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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, March 11, 1881, Image 5

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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lit-' a fcMrti-.'
Montgomery & lloeckor,
Loan Money, Uuy Notes. 'Draw Drafts on nil
frtdiml cities, anil ClletUni promptly made
ray Tuxes for non-residents Loans negotiated
cm steal rattle, nt'd InvtstnicHts inmle on fnvora
ble terms. 'ilcrc.1t allowed hi Time Dcixislts,
Frazsr & McDonald
CpitANSACTS ii gcnix'al liankilii; bualnos,!
J. Salt exchang. on tUe elder cities (if Hi.
Culled Mates and Kuropc. Allows Intercut o
UepailM when left ns.evincd time, Colleillan
rccolira earerul uttunttun.
b. 1). Flt,Klt, I), MeliON.il.I).
l'tiumuKjff. (Uitnuin.
T. T. Tl! ATOIiKlt, M. I).
OttFJON, MlSSOtmt,
omOK.-..t residence, two douri north "
J. ,A. K. ores' Wore formerly rvsidcHcg of
tail Oruii
At UOKL1X, M. K. O.A. rlK(IKNIIAl'M,A.M.,M.r
Goslln & rieKcnlmnm,
,WeR-neitor asulli t Ennk, up-stalrs
IZc. VKri-wtl cToTaVkkn,
Attorneys at Law,
ypiCli..OTrCorsant.t Mrjvr'i store.
A. it tor no y at Law,
f'ew 1 Eatate, Insnrtmeo and Colloot
luK gcnt,
mound ;m-, Missontr.
,Vl ,i iraillco la all the eotuU uf northwest
Mix mrl.
Attorney ut Law,
fOHKf.'OX, MO.
MjUl rrnrtlio In all the courts uf Missouri.
r,i;nl K'talki business and Collection prompt
i intruded to. Ofrtca met .side of l'ubllc
Hi wire.
owcoon, Misfoum.
III practice In all Courts uf MInurl,Knnv.s
Iowa and Nebraku. Heal KMatu bushiest, and
Cot.eellons promptly utteudeil to.
It. T. KEA,
Attorney at Law. Notary
Hublic tm Hciil lCtatu Agent,
.IV 111 nlleuil m nil lejrnl business Intrusted In
ijai o,l,ii all lliv coiutsof Northwest Missouri.
I lh. fiirnlo,a ,UirRO number of clinics liinlniss
ourcoo.v, jdisrwjti,
III ,1 Wllee In nil Courts. Real IMalo bsl
tnihS it"l ( olleeliwhs promptly attended to.
. A' I praetlco lu nil the courts tfyiolt ml ad
(Vfiiiiiii; counties.
These l'.mions Instru
ment now exceed
In nnmlier, Him factory hav
ing lnii,ui micci s.uul oper
ation no yoais. Tku Ononis
in- BEST IN TONi:,
Most Tasteful Ui Form,
Out Lasts ,11 Others.
Agiratvartetvnt styll 'loth for iulillR and
private me. CataURiies si-at free to unyi ad
ilress on itpiilleatlmi. Also :i
unsurpassed In Tone and Workmanship.
Address the eompanv either at Boston, Mpss.
Kansas city, Mo. or Atlanta (la.
f nn Elegant Hook ol 10U I'enes. Ona SCo ored
vItiHi uikI i!uO IHustntloiH. uIim ljeserlnlliiiis (
till) llesl tlotvers, VKeiainr. nun iiiieeuons
fur RrowliiK. iient free ny mall, for Iu cents. In
KiiKllsliordermaii. ,
Vlek's Weeds are the best In the world. The
I'lnr.il (lulde will tell how to get and Krow them
Vlek's Illustrated .Monthly MaKailae -Jl
1'aRes.n Colored I'late In Kvery nuiiilier ;and
many line EiiKrnvhiKs. l'rlee. SI. Si a jean
I'lve Copies for 5.ou. Speelmen Numhers sent
for 10 cents : :i tilal copies for'.'A cents.
Address. .IAME.S Vll'K, llochester, N. Y
Holloway'a Ointment,
Vosssssed f this remvtly, every man way be
ids own Doctor. It inay no tmhed Into the
Hjntrni, so as to reach iiiiyliitcru.il complaint;
liyttese means It ciirrs Sores or ulcers In the
throat. Stomach. I.lver. Hpl.io or other parts.
It is mi Infallible remedy fr Had ),'. Usui
ilreiurts, C'ontr.ieted or Stilt Joints, Qout, Illicit
iiiatlsm. and nil HI; In Diseases.
lMi-oiiTANT C'AUTto.v. Noiio re genuine
unless thu tlgnaturt' of J, IIavhock, as nxeut
fur the united Katcs. sin rounds each lio ol
Vlllxand OlntlMeiit. lloxes at '.'5 eats, (ii coats,
uud 81 cueh,
GtyThcro U considerable .suIub by taking
fne larger sues,
IIoi.t.nwAV i; Co.. New York,
unvwp nnnn sr. r.n .
Wholesale Aeon ta
The Best Thing "Yet
mid ntehburir Acoutdlc Tnl'.foiiH Ci'
New Metv.lle. Telcfoiie. 8rnd for t'lrell
ritoUbttrsAcoxitlo Telofone Cj.
llox-8, Old Oily, l'ltchbiiot, Mass.
"Ileforo ft man hfttli power tosay, Dohold I
Ths Jaws of darkness have duyoured It up.
