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Rev. Mr. Miller prcachs in Oregon
. next Sabbath morning.
Mass teniperaneo meeting in tho
a. t,. church next Sunday evening at
7:30 o'clock.,
Wni. A.-Gardner will preach in
Oregon next Lord's day at 11 a. m. and
at Union school house, at 3:30 r. m.
Tho first quaUcrly meeting of Ore
gon charge, M. . church wilt be held
In this placo commencing Saturday, at
2 p. it. Services Saturday ovenlng and
(Sundiy forenoon.
?omo one has predicted that nil
printing would bo done on colored pa
per In tho futuro. It comes to us a lit
tle sooner than expected. Looks well
and is a relief to tho eye.
a contribution was made by our
business men on Tuesday and tho Fos-
tor boys started a team on Wednesday
to St. Joseph via Savannah jn order'to
soml qtt the most urgent mail matter.
X bird it; tho hand, etc. Several
who had apples to 6c)l and were once
offered a good price will recall this
.. maxim after tboy find nothing but rot-
' ten trash left in their-cclluin.
t' ' - i i
Tho circuit court of Holt county
met on Monday and adjourned till the
first Monday In June. On account of
jno nign waters, very icw suitors or
: witnessos could get hero.
Some farmers leave their com In
tho shock all winter. This shocking
custom has led to what may be a great
discovery. An agriculturist in Dela
ware has dlscovorcd that snakes make
tho shocks their winter headquarters,
and that busking becomes a dangcrou
Mr H. Tcbbs Alklre's card will be
found. In an other column. Ho offers
his serrccs to the pcoplo of Holt county
as an attorney and counsellor at law.
Having graduate at tho Law Depart
ment ol tho Stato University nt Colnm
hja with great crodlt, thcro is no doubt
but that he Is, as his diploma assures
the world, "learned in the law."
Our readers wltf bp reminded of
war times on seeing this Issue on brown
papor. Tho cneniy,tho great Missouri,
rose upon and surrounded us, cutting
off all communications with the outside
world by tho usual channels. Trains
havo all ceased running along tho Mis
souri bottom. For some weeks, malls
jiave hcen exceedingly Irregular, but
now wo havp litorally none.
( Some persons are being sadly g
cbnvenlcnccd by the high waters, es
pecially those who find themselves on
tho wrong side of tho river from hoir
homes. Among others, tho Rev. Steph
en Blnnohard engaged in Missionary
duties In Kansas having thither hied,
bound as ho is by stress of waters Is
compelled to remain from his family at
this pressing season. Quito a loss to
- Speaking of stock sales, tho Moborly
Monitor sensibly remarks; "Wherever
monthly stock sales have been estab
lished In Missouri, they have proven a
success. Ta Mexico! monthly sales
are largely attended, not only by the
farmers of Audrain county, but by per
sons from all the ndjapent counties,
and. several thousand visitors. A large
amount of stock Is offered at auction
at each sale and generally commands
good prices. It thus affords a con
tettfent market for tho farmer, calls
together the cltlzons of the county
makes money in more active circulation
and docs a great deal of good in the
We are indebted to tho publisher
of The Sanitary Engineer, New, York,
fer a copy of "American Sanitary En
gineering," a handsome bound volume
containing thirty-two .illustrations of
8ewers. and Sewor Appliances, Vcntil
ating and House Draining Apparatus,
etc. We have read this book with
great interest, and find it crowded with
informatlou and suggestions which are
invaluable to cvory person who contem
plates building. Tho prime consido.-
. atlon in building a dwelling is to pro
vide for the health of Its occupants,
V1 cai p,niy be none by paying prop
ex attention te drainage and vcntil
atlon. These subjects are little under
stood, and yet it u a well attested fact
mac ninety-nine out ol every hundred
cases ox typhoid leye. and kindred
' diseases arise from defective drainage
ana ventilation, ana should bo careful
read, by every person who Intends
(building a home. It will be sent, post
'age paid, Tor Two Dollars, byaddross
.ing The Sanitary Engineer, 140 Wll-
ijiam street, New York.
The new marriage law provides that
ao license shall issue authorizing the
imjurruure of a malo under twenty-one
i or a female under eighteen without the
consent of their parents or guardians
Any person soleiftrnzjiuj a, marriage.
