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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, March 18, 1881, Image 4

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OltlUlON. MO.
HnUretl at the I'mlofflrr nt Oroei, Mo Hi
sertnnl.claM matter.
Terma of Subt orlptloni
Advertising Rntoi.
Tkhlrli aro cry ru.nnnsilile, when tin- lnnjo c-lr-ulntliiiintTllKCoi'NTV
I'Al'Kli li ninililcri'il
will lie made known on aii1K'ntloit in tin- I'uli
Ushers. Money may lie wit at ur rlk liy riMnice
order, tlmlt or rcRMcrctl letter.
Cftrrcapttnileiirti anil nrwi are alunjs tlolreil,
list lettc r mint lie tvrlcf nml mint li.ne tlie
Ktiiiiliiti name of tlio author, hot for publication
but na a itiinratity nf ueml faith.
I'tuuiMUiilcatliius In tlie lutcront of raiiitlilutc4
will lierhaiveil for nt tlie r.Us of three Cclil
vtr want, rash In athauto.
Obituary poetry will lie eliari:ett for nt the
rate. o( ten cent' lier line nml the t'ush nu.'t
nceiimpanytlu mamuerlpt.
rtejfcteitiii:uimerlpt will lit he returned.
iMtor for publlctlmi "dmuM reach in by
Tuesday iwoii to linure llnertluii In that week's
Atl IctteM should he siddrcc 4 to
TIIK ftll'NTr PAIT.lt,
iiitr.uiis, Mo.
the subject of scum, obloquy, and ha
tred from the proud, of rngu nml bitter
abuse from tlio mob is now tlio object
ot religion veneration. As roso Hi.
canto so did tlio fame of Philips, anil
now ho stride thu tnoral world llkoa
colossus, And yet ho himself stoop to
lift the lowlle.it, and shames not to em
brace u eausu deemed despicable by even
those who recognized the black slave
as man and brother. For this, uvea If
vc hated his cause, wc must lovo Won
dnl 1'hlllps. Fame Is to him nothing,
fiirtnne nothing, respect of companions
untiling, and mint of nil, grandest,
most inconceivable (sacrifice of all
Mlstrcs (irnndy Is no wherj, no body
In his esteem, wheic the question of
right enters.
Now no to the gambling bill. What
are wo going to do with people who ns.
sattlt murderou-dy our persons nnd rob
ns of our properly against onr will and
In spite of our insistence? Wo aro go
ing to put people In tho penitentiary,
it hard labor, for .simply accepting our
property when wo offer it to them on an
uncertain event, and willingly give it
to them if we lose, now what shall wo
loto those who taku It by violence?
An old constitution of Mass, says,
to punMi light misdemeanor ns se
er ely us we do gravo ct lines teaches
10 people there Is no distinction."
Answer, please! somo of you "Unco
good or rigidly righteous" people.
A society, tho United States Crema
tion society is forming iu Now York
with a capital of .10,000. Any person
may join and efforts aro making to ed
ucate tho pcoplo to favor It.
Gusli and glorify over it as tho outsiders
may became no Ohio man is in the Cab
iuet, yet ono thing is true, and that is
several of thu Cabinet members aro
from Ohio. Kirkwood is a Mauslield
man and Wiiulum i a Knox Co. man.
The Kansas City Times very truly
says, that a Collector of taxes may
make u mistake in fulllug to record tax
es ns paid; or Clerk may purposely do
bo, in order to use tlio money. If tho
tux payor loses his receipt ho may bo
ruined In time, under tho existing law,
because penalties aro heaped up and
th Collector is not bound to proceed
against tho delinquent. That is all
very true. Thcreforu tlio reason Is
more imperative on the State to use
some means whereby loss of receipts
may entail no damage. Such a plan,
tho simplest, most effective exUts. A
small margin on tho book is left for a
receipt and tally ticket. When taxes
are paid this is cut out, tho receipt
goes to tho payor, tho tlckot into Collcc
tor's drawer. Until tax is paid this Is
never cut out. Every county should use
this but there is more lntorost In swln
tiling tax p ijors than doing good work
and that is why it never has been done
Tinio uud again has the effort been
made, toaindtico tho counties to adopt
this simple device-. Hut In vain.