....... ... ... II...,. ...l.n u-loli in mi
Ullllll semjirue hi i i , ' .m,,,,.!..
KIIBO l HIO IHIHI lill'llld Ifc .mi.. ,.,w........
insluesi known. Kvrythlnic pew. tapl-
. ..i , ill rii.til.li iiii
vrytlilHK. Sio ft dav nnd upwards Is cntll)
imiiltt w lout rinyiiiKuiwnjiriii iii"
nlKht. No rltk )vhiitevK Many new orsers
wanted at once. Maiiilfirc iimkhig fortuntrjat
... . . l .. .. T a. IL. 14.. L n a ...milt li U lltBll.
UP WIISIllI'!. l.uiuf Tiaivu HI""' !
-...lvniinirbovsaml i! n mako ereatpay. .No
SnowlioriwIlhnjrtowRjkfulli to iiiiA mor
jnoney every day thau an lio inrM. X weel
ill aaj ( ruin iry vni(cjic-",. tmy-nr, . '
i aii ntnneuwlllflira a short rad. Iif fortune
Address 11. IIaw.ktt a fo.. rorunnu. atoi
Si ...
JOYFUL Nw lor Hoys tad Olth 1 1
YwiDtr and Old 1 1 A- HEW IK.
VmiTlun iui ptwaioa tor uwoi,
for Mouw tua I i
Fret and Scroll 8wlnr, Turning,
BcrewCuttluf. Prlca ta to feo
uena o cent. ior w
Kl-niUIU BUOWW, Lontll, Mu
"Times are hard, Mr. Edlter, nnd I
mnst curtail exionscH m you will pleaso
discontinue my panor," Bald a careful
and economical furmor rocently, and ro
iieved of the awful burden of paying for
n newspaper for r.ls famt'iy iio wont out
nnd Invited fourof his friends in to take
pomotblng, two of whom tool: whiskey
the Biiuio an himself and tho othor two
took cigars: r.xrtoiiBc. CO i -".to, or thrco
A Groat University
A Man of loltui'Oi vjinso nnmo wo do
not fcol ico lo uso without nilsMon,
writes Hlwttt tku currvjQt voluuio ot St.
Nlcholns, an follows:
I never until now liellovcit In the rcnl
ezlsteneo of tlmt luucli-tiilkcd- about
" oitth who buro,' mid mow
Hint lee. A Jbiuiuer with thin atrnnge
device, Kxcvnlitior.1'
You see, , the poet does not glvo his
niimc and uliteo of residence, mid this
luck of imiilcttlnrs nbout to nilntirnbl"
a follow W. suspicion. Hut I have
found hint now, nnd Ills name Is St.
Nicholns-tlie only young fellow I cver
knew whokupt on getting better nnd
butter all thu time. This volume of
St. Nlehtila-i Is i.bnut the best of all,
and the Man It number espcjlnllj U, as
girls sty, "just lovely." I am growing
gray, and am old enough to have a
giantk'hi.d at my knuss reciting (Ingles
frtim St. Nlcholns, but I am not too
ojd to uppreelate ttuh noums a.1 the
exquisite lialbd of "Urler Rose," by
Mr. Uoycsejt, In a recent numbur.
This pic I'd ought to have a nlacu in all
future colloctl'jns f poetry for children.
Neither am 1 too old to laugh over the
wonderful invention of I'hiWton lingers
a ltd ids friends, anil thu " poems" of
Jimmy thu Rhymer, nor too fur gone
m llfu to enjoy the uretty vetoes signed
Hessle HI 1. All my boyi-lt Interest in
natural history and adventure Is re
awakened by such articles as thorn
called " In Nature's Wotiderlacd," and
"Tim Giant Squid." Hut thu March
number Js tho climax. How charm
ingly aood lessons uro taught In "Mary
Jane Describes Herself," and " Rab
bits and Hank Taper." The "Monkey
and his Company" ml "Consistency"
are irresistibly jully (asN "The Miller
of Due," in thu December number).
When I wasu boy, f used to hear worn,
en In thu country stores higgling to get
thu merchant to "throw in" soinethliu:
,'to mnku tho bargain good.1' lly thu
plan of giving uxtr.iets from grea
writers, as well as by thu instructions
ot.laek-in-thu-rnlplt, and many other
articles, St. Nicholas "throws ill" a
great dual of schooling along u ith the
baiipiness it gives. "Young l'mim
Donna," and all such ai'ticles, give In
formation us important as that contain
ed in the lniiliiplicatlon table.
Subscribe with thu nearest book
eller; only 3.00 a year, W cents s.
Humbr. Sc'itinstiit & Co., N. Y.
Oh, What A Cough.!
Will vou heed the warning. Thu slti
nal puriiaps ol thu sure approach of that
more terrible disu.vu t. (insumption.
Ak vosiMclies if you can afford for thu
hake "of .saving OU cts., to rim thu mk
ami do mulling for It. Wo know from
exprlncu that --bUnli's Curu will Cure
t'nugh, It never falls. ThN explains
whv more than a Million llottles were
ohl the past jear. It relieves Croup,
and Whooping Cough, atjonce. Mothers
do not bo without it. l'or 1-amo Hack,
.Mdc, or Chest, use Shiloh's Porous
riasstur. Sold by. T.S. Hlnde, Oregon
V:ry Droll To Think Of.
