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Queer Statistics.
Wo gtve, from tho newspapers the
figures of the assessments of tbrco coun
ties this week, Holt, Atchison nnd Nod
away. They aro taken from tho news
papers, nud may not bo accurate In all
respects, but thoy show on oxtraordl-
nary difference us to values. For in
fiance, Nodawaj has about seven times
'more horses than we have, yet they are
valued less than twice as much. 8ho
has throe times moro catile valued
about twice as much, and twice as
many hogs valued lcs than twlco as
much, nnd so on. Suroly if those fig
ures bo correct, there ought to bo fome
inquiry as to tho hows and whys.
Hero Aro the items from Nodaway,
nd below aro thnso from Holt. Tako
notlco also that for all Nodaway has
almost doublo our population, stands
Heventh in tho State, while Holt is some
where near the fiftieth, yet our money
etc. nlmost as much nud personal
property about the same in value.
Horsos, mures and geldings, all ago?,
41,221', valuation, $1U!),26.'i.
Mules, all ages, 2200 j valuation, $83,
C10. Nont cattlo, all ages. 55,2 19 ; valua
tion, 580,35 1.
Hogs, all ages, 8.r,G0C; valuation,
Money, notes, bonds and oihor cred
its, $066,839.
Other personal property. $500,098.
Total valuation. 82,421,391.
No. of norcs taxed, 271,708; valuo $2-,
Horses, 6,000: valuo $217,000.
Mules 1,615; valuo $81,500.
Cattle 19,000; value 6201,000.
Uogs 45,000; value $134,000,
Money, notes nud bonds, $518,000.
Other personal property, $518,000.
Total perse-Hal, $1,738,000.
Real and personal, 4,500.000.
Interesting AboutGrapts!
Somo very interesting facts as to
wine growing wo have been able to
gathor on tho request of the Agricul
tures! Department. Mr. Housoworth
tells us that from his lot of 80 by 160
foet ho produuud last year over 800
gallons of wine, which ho j sells at 80
cents per gollon. He produced 24 bar
rels. Ho says "ono stick lias furnished
4 buckets of wine," i. e. 12 pounds of
grapes per bucket or 48 pounds of
grapes from ouu vluo. Somo vines
furnishing bunches weighing !i pounds
each bunch. Tho amount of wine grown
by sonio around town is as follows :
. barrels,
Spccrloirh 46 '
Hurst 13
ltoeekcr 6
Long 3
Gemecher 7
Kinsloy..., 6
Socman 2
Whitmor 3
Markt 2
Besides a largo quantity of grape
sold. Six huudred and forty dollars
worth of good wlno from ono lot in
town is not u bud showing. This
evinces what patent Industry will effect.
We know somo pooplo who do not do
so well on 640 acres of land.
hero, if space wonld ,ygrnnt tho report
of tho great premier l'liuco Msmarek
upon the subject. Ho has recommen
ded the government to tako somo steps
to counteract the great evil which ho
states arises from the manufacturing
and sales of wines nnd beer. Should
wo not tako this as a timely admonition?
Wo welconio tho migrant but wo enn
do'vitliouj tho wlno and beer. Thoy
that sow tho wind shall reap tho whirl
wind. If wo allow tho eniuc the effect
will Inevitably follow. Hut you say it
is folly to throttle these Industries. So
It will bo as long as newspapers strive
and suoiecdcd in lending public s'iitt
nieut in favor of sush accursed Indus
tries and against prohibition. This is
a country where thu majority aro sup
posed to rule. Again you tny tho.lnor
dtnate appetites ot men nro not restrain
ed by nrbctrary exactions, prohibitory
enactments. Neither are thu inordinate
crimes of ineu restrained by law on
tlrely or wo would not haru any nutr
dor cr other crimes, but ttill it is neu
essary to havo laws prohibiting and
punishing such, crimes 1 At least one
half "I the crimes aro directly or indi
reftlytho outgrowth of Intemperance.
Then it certainly is not only right but our
moral duty as nil Intelligent nud en
lightened nation to enact and onforcu
such laws that wilt destroy tho cause of
crime. Wo bellevo u good majority of
tho citizens of our county would vote
for prohibition, and wo would liko to see
Tim County l'Armt of which wo nro
proud, comu out on tho side ot right in
this groat mural reformation. Wo are
willing for thu majority to inlo.
