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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, February 25, 1881, Image 3

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I eat ono nlfr,ht in a lighted hill,
In the lonely midst of a silent crowd,
And I heard a beautiful ballad fall,' cloud.
Like the lark's sweet song from a sunlit
Cloeo at my Mj sat one whose hand
lias a greater power than a king of old;
And the singer sang of a better land,
And the streets of gold.
She said thattheflowetsne'cr ceased to bloom,
That could not grow In this world of ours ;
That songs too sweet for the days of gloom
Filled all the length of those brighter hours ;
That pleasures tio mortal heart had known,
In Inflnlto numbers gathered there;
That sorrow forgot to make her moan,
And Hope her prayer.
And I drank, with a soul atblrst, each word,
And tbo words as they fell were filled with
'Twaa only a song I had often heard,
Tct It grew liko a psalm within my breast,
For 1 saw the acet faco quivering near, .
I heard the tender, pitiful sigh,
And I said In my heart, "That land Is here,
And very nigh."
Whs' mado that beaut'.ful realm so fair,
And lit tha gleam of Its gdlen hours)
'Twas the, glory of love outshining there,
And kitting the lips of buds and flowers.
Love was the wonderful power for good,
That banished the gloom of grief and care ;
And love was the ft m that woke, and stood
Between us there.
Bo I knew that tt better land begins
Here, In the saddening cares of earth;
That even from out our tears and etna "
The cndlcts City of Kctt lias birth.
And a fuller light to my tout was given,
An angel touched mo frcm aborc,
For I learnt that night that Lovo Is Heaven,
And Ilcaven la Love.
l.iiiitirimcn ol Cold.
Tho Rrentcst tuuount of cold over
known to bo cmlurcil by whito mun
overtook Lieutenant Schwntkn's party
in search of Information about Sir John
Franklin's party. Tlioy woro ovor clov
en months in sleds and journeyed about
3,000 miles. On January 3, 1880, tho
thermometer sunk 103 degrees below
tho freezing point. Tho highest tcm
porature that day was G9 degrees below
freozing point. For tivonty-sovcn days
tho average tomporaturo was 92 degrees
bolow tho freezing point.
I-urly ltlNlne
A distinguished Gcmau physician
assured people awhllo ago thatoarly
rising was a great mistake, and did not
tend to make men "healthy, wealthy,
and wlso," but quito tho contrary. But
now tho London Lancet says that brain
workers should rlso about six o'clock,
tako a very light broakfast, and then
they can enjoy tho "luxury of work with
a cloar brain" for a few hours. In view
of tho disagreement of authorities, each
ono had bettor suit himself alter care
fully studying his individual nature
This mineral is nothing moro nor less
than a species ol pitch coal, found in de
tached masses, grained liko wood, split
ting horizontally, light, and moderately
hard. It is often confounded with "enn
nol" coal, but it is quito distinct. Can
nel coal is muuh harder than jot, has no
grain, and splits in any direction. Jot
is not oasily fused, and requires a mod
erately strong heat, burning with a lino,
grccnish-whito flamo, and omitting a
bituminous smell. Tho paitioular valuo
of jot is, of courso, its susceptibility for
taking on a lino polish. Jet abounds
moro or loss all ovor tho world. In
England it is found in groat quantities
In tho neighborhood of Whitby, in York
shire. Thoroitlsmixod with bitumlnizcd
wood and coniferous trees in tho upper
lias or alum shalo of tho district. In
Prussia it occurs in association with am
ber, and is named by tho ambor diggers
"black ambor," a phraso which seoms
to havo travolod to Italy, for tho miner
al is thero sometimes called "umbra
ncra." This torm is moro appllcablo
ironi tho fact that jet, liko ambor, bo
comes electrical by friction.
Color rrinliilBT.
Anothor process of simultaneous color
printing has boon brought to tho atten
tion of tho London Socloty of Arts. Tho
prepared pigmout chosen tor tho ground
of tho design is first run into a mould,
so as to form a solid blook about threo
inches thick, and tho p attorn Is traced
with a stool point upon a sheet of artifi
cial talo, mado with u mixturo of collo
dion and oil, this bolng pressed upon
tho block so as to loavo an improsslon
of tho lines upon itssurfaco; the pattern
is then cut out of tho block by a sharp
steel knlfo mounted on tho end of an
artlculatod parallolograni, so as to bo
maintained iu a vertical position, whllo
at tho samo tlmo having a porfcotly
froo horizontal motion. Tho various
pigments forming tho doslgn aro then
poured into tho spacos cut out, a kind
of mould bolng formod temporarily by
a portion of tho ground oolor, supple
mentod by strips of wood soakod in wa
ter. Tho paint is poured In hot and
lloulw and, as soon as it is coolod ,
auotfj.ir Is added, and to on, until tho
wholo design is finished, thus forming
according to .tho Ascription a com'
plS& fJlosalo.'1 t)
Cutting: Iron and Steel.
It is known that soft iron discs run
nlng at a circumferential epeed of twolvo
thousand feet per mlnuto will out hard
steel, but fivo thousand fcot por mlnutQ.
will not cut iron a faot which is taken
advantage of in rolling, mills cut
largo bars and beams in exact lengths
At tho railway works at Orowo, En
gland, tho circular saws for putting hot
stool aro stated to havo a voloolty of
thirteen thousand foot per mlnuto at
tho poriphory, equal to a speod of about
ono hundred and fifty miles per hour.