. where the parties have, nojt obtained,
license is guilty oj a misumea,norl arid
laty to Jaed' a sum not execoding
few, ana In addition be subject to
iIril aetlon, by the parents or guardian
. All asarrlages are to be recorded in the
.recorder's eoe, and tho- recorder sub
Jecttoafine' not 'esoeedlng 9100 $or
less man o xorreiustng a license to
.yenona entitled thereto, He is. entitled
If? fee of tl, for issuing a license.
The person solemnizing a marriage
fVOet aake a, return wth in ninety days
oJtMUcoeof tne license, the failure to
4q m er the making of a false return
beUf puiefeable as a misdemeanor.
Tlte law will aot take elfeot until ninety
days after the adjournment ot tke legislature.
--Monday, first day of caurti Nov.
Blncc tho war days were so few people
in town as on that day this Weok.
Mess. Glass, Peters & Co., shipped
miiuxnrs cniua to uincago Inst Satiir
.Mr. Hunkln?, who Hvc3 threo miles
north of Forest City, sold last week, to
Mess. 01ae, Fetors & Co., twenty-five
head of cattlo averaging 1,465 pounds,
Thoso wh6 wish to marry in Mis
sourl must get a Jlccii3o from the Recor
der of Dpcijs, and thoso who solemn
ize tho ceremony must return a certifi
cate fqr record. Tho law soon goes
into offcU.
I here pause to ask if you ever fell n
victim to the autograph album fiend?
What, never? Then pass on. This nr
tiulo will not command your sympathy
as u ougm to. ijicso sail words nro
written for thoso who havo suffered,
lcilerday Mr. Wm. Pngh nnd
wlfo of near Corning Mo., arrived hero
with their llttlo girl, who had been bit
ten on Sunday Inst by a mad dog,
They tank tho child to Unclo John
Nelson, who applied the mad stono and
u aancrcu to tno sore, Tlio stono was
rcmurcu nnu soaKcu in muic liitcon or
sixteen times. Savannah Reporter
Wo would call attentson to tho card
of Gdo. W. Pooler, of St. Joseph, la an
other column. Ho has opened a regular
palntors' supply store." where ho Is
ready to supply anything In the paint
ing line, wholesale or' retail. Ho Is a
practical painter of thirly-clght years
cxperlence'nnd will cheerfully give any
Information In relation to tho business
when called upon. It would bo to tho
ndvantngo of thoso needing anything
In his lino to giro him n .call nt tho
northeast corner of the market square.
As pcoplo get older nnd learn more
of human nnturcthey feel thnnktul that
anything has Induced mankind to try
for n better and highor life, Hence
they moro respect the religious views
of others as being host suited to them.
It is only tho exceedingly green and
raw persons who, dorldo tho religious
viuws oi ouier peopio. Think as your
consclenco directs, and let others do
the same rts to their own views.
Some one has played a fino trick
on the pcoplo In tho noignbood of Se
dalla. Br some contrivance h hno
managed to print in raised letters on
somo shells of fresh eggs tho words
and figures "your world will end July
6, 1881," or " tho world will ond in
1881." All those who believe that the
creative power prints, makes hnnfc.
talks, etc., nre much excited. Of
course this is a very shallow trick of
some ono.
Our roads nro complained of con-
orally, and that from Oregon to Forest
City especially, and almost always.
Tho fault Is in tlia road law.- Did you
ever work -your road tax out on the
road? Then you know the sole object
is to pass the time so ns get tho credit.
One-half tho tax now assessed on' each
person, If paid In money and tho job
let out to bidders would give us good
roads. Tho law properly doecrlbsd
Is, "a teroptatation to incompetent
men to fool away thelr time in prctond
Ingto do work they nre ignorant of."
