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Prof. Hill has gone to theJnangura
tlon; andProl. Hellsley Is la his place
Mr. Kyger, father of Nlm Kygor, of
Oregon, who Hum keen visiting hero for
n few weeks returned to Kansas Inst
Our readers cm not toitipSaln it
Want of new in onr paper as it is now
furnished. Uvory item of the most in-
testing new In the world during each
wcuK, is published in this paper,
Andy Frazer has returned f"Oyoung
i.ouiiinvar lias eomo outox the west,"
looking as bright ami good 'humored as
orer. lie called on the Comity Paper
last .Monday.
Tho Mound City News gives a Tory
full and interesting historical, descrip
the, nud statistical account of Holt Co,
and of Mound City especially, in last
wcuks numser.
A writer from Minnesota Valley
In 'onus the If. C. News that ninny p?.o
pie there are about to follow Uncle
Horace's advice, "Oo west.youug man!
(Jo west J"
Messrs. Walters nud Keuaedj, wfw
formerly butchered here, have gone to
St. Joseph to earry on the butuhoring
business, liavmg removed with their
famll.es to that place.
We understand that an ingenious
'itizuti of Oregon In engaged on an in.
vention, which if perfected according to
his expectations, will create quite a rev
olution in thu building business. Suc
cess to him.
.Just ahout zero Monday morning.
Tho contrast betwpou Saturday and
Minaay'a weather was rcmarkab.e. The
mean average of nmo hours Satmduy
was 51 degrees, of Sunday, was about
10 degrees above zero.
Ityo sells at Craig at 6i cents per
bushel, wheat at GO cents. As this re
gion surpasses all others in tho produc
tion of ryo it scorns to us that It ought
to bu more gennnilly attended to in
Tho Craig Gazette assures us i a
heavy rainfall next summer because
here is such a lot of snow in tho moun
tains. It says observations for 'JO years
show this to bo a fact. Wc think so too
tiuloss 't happens to bu a dry season
Any correspondent who expects us
'to publish anything of a personal, un
Jpluasant nature will havo his or her
trouble of writing for nothing. Not if
Ave'kunw It. indeed. So save your
ink and paper.
Ilev. H. S, Vtaggeuer will preach
on the Oth of March at 11 o'clock at thu
Hanks school house, on tlia Hth, at tho
Tierce school house at 1 1 o'clook.ou the
-0th, at the Chambers school house, at
11 o'clock, on thu 27th, at Shllo school
house, at 11 o'clock.
-How many Holt county farmers up
predate the enormous advantages to
them of a good olovor field. What a
fattier of hogs, what a food for cows
used us hay, what incxhaustablu wealth
to the soil if turned under! it is' their
.true National Dank.
Manly. A gentleman came Into
.our office lust week and subsciibud for
Tub Count? Pavkk, saying ho pro
.forred to pay in wood, to which Wo
readily assented, as wood is uow bet
.tor than cash to as. Within a. few
.days bu furnished us a load of splendid
wood. How different is that from thoso
who forever promise and never perforin.
It is reported that at last a saitou
is to bo run to Oregon; its terminal
point to be at tho old factory building.
This building could bo used as an eleva
itor and some of the many thousands of
I.......... ... 41.... I. ...1 .1 .
.uusuuib mi i;iunj, wmi mm are uauicuio
forest, over tho steep hills, be deposited
,therofor shipment. That old factory
wua built in thu tlmu hcn men built to
tay. There is uothHlg to beat it in al?
Abe north west, so tar" us atiength and
.solidity are concerned a (P
... ... . ..j . t
nir. w uooury u- rarest taty was ex
hibiting ipcchuens of brick made Out of
jlorfectry dry dirt and tranOeired di
rectly from tuo machine to the kiln. It
is beyond all doubt the best brick ever
rurnlsbcd. These splendid new blocks
jit St. Joe were flnlsbod out of tboce
samo brick. Mr. Wkoobry has the raa
chine now ready for use. On our ex
pressing regret that brick houses cat),
not bo built as cheaply as frame, Mr.
Wboobry doolaved ho would duplicate
any man's framo house with these bricks
for the same money and he can prove
to uny one his assertion. As these
ireiseu oricKs ao not absorb molsturo
uu men woma norcauer muid j)pre a
rame house?