If not abovHlwlng tn' ht by a man,
uau Dobbin's Eleettvo toap next wash
dav. Used without any wasli boiler or
rubbing board and used differently
front any other soap over made it
seems very droll to think of a quirt, or
derly two hours light work on wash-day,
witli no heat aud no steam, or Hindi of
the washing through thu house, Instead
of a long day's hard woik but hundreds
of thousands of women, from Nova
Scotia to Texas, nave proved for them
seives that this pi does by using Dob
bin's Klcctiu Soap. Don't buy it, how
evvr.lf too set In your ways t use It a
cording to directions, that are as sim
ple as to ieem altsost ridiculous and so
easy that a girl of twelve years can do
a large 'ash without being tired. It
positively will not injure tint itnesi no
tie, lias been before thu public for fif
teen yours, aud lis sale doubles every
year." If vour grocer has not got It, lio
will get It, as all wholesale groeurs
keep it, Nave, McCord and Co.
wholesale -gts..a. .lose iu ;uo.
n . , ..... . . e. .
1, li. UUAiHiS vu.,
lr ymi nreamsa
rl fiu.lnpMl.lresk.
llf you ore a
' mull of li t
f nil Or tlx. rtnln of
your Sutli1 avoid
BtUnuUiiuand usa
Hon Dittora.
fmt. Iimlu HL'rTand
IlllIIL WDIk. KO ra
waaw, umi nop Up
if you uro rnn; l"n1
rUil or kIubIo, old or
ixxirbi'iltli ur UiiuuUh
uii. nljr uu Hop
lruffeiluirfnman In'
Illon t if you urv M,r.
youuir.liuiriTlnir from
Itut on a bod of tick
I nlttnra.
WhofTer yanarr,
I '.7 . ...
'Jliouyana.iiia n
nuiilly (r o in lomo
form of Kidney
whermifr you Irl
lliat your H"'n
nocil cl.ii.lnir. toa. '
inn rr HhiniUlimf,
dlwupo tlmt miMl.t
! huvo Lii,'liirovriiliil
I Lya tlmolr uwiuf
uro nop
llT TondWr
uyiirHd ryruifl'
ot tho ttoriiticK
D. 1. O.
1b an ahnolutA
nnd IrruMljilua
Mo cum for
Invr ormitur
Vou wl II D
ua' uf opium
cured If rouuM
Hop Bitters
rly !( and
in it may
uop nrmia
life. It ha
oaved hur)
ntiu,.it, t.
ATorniU, Out
Plecp atlTUIa
Elt down n an easy position, rplaxlng
ml the muscles of the body, and let the
head drop forward upon tlio breast, as
low as it will fall without forcing it. Sit
quietly this way for a few minutes, free
ing all tho powers of tho body, and a
restful, drowsy feeling will ensue, which
will, if not disturbed, lead to refreshing
sleep. Stifl'nessof any part of tho body
must bo avoided, and it is well to bend
tho head fownnrd ufter lying down, rath
er than to keep it straight or throw it
back upon tho pillow. The writer Buf
fered te.ycral years from HlcoplessneBS
caused bv novcro pain aud nervousness,
and wns'tatight tho above by a physi
cian of great experience nnd ability, und
found through It complete relief. Many
persons similarly affected within Uifa
writers' kuowlcugo havo tried it, and
nhvnya with, good results.
I.lvo within your means nnd nobody
will know how much yu havo ahead j
hut Ilia mnmont vu liorrow a cent l)CO-
J plo kaoi' how poor you are.
Yourselves liv inakinr; meney wnen ft
i FOlden tknneo Is nllcied. Ilietcliv
bti.l.liii. In. fn.lv frnlit filip tllirir.
TIKisc who always tnkn nilv.mtnr;o of
lUc Rood chances for, ranking nmhey that nre
"fTered, K.iiernlly liocome wrallhy. wlille,
lise who do not finprntc stieh ohanees remain
npovsrty. Ve want many men, woinrii. Uojs
nnd Kltls to hi rk rnr us right In tin drown local
ItUs. Tko business will pay more than ten
limes erdlnary wvges. We furnish an rxptn
slicoutlltnnil nil that yon nerd, free- oni
who riu!Re fulls l make innney rapl'")'' You
can devot your whole time to Hie work' "r
ourspnro inoinents. Full liiformntlon n.nd nil
that Is needed sent free. HTIXSONCO
rottlnml. Me.
Not Dead
To thu public I would say that I am
still In thu Held ad ready at all tlnic
to accommodate my patrons. Any
thing entrusted to my care will be
promptly atumdud to.
Come on With Your Orders
HKNUY MOI.TKU, Proprietor.
!t' HrimrtUom, thj pjfr flrtVcltM Ai'iTiJ
Urhlm now In tUu marlitt idritM for lanro or
ntll lob", hor.m or ilcaiii i.iwer i tbo mt Aonm
VkWi uut tlircnhcs ami liuxm ittunt uliimiiv.,
rr'y. "Chlrnitn I'tttm" lHiulita Piiilnu
If ron want a Vlbrstor. btir our Black n.mk.
WbrT llcraiiw) It la tliq.Ulcut IninroHil niarlilno
in tho nurk.t.liavluir nil th mrrdi nml nm nf
i. drSttiici Vlhritors. Alfttators.Ow llliiioni.ctr..
now In llaty Llqhtrr ilnyl and mart .ItmMt, lta
inotlon In Mdpnical. ronMipicntly dill not rlialo
tJ plccca. 7Aori7i; iMfnl, Meats tbiu all In
flaf.,I!J otl,0.r k.!",l of.ifralo. It Is nlmiiUcity
lUolf. Xurwi lu its own ItriKtu.