Tho saws aro sovon foot in diamotor and
andOlC of an Inch thick, driven through
gearing in ono oaso by a pair of loeomo
tlvo oyllnders sovontoon Inches diainetor
and two foot stroko. In anothor in
stanco, also, the saw is drivon direct by
a thrco-oyllndcr engine, fourtoon Incbos
dfauiRtor' and olght Inch stroko. Men
tion is made, too, of a saw four fcot and
six Inches diamotor which Is run at
iwelva hundred involution per mlnuto
onual to sovontoon thousand fcot per
linn's Nntttrnl Food
rcpultr Bclence, Monthly.
What Is tho natural food of mrtnP As
an abstract truth, thomaxim of tha phy
siologist Ilallor is absolutely unimpeach
able: ' Our proper nutriment should
consist of vcgctablo and semi-animal
substances which can bo oaton with rel
ish bclofo tholr natural taste has been
disguised by artificial preparation." For
oven thomostnpprovcd modes of grind
ing, bolting, leavening, cooking, spic
ing, heating, and freezing our Snod aro,
strictly spoaKing, abuses ofoui tligost
Ivo organs. It is a fallacy to supposo
that hot spices aid tho procoss of diges
tion; tlioy Irrltnto tho stomach and causo
it to dtschargo tho In goat a as rapidly as
possiblo, as It, would hasten to rid ltsdlf
of tartarlzcd antimony or nny other
poison; but this very precipitation of
tho gastrio lunctlons prevents the forma
tion of hoalthy chylo. Thero is an im
portant differonco between rapid and
thorough digcstloi. In a similar way,
a high tomporaturo of our food facilitates
deglutition, but, by dispensing with In
salivation and tho propor uso of our
tcoth, we mako tho utorunch perform
tho work of our jaws and salivary
glands; in 'other words, wo mako
our food loss digestible. By bolt
ing our flour and oxtracting tho nu
tritive princlplo of various liquids,
wo fall into tho opposlto error; wo try
to usslst our digestive organs by per
forming mechanically a part of their
proper and legitmato fnnotions. Tho,
health of tho human system cannot bo
maintained on concentrated nutriment;
even tho air wo inhale contains azotic
gases which must bo soparatcd from
tho lire-sustaining princlplo by tho action
ol our respiratory organs not by any
luorganlo procoss. Wo cannot broath
puro oxygen. For analogous reasons
brnu-flour makes hotter bread than
bolted Hour; meat aud saccharlno fruits
aro healthier than meat extracts and
puro glucoso. In short, artificial ex
tracts and compounds nro, on tho whole,
low wholujoino thnn tho palatablo pro
ducts of Nature In tho caso of bran
llour and certain fruits with a largo
t)orcontai:o ol whollv innutritlous mat-
tor, chemistry fails to account for this
fact, but biology suggests tho modlato
causo: tno normal typo oi ourpnysicai
constitution dates lrom a period when
tho dlgcstlvo organs of our (frugivor
ousl ancestors adapted themselves to
such food a period compared with
whoso duration tho ago of grist-mills
and mado dishes is but of yestorday.
Dr. Christian Fenzor has been talking
about trichinm to a Chicago Tribune
reporter. Tho Doctor said: "Tho first
caso oi tncninto aiaguoscu was in 1000,
but nothing iiko a general Knowledge,
of tho dlseaso was obtained until about
18C0. Wo know that tho hog gets tho
disease by oating rats and mice, but
wo do not know whorotho rats and mlco
get their supply very probably from
insects, but wo don't know just what
Insects. It has been almost satistac
torlly settlod that all oarnlvorous ani
mals aro llablo to tho affection, but It is
also certain that animals not of that
class have boon di9oased with trichinm.
For Instance, a plkc-llsh caught in tho
harbor of a Holland town was discover
ed to havo its flesh impregnated with
trichlniu tho result, r.o doubt, of tho
fish having oaton of tho offal thrown
into tho harbor." Nothing has ovor
been discovered which will counteract
tho eflect of trichina) or kill it aftor it
has onco found its way into tho muscles
of a person. Tho only thing for tho
patient to do is to tako quinino if ho is
at all feverish and strengthen hlmsolf
on wlno or beer. If ho is ablo to stand
tho aiugo aftor tho trichlnro has found
Its way Into his muscles, nil right; if
not, ho dios. It is only in tho stomach
that trichlnro brcods. Tho breeding Is
what creates tho pains in tho stomach,
and It Is while tho llttlo ones aro scat
tering through tho muscles in soaroh of
a permanent abodo that tho patient ro
covors. As an illustration of tho torrl
blo havoo whloh a small quantity of
trichiiu could oroato ho referred to tho
fact that onco in a small Europoan
town ono porker affeotod with triolilnio
caused tho sickness of no less than 350
persons, of which numbor 100 died.
"You might not bollovo It," said tho
Doctor, "but if tho flosh of every diseas
ed, porson woro subjected to tho micros
cope It would be shown that about ono
out of overy twenty persons aro affected
moro or less with triohlnio. This is an
ovldonco of tho fact that what Is gonor
ally called rheumatism Is often only a
slight attack of trichlnro."