Nino years ago wo sowed some seed of
tho Alfalfa In tho houso ard. Kvery
year since thou, it has been the first
thing up in thu .spring, and the last
green thing visible in late November
This clover, wherever it grows, is pro
clous beyond valuo. Iu Utah it returns
tbreo crops per year. Thuy cut
once ami leeii it green : eru tliey are
done with the first cutting it is ready
for ro-euttlng whore they began. After
It has boon cut tho second time, it is al
lowed to grow up and seed for hay, o
which it makes tho very best for cattle
We believe a fair trial will prove its fit
ncss lor tats region. After tlio men
wlio let their hogs and cows run out to
graze have gone Jarthcr west we will
haro farmers here who will loavo notl
lug untried, and will beat tho others on
every point. That tlmo Is near, for
tlio open grounds nro fust being fenced.
Kvery useful thing, as food for cattle,
will bo raised In enormous quantities,
and wo shall have more, and butter, uud
healthier cnttlu and hogs than wo havo
now and hure.
What has become of the great Anti-
Slavery excitement that so stirred the
md twenty years ago? Why ask? It
orlshcd with tho cause. Not a word
more is ever heard about it.
What became of the great temper
ance agitation in Ulilo that from leiu
to 18.13 routed ad tho people of that
state? Whv ask? It died away with
thu creation of the law which was its
object. So temperance speeches were
heard no more, anil temperance socle
tics iirctty much dlod away. Then
lowly grew up a generation of youths
who knew nothing of It. Slyly tho
liquor Inlliicucc got men into ofliee who
overlooked tho severe law. And lo! to
day, Ohio drinks more liquor than any
Who will Join the Club to Get Tbctn Stilt
Several months iirh the, editor of Tub
Couxtv l'Arr.u accepted the agency ot the
A met lean Honk Kxrliaiigi.tlie (ainniK lnaiiirtira
tors of the Literary Iteuiltitloll, which reduced
the price uf Rood luniks to a llwirt! far below
What was ever known In tlm liMory of hunk.
Tho iniurii of other lunliievt prevented ns
from islvlnj,' to this iiscm-y the attention It
should have had ! Init we hope, to lie soon vi
situated ns to keep constantly on hand, for sale,
n toll supplyof sill the honks published by the
Literary Revolution Company. Meanwhile, as
a starter, tor the purpose, of Introducing a sam
ple of the bonks Into the home of every lainlly
which contain men, women or children wli
read, we propmu tngct itpu olnb and order the
book sentjliy c.xprcss.-tlms reducing the heavy
Item of pintaKe mid KcltliiK them from tento
twenty per rri.t lienper Hum If sent by mall,
besides aoldllis all danger of having thou
bruised nr lost In transit. A the publlshfr
allow us a small commission on the sales we
make.niid ns our object In sendlnis this first
large order I more for Introducing the liMiiks
than of making a profit on them, we hope
eiiniiKii memiier win join in iiiaKcunr vnimni
shin large enough to cover the cxprem charges,
and In this event we will furnish thu books
lierent the net publisher's price In New York,
which will ben saving to purchasers of about
twenty per cent, n that I what postage usually
amount to. Whether we can cited thin entire
sa lug of twenty per cent, will depend upon the
number who Join the club and Hie amount of
hook they order i bill. Iu any event, there wit,
he. a considerable sating, as the tr.itis)mrtntloii
will undoubtedly be much cheaper by express
than by mall, If any considerable nuinVcr of
book are ordered.
We glse tielow a list of the Literary Kevolu
Hon Hook, nnd their prices Iu cloth binding.
Most of the book -ire furnished In Half ltinsla
binding. If desired ; but their pilce Is Fifty per
cent greater than Iu chith binding. The cloth
binding Is neat nlid durable, mid, wo think. Is
good enough for nubody. Sample of both
binding can be seen by hppljingnt the editor
ial rnm of this paper.
The amazing cheapness of the books will star
tin every one who ha not Imfore. heard of the
great work which ha been ilonu by the Liter
nry devolution hi cheapening books so much
that tliu poorest In tho lulid can soon acquire a
good library. Wo can nssme nil such that
there 1 no humbug whatever about those books.
They are really and truly what they are repre
sented to lie. Samples nf many of them can lie
seen at HiIk ofllce.
We wish to send off the order for thru? book
on .Mosit.W, Kkihu'AUV IMht, 1S1. Those
who wish te Join the club will please look over
thu list nnd make their selections uud bring or
send lis the price there given, which I the low
sst net cash price la New York.Shnnld liotcnouiili
person Join the club to make our commis
sion ciitugh to )iay the express charges. It will
tie necessary, when the book arrive, to add a
few cent to each s but we think thl altogether
liiiiirnbable. and that nurcliasars inavfcrl cnlifl-
.stato ill tho Union. Oh dear! Must ,fMt that they will get the books delivered In
we keep tho agitation up forever?" Asks j Oregoii,at the prices named In the llst.Scnd, or
Table's History of English Literature, Com
plete, co cent.
