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He K&ve me knife one day at school,
Four-Mailed, the handle of pearl
And ertat black words on the wrapper atd
. "For the datllngest little girl."
I wu glad t Ob, yes, yet tbo crimson blood
I To my young check came and went,
And my heart tlmrapcd wondrouely plt-a-pat,
lint I didn't know what It meant.
One night he said I must Jump on his slcJ,
For the snow was falling f aU;
I was halt afraid, bnt he coaxed and coaxed,
And he got me on at last.
Laughing and chatting la teeny glee,
To my home his coureo lie bent;
My eUtcrs looked at oach other and smiled,
But I didn't know what It meant.
The years pasted on and they touched his eye
With a shadow of deeper blue;
They Rave to his form a manlier grace
To bit check a swarthier huo.
Wo stood by the dreamily rippling brook,
When the day was almost spent,
His whispers were soft as the lullaby;
And now I kpow what It meant I
Fire Damp.
Mr. rilmsoll suggests that fire-damp
should bo withdrawn from mines by
ylpoH, just as Iho water Is pumped up
from tho sump, lio would -niako a
"sump" for gas in tho hlglrcst part of
tho roof, and then allow tho gas to cs
capo from tho workings up a vortical
tubo to tho sump, whence it would bo
pumped to tho surface, and employed
for llcutine tho village Mr. rilmsoll
thinks Unit such a plan would give nb
soluto and Immediate control to tho
managers of a pit over any gasscs which
might bo lurking in the roocsscs of tho
mino; and he suggests thaMf his reme
dy is lound useless somo scientific or
philanthropic body should offer a pro
mium ot 20,000 for tho discovory.of
a means of entirely proventlng coal
mino txploslons.
Ilubbcr Cement.
Four ounces puro india-rubber, ono
eighth ounco powdered asphaltum, put
together in a tin enn, then add about
six times tho quantity of benzlno, lot it
stand thrco or four days, then tako a
stick and work it over, then add benzine
and stir it well until you have it about
tho consistency of honoy; then It Is
ready for use It should bo covered as
tight as posslblo whilo dissolving, and
afterwards. To uso it, scrapo tho pol
ish from tho rubber, then apply tho co
ment to thoplacotobo mended and also
to a picco ot rubber to bo used as a
patch. Dry half au hour and apply an
othorcoat, then, after another half-hour,
press tho patch into its placo over tho
break. Like all other preparations con
taming benzino, it must bo kept away
from fires, as it is as explosive as burn
PrcHcnrlncT'tHo Ueatl.
Ono of tho most siraplo and cffectlvo
piocosscs, it would appear, for preserv
ing tho dead has recently been brought
forward in Germany. By this mothod,
it is .:tated, tho dead bodies of human
beings and animals fully retain their
form, color and flexibility continuously,
and may bo dissected, whilo decay and
offensivo emoil nro completely provont
cd tho muscularllcsh, upon incision,
presenting tho samo nppearanco as in
tho case of a frosh dead body. Tho
liquid used for this purposo is propared
as follows: Threoiquarts boiling water,
3 ounces alumG drachms common salt,
3 drachms saltpetor, 2 ounces potash,
und 2 J drachms arsenic acid; tho salts
arodissolvedinthowater, and then thoro
aro addd two pints ot glycerine and
one-halt pint of wood alcohol. Tho em
balming is accomplished by simply sat
uratmg and impregnating tho bodies
with this composition, from 1 to fivo
quarts being used for a single body.
A MurIc 'sLuntcrn.
A simplo maglo lantern, from tho con
struction and uso of which a good deal
of instruction and amusomcnt may bo
derived during winter ovonings, is do
scribed in tbo Scientific Amorican. A
small box, a koroseno lamp with an
argand burner, a littlo fish-globo filled
with puro water and a common doublo
or plano-convex lens nro all tho mated
als necessary to make it. A holo is
bored in tho top of tho box to permit
tho chimnoy ofGho lamp to pass through
and allow tho hoat and tho products of
combustion to oscapo. In tho side of
tho box around holois cut, largo enough
to admit a portion of the globo, which
is suspended inside the box closo to tho
lamp. A ploco ot common window-
glass Is then, nlolstonod with a strong
solution of sulpuato of soda, and placed
on a stand or clip so that tho light from
tho lamp will bo focused on it by tho
globo. Tho image of tho glass will thus
bo thrown upon a seroon when tho lens
is properly adjusted. Tho 'formation of
the crystals of tho sulphate of soda will
bo soon oloarly on tko screen, and ap
ipoar llko tho magical growth of a for
est. Any ingenious family can 'readily
idevlso a groat number of interesting
.experiments wfh this Inexpon&ro lan'
torn. U 0
Evolution oftlto Home.
