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There' a turned down page, m wme writer
In every human life
A hidden ttory ot happier dayr,
Of peace amid tbe strife.
A folded leaf that the world knows not
A love-dream rudely crashed J
The sight of a foe that Is not forsot,
Although the voice b hushed.
The far-distant sound of a harp's eoft strings,
An echo on the atr
The hidden page may be full of such things;
Of things that once were fatr.
There's n hidden page In life, and mlno
A story might unfold;
But the end was sad of the dream divine
better rents untold.
Even in thoso days it Is not in tho no
turo of things that n curato of tho
Church of England should bo a wealthy
man; and though young bachelor cu
rates are generally comlortnblo, and
much petted by tho ladles, who aro iond
of asking them to flvo o'clock tea and
croquet parties, a curato with a family
may havo so hard a ttrao of it that his
wile's ono silk gown may bo turned
thrico boforo it is given up; that ho will
havo a good deal of cold meat for his
dinners, and warnings from his wifo not
to open tho windows to lot tho sun shlno
on tho parlor carpet, when strangors
aro in that rtthcr shabby room.
When Parson Hawkins flourished,
and counted nino olivo branches at his
hearth, carpets wcro not necessary oven
to tho floor of English royalty, and lifo
was altogether simpler and loss cxpon
sivo for a curuto's family; but it cannot
bo denied, neveitholcss, nlno children
aro a heavy pull on tho patornal purso,
and right happy was Parson Hawkins
when Sir John Croko, of Cbilton, of
fered him tho curacy oi Chilton church,
and tho position of chaplain in his own
dwelling, with a salary of fifty pounds
a vear.
Tho first thing ho did was to kneel
down amidst his family and lead them
la tho thanksgiving for prosperity as set
down in tho book of common prayer
for such an occasion. Tho Bccond to
pack together all his movables and find
a wagon and wagoner to tnko tboin,
with his family to Chilton.
"I know not why Sir John Croko
hath chosen mo," ho said to tho partner
of his joys and sorrows, "but porhnps
ho may havo hoard my Easter sermon,
which, without vanity, I may consider
Tho truth, however, was that tholato
chaplain had considered it his duty to
reprovo Sir John Croko for certain no
tions which wcro hi his opinion great
sins; and Sir John growing wrathful,
had discharged him and chosen in his
placo tho mildest and most inoUunsivo
person ho could hear of. Ho know of
his hardships, tho smallness of his sal
nry and tho sizo of his family, and ho
believed that this elderly man, anxious
to provide for his household, would not
daro to speak as tho enthusiastic young
curato, who felt himself sent upon a
mission and defied the world to turn him
irom it.
Ho wolcomcd his now chaplain very
pleasantly, therefore and gavo him con
aidorablo liberty in view of tho fact that
ho desired much for himself.
But Parson Hawkins was by no means
mado of tho stuff of whioh cowards arc
manufactured, and though ho withn as
and narrow-chested and by no means a
mighty man to look at, ho had a very
Hon of a conscience. Theroloro when
by degrees, ho discovered that his pa
tron was generally carried to bed inlox
icated, that ho nearly broke ins wllo'
heart, 'and refused to pay his honost
debts, ho first uttered grave privato ro
monstrances and then hurled at him
from tho pulpit such a thunderous ser
mon, lull of admonition, reprobation
and warning, that Sir John's faco bo
camo scarlet, and every mortal in tho
church knew to whom tho prcachor al
'Mark you, Parson," said Sir John
tho next timo ho was alono with this
man of words, "I forgivo you this once,
but tho n xt tiiiio you sopresumo, away
you go, brats and all, to starvo, il you
choose. What, do you think that I pay
a fellow to insult mo in my domain?"
"lspokofor tho suko of your own
soul, Sir John, and because I dared not
hold my own peace," replied tho cu
"Henceforth romombor who feeds
you," roplied Sir John.
Parson Huwklns did romombor
For somo timo ho tried to bollevo thut
ho had turned Sir John from his evil
ways, that ho had dono his host, and
know no more to t'.o. Ho looked at his
wife, into whoso faded checks tho color
was last returning; at h's children
growing happy and bright in tho com
fort of their now life, and ho was
man, tiough ho was a parson.
At Bat, howover, lift found hlmsolf
so plalid that ho must speak or uo
villabO A sosmonCWus preached whioh
all Vull'duderstooS and at which many
wopt. And Sir John, furious witli rago,
sought a rovcQgo much creator than
tho simple dismissal of tho parson would
havo been.
In thoso days theft was a hanging
. mattor. A woman had recently boon
hung for stealing a loaf of bread. Olio
Jaws woro not only stern but cruol.
Fancy, then, tho horror of poor Par
son Hawkin's family whon it was known
that Sir John had mado a chargo
theft against him, in which it was sot
forth that on a certain day In Novonibor,
bo, the said Halbort Hawkins, being loft
alono in a room in the castlo, did unlaw
lully possess hlmsolf of "a golden gob
lot, a silver goblet, two guineas, and
piece of white hollands," to which faot
two sworn witnesses woro willing
Tho parson himself, after tho first
shock, grow brave again, and doolared
that ho dolled his onomlos, and that
nono who know him would doubt his
honesty; but ho was forcod to go to jail
to await his trial, and with him wont
his faithful wifo, whllo thoir ono maid
servant cared for his children. Tho
trial camo on. Two soivants oi Sir
John's sworp to havo seen tho parson at
his work of pillago. Ono dcolarod that
ho had boon behind a curtain whon tho
goblets and tho guineas wcro taken
from a cupboard. Tho other vowed
that ho had been at tho head of tho
.it airs when ho had taken tho holland
from a press to wrap tho gold and
silvor in.
But others, not in Sir John's sorvlco,
had mot tho parson bearing no bundle
on tho samo day, and though, ns tho
presiding Justico declared, proof had
bocn brought sulQclont to hang twonty
men, tho position of tho dofondant and
tho bad charaotor ol Sir John's wit
nesses held his Judgement in check.