Acme Library of Modern Classic, l'lrst Ho
rles. Vlenr of Wakefield, Itassela. Plcclolla.
Paul nnd Virginia, tlndlne, and the Two Cap
talus i In one Vol. 10 cent.
Macaulay'. Complete Kssay and Poeim, 3
Vol. Sl.to
Tho Korau nf Mohammed. Translated by
Sale. 30 cent.
American Patriotism, l'amnii Oratloui nnd
Patriotic Papers, from Wiishlugtiiu to Lincoln.
M cents.
Juvenile :llc.
Ibinyaii's Pilgrim's Progress. Iliiis, to ct.
The Arabian Nights. lllus, it cents.
llobliiKOii Crusoe. Illn, 40 cents.
Adventure of Huron Munchausen and (lull
Iver's Travels, Iu one Vol, IIIik In cents.
The Hook of rubles, Hy .i:oi nml others,
Illustrated, -to cents.
Cecil's Hooks of Natural History. 3 Vol.. In
I. Illustrated. $l.oo.
Stnrle and llallads. Hy Klteii True y Ahlen.
Illustrated. So cents.
Karl In (Jurer Land, Hy Mrs. H, T. Corbelt
Illustrated. 60 cents.
Leaves from the Diary of an Old l.aucr. $1.00
Saying. Hy author ot Spurrowgrass Papeis.
:I0 rent..
Pictorial Handy lexicon. Oser IS.ooo words
and 2Jocugm lug. IT cents.
Health by Kxerelse. Hy l)r.Talor. 0eent.
Health for Women. Hy Dr. Taylor, .Hi cent
The Cure of Pnrntysls, Hy Dr. Tu lor. 30 ct
Till Library Jlngnnlnc.
Of American and foreign Thought. Like the
old and excellent LlltcM's LUIugAgc and Eclec
tic Magarlne.wlllioit the flcilou mid Literature ,
(ami wuii American inniigiit umieti). ai one
fourth Ihrlr price, and ,every number a bound
volume. Vols. I to VL, nearly 4,0u0 pages In
cloth. forSJ so.
neiuillfiil Home.
The Art of Ueautlfjlng Suburban Home
(rounds of small I'.xtent, Illustrated by upward
of iuo plate and engravings of ptan for resi
dences ami their grounds, of trees nnd shrubs
and garden embellishment. Hy Prank .1, Heotl
Price reduce d from S3.W to s.1,00.
The Boss Harness
Xrvitliiiitl, Holt County, Mo.
All aro respectfully Invited to call and examtno my very complcto stock o
and evcrylhlug pertaining to a first-class Harness Shop. I carry a full lino
of Light Harness, Ladles', (lout's nnd lloy'.s Saddles. Tho only shop In tho
county that Manufactures J H STONK'S
Skirt Loop Harness. I use tho Host Pittsburg Oak-Tanned Harness Leather and
mploy only'Skllled Workmen. All work wnrrnntod and guaranteo sntlsfao
on Iu prices . Conw one, Come nil.
a strong temperance man. Certalnlv. MmiTTlwnT)l
, , ... I up )mrmlnd what ynu want. v want to
So long as liquor Is made, men will try j know as soon as posslblo how large tint club
to sell It. bo Ion- as man lias desires
that tempt him to excess, so long us ho
drinks, cats, and wears clothing, you
must preach to him, lecture him, pray
with him and tcacli him. Ceasu to do
this and the rising generation will grow
up cither brutes or savages.
Therefore uso moral suasion not laws,
whips and halters!
LoUuo says the sugar problem is tbo
largest question demanding solution in
this country; hu thinks wo can make
our own sugar and syrup and save from
8110,000,000 to 8120,000,000 annually,
which we now pay to foroigu countries
for those commodities; and ho believes ' ,,lu bC!lt
that sorghum solves the problem.
Nodaway Democrat.