In a reoent pQor before tL"3 Zoologi
cal Socioty exLdhdon, Tro?essor Hux
ley illustrated tho laws of evolution by
xoieronce, among othoj animals, to tho
ihorso. Thero is evidence, he said, tho
raluo of which has not been disputed,
and which in my judgement amounted
to proof, that, botwoon tho commence
ment of tho Tertiary opoch and tho
present tlmo, tho 'group of tho E quid to
has boon represented by a. sorles of
forms, ol which tho oldost in that which
departs least from tho general typo of
structure of tho higher mammalia, whilo
tho latest is that which most widely dif
fers from that typo. In faot, tho oarll-
est known equlno animal possossos four
complete sub-equal digits on tho loro
feet, three on tho hind foot; tho ulna is
cempluto and dUtlnot lrom the radius; j
tho fibula is complote aid distinct from
tho tibia; thoro aro fortv-lour tooth,
tho full nnmbor of canines boing pres
ent, and tho cheek-teeth having short
crowns, with simplo patterns and early
formed roots. Tho latest, on tho other
hand, has only ono comploto digit on
each foot, tho rcstbolng represented by
rudiments; tho ulna is reduced and par
tially ankylosod with tho radius; tho
fibula is still moro reduced and partially
ankyloscd with 'tho tabla; tho canlno
teeth nro partially or completely sup
pressed in tho females; tho first ohcek
teeth usually remain undeveloped, and
when thoy appoar aro very small; tho
other cheek tcoth havo long crowns.
with highly complicated pattorns and
lato formed roots. Tho Equldnj of In
termediate ages exhibit intermediate
With rcspoct to tho Interpretation of
theso facts two hypotheses, and only
two, appoar to bo Imaginable The ono
assumes that theso succcsslvo forms of
cquino nnlmals havo como into cxlstonco
Independently of ono anothor. Tho
other assumes that thoy aro tho gradual
modification undcrgono by tho succcs
slvo members of a continuous lino ol
ancestry. As Professor Huxloy was no,
awaro that any zoologist maintained tho
first hypothesis, ho did not fcol called
upon to discuss it. Tho adoption of tho
second, howovor, was equivalent to tho
accoptarco ol thodoctrino of evolution
so far as horses aro concornod, and in
tho nbsenco of tho evldenco to tho con
trary, ho should supposo that it was ac
cepted. Coiicli'N PrrillctlonN for March.
Tho weather for March, 1881, will bo
foggy, wet, cold and dlsagrooablo. Tho
month will open warm, windy and rainy.
Tho storm with which Fobruary ends
will continue in March. Tho Atlantic,
coast from Nova Scotia ito Florida will
be swept by llcrco Inshoro winds with
rain. Theso will ccntor nonr 3d, fol
lowed -1th and 5th by high barometer,
aad In moro northern localities by cold,
high oft'-shoro winds antTsnow. Lessor
storm areas will follow near fith, and
9th, ending with high barometer; nnd
cloarirjg sky except on areas covered
with snow. A sorles of storm areas
will sot In near 13th, with rain or snow
13th, 11th and 1.1th, with genorally
oastcrly to southerly winds; Increasing
to mild weather 17th with high storm
tonslon, and a thunder storm; followed
19th with high barometer and generally
clearing sky. A sovoro storm will sot
In 22d to 23d, preceded and followed by
cool weather, and with high barometer
21th. Storming again i'Gth. Milder
weather will sot in tho 28th, but fol
lowed by fierco, cold, wild skies, tho
month going out nnd April opening very
boisterous and rough. Storm centers,
auroras, and earthquakes near 3,1), 0,
13, 17, 23, 20, 31. E. J. Couch.
March Atlantic.
Shakespcaro and Nowton, and Clivo
nnd Hampden, and oven Henry VIII.,
havo dono much to make England just
what she is for good and for ovll; but
tho ordinary law-loving, stubborn, Lnrd
headod, stolid, cnergetio Englishman
has dono a great deal moro. What wo
English now aro wo owe ti littlo to
William tho Norman and Honry tho
Angovin, to Cromwell and to Welling
ton, to Wickllffo and to Wesley, to
Darwin and to Spencor; but wo owo
it a groat deal mnro to tho nameloss
pirates who pecplod Kent and Eaat
Anglia, to tho hunted Celts who hung
on to Hfo and liberty in Wnloa and
Cornwall, to tho unknown yeoman and
artisans of tho Middle Ages, to tho for
gotten Puritans, nnd buriod merchants
tho manufacturers and inventors and
toilers of later tlmos tlraos. What you
Amorlcans now aro you'owo in part to
thoso noblo men who gave you your
constitution, and to thoso groat workers
and soldiers who preserved tho Union;
but you owo a thousand times moro
you abovo every nation upon earth to
tho average American citizen, and to
his predecessors, tho average colonists
of the oldor days, and tho avorago Eu
ropean sottlers of tho present tlmo
After Mr. Galton, thoro is littlo need
to demonstrate that groat men them
selves aro but slight deviations from a
genoral lovol of intelligence or taste,
just as fools aro slight deviations on tho
othor sldo. Except In a generally mo
chanical raco, you will not find a Watt
or an Edison; oxcopt in a generally
literary raco, you will not find a Shako
spearo or a Gee tho; except in n genor
ally roUbotio raco, you will not find a
Llonardo or a Beothoyon. Wo never
sco an inborn Raphaol at Memphis dis
covering all tho laws of perspoctlvo off
hand; wonoversco an original Chan
nlng or Howard springing at onco into
existence amongst thohoad-huntlngDy-aks;
wo novor sea nn Incongruous Now
ton hitting suddonly upon tbo law ot
gravitation in somo Zulu village Tho
great problem for our solutionis this:
How did Athens, or Romo, or mediaival
Italy, attain its gonoral character? and
then wo can easily answor tho iurthor
quostlons; How did thoy turn out from
tlmo to c3mo a Plato, a Pompolus, or a
Eyry raco posso:so3 a cortaln moan of
character, iutolleotual, emotional,
moral, and lujthotle From this moan
variations ariso in ovory particular on
oithor side; and how thoy ariso wo shall
'inqulro Iurthor on. But for tho present
It, is sufllolont to point out that tho vari
ations always boar a certain general
proportion to tho mean: thoy seldom
very largoly defloot lrom it in oithor
dirdotlon, and nover very largely in tbo
direction of higher or inoroasod powers.