Grnuaw is to get a U. 11. The Wa
bash Is to extend from Clarinda down
tlie Nodaway Kiver to St. Joseph.
Mr. Joe Hobtitzell has purchased
the property adjoining the tin shop,
-east side of the Court House Square,
and proposes to improve it.
While hinting of tlie fittle cuercT
displayed by one town nc mnyaa well
just say that, if a switch can. by any
possibility, bu piaeed to councct Oregon
with the It. It. it aught to ho dune.
Mr. Tom Price and fatally removed
this week lo Watson where he has gone
into business with Ueu Frarer of St-Joe.
The best wishes of this ooitnuutilty go
with him.
There was hern on tho12d of Feb
ruary another;. H' but it happen, to
be George Wilson Smltk, sou of Mr.
Webb Smith jtud .Mrs. Carrie Smith,
formerly Carne A-'ies of Onegoa.
Thut most charming of ill poets
aud ballad singers James . Clark was
entertaining the people of jtlaryviile and
Itockport. Pity we cauuut isduce him
to visit us again.
Preventive ononries are foreign to,
the American luiblts. Were It not so,
roofing aud fences would cost a fourth
less than they do, for a very littl effort
wall hiskeithem but dtu-Jug very loair
periods of time.
Savannah is sort o1 left out lu the
cold by the It. ii. widen; hanug made
n new depot, mills it West Savannah
ud rcfuslegto dellvcrtreliiht atSavan-
nah dtjwt. It wont do to offend these
lordsofthe rail or any of idem.
Pembroke illnnchard the aa)vhiid
of our esteemed Uosr citizen lie v. S.
Hlatvimrd, writes from the Black Hills
where he has been for st'Teral rears tliat
iue wju probably visit his home tie
oomlug fall.
l)r J. M. Tuy of Mound Citv de
livered the Valedictory at thu comuicae
meatof tlie Surgeons College, of St Js
Ojih, last week. He was; chosen View
President for thu coming year. '1 bis
College has many of tho oldest aud
mostprmlueut Physicians of St Joseph
In it.
Mr Neal Hoblitzcll removes to Ore
gon. Mutual predicts a warm month nil
over the world between latitude fli and
Vennor jircdlcta yerj stormy
weather for March, and much snow nv
far South as Washington.
From twelve to fifteen Important
brick buildings nre to bo erected at
Maryrllle during the Hummer, and thu
blck is being engaged.
The Christain Church of Mound
City was dedicated lint Sunday week,
Prof. Hill preaehmgthe sermon. Press
Mr. Cave Hunt has removed to
Craig whnru he resumes his position in
the bank there. The many warm
rriends he has madu here regret his departure.
Mr. Miller will preach In Oregon
next Sabbath, morning and evening.
Gcntlo Annie! Dost thou know
tho springtime has tome? t
Major Kelly and Wells it Sou of
Forest City are going westward.
Win Hclfrey died Monday week
Thero will be services in the M. V.
church in Oregon, over' evening next
week, commencing on Sunday.
knowledge before, together with queer
animals wild and tame. Forbes Is full.
Forbes U a sight to behold.
Has Impuilenco Any Umll?, i
1 otlnel'Vl! In llln htnl tumm l 'V
f, .1 " ...... .... Ul till.
ItS 10WS Of I f?i,. !vtv P. ...... .1 .
.Ii. ,1 m-.i .i i i I "niciiicm oi.
...o,.,,,.,,,,, i.iiimjui iiiKtii niiinvi linn t j.iiin A ii,l,.k,..,
sheds are populous.
low stump is used.
Kvery cave.
as u candidate for it-
New Point.
Frank Ktinklu Is nioriiig b;uk on the
ilotuln farm this week.
Wonder llO l 'llmr In mmn In)..
I -- ......... .....- .nr
"oi-, election to tlieofliec of School Comniis-! ''"'gu white houte? Mavbo .loo Is
aru ,M) ! ki, it,. i. mm. i ' ,,..t...,i.. !..., ,. i
tl,I..L- v..i. il t.i. ...i..i. ...i .......y. uiiM-nuwinu h h".:i iii.iiiiwu. i .oi .i.ii'ave Hloye
i " lo nuk the question which heads tl.N . bells on the cows.