Tliouinck HnuttTrncllon fSlrnui Rnslnn
.lilo.fr. untnr.tillm
no loiVlntrof ncdlawnt. Ilia
V atr r rimilatloti la rrVr.
It In abHttluteli'Huf. u'lHirlia
nearly am IU Irw tiian any
other or tlw rauie Kta. ft
burns rtraw, coal, or woo. I.
It plvri xuuro pajvur ulth
H. A. P.TT8 8ON8 MFC CO.
and 9 8.tlrTerson St. OHIOACO, ILU
Battlo Crook, Mlchlcan,
MASt-pAoirazaa or xns oklt oxmsa
Traction and Plain Enslnos
and Horao-Powwo.
KaatCaiaBlrtTaiaker'acair I btabllshAd
la tho World. 1 oa
A A Va?JIOftoeonlfi,iMaadMOaMf'wltM(H.
I t lartnvnMi, ultnout chanra of umro.
panairemcnt, or location. io"6iJli "fAa
niunlpto Ktcnn OatOtmo mnitklai ouulli'.r'.
iluTrn;tloq :nRiiioardriiunl.)i(Uica
A tnuUitv J of tprrtal ftnturu and iwipmmentt
for 1881, tOfroOacr WltU nperior qvttUlb in tontine
m in mo Atucncin puirLow t
iwi ana Mnimu lit,, nivaiaru vt vi viw V UlU.f-.1S
Four tlzca of Separator,!, front O to IS uorae
coTutanUf on hsn( from vhloh built Uia b
coutiaraUa wood-work of our maoblnnry.
Strong . fiwi dumb!, ami tKrUni tier
sad rj, 10, 13 liorso l'owcr.
Faimera, and Thrcahtrmcin aro Inrlted to
nvilfit Ihla mauU .Thrtviilnir Macblnwy.
CircularaKnttrea, Adilrca
Battlo Crook, Mlchlrjan.
SI:w!ng Haohine
X THU 33 3D S1 17 !
ths woms challenoed to pkisuce
Eldadgo Sewing; Machlno Company,
Canaan, for ttenm or Ann r' it.
Twn BE vlM nf Mnlmtiul a 1 ronwvlVnrani.
yKflfl Ann I'cct of Helcctcd I
.VVV.WV I fronlkrmloLtwana
Wright Oity, Mo.
IHlKHDIilt 1)1"
Pure Breil Poultry.
I offer for sale a Inrjre number of f.luht llrah
mas 1'nlrldRc OocIiIih. I'ltmouth Hocks, ll'bllc
lKhorns, Ayn shtiry Ducks etc., nt rea'oiiabli'
prieiw for . such stock. K.rs In hatch, lucked
so ns tiiL'ii snfely hy impress nny ilMance nfler
March l.Uh. I IiAteliroil purr limd poullrv for
twit years, kIu-my eiuiro lime to the limine,
nnd have as roimI fwls ns nre In the lfel.
rherels luiirli mine profit us well as pleaniri!
In keephnj pure bred poullry. tl'rlte for lllus
tr.ilrd elrrularnnd prlco list.
Tsass Mas.
Ilolmin'i Acne, Llrer nnd Stomnrli
1'iKlJ-Por ilAI.AUH. AilllK,
llt.KS. rrlco $i 00.
Hnlmnn'x Speclnl I'fid Adapted to old
clnonlc catv's. Prlco fJ.OJ.
llolutaiii'a Splcaii licit For Nlubtmrn
rase of r.nlarjfod Hpleeti nnd
unyielding l.lTvr and Stomacli
tronVles. Prlr$5.M.
irolmnn'a Itilaut'a I'ml l'or rdltm'nts ol
Infsntit nud rlilblren. l'rlco $1 50
IloIninn'N llrnnl litd-'7or Kidney and
llisdder rtuipti'.ilB. Price ?2.i.
ISolmaiiV tlterltio lHtl-?or 1'eiuiU
troiibles. Prlco 100.
IlolinaiiV AtiNorptlvn iTIrittrlnnl Hody
I'lnaler Tim test plaster iiwd'o
poroua mii rubber bails. Prlo 23c.
IIoIiuiiii'k Ahioriitlic .llcillcljllll I'ool
I'liiNti vh fc'ornuinlifecl niidslni,'
Klshclrruv'll-ii. Price per tr S3!
Abiorptlon Salt Medicated Poot i.itbs
l'.ir Colds, Obstructions nnl
Idl ssacs whero a fiiol bath I
neeiUid. 1'erhalf lb. pa.'.tni;e, S5
Forsiln tiy nil drinr-lsls or r.nt by in rit.
postpa.d, on receipt f hrlee. Ttni Abnonillon
Bdt Is not "nllablj" nud mu.it bJten. b
Lxnreai ttt pureliaser'n espnise.
Tan hiifcess of llolniiiii'r Vnili bai In.
rplreil IiiiIIuUvm w.hi ollor ' .ill s mnil.tr I .
tuRM nndoboa to tlm Tr.l'B Houm . Kiylinr.
"Ylny nro tint name, fii." llew.no i,f nil
lion's Pads, only koM'U up to sell on t'.m icpu.
Inn of tne i,';nilac.
tri that each P.ul bears tho pnn rmvvri'
nrvF.Nt'B KTMeof tho Holu:.it Pad Ciapanj
w llli atiovo Trnde-Mnilc.
