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w-m? : . imnn wows, jHnmaww - ei i w iimii , --
Jones, Townsend & Co:,
!f TO
'liiN'MtK, Bay's Youth's and Children, Complete IniUlllflerAjf'ort
4 wHh great caro and bougkt under the moit favorable ekcdmslan-
era fur'lHisk.
uur wouoii t sir
marked and' sold at tho
we propose elving entire'aatUfactlon.to all, or the noney chcornlly
refundMli ., Wo solicit your patronage, Remember tho placet
4th & Flhc Street ST. JOSEPH MO-
Down TOTris Ghiards!
Alwy Xoads In TIio Race And Js Miles Ahead of Al
. it .ft now beroro l he people
V tr4ovA AocW ol Keulv Made Clothln
lo ot
.. - liutXlodili, Trnhks, Valises, etc. Will
- MmenVlor you to give ns your patronage,
befo.e pnruhafing.
OK,SlTJO? Sc meter,
imember, GLENN'S BRICK BLOCK, Main St.
Clydesdaje $tallion
Is a beautiful black with star in forehead, hind ankles white, 1G 34 hands high,
fniod head and. neok, Broad sbouldors. great depth of heart, well shaped body,
JWt baek, with broad strong Hips, with most excellent legs, and feet; heavy
mane and tail. .Kind disposition and fine action. Weight Mn fair condition,
Age, i years August 19th. 18S1.
STAR, MARQUIS by the The ftfarquis, who was imported by Thompson
The -11 araois bv ImDorted I
1st psat py lihpirted'Neltherly ;
by Imported Brown George j 4th Dam by Imported Old Clyde.-wh was impiflt
pd by Wm. Warden in J840. ; - ..v . "
To the farmer, and parties who would llko to urced for draft or farmincr
purpBses, we wauia obi your aiicniiuii )o im oorse. r
4IawlllDermitted.tosorveafeweoodmaresattbelowDrlco of SlS.OOt
. t
insure, payable by note, at time' of orvlco,due in months, note to be void I
the asare proves not W be In foal. Due care yvU be taken -to proveat accldonb
putwuiBotneresponBiDiosiiouiaauyoccuf. , ,
VrUh Bimtiipntf, Grcjm.
HbUtieU Sd Jmso, Proprietors,
ToIia: For Sale.
i,260.aols tHIb a body.Quitable for I desire to sell the' late rcaldomce of
graatag; Slides south of Mowd City; Felix Froclloh. 2 story frame dwel-
Supfilor mAfs Una.. p - ling, 6 lots, large orchard and vineyaru?
. 6oftKlir5AAI.t,, For PrHculars, apply to
i . Oregon, MO. , AX.MBT ROKOEXX,
: ffiS?"1" ;
wishes to inform this pubHe t)tat be will FiIes deslrlair to sell their Impnvtd
Waiih outfiU of Furniture' 'to thosk ,ioiw will find ft to their Interest to
wkoy nl.tliemchea.er thai?aaV i&X$E JSJSJSi
kMuettils side of CbieamfKaBaM City eWtened, aahe ,a having co as Unt
JflPb. Ho meffal ft g TGiTmait
ZELtZZJiw VivVminlnir his atoak and t0 .terms. Will negotiate, sale at a
12E8f&ff2 . i,S!8 f reaspaable commlMion. ,.. No charges
learaais prtoes. ; ur1m sdle U made. Address
r tt Mssninnst Hm tf Uti- ' 0n0'
tt-" ""Mil ii mill 1 11 iiillfrr v T ri . . -
ana squaro ueaitng. jui coous are
fe Mey ers
Holt County with a largo and verv at-
uais, iaps, noow, snoes, uents i-urnisu
make prices so low an to mako it an Indu-
riease call una, examine our stock
tea Hercules, tne winner of many prizes iu Scot
2d Dam bv. Imnorted Sovcrn : Sd Dam
nil I - -r
New Tarjstiw' of birds are cemlng
Spnng was late ootnlag, but sfnee
it arrived, April 16, we never remom
borto bavo seen such Dno growing
Tho old Ileaten House at St. Joe
tumbled down last week. No ono fa
tally injured and but two or threo slight
,ly. "hdro wore some narrow escapes..
