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Who Wants Money?
Ihavo at my disposal a sunt of mon
ey, to bo loaned on renl estate security
in Holt county. Will bo loaned in
amounts from Ono Hundred to Tlirco
Thousand Dollars, at Ten per
cunt., payable annually, end no riiii
inisions. Long loans preferred (three
or fire reara,) but will loan for a short
er Ume If desired. As this is "Home
Money," borrower will experience no
delay mid no trouble of any'klnd; and
home money at "straight" Ten per
cent, is cheaper than. foreign monoy at
'crooked" eight per cent., where tho
borrower has to pay big coirmilssions, to
An agent and big fc.'s for preparing a
krgo mass of papers. For further In-
formation apply to
Oregon, Mo.
The mimufneturtrn nf Wall l'nprr have never
mad morr Improvemtnts In tlielr llnu of good,
tliftn th.y hnre this ifnuon. TbeilrnlRii, aro all
Itranllfiil. I took crrat tV1" Mini M-lrrted of
f(tr uuiiiiifnrturvr Ihr Driest-. or (lilts aud
IbMtos. Cftllng llecorallmu. Willie lllsiiks.
FUt Uroundn.rtc,, and rtiiicrtliilly Invite tho
Honln of Holt County to rail and examine my
auoaibcfor buying.
,df every description at 'Lowest Prices.
biby mmm
InWdlt'i variety; and I wnvrant every
-or.e iVom the finest to the cheapest..
107 Fourth Street,
SatnV Joseph, Missouri.
Farmers will tltid it to their In
.terest before buying Plows, Drills mid
ftiltivator to go to fJetirgo & Miller's
Mound Cliy. '
v Our
New Style in Sprlag Brett Goods has ar
rived. Call and see them. Hershberger
,f The place to iret the best bargains In
ttlw county, Is at It. I' book's & Co.,
'Tartest City.
':,aS-(!orgo & Miller Mound City,
sull Barb wire at 9e Cash.
Oct your flower plants,
Koe-, Llllles,Gladlolus,
Tube Hoses, extra choice
Pansy Seed, or unything
wanted in this line of
J N Menifee or at his
depositories, Postnlllof,
Finest City or at' I I'm
Peter', Oregon, Mo.
The Fierce Light
that beats upon a I In ono is none too
tnlght, nor nniio 'no brilliant, for our
Clothing, Dress Goods, Carpets, Hats
and Caps to bear while undergoing in
'xpectinu. Searching and critical exuin
. iuatlon Is courted In every department.
We have Hothlug to voncral on the man
ufacture or workmanship of our goods;
they will bear the closest scrutiny.
Come and see oiu' new spring fancies.
I n a l'r.Tint, Oregon, Mo,
OurAtock offootlH is com
liKteln evofj- department.
W intend to CIoho them
out dtfririg the next
It Twill not coHt you any
thing to call imd nee them,
Several whiskey rows on tho street
last Saturday.
Talking of cold, tho mercury fell
to 81 below zero at points In northeast
Sovcrnt mad Jogs have bien seen
near Plattyburg recently, two or three
hive been killed, anil several dog hare
been bitten by the other mad animals.
At this date tho Mlssouil river Is
rising rapidly at Omaha again, now
about its high a ever, and snow is rap
idly melting there. Only 100 miles
north .of us and still in mid winter.
The Flaltsburg Puilfier says Gov
ernor Crittenden Is giving Missouri to
tho Republicans. All right ! give it to
anything but the present party whoso
representatives failed so miserably Inst
session to lepenl some iniquitous legis
lation of former sessions among oth
ers the famous Tax Law.
If thcro is nn Infamous character
on earth It is tho professional spy.
Since it has become known that a no
torious murderer and spy and black
mailer, Frank Lane, alius Grimmett,
alias half a dozen other names, was the
prime mover in tho ense against tho
Talbot boys, people begin to bolleve
they arc innocent victims of a hellish
conspiracy. No spy ought to be be
lieved on onth.