If n'lileled with ehroiile. nllmculs send ft con
c!o d'wriptloii of nymptMiin. w.ilili will ru.
c'clvo pr"inpt and careful n rutlos.
lm JlouitN's sdrlcs la free. Pull tmattse
cut free mil application. A-llrcss,
(P. O. liox 5.11S) irj William Hircet, Xvw Yoyfc.
'ttt ji i" ,' wti'i vjt ' ! inn V.ht. l liJi.rtivt-nirniu. hi-
s.' t.i.i'.l. lllKIiK nir.'S. Wi t't-l lin t I, rr.
I.'hl 1 rt-ttK mi I uft.iirl t I'VuHitf, full jjfitTi'
fi ftvrttt, ,JI -.ijt.I frur-r. 1ftii,itii inrvrHl Ivyi n.l Itr
Hn4y il'im v t 'ftim nit vti a! r"tn. U cn' I'i k I1(.t!.
v.l 1 ita ) fmut, tull lrn frtmr, lit j jm ai.tl ilrt lirmrt.liu
r f,'l iiv s'.lfVtfr lnif Lnm, Frfn.1tm1.1l mii.n, trti dL
t trr-rj wj tl, u4 I rntn4l mitu111tiri r b fr lit. fH"J
ltiinmrt, it.nrri'l U, Till t n in iijiiNt rtil I'Unf-f rt, in nYnk
io.U.m.-.'t hs...n. .,1,1.,!. ' '
U'ai'lt HIUI ruinU-rft!!, rrniwnt'TM )
tmiatlful t'Uln t-T Irii I hill I nl Mint it il n nr-f v Atlr.J la atrlit
tor n li.fiilof InttriiHiri.l, lUitiiittUr llifc i-Uirtl eTrl hi Jtnr
thlrj to l4t vi rnirt lltraa) in ft m nu lufa ua, ttai Mil
rtUli4 IWtirM Hill l fl'tl iuwnraitx, J ttU 111 It vt lUtUiltUlUl
Ii uiunlly Cm.,uw4 t from uy tu IiOO.
Shipped Direct for- $285.
WVtTl'tnnTFKtfiii rttnlotrAABAMmrTrv Mptrl n-1U
frlrtil &i tillilai't.111 All AW-V Aliif A lU.ia I" 1 1 ! fbrr linn I Hi It
Mi.rint,nnl w UAIllIVST't'ntaralli.ifir 1 1 Yri. Lint.Mh
i .IW ri nnl (r.ta'lltUlr.l J tin i-nrihmtte, ArtJ llt'i
tiriit rrrkr'n.ilhai Hfit Nalknulbr lluiiw .NtUimntl Dunk f iLm
vii 11 liiiiiirrtsjHiniili.'.ity,
If It ab wl in liiilriimmt in frtrr iyvi. UevMrtstiy
htijfri iitars lo Afur t f 1 1 ii"t,U will i'"' i..l nn in tii
tiiitatit n et'irn ll inuiiry mu miuJ.i' frlklit Nu
ur "L'ii4'ltiio'i.mnt,
SC I W G ORGAN awF&rtortl rtfl??.
Tlt'Oit AndthrniiMt Ditdt,
SMnnrJ fii tn liilfU) And wir
Ka luAiiav ,iiiMi if UttlM 1 ,u a nil li
filtvl-il li V lh jMirrhAMP.rin.l In rrlVtlv iaI ;firtt L
t .ttf'-if', Nn iirvntt wawM nniri urj prt.fi i u divt4 ii
tl-tllrt. Al 'WVfll)AHa, lndltiVt-rAdNl CtfTwt
'..lilt'ii iiirHKa-rrvryAr. rtivnn a)I lli oI')m Ituttt f otlur P"i
t-'nl-TJ1iftr.li.jO ap nh Urtimli. AuJeiiifitcold to tin
i't An.) tl r:ry I'Vtiroo. ftfftd fir t'u1Uiri". Ai'tM
ThoMoridon Purchasing; Ot).,
Trv im ru nniiAiniUljf IfilTI Hit 01 tVdl, jyi fan.
u if 111 w-'atgy
Washing Machiu.
IT lHil'OMSU'.Nim
itself heeaii.se it will nut tear or rip the most
eiider fabric.
Hoes not pull oil or break buttons.
Ybii can wash In Ihu parlor, kitchen or collar
without splastdua Hie wiitu'.
The innchliio Is do nrraimed that It enu bo tie
into it No. I a-houped tub, and Is tho nioaldut
lable mat bine In existence. .... ,,
vou would not do without It for ten, times Its
cost oftr r tr) hip It. All inachlnss uro wuiruM
d to d till that Is represented.
II Is Iho only rlKht-uuKled luaclilue In exist
cicc, llic rlKhl-anule plus worUInt' on tho same
pilnrliilunslt wnslilui; by hniiil.
H will wash 0110 pleeo nt n tlmo with a small
iimouiit of water, or llvo or Mx shirts. 1 blanket,
I quilt or their equivalent, with ut much wider
as you rhoose.
Is (he prlro of tho matlilno.
AtlO'TH WANTI'.l), t whom liberal tils
001 dts will lw made. Money must Invariably
accompany the order. Address
D. Kunkel, Sr.,
Orvffon, Holt Comity, Mo.
Tho greatest test of endurance In Con,
nectlcut uportlnK circe8 is to cat ton
wda crackers in tun consecutive minutes.