If somo Ignoramus talked thus no one
could wonder. Hut that our officials
and somo men of education will so prate
is a disgrace to this nation. Save our
money! It is too ridiculous! Just as
though money woro wealth, wore some
limited commodity. As if every nation
lias not absolute control of its own
mouey, as to quantity and quality
There is not ono single work of author
Ity on Political Kconomy that will not
tell tho man better. Wo get our sugar
by trading our cotton, grains, meats
and manufactures for it. If wo havo
not any of theso articles to spare then
wo ought to make our own sugar. Any
child ought to know that we never buy
theso articles with money, till the last
most desperate ronort. And thou mon
ey Is not used, but gold and silvoraro.
will be
ItenicmVer that we will send the order for ttie
The following is tliu list ot Hooks and Price :
Library or Unlvcritnl Kiionlcdiie,
13 vol, octavo, large (brevier) type, about W0
page to the volume. Price for the set In cloth,
.51-2.7.". : Volumes I. to VIII nro now ready, and
the remaining volume will be Ivsued about two
cack month, till the work Is completed.
Thl I a verbatim reprint of the last (isso)
Lmthm edition of Chamber!' Kucyclopa-dla,
with copious additions (about 13,000 topics) by
American editor, the whole combined under
one alphabetical arrangement, with such lllus
tratlou a arc necessary to elucidate the
text. It gives mi amount ot matter about 10
per cent more than Appletou's Cyclopedia
(price In cloth, SSV.0M) and -' pr cent,
more than Johnson's Cclopa-dl.i (price S.H.00 In
cloth). I'or the general reader It I undoubted
Kucyclopa'dla ever published nt
whatever price. The eight volume already I-
sued will Ik sent now, uud the remaining vol
umes will busent a fast a published, or ,'ull to
gether when the set Is completed, as the pur
chaser may direct, A sample copy can be seen
by culling on thu editor of tills paper.
We have n splendid slnct
Including the celebrated
nf first-class Plaliosl
Brown's Pepsin Tonle.
Cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion nnd
Slcklleailaehe. You have" only to In
itio prove it. It furnishes the stom
ach with P-psln, Khttbarb, Mandrake
and Gentian, the natural principles of
digestion. No remedy ever offered to
the punnc lias rcieaveti so mucn suuer
ing as this wonderful pjoparatlon.
Airs. Mica .lone, l airmont, ivas.,
savs; "1 nml dyspepsia lor ten years,
and havw been cured ily using two bot
tles of llrnwn's Pepsin Ionic, after try
ing ti dozen doctors."
A.O. Uutler. Itockvllle, Mo , writes:
'You have niv thanks for u life saved
by this wondctful ItomoJy. I com
menced improving after taklmr the
third doses; its effent oh the stomach,
liyer and bowels, was almost magical."
K Rail, Hlattvlllc, Kas. cajv:
"Send mo by express: One dross of
Hrown's Pepsin Tonic. It excells all
other remedies for dyspepsia, ever sold
in this communltv. 1 cannot keep
store without it. t'or sale by T. S.
Hinde, Kinr & Proud, Oregon; West
& Young, l orbes; Shnpsoa & Aiulr and
Kit Anibal, HIgelow.
Oh, What A Cough.!
Will von heed the warnim:. Tho siir-
ual perhaps of thu sure approach of that I
more terrinio iuso.i'u consumption.
Ask yourselves if you can afford for the
snko'of saving 60 ets., to run the risK
ami do nothiiigfor it. Wo know from
experlnce that iihiloh'.s Cure will Cure
Caugh. It never falls. This explains
why more than a Million Mottles were
void the past rear. It relieves ('roup,
and Whooping Cough, atjonco. Mothers
do not he without it. For Lamu Hack,
Side, or Chest, use Shiloh's Porous
Plasstor. Sold by. T. S. Itludc, Oregon
Knabe, Arion, and
Marshall &, Wendell
f superior quality nt prices that defy competi
tion. K cry Piano or Organ sold by ns Is fully rrnr
rjiited for five ear, and satisfaction guur.iu-teed.
Money cause Saved
writing, or calling iqion us for prices. We aro also general agents ior the
Celebrated Orgrameite.
HOT Catalogue and information cheerfully furnishnd upon application to
915 Olive ST. LOUIS, MQ.
Tho Boit
In thoWorlil,
5fi Till Key
QDUIloard show
Inglhwll Sto.ss.
'rl.ts lii.lrnt.riit I. Soil I
Walnut, 4 hrlinf 1U.J.,
n.l MM "illlr .
Marclial & Smith
Tu i ..i.i rur stur rou
b.vulrlmlltlll Jul
HSU livlus.
Clinmbeni'a Kiieyclopicilln.
A verbatim reprint ut the Kdlnbuig. Scotland,
edition olllkeOot Cliamberii's Knu)clopavdla, In
nttccn volumes, small type! S'-M. The editor
of thl paper ha a set of these, which can be
seen by calling nt his ofllce. They are the
cheapest books ever printed hi tint world,
UAJtl lKl.l) SAVS,
War on Imports is a war on exports.