Every year tho cost for ropairs on
tho railway along the Missouri bottom
Is very great and annually it must come
to enough to cancel tho profits of the
precedliifi'ijcar. This year, what with
delays, damages from washouts and
overflows it is almost equal to a relay
ing of the track' tho whole way. Sev
eral years ago we heard one of the best
railroad engineers in our Union say
that "If tho Missouri Hiver and valley
are subject to overflows and erosions
to tho extent represented, it can never
pay to have a road on the bottom, but
it must go through the uplands."
By giving a hundred dollars to
wards a church building at Atchison,
you will have tlio best chance ever of
fered. Mass will u said every day till
1110(5 at the privileged altar, siys the
"eireu'ar of the Benedictines.'' To a
hotter apprecitiou of this very extraor
dinary benefit of h privileged altar, It
is here milled that each lime mas is
offered for the dead at such an altar a
plenary indulgence is imparted to the
souls for whwse benefit the mat is ap
plied. Pope Leo XIII, has bestowed a
pontifical blessing on the enterprise.
All the people from the counties
east of tills going to Forest City r to
Kausa or Nebraska; all tho people of
these States or southern Iowa and north
ern Missouri coming this way; all the
people of this county who have busiuo.v
at tho county seat and some lx tli.u
sand people who have occasion to go to
tho dopot at Fnre.t City and who live in
this Immediate vicinity u net travel the
road between Oregon aud Forest City.
It is the greatest travelled bit of road
In all the west. It ought to bo kept in
the best order and lurarinbly, at all
times, It is in the very woit, and has
been for years. More money Tight tn
bu used on it than any other, for ,f. is ;
the most used. Some bodv Is to blame. !
Such miserable negligence is inexcusa
ble. lluck Sipes of this county, tried nt
ids homo near Fortius, April 7, of lung
fovor. Thus has perished thu liv sur
vivor from the stroke of lightning which
fired tho "tavern building u the flu-n-or,"
nnd resulted in tho duath of soVr
al men. Of all in tho room at the II lie
Sipes alone remained to tell the .awful
tale. He had just brought a load of
stnnoforthe foundation of tlnPCourt
House and had hitched Ids team and ci
tercd thu room hastily to avoid tl
storm; was standing with his back t
tho lire place when tho dread bJt do
seonded inflaming several barrels o
wbtskey at qnce. Sipes Jumped from
the hell ot flames a!lablaze himself In
to the street mid ran homo through tho
pouring vain. This it was that saved
Win, though ho laid enduring horrible
agony for weoks. Ho was ono nt that
old, plain, up and down pioneer class
now growing almost extinct of whom
their word was better than tho l.ontjs of
wholo states of some men. That simple
expression "I glvo you my word", was
to them tho wholo round world or mor
als and religion. Could higher eulogy
bo given? Wo think not. Such men aro
precious and fowor as tho days glldo on.
Sipes was always a quiet, steady
man, and for sovoral years had been a
strict professor of religion.
llev. Mr. Miller will preach at New
Point on Sunday next, morning and eve
ning. Gls.il to learn there is no toll brldgo
in Nodaway county, but nevertheless
we said the truth that tho bridge on
Nodaway at Nash's mill Is atoll bridge.
Last Saturday was thu first rual day
of spring. At sunrise tho mercury was
AG ; tho sky all day cloudless, the air
calm and the temprraturu ruse as high
as 80 degress; on Sunday 82.
Jacob, sou of Capt. .fohn Y. Lnw
fence died last weuk. He was a young
man favorably known whorover ho was
known and thu Craig Gazette pays a
just tribute to his memory.
Elder Hobt. Montgomery of this
placo was chosen as a lay dclegatu by
the lato convention of the Platte Pres
bytery to represent it at the coming gen-
jeral assembly, to meet in May, at Buf
falo, Now ork.
Over iu Adair county, recently, two
large wolves tried to take two little
girls. This reminds us that we heard
of wolves being seen near tills town
lately. High waters havu stirred them
On last Saturday, the weather be
ing so beautilul, by early cvonlng,evc.y-
body was out on tho street and thu
pavements were crowded, while there
was not hitching room for the horses of
those who came in from thu country.
The Chinesu custom of paying doc
tors only while the patients remain well
Is a wlso ono. Every family hits its
family doctor who gets so much per
head per year for each member, save
during sickness when the pay stops.