DrlnkliiR water not allowed, "
l'.ir Colds. Obstructions nnl I . u B in C5 ti r i if p.,3
posti'a.d. on reccli.t.f brli'C. Thii Abnonillon ' n m . Z. ' 7.. K' li ; to ila Ul
Bdt Is not "inMlabln" nud mu.it bJten. b I . 3 3 W J tAJ i t d-p."
Lxi;risstttpiirclias.-r'.sespi.nse. ; n, , O 53 r-rj f . i sjs'S -i fr4
Tan hiii-cess of llolniiiii'r Vnrtt lias In. , H M , fc ? SJ-gf.-, "A .A i
Fplre.l linltalivM w.i odur '.ids noil.tr t.i 3 rt 1 " ta ???7j ft X.
URM end OWIl 10 tin) Tr.l'B HuhMVTN. Kiyllll.'. i r- fJ T S. ' "'i" J W
"Vluy nro tint name, fii." llew.no i f till 0 3 3 fl fJ . , , ,
lion's Pads, only Koi'iou up to sell 011 t'.m icpu. 1 Jl 1 o s 1 P . . - - , fe-r-Z J
U'lonof tllOKC inline. ' k" , S r3 jnA
Sei Unit each Pad bears tho preii r:itvTi' SSs r J? 1 I (3
nrrcst'G KTMeof tho Holu:.it Pad Ciapanj , y& THfi V" 51 s- .I i tJ ,. i
ltliiitjv.iTradr.Marlt. I J " fc S7 tX -5 I ' M H-
If n'lileled with ehrouln nltmcRis send aeon-, AK . f n , , " .. A . at
c!o d'wrlptlon of HymptHius. w.ilili will ru. fftW-v' 7.YLslVi kVS r1 ,x J (. U Sw
c'clvo prompt and careful li' etl04. j l ls?JfQm 5' L lN & ? . , J-3
tin llouitN's siWIcn la free. Pull tmat'.se ' f(5 m Ij SZlViRiZb J 33H ,.r j rr i H ,i
cut free mil application. A-Hr-ss. , Q"yZ&J 2s.lli L O ? 3 W ! M
(P.O.Iiox5.1i:) irj William Bireet. XewVot. 1 rVf?T- tW "2. " Q gy 1
eHAmrA-Elsthysaf..,, gt I W fj
and best : acis Insirji. SSSsstf 3 t -fl . j , m
tnneously, produclntf . j 2 . J "i til
thnmostnatu'.ilslifl.i ' - . -. ? J i.i 73. .! r
otlSHckurbrowidoes , ... C M j3
MotHlnin thohkln:eii.. lrli CO . f-j -j r
ly applied. A Htaudr.-d c ? et: 2 1 - H 5
pr.tpBrniloaifsior.lo Cjf- a n P. 05 fJ Eh
upon lasrjr well up. K e1 U r- T . H x ct,
I.olnteo'TolTetforlr.iiy t 5 f. j4 t3 ' M " n n 1,,
01 Biintlemsn. Kofd by L':.o.g O E. o ffC 'A H l-j D-pU Ijl
alt druifirlKts rml up. I n" '4 O S m M ,3 a ijs J
plUlJbUilliUir dressers. J. CRISTAIXinO, 3 a 3 55 A ? $ 0 ' : H S" t?
' W William Ulrect, .New Yolk. I? n td , J . n J x r., p g
b; s. a a w o i - tl "
i c 2 2 ;! a Si x ;i s hi
fiofe J'ruiieefor.s o' fic j
llli 1 31
fjr:."r tee.
5 ? 7 2 a
o c o o
f rT ft it e 11 - -. u M " fciB
".- a f-n r x " .o .v.Jtft rrtz 1
3 3 rn V 6-t K V 5 ff. l-Cri,' II
1 miariEOTi.M :
i ura mi "raaffi Ayr
1 Wffipg'SWfflm
Bond for IHustrnUd Oircnlar and pricos. Uboral terms to tho trado. Bon't bujr ,
rmtil you liava aeon tho
Most Elogant, Simplo and Easy Running Machin in the :
Market. The Ever Reliable VICTOR.
Wcrtflm Branch OfUc, 235 State 8t Cwoacw, Iix. IIIDDLETOWN, CONN. ,
Pas tlio luvcoet and most cnrnploto wnrkis fur tlio lminiifiit Itiro of carringes IN
THK WOULD, llugglea for tho trailo a bpoclally,
Corner Plum and Third Sts,
9c CO.
Most Extensive
Combined wll'.i
Purity cf Tone,
S3 h n s a n ,Glar Ka (d o
v,3q union square:?:
-v -I " 2 ' ? , i. I
Improvements September, 1878.
Kn'trliliciniulino tlio VICTOR has loner been the-
peer of any Hewing Macliiuo in tho junrkct a fact
Kuiijiorted by a Wt of voluutecr a HncMes w now
CODliueuuy ciaiiu iwr iu creuis:r oioipniiij,
a womlarlul reduction of friction anil a rara ;
combination of desirablo qualities. Itsnbut
tlo is a beautiful specimen of mochruiisin,
and taken rank with tho highest nchieTeienti
of inventive Renlufl. Jou. WBUonoiioasa
;or consign Machines, therefore, lrtvo no old
ones to patch up aud ro-vumibU for our ,
We Sell New Machines Every Tina.
Order of Piihlii'ntiiuu'
The '.'late ot Jlls.mirl. tVimty of Holt, lm.