A Tax on Impoits is a tax indirect on
Kxports To restrict or obstruct Im
ports Is to restrict Kxports,
All commerce between nations is a
niero exchnngo of imports for exports,
'Tlio farmers nro half tho pcoplo of
tho United State, and they produce
nearly all the exports" said Garfield In
his Inaugural address. Truer .words
were novur.sald. A Protective Tariff is
n tux on ImportHto keep them nut. It
is thorofore a burden un Exports and
keeps them in thu country, till thoy
glut thu markets and prices fall so low
that empty ships can come to buy thorn
with money. Itut for tho Tariff ovevy
farmer could get as much again for his
produce, and could purchase all his
goods for half what thoy now cost: for
tho Tai Iff raises the prices of all homo
innHufnotures to Just that extent it
keeps out Imports. It docs tills till all
the home factories aro over stimulated
and the farmers, their customers, , nro
impovershod, when down go tho faoto
.rles, goods sell for nlnioet nothing, and
the land is full ql tramps out of em
ployment. Wp shall soon sco it all
jjver again,
The splendid eminence to which Wo'tir
dal Philips attained never lias spoiled
lilm. The humble cause embraced
some forty years ago, by tho unknown
lad, livs conquered; tho stone tho build,
era rofcclcit has lioponjq (tho chief; tho
If but ti little of the mighty wealth
piled up in somo few of our great cities
and thero wasted or used in speculations
to raiso tho prices of bread, meat, nied
iclnos etc., or In gambling in stocks by
which misuse mankind aro cursed if
but a tithe of It wero invested in modes
favorable for tho production of timber
and other things useful to man or in
experiments to improve locomotion and
ohcapoH Its cost, thu result would bo
more favorablo to tho holders of this
wealth aud a blessing to our race,
American AIUtonn,
The very large additions to Chamber's Kncy
chepedla (l.'i.uoo topics) which are made by the
American editors ut the Library of Universal
Knowledge lire Issued separately In I vluuies
of about 7U0 octavo pages each, large type.
Volumes I uud 1 1 are now ready, and the other
volumes will follow as rapidly a possible, These
volumes will be found well nlgli ludlspensablo
by nil owner of Chambers, Appletou's .lolin
son's.and all other Cyclyp;i'dla,cxcept the largo
type edition of the l.lbiuryot Universal Knowl
edge, from which It Is compiled,
Price for the 4 volumes 33.30 If ordered
A Chance for SpoculutorN,
To nn intelligent and honest man
who will tako hold of and develop the
property, an undlvhkd interest Is otfercd
for salo in four hundred and tlftv-llvo
acres of mlnural laud, located In Wash
Ingon county, Mo,, about sixty miles
from St. Louis nnd about fifteen miles
from tho Iron Mountain llallroad. This
land is only three miles lrom tho celo-
uratcil palmer Lead Mines, and Is ou
thu same ridzo with them, below them.
The former State Geologist says that the
samo vein of oro which is found in the
Palmer Load Mines undoubtedly lays
tinder this land; and competent judges
pronounco It ono of tho most valuable
tracts of mineral land In tho State. Tho
owner is so confident Unit it fortuno Is
there, seventy or eighty feet from tho
surface, ready to be taken out, that lis
Will not dispose of .his entire Interest iii
mi) Muinjiiiu n; uw ii uo can mm u per
fectly honest and energetlo man, who
will go thero and sink Hhafts and Hius
find put the amount, quality, slzo of
voln, etc., of (lie lead ore, ho will sell
an unnwmca mtorest or will trade uu
undivided Inloiesi. for unencumbered
property in northwest Missouri. For
furlior information apply to tho editor,
to Tim Countv Pait.u. '
Library oflllslory,
Mllman's (liblioii's Itinue, 5 Vols, S'j.oo
Mucnulay's England. u Vols. H.ii.
ltolllu's Ancient History. 51.73.
Hnpklu'4 Comic History ot the United States.
Illustrated. CO cents,
Creasy's Plfteen Ucclsivo llattles of the World,
Prolssart's Chronicles, Illustrated. SUo.
Acme I.llirnry of Fiction.
Sir Waller Scott's lvanhoe,.v cent,
Adventures nf IJou Quixote. lllus..VJ cunts.