Tbo avorago Englishman has a certain
fairly fixed moral, intellectual, and rcs-
thetlo nature Even our deviations nro
not oxtrome. A bad E .gllshman is not
usually a cannibal, llko tho F-.jlans: a
stupid Englishman is not as a rule, uu
ablo to count fivo, llko tho Bushmen;
a Philistine Englishman docs not habit
uilly boat a tom-tom, or smear himsolf
with putrid fat, llko tho Hottentots.
On the othor hand, our upward varia
tions nro llkowlso In n certain propor
tion to our mean. Even a Darwin or a
Spenccrstnnda at a comparatively moas
tirnblo dlstanco fromthe avorago run of
our naturalists and our philosophical
thlnkors; oven Mr. Morris and Sir.
Frederick Lolghton nro in tho samo
category with our avorago water-color
painters and dccoratlvo artists. Wc
shall, I hepo, soo reason hereafter to
think that theso exceptional individuals
aro tracoablo tu tho convcrgenco of cer
tain special lines ot decent; and as such
convcrgenco must, on an average, oc
cur, In a settled number of births, a
settled nutnbor of times, li, may fairly
bo said that tho exceptions nro neces
sary products of tho mean. And as
only, but with tho avorago mon of each
such exceptions vary only within mod
est limits as tho exceptional Hotten
tots and Digger Indians still, whilo tho
Platos and Crcaars and Schlllcrs nro at
bottom Hollenes, or Romans, or Gor
mnns still it may bo fairly said to fol
low that whatever accounts for tho
mean accounts for tho variations ns
well. For this reason It seems to mo
that tho geographical Hellas to tako a
concrete example not only produced
tho avorago Athenians and Syracusans,
but also equally produced tho Arlstotlcs
and Eucllds and Archimedes whom tho
prior existence of tho avorago Athenian
and Syracusan alone mado possible
Measles nnd Scarlet Foyer.
It is important to bo ablo to readily
distinguish between theso two diseases,
which nro in somo respects similar.
Measles present tho eppoaranco of a
patchy' redness of a circular form, show
ing white between, with small pimples
that feel llko littlo hard points. Tho
mouth and throat aro red and inflamed,
causing a cough and othor symptoms of
cold. About tho third day tho oyes be
como inflamed and watery. In spito ot
all rcmodlcs tho symptoms do not abate
A day or two later tho eruption appears
upon tho neck and head and then ex
tends over tho rest of tho body. At
last it attacks tho bowels, causing diar
rheal, and then tho other symptoms
quickly disappear. Tho essential point
in tho treatment is to avoid taking cold.
Thoro are fow diseases that so readily
and completely recover with perfect
nursing, and few that entail such a se
ries ot misfortunes without ic. Medi
cine is soldom necessary. A portion of
tho body at a tlmo may bo sponged with
warm water and then carefully wipod
dry, boforo extending tho operation
Tho room should bo well aired, but no
current of air should touch tho patlout
Tho food should bo light and easy of
Scarlot fovor is also red, but it has a
smooth feel in tho skin, and tho redness
is sufl'usod like a blush, which deepens
till it is very rod. Thero is loss of op
petite, pains in tho limbs, and soro
throat; this is tho dangerous part. In
scarlot fovcr tho .patient seems to havo
no cold, ns in mcuslcs. But littlo troat
ment is needed in mild cases. If tho
urino is not freo, drink flax-seed tea
or lomonade Garglo tho throat with
red popper, vinegar and water, or a so
lution ot chlorate of potash. Tho main
thing is to bring out tho rash and keop
it out. Nothing etn comparo with Ire
quent warm baths for this purposo; or,
if thoro is much debility, warm spongo
bath. Check thirst with lemonade, but
termilk, etc. Kcop the room cool and
woll ventilated. Meat or poultry broth
and soups may bo given. Scarlet fovcr
is also a discaso that must mu its course,
and tho patient is to bo protocted by
careful nursing from death, or somo of
tho unfortunato complications that so
frequently lollow this disease
rotutown Dally Ledjer.
A Michigan journal relates tho follow
ing: Amos James, Esq., proprietor of
the Huron Houso, Port Huron, Mich.,
sutt'ercd so badly with Rheumatism that
"3o was unablo to raise his arm for thrco
moeths. Fivo bottles of St. Jaoobs Oil
ourcd him entirely.
A Duel With Bows And Arrows.
On ono occasion bows havo boon bent
with most bloodthirsty intent. On Fob.
1791, a very ludicrous duol took
pYJco at Edinburgh, of which, unfortu
nately, only this moagro account is pre
sorAd: "Two gentlemen mot on tho
Moaiilows, suppllod with bows and ar
row to docido a point of honor. Thoy
woro accompanied by seconds, and
ad a surgeon In attendance in caso
their idlan artlllory should by any
meansjnrovo effective After a harm
less oxtniango of thrco shots tho parties
rotirodjlho point of honor doubtless bo
ing sattlfaotorlly arranged. If similar
woapoaj wero always omployed in duel
ing," adds tho nowspapor roporter,
this amusomont would speedily bocomo
unfashionable, seeing that tho seconds
would run qultons great, it not a
greater, risk than tho principals."