A Woman Uns n Desperate Fight With tno
Hears In tha Ulaeltlde Mountain She
Kills them Both nnd Captures Their two
A Iialtlmoro spoclal to tho Chicago
Trlbuno says: Mr. Thaddous .No-pans of
Waynesboro, Pa., who arrived horttlo
day from up in tho Bluo Ridgo chain,
roports An exciting advonturo among
tho mountains by Lottio Morrill, tho
handsomo huntress of Wayno county,
who a fow does slnco had a torriblo
tusslo with a big black boar, ifVwhioh
sho vanquished tho boast, but reijnlvod
sorlouslnjurios hersoir. Tno nanroivo,
as told by tho plucky Lottio ttfMr.
Nevans is, that on last Saturday, "rust
after tho groat sleet-storm which avppt
over the country, sho dotormlnod to go
o"t on tho mountains and ook for
game. Accordingly, sho donned hjr
pantaloons of doeskin, bluo cloth blou,
and big snow-shoos, and sallied fortfiy
carrying with hor, of courso, hor trusf
riflo and a braco of pistols;" Whi
crossing a marsh, just boloro nscondlifl.
tho mountain, sho discovered footprints
of a boar. Her huntress heart was do
lighted, and sho started up tho mountain
boa tho trail. Sno soon found Drum's
homo in a cave in tho rooks, and on a
bod of leaves wero lying two littlo.oubs
no biggpr than kittens. Sno captured
tho'prlzo and was rotrcatlng, whon sho
onco'untorod an lmmonso sho-boar, tho
mother of tho cubs, who had scented tho
stranger. Boforo Lottio could draw hor
riflo to horshouldor tho animal was upon
hor, and, graBplpg hor In tho paws,
gaydheiuohaterrlblo squeezo thuteho
tainted, when tho "boar, thinking hqr
dead, roloased hor grip.. Sho fortimato;,
ly regained consciousness quickly, and
whllo tho old boar was playing with hor
cubs tho plucky huntress drow hor riflo
aud shot hor in tho side. Tho bullet did
no Jsriko tho animal's heart, and asUo
bruto dashed at her again Lottio drow
her huntlng-knlfo and with ono bold
slrcjko nearly severed tho boar's hoad
from Iho'body. Congratulating hcrsolf
upon her narrow cscapo, tho bravo hunt
tross picked up tho cubs and started
homoward. Sho had proceeded but n
short distance, howovor, when sho en
countered, another of tho savago beasts,
tho mato of tho ono sho had killed. Al
though hcjr rifle was unloaded, tho
bravo llttlo woman, born and bred
among tho mountains' dangers, rotalncd
hor norvo. Unsheathing her clnsp-knlfo
as tho boast approached hor, sho piling
it Into his throat; but ho had caught hor
for tho fatal huir. It waa a sttugglo for
Hfo or doath, and tho bravo woman
fought dosporntoly. During tho strugglo
tho girl and boar reached tho edgo of a
cliff fully 100 fcot high, and sloping nt
an angle of forty-llvo degrcess down to
tho Wnlllnpaupock crock. As tho ani
mal grabbed Lottio ho commenced
sliding on tho slippery crust down this
almost porpendlcular slopo. Lottio was
carried with him, and overy fool of tho
dlstanco travorsod ndded to tholr vo
loolty. When thoy ronclicd tho foot of
slopq thoy struck against n trco, com
plotoly killing tho bear and breaking two
of Lottlo's ribs nnd dislocating hor right
arm. Sho was picked up insonsiblo by
sorao huntors and takon to hor homo in
Damascus, ,rWayno county, whorosho
Ho in a crittcal condition. This is thu
thifd miraculous cscapo this woman has
had among tho mountains. Lottio is
known throughout western Maryland
and nuross tho Pennsylvania border.
Tho male bear which sho killed weighed
18i pounds.
Ojstcrs Seven Feet Long.
For many years Now York has held
tho' palm lor oysters. Tho "Saddle
rock" has bocomo synonymous with ox
tromo excellence) and size; but thoso
oysters aro dwarfed by a recent discov
ery mado by somo soiontlflo gentleman
in tho west, but this now bod will not
bo nvallablo to our metropolitan epi
cures, as tho animals havo long slnco
boon devoured, perhaps, by tho Adam
of tho now world, and only tho shells
remaining, but of such proportions arc
thoy that tho prlmovaltman, If ho woro
horo, would not havo only rcquirod a
fork, but a well-braced pitch-fork to ro
movo tho animals from its sholl. Im
aglno an oyster sholl seven fectinlongth
and threo or four in width, inclosing a
plump, smiling, luscious morsol that
would tip tbo scalos at porhaps 150
pounds, and you havo an idea of tho np
pearnnco of that ancient mollusk. Kan
sas tho State containing that wonderful
bed and tho discoverers found piled In
broken heaps, half burled In tho chalky
soil, and scattered around as it somo
giant raco, disturbed by nature in tho
midst of a royal feast, had lied, leaving
onlv tho remains as monumonts to toll
tho tale. Tho locality, in reality an nn
cicnt burying ground for tho monsters
of past Bros, Is perhaps bottor known
as the mauvals tcrrcs, or Bad Lands,
a country too woudorful to bo adequate
ly described hero.
Two '( work.
Muacatlne Journal.
Two days' modcrato application of
tho means in question, enabled Mr. Ulto
Klchhorn, UVJ Si. Ninth strcot, St.
Louis, Mo., to thus writo us: I had
been a sufferer for tho past six weeks
with sovoro pains in tho shoulder nnd
spino so that I was unablo to do any
won:. Advised by n Iriend 1 used bt.
Jacobs Oil. With tho second applica
tion relief was had and a euro effected in
two days.
An Englishman on Auerlca.