" J ir S! nT' 10 11 Vi"W' 1 "r,,M' ' ,,,b:,t ",,M"r ""l -tart' " ",r
iinli . iT'ii , f , lVi'"3 who have beeiiregiilar read-' S 1'iit has had hi. wagon loaded for
-Ucgula M fashioned Cholera has 0M ()f lia ,l:lp,r f(. , wo
TI'V"M" eifi imiiivi iU Vllll'Htl d. vl
The money taken at the dour for CiX"'s exactly like It has appeared lu this j months i
dipt. William Kaucherls now Act
ing Secretary of the Kast Forest Flour
ing Mill Company. He has entire
charge of the books
Capt. Poseirato's lecture was distributed
lUiioug the poor.
Head the poem "Down," in our lo
cal columns this week. It is one of
. . . .
uiose rare gems produced once in an
Tlie Wonians Union have rented a
portion of Mrs. Marklands premises
where hereafter they will hold their
county. Dr.
gives us all
publish next week
Ashwoith of NVwpoint
remember that about i;ihteen
iiiio this same Joint .nil..i-m.
WHS lirni-i.ti liiiiiiii.l ..It i
the lartleulars--wo u .,.,n,. ..r ...m..i ... ...
" '"in mm iieuueraic iilMcliooil
land atteiiijitlng to palm on tlie public
Upper Klnsey Creek. j genuine a jnjl letter. The ex-
Khitok Coi'ntv I'Ai'Eiti Though j l"",'"'u which followed was .so ovci
we have had several warm davs et the , whelming mid humiliating that a man of
lanes are still full of snow, so they are ' or,""ll,'.v scii-ibilitlcs would not have
I lutil the cheek to afterwards face his !
Mr. MciMcr, one of our merchants Is
thinking of mm lug his tin shop to Mail
land In the spring.
Jasper NVwIiind, f Atchi-on cotinh.
is vMtiug filemls and relatives, uud'l.H
the gue.-t of .Martin .Vowlaud.
Wo are getting up petitions in both
Holt and Andrew counties for a bridge
across the Nodaway river .-omewhero
north eatl of New Point. Wc expect a
On Thursday evenitig, March 10th. ! better now
Dr. Wayman of St. Josejih will preach j The sawyer at Hower'.s Saw Mill has
id the M. K. church, Oregon, Subject: loft lor pnrts unknown, or rather for
"Tlie Modern Dance." ' Forbes. M'hfcll Is itii inmii tlt.o It......
and business audi m n..,e. ' ,inum ...m i .
"UJ betouml constantly at the mill. f,nlal)i w, MM R ,mv fhltn. h(1.u ! Johny llowers is so fat that he can't
T he U omans l.'nlou havo proposed over twenty yoars ago, is jislting ! Rot over thu ley roads to Ins mill,
to Leo Miller to come to Ore-'ou and ! friends and relatives on Klnsev Creek. I '1'hu last snow storm was the worst
-Dr Fici:enbaum has removed, ten.-1 m''"""" ,Uir"' 6.W,,r,k,,J l,,u !n''-
pornrlly.to SI. Joseph, whrns at hi "" ,,l'1M,r,u,,,,' to "hm ,,,,,,r
fathers house, he may recover fivttu the i ...i' .... , . , , , i
injuries .lone to his leg. I 1 '"' """ ho wero I
Wl.llnvi-i.i.,..! ii i . ,. rabbit slavers for a while, when tlu-v
SumlM IT I , " 1:1,1,1 ""i1" "' eh....l Teaclieiv
No n t ! '''' .r1'"1 '1'11''-'" ol,u could see lUllv1
U.e worTt Z , , !'n:1 ,"in0"' I wltl1 h, nuy of scholars charing !
S t'LSdT 1,1,1 wl,,,,ir """ : ;"; !; '7? ww ?r V' i
' (to contain one or more rabbits, lie!
A poor womnn Hvlnir near thu fair stationed nl..k..ts ll'nitltit tint ttviili ii'trt, I
ground dird last week leavin-r a two elubs: then m.mi l.ts .L!,...i i..
fieo. H. Thomas has been very sick il-'J"'J "tntit-fs aud would have somrlil : ''"dge this time soniewheiv, and should
.... - i.i.i . it t . .
with I'licuniuniu Fever, but Is getting
lecture on 1 emperatice. We have let
ters from thosu who have heard Miller
and they represent him as a grand Or
ator. If he comes we may cxpout to
hear something far abuyu the common
It really ought to put people out of
patience to see road makers nnd men
iters here neglecting to put dams at the
lower end of cuts and "washouts."