Hystorics Is dofluod by an old bacho
lor as a dlsoaso peculiar to women,
which may usually bo consldorod as a
sign that tho system requires a now
Atchison Champion.
An Indiana newspaper thus writes:
Mr. Goo. F. Holdorlo, of Peru, Ind.,
says that ho had suffered vorymuoh
with rhoumatism and used many reme
dies without bonoflt. He found the de
slrod roliof In St. Jacobs Oil.
Quenching Thirst.
Hull's Journal pf Health.
Noarly a hundred years ago Dr. Und
suggested to Capt. Kcnnody that thirst
might bo quenched at sea by dipping
tho clothing in salt water and putting It
on without wringing. Subsequently tho
Captain, on being cast away, had an
opportunity of making tho experiment.
With great difficulty ho succeeded in
persuading part of tho mon to follow
his example, and thoy all survived,
whilo tho four who refused and drank
salt water becamo dollrlous nnd died.
In addition to putting on tho clothes
whilo wot, night and morning, thoy
may bo wotted whilo ou two or three
times during tho day. Capt. Kennedy
goosontosay: "After these operations
wo uniformly found that tho violent
drought went oil and tho parched tonguo
was cured In n fow minutes after bath
ing and washing our clothes, whilo wo
found ourselves as much refreshed as
though wo had received somo actual
nourishment." Tho baro possibility of
tho truth of tho statement makes it a
humanity for any paper to glvo It a
wido publicity, slnco thero nro few read
ers In any hundred who may not go to
sea nnd bo shipwrecked. Wo person
ally know that wading In water quench
es thirst, and very fow remombor being
thirsty while bathing at tho scashoro or
whilo swimming In our rivers. When
tho fearlul horrors of dying with thirst
nro remembered, nnd tho moro foarftil
madness which Is tho certain result of
drinking sea water to allay thirst, it Is
ccilalnly wo'.l to oncourago individual
experiment in Ibis dircstion nnd so.
licit an authenticated report of tho
M. ajiVLVinwa tavaaai aaj. mar-la u
Mirny diseases, especially thosu of the nerv
ous system, are the product of dally renewed
mental exhaustion. llusUcss avocations oft
en Involve an amount of meuUl wear and
tecr very prejudicial to physical health, and
the professions, If arduously pursued, arc nn
lotj destructive to brain and nerve tleiue. It
H one of the most important attributes of
Hosteller's Stomach Hitters that It compen
sates for this undue loss of tissue, nnd that It
Imparts new energy to the brain and 'nerves.
Thu ranldllv with which It renews weakened
l'l..rfl,jl.nl1liiiil IVIimulLm,
mental energy and physical vi nifty Is re-
mrriiauii', unit suuws mat nn luviL-unmuK
.properties are of the highest order. 'Besides
iucrcaslog vital stamina, and counteracting
the effects ot mental exhaustion, this poten
tial mcdlclno rures and prevents fever and
auue. rheumatism, chronic dvsrcofU and
constipation, kidney and uterine weakness
and other complaints, l'hyslclans also corn-
menu u as a rucmc.uiMsiimuiani ant, remcuy.
An Irishman knows how to wittily
overcomo nil difficulties. "What shall
I do with this unsightly heap of rub
bish, Pat?" "Dig a holo and bury it,"
answered tho man of lnnontion. "Ah,
yes, Pat, but what tm I to do vlth tho
dirt out of tho wholoP" Well, sire, I
would advlso you dig a holo big enough
for tho wholo of it."
A man who was running for cdllco re
signed hurriedly whon ho discovered his
mohor-in-law was making a scrap-oook
of all tho hard thincs tho opposition pa
pers wero saying of him.
"Job, my dear," said his wife
wreathed in smiles, "I wish' you had
been at church this morning. Mr.'Good
will was very Interesting; nnd when ho
prayed for tho absent ones" -"Well
that accounts for it, then. I haven't
caught such a string of Ush lor a yoai
as I did this morning?"
The fco of doctors Is an Item that very many
persons aro Interested In Just at prrsetit. Wu
believe tho schedule or visits Is $3.00, which
would tax a man connneu to ins unworn year,
ana In need of a dally visit, over l,000 a year
for medical attendance alono I And one single
bottle of Hop Bitters taken In time would save
tno isi.uou anu an tne year's gicunes?. i oh.
If vou are hairless ami caour there Is ono
way and no moro by which jou may he made
cureless anu nappy use uaiuioi.i.nk, a ueo.
dorlzed extract of petroleum, It will positive
ly make new hair grow.
IOuvlett Until!) ,
What Is more handsome tlun a nice, brltht,
clear complexion, sbowliiR the beauties of
perfect health? All can enjoy theso advau-
tacesnyusinfr Ecciric miters, impure umou,
and all diseases of the Stomach, Liver, Kid
neys and Urinary Oruans, are speedily cured
For nervousness and aU attcnilent. ailments,
they are a nevcrfalllnpremedy, and positively
cure where all others fall. Try the Klcctrlc
Bitters and be convinced of their wonderful
merits. Foreale by all drugRUts at fifty cents
a bottle.