Ho did all ho could for poor Parson
Hawkins, but, alas, Sir John had bribed
witnesses nt his command, and tho
dreadful (ato oi tho gallows was hang
ing over tho poor man's hoad, kept
from falling instantly only by n demand
for tho production of the stolen goods
which, if tho accusation were truo.must
havo been hidden somowhoro.
Meanwhile Betty, tho sowing-woman,
had been to prison with somo iood lor
her master and mistress, and was re
turning, hall blinded by hor tears, when
she saw approaching hor on tho road n
servant of Sir John's, who was earnest
ly talking to Old Poggy, a beggar wo
man, who sought hor broad Irom door
to door, carrying a pouch at her side
and leaning on a thick stick, witli which
if occasion required, sho could ndminis
tor a good boating to either clogs or
impudent boys. Betty did notliko to
meet any ono in her then stato of mind
and simply for this reason she crept be
hind a big thorn bush, and thero crouch
ed down, intending to wait until they
should havo passed. Old Poggy hob
bled along slowly, and as sho noared
tho thorn bush sho paused.
"Tho parson never did mo harm,"
sho said.
But it's forty pounds in your pocket;
you'll bo a rich woman," said tho sor
How will Ibosuro ho'llpay mcP "
said tho woman.
'No foar. You'll havo tho money,
said tho servant. "I'd do itmyself, but
little Butty would never lot mo inside ol
tho houso. lou go in often. Ask to
warm yourself, nnd when she's not
looking, slip tho bundlo into somo snug
placo. Master will domand another
search, and" hero the noise of wheels
caused him to lowor his voico to a
whisper but Betty heard tho words
"at 8 to-night I'll bo out sido tho win
dow and pay you as you como out."
Poor Betty I this was somo tcrriblo
plot against hor master, and what
could sho, a poor girl, do to provent its
success? Suddenly a thought struck
her; sho turned her steps another way,
and ran toward tho houso oi tho good
justico, who was hor master's friend.
What happened thero wo will not tell
just yet.
At eight o'clock Betty sat in tho faml
lv room of tho parsonage; tho children
wcro aslcop in thoir beds, and sho wait
ed for Old Pocey's coming. A flro
burnt on tho hearth; tho tall press in
the corner frowned down upon tho girl
and her Idlo spinning-wheel; on tho
queer littlo three-legged stool which
tho children had lolt on tho hearth, and
on tho empty cheirs of master and miS'
tress, each bosldo tho ingle. An hour
glass was last running down on tho
table; by that tokon Betty know that it
was tho hour of eight.
Indeed tho last sand had just silted
through, and sho had revorscd it, when
tbo tap of a stick camo on the door, and
drawing tho bolt, Betty saw tho weath
or-beaten faco ol Peggy, tho beggar
"It's me, Botty dear," said tho old
woman; for God's sako let mo in to
warm my foot, nnd givo mo a sup of
warm ale, for I'm chilled to tho heart.'
Uotty said nothing; she let the crea
turo pass, and she seated horsoll in tho
parson's own grout chair, wWi hor
pouch still at hor sido; a bit of wbito
holland pcepod out of it; as sho saw it
sho covered it with tho end of hor dirty
"Will yo fetch mo tho beorNietty
child?" sho whined. "God knows what
mi mr nnmn t ri von In V nil r nl H n m t 1 '
Botty, stilt Buying nothing, tuSk a
pannikin and lolt tho room. Heryfoet
woro hoard on tho collar stairs, nnuW
stantly Old Poggy started up. Sho wHit
toward tho great press. As its di'lr
opened she guvo a littlo cry. A hand
grasped hor by tho arm and drow her
luto tho press,
"Movo or speak nnd you aro a doa
woman 1" said a voico In hor our. An
tho door closod again.
Botty meanwhilo camo up thoeella
steps aud sot tbo pnnnikln of beer o
tho lire. Hardly hud sho dono so when
a knock camo upon tho door.
"Who is thoroP" cried Botty.
"Ofllcers of tho law to soarch this
ckouse," said a voico.
Butty oponed tho door.
"Wo aro honest folks horo," sho said,
"Como in."
And two mon entorod, followed by
Sir John and his sorvant.
"Tho pross first," said tho ioromost
And ho put his hand to tho door. As
ho did bo tho door flow opon, and out
stepped Justico Halo, holding by ho
arm tbo old boggar woman; at tho samo
instant, from tho floor abovo, heavy
footsteps wore heard dosconding tho
stain, and four armod men stood ready
tor their orders.
'Your vilo plot Is discovered, Sir
John," said Justice Halo. "Yon aro
undor arrest; end thank God, Parson
Hawkins is provon an Innocent man
from this day, for hero In this beggar's
pouch aro hidden tho goblets, tho guln
acs, and tho holland cloth which you
accused tho good curato ol stealing, and
which sho was to havo hidden In this
honest houso to provo its master a thief.
God knowoth your punishment will bo
Thon tho artnod men took into thoir
custody Sir John and his fellow, and oro
noxt ova tho gocd parson was with his
littlo ones again. Moroover, tho novvs
of his prosocution spread ovor tho land
and raised up frlonds who helped him
to such prosperity ns ho had never
droamod of, so that, until tho day ot his
death, ho kicw no moro anxiety.
Sir John was punished by certain
fines and imprisonment, and it is re
corded that ho died misorably, in great
A Letter, Just Coinn to Light, In Which tho
1'oot Denies Drinking.