They go mi lllllug up with dirt which;
dissolves and washes awav, whereas bv
darning, the gullies would lilt up with
out the cost of a dollar.
io iiiue ms sjianie Iiv L'oiiiL' when- lil
disgrace was unknown. Vet, with un
paralleled Impudence, we liml him now
( offering himoclf for ru-election to an
, olllee he has degraded and dishonored.
, His effrontery is inoiiuiiieiiliil.
What will . the retpotinu of the peo-
'pi.'? Is it possible that tiny consider-i
able number of them will approve his
uaiiigrc.ious i,y voting for him? Can
! it be that the moral sentiment of the
. community N such that falsehood and
I deception are not considered us delln
; qusneies to he condemned? To elect
, such a man to an honorable position,
under the circumstances, would be a
iiigruce to tint coun'y. i).
Tiw soft airs of last Thursday re.
laxed things eiwmgii to ttai t people Juto
clrculatluu ou our streets considerably.
Among others were JudgeKnsworth who
wants to buy a little land, not harlng
any to speak of: Mr. T. W. Collins
looking fat and ruddy, .Mr. Paschal of
A Irightlul accident happened on
the Wabash K. It. this side otHiclunond
last week, a bridge glving'away and let
ting a train of cars down into a deep
ravine. Prof. Proctor the celebrated
astronomer was on tlie tram and one of
the worst Injured, though not severely
-He is recovering at the PaeJlc Hotel
St Joseph.
l!oHflon has ll in slues llir Mlnat.1
HjirliiKS plciilc?',;ff.t Countii l'nt.
Knsily auswered. The Mineral Springs
plenie was held just two weeks after
that red wagon passed through Oregon,
eontalningthose frail females from one
of whom it is alleged little Hasncss
cauglit. Ins lirst attack ot KOiiorrtiea.
Thu disease had just broken out ou him.
ana, not being in a condition to travel, J
Pleasant Hill.
Health good.
Arthur Kustell has
I I.I I... . " ' ' "I"-111, -
..... us . ...am i or sone one to adopt, j while, with a icse.rvo force, would 1 "Ku ".v "' ''',' I'.v clulria and
I here aro'several Infants or young chil. watch ami If an v wero forttuuto enough i 1,ls ,1"s Mill dying.
Uren at the County infimaiy for whom to dodge the pickets they were prompt. 1 1!o,',' Patterson lost four head of
bomcs aru needed. , j ly dispatched by the Col. and his force. ! his '" ''"A?-1 ''V the snow drift.
A communication from Mound Citv, I 'on Wl!lu t"J most tliuy killed i ic I Farmers generally have been verv
irlrlmr I...... I . . ... - . .1 . .. " . .1 f....... ....
t i .""j; nun i vHieuiiy exaggerated i 1 v uo one was mu least nuiiiber, ' "" 11,11 l" "avu lost hii' inou
account of a recent accident to two ' WH"m iy slaughercd.
young ladles near that place who came I Look Out.
near losing their lives by drowning is
omitted at the renuest of frlemi. f n...
I ladles.
.uiuuu iu euiy ai iiome. 11. iiriico jari was recommended by
-The Mcnonite stoves ol jx.rcclalu, ! lh" ('',"""",,!u to Governor to be
lined with brick, used out iu Neb. are ! "I'i'ited County Jim lee Me.Cov
jidghlysiiokcn of. Tliuy burn straw or ro,,e"'". Mr Karl having served lor-
Jwy Instead of wood or coal. The like i . ' VK" ,pr' "n'nl satisfaction wo
have one at the lioint known .is flu. ti...
j bolt ford; as that is a center point be.
tween tlie (iialiam and the Holistur
bridges. This would do away with tlu
expen-e of grading up u long and wet
bottom. There are also laid out roads
right up to this point. Omkca.
Skating rinks arc common in and
around Itigelow j the school boys and
girls aru having lotsnff.n; skating is
ti m (.port but dangerous "to the ex
treme." On Thursday of hist week a tiuiu ran
over a hog near the depot both went
off the track ; the train was put luck ;
the hog wasn't worth putting pack.