Tho savages of central Missouri
are destroying tho finest timber Jin
America. They actually burn up great
forests of oak, hickory, and ash (o
mnko corn fields, and fonco their lands
with young walnut and cherry, and
build bridges and cabins of walnut.
After such a long, hard, uhltcrrupt-
ed winter, it Is surprising to see, in two
or threo days, so many fully developed
ipsocts, flios, meths, -bugs. WhenceT do
they come so suddenly? It Li now
thoy are preparing to do mischief by
ilcpositlng eggs.
The poor tramp may bo no moro to
blamo tor being a poor dispirited crea
ture than you are to bo despised, be
causo you aro not as rich -as VandcrbilL
As well may the millionaires look down
on you,as you on those poorer than your
self. There is not so much natural dif
ference between people ns supposed.
Mosfof It Is the effect of accident.
ifo wonder some men lose .their I
hogs. "Last winter I saw some out in
a great field q protection. Thoy
laid behind a thick hedge, hugging tip
against it," said a farmer ,tho other day.
"How did thoy come out, I" was asked.
41 Not at all. lie lost and, u losing them
rapidly and I say no pity for him."
When aa animal's health is undermin
ed by exposure or bad or insufficient
food It will show It in tho spring.
Thoro aro two bridges over tho
Kodaway at what aro known as Nush's
Mills. One is a toil, tho othor was a
free bridge. Ono was washed away
the toll brldgo yot stands, though both
were reported ns carried away. This
explains to our'toll bridge man tho mis
takeand to his editor we ray that If
every mistake were a lib it would be
hard on us ; if every lie a mistake it
would bo well for him.
uTho other evening, " cays a cor-
rcpondont, "I put down the names of all
the birds f coidd hear singing around
my orchard at ono time. There -were
robins, wrens, jay's, martins, bines, bee
birds, orioles, hedge pipers, thrush,
quail; crow, peo-wcv, black caps, then
uiq wiiat cneer, " what cheer" of
the cardinal red, with the monn of n
dove and of two others 1 cannot name.
mis was at apinoo wnero nitcen years
ago there could be heard only jays and
blue birds. It all conies from enoourag.
ing them."
An Indiana editor who bad met
with very bad luck, held np until ho
received propositions from eastern ad
vertisers and certain magazines and
city nowspapors when he drowned him.
.self forthwith, it is reported. No won
derl , Tho amount of work askod by
t'heso men is only equalled by tho Bur
prising submission of tho country press.
country oditors and farmers, nil for
lack of some kind of agreement anioncr
themselves are the foot-balls of all oth-
thor trades. What could tbeso fellows
do but for the country press? Suppose
we call for a new departure.?
The Indians and old French tra
ders, know this Missouri river too well
to trust it. Thcreforo the first settlers
Kansas: and Nebraska were surprised
see all tho old towns high up id the-
nuo , buvu m luuvronuanco, I'laus-
arg, 8avannah, Oregon, Sidney. Glen
wood. 'Yet speculators', in -185a built
io4be bottoms. .Where aro tboir fine
OH towns, La Platto, PoSoto, St.Mary's
PJUfic? Thoir sites aro sand-bars, in
t-bftirpri Again, speculators (a .the
erft f MM, sUod ob the
m for town ateand railwavs.
To day the raUfoads are abandoned and
the sitoa thxeatwe with oVutragUoa or
already vanished; Rfperlenoe never
proved anything 'dearly as tbls
that tho Missouri bpftoa will not do for
permanent building iipots. Ba as (t is
to-day, it la liable J to' bo considerably
worse once at least, la the life of raanf
All this might b remedied If tho Gov
ernment would coafluo this river from
Yankton fo St. Charles permanently
Within iU banks. Until this, is done
then on neither health dr'llfe secure
oh IU botiomi and the flnest lands .on
tkU globe wllUbe urrdered to rav-
Do LaMatyrjV to speak at Mary
ylllo sometlnie next month, i
Fruit acids aci ou tiu and cases of
fatal pdsonlng art reported in conse
quence. -
- Some of the,3ew, rallroadtowna
near" tMBw;yotrinf up noiy buildings
rapidly. ; V
Circusef are' starting out qulto live
ly this spring,' Several nro;on their
wav westxard.