In tho Baltimore American appears a
letter written by Edgar Allan Poo to
Dr. J. E. Snodgras, formorly editor of
tho Baltimore Saturday Visitor, in which
Poo defends himself Irom tho chargo of
intomporanco which has so long prevail
ed against him. Tho lottor wa3 found
by tho widow of Dr. Snodgrass a fow
davs aco, and was written when Poo
was on tho staff ol Grahams Magazine,
in Philadelphia. Tho Mr. Burton re
ferred to in tho lottcr was tho editor of
tho Gentleman's Magazine. Tho lottcr
is datod Philadelphia, April 1, 1841, and
is in roforenco to chargos of intcmpor
anco mado against Poo by Burton. Poo
writes to Dr. Snodgrass:
I havo to thank you lor your de.'onso
of myself. You aro a physician, and I
presume nophysiclan can havo difficulty
in detecting tho drunkard at a glance.
You are, moroover, n literary man,
well road in morals. You will novcrbo
brought to boliovo that I could wrlto
what I dally wrlto, as I writo it, wcro
1 as this villain would indueo tho3o who
know mo not to bollcvc. In line,
plcdgo you boforo God tho solemn word
ot a gentleman that I am tcmpcrato
oven to rigor. From tho hour In which
I first saw this basest ot calumniators
to tho hour in which I retired from his
ofllco in uncontrollablo disgust at his
chienncry, arroganco nnd brutality,
nolhlng stionger than water ovorpas'
sod my lips. It is, however, due to
candor that I inform you upon what
foundation ho bus erected his slanders
At no porlod of my life was I over what
mon call intemperate I novcr was iu
tho habit ot intoxication. 1 novor
drank drams, otc. But for a brief
period, whllo I resided In Richmond and
edited tho Messenger, I certainly did
givo way, at long intervals, to tho
temptation held out on all sides by tb
spirit of southern conviviality. My
sensitivo tomperament could not stand
on excitomont which was an every day
matter to my companions. In slurt. it
sometimes happened that I was com
pletely intoxicated. For somo days
alter oach excess I was invariably con
lined to bed. But it is now quito four
years sinco I liavo abandoned every
kind of alcoholic drink four years,
with tho exception of a singlo doviation,
which occurred f-hortly nftor my leaving
Burton, and whon I was induced to re
sort to tho occasional uso of cidor, with
tho hopo ot relieving a nervous attack.
You will thus sec, frankly stated, tho
wholo amount of my sin. You will also
seo tho blackness ol that heart which
could rovivo a slander of this nature
Noithor can you fail to porcoivo how
desporato tho malignity of tho slandoror
must bo how resoluto ho must bo to
slander and how slight tho grounds upon
whioh ho would build up a dofnmatioa
sinco ho can find nothing butter with
which to chargo mo than an accusation
which can bo disproved by oach nnd
every man with whom I am in habit of
daily intcrcourso. 1 havo now only to
ropoat to you, in general, my solonin
assnranco that ray habits aro as far
removed from intcmperanco as tho day
Irom tho night. My solo drink is
' ry tlio IViiH d.
Attlooro Chronicle
Mr. John E zonspcrgor, manufactur
ing Jowelor ot North Attleboro', Mass.,
iatoly communicated to us tho follow
ing: I suffered so much with pains in
my arm, that at times I was completely
helpless. Iused that Incomparable rem
edy St. Jacobs Oil and was coraplotoly
cured as if by mogh.
Beauty and Its Disappointments.
A writor in tho Progress says: Beauty
in a woman is a powerful weapon. Wo
nil know what havoc, what ti insinua
tions and quarrels ths iavorites' of tho
kings havo oausod; tLcn, as in our day,
beauty could call a smllo to tho sourest
vlsogo, draw monoy from tho closest
ookcts, "make of a strong statesman
a purring boy." Why wouder, then,
that it is so frequently turned from its
truo course Greater constitutions than
thoso of our sex aro shattered by Uat
tory. Tho boauty Is tho reci;.iont dally
of com pi i mo nt s spoken and as many
moro implied. Sho is courted, sought
altor, put on a podcstal whorcfrom sho
looks down on hor loss favored sisters.
Hors is an onviuble condition for a
timo; then comes tho awakening. Sho
is asked to givo baok that which was
but a transatory gift. Roohoburno says:
"A woman finds nothing In this world
so diflloult as accustoming herself to
being no longor bcauttlul whon sho has
onoo boon charming.
nritrnle 10111 and Trtbuno.
1 have a littlu girl, said Mr. Henry
uuio, oi mis oity, in n conversation,
who was troubled with n sovero lame
ness in her legs, pronounced by somo
Erysipelas, by othors Rheumatism. I
had tried sovoral remedies without of
loot, whon I was induced to apply St,
Jacobs Oil and I am huppy tp say that
tho uso of but ono bottle oured hor,
and eho is now ablu to go to sohool
Somo Valuable ThoaatlttM Con-
cernlBfC Unman IlnpplneNN
and Timely HMfrjcesiton
About NccnrlnR It.
Bynopsl of Lecture Delivered by Dr.
Cha. Craig llefore the Metropolitan
Sclentlflo Association,
Thofrcoand Independent thought of this
age accepts statements only where they nro
proven to be truth, while the development of
mental power seems equally great In every
other depattment of life. Tho valuable) In
ventions of tho day aro counted by thousands
The Incrcaso of scientific study Is universal.
Tho spirit of Inquiry In all Molds Is so marked
as to cause
comment on svsnrsinn,
whllo people rccm Investigating and advanc
ing In every direction which can help them
morally, mentally or physically. , This Is
spcclallj true of tho human body and every
thing which concerns It, and tho troths which
tho pcoylo have found, even In the last fifty
years, aro stmplv marvelous, llotr really ig
norant pome cuiiurcii ami suppocauiy scien
tific people were onlr a few years ago, as
compared with tbo present day, may be better
understood from a fow Illustrative, facts. A
prominent writer prepared an elaborate essay
to prove that steamships could never cross
the Atlantic, and his pamphlet was Issued
Just In timo to bo carried by the first steamer
that went to England, l'copleoncc believed
that the heart was the scat ot II fc and health.