Experience seems to prove that
the following named peats only arc
proof against blight, namely, Tyson,
inter Nellis, Scckel, and Lawrence.
So says tho Itural World of St. Louis
thu most reliable agricultural paper for
Mr. Jus. B. Curry received a letter
from a rolattve at Sioux City,last week,
which states"thu snow is u thugrouud
now two feet on a level this April U'tli,
aud is till snowing." From this we
may expect very cold weather from
nwi'th winds for some time yet.
- Our new city marjliall thows a
"new departure" in tho prompt arrest
of disturbers of the peace undeterred by
their threats, hich intcti- with general
approbation. Good fur him. Now let
the Major usu his authority to its cxtie
mest limits.
Wheat Is from 2,20 cents, to i,:iO
cents at Liverpool, per cental. That l
it costs from ,60 to ,00 cents to carry
It from here to England whereas -Jo cts.
would bu a good pricu. But that
which should go to the farmer goe in
to the hands of capitalists those who
toil not neither tlo they spin." Some
thing rotten, sure!
At St. Joseph corn Is from ill to 3G
cents, wheat from 7!i to 92, oats 28, rye
9, barluy 70 to 80; at Bolckow corn U
22 lo 21, oatri 24, rye 60, wheat from l
to 8& ; at Plattsburg prices are just a
littlo higher than at St. Joseph, so the
papers report. Why such difference
within such short distances?
We remember reading Mother Ship
ton's prophecy as early as 181!) when
the verses,
"(iolil shall l.n fnitinlat root ot Irer,
Ina laiul that's nmviinlcnmui."
Wuiu deemed as applicable to Cali
fornia. The lines ended,
'All llu'sn wonilcrs fihatl bo ilnnr
Kt tn It'senU Hit- wurlit shall mine."
But now Miinu lying would bu wlo
acres pretend one lliiidlay forged them
in 1802.
Heferences to old files of newspapers
will prove what wu havu said.
When society Is shocked by a crime
and womanhood outraged by a case of
wifu beating with accompaniments mitt
results that add ten thousand fold hor
ror to it, shall thu criminal escapp bo
causo witncssoi fall to speak out? What
protection has a, poor woman in such a
case, where all is suppression and hush
ing up, instead, of what should be, the
most determined dragging to light? It
Is a foul idinmo to any community that
such things can go unwluppcd of justice.
No wonder ruffianism holds high rovul
on our streets. Let us sou what the
Quito a revival has been going on
In tho colored Baptist church during
last and this week, under the minister
ial labors of Iter. Morton. Nino prec
ious souls wore gathered to tho fold ami
last Sunday signified, before the world,
their membership in the church ofChrlst
by recolvlng tho sacrament of Immer
sion. Sovernl othors havo gone forward
and mndo confession this weuk. There
will bo another baptising by immersion
at Kunkel's creek, near the mill, on
Whltcsvlllc, Andrew county,
started a big cheese factory,
Head a mighty good thing,
starving lawyers, by a woman.
It costs just 9 cents at most to take ' ,-'lder V . 1 . Maupln wil, preach at Oregon baud, Is surely the most ilrliL'ht
a bushel of grain from New York to I ,,m Christian church next Sunday morn-1 ful ever discoursed to mortal ears.
Liverpool. " i '"K "veiling. Stealing softly upon our half roused
Tim XL Jn..nl. Unlit- Km. ,n.n...i ' -Grafted pcrsluim are coming In-, fon-t-. when the ser.-na.lers come, It
. v.,1.. ...., i..
gotten up, well edited, and well print-
ed paper.
Weller & ficlviu shipped from
Maitland onu train of 1G cars laden with
fat cattle last Thursday. So says the
When suc4, practical workmen as
thu Seeman boys warrant their goods
you may bo sure they know what they
aro about. AltVho know them will be -
Iicvo them, toiL' Seu their advertise
mcnt iu to-daym Issue.