A groat sale of short horns
take placo at flattsburg, May 18 and
i. tony cows ami eigtity mills1-am!
somo fine shocp.
The revival at the colored Baptti
church is Ovor. Several mure bouIs
were converted and baptised last 8un
day Joe and Henry Payne, Cliff and
Minnio McFaddcn, Frank Harris, Clark
Washington, Bell Huffacrc and Mrs
Willis and Hayes.
Six ydars after thoy began to dig
for a coal vein in,.Eiigland, at 4shton
Moss, thoy struck tho vein near- threo
thousand feet from tho suface. When
Kunkel bored for It here nnd found
lour foot vein, C76 feet below
"uui.innt';too aeep. it won't never
pay" was the cry and thHt cjidod it.
Tn tho Teraporance column list
week, it is slated that a drukon man
wno made a disturbance on the street,
got nis liquor .at in at raioon on our
street. Mr. Kyircr requests us to denv
that tho liquor was procured at his sa
loon by thnt man. Tho liquor was
certainly procured clso where.
The attention f tho ladies of For
est city, and vicinity Is directed to th
advertisement, of Mrs. O. D. and Miss
Allie Cbadwiuk. who have just opened
an elegant stock of Millinery nnd Fancy
goous in m.u place. MUclr -goods aro
nil frosh and of the verv latest styles
They will aWmake dresses and do all
ainns oi jaiuiiyysewing. uall ana see
Our theory that tho at'tompt to re
form, in any direction by legislation is
confirmed since the Legislature adjourn
ed. For while tho, Prohibition Jliil was
boforo It thora grew up quita on agita-
lion on tomperance wliicti scorns tahavo
almost subsided since tho adjournment'
People tcom to have lot all power of
acting: savo by legislatures? such Is t he
forco of habit from ever looking to
Statutes lor relief.
Our Stato Is determined toencour
age the lucrcaso of fish and birds, and
we should all say. Amen to It. Every
body should warn every ono soonNio
lating this act, by fishing with nets or
seinsor other devices than, hookand
ine, at'any tlmo, or by trying to cap
turoi bints by nets or. traps or pens or
trying to tako or injure or kill any son
or insectivorous birds. At great trouble
and expense wo are to ing U stock our
waters .and fields with- new tenants
for the common benefit. A few should
not bo allowed to Interfere.
Many of our people would bo as
tonfchod to see the Wonderful activity
and commercial enterprise in the region
from three to five hundred miles north
of us. Iho upper Missouri Is full of
steamers plying from tho Yellow
stone down and back, railways are con
structcd, trains running and new roads
in progress while tens of thousands of
pcoplo are in motion. . Away "up on
lako Winnipeg va large, city is growing
whilo the far off regions, of th'o Assin-
neboino are being culyyatod..
The summer suH whoso advent we
so gladly ball, may. well, bo, dreadod by
tno minions wno swarm around fester
ing pens, or1 the abomins.blo alloys and
loathsomo streets of cities, and- who
have never onco felt tho refreshment of
one of the clear tool blasts we enjoy
from the agitation ol our atmosphere
curiuu posuienco tnatwaiKOtn oy noon
r. a' ii... .. .4 .
is sure, this year, to draw thousands of
city doirizens to tho,andf shades. We
nave noxning nero to make ub envy the
Inhalers of tho. foul airs of those fine
cities, ono blast of which would causo
us to skuddor and grow slok,
We warn our people that lire in tho
bottoms along the Missouri river that
they aro by too means, a-u of danger
of the roost i, fearful1 ovorflowoyer
known . The mighty mass of snow, and
ice nowpllcd up along tho valleys of
the rivers and Its afttuonts may tro off
rf'as to leave tfie river In Ugh stage.
wnen tne uune nooq comes, irom tne
mountains. A cold spell in early May
with moro' snow aloug tho' upper Mis
souri is probable- this year. If that be
.followed by very warm weather and
rain we may expect to, see a higher
kIbiIM llinn man n A 1
wq warn them to look- out. Our north
ern, exchange aid. reports toll us what
nay happens
APKIL 29, 1881.