It Is now known that this organ Is only a
pump, simply keeping In motion what other
anu moro important organs oi tun nouy nave
created and transformed. It was once tup
posed that If a person felt a pain In tho back,
the liver was deranged: If a pln came
In tho lower chest tho lungs were allccted
nnd consumption was near; It Is now
known that a pain In tho back In
dicates diseased kidneys, while troubles
In tho lower chest arise frem a
disordered liver nnd not Imperfect lungs. A
scvero pain In tho head was once thought to
come from some partial derangement ot the
Oram; it is now Known mat trotioies in otucr
narts ot tho bodv nnd awav from tho head.
causo headaches nnd that only by removing
tho cause can tbo pain be cured, it is a mat
ter of
rniVATB nisTOnr
that Gen. Washington was bled to death. Ills
last Illness was slight, nnd caused principally
by weariness. A physician was called who
'bled him copiously.' Slrungo to say, the
patient becamo no better. Another doctor
was called, who again took away a largo
ntnoutitot tho vital Quid. Thus In succession
four physicians drew away tho lifo of a great
man who was Intended by naturo for an old
age, nnd who prematurely died murdered by
malpractice bled to death. That was the ago
of medical bleeding 1"
Tho speaker then graphically described an
other period which cime upon tho people. In
which they assigned the origin of all diseases
to the stomach, and after showing the falsity
of this theory, and that the ktdnejR and liver
were tho causo of disease, nnd that many
peoplo nro suffering from kidney and liver
troubled to-day who do not !( uv It, but who
should know it and attend to ttcm at on:e,
"Let us look at this matter n littlo more
closely. Tho human body Is tho most perfect
and yet thomostdellrotoof all created thlugs.
It Is captblu of tho greatest results and it is
liable totbogreatestdlsorders. The slightest
cau'to sometimes seem to throw its delicate
machinery out of otder while the most slmplo
f.nil common sense caro restores and keeps
them In perfect condition. When it U remem
bered that tho nmouut of happiness or misery
waaro to havo In this world isdependent upon
a perfect body, Is It not otringc that simple
piccautlon and cam are not exercised I Tnls
la ono of tho most vital questions of life
I'eoplo may avoid It for tho present, but there
Is cerUtn to como a time In every one's expe
rience when It must bo faced.
"And hero pardon mo for relatlrg a little
nersnnal pincrlcucu. In tho Year 187i) I
found mvself losing both in strength and
boaltb. I could asslen no cause for the de
cline, hut it continue', until Anally I called to
my aid two prominent physicians. After
treating mo for somo timo they declared I was
and that they could do nothing more for me.
At this time I was so weak I could not raise
sufferinic from Urlgnt's Ulseaso oi tne Kianeys,
my head rrom tne pinow nnu i
My heart beat so rapidly It was with difficulty
1 couiu Sleep, my lungs were uiso umuy iu
vol veil: I could retain nothlni! uoanmvetom
ocli, whllo tbe most Intense pains In my back
and bowels caused me to long for death as a
roller, it was at tnih critical juncture mat a
physical longing which I felt (and which I
most itrraiy uciievo was uu luspirui'uu; tnuicu
me to send for the leaves of n plant I had ouce
knjwn In medical practice. After great diffi
culty I at Jast secured them and began their
uso In the form of tea. I noticed a lessening
of the pain at once; I began to mend rapidly
in Uvo weeks 1 was ublc to lie about and In two
months I became perfectly well and have so
continued to this day. It was only natural
that such a result should havo caused rae to
iavcstlgatn most thoroughly. I carefully ex
amined Uelils In medicine never before ex
plored. I sought tbe cause of physical order
and disorder, happiness and pain, and I found
tho kidneys and liver to be the governors,
whose motions regulate the entire Hvstcm."
After describing at length tbo offices of the
kidneys and liver, and their important part la
life, the c'octnr went on to 6ny:
"Having found this great truth, 1 saw
clearly tbe cause of m7 recovery. Tho simple
vt'gct&Dio teai i naa uscn was n iuuu uuu re
storer to my well-nigh exhausted kidneys and
liver. It had como to tbcm when their life
was nearly gone and by Its Blmpie, yet power
ful lnlliience had purified, strengthened and
restored thi m and saved mo from death. Ke
sllzlng thff itreat benefit which a knowledge
of this truth would givo to tho world I began
in a modest way, to treat thoso tflllcted and
in aery case I found tho same
which I had experienced. Not only this
but many, who were not conscious ot any
physical trouble but who, nt my sugees
tlon, hofan tho use of the remedy which had
saved my life, found their health steadily Im
proving and their strength continually increas
ing. Bo universal, where used, was this cure,
that determined the entire world should
share in Its results, and I therefore placed tbo
formula fur Its nrennratlnn In tho hands ol
Mr. II. II Warner of Rochester, N. Y., n gen
tleman wnnm l nail cureu oi n severe icmney
disease, and who, by reason of his personal
worth, htffh standlnir and liberality In endow
ing tho Astronomical Observatory and other
nut'llc enterprises, lias tiecomo kuowii an
nm.ular to tbe entire country. This eontle
man at once bcuan tbe manufacture of the
remedy on a most extensive scale, and to day,
Warnci'a 3afo Kidney and Uvcr Cure, the
pure remedy that saved my life, Is known and
used In all Darts ot the continent.
"I am awiro a prejudice exists toward pro
prietary medicines, and that such prendlen Is
too often well founded, but tho value of a pur'
remedy Is no lea liec iue It la a proprietary
medlMne. A liiatlllab o crriuillcu exists to
ward quack docroru, but is it right that tbM
prejunico suauiu i xienu rowanis an tnu um
tors who are earnestly and IntclllBeutly trrlng
to do theirdutl 1 Ilecauso Warner' Safe Klrt
nor and Ltve Cuto saved rav life before It be
came a proprietary medicine, Is It reasonable
tosupposo that It will not euro others anl
keeii still more from sickness now that It is
sold wim n government atauip on mo wrap
tier? Such a theorr would ho childish."