That coal underlies this wholo
town site, nt.a depth less than eight
hundred feet, the boring started by
Zook, ChadducTc & Kunkel and finished
by Gideon Kunkel proves. Less than
fifteen thousand dollars would Wg the
shaft. This developed, would so
change the looks of this town and tho
rcgloM for miles around that no one
could recognizo It. Every aero within
ton miles would go up in prico from
doublo to f extuplo Its prico now. One
hundred men taking stock at Irom $100
to lysi&u casn would do it and neyotj
miss tho money, anil get It back in co:tn
Reading the account in tho papers
of the wonderful sympathy between tho
ann amputated and the stump, we In
quired of our friend. Mr. John Ingram
if ho boliovod It. "I know it to bo truo1
no repneu. lie then Informed us that
on waking from tho chloroform sleep
after his arm was" cut off, ho felt un
easy In that arm and, not knowing it
was on, no reached over to straighten
It. Ho says that at every change of
weather bo snffers m the fingers of
that amputated arm thoy socm to be
como pincnod up. Ever sinco the am
putation, his amputated, arm is seem'
ing.y growing shorter and now hangs
but half way from tho stump, which is
close to the shoulder. Mr. Inghram
nuu.cu, stnwng his breast, "This
inis nesn; is not the man. Tho real
manlswit iln or around it," and wo
Deiiovo It Is so. Suoli faqts go far to-
waru demonstrating tho. possible exis
tenco of an immortal soul.
-TTinoioiiowlng experiment, in tho
l'hrenologlcal Journal, may not bo un
interesting: "Four boxes ot earth.
alike In quantity and exposure to light
uumieat, were piantod at the same
timewi,tii corn from a singlo ear. In
ono box dry corn was planted! in
another, soed previously soaked in
clean warm water: in tho third, seed
i i ... ... : :m
unu uuou ouuKcii in a solution ol Juno
water: in tho fourth, seed sonked m
chloride of Urao and cepperas' water,
oqual parts. One weok after, tho dry
corn had not germinated ; tho corn jt
ho seoond box had just comenencod no
sprout i that In, the third box was just
showing tho green blades, and that in
the fourth box had grown nearly three
inches high. Copperas water will
preveut birds and worms from catin
iuo oocu, nun uuo pouna oi dry co-
L. ...J .1 . . "
parae win scan enough
Boots and Shoes.
Sriifiq STock flow Rejdy.
For Latest Styles
Lowest Prices!
Geo. W.
317 Felix Street,
M. E. Herbert & Co.
In their New
Have tho Largest, Bcsi and Most
Beautiful Life
Iin.i?t'!?.sel)1, t0 wlllcn l"3r 'nvlt0 especial attention. They nro
skilled Pjuinbcls nnd Gns Fitters, nud guarantco any work they do
to be ns good ns the best. They also have n complete lino of Iron
nnd Wooden rumps Who'n in want of anything In tholr lino ro
raomber tho placo, 610 Folix Street, and tho firm,
Pine Lumber.
We'desire to state
county,- that we are
all kinds of lumber
In Holt county. Wo now havo tho following yards established ; and
icnsivo pnrcnascrs irom nrst nanus we
urcs than any other firman tbo county.
Hoblitzell & Bro.,
- Hoblitzell &' Jesse, Mound City.
Hoblitzell Winch & Co , Maitland,
Hoblitzell & Pinkston, Oregon
Forest City, Mo
Mrs. O. D. nnd Miss Attio Ohadwlck'
respectfully Inform tho ladies of For
est Ultv and v clnltv thnt thav hnvn
oponod a Millinery and Dress-Maklng
Establishment In that placo and will
Keep in siwrc a iuu ho.ck oi mo latest
"tyles of goods, and, will do all w rk In
uioir iiuos in tho. nest manner and at
tho lowest prices.
Will nlso bo prepared to furnish
t&" All kinds of family cowing don?
A share of public patronage is
SDcclfullv solicited.
Ladios are respectfully invlted-to cal
mm examine gooas.
A stock of tho best selected
Bonis SH
Bottom Pvces.
Call and oxamine beforo you buy.
West Side Public Square.
if you wish to bny Harrows, Plows, Cultiva
tors, Hardware, Nails, etc, you should
eall atonoe on Hershberqer & Anderson.
Oregon, Mo.
& Snrin Rtnolr nf Hii anil f!na 1
for twontvl'I!hnew' Wi8M a,,d cheaP' Amoa Wult0 Uloud,Kujaa, re loaning mon
wr twonty cMtlei lh publt0.,auaro, 'ey at NINE percen,t. and no5 co.
Quarters at
or Q as FJuie$
to the people of Holt
the largest driers n
bcinff ox
aro the
licrefore ablo to givo you lower fis-
Our Stock of Goods is com
plete in every department.
We intend to OIoho them
'out during the next
It will not cost you any
thing to call and see them.
T Pen. Cent. Interest
for five yeas or as short time as desired
Will be u Craig Mondays and Mound
City, luesdays of'oicu weok.