A dure Cure Vimml t I.u(. Ku Oue Xeed
A mrecnrfl for tho Blind. Blce(llr(r.ItcilnK and Ul
cerated Hlri lias been i)lcovered bjr Dr. Wlillauii (an
Indlaa remedy), called Ur. Wllllunu' Indian Oint
ment. A iIokIo box baa cured ttio wutit chronic caiet
of ,ind!)rara (landing. No una need auller live
minute" after apnlvlnit Hill wonderful nouthlni; mcdl
clno. Wllllam'Oln'menlnliorl) the tiimorn, ul!
the Intemu Itchinit (particularly at nl.iht after cettlnn
warm In lid, ) acta at a poultice, Klvc Initanc and
patnlcai relief, and In prepared onlr for l'lles, Itching
ot theprlvatn paru. and nothing clae.
Head what the Hon. J. SI Coitlnberry, of Cleveland,
art about Dr. Wllllami' Indian 11 lu Ointment! 1
hare tucdacoreaof pile cures, and I havo never found
anything which, gwe inch Immediate and permanent
relief oa Dr. Williams' Indian rile ointment.
For tale by all UruKg at, Qt mailed oa receipt of
price I1.UU.
tHenry & Davles, Prop's,
Clnvnlnnil. Olilo. j
Incredulity exists in certain minds a to
many well established facts, but not even the
Individual who disputes the rotundity of the
earth, has been heard to deny tho wholoiome
neesaud purifying effects of Qlenn's Sulphur
How tu Hccurc lXcalth.
It seems strange that anyone will suffer from
derangement brought on by Impure blow!,
when Ecovill'b Sausapaiiilla and Stillin
oia. on Ulood and Liveii 6vnup will rastore
perfect health. It Is a strengthening syrup,
pleasant to take.andbas oroven Itself to be tho
iiest nwoD ruiiiFlEu.eirectuilly curing Scrof
ula, Syphilitic dUorders, Weakness of the Kid
tieys, Erysipelas, Malaria, all Nervous disorders
and Debility. Bilious complaints and all Dis
eases of the lllood, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach,
skin, etc, It corrects Indigestion. A single bot
tle will prove to vou Its merits as a health
renewer.for It ACTS LIKE A OIIAHM.esvecl
ally when the complaint Is of an eznaustlve
nature, having n tendency to lessen the nat
ural vigor of the hral" and nervous system.
BAKER'S PAIN fANACKA cures pain In
Man ad Beast.Usoeiternal)y and Internally.
Ul Instantly destroys worms and removes the
secretions which cause them
Use Reddlng's ItusBia Baivn Outs, Burns,
Tickling causes luuguter, outwbpn a doctor
tickles a person out ot (25or $50 for a cure of
a contrac ted private disease without doing any
good, tho laugh doss not como In tho right
place. The same person writes to S. Black
ford, 140 West Third Street, St. Paul, Minn.,
to send him a bottle of Dr. Halllday's Blood
Purltler and a packago of Dr. Ualllday'a Wash
and Injection, which only costs htm three dol
lars for the lot. and cures himself la no time,
thon Is where tho laugh comes In to see how
foolish ho had been nn thw tr.
icn i Joliii A. l.oirun,
Jlero of the late war and now TJnlted States
Senator from Illinois, writes! "Somo years
ago I was troubled more or less with the rhou
matism, and hava within the last year or so
suffered Intensely with the same disease. I
besran to take 'Durang'a Rheumatic Remedy,'
and am thoroughly satisfied that I hare been
permanently cured by Its use. I do not heel
lite to recommend It to all sufferers."
A NiiitrlH Nf one
from a runnlnz broox slew the elant Goliath,
and millions of noble mn since that time
have died from a tingle stone in the bladder,
which Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure
would have dissolved and cuMud away.
fjuaiiirv? AiKjiiJN'r i,i,ovi:k.
It Is natural for people sulferlng with Dys
pepsia and Liver Complaint or any derange
ment ot tho digestive organs, such as Sour
Stomach, Sick Headache. Habitual Costive-
reus, palpitation oi tne man, ueari uuru,
U'nter.lirnnli. cnawliie and burning r.atns at
tho pit of the 8tomach. Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and disagreeable taste lu the mouth,
coming up of food after eating, low spirits,
Ac, to put oil from day to day buying an ar
ticle that they know has cured their neighbor,
friend, or relative, yet they have no faith In
It until It is ton fate. But It you will go
to your Druggist and get a bottlo
of (iitrnN's AL'oust FiAWEK your
Immediate cure Is as certain as you live, fn ra
il e bottles ot tins meuicino can no outaincu
or 10 cents to try Its superior virtue.
Regular site 73 cents. Try It, twodoscswlll
relieve any case.
I.roi.'s Wcel Stlllencr Is tho only Invention
that will raako old boots straight as new.
Don't IMo on tho IrcmUoH.
AaV llrnirirlitA fnr "ltntich on Rats." It
clears out rats, mice, bed-bugs, roaches. Only
rr nnx. .
tinner. ileMiteilto tho
Iuterestof Western Farmers,!
-Hill :it unci tor iron snmniu rouyni airwsi
l!l).Ut'.STi:.ll nud WI'STHKN FAlt.tl
J.5( UNA I.. B. CltiR, IMItor. A I'limy
liiirilcii,lloiiH'lililnnu iniMiic'.M.iinn
iiiil.ttmrn villttnliln limn niativ sold At &5. tiiallcd
riee tu wcrytivweumcnucr. acoouriowciuu
rule with other tuptM. Address,
lIO.Hi;vru.l, l(K.tlolnei, Iowa.