Don't put iastv white wash on. vour
Willis, to rub olTon every onus clothes.
tictuaicouiinotiuirug stores, scald it,
till thick as mush, cool It and thin with I
skimmed milk.J Color to suit taste Ifi
il.iytriul i
-Mr. J. h. Oren, cousin to Lo
Imliana. Mr. O. Intends to remain, hav
iug removed with hU familv. He savs
1 I:lst Tiicd.ty a weuk, when hu
. a uiu.a mi lume were two icei oi snow
there, and thai as soon as it's off thu
. ... i i i ii . i .i
mud Is bully deep to hordes.
Four tests of corn were Hindu iu
planting all iu tlio samu box; seed dry,
seed soaked in water, soaked in i
water, and 'llmuand copperas water.
The last was three times sooner up than
any ot tho rust. Copperas is verv ehe to
i . i in i i j
and a. pound will M.ak enough for many
acres. t
l .i r...lf . r .
If every one who writes for publi
cation would scrutinize his essay and
er.vsu every Unnecessary word, leaving
just enough to tell his mind clearly, hu
UNintil wimili.i tn .in., tlilf.l mj.i. i
out. and lnw much Plulhor his meuulturl
t i i. i
is. i nen co oacK over and tor everv
long word get' the shortest fit one,
"Much better", hu'l say: so will his
The scarjet fever is iu town and
has-bciiii spriixdiiis pretty generally lor
several mouths. It is so very mild how
ever us to bu noticeable only in a rush
breaking oiit.over thu bodv. The first
thing wu know small pox will lie spread
ing in thu saiue way. It wcru well to
be nil the look out.
-A sister nullity, as like to Holt as
it is possible. "almost, to be, I- Hlehard
son, one nf yic best of Nebraska. Yet,
divided bj tie liver aud tho restraints
of high ferrying, wo are as though hun
dreds of miles apart. HichardM.n has
one or two live growing towns, and we
hope ere long the intercourse between
the two comities will bu frequent-
enough at least to ..sity exelianges be-
tweeu tho newspaper offices.
V by no means are so sipieamish
on the whipping post as some people, j
and for this reason :
Wlivshiiiililsiieleli -
have an; more regard lor the body of a
criminal than h. Has for the hodtes of
others. Therefore wo say, to the whip.
o mors, iiierwuru u. . ..
ping post with thu wife beater, the rob-
. I I .1... t t!l.l.. I...II..
our iv violence, inn iiiciiiiiiuiu
In LoMhm they never pul an end to ?.-.. IV ,,, g blk to go in. on Its file.
nMnS till they tried the whipping post. uI .mml .ilo ,,,,,.,. . u,,,
With thuse limitations we believe whip. , , , , ,
ping is the be?t device ever established. ; Jd A c,lilu)lu. ()f
On tho 21 and 22 of this mouth oe- commerce al.o, to cost eighty thousand.
cured what will not again for manvceii-1 Her union depot on tit li street corner of
turles. First Satuin's conJunctlonwlthiPei.il to cost i;o,000 Is a g right
tho sun, then Jupiter's with Saturn i along. This for a spring start is good,
then two hours later Jupiter's
with the Sun, all within twelve hours.
Tho Chinesu have records of live syn
chronous conjunctions with the sun that
occurred about the time alleged Iu the
blblu foi tho flood. Back calculations
show thoy were cortect. If wo don't
have a -few severe storms about this
dato there Is no use forever after )!
talking about Planetary iiiuuei.ee on inu
weather. Let tho prophets now cither
.1... .... 'Ml... .I.... I......!
show up or shut up TIce, d'ye hoar?
Tho great orptor, Wcndllng, can bu
had hero again If our people are Inter
ested enough to bestir themselves a lit
tlo. Itls proposed tn ljavo some fifteen
or twenty persons sign a guarantee pa
per. The, writer will bo ono. J hero Is
littlu danger that a cent will over bo
called for on if. Wcndllng was here
onco and-iillwho heard him will go
again. Aa'an" actor orator no man liv
ing equals film. Curiosity alone will
crowd any building wherever' ho speaks
among Intelligent bolngs. As an ora
tor ho in far ahead of tho boasted It. (5.
Ingersol, although ho has not a teutli
tho number of Hitters, Ills lucturo will
bo entirety now, .but tho subject Is no
matter. It Is tho oratory, ire is a
Patrick Henry.