4 Oregon, Mo.
Forties delinquent for taxes, will
save finsta nml trmililn Iiv iifivlnrv tlin
same on or before May. 1st, 1881, as
- "j i"j"f "w
suit-win to' commenced immediately
Collector Holt County, Mo
Jf. ..Thatcher''
of Oregon, Mo,, has' a suro enre for fe
ver and aguo. . Warranted to cure o
monoy refunded. Sent by mall on ro
eipt of prico. One ounco bottle, 75o;
iwo ounce bottK 1 1.26.
'-' "- ' A, vrXV. i,.i,.a.
Tho new dog law npplics to all
counties' having moro then 13,000 In
habitants, makes It tho duty of tho as
sesssor to list all doge ovor three
months old,and he shall receive 10 cents
per nnmo of each ownor. Tho tax U
one dollar for mnlos, two dollars for fe
males, nnd for each dog more than ono
two dollars. Tho fund so collected
shnll bo paid into Uio county treasury
and shall bo distributed on tho first
Monday of March In each yenr, among
tho sheep Cwnors who havo lost sheep
by dogs.
Says tho Cincinnati Commercial,
Verdigris is used to make green pickles,
and sugar of lend to mnko yellow opes.
In tho twelvo samples examined ff tho
MossachiHctt Bonrd of Health, ten
wcro found to contain copper, nnd
nlno to contain nluin nls. Tho safest
way Is to follow the example of Pro
lessors wnrinea and Pipor and abjuro
pieces aiiogcihcrj tho next bot Is
buy your cwn cider nnd let It sour, nnd
them iqako yorir own pickles. You
will then bo sure you nro no.t seasoning
your dally fond with polon.
Mr. Editor: Somo person? who
know not tho truth nnd most likoly did
not enre what hesnlU, pnblishod Iivyour
paper, last week, that a coitntil nolsv
drunken mnn "was innd,, ,1 v-1...
saloon." H. 1".' " ,1' . .
one -in town. Now, sir, such wns not
the fact. That mnn got his liquor somo
whero- olso, and tho writer, If ho used
common senso, would know that such
men will get liquor lo get drank upon
.....U,M V4 uuu su iuu niiiv
n tnero was no saloon In towji. Thoy
..uuy,iuy .no quart or gallon nnd
win do no. It Is well known thnt. Mr.
Kygcr lets no noisy or quarrelsome
men drlnic nt his placo, and frequently
closes up his placo when suuh nwn
drunk with liquor procured elsewhere
como into town. Men get wlno and
come in drunk, or go to Forest Citv.
got drunk, nnd como horo, and it is
ch irgd on his saloon. S far ns ho is
concerned ho would prefer that no such
men would oomo near his ulncc.
For 18 years ho has kept a quiet .orderly
place and discourages all excesses.
Attomy ut'Lawj
oiKq,o, MO.
JVIIl prarUco Inall'tlia oonrts nf MUiotlrl.
attended to ""'.
Offlce over Sckntto Bros Store.
20,000 3 and 4 Year Old
Apple Trees,
Standard sorts, graftod from bcarin
trees, raised at home, first-class. Also
n few' 6 year old Applo Trees. 'Also
3,000 or 4,000 Apple Trees, second
class, cheap. A i-pleiidld lot of
Evergreens and other Ornamentnl trees
I pay Cash for
all kinds of Scran
rorest city, Mo.
Lands for Sale.
Section 8, towntalo 69. lanire SB. nil..
EofMonndClty. A lacerlor tract of nnlm
prOvtd land.
The N E J of tho S E J and tho SJfl 1
of thoN B J sec 14, Tp 62, R 39, 4 mUcl
north of Mound. Citv. Tim u w
and the W 1-2 of tke S E 1-4 ai0. tho S
S l"4..f tho 8 E nnd. tho S.V 1-4 of the
ji n sec 7rtp.01, r 38 j 1 1-2 miles
ouuui oi Aiounu Kiitr.