Tho rtoe'or then paid some high compli
ments to American science, and closed his
led lire us follows;
"How to restoro the health when broken
and how to keep the body perfect and free
from disease must over no mau's hluhest
etuily. That one of tho greatest revelations
of the present day has been made In ascertain
ing the true seat of health to he in the kidneys
Hiid-llver, all scientists now nilmlr, and 1 can
but feel that the. discovery which I have been
nermltted to make, and which have described
to vou Is destlnd to prove the createst, best
and most rcllablo friend to thoso who suffer
and long for happiness, as well as to thoso
wno nesiro to Keep too joys tney now pos
sess." llon'tlMoun tlt IritilHCH.
Ask DrUL'L'Ista frr"'lt0UL'h on Hats." It
clears out rats, mice, bod-bugs, roaches. Only
loc per nox.
"What mlgut tnivo ueen I" It is sad for the
dying consumptive to reflect what might have
been if Hale's Honey ot Hnrohnund and Tar
nan necn linen ea ly enouen. 1'iue'd Tooin
ache Drops euro In one minute.
Clilciitro AliundT
All tbo world nowTookaup to Cnlcagoas the
great western metropolis of America, being
far ahead of all competing citlea ; but unna the
less so, In Its Hoe, Is Electric Bitters From
their real Intrinsic value ther have advanced
to the front, and are now far ahead of all other
remedies, positively curing where everything
eiaj rails. io try tnem is to ne couvinceu
For sale by all druggists at fifty cents per bot'
Hero 1st tlio 'Vent.
Dltilncss, musca, despondency, Jaundice,
loss of appetite. Inflammations, gravel, female
diseases nnd ail troubles of tho urinary or
gatis and bladder aro quickly and surely re
moved by Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
A 1'rtltitie to iticrlt.
Ono ot the strongott and most reliable
houses In the drug trade, and one most emi
nently (uccctsfnl In Introducing medicines of
merit to the peoplo of Ttxis Is the "Dr. liar
tcr Medicine Company, of St. touts." Tbe
ono to whlchltlsnowdlrectlngmostattcntlnn
Is "Dr. llarter's Iron Tonic," a remedy for
debility and prostration.
All respectable dealers sell Frazcr axle
grease because It Is tho genuine nnd gives
perfect satisfaction.
A Farmer's Opinion.
A Michigan Inrmer writes that ho was
completely cured of a very bad caso of
lHtcs by ono box Hucklen's Arnica Salve.
Nothing on earth is so suro a euro. Sold
by all druggists at 20 ots.
For cuts, burns, use ltcddlng's Russia salve.
There la but one real cure for baldness
CAimutNB, a deodnr'zed extract ot petrole
um, a natural Hair Restorer. As recently lm
t roved, C'AHnoi.tNE is free from any objection.
Tho best halt dressing known,
ticn. Joiin At l.oK.nn,
Hero of the late war and now United States
Senator from Illinois, writes: "Somo years
ago I was troubled moro or less with rheuma
tism, nnd have within the last ear or so suf
fered Intensely with I he same disease. I begau
to tnko 'iMtrang's Rheumatic Remedy, and
am thoroughly satisfied that I havo been per
manently cured by Its uso. I do not hesitate
On rwf-mmnnl It fr, U l)fTrer.,'
firi'l larfu cuniuincis; lnrRcil stock In tho country
quality nl terms the hint. Country sturrlnrivri
shoutclrllorwrlt!TllK WKM.3 TKACOMl'AKT.
ail Fulton t.. N. V. 1'. t). Iln 4V.
A i-oHtiiYi'eure. Mului
tint! out. No i-atlnK oul
Noburntniout. Nopatn
Can lm UH'4 by paltcati lit
homo. A J J r in,
, ('. l'AYNl. M. I.,
Muralmltlotvn. luwn.
ITI n WMi'icr iimi w many mil nutter from tr
'ivnfxtf Youth " Aimm. ctt when they can Ix
run'') iIutvI in iiniili 1. tv nil two 3-0 iUini fur
lilii'ir.d! kU Hful cimrarA. tilui U'll ill RlMiit tlttt
'Hiicr t'lirtiiitii illtt-.iiMx. N. 11. Krrr mm ffioaW
lux-ti.nir.Kik. Adders, ott. iii:nii;kson,
rfl Want Your Address
And lll uriiil you tli;
fSvi in- llc'imsl- )-""!',,":,.V.''!t
mm li i .scl hie (ItiOI)M.
jf BJ li.. nl aii-io uny iu".'. lor our
At 5 1V " III""" " ilminnit lo ft
( liii lnimtl I'ulilUlihiB Co., Clmlunall, Ohio,
m:w timi ciiokj:
ICO HEP, Ori-i'n-1-itii.-
uni HtriliUtiK
I'lllllla Tho M'M III
tip lr cIcmi'ii at lowest
prl'vn ltifiiri.imbiiy,
h ml Ktuniii fur fllitntriit--cl
n tut..jrim to IIA1C.
KKIT'H I'l.nnil.
It IIISBUIK'. ClltlllUUF, I.l
Itia. of OW
sent by mall on recclpK
ot ttu.rso i or a
SAMPL.F, of satTM
nn we nt of O centa
It. I. tin, KINKST TKJ
Imnorted. Warranted
tOSUltnu tntO. roRmKcmumimuiKen. inuiuit
Th Hrrat American Toa ro., ir pom ri
O. HOY 4''r.. ill US VVn.tr Pr, N
(Tho l'urncst and lint JleJIclno ever Made.