On .Monday Cad McKoy shipped from
here for Chicago.two car loaiU,;il head,
of cattle al f l.uii, and one of hogsk.7
head, this stock was bought of .1.1..
Chiming, average, weight of cattle lif.
teen hundred ami forty eight pounds;
of hogs two hundred and .seventy eight.
On tliu same day Ashbrook shipped four
cars of hogs.
Dr. Cottmghani ,iud Win. Meyer of
Adair counU, Mo., tisited Dr. Minion
one day last week. Tncso gentlemen
were looking for a location, one as a
other as a druggist.
j .mock oy ttie si,ow storms.
j We wero pre.sout at thu last day of L
(Hiodbeck's school, and must v nl
tliough young in years has one of as old physl, Ian, U o
' I i "Ur Uml luu "vcriDr.Cottliighain graduated lu thu Pro
taught here. He has given good satis- ' fesston with Dr. Minion, in St. Louis,
faction aud is one ai.iong.st the favorite MNs Marv Twvi.ian, .lauglitcr of Dr.
teachers ot the county. His .school whs i Tu en. ,c im. ,,.. ..t i.,.,
lldvaiiced. Visitors I Wcilnesiluv. fur Ki,, I !iv ivl,...-..ul...
mmsen, plasterer and stoiw
mason, gat out the fotinihitlou rock
for the monuments for Miss Hoeeker
and FelLc Froelich's graves, at tho Ore
gon Cemetary. The monumuuts are of
the new White Unitize, a most siilendhl
sample of whicli can be keen on the lot
of Mr. li. 1J. Frazer, Mt. Mora, St Joseph,
They have not, yet been received, but
are daily expected.
Tho Craig Gazette retorU verv lust.
lyupon some local merchants who com
plain of ita recommendations of its St.
Joseph patrons and culls attention to
the twelve columns of local' ads bv
Mound City merchants in the "News"
of that toivu as contrasted with the col
umtiorso of tho like by Cralc tuer
chants in ita issues. Very just to! The
Gazette is faithlully conducted. Some
of our Oregon merchants might take a
Some three years neo. when it was
llrst suggested to our City authorities to
build a Hall, thu town had about twelve
hundred dollars. The Hall nilcht h ire
been built then, but luckily some civic
genius discovered a deep hole in the
South part of town in which to bury the
cash. To-day the towu has about
six hundred dollars idle. May not some
Napoleon of affairs find some hole at
some ether point of the compass wherein
to cast the fuadsP About four hundred
und fifty dollars will purchase and put
thoutickiutrt a Hall room, 35xG0: 16
feet high.- 0
We understand Mr. Ira Peter has
puraheaedhe 6cbade property adjoin,
ing King AProudii Drug Store, with thu
view of buildiniraa osrlv as nosiihlu a
One brick block. It is said that Kinir &
Proud will also join iu and nut un
another brick adjoining. We do hope
a Ifi foot high story will bo completed
ou top for a Hull. Now is thotlmofor
tho Womena Uiilou to make aomo ar
rangmenta for this. It has nlm.tv f
frwnds to encourage It In any effort of
iue Kina,
I Mound City. '
j Mr. Dawson is improving rapidly and
will soon bo able to attend to Ins mill
Mr. William Hall's horsu fell with
( Mini iu the eastern part of town last Ismail but well
: wee ; and crippled bin, lu the foot a.,,1 j present on ,hu lat day, John Stephen-, intend, i, to school'.
. - . mi-unu . ., , - - ..u iuuiii!. son. I'ri-sii i. ni ,.t ii... I- i . '
have been used for aires lie tlw i,i,..i nomination is a most tltone. ! r..,.i.. .. . . , ' . ... " ' ".. ""irs Tin
nut ons oil iu coin, .mil Jiff...-. - i On 'Inctiliv i, ,.i, i ... . . ., ... ... i ""'' cm ce, ites-
, , . " ; vnua. - -.- ....... ..... iu:,i .ii w. , mi iiij i.isi iieeK. ne was up and ate sa ftlenhoneon. Mr
filial HI at ia i til if. i ..ll. 11111 .. . . . . I f ntU fi'im1 II l. ... a ... i . ... ... I
r" ".. "niiuui. ii iii hoi Millie i "... mi luusueams i.astand Snni urea ;tnst urn i nnnr. s..ni. ,.fi r.... .i .
onetry ouo here? They nru the stove i "f ,""u was Mibllmelv loud nn.l im. illnn,..-. i. iv ,iu .i... i.-.i I" .