Hughes's Tom Ilrowuat Itugby, :tu cents,
Coopor's Last of the .Mohicans, i!0 cents,
llulwcr's Last Days of Pompeii, M cents,
Unrda ; a Itoiuaneoof Ancient i:gypt,:VH'cuts
(leorge KlUt'.s ltoinola, ai cents,
Inlug's Knickerbocker. 3u cents.
The World'a Ureut Poets.
Shakespeare. 3 Vols, Sl.r.o.
Milton's Poetical Works, io cents.
Works of Daiile, translated by Cary, 30 rents.
Worksof Virgil, translated by Dryilcu, sects.
Homer's Iliad, translated by Pope, 3uccnts,
limner's Odyssey, translated by Pope, 30 ,cts,
Tlio Light of Asia, by Kdward Arnold,') ct,
Mrs, llcmaus' Poetical Words, IJO cunts.
Library of Iltogrnpliy
Acme Illography i first series. Containing
lives of nf Prcdcrlck thu (Iruat Hubert Hums
Mahomet Martin I.uthur Mary Queen of
Scts Joan of Arc Hannibal Ciesar Cromwell-William
Pltt-Columbus-Vlttorla Colon-na-la
one Vol, 50 cents.
Acme Illography t second sarles. Lives ol
Chaucer, Spencer, Milton, Cowjier, Houthcy, iu
one Vol, 10 cents,
AemonioKruphy i third series. Lives nt Defee,
Johnson, (loldsnittli, Scott, and Thackeray la
one Vol. 40 cents.
Miicnuliiy's Life and Letters, by Trevelyau.
SO cents,
lie Igtnim Literature.
Young's (Ircat IllbleCoiicordance. $2,00,
tlclklo's Llfo of Christ, fio cents.
Smith's lllblo Dictionary CO cents.
Kltto'sCyctopifdhi of lllbllcal Lltcratiiru. 2
Vols. 82,oo.
Works of I'lavlus Joscplius. 2VoIs.ini 31
I.llerntUro ClnnsUs.
Chamber's Cyclopedia ot KuglUli Literature
Vols, in 4. $2.00 1 ' '
Very Droll To Think Of.
If not nimvn being t lit by a man,,
use Dobbin's Klcetivc ioap next wash-,
itav. Lseit witnoui any wasii iioiier or
nibbing board uud iised differently
from any other soap ever made. It
seems very droll to think of a quiet, or
derly two hours light work on wash-day,
with no heat and uo steam, or Miicll of
tho washing through the house, iiiMond
of a long day's hard work but hundreds
of thousands of women, from Nova
Kcntiato Texas, nave proved for them
selves that this js doer, by using Dob
bin's Klectie Soap. Don't buy it, how
ever.if too set in your ways tti use it at:
cording to directions, tluit are as sim
ple as to seem alryost ridiculous and so
easy that a girl of twelve ye ars can do
a largo wash without being tired. It
positively will not injure the finest fab
ric, has been before the public for fif
teen years, and its salo doubles every
your. If your grocer has not got it, liu
will get it, as nil wholesale grocers
kocp It. Nave, MeCord and Co.
wholesalo Agts. t. Joseph Mo.
I. L.C.AdiN &Co
7 -Rtj
' lb Best f iiilf Isiisg
It I tho Only r.evrluE MacLlno
Tlio Simplest, tho
Most Duralilo, nnd in
'Every Respect
Th NEW AMERI0ATT Is eaolly leirnsd, dees no net out of order, ant i.m do
more work with lees labor tuaa any other smcliUio. Illustrated Cliculax lull JunoO. on
uSk5S.Si3Sr,2?3 WAJSfTED.
im:;ciiAr. oi'fick. No. tats amtunt stmt, xhUiuiciptii4k
Upkight Pianos & Paklou Ouoas.
Dyspepsia &. Liver Complaint,
Is It not worth tliu hikiII prieo of '
cents to freulyoursclves ofluvery symp-'
torn of these 'distressing complaints, if I
you think so call at our store and get
a bottle of .shiloh's Vitallzer, every bottle i
has a printed guaranteo on it: use ne-
eordingly.aud if it noes you no good it.
will cost you nothing. Sold by. T. S. '
Iliude, Oregon, Mo.
Adiniiii.strntor's Notice.