L. W. D.
Democratic central committee, as a
suitable person to fill tho vacancy now
existing in tho County Court. But,
unfortunately, wo learn that Mr. Chim
ing will not accept.
'1 ho citizens of Blgelow liavo four
places to got their milling dono, Mound
City, Forust City, Craig and Utilo.
Normal School.
Avcrngo standing of thu students in
tho Normal for the term ending Febru
ary 4th. 1881 :
Collins W 88
Hones Mary .. .93
Johnson .aura. 94
Hunker Lena,,. 94
Hroadbeck H...82
Cottier Kmma..94
Hill Carrlu 95
Socman Anna . .90
Ashworth .1 ...89
Holt. Grant.... 91
Colvin J 81
Irvine Claro....88
Thomas M 90
KreckF 80
Colllson Knima 95
Graham F 90
Lukens Kiln a . , .95
Acton Itoso . ...91
NesbitS A PC
Curtis Anna . . 90
Kellcy Missouri. 91
Cross Ida 90
Vinsonhaler F. .97
iKInzy 1)S 9t
wnson i.ee W(i
Hates II II 85
McDanlcls J ...90
Hrldges Klla . . 83
Clmilduok Mln.. 92
I.ukeiu Suslu...92
Davis TO 97
Hroadbeck Chats 90
Comer .1 85
Howell Grant ..81
JBS5-It will pay you to buy your gro.
corlcs of Mlutoii, Forest City.
Land for Trade.
Twelve hundred and fifty (1,260)
norcs of hcnvlly timbered pinu laud in
Oregon county Mo., seVcu milos north
of Alton,, the county scat. Tho timber
(I'ino) on tliis land Is ns largo and fine
as onn bo found in tho State, and Is
worth much moro than is asked for tho
laud. After the timber Is removed, tho
and will niako ono or sovcrnl Ann sheep
or fruit farms. It Is finely lueatod on
Eleven Points river nnd is mostly up.
and none of it being swampy. All
or u part of this laud is tillered for
trailo for property In Holt or Atshlson
county. All tho laud has pel feet title,
is unencumbered, nnd .taxes all paid.
Any further information may on ob
tained by applying to tho editor of Tin:
County l'At'Ett.
Kussell Ora 86
Curry Mav 83
Cottrell Mettle. 8S
Spicer LI11I0....94
Pay no Lizzie... 79
Mover Hannah 90
Peter Sophia... 89
Markt .1 89
Anderson 1)....80
Sopor Win ... 88
Hoffman Lit ..83
Sehat It 90
Kreek II 79
Cotton .Iennlo..89
Nesblt U T ... 88
Cottrell Hello... 97
A I kite Kachel..83
Kelloy hone ...90
Cottier K 92
Allubuo Delia .79
Hill L P 91
lloseilus i: 90
Morris U 93
C L Hall 88
Colvin Anna., . 88
Olnulduok Lulu. 90
n.iij i). .11. 1 ni 1 '
Itostock I-'...,
O'Fallon IMa
Heeler Mary.. ,.u s w'oori',P'2 nill jw of (Jiulg,
Menifee It 91
Lands for Sale.
The N K J of tho S K and tho S V.
of theN U seo 11, Tp 02, It 39, 4 miles
north of Mound City. The S W 1 I
nnd 1 he. W l-' of the S K 1-1 and the S
K 1-1 of tho S B nnd tho S W 1-4 of tho
N K 1-1 see 7, tp 01, r 3h; 1 1-2 miles
south of Mound City. Tho N 1-2 and
the S W 1-1 of sec 18, tp 01, r 38; and
tho K 1-2 seo 13, tp 01, r 39; 2 1-2 miles
south of Mound City. Tho N W 1-1
nnd tho N 1-2 of the S W 1 4 and tho
W 1-2 of tlu S r; l-l and tlio S W l-l
of tho N K 1-4 seo 11, tp 01, r 39, 1-2
mllu oast of Riaelow. 132 acres in tho
N K 1-4 nnd tlio S W l-l seo l, tp 01,
r 39, 1 111II0 northwest of Hlgelow. Tho
W 1-2 of tho S W 1-1 seo 1, tp 61, r 39.
And tho S K 1-4 see 5, tp 01 r 39, 2
...I. . .. r.... , ,.. ...