APRIL 22, 1881.
Burlington Junction has just about
1,00 inhabitants.
-Lord Bciieonsficld died Tuesday
, t use. Tliev are line and hardv fruit,
1 ''apanesc persimmon is useless In
! l,,ls t'llmate.
Ask Will Mliitou of Forest City
whether he thinks it pays to advertise
iu thu OoUKTV Pahiu. lie will "smile
to remark."
If thu April rise of thu Missouri has
.C, ,so very high, arriving so Into as It
does, what will thu June rl.-u be? Wo
1 know it is usually much the greatet.
) A large vinegar and pickle maim-
factory is about to be started in Platte
I county. A thing of that kind would
1 nay here.
N't. onlinnrv atniiiuit of i-uokhi; killrt I ,"1 "' '" V '"'. - for
trichina In pork Tests show that in 1 Wi,mI over his signature, ami
bolted hams the heat does not t.et.ctratu '' " ''". """ '''' 'uer
Into tho flesh far enough to kill the
,wriw,lU(,t So beware of "Idled ham."
1 1..... .1... .I...I. i, ,.. i. mi
When at St. Joseph call at M. S.
Farris's .tore 4th and Felix who Is now
' P,'"'"? '"! of thu greatest Mockn.f
nittJ t-tf .jMitlt Hilkl Itlirli mi llin iltiii
n y .
! A ,'"1-0 fu-1 docriptlon Is given elhc-
I Mr. Punshon, who succeeds to H.
I K. "oI.Iuk.ii in thu furniture trade t
Fmest City wants you to cad on h.m
' before you buy. If he can not suit you
1 variety and prices it will lie strange,
See a general list ol his stock in anuth-
The Clydesdale bursitis the product
of natural and art selection, each Mriv
i,,.r t.. .1.. tt, ..,i L- oftiiU
ngto do thu nest wolK. tlftlus sloeK
o? i.t 1 1. .t ,
Mar Marquis1 ranks as one of its finest
'products. His iiropriutors lloblitell
'& Jes.e of Mound Cilv call winr atten
ti,m " tr,l!' ""rWmi given iu tl.l
I A man was brought before the mag
I t......i,. ..ii .. ..i. ,...i ,..iii, ...i,'..
mi inn .in I'liiiiiuai iiiil;ii i.iii. ,i.,i
beating. As no evidence was agiiu-t
him ho was discharged. Yet there Is no
no moro doubt of ids guilt than tl.at thu
sun shono that day. It was a veryjaggra
vntcd ease and ought to bu looked at
Mr. Heii'v Viiss 107 4th Mreet St.
Joe has fur maiiv vei.rs dealt with our
Holt county pi-opl.' iu his line and given
I the best satisfaction, tor wall paper
! and all kinds of celling decorations call
j on him. Also for latest styles ot Baby
'carriages. We refer you to his ndver-
tlsc mt'iit elsewhere.
Must of our coteuip's habitually
1 ouoto from thU paper or clip articles
i mid credit "Country Paper," or "A
I County Paper." with them, iu the Mtino j
irniuii'iil u'iii tli'it Minii! li liters eredit '
. ,.I.:xi.lm.ri,.,. .. ,u.v u.ni vU.ifv lo :
j ,,.,,,.,. Umt ,,s u .rui (.()l,STV j
... , ,,, .
f .Iiwiiiili tvlll ii.,w.ii.iil (i. tint ill,
i ... i i r
I , . ........ ,111..,1111.. M
fo.ttwi, h( to t.llHt fnuu mm ,
, $.() T1I(t church properly, on the
.,.,,... J ,,1J(
,,, m yr.m, jls,
1 ,,..,, .. . , , .
Iieen pur-
' ' 1 1 1
I nl, M. ml mill f 111 Ilill Is til I'lltllll llllU'tl
-To speak improperly is not only
. i , , . ... i
wrong iu Itself, but does ionic in-
Jury to our souls. Socrates. ,
For every Idle word that men shall ,
sneak thev shall give an account here-,
,.V .!..
t Tims have spoken the wisest and best
of men. ut two thirds of mankind
Sl.um , ,.t.,,r,i their own talk as lnsin
.etro. .im, ltl() M ,u) wmR ,,..