. " " rtlCI 5
-Tie Lotif -Mtateu Flood
Wide-Spread Innadation of the Missouri
Hirer valley!.
Railroad Tracks Destroyed- Bridges'
Swept Away, and All Trains
EaornMUs Destruction of Property and
Thousands Made Homeless.
ThsSivuUUoa in Holt Coostji-Fall Farfic
Isrs Vf to tht Hoar of galag to fttti.
Wc write this in the midst of events
which are probably destined to be mem
orsble for nt least lml f a century. The
cnth-o valley of tho Missouri river, from
far tip the tributaries which form It
and extending to its mouth, is now
flooded with u1 volume of water greater
than was ever before-known. "The
High Waters of 1811" have been coo
aidcrcd the most stupendous floods
known to tho present generation ; but
these are far surpassed, both in tho vol
timo of water nnd In the amount of
proporty destroyed, by tho prcson'pre
valling High Wators of 1881.
At this writing (Thursday morning)
we nro, and hare been since last Sat
urday, cut off from all communication
with the outsidu world. The track of
the K. C, St. J. & C. B. railroad u
under water for probably a liupdred
miles; and its bod s completely wash
ed nwny in scores of places and for
long distances. Ot course nil travel Is
suspended; and a suggestive sign of
tho effect on business is found in the
fact that, on account of our inability to
get printing paper, wo are compelled
to issue a largo portion of this issue of
Tub County Papku printed oni-ap-ping
ppcr. and only a half-sheet, at
As wo have no mails, 'wo can only
judge of the destruction olscwhero (by
wlmt Wc seu at homo. Hut there can bo
no doubt that tho present high water,
extending, as thoy do, for many huu
drcd of milos, and covering n vast area
on both sidos of tho river will cauao
a destruction of property which will
tako rank'as the Great Calamity of the
century. Nor Is it improbablo that
there has been great loss of humau
Kvorythiiig is conjecture, however,
and we can only give our readers the
results of our own observations'.
On Monday we visited the scene of
tho flood, nt tho lower part of the levee
at Forest City. This loveo is well con
etriicted, compact, aud wido enough for
Wagons to pass eauh other About tiralle
below Forest City it had bnr-t through
Iu the morning, at one point. Ono may
imagine the tiemcndoits consoquences
where a wall ot earth divides from n re
gtou of coiuttry,on one slda of it, a mon
stroiis Inko of water on the other,. miles
in extent, pressiug on it aim fed con-
constantly by such a river us the Mis
souri, now swollen nnd raging to nn
extent not witnessed perhaps once in
half a eontury. Tho pressure must be
enormous; nlt.lough.so long as the thin
walls stand, the waters glide harmless
ly along. Like a mlno of powder, barm
less until tho least spark of fire touch
es a singlo grain ; so this vast area ot
watoivstands tranquil and-.calui, until
perchanco somo little crevico or hole
made bv eonio Uttlo animal or In
sect, permits a few drops to trickle fn
or through, Then ina .few mjmites, a
rill is formed, the soft molting earth
sinks, a torronl. begins to roll and tear
inrougn ana in n xew seconus tne roar,
tht rage of pent-up waters foroing their
way, the monstrous wavos tossing and
turab)Ing,roralnd ono of descriptions of
of Niagara. Siioh was tho scene we wit
nessed at the lerob. It hud just burst
through a lew- minutes before we ar
rived, The bottom oa tho other aldo
began to fill, a great river was rolling
through it towards Forost City and rap-
iaiy jimiurnuqing tne toveo n long way
this sldo of where tho waters were cut
ting through. The soil of the levee Is the
same as, that of tno Missouri banks
and wo could see tho whole mystery of
tho erosion of tho banks of, that river.