Closing" Out Sale
To Quit Business!
will close out their enfcive stock of goods
and no Humbug;. Our stock is
We open our columiiE of course tog ill
kinds of expressions on tho Temper
ance question. Hut wu beg leave to
represent our own views. Thirty years
ago wo were as ardent for prohibition
as any 0110 to-day. Understand that all
this matter has been tried by laws of
all Imagtnablo variety. Wo havo to-day,
In Missouri, the wisest law over framed
on tlio subject. Under it every com
munity can control it at homo. We
havo lived where prohibition was so
serere and thorough that wu have seen
people arrested, lined and Imprisoned I
merely because their breaths studied
of liquor! For a fow months it utterly
stamped out tho liquor trade by terror.
Still human devices grow up, friends
sympathized with those who had been
prosecuted nnd soon tho liquor question
became tho ruling power in politics,
because those hostile to the law sought
to put ofllcials 111 who would moderate
ly enforco tho law. No laws cau bo
strictly enforced except those to pro
tect the weak from personal abusu by
tho strong, nnd tho community from
robbery and theft, and : the liko.
Strange that pooplo will not seo tills
till af ,er long years of experience.
; miles N W of Hlgelow. Tho N 131-1 16,
' 02 10, 1-2 mile west of Craig. The S H
nn I 1-1 !t 02, 40, excepting 25 acres In tho
u-' o W corner 2 miles w 01 1
".' acres 111 tho N W 1-4 11, (12
Huwuii yraiH . .0 iuemu'c n w t Joining Craig on thu
Kulcy Ida 9.i Super Clin 90 1 'A ... V 1 3 v r? ti "
Schau O 93 VauGundy F. . ..92 ! f ' r "'j
Van HusklrkM 92 Kyg.-rK!lwortli76,b . f 'Vnm?,m,J , ,in ,mua'
N W 1-4 11, 02. 10 (ini-
Craig on thu Northwest
37 2 miles
W FMInton. Finest City,
groceries cheap for cash.
Farm for
I will soli my farm 1
1-4 miles north
ot New Point, continuing some 228 acres
60 nerei in cultivation and gnus; a
young orchnid of somo 100 bearing
trees. There uro thri'o wol!s, ono cis
tern, and running water, with p enty of
timber for lire wood. A good dwelling
with five rooms. For teims npply to
Petkh l'nicu.
Wo aru authorized to announce John
ANiir.usoN as a candldato for County
School Commissioner at the ensuing
April election.
above dei-cribed lands are suitable for
Mo., sells I grazing or cultivation. lerms 1-1
I down: balance, time to suit purchaser.
Address..). Fostkh mahduai.i.,
Oregon, Mo.
Notice li lirroliy kIvi-ii thut scnli'd Ijt.ln will lie
ri'Ci'lvi'it at the llmnty Clerks tilllce fniinTllK
pou.MV 1'Arr.lt. 'I'liellult t'minly l'ie' and
Mound City Nrwn fertile lirlutlnjs nt tlio I'hian
rial Statement ot Holt ri)r.nl tor tho yearend
iS Keti. 1st lHSI. Hald MiU til lie IIIimI nil or tic-
forellie mill uav 01 .M.iren iwi. ine ."'"
rviervliitfllierllittfireje.-tany and all bldt.
order ot tlie tVulit) Court.
' .. II. C.f cutis.
all new goods and must be sold by
April 1st, 1881.
You can buy your goods here at whole
sale prices, Come and see for yourselves.
E. 0. WELLS & SON, Proprietors,
Tho Gala Week..
SQp Huy your grocei les ot W K Min
ion, Forest City, .Mo.