A cnmt.tV.nnt!ono'HoriB. Duchu. Mandrntie
'.tvo juoirtL-i or nil oilier Klttcm, jnaitrs till
i roaioin -uuiopq r-uriricr, i-ivorKcguia1
Kn ftUrrjio cfurfckticMlbly Ion.: eiUt whoro IIoi
miters are UK'il.tomriulod and r'cct aro Uicli
JIKratlous. tc
Ihoy elve so? V.ti nil tiger to tls scoi asl Idkn
ToidlvliosocuiUoyttmcnts causa irregularity ol
tlio towels or mlnnryprcanii, orwho require or.
mtUcrTomuaniiraiiu'siirauiaii, nop mucn
iro inruiuaic, without mii intoxicating.
No matter what your fdlngjorrymMomsarc
hjittluiilL4La-.auraJlmL'UtU uco Hon Ulttcm
Don't watt until you ait) ulcliYkuutlfyou only fool
laroyourllfe. Ithosnaved ImnBlrcJ
,n.i A.m u.. n.i,tho uitiprswiat onco. IE intiv
8S0O w 111 bo paid for a canolliBoy will not euro oil
it n. pjiiotsu'-'crnor let your'iuiuiicr.Dui
UEoanuurKouicinio uro Hopuy"
Itcmciubcr, Ilopluttoni lano vilo, umBBOil.
Jrunken nostruui, Lut tlio lurent anlJlest Medl
-Ino ever made i tho "Invalldn Frlerfd and
nope, anuuu person uruuauy guoiuuuo
O. I, C. Uanabwlutoanalrrestllilocuro foil
:lrunkc!icAj,uo of upluiu.toliaccoanil rareutlcs, I
Vllsoldbydrupglfttg. Send for Circular. .
Uep imtm Jlfr. Co., Hochcitcr.N.l.
SlicotinE Chills Down too Eaii,
Dullpilnlitho llmbi natisoslillloiuiicn". ro pymp
n.iii. uf iippr, no ilnj fever nn j till 10. Uov.ltlioij
delay llo tettei atom ich II lit r, wliirh subitl
tuiirorllioo Illy sensation Kent .1 wmmth, renu
lutes ttii" ito'iincfi. m.d mnii'ts tono to the Iyer
T nil iwtla, llio H'uinac'i una iriu uiimrj nwim ui-ihk
rea orej
10 u lictluiy coiidlil.ir, no imoJueli con
t thoii.tatt. Fo.' iaiubya:idrU4Kts aud
nuered at
mi.r ueiiiTnllv.
The Only .Medl pine
Hint Acta at tho Samo TIiuo on
The Urn, the Bowels and the Kidneys.
Th.nffN.i nn'iini nro tbo natural cleans.
ersof tbo system. Ittlicy warltwell.lirallli V
will no prrrcctt u iney ueeuuiu i .-kuwi
dreadful dlieaict are sura to follow with
Dllluusntss, Heailaclie, IlriiOisIa, Jaun
dice, Constipation and Plies, or KM
noy Complaints, (Iravel, Ulalietcj,
or Itlieuinatle l'alns and Arlici,
aro developed because tho blond lapnlioned
witli tho liumora tbat sbuull uao been
expelled nuiuiany.
wfll restoro ttioucalthy action ami all these
tleutroylng evils will be linulihej uciilect
llipin and you will lira but to suiter.
Tliouiaudilinvobocncured. Tryltandyon
will add ono more to tlio number. Take It
and health will once more gladden your heart.
n bf bar ion aiiuu rran Muuptuuaica 4-u. i
Kidmt-WortwII1 euro you. Try a pack.
age at onco and bo satisfied.
( U a dry rejetablt compound ami
Onel'ackagemakesilxqunrtaof Jlfdlclnc.
Your DrugglH hat it. or iH e or
you, instil upon ntivtni u. ji-icr,ri.w.
wuls, uciucisoh a co., rrormtcrt,
IO (WUli.nJpilJl.) JlarlUatoa, Tt.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backacho, Soreness of tho Cfiost,
Gout, Quinsy, Soro Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, Goneral Bodily
Tocih, Ear and Hoadacho, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
Ho Preparation en earth equals Sr. Jacobs Oil.
as a rf', surr, slmtttc mid chea) Kxternal
llrmedy A trial entails tut the comparatively
trifling outlay of 60 Cents, and estry one nffe rlni?
with pain can bare cheap and positive proof of Us
Directions In Eleven Language.
Unlltnwrt, -lff., U. O. A.
densomotome. A vacation of nmontu did not give mo much relief, but on tho contrary, wMfollov.d by
Increased proration nnd slnklnuehllla. At this time Ibegao the os of your InoNloMlc. from s.blch I re
allied almost Immediate and wondorful results. Theold rann returned end 1 found that my natural fore
Sna not rmanently abated. 1 havo n.l three bottles of t he Von le. HJnco uslna It rha dono twl. the la
bor that 1 ever did In the somn tlmedurlnd my tllnoM. and with double the eao. with tho tranquil nerve
nnd vigor of body, bjw como also n clenrnesaof thought novor before enlpjed. If the i lonlohasnnl (lonn th
Tknnr, not uhnl. I aim It thorr.illt. J. 1'. WaTSOK. Pastor Chrtnllan Chnrrh. Troy, O.
ITlin ft-nis TonO in n lnssnsssRi I
lfjfrfr,ll. IVcll
i I'ffii IXnr.', tiitrf i7iow
i ithnteN, anvltiteti
J irflt llic IVnPf6fr
lllwitllrlffrM. fHi't-re
ifii'Pimi'rirfnis or to-
frvrril iHtriioM trnrrr
Iff Ttmlr in nvcchNttrti.,
I sVr
X.IST ornisEAsns
nuns and Scald,
Cut and Ilrulae,
Sprain & Htltohe,
Contracted Mnsclca
0? ANI1IA13.