I.otlcm nf Ailliiliilitrntlon nn Hip rit.ttn nt
i:il.;iliclli Ni'KV. (Icrr.iHcil, wrrr Krautoil tin
iiiiili'mlKiiHt. Mari'li 7lli, 18cl, liy thl I'mliutu
Cniirt n( Unit I'liunty,
All (Jt'iisniit IkuIiil.'H;iIiih ni;aliit ;iU I'ltato
nrc ri'Miilri'il tn uxhllilt tlicni (nr llnwuiici tn
tin; iiiliiilnlstratnr wltliln nuu year ufler the tlatn
n sam iciu'in. oriiicy limy n iiri'i'iuui'ii irnni
any l'ii'.ut nt xaiil I'Matc aim If mini clulmi in,
lint I'vlilkitcil sltliln two years Irnni tlm iLitcof
xald KttL'is lliey will lin feruxT liarrcil.
w.ni'i-.iL .,,ii..iir,i,. aiiiu r.
Adininlistrntor'H Notico.
Letters nt AilinliiMratloa on tlio vttatu ot
Mlfliaul llnly, ika-rasf U. wviv Krunlcil tliu
uinlvrslKMi'il. l'flirimry 15tli. 181, liy tins Tru
liatn I'nurt of Hull rnunty, Mo.
All jit'rHnriH liavliiK clnlius nnulii't saM estate
are ri-qulml to exlilhlt tliitm (nr iillnwiincu to
tlm iiilinlnlstratur wltbiii nni yuar utter t'. citato
n( italil letters, nr tlmy may liu preeliuleit Irnni
any lieurlU (it salil eit:ite, iiuil It sucli clulms liu
nut t'xlillillvd ultlilu two years front tliu date
nl said letters tliey will lie fnrovi-r liarrud.
8. T, I.UUAH, Adin'r.
Shrewdness and Ability.
Hop Hitters so freely advertised in nil
tho papers, secular mm religious, aro
having a large fiilo, and are supplant
ing all other medicines, Thero is uo
denying tho vlrtuvs of the hop plant,
and the proprietors of tlirsu Hitters
have shown great sluiwncss and ability
ou compounding n Hitters whoso
virtues nro so pulpablu to everyone's
BQX.W K Minton kcops a first-class
grocery in firet-class stylo at Forest
JIIrs Kato Sanborn, of Boston, jdves
mornliiK lectures. She would rIvo oven
ing lectures, but uho Isn't married.
lho TTnrt4ic1IonM rf thU houealiavArTTorttl.
and (ili.tvrHlo nnUU Ji ctitjt mechanical and m
uuiicii wruiiioiiu Art jiTr( ana turir Miiwia:it nu
of tboordJuar cc inttrlur JnotnirnenU an UrffcJ iuld.
Unoxitmplorl Stiv
A Moat BoautilUl
Brimwrnoud Poi'foot
to reputation for IhoroiiRhne. rf omntnictlnn
irLi cioiiit. i ncy rnnju.eii(i meuiMvitM in uib
I nuaJitU'B aro fcucu tbut ono uaUwt fcnmral
ngth nnd Solidity,
.ality ol Tone, and titc
hook 3?topoatiniu; Action.
,'S Parloii organs
And nro UnoquaHod for IhcJr Orcat Variety of Musical Kffocts,
Tber employ tin ooly aurooMf ut eomMDattoa of ripen mI UmiU. and aro purchanod
uuilclaua lu all iiuartan of th gloU. and moeolud by them aa being tbo inoat ronil.lctoln.tni
UeattU Ita found lu Uir COUnlrr. No ona abould nnrahaao a Parlor Oman without i.mlnin.i
tiwn nmarkablo InntrumenU. 9 OIOROK WOODS k CO., Cunbrldgrpnrt, JUaii. (
COS WaaUlngton Htmot, Beaton. VABKSOOK8, 7J Adama Btreot, Clilcago.
by advanced
A MedlclM reeentlt dUtorered and ued by an aminent phyaictan wiih wondrrrnl mcceii. All itriiiu
andcouolry tlottihaciljr wiUjtt ItferyouAUo tun can for INDIOES?TION,
OnluSOflt. Trill Hotilt,, as ttt.
rhlhidtlphta, va.
How to mnko sonu for u cent nponml
Shavo Into small pieces live bar.s n
Dobbin's Klectrle Soap, and boll lu
three quarts of water until tliu soap l
tlioiintsiiiy UIS401VCU, so ttiat upon
straining through n slove nothing re
mains: add to the solution or "suds"
three gallons of cold water; stir brlsklv
for .screral minutes to mix, nml set ft
away to cool. Tlio1 it will look liku
notliing but soap-suds while warm, u
chemical runctlon will lake place, ami
In twenty-four hours time will develop
fotty or fifty pounds of magulllcent and
whlto soft snap, costing less than olio
cent n pound, and us good ns many of
the adulterated compounds called soap,
and sold nt seven to ten cents a pound.
