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ltr DAVKKl'OItT .t UOI1Y.VN.
Temple Bar.
It wag morning In tbe garden,
Llfo stirred among the trees,
Where low love whispers answered
To the wooing of the bretxe.
And the birds were singing matins,
Mot a Tolco was ont of tune,
And the dew lay on the roses
That crowned the month of June.
And away tberc In the dlstanco
Bhono a vision of the sea,
And I plucked a rote for Molly
As she crossed tho lawn to ma,
O the glory of the sunshine I
O the murmur of the hives I
As we stood there onco, together
In the morning of our lives.
And the subtle, saintly fragrance
Possessed me unawares,
That floats about a maiden
Just risen from htr prayers.
And the parrot bowed his top-knot,
To her Huger, from the perch,
As the coftly hummed the hjran tune
We ha, sung lsst night at church.
Then half ashamed, 1 muttered,
"Here's a rose for you, but sec,
Deep In my clumsy finger,
Tho thom remains with me I"
Straight from bcr housewife dainty,
She brought a needle bright,
And sought the cruel mischief out,
With skillful finger light.
O Molly.tetlll I see you,
As yon there beside me stood,
In girlish, simple beauty,
God knows that you were good.
And I hear you softly saying,
"Do I hurt you t docs It smart 1"
And I could not make an answer
For the beating of my heart.
The silent hills stood watching us
That sunlit, summer morn,
When from my aching finger
You drew away tbe thorn.
Ah I little witch, you haunted me
Thro' many a lonesome day,
When I wandered from your garden
With pilgrim feet away.
And by and by. In cv 11 hour,
t I asked you enco again,
To pluck a thotn from out my heart,
And ease my bosom's pain.
And you would not, or you could not,
But you turned with tears away,
And the dream of manhood fsded
For ever and for aye.
The time of flowers Is over,
The rain falls cold and chill,
The mist comes creeping sadly '
O'er every sunlit hill.
Tet I can suffer for your sake,
Since better may not be ;
It you may keep the rose, dear,
The thorn may bid with me.
The Yankee OlrU at Hawaii.
nr w.
Kind reader, what would bo your im
pressions if, landing on a wild island in
tho middle of tho Pacific, from a na
tivo vessel in which yourself and but
ono other whito man had for several
weeks been voyaging, and, tho regular
provisions having given out, had during
tho last weok shared tho baked dog "po
rco" and bread fruit which tho natives
on tho vessol had provided for their
own uso, you woro pleasantly accosted
by a well dressed gentleman who, on
learning your names invited you both
to breakfast with himP And what fur
ther would bo your impressions if, after
accompanying your host through tho
paths of a garden of several acres in
extent, in which Chlncso laborers wero
attending to tho caro of myriads of
thoso rich foliago and fruit plants that
grow only in the tropics, you arrived at
a largo southern stylo cottage, with
double verandas and woll shaded piaz
zas, and wcro then placed in caro of a
native attendant who ushered you into
ono door of a well lurnislicd dining
room, with table covered with a plenti
ful supply of choicofish, lowl, fruit, and
Iho usual accompaniments of cofftc,
cream, hot biscuit, etc., sorved in china
and silver ware, and, just as you wcro
contrasting tho defects in jour own per
sonal appearance, tho usual elcganco of
which had been sadly marred by the
threo or four weeks of voyaging as
aforesaid, your host ontored accompa
nicd by somowhat moro than a dozen
smiling, well dressed and decidedly at
tractivo young American ladios, of tho
maturo ages that aro included between
the eighteenth and twentioth years of a
Yankeo girl's life, and with tho semi
introduction of giving them your names,
but not responding with theirs, comt
cously Invited all present to bo seated
and attack tho viands? Wouldn't you
at onco recall the story of tho magician
who stolo Aladdln'rf wonderful lamp
and, by its powor, carried tho palaco
and tho princess into tho remoto deserts
of Africa?