DUUUICO Territory givon. CaUlocuo frw
tloyi Liven. VM tn. Illuitrated. Price
II, SO. rroipeciimnic.. Dig par. Oih
MimaH'iriin. .1 w.MrMi.t i.nuta
Month nnd Ilipeiiara
ftft-tll I HUUirai, .,.. a. luimtaiu.TTwmaiu.u
Alao SALARY ffrnmntli. All EXPENSES
hluto uhlrh prfft'irpi
aaranera. ivaukn prompllr pld. SLOAN
V Co. aim tlcorgiyMt. Cincinnati. t.
fCAO llholren Inthewotld ltnportert'iirteii
I LHOi-l.nrnnt I'umrnitir In America tpli
Hrttle pluses everybody Truilo continimlly (0
crenilnir Aw-nls wnnted everywhere best Indiut
imnts-ilnri't ii,ti time-Send for eiri nlar.
IHIIl'TWKLt,8,4.IVieBt..y. V 1'. ( not 1W1.
a imMttveetlru. Sueilt.
tine out. No eating out,
No Imtolni out. No pain.
home. Ajdrii.
Can bv Uruil by piUltntla
W. t 1MYKE, M. !..
Miirhnlltown iowit.
One Cent
will buy a romil card on which ! scnil your nihlrei
and rieelvu freo (loitngefiru Mill alio ii'k'i' book on
"The liher, II llliieiiitfM 11ml Ihclr Treat
ment," Inrlu.llnz Mnlnrlxl trouhlei.
Addr 1 1 it Hnvtnnt). Iftillrindway. V, Y
fur nit thoRC Faln1il C'omplnlnti nnd Wr aln!f
ftorommon faourbckC fviuule populutlan.
It will cure utlly tti Mort form of rimalQCitn
plaint. aU OTariitn troubles, Inflammation and Ulnva
tlon, Kallliiff ajkI II-;placcmcnt. fltl tho consequent
Spinal Wcakiicti, and 1 1 "articular Jy adapted to Qo
CliMico of Uti'
It will dUsdlro And fxpoltunorsfrcmthoutrrujHi
nn sarly tUpof dLveiiipincnt, Tlu tendency to can
citoui humors thero U cht eked very t-)ieediJy by Its una.
It rcmovfifalntntur. flatulency, ih rtwy.mU crarlnit
forptimulanta, and relieves wtaknesi oXthottonmcIi, if
J5 cures uioatiiiic, lu.uueiicn, ferrous I'rofiraticn,
General lAbllH;., Mki'iJcuutbS, iKprcteion and Indl
That feellnff o bearing down, cauilnjy pain, weight
end backache, la ulways pcrmaneMty cuml by Its use,
Jt will at all tl'jrvi and under all clrcumtaiicci act In
liArmony with the Jaws that govern tho fcnmlo synttm.
I'or tho euro of KUney Couiplalctd of cither m.x thli
Comiiound in iin?arpa?nel.
lyi i:. riM;iiAsrfl Trr.TAiu,E com.
POt'M)li prepared at S3.1 and 235 A Vet tern Avenue,
Lynn, Moss, X'rco$L SItbottIesfor$ Sent by maf
(u thft form of pillj, bUo In tho form of lozenges, o
receipt of price, (1 irbox for cither. Mr. I'inUmm
freolyanflwersaUIrtterrfof Inquiry, Bend forpoiuph
jet. AtUrcM as aoovi. Mention (hit Jijrt
family fhould bo without LYPTAU riNlCIUHVl
LIVKU I'lLIA They tur conrtlpatlon, bUloUbnos
and torjtldlty of tholtTtr, MceDtJpcr box.
AU nitunaiSTS. .
iririNErv nictrAcrc
trvMc!nntlrm nnd Piles. Pi
l)r, It. H. nirlc, Bouth Hero, Vt. (art. "In eafe;
of fcidnty Trunbli-a It lias acted llico a charm, it
hoa cured many very luul rasea of 1'Um, und has
nererfalledtoaetctllelentlr." .
Nclfon ViUrehlld, or HU Aftuinf, Vt, imyf-'lt 1;
of prlcrlcMYalue. AfU'mUteen ytara ofpreat
iiffprlnir frniti lUi.a and COMtlvunuua It com-
Pl'f'r euredme.-' ....
ixitf asoToroIivtroudKldney Complaint,' j
airnhiUdnno wonders for tno In commcUly cur- I
IT HAS iirifvo
POWER, ammmm
Scciuo It A:ti en tit LITIS, ths BOWEW ml
UlZIDU73 li till time tlmo.
RanniiM 1 rttnnn.H the svatam Of I
tnonoisonousnumorstnat aoveiopa
inKianeyan.a urinary aiooneoo, un
louanesii Jaundice, Constipation,
Pllaa. orlivRhoumatlsm. Noura ela
l una norvouo uiouruurD
KI1INKY.WOUT U adrr Ttcetable cm.
pound nud can bo feat by wall prepaid.
Onepackib'e lll inakoilxits of medicine.
tyllur II at the nrua-t-Uta. l'rlce, t.S0.
TTILL3, iitzizizm & co rrejnetor,
12 (Wlll..iiai.iliIJ.) IturlliiiloB, vt.