How long would it lake for any other
soap ucd tho same to become anything
but "wuii) 8lP,t Any hoiiaewlfu
knows that It can notbe dono with any
soap sliu has over used. See if it can
bo done with Dobbin's Klectrle. For
salo bv nil grocers: Xave MeCord &
Co., Wholesale Agents, St. Joseph, Mo.
Qiicensware, etc., and in fact every
thing kept In a gnoral stock.
Wcpuy tho liigluwt mnr
kot pvicu Tor all klndn of
To Bee
I tun now making several stylos ol
of tho latest Mvles and will furnls
them nt very reasonable prices.
I work lircs on the shares: will tene.
artificial swarming, queen breedlug,elu.
1 also furnish
and nil apiaries supplies, cheaper than
the cheiipe.it. and guarautnn satNfao
Hon. 1'. .1. UOOKKS, Oregon, 3Io.
Flftnon illffcrpnt imirliliips
Willi wlilcli liiilltlrrs. rnlillirt
MnkiMN, WiiKoii-.ltiiKcrK, uU
lull CIS In .VtlM'i'lliiliriuia
wink cull ci'iniii'tr tin In iiKil
It)' anil uii'P wltli tciilii iov
cr iiiamtfiicliirliij; ; jiIi lima,
tciirs' siiitllt4 av lilittli'H
iIimUiis tur Wall llruckots
tintl lliilldcrt' Scroll Wurl;.
Machines Sent on Trial,
Suy wlicri" miii rciiil ilils nnd semi fur ('iit
IdL'iiu nuil iiricci.
Ittirkltiiit, liiiicunsu Co., UN.
.llllll" 18-lSSU-WW
Up stairs, over Schulto Bros Storo,
Sealers lu nil Icinils of
Have nnw In Slock tlio fnllimlni; iimclilncn :
MATIQNAL. Etc,, Etc.
Wokuop on hand tho attachment
for eoery kind of sewing machines
a I mi, il, needles, etc.
We repair all kinds of sowing ma
chines In the best manner and gtiaruu
tru satlsfautltiu. Uluti'L'es reasonable
i giro us a call.
and cauplry atotci hate it or will et It far you. Also tun ci
How Lost. How Restored
.Tuit iiiililMifil.il ncwctlltlniut DriCiilvtir
well'M IVIcbrnfctl r.KNiiy na tho raillcul
curt" (wltliimt iiinIIvIiip) of .Si'KiiMATOiuinir.A
tirScmltial Wcakiicsv liiTiilliitary Somleal Un
uv lniiritviiiy, .Mcntiil unit I'liynlijnl lncaimci
ty, liiiiiuillniciits tn MarrliiKi". t-tt, i nlju, Con
miiiiptloii, Kpllrnsy it nit (It h. Inrtiiccil liy nct In
tllllL'CIICl" tif stwliil cMnivaK'tincti, etc.
Tlm ct"li"lir:itt!tl author In tills niliiilnible tn
say, clearly ilfinniistratrM, fnini a thirty yt'ars'
mei-fssfiil practice, that tho nluriAni: vunati
qiiriircs tit solf-abiiio may lie rndleiWv cureil i
lirliitlni out a uuMlti'tif cure at mice llnplo.cMr.
lain ami rltertilSl, Vy nif inn of whlcllVeK- nut.
l-rer.im matter what liNctinilllloii iMy tie, may
,uj'hl!'!fl',licaiiltir Ivally. aiiiUraUhlally.
tfr- Hi s lect in! fbniihl JH", (u tlVhaiuts ol
oeiy y ti til anil cycaii:iiflii the fr,,
Sent miller sent In Ir plnln cueiipo3i any
fniulue'tou,'.'"111, " ""X CC,,Uor ,w"
Ailtlress the liiitilMien.
TIIK cui.vt:itw:i,i, .iftnil'AI. CO,,
41 Ann Street Sfew York.
1'iHlonicn llox 4080,
Tho Very Best hi tho Woi l ,1
T .1 a
; nave inn Agency lor tlm above ma.
clone, file Unit ... .nut,. ..,,.1 I,.,....
lily nlways on hand at the store of Al'isii
l(,,a ltl. ...... ff....i..l ,f...
.....nu ..iKnia, .tiiiiiuil VllJ ,
BQr lMk out for llogus Machines.
See advurtisomont of tho (lemilfv.
Singer on the inside of the Sk-V-jus
J. A. McAUr ,v.

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