Sore nnil Grtll,
Spavin, Cracks,
Screw Worm, drub,
Foot not, Hoof Alls
Stvliltiy, Founder,
Sprain, Stralu,
Soro 1'cct,
Frost llltcs,
end all external disease, ondfaveryburt or accident
Forgcn;ral uso In family, stabloand stock yard itif
Do You Wish To Know?
sa-liirvi''ii'. her tiiHitei. her Ulnm. h r priMliuK lior
towns, her cuiuitu-anii'l l'r putilic lhtliiiil.):w
2. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW al.m riser
Komleilui cllllliile, tlio IW lf Wiillueilul Hi-r.ery, tin
cliarniliu: iiiniui r rowrts, tlio ni.iKiiif.i oiit mines anu
the marvelous vruuth icenerally of iiilorn.!o.
3. DO YOU WiaH TO KNOW ao.mt .Nev.
Meilco, u I. lull inust ilueic.ilnif a eihiuiiu au.l a mlueral
wea.tti suritiuiHliiir een tint id Colon.lo
4. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW about Art
Kiia,nltnouuloubt lliu r.elient miiier.il country lu Ins
United htuu. ultli other ndvnntamii of cllnutoaua olll
6, DO YOU WISH TO KNOW about Call,
fornla and Ibo soctlona of tho Uoldeu sloiw, both norla
nrl JiOUtfl f
uexico aim nsnnwiierui r ... . .
7. DO YOU WISH TO KNOW, bow to
tbciw Slalea aud Terrltorlea easily and qulcKiyf
If lUie an the ilttngi you uUtonoic, tnrite (
Care O. I. AT. A. C;. S. UtEKl).
A., T. 4 S. f.lt-H- Toiwaka. Kanai
Wortli $25, Tor sale for a; Cts.
including all blaiika needed lu
male settlr incuts with customer.
Money rcCtindc.l if not u.tircly
kalisfactory. Address,
The Aullman & T,ilir Com')',
Mansfield, Kichland Co., O.
The Ladies;
AiiJUJM'l'b W
in u.m..
.tni.,M,in ernm w.amwnTnM tnth. nresent time.
v.rim.l nn,l Private blatorv never before rublliheil.
niiAnt.iav a oo.. nn N. Fourth 8U
rooiUikly and curely cured bythotweof KNET-WOIIT. Tula new and woniteruj remedy h;Ch
btae'auclinn tamerlio ealo In nil porta of tho co-antry. workaon rmturol P'P'f8"rfs
aSdtouoto tho diaoaroil orimna. nnd throueh them tieaaaoa tho aystom or aooumolaled Md "uonoik
huiorS; iadneydbwae.orthlrtyyir.tondlnh been cured, alao rjloe, ''""i',',i!1
o"wWci havo dlatrewed tho -rtetirna for year.. We have voliune. e,e . ZJl
The Only Entirely Successful Wire Oheck Bower Erer rented.
Elirhl rears practical tu ha rora th so seat l
lielaslve llaaatacturera, fiEOATUK, III.
Only Double Hinjj Invented
Cliauiplmi Huir Itlnk-or,
Uu sharp mints In tlio tilth to
M.n. Irriliilli.n ami snri'ne.lL as In
casn or rings that close with the
joU ts lu the ttenh, and
nTVJLnoeUoU,er " lUtV
soreness or tne not-e.
'"' k3 1 J453 ly
Tho Best Mcdlclno lio ovor Tried.
To Till PUBLIC I conceive It to be a duly which I owe to the affllctd, to state
that I have used 'Hamlin' Wizard Oil" for the cure of chronic tick hsiactie and
Neuralgia, with which my wire has Buffered for months, and also lor Kteutiiutum In my
houlder. In both cases It acted like a charm, indeed, the effect teefl.ed to me and aif
family most wonderful It effected a perfect cure in myself and wffe's cases. 1 consider
it the best medicine 1 have ever tried or seen tried. I cheerfully endorse all the proprie
tor fay ol it. and recommend all sufferers to try It. Limon Bucil, Heading, Pw.
cures Q Simply
Without fffl2i b1
MEDICINE I isU bsorptio
The Only True Malaria! Antidote.
Dr. ItoLMAN'a Tad Is no guess-work remedy
no feeble Imitative experiment no putlolneat
fw.lge podge of some other Inventor's Idea It U
theorlKltinl nnd only ttciinlno enr
ittlvc llld, the only remedy that has an honestly-acquired
rlghttouse the title-word "IntV
In connection with a treatment for chronic disease
of the Stomach, IArtranit Sptcen,
By a recently perfected Improvement Dr. IIoi
man has greatly increased the scope of the Pad'a
sefulncis, and appreciably augmented it actlv
curative power.
This great Improvement gives HoiMAN'a PAt
(tvlth Its Adjuvants) such complete and unfailing
control over the most persistent and uny Icldlna;
forma of Chronic UIhcoho or th
atonwicil ami I.lvcr, as welt as Mnlt
rial Iliootl-I'olHOilIlljr. to amply
Justify the eminent J'rofctsor Zoom IV high es
cnmluint "It is NRARcn A UnivsrsalTamac
The success bf ItoLMAN'a Pads has Insplredlnv.
ltatnrs wlioofTcr Pads similar In form nnd
odor to tho RCitiilnc IIOI.MAN IAI.
llovnrc of tlicnc IIorub nnd mil
tntlott J'iicIh, Koltcn np to sell ot
tltc reputation of ttio GNVIZ
iC.-icli Ccnnlnc Ilolrnnn Pnd bearsi
the l'rlvittc ltevcntiu Btntnp of tb
Tradc.Mark printed In green.