Sound Senso
I cannot iuuigiuu whore tho sound
senso comes in at stated in j our hist,
Hcported from tho Jelforsou City Statu
Journal in reference to the prohibition
in Missouri. Wo could not cxpi et any
thing else from our bourbon legislature
than that thoy would sit down on nick
a proposition but wo claim It is just tho
law we want and tho sooner It becomes
general, tho better. Kansas has already
enacted It, Nebraska ami Iowa will
soon tollow her cxnmpk' and then Mis
souri will bo over run with the slums
and tilths of tho whisky olumcntof thoso
States, while a largo percent of the
temperance element of our Statu all of
whom mo generally of tho most iutlu
enelal and best class ot society, will
emigrate from ourStUo to those States,
nnd that Is uot all. Thousands from
tbo custom States uro coming west, will
solect locations whvru they will havo
tho assurance that they can rear their
children uusuri ounded by such degrad
ing institutions as tho dram hhop,
breweries, wine houses and distiller
ies. Sueh will pas over our linu lands
' to iind liousus In temperate Kaunas,
Are wine, beer and whisKy essential to
our growth and prosperity? While wo
' nro rpady to admit, it is a hard prob
lem to i-olvo how to n foi m the drunk-
1 ard or to keep tho people from drink
Jpg intoxicating liquors, certainly uot
by fostering tho manufactures ami sale
of the same nor by Intluciitial County
Tapers opposing prohibition. For just
as long as wo permit tho manutacturers
and sale so long wo will have drunken
ness to ai) extreme. Hut say you we
have been at great labor and pains to
gathor up nud publish information res
pecting tlieluduRumonts the Statu offers
to wine growing. Wo have Induced
pooplo to como hero from tho old world
nnd invest in tho production of wine
and bcor and wo are continuing to do
so." And so we havo, but is it light?
What is it used for but to start our
young mou on their ways to drunkards
graves. You know what it Is doing In our
own county and all over the State. It
Is enough to make us shudder for tho
safety of our young men and boys. Wo
don't object to the growth of tho fruit
but we do object to manufaeturlng it in.
. tq.poison to drag our children down to
Germany is becoming alarmed at the
great increase of drunkeiiess nmoiig
Iter people, Wo'should likj to inset t
' ,
Miss Ida Wilson, daughter of James
L. Wilson, died at. her homo near
Forbes, Mo. Fob. 9th 1881 in the 21th
year of her age.
Sho had been declining in health for
moro than a j ear from that dread des
troyer consumption and althoug grad
ually getting weaker, since a sovoro ill.
ness in tho latter par of summer, friends
did not realize tho near approach of
The night of final departuro she was
taken suddenly worse nnd calling her
parents told them tho end was near.
Friends gathered around to receive her
parting words and distributing to each
somo memento ot'hor love, from anions
her personal treasures, sho quietly fold
ed her hands and passed away without
a struggle.
On Tuesday, tender hands laid her to
rest in the new cemetery on tho hill ;
tho cold snows and dead Autumn leaves
vividly reminding ns of tho hopes that
we bunnd with tins lovod 0110 carried
away in tho bloom of youth. Thu dead
we cannot recall. To thu living the
N aster says: Ho yo also ready: for in
such au hour us yo think not tho son of
man eomcth.
M&Groeerics oxvhanged for all kinds
of produce at W K Miuton's Forest City.
WU1 it be. anil Tnsr Will bo no end ct
Furade, Spootaclo aadthc Llko-Note What
tho Baltimore and Ohio tijt.
Next week will bo a gala tlmo for
Republicans, and, for tho matter, the
people of tho entire country, us thero Is
no doubt as to every State in tho Union
being represented at tho Inauguration.
Tho bold soldier boys will bo therein
force, as also very numerously vepru-
sauted civic orL'uul.atloiH, and this,
together with other features of the big
display, will muko it certainly a most
memorable one. Tho HaltiiLoro ami
Ohio having tho only direct irack 'from
St. Louis and thu Westto Washington,
Inn po perfected tho rcquo.-to details as
to unitwutice us readiness to accommo
date all comers. As the tickets f . r.tlio
lnaugui atlon wlll.by agreement between
tho railroads, bo limited lo eight days1
timo, tho lino that offers (ho saving of a
day's time in travel cannot but boa
very popular ono. This is exactly thu
time gained by thoso who tako tho noted
'Daisy Train" out of this city in the
morning, and which arrives at Wash
ington at noon tho next day, seven
hours in advance of the fastest trains on
competing lines. It requires no figur
ing to show that this Is a gain of a wholo
day's time in travel, and tlio Haltimoro
and Ohio oilers tho further udyantago of
arriving in Washington In thu middle of
tho day Instead of at night as via other
hues. Thu Haltimoro nnd Ohio track
'has been put in splendid shape, nnd Its
equipment is unquestionably n tluo' as
thu finest. The new sleepers, construct
ed expressly for tho company, are
models ot luxury nnd convenience.