KBaaf aaaan.aai aa.aK.KBi triin;:flKKB
In reapouao to tho urcent requcata of great
nuinbcraofpoopl. Trhojjrofor to puroluM a
KldnevWcrt Uroady prcparoa, tho pro.
crlotoraof thia Mlebrotod remodr now pre-
par. It In Uauld form u well M dry. It la
very concentrated, la put up In Urge bottle.,
and la equally efficient na that put up dry In
tin can. It ua vou tho necoaalty of prepaiins,
it alwayo ready, and la mora easily taken by
moat poopU, IMce, 91 per bottle.
lVt'I.LS, ltlCIUltDSOX A CO., I'rop'n,
1 A llurllaartoa. Vt.
or 1MB
General Eodilr rains,
No rrtpintlon ea firth tquiU Sf.Jiroin Oil. m ft art,
sen, imrl.nn l rur.ir Kiutnnl Memoir. A trlltcnulll
liuittici.in rult,ljf lrimKiratly of ,'iHCitM, nodmrr
nit tuSfrlnff tth t jlncan 1 Y cltvlpbud mitlts wf vt
ItltlMini. iiiu.u-riONH IX ELKVLK HM.11UU.
tuMiiKiir, Mil., U.S.A.
hop bitters;
(A .Medicine, not it Itrlnli.)
hops, nircmr, .iiandkaki:,
Ash tiir rrr.:T .inii IirT Mr.W'MLQrALt-
Itl.nol'ALL UTimilllTTll:.
All DNe.Trnnf IheSlomnrli, llnweK Ulood,
J.ivi r, Ktilnt ) . uikI I'rlnury orpin', Nit
M.uiueoi'i rirf'iMe"iif'Rnifi esjiwiaujr
Female CotiiphUiit.
$1000 IN COLD.
l Ml ui- t 1 ill 1 vip n i.uiiii J "III lii'V ill u Ul
lit ln, or for tin) thin luiturcurlujuriout
fu.IIlil til tlll'lll.
Ark)nur (lrui7i;It for Hop TlIttPM ftn! try
Hum biforu )ou tliTp. TiiUu no othor.
1) I. ( !iimMoiati'nniltrri'ItlU('t'iirrfor
uiuuKCituv( 111 or opium, toiuiiouua
Fkxh ron CittcrLn. i
All lior 10M (t itruKvt.1t,
Hop IMlttri Mlj. I lliur, ,N, ,, Totimlf.Ont,
11 uilinrnflritTlnnro'lertheEr.iln tind root crori
of the furiii itn l.u lneriiiM"l from 10 tue per ttnt.i
ottiu an intlre ciop U tuved by It.
It li recommended ly ull whohnve uled If. It If the
only Holler turn win i adjuit IHelf lo uneaven itround.
it will turn around In lit on ItURth without undue
iitratn upon thui ori f.
1 1 ilrun cii.irr, ilofe the work more IhorouKhlj
end If liy fur Uu- 1. t and chirt I toiler timde,
, ilce for efer'rtlti-Mniptslei ami ii:fr,t'im th nn
,'!r. .!L,1.,"W ,v VA AIIH1HI.K lai'o.
fJi..SH KliiK.lMirr Nt . Chlruro, III.
Al'll lllulillli4il lir,rtf
of Mcauule.a 'Ihlnilile
Thu lleni Ciinuli Hi run I'!
I'lso. euro for (iinnutniitloii.
It acts quick and It listen cootl.
ll)oi! Niiuill,-liiitilu liii'iri-.
IheriTore I lie ehenniht ns re It I
Jim 1 1, e Lett. K,hl everhtre, I
.'.Ir. iimi M.IIO per tiottle
Kmhrselr.R lull and aumenttc nccouma of , vir wt
lien of uncltntaiid modem tlinef. andlnrludlncilhlf
tpryof tiierlmanilfallofOrcekan llmnan Hunlre
lhemul.IleiiK-, theeruiaecf. Iho feudal em, tut
rifoimailou, theaneovcry a nd teitji men-. of the N'ew
Vorld no., etc. It copiatm II7U IIdk li oiIchI en'
Eravlnir'. inl If the m nt complete IIMIo y of IW
World ever puhllihcd. bend fr Kclmin putn am!
crlratcrn.f to AitenK. AddrcK,
NATiOVAI. I'mtUflllNfl Co.. ri Ichc i'l
Iba. ot our
sent by uinll on recelnt
or mu.no, or o
SAMI'LIS of Bnmo
on receipt of O cents.
Imnnrfixt. Warranted
lOEii'talltastea. rosUgcstumps taken. Iircifttf
the fireat American Tea Co., Importer I
R 0. BOX 285. 31&83YeseySt.W. Y.
. . . - i n... - ii .
f.hte, uaoclatod with tho Vegotahfo Aromalicf. Kndorted yt ' ""ilT. "nr vma.
IncnUeil by them for Il7.prp.lia.Clrnei.-al Debility. renf tVS!.'..!;t a'lmii iSit
Ity. Nervuua ITaatritllun. Ctinvulr.rrnrc from rtf na Hraffi tlillla r.
fVet vi. It tervvt every purpose where a Tuniu la neccaaary
Manufactured bj THE DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO., NaM Horth Mab Street, St, Lotte
The Ladies
.i u.:"
r cr tu
mlnlftratlon from WAtuixoTON tothi --niientUnie. J "r1' rf nc,i
Pttif.ll nml PrlwtttA lilaf.rv n.v.i 'i.fi.ri, tml.ll.lif- AUiintB
IminT.ur a on. n.i w i..nrih hl
uy Wlznru "$r, Fivo Years.