A..-H,...,r I.. I tl.,,-1 tm " w.u, nuiici.ru ino com plllsory
-niuiii.iiiuu hi snow i .urn uajiii .ii iii ii mw minutes, and nl-
.uu ne nan rapidly Mink and dissolved most before the family were aware of
during the day, filling the streams. j his sudden taking worse.
Hev. Mr. Showalter will preach) .Several of our citizens havo been vis
next Sabbath at ltichvillo at 11 a. m., j iting Crai during thu past week to at
and at horbes at night. These will bo j tend the series of meetings now in pro
His last appointments there for this 1 gross there.
..uit. aim ne wishes the entire nieml-er-1
shis to be present, as there will ho some i
John Itaniscv and '
- Mr. Dan Kunkul Sr. the Inventor of
thu celebrated Washing machine and of
sevwal very ingenlus patents, hns an
eshihitiou at our oflicu a natentml J...
vie for coupling cars, without the in.
terwfutiou of a tracksman. It is known
that the accidents, from coiidIIiil' ears
by hand, are innumerable and thu
source of continual damare to K. U.
eompauks, from the necctslty of having
a mau aland between tho cars when
they hump to-gether, In order to couple
them. Tin dilllculty iu devising a pat
ent comes from the fact that souiu cars
are empty or lightly laden, while others
are weighed down several inches by the
heavy freight in them, thus causing thu
device to couple them to pass abore and
hciowthe point .f locking. Kunkels
invention obviates this by a movable
coupmig.bar, which strikes an incline
extending from tho ontiosite car. whleli
iiicuno guides it surely to the point of
ocaagu. t no model has a comil..
-i ...... ... '
-m.uijis largo as win be necessary for
use on the trains and is so slnmli. 'ils
singular t has Iweii overlooked. It
can bo anaged from on top of tho cars,
on cltheAside, on the irroumi. or n.
derncathA It requires a man to un
couple byVving a lever, but couples
itself ; and . louples each car to the other ;
is, id the same wav one ear !
coupled to another, the latter is iu turn,
-uaencnto uie former. It is difficult
to tell how .(device, that works per
iectly In modV, wll om&to when ap
plied to thcstiLctnre It la designed for.
Kallurcs-omoliften from diffr.i..
a es and welg Its between models and
me structures. We cannot imalnn nm-
difficulty as to tho working of this, and
iujio ior uumauitys sake It may sue
mere are many other mlnm.
I argued at thu Highland
mm in icgaru to tho circuit. Hu aNo
desires them to bo prompt with their
ocnevoient gilts.
Mr. James Howell has returned
from Colorado. Ik- proposes to get up
a colony here to go back with him.
The object is to settle a roglon of lakes
The .Martha Washington Sociable at thought they would sui priMMiur i" teem,
thu Presbyterian Church last Tuesday j ed friend Hubert Pattersou at his nutu-
lilgelow school, term six mouths,
closes ou Friday, Miuch 4th.
lllgclow is to havo a grand musical
(vocal) entertainment on thcfih, given
by Prof. James (i. Clark, the great bal
lad singer.
One thermometer knocked below ze
ro, several window-lights broken, two
or three noses smashed iu, several eve
blacked, many "cuss" words used, a
.Slintn nf tin. r.ioiltc If.. I' ........
Q... , , . v.. ....... r.F. ,-mi.mi i;iii
tutu a number of the voiiiil' folk., i wiihln tl... i....- .1..... ...
r i ....... ..I.JB.
Friday ereiilngj the sjieakers we're, N.
F. Murray, Pres. I.aughlan, Miss l.W.7.h
Honnen, allli inatlve
an Lacy and Miss Josio
a'n -r
and.limbor iu Colorado, enter the lauds "iau, is out again.
night was multitudinoiisly
and was highly enjoyed.
