p. in. Tho questiou
our people arc beeaining thoroughly ! then was, will tlio groom bo on hand?
tired of it. This question was hoon solved, by his
The sudden and unexpected depart- approach on a mule with a huge carpet
arc of John Hoover has been the oecus- k in front of him. No snow drift
Ion of much work for the courts here. . euuld keep htm away-notthat evening,
Three squires have the matters 111 hand 1 thanks to that wonderful mule, con
and ludluations aro that they will bo vurtiblo, In a moment, into a sulf pro
attended to thoroughlv. Mr. Hoover 1 pulling jumper, slolgh or mule, as stiow
left his business in 11 very bad shape, , 'iit hedge fences required.,
but requested Mr. John Dry.lou to sell j Itobert wants a first cliifs artist to
his property, apply tho proceeds to the , paint that mulo, life slzo, for a parlor
payment of a fow debts owud, and for-, runiuent. No one need to apply wh.
wa"rd tho renin uder to him After taking cannot put on canvass tho delicate ox
hold of thu mattor, Mr. Dryden found ( presslons of a mule's countenance in
that tlio debts wcro both larger and clinibiiojfa ton foot drift. Thus was
tlmn thev had been i Itobert married : and with such pluck,
represented to him to be, and lie theie- j
upon declined to do more 111 tho matter
prefering that the com ts should settle
tho cuiillletiug claims of creditors.
Mr. (lay, of Hurlington Junction,
week before last was canvassing for an
fowa Lifo Insurance Company, lie
wai recalled by telegram, however, bo
foio doing much.
Mr. Hlount bus sold his farm of 80
acres, lying just west of thu Mineral
Springs, to Mr. Smith of .Harrison
countv, this Statu, for something over
Hamshurs child which has been
suffering with diptlu'ila, Is growing
better. A daughter of Mr. Crauuell's
alfo had a slight att .ok of thu samu .lis
o:si last week, but is again well
Health generally prutty good, though
thoro are cases of pneumonia near, and
Drs. lloss and Hrown aro having about
all thu riding they can do.
A potition has been in circulation
hero ever since it was learned that
Judgo M)Coy had resigned askleg tho
governor to appoint Mr. James K.
Wilson to tho vacancy. Mr. Wihon
is a good man and an excellent auction
cor, a jolly fellow, and would, if ap
pointed, wo doubt not, do what he eon
culvod to bu his duty on thu bench.
Hut this question according to our un-
derftanding, will be decided by the
v t
j Democratic Central Committee of tho
H y i hiw not, by netnnl expori-
I .... i t t t
muni, icarneu now coon ami now
Pant it requires to thaw thu eo out
of chain pump by tho use of warm
: ionce
Lust w cck thu scaU at the Chrintiau
Church wcro ialuted, nil organ placed
in, and yesterday Prof. O. C. 11111 ot
your place, preached thedldicatory ser
mon rather wu should say, ho deliver
ed u didlcatory lecture. A collection
I , was taken up to me amount oi qiu.'.
At night mo rioiossor again lueiureu.
Ills lectures were quite practical, and
weio li-teiied to by largo midlencus.
The Presbvturlan and Methodist
churches omitted their services in thu
morning and attainted the .Indication.
Kcv. iiruwn was also In thu pulpit at
It Ought to Bel
The fact of our cotcmporary of tho
Press having bought tho ruoms occu-
l'ml 1110 'M1'!UI S union, qiiyguBia
to us to publish n few idoas that havo
heretoforu been nlludo.l to on the
Jectof a city hall forOrogon.
UIJ l IIVWIIUIU UUll llliu it uu v.iii a.
town of half thu pretentions or a fourth
the R0 of Oregon that has no city hall!
Hd our city authorities a tithe of iho
unerirv the leading men of n town
should hnvo, this complaint could not
bo made. Now lot us make a suggestion.
Thoro can bo bo harm in it any how.
Let Oregon issue scrip enough to build
the hall building, and lend oue-half of
it to tho Woman's Union without in
Surest. Making arrangements with
Mimuuf the merchants and lnrge tax
payers to recuivu it at par. Let this
surlp bu receivable for ull taxes, debts
and dues of thu town. To obviate any
l101'"1? f "'''bn.nt on Iho
pint of thecltr from such issuu, let a
half or twj-thlrds of itbu reissued during
tho nox- year, and a fourth or third of
itburei-sued tho next year. Hy this
means a tinu building cau bu erected,
I whose rents will be an inconio to thu
! town ut not one cent of real cost to tho
! town. Let it bu understood that this
i script should be kept at par, for tho
honor of the city, and not loaned at In-
I terost. 'I bis will keep It in brisk cir
. dilation. Oregon can just as well keep
I two thousand dollars out as St
j Ci,u keo' ullt "lluilr ""'"'
Marrying Under Difficulties.
i That wedding did como off, that is,
Hubert W. Thomas and Miss L,ouia
Meyer. Uev. Miller rodu on harseback
as far as the Hichvlllo road had beeu
opunod. Then leaving his horse, ho
walked over farms, over snow drifts or
such 11 mulo and such a charming llttlo
wife, if ho does not succeed iu life, the
less blust need not try.
Tho sermon was at tho Bride's
father's, whero such a feast as Mis.
Meyer is celebrated for 111 epai ing was
unloved by tho fow plucky enough to
I get there.
,Kiy" W. E. Minton has recently pur
chased Geo. Weber's stock of Grocer
ies, consisting of stnplo and fancy gro
curbs, notions and confeetionarics, lino
ciii-ai-s. school books, paints, oils, etc.,
' and U now prepared to furnish goods
... .....1. .,t l.lt,.,.J lll.lt I'c-lll't III-
to customers at piiccs that "can't no
beat." Call and feu him.
An UroentNeed.
Tho Northwest part ot this Stato
needs a Houso of correction and educa
tion above alt el.10. To t-ond youthful
offenders to tho Penitential' thoro to
bo associated among the most hopeless
criminals, to bu dlscipllned.whlpped and
tortured as they aro for trilling derelic
tions f rwin duty is a fearful outrage ;for it
puts an eternal brand upon their young
brows and drives them across the mor
al Hublcou. Insouio cities and States
there aro to-day some of their bcU citi
zens who were once poor abaudoned
children, littlo street arabs, that woro
arrested for soma offences, sent to Ho
form sohools and came out edncHted
men and womou. Imagine, thoir fate
had they lived In Northwest Missouri,
Will Iho Legislature sen to IhU?

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