ThoN 1-2 iiud
tno w 1-4 ol see 18, tp 61. r 38: lind
thoE 1-2 sco 13, tp 61, r 39: 2 1-2 miles
souih of Mouud CI
Jity. Tho N--W 1-4
and the N 1-2 of tho S W14 .and tha
W 1-2 of th S E 1-4 and" the 8 W 1-t
of tho NE 1-4 soo 11, tp 61, r 89, 1-2
N E u.j tKw i a "TV" 11
?orV?S,8.v.H!o h tp 61,
W l'-24of nlsec Wclr 39
And tho S E 1-4 sec fi. in hi r no o
miles N W of Dlgclow. ThoNEl,4 15,
?iq0,Wto WC8hof T!,a
1-4 3, 62, 40, excepting 25 acres lit tho
S NV corner 2 m les N W of Grnlg. 114
acresintho N W l-l n. f.. An
8P0raVeS n $
2r,np"?8..t:?.b .w. 17 62.37 2 li es
Wof Maitland. huhroyed.
above described lands aro suitablo for
ginzing or cultivation. Terms
Attn?2,v,naet0A,ftk Pachas.
Address, J. Iostku MaR8uali
For 3le.
I offer for-sale at a bargain,
lowing described property:
Brick Storo honso in Forest City.
uuiwt m in j uuuui unii uroi
Ono large dwelling in Forest ftty.
Two small dwellings in Fort City.
Ono small dwolling in Cralg.I
FoVest'it tabl and comploto f"tfitin
80 dcros of land In tho W'hal of tho
southwest qr soo 26, tp 61, range 40.
On till? .land there a house, small
bran lie- orolmrd. cnnrl ivalnn onil
ly all In cultivatton I. soil sandy loam,
rossusBiou civca at once.
160 acres in the SW of 17, 61, 89.
110 acres in BW 17. fiO. sh. Thu
l.and Is a bargain ,as thoro are two small
houses, two larrre orchards. Df boarino-
trees, timbor sufllclent for' fenolnc.
Threo miles Irani Forest City on erood
road. It Is nlso supplied with naaA a
48 acres In S half N W 1-4 of 2fi.' fin.
89 and 40, as shown on county' atlas.
Satisfactory reasons' irlvnn fnr unit.
, .....
Will warrant title to all the abovo
B. P. Zook, Forest City, Mo.
Toe Much Energy.
Mr. Editor iVIhcre Is danger that
tho lending- buslncM men, in a place
llko thl may exhibit too much rcoli,
energy Of public spirit. It U well
nave pnuliu spirit nnd It would seem
imposslblo to have too much ; but real
ly, whero (hero are but n few lo
tho lend, thoy mny. through Inrnutloiis
impulsiveness, "-bust their bllcrs. " So
I would advise soVerul of our l...i.llnr
business men to go slowj to go slower
u iiotbic. When ' men get to such
pucn oi cntcrpnso that thoy cannot
control themselves nnd therefore can
not go iloicer, thdro is dnnger. But Ore
gon may well bo proud. Instnnces'nre
constantly nnsing that "givo us causo
for gnetulfttion.'' It was oi.ly Inst
luesuay that a coranilttco of tho Worn.
ail's Union wont out to got subscribers
- to n l,aPet' gtmrantcelng thorn ngnlnst
w,-in caso tney invited tho famous
to unuor ncudiing, to lecture hero
mtv o'r. This was a stupendous tin
delinking. It Js posslldo that had ho
com. on tho 'terms proposed, the
Union might be out ton or flitenn Anl
lars. Well, thescladlos had not been
out over half a day ero thoy got thrco
Buoscnocrsii The enterprise fell
through because, no doubt, the lmllos
did not keep nt It long enough. Hnd
w ?. ,,,,,r or m 0 "V 10 "
it. Ml iin..l..l t . ..
14 PMsiuie, thoy had succeeded. I state
this to show what wo might do If we
once got thoroughly nrourod.
How over, I might auggost that horo-
after matters of such extraordinary
magnitude bo left to larger places.
Two dollars nnd twonty-livc cenls nt
most should bo about tho size of any
outlay or rik demnnded !,.
. ;.
-k- U1,"ri'
Tim celebratod cook, Savor, estimates
that it costs n rich, idle cnleuru SiiA nno
to tout! him CO years ami a inlddlo class
man $37;000. Tlio laborer, who does
all, gets least, and must bo content If
ho receives nlnu thousand dollars in his
Hto of toil. Such is tho Ju-tico of the
i . . . . . .
gi-uni inss nas ueen making over
somo lund swindles In south Misioun
and United Stntcs officials havo arrest
ed a great many pariicj whom thev d
clnrcd (mplicntcd in getting lnu.d patents
on graduated entries illtigallv i lllogallv
beeauso no proof of settlement wns ever
made. It turns ont that paid United
iMKies oineiais navo at last found out
that tho wai rants issued by law ' as
matter of conrsc-a thing every lawyer
wno ever had any land business knows
So tho maro's nest Is dropped.
iremondous rains flooded all the
northwest and west Monday morning.