Thu (lining cars are conducted upon
such a liberal basis as to satisfy tho
wants of tho most exacting, whllu the
day coaches aro very elegant. In short,
thero is nothing which money will com
mand that is not offered on tho Halti
moro and Ohio Hoad.
Order of Publication.
The 'tali! of MKsonrl, County ot Itwlt, s.
Ill the Circuit Court ot suld county, April
Term. 1SSI.
John 11. ('. CnrlU and ClnttlntN Curtis. Ills
wlie, rialutiirs. i.
Maria Henry, Alvlra Kiiuket and Krauk Kim
kel. liiTliinbaiifl.l'yriti llenry,.losedi Henry.
Snti'iiMua Ibilry, .1 llaluy.lier hiKbaud.Aiina
Haven und Crunk Huu'li, her hiiibaud, mihiii
lllrt. DoraCrniiMT. lleniainln Cromer. Flora
Crouser. l.evl Cioiier. I.dward .Sheets.Churlcs
Lull;; and .loseidi le(eud:iui.
At tills day eoniet thu rialnlllls herein by
their attorney, before thuiuider.sUued clerk of
s;dd court In vacation, mid tllei llielr neilttoii
stating iinuin.u other thlnus, that the aliote
named iletendiint, Anna Haven nnd Ha
en, her hUHtmuiUllnirlr- I.:ntr. Joseph miz,
and Cyrtii Henry .are uoii-resldeuts of this State
no Unit theordhiiiry liroeen ot law raiumt be
served upon them. Whereupon It l ordered by
the riiTk tlmt Kild DefeiidiinU bo notified liv
publication that riululilM turn ennmicuecd a
ault m!:ilnt them 111 till Court, tho ohjeet nud
iieneral natmo nf. which li Unit the iilaliitllTs
herein, pray that tmrtUlim may bo made of nud
dower admeasured In, the follnwlntr described
real estate nil l luir and belli); situate In the
count v of Holt and .state of .Missouri, to-ult :
Commencing 011 the north line of the north
west iimuler of section thirty-four, timji
M1I11 sixty ()( rane thlrty-eluht (:w), twenty
roils from tl.c northwest! corner ot said quar
ter section, thcni'u ninth right)' rods, thence
east thlitv-MX rods, thence south to (lie south
line o said quarter section, thence, east to tint
southw est corner ot a certain plcen of land here
tofore needed to one II. II. Clark, tin ucd north
M rods nnd fourteen links, thence enct th'r
ty tilui! rods and nine links to the east line of
said quattcr section, thence north to the south
east corner oa certain piece ot laud heretofore
deeded lo one ('.. A, Thornton, thence west forty
one rods mid three links, thence north to (he
north linu of said quarter section, thence we.sl
on said north lluo to the place of be.
Khnilni?, cuntainluif onu hundred acres
moro 01 less. Also a piece of
land described 11s follows, to-v.lt ! benlnnlun
lit a post 011 the vde ot the sprhut run on the
north line of the northwest quarter ot section
j I. township co, ranso as. thence lunnliiK foity
eluht perch from the north east corner of said
quarter section, Ihencu south 4; ileurees.west
twenty-nine perch to 11 postthence north forty
two degree, west tweutv-foiir perch In a post
on the north lino of said quarter section,
tlnncn north Su decrees east atoiiK the
north linu of said quarter section thirty
cmht perch to the place of bcjtliiulnj; :
eoiitalntms two acres and twenty-four
perch, and that It tho admeasurement nf dower
In. and partition of the nhove descilhed real
estate cannot be made without Kreat prejudice
to thu owners of said real estate, then nud In
that case that the said lauds may be sold ami
thu proceeds ol said sale honppioprlati'd nccor
dim; to law nnd for such oilier and
further relief as thu court may deem
proper and necessary. And that unless
(he said Cyrus Henry. Anna Haven. Liven,
her husband, Charles banc nud Joseph LaiiK
be and appear at this Court at thu next
Term thereof, be begun and hidden at
the Court House, in the City of Oregon. In said
comity, oninev.111101 Apui issi ncxi, nun 011 or
before the sixth day ot said Tern, answer or
plead to tho Petition In said cause, the same
will lie taken ns conferred, aim judymcut will
bu rendered aecordhiKly.