An Englishman who visits this coun
try, and appreciates what is best in the
National character and habits of Hfo is a
rarity. Mr. T. R. Wilkinson, tho cash
ier of tho Manohestor andSalford Bank,
after keeping his oyos open in tho United
States for a month has recrosscd tho
Atlantlo and written aserios of gonorous
letters on different phases of American
Hfo. Thcso havo been so fair, so ablo
and so interesting that it is to ho hoped
that ho will publish them In book form
In closing tho sorlcs ho romarks, "In
my travels in tho Statos, I was oltcn rC'
minded, without knowing why, of what
had clung to my imagination, from tho
days whon as an obscuro workor, in
sympathy with tho causo of justlco and
freedom, I read tho words of our great
countryman, inDocombcr, 1802, who
spoaklng at Birmingham of what was in
his minds oyo.sald : It may bo but a vision
but I cherish it. I seo ono vast con
federation stretching from tho frozen
North in unbroken lino to tho glowing
South, and from tho wild billows of tho
Atlantlo westward to tho calmor waters
of tho Paclfio main; and I seo ono peo
ple, and ono languago, and ono law,
and one faith, and, ovor all that wido
continent, tho homo of freedom, and a
refuge for tho oppressed of overy raco
and of every cllmo.' "
Moro than twenty years ago Mr.
Wilkinson united with othor Htorary
men of Manohestor Is urging Ralph
Waldo Emerson to visit tholr city and
in giving him ono of tho most cordial
and hospttablo receptions with whloh
any American has ovor boen honored
in England. 1
Tho nlghtingalo is tho most human
bird in existence" Ho Ioavos off singing
and'goos to croaking as soon as ho has
a family, but If ho loses his mato ho wilj
go singing cheerfully till ho finds an.
rcort't Natiorfnl Democrat.
Tho i0t eminent physicians of tho
.day highly reoommond St. Jacobs Oil ns
a oiiro for rhoumatlsm. It oan bo pur
chased at any drug houso, and tho prlco
Is inslgnifloant, whon you tako into con
sldoratlou tho wondorful euros it will
Comparisons of tho New Census.
Tho now consus suggests many inter
esting comparisons. Tho fifty millions
and moro of peoplo in tho country last
July must by this tlmo havo Incroased
to fifty ono millions. 'Now York Stato
nlono has ono tenth of this number;
nnd a control nro a of six contiguous
Stntes, Now York, Now Jersey. Penn
sylvania, and Ohio contain, twoivo and
a nan minions, utiouo island has moro
peoplo than Florida. Illlnos contains
over threo million people, nnd Is now
only izu.uuu behind Ulilo. which it will
irgbauly surpass by 18D0, thus beeom
nc tho third Stnto In tbo Union. If
Missouri bo counted henceforth nmong
Western rnthcr than Southern States,
the most populous of tbo latter will bo
Kentucky; but just bohlnd aro fourcloso
rivals, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, aud
Virginia, having each over liftcon hun
dred thousand and less thnn Hlxtccn
hundred thousnnd peoplo. Texas has
raised hor rclatlvo position on tho scho-
dttlo of States moro than nny other In
mo past ion years, low.a is ono oi tho
rapidly glowing Statos of tho North
west: sho Is far ahead ol Wisconsin.
Two Statos widely soparatcd In goo-
f graphical position woro ncck-nnd-ncck
oat July In population, nnd both had
grown surprisingly in tho last ten years
Kansas, with 1)95,335 peoplo, nnd
South Carolina, with 995,706. By this
tlmo onoh has moro than a million to
her credit, so making tho Statos con
taining n million or moro peoplo already
twenty-ono In numbor.
(lavo 'cm Away.
A certain fashtonnblo lady In San
Francisco, whoso lovely dnuchtcrs aro
regarded as tho most elegant belles of
tho city, having become disgusted with
tho arrogance, lies, and noglcct of tho
"colored gemman" who deigned to wait
upon them, suddenly discharged that
personage and employed a Colust
thai, who had been strongly recommend
ed to hor for his strict attention to his
duties and perfect truthfulness. Soon
utter hU Installation his mistress deter
mined to nlvo nn Informal "hop," and
on tho alternoon of the day on which
tho party was to tnKo i ico told l.ung
to say "Not at homo" to any ono who
called. As chanco would havo It, ono
of thu young ladles' most fastidious
bcaus, and ono on whom thoy ail wished
to mako a favorab'.o Impression, camo
to ask pormitsion to bring a friend witli
him in tho evening, nnd on inquiring
for tho ladles was told by t'ui truthful
Lung: "They toll mo say all going
out, but old woman sho in kitchen
washco dlshoc, tho young misses they
up stairs palntco faces." It is needless
to say tho young man did not put in his
nppearaneo that ovening, and tho truth
ful Lung is locking anothor situation.
A gentleman, as the story goes, wont
to a certain houso tho othor day; and
mooting a German frlond at tho gato
Inquired, "Is Mr. In?" "Yes,"
was tho roply. Whon about to pull tho
boll tho Teuton called him back nnd
said: "Ho is in, but ho is dot."
Fccm oi UoctorM.
The fee of doctors Is an Item that rcry many
persons are Intcrestcdln Just at present. We
believe the schedule, for visits Is (3.00, which
would tax a man conuned to ins bed for a
year, and In need of a dally visit, over f 1,000
a year for medical attendance alone I Aud one
single bottle of Hop Ulttcrs tuken In time
would sire tno f l.wij and an inu year's bick
ness. 1'oat.