A frightful but very brief wind storm
struck this town about 1 a. m., lortu
.... .ti .. i . i... i . -
invu.j turning uut a icw moments or
there would havo been a fearful sum of
disasters to record.
Reading Matter.
In this age of increasing Intelligence,
oooks nro ns essential as bread to the
existence nnd cmnfort of most moil uud
womeu Formorly only tho wcnlthy
could nfford well-tlllcd book nhelvcs In
their house, but the rccont Literary Rev-
niuiiuii, oiiuiu iij mo Aiuoricau nook
Exclmnge, has so reduced tho prico of
Huuu ijiiuks, mat every man, woman,
and child can afford to buv.
Tho sole agent in Holt county for tho
abovo Cuinnanv is W. V. Havmn in t
who has on hand, for sale, a. simiilv nf
their Various publications, nnd also a
j."iiiurnuio uumocr oi nooks published
. Tho following Is a nnrthil list, nf tho
books published bv the
-c&uiiiiiiiro. most oi which can ur fncinri
for sale at.tho odltorinl room of Tim
UOUNTV 1'ArFlt. AllV hook nn Ilin liu
which may. happen to not-bo on band
will be nroinntiv orilnmil. All tim
baoks nro olegantly bound In. Handsome
nnd durable clotu covering. Tho lol
follolng are Ao hooka and prices:
Hbrwy of Universal Knowcdgo
largo typo, 15 vols $18.00
' Llbrnry or Hlatory.
Milman's Gibbon's Rome 6 vols.,
Macaulny's England, 3 vols.,. ; . .
IUllln's Ancient History, 2 vols.,
Croasy'a Fifteen Decisive Rattles
of tho World. i..
Froisart's Chronicles, imneriul
oc,avo 150 Ulli'Btsntions. . . . fi.ss
Green's Larger Historv of tho 1
Ene"9h 2 Vl8"' doth" '
Atme Mlrary of Fiction.
Unrda.. -
Tom urown kVRugbi:::::::;::
Georgo Eliot's Romofa, ..
l)Qn Quixote . " .
t-.,-'J V'l '."
& 'Afe
Tbo world.'.
ci.-i,a o
Miton's Poetical Work's. " "
Dnnto. trunslMmi hv r
Virgil translated by Drraen.
Pope's Homor's IUIadfdotfa.! . . .
Pope's Homer's Odyssey, ., 35
juiwin Arno d's Ltcht of Asia . . :n
Airs, iieman's Poetical Works
larero octavo ix
M'FlngaK an cplo poem, by
Hmnuuii, 60
Ubvarr oftfUogrmpuT.
of Thos Carlvloi
Aomo Iilgrapby Is
1st sorlos. 12
standard booKs'by
great auth-
ors. bound in 1 vol
Acme utograpny 2d series.
Lives ' of Chauoor, Spensor,'
Milton. Cowpor and Southny 6
books In 1 vol
Acmo Biography 3d sorlos.
Lives. of.Dcfoe, Johnson. Gold
smith,' Scott, and I hackery 1 r.
Plutarch'e Lives, 1 vol.
BelJgioKa IJtcrtare.
Young's Biblo Concordance 1 vol
quarto , , . , 2.40
Golkio's Life of Christ , . 60
Hraitn's.Wbio Dictionary 7.. -2.36
Kltto's Cydopaodla of Biblical
Lltoraturcr, 2 vols., Illustrated, V.90
Works of Flavius Josophus,l vol.
quarto.. , ,, ....
contiuuing xtcar 01 waicoucid:
Ilasselas. Plcclola. Paul and
Nirglnla, Undine nnd fhc- Two
Captains.. In 1 volumn An
Plutarch's Lives, complete 70
Pictorial Handy Lexicon, contain
ing definitions of 26,000 words
and 260 engravings, 26
.Look well lo sotf I corn, this year.