Well, this was my first thought ono
bright morning in Soptembor many years
ago, when I was a wanderer in 'foreign
parts," und my friend Dr. 8. and myself
together bad exactly tho exporienco
abovo described. I never was so much
puzzled. Our host was Mr. Pitman, an
American gentleman who bad married
tho sister of Kamohamaha III., King of
mo banawicn islands, and, somewhat
liko tho Marquis of Lorao of recent
days, had, as a dowry gilt, been ap
pointed head man or king's roproucnta
tivo and ruler oyor this, tho largest and
most remoto island of tho groupo. So
far all was clear, but whoro did thoso
blooming, chatty, llvoly Yankee girls
como from? However, our curiosity
didn't prevent us from attending to tho
eatables, though possibly, botweon bits'
wo jolucd in tho goneral conversation
and odcavored by tho charm of our
language and manner to counter bnl
an co tne niiserawo delects in our gen
cral appearance Tho ladles evidently
appreciated and enjojod our bewilder
mcnt, but, notwithstanding our covert
soml-querics as to whoro their homes
were, gavo no intimation as to their
names and prior associations. Break.
iast ended, our host bowod us towards
tho outor door and led his party througli
tho other, and wo wcro again alone.
With ono iarcwell glanco at tho en
chanted castlo, S. and Ego made i
straight lino and rapid movomont to tho
nearest outlet, and didn't brcatho freely
till wo had put at least a tnilo between
oursolves and our fair incognitos.
In a fow hours wo woro tho guests of
another gentleman, also n government
official, to whom I had letters of intro
duction, and thou, aiter a mutual smllo,
learned tho explanation. It was tho days
when tho Nantucket whalo fishery was
in its primo, and tho ladies were, re
speotlvoly, tho nowly wedded wives of
Captains of diffrrcnt ships, it boing a
Nantucket custom that on attaining
commando! a ship tho your.g Captain
marries tho girl to whom ho had long
beforo plighted his faith, but, as Nan
tucket girls novor marry below tho rank
of Captain, couldn't earlier wed, and
his brldo accompanies him on his first
voyago as a marino bridal tour. Dur
ing tho summer months tho whales arc
found north of Bohrlngs Straits, and as
this was too cold and unattractlvo n re
gion for fominlno tastes, tho brides wcro
usually loft in Mr. Pitman's amplo man
sion until tho roturn of their lords,
when they again embarked and accom
panied them In iho winter months' voy
ago to tho southern whalo haunts. Bless
their pleasant laces, I wonder If any ol
them aro still living, and it they re
member that breakfast?
Summary of ContrrcHNionnl Iro
WAsrrmoTON, Thursday, April 21.
The resolution for election of Senate cfllccrs
came up as unfinished business. Coke replied
to a portion of Frye's speech. He said the
people of the South wero the same people as
the North, a race which had never been domi
nated by an Inferior 'race, and never would
be. That race must govern In tbe South,
and forty thousand entering wedges llko that
supposed to have been Inserted In Virginia
would not deviate It from Its course. It would
rule lawfully, constitutionally, peacefully, In
humanity, and In the Interest of high civiliza
tion. Motion to adjourn lost; also a motion
to go Into executive session. Cameron, of
Pennsylvania, moved that when the Senate
adjourn It bo to meet on Monday next. Car
rlctl. Adjourned.
Washington, Friday, April 22. Tho
unfinished business came up. A motion for
an executive session was lost, and Morrill
addressed the Senate. Sherman said the doc
trine that the minority should rule was dan
gerous and revolutionary, and if carried out
under the rules, the Senate might be compell
ed to reverse its rules, or do what the House
of Commons bad recently done to prevent
dilatory motions. After a dliclalmcr by
BurnMde of Intention on Wednesday to re
flect upon any Senator, Jonas took the floor
and the debt subject was revived, Dawes Join
ing the Issue with Jonas. Brown sent to the
Clerk's desk and bad extracts read front what
be called Republican pacers, In some of which
tbe deadlock was called a disgraceful bargain.