Head the weenlv de.tu hut ol consumption.
and learn how mnny dlo of neglected coufitis
anil corns mat jiaics nonev oi uorcnounu
and Tnr would have cured. Tike's Toothache
drops cure tu one minute.
Dx'i luhcils for an hriculliiral paper unii you hi cful
talii and premium offer of IOWA HOMESTEAD. Sari
money enough to get a splendid paper and a farm, bardea
Household and Business Manual FREL for sample copj
iddress, HOMESTEAD. Pes Moines, ki
UAKEIt'3 1'AIN i'AlfACKA cures patn In
Man ludUeast. Use cxteruallyandlnternally.
Ul' Instantly destroys worms aud removes the
secretions which cause them.
Thu HE3T 8A1.VE In tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Hheuin, Tetter,
Chapped Hand", CUUblam, Corns and all
kinds of Skin Eruptions, Freekles and Pim
ples. Be euro you t?et HENUY'3 CAHBOLIO
SALVE, as all others aro but Imitations and
counterfeits. Price 25 rents.
Is the oldest and best remedy, for Dyspepsia,
llllllousncss, Malaria, Indigestion, nil disor
ders of the stomach, and all diseases Indicat
ing an Impure condition of the Blood, Kid
neys, Liver, Skin, etc.
DUKNO'S CA I'AltKU 8NUFK turM all of
tho mucous membrane of tho head and throat.
DIt. MOTT'd LlVKtt PlLLa are tho best
Cathartic Keiiulatore.
ClilcuKO Alii'Utl.
All tho world uow looks up to ChlcaRO as
the great western metropolis of America, be
luir far ahead of all competing ctlcs; but
none the less co, In 1U line, Is Electric Bitters.
From their real Intrinsic value they havo ad
vanced to the front, and are now far ahead of
all other remedies, positively curing where
ovcrythlnir else falls. To try them Is to bo cou
vlnced. For sale bj al' druggists at llfty cents
per bottle.
B'ooliNlily IViftliteneit.
'Tls folly to ho frightened as many
aro becauso cfiltctod with Tiles whon
Buckllu's Arnica Salvo will certainly
euro tho worst oases and only costs 25c.
Sold ovorywhoro.
Terrible Lunh of I.lfo.
Millions of rats, mice, cats, bed bugs,
roaches, loso their lives by colllslou with
"Rough on Uats." 8old by druggists. 5c
When children awako at nlirht with crouu
Plso's Curo will give ease In a few minutes.
Ho, 'o lluldlicmlk!
There Is lust one wav. and no more, bv
which you may be cu'cd use Caiiuoline, a
ucouorizea extract oi peiroicum. it wm
positively produco new hair; there Is no sub
stitute for this marvellous petroleum hair re
newer. A UeuUe film.
In our style of climate, with Its sudden
changes of temperature rain, wind and sun
shine often Intermingled in a single day, it
Is no wonder that our children, friends and
relatives aro so frequently takeu from us by
neglected colds, half the deaths rcsultlog di
rectly from this causo. A bottle of Bos
dice's German Syrup kept about your home
for Immediate use will prevent serious elck
noss, a large doctor's bill, and perhaps death,
by the use of threo or four doses. For curing
Consumption, Hemorrhages, Pneumonia, Se
vere Coughs, Croup, or any disease of the
Throat or Lungs, Its success Is simply wonder
ful, as your druggist will tell you. German
Syrup Is now sold In every town and village on
this contlneut. Sample bottles for trial, 10c. ;
regular size, TScts
don. JoUu At I.ofrun,
Hero of thu lato war and now United States
Senator from Illinois, writes) "Some years
ago I was troubled more or less with rheuma
tism, and have within the last year or so suf
fered Intensely with the same dlseaso. I began
to tako 'Uurang's Ithoumatlc Remedy,' and
am thoroughly eatlstled that I have been per
manently cured by Its use. I do not hesitate
o recommend It fa all mifforera."
Tickling causes laugiuer, but when a doctor
tickles a person out of S335 or 50 for a curo
of a contracted prlvatu disease without doing
any good, the laugh doesnotcomoln tho right
place. Tho same person writes to S. Black
lord, 118 West Third street, Bt, Paul. Minn.,
to sendblm a bottle of Dr, Halllday's Blood
Purifier and a package of Dr. Halllday's Wash
and Injection, which only costs him threo dol
lars for the lot, and cures himself In no time,
then Is where the laugh comes In to see how
foolish he had been on the start.
A IHoiitXl Hotly
docs not always belong to an Inebrlatn. Kid
ney troubles will causo bloat, but Warner's
Saro Kidney and Liver Cure hos never failed
toremoTO it.
From Dully Btto llcgfilcr.
In accordance with lnw, nil tho Insur
ance companies in Iowa, havo mado
tholr roports for tho 1880 to tho Auditor
of Sfato, from which wo gather tho
information that tho Hawkoyo Insurnnco
Company of Dos Moines etnnds nt the
head In tho amount of business, tho
amount of rjross assets, nnd tho amount
of not surplus. In addition to tho pros
perity which Is sIiowd by tho report, It
also mnnllosts tho fact that tho mana
gers of this company nro very enter
prising nnd aro cnrofttl and prudent
business men; nnd It is fair to prcsumo
that tho Hawkoyo will contlnuo to hold
tho first place; becauso In addition to
tho fact of ill financial prominence, tho
Hawkoyo Insurnnco Company has u
policy which is clear and concise; Is
entirely frco from nil doublo moaning
phraseology; nnd on tho wholo guran-
to os full, speedy, nnd therefore satis-
factoty Indomnlty. And ns tho Hawk
oyo Insurnnco Company possesses all
thoso cominendnblo characteristics its
policy is certainly a good thing, es
pecially as tiro insurance is somothing
tho peoplo must havo.