The season begins, so Into that It will
-probably n'.l bo required jo mature this
crop. There wll be-no time to reti-revn
errors Iti thtfsoVotlon of soed, and tho
limn wliolins lo replant will bu left
when corn gnthnrfug tlmo come-)
round, ' .
Oet your flower planH,
Hosu, lilllles.OlatllohH,
'i'uho Roses, uxtin choico
1'miHy Seed, or unythlng
wanted in this lino nt
J N Menifee, or nf. IiU
depositories, .Post office.
Forest I'ity or at Irn
Pctor'n, Oregon, Mo.
Farm for Sulo.
I will sail niv farm 1 1-i mlln north-
ot Now Point, containing somo 228 acres
iow acres in cultivation and in ass: n
young orchard of somo 100 bearing;
trees. Thoro nro thrte welts, ono cis-
torn, nnd running water, with p'entv of '
timber for fire wood. A truod du-ulltuiK
with five rooms. For.tc.rma npplv to
l'BTKll 1'lllCK.
Emerson itsMoosn. tilln (Mmnl.
Knnsits. nro buvlntr imntnn mmml.
tics of grain. ,
- Battle Crook, Michigan,
luavrioivBZM or tn oatx onnnn
Traction and Plain Engines
and Horee-Poworg.
1.111. At
Isane nut, vlUiogt ckspaa of namis
pinwtmnt, or.locaUon, l"laeh up" A
onad Matron i j(. en a A onrfowli.
ComDletfi Hti
TinH Tne lion En lncs rd Vlnln ogiuc4
of wm rev) im a unfiUfj,
ihn ArnnHmn msn-tt
oi vk bwu in wi Auianraii j
Awtlmmd qf rcial ft
for 1891. toeetber with ivwi
jtaturet ana twxprvrtmrnt
tionand wwfTaJ not rlrvamed of LyoilirYuiakrr.
rurr f wo m eon it rue
Four Ue or Soparxtorr, from 6 U Itf liorao
coii4rmUo wooU-work of our mtvohinerr.
niwnwli HEPARD CO.
Battlo Crook, Mtohlsan.
roil SAI.B nr
Craig. Mo.
AilmiiiiHtrator'tf Notice.
Irttrrs of Ailmtnlw) rfltlnti nn 'it... . .
John I'nis.-miin.. ileocinrd. Wni Ktanlcl ilio
S!iWirSftW.!iw,',,!8,''' Wt w
tllO lltlm llUtrulnr u llhln r.l.n vu. .. '..!'
ol sum Mlrn i.or tlioy i.lity l.e i.rcc idi- Ir 11
lV.iti'VJV.,UUe.4 '"''P. twojeaw Irom the date of
salil U'ltcre llioy will lm f.rovrr Imriri).
JOHN T. HBYl'UllT, AdiA'r,
lll.ll a freelxipk ofni-m-iv inn II II I.
V largn octavo pacmfull 1 UJJIlll.
of valuable notcrfliy Vr. u, Foot, theTuliTf
Medical Commou Sense and Plain Home
on Scrofula, Diseases of Jlcu, and Women, sml
uiurii mm
nu enronic uilmeuts, wltli 1
tun evmcners oi their Cll-
riiiiiiiiy, Aiuirciu Aiurruv
III I PillilUlil.... cX
Taa Vaiu Vn.b .I... v ' ,KJ '
Tho manufacturers of Wall Paper h?ve never
nmn. TJi '"I'rpvcn.eiils In their llii of SooSJ
every iiiaiiufHcturer tho Diiest ol ihiu ui d
Kooaautforo buying.' v"" """' "
Of every.'dcscriptldH at. Lowest Prices.
baby mmmi
In'cudless vnrjety, and I warrant over
ono from tho finest to tho chenpost.
Henry voss,
lot Fourth Street.
Sal nt Joseph, MIssQurr.
A Journal DniBlo
Ventiliof sSfc
ted1 to
SnOfc PllMirv
Wator Supply, naiuagc Heating 'and
ychting. j .
It contains nml lor far tl. i.n,..i..ij
i i iyoiuuBi mm prac
uuai limn na is instructive and
eating to all people who either
housos or. lire In them.
iw tcohnical articles are written
Issued 011 tho
1st and 16th of eaoti
Terms, $3.00 a year. Single. Copies
16conts. 'Address vul,,0
V O Bos 3,087 New Yobk.

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