III tUe Clffiilt Court (ifuntittrauutymVpttltM
Jetm. Issl.
.lohii ll.C.Ciirlls nml Clialjotto fcntllri'lils
wlrc.Plulntilfs, ts. I , ,
Alalia Henry, Ahlrn Kunkol nnd J'lan!; l.'nn
kid, ht rhusbiimi, L'mus ileury,,W eidi llonri.
.vophrolia llaley.A .1 ll.iley.l'.cr hiMbaiid.Aiiu.t
Haven Hid I'rank Hnicii, her hntbainl, mum -lllrl,
lioiat'ioiiser, liuiiiainlii t'ioii.r, ,1'lnin
C'rousei. Itl Ciouwi. lldward .Vhettl.CliuiIeJ
Uitiitnilil .loseph Uiiii;, HcfcndnnK
At this day rumes the l'lalnlitfs herein bv
thelriilloiii'y, before tlioi'.lidtrslKiinl rlerlt of
said eoiiil hi v.ie.illiMi, and llles their -petition
statlnir nni'iiiK oilier lhlur;s, Hint the nbotu
liained ilelemlaiiLs, Alum Haven nnd - H.I
1 en. her husband, Charles l.-mit, .lowph LatiK,
and C.M111 Henty.nri! noti-ieilili ulsof Mils Ht.'itc
so Ihiil Iheotilhiiiry process of law eaimot bo
icrieii upon iiiem, Hereupon 11 is orueieu ny
tbeClerktlint said Di finulailts be llidi.led by
luililleatloiilhal I'liilntlirs hate commenced 11
. soil xifaliivt them In this Court, the object iiml
1 fiii'iienil nature or which is that the plalutli's
elieiein r;i tha' iiailllloii may bilinnileol and
d (1 aiiiuenilteil 111, Hie folloHlli); dc.rtlhcil
teal e.tate nil 1 1 1 it nml India; situate In the
..uii l id Hidl and sinieof MRsourl, to-ltt
Ci inineiii liiK on the noMh lino of the 1 orth
1 wei ipiniler nl section Ihlrtv-tmir, 131), lown- ,
sliliiMl iMiiof unite Ihlrty-elKlit ts), twti.ty
root t rum the nnrlhwesti mriier of said (ilini
ter seellon, theme soiUli elKhtV rod., tbelieo
east thlilt-sK mils, thi iiee Minli to the soiilh
line of s.ild iliaiier setlon. thence east In tho
Miiithwest comer of iieeitalli phee of land heie-.
loroM'deedeil to one II, 11. Clink, lli( lire lioilh
.Tl mils nml fourlecti links, tlieuen cart thlr
l 11 In 1 tods nud nine links to thu east tine of
said quiii tor si ctlon, thence north to the south
cud coriierofueertiihi piece id land hereKroro
deeded to one C. A. Tliomlon, iheneo u-l forty
one rods uud three links, thence uoith to tho
north line of iaid quarlcr seellon. thence west
oil said mirth Hue In the I. hue of be
(.lutiliiKi eolituililiiK one htiudreil ucie.
limit 01 less. Aim n piece of
laud ilcscrlbed lis follows, to-wlt : bcKliilihii;
at a post on the ciIko of the yprlim run on the
lioith line ot the northwest quarter ot sei Hon
;ti. toMishipi,o. rnnjic as, thence lunnlin.' foitx -elKht
p"reh from the north east coi ner of suld
iptaller section, theliee south 4.' deaiees.west
tentv-uhie perch to 11 pot, thence, tioilli lotti
two di Kri ew, uel IrteiiH-four perch In a p("t
011 the mirth Hue ot Mild quniier seellon,
llMice lioith -0 ib'crei'H east silon;: tin1
1101II1 Hue ofs.iid quainr r-ecthni llilrlj
i llit perch in the place ot bi'uluiilni: :
coiitahilmr. two neres uud twenty-four
ieli 11, uud in.'ii 11 cie iiiiiiieasuremem 01 none r
11. and pnltltlnn of the !ihoe deseilbed leal
eslnteeaiuiot be made "It hunt t'reat piejudleii
to Hie owiii'isof Maid real estate, then mid 111
lliat eae that the s.ild lands may be sold nud
ll.i' nroceeils ol said sale beiiimroiill.iti'd areol-
dim; to law and tor sueli oilier uud
liitther relief ns tho court may ilerm
pmper nud m sary. And thai uule-s
the said Cvnn lleni. Anna llaen. 7aM H,
her husband, I harles I any and .Imeiih l.ai.
be and appear at Hits Court at tin: ! t
Ti'im thereof, be beim nml holdeti at
I lit- Couit ll'HH,'. In Hie ( It v ot Oregon, In ..tld
llitv, on the '.'.Mh of April s.i next, nud oil or
In liire Hie sixth 1l.1v of said Teiw, iitiswer or
plead lo Hie Petition lu said cause, the satiiii
will be taken as confessed, ami judgment will
be letidered ai rdiiiKly.
And It lsor.li red lh.it a copy hereof b" pub
llslied aeeonllimle law III the CiU'NTV IV.l'l'l!
and lloltCoilUlv Piess lor four weeks eoliseeu
llelv, llic last nettloll to be nl least four
weeks before llic llrst day of s'lld term.
Attest. W.'ll. Si'litMii:i(. Clelk.
C. V. I'iiiim ". Attorney for I'laintlirs,
Order of ruliliciiiion.