S.'e. bills a pair ot Lvon's Heel Sttrfencra
and make a boot or shoe last twice as long.
i or cuts, hums, use Bedding's Russia salve.
The sales of Frazcr Axle Grease aro In.
creasing every day, because It Is as good as
Write to Mrs. I.vdla ETTlnktam. No S33
Western Avenue. I.vnn. Mass.. for naninhlcts
rclatlvo to the curative properties of her
cgilable Compound In all female complaints.
Ii'ovol mill ltit'i-'tlri(r JVcwh.
Tho JJoslon Ulobc has mado a happv
deal. In nn extraordinary special cuV
Hon dated January 1, "1981." It pre
sents tho nows ot ono hundred years
from now, in a highly interesting and
dating manner. Tho Phonograph in
Divorce Suits, Sunday School Excur
sion in Air Cars, Torriblo Accident In
Mid-Air, Invention of a Hurglar
Houncer, nro respectively treated lrom
tho standpoint ot tho advanced journal
ism of that day. Nows by tho Talko
gram and Photophono from nil parts of
thu world is presented. To snow too
progress of thoso timos it is only neces
sary to stato that Hiram Grant's Hay
maro urond b. trots a mtio m i:a."
Every ono should secure lrom his Nows
Dealer or from Messrs. A. Voglcr &Co.,
of Baltimore, Md., by whom this edi
tion is exclusively controlled and owned,
a copy of tho Boston Ulobc for "1981."
Mailed on receipt of price, five cents.
To read it is to havo graco and Uexibillty
imparted to tho intellect, nnd a strong
desiro to llvo on as tho poet would ox
press it.
AUo bAUARY pcrraontu. All EXPENSES
ouvuncro. M aukk prompllr paid. SLOAN
I V Co. UUO UCOfiSO Stt C'illClUU'Mi. O.
No Tlmo Hliould bo I.ohi
If tho itomacli, liver and bowclircITi'cleJ, toadnpt
tlmiuru ri'incdr. llotetlcr' Stonincli Hitters. Ills
rosea uf Urn orxina named tagctotliera tar moro cr.
oin, nnd adrlay It tlurefore lmzrduti. Urapcptlr,
Hvir uumplRlnl, chilli anil fccr, earlr rVumallc
twlncti, klcni y wramcsi, lirlnn n rlona tiodtly Iron,
tile If trilled wllu. Lof r.o tlmo Iu usluntlill cilictlve,
sa'o and tons known mullclni. .
For ail I'v Hrgalta and Ijpalcra generally.
The Only Remedy
That Acts at tlio Samo Tlmo on
Ths Liver, Tho Bowels and Tho Kidneys
in sun nil dlieagti.
Why Are We Sick?fi
- w - iM MMMM
itinuM inA allntn thiti nreat oraanato btA
I com clongttl or torpid, and poltonotu Au-B
inori an therefore forcd into ti blooill
IllUlouuaaa, IMIra, Conttirllon. KIIutH
Coninlainia anil uuon.jt, iieuK- 11
nfi.c a and Ncrroua Illiordcrii.
tbycautlna frit action of thin organi and
reitoring their power to throw Off atttan.
I VIM Butrer llllioua paina unii arnra i
Why tormented with l'l lea, fonrtl nation 1
HoXnuureiierroua uriiiiiniur,i
llllf N.ID ,VT'IVI.a ia.
Uii kiiinkv 1VII11T and nMei In
I health. IHt a drv.vtvttabU compound ami
loae paelt ace will nakoalz qtaor Medlelae.
lUlt If
it ofioar Vrugqtit, hi will order tt
for you. Price. 11.00.
SUB, MCbAMSOH to., rrcprletori,
I I (wuiHtidpoiir.i'i.)
llurllnstoD, t
InreauonaotothourccntrecueaU of ewat
number of peoplo who prefer to purehaao a
Kid nov Wort already prepared, tho pro-
paietoraoftliia oelebratca remedy uow pro
pars it In liquid form a well aa dry, It la
way oonocntralod, la rut uplularsabottUA
and la equally efficient aa that put uu dry In
tin cans. Itaaveatlio noconstty of preparlnn.
taUwaya ready, ana la mow caally taken by
moitpeople. rrtoo.tlperbotUe.
iiQuiD Aim Day bold sv snuaaiam
V'ELLS.IllCCillUSOXA CO., I'rop'm,
A lEiirll.elon, vt.
1.M1I iikv mi r
I 111 II
Nouralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of iho Chost,
Gout, Quinsy, Soro Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, Gonoral Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headacho, Frosted
Foot and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No reparation on fartli tquli St. Jcii Oit
u a Mtft, turt, ttmplf and tittup Eittmal
llfmrdy. A trial entalla but tho tompnratltflj
trifling outlay of SO Ontll, and ftarjr out anfff ring
with pain can hato chtap aud luilUm provf of Ita
Mrtctlona In Eleven tanguagea.
lliitttmvrr.Mil., ir.ti.A.