J Filday evening there was a yuulablu
at .Mrs. Clark's about a mlln oulol'town
which many of our young people at-
Ii. M. Carter our M'wlnjr mvchliiu
lueimeu, uai icsiuelieu on the ev.-nlli'r of the ".Mb
and have a good tlmu; nnd soon theyi
were joyfully on their way. After par ;
tielpstlng a short tluut "in plays, the j
genial host announced refreshments.'
At an early hour till) Illlfilit iri-mtiMi
v "I'l.' a'iii'.i
weru preimring for their homes Miss I hood
Lveiybedy in the ucIghbnrhtK)
.Mr. Massiu s team ran off t
day and threw Mr. M. outtit
were broken.
..iss i-.mnia ratu iou o'
is vUitlnr rolativiis iu th'
aim go to getting out lumber. He rep
resents tho trees at thu proposed point
as capable of being made into the best
On Thursday afternoon of last
week, for thu first time since I ast Octo
ber the nir had that soft. Iia'.mv inilu-
euce that hints of Spring, flowers aud
the songs of birds. For thu first time
Binoo last frtll the bees wero out find
lug no hing but tho sweet Hps' of the
gins whence to extract honey
Tuesday thero was a salu of two wag
ons, teams and harness In town under
chattel mortgage. One team brought
Saturday tho constable, under order
from thu justice, sold the goods attached
It was a mlstaku ah
buyiiigjtho Poy Htm- hvi
Mr. W. J.Suhatftcl
t ii... n .
..limber aim i ill Hoffman presided
at the orgirn. Awong th,,,,. VVi,mn
wo noticed Misses Dora ISrown, Annie
" ,l""u "" zlo Ilonueu, Triumph Ijst FiMiv
Hinnlu Myers, May Kam.,ey, Lidda goo.l sehoo1,; is an c"
"';. mma iiuiatt, il.ena Laugh- has done 1,1s work
mi, r.iina i.a L' I) in., ni ni I o,...i.i...
In the cases against John P. Hoover. I Mattie Morris. J...,,, c,..-.ii ...,'.i a......!
The sale amounted to S'.'C2. Patterson: Musi. .,.. m n .....
r .Myers, w and I, Hoffman, Jacob
Frye of Colorcdo, Luni and Charlev
Patterson, James Pointer, (lilrs Laugli
d quiet.
ac otnrj'
no liuii.i'i
lower Jlwji
Mr, Paynw
Wo have learned that Mr. Chamber
was robbed one night last wevk (f some
25. or 30. The thief came into his
housu at night aud took thu money
I from the room lu which Mr. 0. was
now being removed from tho Tribune
jsc1 bis sch.vil aU
'. Ho taught n.
diclcnt uaeier,an(f(
.nr. au-.i jus, ji
lriemls in Mound
Mra. John Ho
her lu-alth.
Mr. K. lUiis
. DfthvAt .are visitly
dgiu is improvliig in
has rented Jj, taw
rm.iovi.,1 fmm vJi ,wl,,nfi' Thero havo been a number
ot tramps In town for u few days, and j ert Patterson
wu woiuu auviso tnat ocks and kuvs
leges in tula patent. For instanr. If
car jumps the track that moment it is
ucoupled: a child can manage It; 'tis
so simple that it is evor under control
and will not get out of order. It con
be used with the old bumpers aud cars
not using (tare readily attached to those
uaiog it. "Every imarinablo
Is obviated aud every convenience re
allzed, and I have put more time aud
money on it than any thing of the kind
I over tried," says thu Inventor. "Pif.
ty dollars will put It on aoverid car and
once tried it U bound to win."
Jluilding to 761 llroadway, New York;
and, as their business is necessarily iu
temporary contusion, it is probable that
the books recently ordered by W. W.
Davenport for various persons in this
county will not bo received as soon ns
anticipated. Duo notice will ' bo eiven
ot tneir arrival.
Nothiug is so much needed lu this
Country as cheaper bricks. The man
who invents them will be a friend in
deed. Tho fact is that jmr light, com
bustable, blow awayublu, freezing to
death pluu structures cost much more
ultimately, than brick at present prices.
Some years ago brick was put into thu
wall at St. Joseph for .Vf.O. If wo all
used bricks they would get much cheap
er. Insuranca ou u framo costs much
more, fuel costs moro, repairs, more,
and tbuy perUli in one tenth tho tlmu.