' t, )( (f iu ,.llk , M,uk.,.. , t.om.,OM.,
I -
of jests, sneers aud lies.
It takes 150,000 acies of wood land
to supply cross ties for thu railways In
thu Union, A fow years ago Michigan
anil Wisconsin had 10,000,000 acres of
valuable; forest. Now all is gone but
2,000,000 acres 1 Ono third of all tl.at
In California was destroyed years ago.
Over a half million acres are destroyed
anuiially, and still thu demand Increas
es. Very soon wu shall bo hi ought face
to face with destitution of timber. How
about Holt county in tills respect?
KSHluy '"' tock of Dry Goads,
Clothing, Boots and Shoos, turulturo,
cto., at 1). M. Emorson's White Cloud,
"e-Colllus, Caskets, Braokets. ctu.,
Emerson's, White Cloud, Eas.
; Winter wheal does not look so well
In many parts iw Imaged lately.
-The mu.ie ot string Instruments,
played by such iwpcit as thon of our
i charms like strains I mm paradise. We
have been requested by several to re.
turn thanks to that baud for compll.
tuetits, of late.
An Honest Witness.
i liaiiiel N hitmer Sr., ot Hay county,
! Missouri, is one of the original wiines.es
I to the authenticity ot the gold platei
j from which Jo Smith translated the
Mormon bible. Aud now Iu that co -4-I
immity where hu has resided for half a
i century, with it reputation never evcell
.ed for honesty, truthfulness iiiul ve.net
' ly, and as thu liielnuond Conservator
'says, with the lilies of 7.1 years crown
! Ing him liku an aureola, his pilgrimage
statements. I pun his miIciiiii state
ment follows the eiidoisement, iu high
est terms, of his character, bv citi-
7MW f tlittt wounty, headed by Col. A.
' w. Doniiihan. JikVju Dun and others ol
tho most prominent citizens.
- cheap neadnfl Mattcri
In this age of Increasing Intelliijeuce,
I books aro as essentia as bread to the
i existence and comfort of most men and
I wtnnen I'onnerly only the wealthy
j W-J V.ii1?!.!
0mhii, started by the American Hook
j Kvehaniie, has so reduced the price ot
i good books, thai every man, woman,
I and child can alibi d to liuv.
th m)U. iW)lt m U))t (;im)tv f((. (.
I above Company Is "V. W. Davkni-out,
- 1 who lias on hand, for sale, a siippiy ot
1 tlielr various pulilicitions, ami alx. a
, '"- i ...... ..... .
cons deiablu uuuilierol lionkh pnblisliei
((V (lu,r ,ou.,.,.
"Thu fodowlug Is aliaithd list of the
I books published by the American Hook
I Exchange, niot of which can be found
i for miW at the editorial room of I'm:
Countv l'Ai'Kit, Any book on the list
which may happen to not bu on hand
I will he promptly ordered. All thu
I books are elegaut'lv bound Iu handsome
I and durable cloth covering. The lol
I following are the boo.'.s and pnee
Library of I'uiversal Kuoucdge
large type, 1 .". wdi. j;
I.lbrnry of lllslorj
Miliii..ii's (iihboii'.s Home .'i vols,,
Miicnulav's Imglmul, :i vol.., . ,,
It.. I in'.s X eieiit IliMory, 2 vols.,
CreiuvV Fifteen Dcciivu Baltics
of t)ie World
Froisart's Chronicles, imperial
octavo, l.'iO .illiislMitiotis
Green's Larger lli-tnry of the
English People, 2 vols,, cloth,. .
Aruir I.lbrnry or fiction.
Tom Brown at Hugbv
G.oige Kliot's Humula,
Don Quixote
Irvmu's Knickerbocker
Charlotte Bronte's Jauo Ayiv. .
Tho M'urliWn (Irriit I'onln.
Shakespeare, !1 vols
Miton's Poetical Works.
Dante, trait-hlcd bv t'nr.v
Vir.nl. translated In Dl'Vtlell. . . .