And It bordered Hint u copy hereof b pub
llshed ueeordlnu'le law In tlieCoe.NTV I'Al'Klt
and Holt County l'rcss fr fuur weeks consecu
tively, the last Insertion to be at least four
w neks bcfoin thu llr.st day of mild term." ,
Attest, Vt .tlt. SpiiiNUKit. Clerk.
C. W. Tiiomah, Attorney for Plaintiffs.
CoFsant & Meyer
Aro prepared to offer special Inducements to
And Prompt Paying Trade, in
Fancy Goods and Notions.
Silks, Velvets and Fur
nishing Goods.
In orler to reduce our largo stock of
Cassimeres. Flannels,
Blankets Yarns,
Oanton Flannels, Shawls,
Cloaks, Felt Skirts, etc,
Wo a'so keep n llrst-olass lino of (Slasswaro, Queonswaro, nnd Table
1 m
Call and see us belore buying your
Wo will show a flno n lino and at as
any house north of St. Joseph.
low prices and ns'hlnd treatment as
Tho Literary Society hold its regular
session on last Saturday evening
with tho usual interest, G. Walter
Smith prusiditif'.
Quito a number of the youngsters,
wont out In tho bottom to tho brick
church, to meeting on last Sunday
Thu question propounded In last
woek's "County I'ai'EU." us to tlm
difference between a smiuro milo and u
mllo square has been carefully consid
ered, aud upon investigation by your
coi respondent this result obtained, n
mile square is a pleco of land in thu
form of a square, being throw hundred
and twunty mils on each side and a
square milo is a piece of ground in tho
torm of n square, being llvo thousand
two hundred and eighty foet on eaeli
sido," and tho difference between throo
miles square, nnd threo tsqunro
milos, is six fcqiuvo miles.
Cunning and lhklgcinun shipped
from Blgelow to Chleago, ono day last
week threo cuis. of cattle, avorago
weight 1100 lbs.
MlrS Mide Homers, who has been
stopping in Hlgelow lor two or threo
months, left on last Monday, for Ulan
chnrd, Iowa, accompanied by horsistor
Jenny, who lives in Maryville, Mo., and
had been bore on a visit.
Tho pooplo of Uigelow and vicinity
were "enthusi'd" on learning tlmt J, L,
C'tiuiilng md boon Hooted, hV h
S.W K Mintoti keeps 11
Crocery in tli'st-elass stylo
at Forest
Remember, GLENN'S ER5CK BLOCK, Main
One door north of Lumber Yurd,
7 Per Cent. Interest
for flvo yenrs or as short timo as desired
Will bo in Craig Mondays nadMonnU
City, Tuesdays of nich wook.
OuicaoN, Mo.
Notlco to Delinquent.
All parties nro nollflod tlmt tho City
Taxes for 1B80 ure now past duo nud
that unless thu same bo paid by March
1st, penalties aim co.-sU will uo auueu.
Sam'l ShNOK,
City Collector.
HouHo for Sale.
A one-and-a-half story dwolllnjr in
Orogou, with guod collar and ulsteru
ami two lots containing grapes, current-,
raspberries, roosoborrics, peach-
us ami apples, all bearliiir. It will bo
sold chuap. Apily to
bTKl'llllN tU.ANCH Altl),
Oregon, Mo.
Dwelling for Sale.
Contains four looms, uood collar,
SKioke-houso, stable, two lots well set
in all kinds of fruit. Call on
Gko. Seeman, Orogou, Mo.
"Look Here."
Parties desltinp lo.sell th.-.lr Improved
Lands will 11 ml it to their interest to
correspond with or call at onco on tUo
undoi signed, as ho Is having constant
demand from lioinoiiinl abroad for suelt
lauds. Civo full vtescrlptlou with price
and terms. Will negotiate sa!o at a
roasoniiblo commission. Ko charges
unless sale Is mtulo. Address
J. FosTKtt Maksiiai.l,
Orugou, Mo.
of Maithtud,
wishes to inform thepublio that ho will
furnish outtlts of Furniture to ihou
who may need them, cheaper than any
house tlils sido of Chicago, Kansas City
or St. Joseph. Ho inuan- just what, hu
sayn and asks every onu to chII and bo
eo'iivlnced by evuiilnlng bis Ktuck and
learning his'prlecs.
liavo nu uxcollun. stock of
Dry Goods,
IHsits, (laps,
Itoots ay! Shoes,
Gomo and see us and wowil
Save You ESoney!