The papers wero In general pronounced not
Republican. Hawlev, holding; in his hand a
report of the Republican convention In 1608,
In Chicago, read extracts from a speech made
by Er-Gov. Brown, of Georgia. He com
mented upon the speech, and several times
turned tbe laugh upon Brown, who himself
Joined In the merriment. Brown replied and
then tbe Senate adjourned.
Washington, Tuesday, April 26.
Leave was granted on tbe suggestion of Ed
munds to the Judiciary committee, to sit dur
ing recess to Investigate tbe subject of bank
ruptcy. A motion to go Into execution ses
sion was lost by a vote of 24 to 24. Jones, of
Florida, answered part of Frye's speech.
A motion for race's and kindred motions were
voted down. Adjourned.
Washington, Wednesday, April 27th.
Senator Morgan asked leave to offer a con
current resolution declaring that the Interests
of the people of the United 8tates , and tbe
welfare and security of the government are
to Involved In the subject of the construction
of ship canals and other ways for the trans
portation of eea golug vessels across the
lstbsus connecting North and South America,
that the government of the United States,
with the frankness which is due to all other
people and governments, hereby assets that
It will Insist that Its content Is a
necessary condition precedent to the
execution of such project, and also
as to rules and regulations under which
other nations should participate In tbe
uso of such canals or other ways, cither In
peace or war. Dawes obiected to the rmnhu
tlon on the ground that It needed tbe concur
rence of the house of the House of Represen
tatives. Morgan modified bis resolution; mak
ing It a Senate resolution, and It was referred
to the committee on foreign relations. Har
ris moved for an executive session lost by a
vote of 23 to 23. After somo filibustering tho
Senate adjourned.
Gross Superstitions.
In my grandfather's famllv tho old
cook was accustomed to bako cakes in
largo rounds, which sho cut into four
witn a snarp kntie, eacb quarter boing
put to bako by itself. Sho Was most
carului tnat during baking tho pointed
cnu oi eaca oi ineso quarters should
not be broken, otherwiso a death mieht
snoruy do oxpecicu. Jivon tno supping
ui u piucu m soap irom a person's
hands, whon washing, has been con
strued to mean that tho death of some
relative is imminent, as, indeed, is also
tho persistent burning of a ilro on ono
siuo oniy oi tno grato. Every ono
knows that to dream of losinrr teeth
moans that somo calamity may bo loot
m ror. ii mo eyes oi a corpse aro
dillicult to oloso, thoy aro said to bo
looking for a successor! and if tho limbs
ao not uecorno quickly still it Is suppos
that somo onool tho family will bo soon
aiso nmong tno dead. It tbo house
door is closed upon tho corpso before
tho friends have como out to tako their
places in tbo carriages. Sheffield poonlo
ottjr auuiuur uuuui win nappon ueioro
many days; and If, at a funeral whoro
tho mournors walked, tho procession
went in a scattorod or straecllnrr man
nor, this was thought in tho west ol
Dcouanu to Dctoicen tbo. samo misfor
tune. Even ii tho mourners walk quick
ly, tho ornon was bad. To walk under
a ladder betokens misfortuno, if not
noncing, as It does n Hoi and. To
meot a funeral whon going to or coming
fiom a marriago was considered vorv
uniucKy in Lanarkshire; lor if tho fun
eral was that Of a woman thn nnurlv
mado wifo would not Hvo long, and if it
no turn, ui a man ino lato oi tbo bride
groom was scaled. If ouo heard
tiniriiHtr in his cam it thn i,ii,i
bells," and news f tho death of a frlond
or nolodir-nr mlotif
If knocks wero heard at tho door of a
paiioni-s room, and no person woro
founa tboro whon tbo door was opened,
thero was littlo ohanco ol recovery, and
if a man caught a erllmnso nf n. nnritnn
ho know, and foundon looking out that
mm iiuwiiuiu m uo seen, tins was
says Mr. Napier, a sign of tho approach
ug uuaiu i mu iwrHin wen.