A sum oi Beauty is a Joy Forever
Oriental Cream.. or Magical Beanlifici
Kcmovpn Un
ri'i n!i n.Mutii'
ratlin a Htiil
I'U'ir Mcminn
rn iviturv. H
il.llR PtOOl the
Wtwl "f tlitrt v
ifirmicM we
jut-cut.' .in pn
ration I irup
crly mute, Ac
cent no roil if
criiltni p ml-
ittiitncul i )pA
Arniimi' Tht
Dr. L.A.Fnyre
ifiU tu n Inly
ct tlio ft'tut ton
ca ratitmtt
'Atvnu tndtft
ttut hintnfttl tit nV thp Skin prttxiratton,' Alio
rouurr Diiui'if rrnii'Vi uATUuuni uir wuuuuiia
MMit. M, u, t. ClOCItAUD, 6o!o lrop., 49 Bond
Voe inlc by nil tlrueiflitu and Fancy OooJi I) en 1 on
tWllcwnrr of hno ItnltHtluni which nro nbr .ml.
Wc offer ll.tmu H'viKrU for tbo arrtithnJ p.uof ot Q?
If you are
Iu tho inqnlry Wlilcli Is tho
host Liniment for Slim and
Beast? tills is thonnswcr,al
testctl In two Generations: tlx
MENT. Iho reason is sim
ple. It penetrates every soro,
wound, or lameness, to tlio
very uono, nnd drives out all
inflammatory and morbid mat
tor. It " poes to tlio root" of
tho trouble, aud never fails to
curo iu doublo quick time.
Kmhraclng full and auttirntle accounta of overj na
tion of ancient anl modern times, andlncludlnguhta
lory of tbu rlae nn'l fall of Oreck and Iloinnn Em
ptret, tho middle ages, therruiadea, tic feudal rya
It m. the reformation, ttie dlccovcry and anttlemtntof
the New AVorhl, etc, etc. It contulna fl7 nne lili
torlral rncravlnua. and la the lnoat coiiititete Illatorr
of thu World oerpuhllined. Bend for tpeclmen pjgtn
and extra tirma to Agenta. Adore...
NATIONAL 1'rilLUIII.NO Ull., uiucago. 111.
Hi'. r our
Osi Celebrnteil
sent by luiill en reci'liit
of P'J.liO or a
SA.UIM.K. of Kline
on re''flrl t O t't't.ta
Ulx tlio KIM NT 'III
InmortHit. Wnrrnnted
to mitt till tnstes. Postnjroataiiipst.ikpii, -ttnifioi
Tlia Orent Amerlran Tea Co.. Ir-portcra,
o. nv i-'itr. 1 flTiw V Y
ilia VLAlM'hUU&ti KXlABUtSUbi) lbb6
Neiv I.i, w. Thouaandi of aoldlen and hetri entltl-i
Tenalona date back to dlicharge a' death, ltr.e HmIi
lil. Addroai, withal amn, ....
V. o. DwiOTr nan. waiHna'.cn, J). X
Slulnea, Iotra, ARenta.
DR. lTKNDKTlSON, AutuorUoct ty the
flj 11B V. tlthbt., latato to treat Ken
flSKnnuii Clt7. Mo. Irona, Chronlo and
IIBSpKUU VUcuotajaTcrrooi Debllltr, Urlnarr l)la
iBeasea, etc wedlctns aent everyutiero. Cunf
guaranteed or tnoncr rtCuodod. Couulutton freo csfl
or write. lUuatrerotl boon and circular, aent acalod (M
two atampa. Asm ana ipencooq am miporwat.
vl.l.to'sltll.ViN t'tioilcurea Nu voua Uebl).
I IV, weuknoacf acnu.lorRitn,. It. all drUKKiat,. Bend
forcdcular to Allen'a l'harmicy, SIX lat ve., N. T.
Dn. ItA'STBn'n Irosi Tomo l a prc-paratlon of Protoxldp of Iron, Penitlan Ilark and tho rho.
phatra, auoclated wild tho Veotablo Aromaltca. Kndoraod by tho Medical l'rofeaalon, anil recoro.
mended by them for Myspnpiilia. Uenerul Uelilllly, aVemaile Illarnara, Wn or Viul.
Ily, WerVou I'ro.li.iillou. Uoutnlmrenro rmm revers aud Cbroule CtillU atnal
"e1 r. It crvc overy purpuao whero a Toniu la neciuary.
Manufactured by THE Dir. HARTEfl MEDICINE CO., Ho. 2I3 Worth Main Street, St. Louis,
pi I ' CQBNTB'wXlvU'iJu' for 'MhoLadltt ol tha WWU rkuia ot
B MM flHIAII ill tha Unmaa ol tha Praildanti." tbo moat InterwUuir book of
I lib kuUltSa WABHINQTON LIB'H erer publlahcd. A lll.tory of.rorjf Aft.
anaaOF THE
mlnlitratlon from WAautNOTON to the prosenttlme. Includes much
Pericnal and Private hlttory never befofa putltihnl. Addraw
1IUAWLBY ft CO.. 00 N. Fourth Bt..
Thotl'ornt and licit Medic loe etc r Hide.
AeolmbUutlon ef Hopf, Buohu, Mnrv
drnklsand Dandelion,"!";""" 1?"na
tnoitouratiTroinie ""r
BtVu n tor. " tit' "J II.U. Iftortn,
lUltorSan. u4 '""
ointlouaii . .. t.