The soil molts like ju.t so mHch snow
and the overhanging banks tumble in.
Masses of this embankment from twea-
ty to forty feet long' and throe to four
foot wide, tumble in at onco. You
would be standing far, from tho margin
and out of danger as you tbought,wben
uddoiuy a lomr crack would auDoar.
the earth would tremble" beneath yon
and suddenly alnk down or tumblo for
ward into the 'water.
.. . SC . ..' .
Awmtwe-eigutn of rnllo back of
evidently i,Mde by some Home animal.
It reached from ono side to the other of !
tho viiibatikmeiit, but was so closed mi
the water aldo that but n few drops.
trickled through. At somo dl-tnnee be
low evidently tho undermining work
was yoing on, as a horso driven over
the spot sank ono font u dUtnnou b(f
low. It boeamo only n quurtioii of
a very few minutes as to which
would tear out the whole embankment
first, tjio cutting proccos along the side
or this undermining through thu mid
dle. 'I hu latter won, uud t hero was
again another grand spectacle of mllos
of water, matty font deep, timbling and
f...ll..M t
..-i.i iii tiiiuiin hum nuaiiiij uwjty uiu
levee in towards Forest City at tho tato
of a foot per minute. It Is now i erlnln
that theco waters will go wherever thu
level invites thorn nil over tho lower
One thought was deeply Impressed
on the nftnd of tho writer, and thnt was,
tho utter fully of spending vast sums on
such work ua this levee ami then leaving
It to tako caro of itself. Ten men with
spades and a few wlicol barrows could
have easily prevented the- first break ;
nnd, unless tho river rises con
siderably, this valuable work could
still be preserved. As wo passed along
carefully inspecting tho work wc found
several places whero something had
made holes and where tho water was
percolating through at the bottom of the
bank on tho east side, suggesting the
thnnght that nt any moment the levee
was liable to bo torn through this sido ol
whero tho waters were raging, thus
leaving the spectators surrounded, on
a rapidly diminishing mound of .earth.
So far as tha work is concerned, once
broken through, It docs not matter at
how ranuy other points it breaks.
W lieu wo, loft Forest City word came
from above that a few feet more of
rise wasrttowing down the bottom:
uigciow, uraig ana coming wor
piundntcd, and nearly every person had
abandoned tbefo points. At
tho waters had. forced thomeelvcs
iiirougii I .o iMsnnuDDtiia audit seems
. . -.. . . M
as If tho-iiiiiln river were pouring that
way, leaving the town an island. The
river was rushing through
sovorai feet deep. Tho heights beyond
woro crowdod with people driven-with
their stock from their farms and town
sites. Some merchants havo already
t poned cut their stocks on tho hills
t.verywnoro trom Kansas City to
Yankton, Dakota, a distanco ol many
hundreds of miles, the bluffs are doubt
'ess occupied by tho former rcsidonts
of the low lands. .
Aa in 1813-44 the waters wero high-
est about tho first days of July, It is to
oe feared such may bo the case this
time. This would bo a frightful calam
ity. As people ovor mrtko their theo
ries to conform to their desIres,wo hear
It now ald that these waters come from
the mountains "This is the mountain
rio." Such', howovcr, is not the case.
Let ne ono bo deceived by such asser
A i. a. . . .
ruruai ouy tno. old heusos, nn
old chnrBti.andjiBdccd, all Vacant pots
aro now oconpled by tho people of tho
uoiioms mid their cattle. .
As to lossns .qiiRtnlnm! It t, -I
, - .V tO lUIJfUSill-
ow now to estimate thom. lluudiwls
of farms are utterly destroyed; houses,
barns, fences, crops, havo been swept
way, .As the one half of Holt county
Is Missouri bottom land our damage
surpasses anything ovor experienced, in
our history. There is no disguising
that fact. During our comparative ex
emption from flood for thirty-six yoars,
men havo become exceedingly, reckless
in building and improvltigoh tho Mis
souri. At least halt tho pcoplo of Holt
are dlrootly dmaged somo more, somo
less, and somo to an oxteut that leaves
them bomoless, without' a dollar's worth
of property. Mauy, who do not think
of thls.will leol it cro three months have
xatnosewno have-moans to suan.
toward foreign, missions, .wtsav here is
amission,, at homo, somowhat worth
your attention. So long as life
and lands ace left, if, money bo onh-
abundant and speculation rifo. ueoDlo
Yor nHjmiy. recover from such disas.
u .
tersh and. times soon seem ever bettor
than before. that is our consolation.