Wo havo, in addition to our new stock of goods, opened a
New Restaurant.
Highest Price Paid
fVlaltland, Mo
Conic and get your
Groceries, be Fed and Clothed.
Nocturnal Correepiiidencc.
Mil. Kuitok: It is said that thero is
a condition of human life whore there
live beings liko ourselves endowed with
all our faculties of leellng, tasting,
smelling, hearing, and ono additional
called seeing. What that Is no one has
ever bceu ublo to explain to any under
standing. It is said that a tiling called
light strikes two points abovo tho nos
trils, two partly vacant places and oar-
r!os an image to the brain so that with
out touching one may reuognlzs ids
friends. Thus we need not feel or
smell our friends, or hear them to rcc
osiilzo them Wo kuow them from
afar. Incmllblo as this may sound
ineomprohenslqle uslt is, there aro some
people believe it They have oven pre
tended to Introduce such beluga among
us and havo applied tests that if applied
to any ordinary fact would bo porfect
pi oof. Asked to explain how thoe be
ings oxerolsu this pretended sense thoy
havo the usuiriuiee to toll us it cau not
bo explained because wu havo no sense
onpablo of comprehending 1. 0. II wo
could sco wo could understand itl
Yourd Respectfully,
Noo Yes,
Tho obovo latter we recolvod from
one of tho cavo dwellers whoro owing
to perpetual darkness, neither men nor
flshos nor ntiv living beings, havo eyos
It sounds straugo to us.
Order of Publication.
't ho Ktato nt MUsHtitl, Comity of Molt, ss.
In tlio Circuit Court uf salil county, January
Term. IMI. ,..,...,
.uury a. uHiiieiuu, 1 i.iuum,
John N, .Tolmiun, Defenilnnt.
NnwMti thUctli ilay of .lanuary. IM. enme.s
tho liliilntllf herein, by her attorney, uml It 1111-
nearliii: to tho :itlif;ielloii 01 tlio I'mirl tlmt the
ati.vo named ilefeiuluiit Is a tiiuire.lilciit 11I
theitate ol MKs'url ami tlio ordinary (irncet.
nt li,u' i':tinifit hi, riurveil llhnn htm.
H livreuiiiili 11 is oriiereu uy ine i.eiiri iiiiii
said tlefeiKluut ho nottdetl hy, iiulillcatlon that
iilalntlll has commenced a miii iiuauisi mm 111
Ihli t'uiirt theohject nfwhleh U lo he illvoreeil
from Dm lioniU of inatrliiionv now ux Mini; he-
in 1 s:ilil iilHliitlrrHiiililefeiiilaiit.untl that un
less tho nahl ilefeiuluiit he ami aiigiesir nt llili
Court at the Next Term thereof, to ho hcBiiu
and liohltnat tho Court lliiuso lit the City ot
Oregon, In sahleounly. on tho Wthclayol April
lSHl.next, ami 011 or heforu the sixth iltiy nf
said Term, nimweror 1'leiid to tint ipellllun In
mid cause, II10 name ttlll be taken as ciuifesieil,
i.ti.l ntil.rii.i.iit will In, rendered ueenrillnelv.
Anil It It further ordered that a copy hereof
ho mihllshed aeeordlim to law la Tiik Cou.ntv
1 a' triii) coyy, attest f. It, Kvmnoku. Clerk
Uy V.. U. Al.i.K.v. l)eiuty.
The Boss Harness
TVIjxitliviil, Holt Counl;y, Ifcto.