The Slate of Missouri, County of Holt, m.
In the Circuit Court of s.ild county, .lautiary
Iciiii, Ihsl.
MnryA. Johnson, l'lahilllf,
ilohii N, .loliiis'i.u, Di'fendnnl.
Now on this mh dav of .lanuarv. lr'i-1. comes
the plaintiff herein, by her attorney, uud It up
pcnrlu;.' lo the callsfaetlon of the Court dial luo
ab.e 11. lined dileuil.iut is 11 iioiiie.sldeul of
the state ol Mlssouil mid III.' onllaary proce;
id law cannot be served Ufon 1 1 1 tit.
1 H'liereupon It Isordeiid b the Court that
said dereudant be untitled by publication thai
plahitlir Has ennuiicuced a Mill ;ic:iln.'.t him In
' thisCouil theoliieet of which Is to be dlMiiecd
I roui the bonds or matrimony now exl.tlni; be
tween s:ili 111. 1 ! nl HI and iletcnilaul.alal thai un
less the ,iht deteiiilunt he .Hoi appear iit this
f'oiirl nt the next Term thereof, lo be hiMUIl
ami hidden at the Colin House In thexil. of
oienou. in saiucouiii. on 1110 -lUiu.'iv ei Apiu
ls-l.next. nnd ua or betont the idxili ila ot
said Tei in. answer or plead to the petlll.in In
said cause, the nunc will be ljil.cn tis enufe eil,
nml jnilcn cut will lie reud'ieil accoidliiyly.
Ami It Is further oideii d thai .1 copy hereof
! pihlMicd aeeonl.uK to law In Tilt. Oiur.MV
A true envy, attest W. It, Hl'tliNuun, Ch ill
lly K, I.. A 1.1. i:n Deputy.
!td. tliiil "lu ,'"'lnl Platen anil Ciina-
Will be sent oiK,,.,.. ,.s ..
Ineier) newly inariled eoiiplo wiiv.- atu,,..
anil In uoiits to pa pti-l.iKe lYmt lo in,,
publisher within 0110 jeur from the 1,'tu of tlj c-J r
insnl.ii:e. I
Persons sendlm; for Hi . iiresent an ienin.K...i
to .send 11 copv 01 11 paper coulnlnlu.il untlis ,.t
Iheri niairlajie, or i-cme other evleneo that
sli.ill amoiiiit to a reasonable pmolthal they
are entitled lo the liii'.uarliie imoemiie ahntu
Oder, Address. Tilli ilUUbEIGLp
II, 1
3 Cures Thousands Yearly
"Mm 'ua It
AUO, 'i-
Tie Best of Tonics,
tiUttLO uioi iroii'i -
' Eeslor3 lb Apwlilo.
Aids Difiestio", i
CtreBfjthtna tho Eyi ten. '
Ecctorci' te Writ nnl ?
IJcMmuisJ, n
ItTlgcratta Ui LIVER, it
. anil at the tamo tlico
niia..iw..W IWVIIhalV t.Hwi WVIIbaU
i rretMnc thrm tol.tuiltliy cction, Jiealtl. and
rc. in loiiowirom irsope. fc
I'loWEAKsiidDELIC'ATEniffoi.'ncfromtOSS f
FAI'PtTllEilNVAI.IDSio dis'ri.oriirer.milii., '
ma rUJiiii Fs will find it tlio rcuntdy tbey need '
fi't.-.wic i tfu,,4 nci ii'dCn
3 tosirciipiiiiutiiiin.
3, A trial ol It will nrnrnnll w rUttn. Arlcyonr (i
"1 druiielflforpR.cllOOK'SWlNiOFTflH. 'J'aL. f.
i' nonler. rorsalj bynlldrusa)taulOae Io. tr
laru bottle. t
E. If. SMITH a CO., rrcpra., i
. Kuccosooi's to Oliver Crook ii Co., fc
S nnutnn. OHIO. Ik.
3' AVollloronlaluslflthncmijuiucU astDyCS-!
S c.ntpnpurutloiu IT CURES. l
osLVt is a pu.iuvu curu ,r
xvcakundillatfiisedcyca. BAI'll '
ADD HEW ABLE. NuTcrtmla j
tacnrouiiycaooof eoro cyaa,
atalnttii rfTrctK. PriceSS cents n bo.T. tjiioiild ej-
r.V..i-: r.7,'. f,.v.,li.oiirectlijtorOlceta
I ,r a-fia aiauijw; ... i-.. - -
4; cjfcmo.
S, N. 3WITH & CO,, Prop.,
TuiwHManeo iliinkfi nro in bad odor.
This iHwliut it Now York paper suyaof
tlioni: , .
"Ti'iniuinini'c people iirso that many
iiitn.iniliiiK Hauni'fl nro mltiltt'irtted.
This is too rm. Huttli.-.o is hardly 11
known temperance drink; vhli'ti la not
either ailullevaled or preposterously
dear. You niiiuot ?onw.illy i;et a ulnM
of decent ginger nlo for less than ilfleon
renin, and a very good urtlelo costs more.
Thoiiooreht and nntitleht hodaacofct (en
centH. In only a fuw places you can get
a ,'ood cup of coft'eo for ton cuntn. it
r-coniK us If dirt and greed conspired
iigiiiiiHttenipcraneo drinks. And usually
it wnltcr In a tcmperatieoplnco Is neither
en clean ik'J' lo toiutauua as tho uverago
burkeeper." - '

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