WOtsnCSdaV. Ounstroflta-wnrn o .!
aertod and gloomy apect in spite of
tno-oimrmlBg. weather, because all our
people sympathise with their,' neighbor-
ing towus in.thelr calamity. Evory. ear
is eagerly listening to hear the good
news that tho wators aro coin? down.
yet overy, tow hours, the word, oomes,
"sun, rising."'
Thursday. Tho river (till rising,.
Who WitntH Money?
I have at ml dUpoial a sum of mon-
tc be loaned on real estate security
in Holt county. Will be 'loaned In
amounts from One Hundred to Threo.
Tlmiurtud Dollars, nt Ten pur
cent., payable annually," trnd no com
missions. Long loam preferred (threo
or five years,) but will loan for a short
er time if dcidrcd. As thU Is "Homo
Money," borrower will experience no
delay mid no trouble nf any kind ; nnd
homo money rit "straight" Ten per
cent, is cheaper than foreign money at
"crooked" eight per cent., where Iho
borrower ho to pay big commissions to
an ngont and big fees for preparing a
large mass of papers. For further in
formation apply to
W. W. Davem'Oiit,
Oregon, Mo.
Girl Wanted.
A good girl wanted, who knows how
to cook, wash nnd iron. Good wages
will bo paid to 0110 who Is competent.
Applyto Mkh. Davksmjut. Oregon..
Wltnlrniile or Befall.
Tho large store room -of T. J. Wash
bum, Fifth nndFrancis streets,, is.
packed full' of tho finest grades of 'Pi
anos mid Organs, which ho is selling'
extremely low for cash or Monthly pay
ments. Ho Is ngeut for Stcinway
Pianos nud Estey Orgaus the leading
instruments of the world, nnd nil
varieties of cheaper grades. All geods
as repro.cntcd and will duplicato tho
prices of any dealer in thu country.
Tho most complete stock of Accor
deans, Harmonicas, Guitars; Banjos,.
Violins, .OrgauctUts, Sheet Music,
Hooks &., to bo had In the city. All
are cordially invitod to call on or ad
dress T. J. Washburn, corner Fifth
nud Frauds streets, St. 'Joseph, Miss
I) I'M. Kit IX
Guns, '
Fishing Tackle-
Sporting Apparatus.
109 Couth Fourth Street
ST. JOSHfcir, MO.
Wo aro Agent for tho
llus lust untnvd
out a large and complete
ArtUU Oeds.
Mfrrar PtoMa,
ADd tvervtllltlff tu.rlAlntiic IaIIia
nsw In nil lis branches. Also a stock uf
Avnew wll finish. Any one can use It. Full
areetleas oa inch uatam. All mvi, w...
m itod as rsarcseateu.t'aTI uud exMalus stock
aad prltw.. w
MM reUx Blrcot, '
If. S. Corafr Market-HmM.
New Styl In Sarin Brest Seeds haar
rlved-Call and ate' thaai, Harahkerter
& Anderson,
The Fierce Light
that boAta unoii n. t hi rum ia AA
bright, nor none too brilliant, for our
Ulothlnir. Dross flnoifa. iwi, it.
and.Capstobearwhllo undergoing ln
SEeotlon. Searching and critical exam.
Inat on isoourtod In every dapajtauaflt,
We have HOthlnrr tn annrrl m Iho .....
ufacture or'workmanshlp-of, oar jrads;
Ibey will beay the, closest acritiay
uu men our new spring IIMOMS.
, Oreffon
Jreffon, Mo,
- K

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