Dear SiRSf-I wish to cqllur attention to a w-onilerful cureperfoniied by your
WUard Oil, on a friend and neAbr rml"f-, e had, not- ra,k1e,d. n s,.cPf 1'
year., from the effects of Rhcuipm. Had tried a nreat ninny medlcinej. but nothing,
Eeemed to do any good. HeaE f the Kreat good WUard Oil was dofnp, I recom
mended him to trylt. He d. nd ""cr the use of a few hot let, was entirely cured.
If you wish to publish this yare Ilbcrty Uo so. nd 1 ,',l,e lt may be tho means of
ijf..i ;fer to trv vour wonderful medicine.
?oun very truly 7
It a forerelgn remedy for allformi of I.lvcr
jnml Htoinncll troublea, ami l the ONLY
ArilnnJ AI1SOLUTK cure for Malaria la
iti variant type'.
Or. IIolittnn'H PncI li (tenutne and raJ
leal remeJy, W1THOUTTAK1NO MEDlCINIt.'
It wi the FlttST article of the kind that vrat
introduced to the public generally. It wai the
OIUGI.N'AI. PAD, and wai deviled by DU.
110LMAN alone. j
He itruck out from Hit beaten path and made
NEW WAY. No tooner had he rendered the in
dcrtaVIng a CERTAINTY than the Imitators
jand PlRATUwho hang to and Infeit tTtr tne
eenful enterprlte, ttarted op and have tlnce fol
lowed In bit footttepi at cloacly at the law will,
, Aratnrt thete Da. HOLM AN Elve SPtCTAt.
WAIININO. Not only do they rALOTOCOIlE,
but In dlaappolntlng the purch.aer they bring
doubt and odium on the principal of Alinorjv.
tloti, of which Dr. Ilolninit'n Pad It the
xtTCr7lmltntlotl It an emphatic endorte.
ment of the aubatenUa! worth of the genuine
article. A poor one la never copied.
Each Genuine Holniait Iad bear,
the Prlyato Revonno Stamp of the
IIOLMAN PAD CO., with the above Trade.
Mark printed la green. Duy Xoni Without XI.
Or tent by mall, pott-paid, oa rectlpt of $i.oo,
DR. HOLMAN'S advice It mu. Full treatite
font free on application. Addrtu
XT. 0. Jla lllt.1 nt -Willi lam at.. K. V.
Battlo Crook. Michigan,
M-utvrAOiunxna or inn only aExrctn
H aaH Bl tB atHlllW m aaaaau aaaaaaj aaa aaaaaj w-aa
Traction and Plain Casinos
and Horoo-PoworB.
InthoWnrlJ. J I04P
ft ft VFC A D O rfeonttnito,aH'nett t'ut rW.
tC'B IKHndnrM, wllhont chatm ri nainn,
HJX, maniweicont, or Itxalloii. w"'f a"lA.
Coniiili'tti SH-nm O ii t II I - or' tn , 7rf le.
JYnc.lTrnrtlnn llitr.lm snnd l'litln l.iinllirH
etprcocnlntbnAnwrleanuinikeL ,
A mutltluitu atpcctol'etiture afit fMrrorrfnn.
fcr lftl,loreth"rltli nptttorqunlltU' ; (i rnnxni".
lion on.l maltrlaU not drerst'-l of I'l' "tber tnokcni.
l'our ".Irx-H of imtixtori, from 0 to lv licmo
Cinuclty.y'or ttnmx ur AarM inrtr.
Twi njien if ' Mntmloil" llorso rower..
UUU,UUy (runt i;.rr lo.Uyrnr.nlr..trt'fl
eiKtcntty cu ha-nl, from vhlch Ih built tic lit-
eoiuiuruuio uoou-woru ol our uiacuwcry.
I nriiirrH nnil Tlirt'.lirrnirn aro lnvlte.1 to
uivitfinito Ihla nateMm 'nirefhlntf Machinery.
Circular, wnt free. Aildn
Dnttlo Creek. Michigan.
For Two
Tho pood nnd staunch old
stand-by, MEXICAN MUS
TANG LINIMENT, lias dono
moro to nssuaxo imln. rcliovo
siiirorincr, mid save the lives of ,
men and ucasls than nil olliei;
liiiiiiiu'iils nut tozothcr. nli
Bocauso tho Mustaiiir
t rates through skin nnd
to tho very bono, dri
nil pain und soreness
inrtrhiil spprntlniiQ. mill i'A
inir tho nillictnd nnrt toound
and suppio iieiutu.
mnillll Miirllili'l"lli( ur.l III 10
naVlllM ' -,'l" "l"'.',l'll lirf,
Hir mifl I'll. J.m" ksh. l-ilninnii. uniu,
AL1,i.a.iiuai. lr,,V.I.m,f Nervout Deblf
Ity. Henltiiefof KsiiaKir"- ljn'l ornrelfii. 8enl
for c'reuiartn Allcn'a .ki in ave , n. -j.
W. A. V.
vol Ix nn 8
Wiieri writing to t'rtteerts please say yju
ll.t ito Lf itlfi'" 'H'tmpiT.
n . . i , . r an. l'ernvian ltara ana trie l'Lra
AT hiwth WANP" 'or " me Ltaiti oi int nnnt nouw
i., i Pietldentt." the mott luternung iwoa:
(1 JU X V,TI 'Uk.!lU, 4V (U.W., V.
White House.
ill In.. Pa.
Mrs - m- a- Stewart, Paola, Kansas.

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