1 ..".D
2 20
Point's Homer's llllad, cloth
!..:.... 1 1. i.i..j..f
, ilill . iiiiiiii I i ,,,-.-., .........
.!..!. ..... 1 . .
,( w II Aruolil'. l.lglll ol Asia ..
., ii.T...!,..,! W...L.J
; hir
M'l-ingal, an epic poem, by
I Library or lilouTiiiiuy .
ii,,,,,!,,!.,,.,,,.,,, of Thus faiMe
i 111.... ..!. 1UI k..i.t..b !
standaiM boofc.s by gieat auth-
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Maud M. daughter of L. L. and M.
Gteeno, born August 80th, 1870, died,
April 111, 1881, agu 1 jear, 7 months II
days. Adopted by T. J. and M. J. Pe
ters; loved and cared for as their own.
Her mother died when Maud was 7
months old.
O why so sh.irt thy lxlt herr.
Ah t why so sunn depart ;
Wnst to call i.i every tear.
And break thy imrent's heart?
Oh. an I iwr little soul replies
1 was lentln tliriu, nut liivoii,
Viib eallM away In make libit wise.
That wu all illicit ineet laliuaveu.
Spring Stock of liars and Caps,
new. stvlish ami dump. Amos
Castle, north
Oregon, Mo.
sitlu of public (.qiiare,
-aGcorgo i MUIwn Mound City,
bell nulls 4sQ0 per k.og, Cush.
The river Is doing as much damago
at St. t 'buries as anywlieic and serious
ly threatens tint bridge I here.
To prevent cattle hurting themsel
ves on barbed wire, either hang laths
from the top wire, between posts, or
fasten one or two lengthwise along top
wlic, or a six inch board, or finally any
old hru.li.
Some papers aiu recommending
stunt? posts lo bu used with barbed wire,
holes being easily drilled through them.
They advise to get posts dll out of
litiirMuiic rock which is foTud near the
surface of thu earth In layers thick
enough. We would suggest that the
rock would i-crvc cqally well If fastened
together will, best Hydraulic tcpicnt.
.l.o they could iju mauufactuied to hut
lorcver out of tho cement ami lock, by
mixing broken rock and cement Any
farmer could do thi- for himself if he
had access to sand and gravel.
(iirl Wanted.
A good girl wanted, who knows how
to cook, wash and iron. Good wages
w ill bu paid to onu who U competent.
Apply to Mits. DAVi'.M'Oitr. Oregon.
Tim County Court of Holt under pro.
text of being remarkably fair and of get
ting the most advantageous terms on the
public printing Invite thu Mound City
News to bid, but they of Craig or Corn
ing nro not noticed. This has occurred
twice. The financial statements aud
abstracts were handed quietly over to
the News on its bid. If that Court can
inauagi thin ami iiiaku people holiuvu
it is doing lor the bust Interests of Holt,
they aro more stupid than they havu
tredit for being. Who has seen tint
.statements as published? The paper to
get it ought to have n general circula
tion at least. Corning Herald.
Ui'f Why scud your watches to St..
Joseph for repairs, when you can have
them done Jut as well by Harry Far
ngher, WiHchmuker, Oregon, Mo. All
Work warranted.
''...I . ;
Notice is hi-reby given, that sealed
bills wi I be received lor the improve
ment of the ( 'mil t Hoti-it In uccordanco
with p'niis nnd specifications on tile,
in County Cleik'w office, mi id bids to
bn received on or before the First
.Monday in .May, 1881. The Court iu
serving the right lo reject any and all
By order of the Court.
Lkvi Xook.
M.ringer Sc Now-, bankers.
White Cloud, Kaiisa-i, are loaning mon
ey nt NINE per cent, mid no com
mission. Look to It
Hershberger &. Anderson, are now laying
in tho largest stock of Agricultural lm
plemcnts,ovcr placed on sale in Holt Coun
ty. JUST
A stock of the best snlectvd
Roots Shoes
Bottoih Phices.
Call and examine before you buy.
WoHt Side Public Square.
If you with to bny Harrows, Piowi, Cultiva-,
tors, Hnrdww, Nal)i, yon shuM(
oall at once or Hershfcergcr . AertM..
Drrinnn. Ho. '
.., V c

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