Tho high waters havo rolled down
the hills nnd there being no drainage,
(tho slreum bods being full of brush,
dirt, etc.,) tho whole lower bottoms aru
ovorflowod. This hus brotnrht to llcht
tin. Harlaiii I.miirlilin .i,.i, i i I
' ,..!. i. i.it u.iuitv.
Iiuiatt, Henry Houneii, Geo Warner.
Holla liamsoy, James, llnilev aud Hob-
J. P. U.
bo brought Into inoio general use dur
ing their sojourning amongst us.
Mr. Knowls has beunou a tradu with
D. M. Hlevlus for some time, trying to
sell bis house aud lots,
Corsant & Meyer, wo understand
have bought a lot and Intend to build a
brick business house 40xB0, two stories,
with hall over thu whole dnildlng. One
room is intended for tho Holt County
Rank another for their mammoth store.
Wo much need a hall and hope they
feay furulsh one.
Mr. Norman and Ira Peter wero iu
towu several days hut week, and It is
tuought from their movements that
they contemplate builduig and going Into
business hero, next spring and summer,
Tho next meeting of the Temperance
Alliance will bo held at tho M. R,
Clmrcb, March 7, 1801. The program
is, Address by A. H. Janiisnn; K-8a,v by
Dr, Koss, Chus. Kayhill, Miss Shoferj
Heading by Mlssos Mcyor and Philips:
doolamatlons, music &o. Allaroroquest-
and positivu
litheria, (Jan
in smuwi's
Inject Ms.su'
yon ilesirr
Price- m
Malno Nows.
Hop Hitlers, which am advertised in ' (,l'L'H'M'
u mi imuiiiiiji, mu a sure cunt for ague,
biliousness and kidnev complaints.
I hose who use them say thev cannot
,!..t0, "KM' recommended. Thosu
alll ctcd should give them a fair trial
and (.-ill become thereby enthusiastic lu
the praivo of their enrativu qualities
Portland Ad,
have a speedy
Curo. fur Catarrh ninii.
.kcr luyutu aud lloa i Aehe.
Catarrh itemedy J l ll!LSlll
4 with each ,lo,ttJe, U xc jt, jf
i health aud sweu' breath.
:ts. .Soli) by, T. i Himle
Mr. st
and tho face of day vast numbers of od to attend and tuko pait as a matter
i-viquu oi nnose existence tnoro was no i of onturtalniucut. Hkiit.
Spring Stock of Hats nnd Cans.
anew, stylish and cheap. Amus
Castlu. north side of pnbih, Hiuare.
Oregon, Mo. 1 '
Groceries exi, hanged forall kinds
of produce at W K Million's Forest City.
In BuihUnff
your home, havo good L ime, Hair,
ment, Doors, Lumber, Lath, etc. 1..
Zowk & Co.,Forust City, Mo.,aru t-el
tueao articles at way low down fig
King Grtve,
.ied. Ff,l)..20fh, iiy Ef Downey,
H. Stniiiliiiiiii'h Ir nt. i.i..
ulr m,ull)f Holtwitnty. .
troi 0 ttU4t ,l,al M W11 b ",vc no im,ro
no. Ma ,,,?l,t p01-'" ' ,lr nnty pa
' ,-s thu sainu week they ar 'printed, as
have got the )Hi(to;f .mnged ro that
io will get. our (pall from Maitland
.uitcifd of Cr;ilg,
Prof. Cmnphejl w , dog,, u our
months tunii qf aidioo t nn
y next
fiiilimlWi updWOT juturothoussertlou
l)l ther.e is q. .rtc)uM. j Holt cou.
y that has li(d, Jess encouragement and
more pulling agar lWt the- atream than
ll" Smii.kx
For Cash vou can (rut wiiii- i., .
pork very low. HestCuUBl-r fLr
0. N
W F .M Into n. Foicst Cty, V . .
groceries cheap for cash. mw ffP
t?Hpr oveinonts
ticera to mi aik 0,i 0f j,y mny J(o.
member m mtcrial well bought ii
lalHiriiavail, ' u. i. zok & Co., 'or.
est CHy, frttl Mi vwl 0ur iMft&,r .
Lath, Wtf PS,
Doors, 'cte,, ul be4
yoek figlV'0

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