All aro rospeetfully Invited to call and iixainlno my very complete stock o
Notice Is hereby Klvr 11 to all tho rcailero of
tins luiiier unit an ineir irieuiin iiuu in ijiuom
aaeestliruuuhuuttho United htutesaud Caua'
da, that
Will bo sent 0110 year as a
rn everv uiiulv nuirrleil countiLWhOM) address
niul In fciitu tn ti!iv nnstiiee Im Kent til tho
publisher within 0110 je-ir from the (Into of their
IVraoiiHsnnillnefor thU iroacnt nro rcnuested
1 hi unit eoi vol a mtiier eiiniainniK u iiiiuui ui
tlieil nmrrhiitii, or etmti other evldeui'o that
Hindi amount to a leimouablo prnot that they
uro cnUtlod in tho imiRazluu inioer tlio above
and ovorythinir nortnlnlnc to a flrst-class I
of Light Harness, Ladles', Gent's and llov
county that Slatuitactures .1 11 hiUiNK'S
ness Shop. 1 carry a full lino
Saddles. The only shop in tho
Skirt Loop Harness. I uso the Best PlttsSirg Oak-Tanned Harness Leather and
omploy oiilyJSkilled Workmen. All work warranted and guaranteo satlsfno
on 111 prluos . Com'i one, Come all. w
Stray Mule.
Ktraied from tho undiirslKiied from Vore1
City Jan. 1st, ISSI, ono bay maro mule, Imi
ieitrs old la thu hprlnt', laruo of Its ukc,
uuk imiuo and tali. Any ieron ulvliin
ufurm.Ulouottho wild inulo will bo liberally
rewarded, Thomas Cuttiku,
l'oresi city, .do
Final Settlement.
Creditors and all others Internsted In tho cs
taio of I', M, Krusor, deeeased, aro iiotltlnl
that the undcrduncd administrator will niako
niialBeltlementof "alii ehtalo at'tho lebruary
term, last, oltho 1'f0btl,uJV,,"tjt('vi;'j"uty'
Farm for Sale.
Idosirotosolliiiyfarm of 130 neros;
70 norcs in tamo grass, balaucn under
cultivation, fiood well and cistern ;
plontyof stoeH water ; nbundanco of
timber j young orchard of 2.10 boaring
trees; oiio-aud'ii-half miles Southeast of
Now Point. Call on or address M. S.
Mudlc, Now I'oint, Hot county, Mo.
Notice Is hereby given that tho
una ueeu nppoiuu'il
(llnirtllnli nf tliM Drmi
and curator nf the estate of l'etcr llonn, aper
son Hdjuduerl to he insane, hy a jury sworn
ami iuiiuuif icu uy oritur or me rrou.ti cimrc
01 iiuiiei
her, IS80.
of Ifolteounty, lln., on the nth day of Decern
hit, iksu. my an;
Jauuury lutli, issf.
My aiipiiinliiient bearing date ot
(luurdlait and Curator.
Final Settlement.
All creditors aud others Interested In the
estate, of Thomas ltamsav. dnctuscd. nru noil.
fled thut Ilulla I'. Itumsay, tbo iiudersliinril,
ndmllilstrator ot said estate, Intciuls to niako a
mini settlement ot said estate at thu neu term
01 tuo rriinato court 01 null comity, .Mhsoinl,
lo be beKUn nnd holdeu at OrcKon, In said
roimty and Ktuto utoresitld, on tho lull day ot
Kohruury, 1SS1. itoti.A T. ItAMHAV,
CiunM'.sW. -Thomas, Attorney for Admin-Islralor.
Final Settlement.
Credltorn and all others Interested lu tho es
tate of John Markwell, deceased, uro notified
Unit tho mulersliiued administrator will make
llnul settleinent ot said tHiiite at tho 1'ebruary
term, t&SI vi tho Probate Court ot licit enmity
Mo, iu.Nim.Z00u, Adm'r.;i
Post of Honor
Honco wo havo tho
Toilet Articles,
Pocket Cutlerv
Pocket Bfcks,
etc , to be found 1llJt Coumv
Delicacy of Mint Scales.
Tho flr gold weighing bcuIcb in the
cM Orleaus mint aro marvels of me
shunta invention and nceurato workman
ship. Tho larger of tho' two has a cu.
naclty of 10,000 ounces troy, or about
(ISO pounds avoirdupois, and when load
ed to its full weight will indicate a va
riation of 0110 thousandth port of nu
ounce, or tho mlllonth part or its weigh
ing capacity. Another pair of, scales la
the ono intended for weighing gold only.
It has bearings composed ol the' finest
agates, which havo boon ground"with
wonderful piecision. So delicate is this
machine tlmt It will give tho preelso
weight of a human liufr, mid Is suscept
Iblo to tho slightest atmospheric changes
Mlllloija of dollars! worth of precimin
metals uro wolgliod unuuully uron theso
fccalcs. "

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