Da not despair evtu If jou have suffered
lor years from weak kidneys and torpid bow
els. Kldney-Wort has cured hundred of
" u "om uvo io imrty years standing,
This remedy Is prepared both dry and liquid
General Icvrn,
Tho rlso of tho waters in tho upper
Mis lstlpi Us doing great damage.
'Iho first splko was driven on tho Fort
Scott and Wichita railroad, April 25th.
James T. Fiold, tho Boston publisher,
died In that city from heart disease, April
24 th.
Sucbio's brewery, near Philadelphia
burned April 21st. Loss, (50,000; Insurance,
Four companies of tho Fourth U. S
Cavalry at Fort Riley have been ordered to the
Ute country.
Tho town of Grcenvlllo, Plumas
county, California, was burned, April 23. No
V. N. Panton's mills and box factory
at Elgin, III., burned April 21st. Loss, $10,
000; Insurance, (0,000.
Tho Elkhart paper mill, at Elkhart,
Ind., was partially burned, April 21st. Loss,
I10.COO; fully Insured.
A block of about twenty small build
ings burned In Denton, Texas, April 23d
Loss, (40,000; lnsuranco light.
At Fremont, Nebraska, on tho morn
Ing of April 21st, James D.Stcrrctt died from
the effects of morphine taken the day before.
Ten cars of coal, four box cars, and
two tank cars filled with oil burned on the
Buffalo & Philadelphia track near Buffalo,
N. T., April 23th.
Lato frosls played havoc with tho
crops near Austin, Texas. Tho corn was ru
ined, peaches and grapes kilted, and water
melons will have to bo rcplautcd.
Tho salt mills and salt works ef tho
Porter Manufacturing Company at Byracusc,
New York, and other property, burned April
231. Loss, (60,000; Insurance, (40,000.
From Algeria it Is learned that a de
ficient wheat crop has to be looked for. Ah
senco of rain In February and March had very
dlcastrous effects upon vegetation In thatarld
llecht & Co., merchants of Pocahon
tas, Randolph county, Arkansas, have failed
with liabilities stated at over (lOO.COO; assets
not stated. It Is the greatest failure In that
Tho excess of exports over tho Im
ports of twelve months ending March 31st Is
(213,445,890. The excess of Imports of gold
and sliver coin and bullion for the same time
Is (78,013,709.
R. C. Meldrura, tho woll known Gon
eral Western Freight Agent of the Fennsyl.
van railroad company, died In Jacksonville.
Florida, April 21st, aged GU years. He had
gone south for his health.
Gottliob Deichago, a German saloon
keeper 40 years old, St. Louts, blew bis brains
out In his bedrocm over tbe saloon, April
24th. Despondency caused by drink and be
Ing heavily In debt were the causes.
Tho causo of tho firo at tho Asylum,
at Anna, 111., Is supposed to bavo been
matches Ignited by mice which had made
nests of scraps et paper. The remains of
the unfortunate patient who was burned have
been exhumed and burled.
Tho residence of H. R. Ball, at Mayor
City, California, burned on tho night of April
23d, Mr. Ball being absent at the time. When
the flames were subdued the bodies of Mrs.
Ball and two drughters, Henrietta and Mary,
were found In the ruins,
Whltolaw Roid, editor of tho Now
York Tribune, and Miss Elizabeth Mills,
daughter of Mr. D. O. Mills, formerly of San
Francisco, were married at the residence) of
the bride's father In New York, on the
evening of April 25th.
Tho steam Austria was wrecked on
tho Pelican Shoales, coast of Florida, April
20th. The ship Is a total loss, and the cargo.
consisting of sugar, cotton, sponge and
fruits, nearly a total loss. The cargo was In
sured for (75,000; vessel Insured.
Smith's box faotory at Grecnport.Long
Island, was damaged byflieto the extent
of (75.C00, April 20th. Two boys were
fatally burned. One man was caught under
falllDg wall and burned to death. Many
others were more or less Injured.