Or sent by mall, post-paid on receipt of 9.0Jr
IT, 0. oa tilt.) 93 'William Ut T4t W
f iiif.fiffpfl lm ihcmrili
I rat ,iror(oll, fort
I'U'lirpKi. lirilrrnil
ItrbiUhl, Fetnalr M ! I
Inimrm. Il onl ur l lini-1
(ft. Aest'osid J't-oufs-rfl
flats, mill vnrafr-
vjeessrrVoiisyiTrai.A'r j
t h n I mv t&lmr waa eieendlnplr bur--
Lots of Fun.
sT. M
'HsHI l'leturei from boot, t, iwijieni, rant, can Ix-eart
I VVl ii,n the uall,iii.i!iillled and brilliantly llltilnl-
i.qte,li elirntnii eunta In all ii.rir cithtrtt the Mi.il.Hor la
vnteh In inetlon. 1'hutiiL-r.iptin enlaiveil to lirili ure
liiltoioi1iiiit an UtH nnil anmteun.. l)elli;titatM-rlNHty.
3 untirr nri.l nlil. 1i-1i fpl l.lrturennil twn lintiiWiiuu
fdekillelhrlnm. PltlfK TWO IMll.tJUlH. Ouriln-ulor-s
tell timv tnohtAlntbu l'uUi..tlrnn fuo. ,0"t ltonlnt,
120 Eatt 23th Bt,, New Ycth.
The Western Hoinostead,
Agricultural and Liyo Sleek Imt
1 i t' ti iiiMivnuiii ti ' v. Hi'" 'i it wh
tu' oil (.r..M.lrr M it. ).' T IC U V VI ll. 'i!nMivl
iMtJHTIl. KA.UIH WlMllllf Vf l-I.I I I"!!' V V
i nil- i -i.u j:;r ti trial lr , I'l KKI. 1.1 r IJ
Tor HOI, 1(1 Kits'
fnrFathcrs, Mothers,
i Widows, Chli.lrin,
Tliensai.ds yet
rnilllcd. lVnslona for any w ui.d or disease, nounty
yi t dun to thousands. Pen.loners entitled to Incrojsts
if pinilon. New laws ami d eta ons. T tne limited,
App y at iirce. Also LAND Warrant nnil SoMlera.
AdilUtonal llomesto'd Fioatsbouiilitaiiilsol.i. lllKh
rst rrlee pad. Addres-, will two it, nips forlawa,
bl. ksamllnstrudloi.s. N. W. PlTZinnAtn. l'ensloo
anil Land Alterney. Mux MM. tVashlngti n. 1. U.
This Is the cheapest and only complete and reliable
lilstoty of tho (Iteat civil War pnblfsi ed; it anound
In nuirntni'H i.f p. ihoukI adieu ure, tbrlllli'B lncl
dei.ts, dailticsxplol's, heroic dm e, wonderful ea
catei., etc.iunu coitlna llfedlko portraits uf 1C
leauliiBB nnlt Bend f -t specimen pap and f x
irn terms to Apeula. NAT'tftn. Co., t'hlcai?i., 111.
EVEHY KOI.IIfKlt disabled In line if duty ly
w111n.1l. disease, or !"l'iry. Is entliloil to pension.
Int. I. Iihti enlltn il 10. rr.nuiiil'lsijf Ifi'lr
list.!...,. pinny are i raw
10 rmslun and llonn'v.-lCK.IKtvrKO iani;b
re-cn iieJ.-vll.MIOK.. CANKH nlh'l.
Copliauf Lost lil 1 liainin bin mil. l ulnn f every
ei riptlon tio,i culuo, Pulrnta l'roctirtd Ad-
"ri'.'H'.'mlHI.iy CO , A ttorney.
ilitx mrlS. WuatiMtirlnn. II. sr.
Al.a.s.A'e, it.v.w.N nisss.eiiiia Arrviiua i'uiii
Ity. wenkiiesot h xun rcan. St nil orn?t!lsti. Sena
f.Vi. rrn'.rlo Allen. I'l.Hrm.ei-. mi 1st Ave.. N. Y
firs e'liuieu
t... SJ i.e. Manic vul is., nt. I.T.
wiiVN wmnsa to Anri:rivisi;?:fi;
pli-iwr tuy yuu saw the .tilm-rtlnemi iit In
thin jwiiet.
AIM Till 1 or IhU kaUIKv Ul l.'IO A(ll OUU.O 0
nl Ihe Prni sJcnls." tbo most lntentlinr I.iut
., HO
I A Now Thing.
WASHINGTON Lli'.S ecrimUishod. A History of etery
J ecr imuiuaou. a jiuui; vj
White House.
Trlfc" .
Includes much
. Adclree
tti i.
the llarnce' Wire Check ltower beyo f uesOoni t
talilntiibe lead with dealers udamos'kuf,nsl
baio n ndered an unanimous vudfcl 4 U hs mm
Check HoMermado.
H10 Miouliig are tbe adTBt(s rrr y .
uueei( itoweri
Uso of Wiro In place of rope, tad 4 ova i
ootlaat two ropes.
Ttie wire will not stretch snd shrink Ok ri
1 he wire la as easy lo li smile a rot.
The Mire iK"a uol croea Ihe maahla.
There 1 reside draft.
It will ;.iaut perfrcily end mor 1 Ack.
The Operator dues not have to pat off
throw Ihe wire off at the end of th Bald.
It will work on any planter as now mad.
t, i. eii.v m work Hnd to understand.
It Is durable In all lu parts. TaH no other.
Only Sltiirln ltlnsr Kver !.
vmiImI 'l'lint llln.es nn th
X Dntslilo nf ttio Nnae.
N onnvutjiQ ci I iPTinn mua
1UHUIIII w kui.il nvnb iiiiivs
And Triple Groove liog and Ha
Itl riser.
This is the only ninai itiacerw
Invented that o om on in outald ol
the nose. It overcome serious de-
"rtmrswhlch eh-ewl'ti." j51nU,.'ta:.,rr AtSS.
Kclotry atouftmTt,P:OATUlC 1IX.

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