To all hr- mtmtLUM rewilart-
I r of the bowel, or. "I" 0? ..r.."n? IT
Hid roan AihwUmc
. Tonlo and mild Btunulant,
e.witnour intox-
ICrttind. ai
Nomtterwht7ourfenn ft rmpl;nia
at. what tho dlwawor aJlVnt l i um Hon lilt
torfc Hoft't wait until xonalr alek but If fux
onlr feel bad or mlTrble,l;"them at once.
3300lHtt'l'tforeall,.h'7 not
eureorlwlp. Wo not miTer 0'tatyourfrlend.
,uirr,butuaiklurit themwu" Mop B
lUimtiibcr.llop rtlttera In noV11'd,rui''"'!
dtunkin nortrum.but tha hmi?" IW
,1 .li.ln..rnriiiAjnllie "UTlUDSaw RIUD
and IIOM' and no ifraon orfaiullj
iliuull be without them. ajaaaMi
tl .o.lanat"otuteandlrre.1rtll1etni
fotlirunlienJif.a.n'Bo' opium, toloo i
H JrClreuiar. U.s bltur. nt,. IX,
H Hihf.t.rt Y .ndTArntn.Ont.
tivn.inff a ri..t.e1... roller the eraln and root cropl
Ef tho farm ran be Incrca.cd from 10 to W t" cent. I
ftcn an entire crop U aaveu bj It.
j i. r.i..,..-.,...1 . r
JM 'PI I 12 ltll-'P.
It I. rvorrmcndif by all who tmvr ti.cd ' It I. tho
orly lb, Iit that will adjun It.elf to tir.rareti Krotind.
It will turn around In It. own liritth without undue
itraln upon the hor.e.
II .Ii-iim en. let-, iloi . Hi" wor' more tliornuitlilr
and la by far tho lie.l an t rlirnnr.t ltollir niae.
Write for df.r rlntli" pttnphht .'.d iihtMou I hi. pa
per. )llt-V.V A- Va N A ItHI'.t t.ll .tirl.
(.,!iH Klnic.liurv N. Chlriiuo, Ill
Aim ina' nfneturera of Nriimlr. Thimble
NUelll., elr.
Uttt of AppeUto, Dowels cwitlvo, riilr. la
tho Hand, with a dull eonnntton lc tho dv.V
Wkrt, Pain under tto Bhoultler blado, full,
nosa afVor oaUnc, with a dlntL'cliniUioii to
.i.io.-Ucn of bolr or mind, IrritauUltv of
ienrpor, Low apinw, with a imIIdk of luu-.
Inx nocloctcd touo dutjr. 'W earlnoa. 1U
xlness, Fluttorlnirnt tho Iloart, Dow bofcrvi
tho oyfs, Yellow Uldn, Ilcadncbo Konor.llv
our tho rlRht 070, Uootloeimcca, withnt
.-j I dreams, highly colored Urlrf . na
ere. eaperlnllr ado pled tnaurh ohiha. 11 t'.r
leilocelliTt Kuril a rhojiKP of fvt)ia(i M
tolonlhllieiiiHfrerrr. .
afllce.3Q Jill rrar Street. ontr
Insurance Company,
tlAWSIlA r.UiSass, ulm Vffn!.
n Honour.: Ifliinil r. iiIm Vice nriltnt
I'. M. i!AS.n utm manure':
11 c. WKim, .r. a. r.rniiYinrj
u: a. Axmmn's, 11. aiEwuro.s.
In.urea property, burd'ntr,, Ihilr cortent,, anl
mill, on prcmliea or ut Int. ttc, li;it lo.a ur
damace by
High Winds of Any Kind.
Alio growing crcpa awilnit Iota or damage by
Tho Company la innnnctd I y imnu of the best huil
neai trcn In the Hlute. Itacontrarta are n.oreequlta.
bleto the luaured, and lta Im'emnltv mrrr than l.of
ftrcUby anyothercou pnnydolnRawli:dar.dha1lbuj.
Fur plana, tttini or other Information, apply to our
aircnta, or to
204 Fifth Stmot Das M lines.
tluftFtd dlffariorfrera kit elhr. b
rvrImpa), with AiiAdJailr)g lulj
in aar muuii iiMij w Bii potlUOOl
Of h boAr, wMIt tht All In th
Ut Ilernli , la bold .orfly .iilnibl. '.M a rxllc.l cor. in
ula. Illat.iy. durabltancfehcap. heat br nalk tllrsulill
"'- EflQleston Truss Co., Chicago, IM
One Cent
wlllbuy aroitalcnrd on which to tend your addrcia
nndrtcelro free (poatage pre paid) a 1(0 pifn book on
The T.lver, Ha Illaeuaea unit their Trent
meuC't Including Malarial Iroublca.
Addn ta l)n BANroiin, ltortronlway, K. V.
at home.
A poiltlvo cure, fiocul
tlna out. No eating out;
No b uralngont. No pain.
IC'an bo uacd by patlenu
W, C. PAYNE. Ut. ..
MurahalUftwn. Iowa.
jiaiiriimiiw aaui, cur.11 an iu
Iu ltd iIii.t. Nim7 llll t'uiwt.
D11. J. HikifHKNa, lA'banou. L'V"
W. A. 11. lle.Multt.a.
vol IK oo7
Wuea writing to aUvertlfuiB, ploaw say jou
taw the artvsrttapment In tlita paffr.
Clldentl," tho mott InternMlug book of
u ever puuuucu, a uuwrj vi mm-
White House.

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