Gold is pouring into tho United States
from every quarter of the globe. Scarcely a
steamer reaches New York without acargoof
foreign coin, and an Australian vessel has
just arrived at San Francisco with four boxes
of gold bars, valued at (93,750.
Peter Lemon, living near Dotioit,
Mich., says that two years ago he swallowed a
lizard, which has constantly been growing and
causes hlmendlees pain, restlessnes3,vomltlng,
etc. He weighed 175 pounds originally, and at
present only 73. He is 09 years old.
Land Commissioner Coffin, of the
St. Louis & San Francisco Railway, has closed
the sale of 133,000 acres of land In Barry
county, Mo., to the Missouri Land Compauy,
of Scotland. The purpotc Is to settle a laree
number ol scotch colonists on the land.
A magazino containing 1,000 kegs of
powder exploded near Bridgeport, Conn
April 21st. Buildings In the city were shaken
as If by an earthquake, and many windows
wero broken. Tbo explosion was heard for
miles around. Damage to buildings In the
city amounts to (5,000. Po lives lost.
Two terriblo and almost simultaneous
explosions from ultro-glyccrlne occurred at
Blnghampton, N. Y., April 21st. Buildings
were dcaollsbcd and scattered In every dlrec
tton. Windows for three miles away were
blown out. The (hock was distinctly felt
forty miles away. Nobody seriously hurt.
Tho printers in tho Republican and
btnllntl offices, Milwaukee, struck for an ad
vnco of five cents per 1000 ems, April 25th.
Both offices refuted to advance, and tho pa
pers were Issued by the help of girls and op
prentices. An agent for Eastern Unions has
gone to St. Paul to organize a similar move'
ment there.
Strikes conlinuo at various places,
The street railway strike In St. Louis wasun
changed at latest accounts. Two hundred
and thirty of the cabinet makers employed In
the Pullman car works at Detroit struck for
an advance of 10 per cent. Even the news
boys and scavengers of Cleveland have joined
in the strive.
Now comes a report that a Scotch
girl Is fasting herself to death, The Glasgow
papers stato that Catherine Marshall, aged 1
years, daughter of a railway laborer, has
taken no food since tho beginning of tbe pres
ent year. She occasionally takes a little
water' dally, hut scarcely sleeps. She Is
greatly emaciated, but her pulse Is perfectly
A dlspatoh of April 27th lrom Wil
helrasbaven,a Geiman naval station In North
Sea, says ! "During artillery practice to day
aboard tho training rhlp Mars, a shell burst
while a gun was being loaded. 'Two cadets
and four tailors wero killed, nine meu serl
ously snd two officers and two seamen slightly
Two men aro reported killed by
the Indians at Berry Point a few days ago,
Hunters are all driven from tho vicinity of
uurord, and cavalry, have been sent In pur
suit of the Indians. A party of Yank
tons crossed tha river with several horses
stolen from ranchmen. Fifty hosttles have
driven all men from the lower tie camp on the
headquarters of tho Little Missouri, and
troops are to be sent for their protection,
John Gumphere, tho Hungarian, who
It Is tatd had been asleep at the poor house In
Allcntown, Pa., for 7B days, and who awaken
ed for the first time on the 23d of April, arose
next morning, bolted his room' door and
Jumped out of a window, falling 23 feet
When picked up It was found that two of bis
ribs were broken and that tbe spine was In'
jured so badly that he Is not expected to live.
Tho dead body of a man was found
In the attic over tbe railway trait room of tbe
government building In Chicago, April 21. It
was well advanced In decomposition, face
blackened and bloated with two months of
death. Nobody connected with the building
could Identify tbe remains. There was no
clue of Identity In' tbe pockets. An empty
phial and an empty whisky flask lay by the
body, Thu case Is a mystery, but suicide Is
A railroad tragedy otcurrcd thirty
eight miles from Antonlte, New Mexico, April
331. A passenger coach Jumped the track and
rolled down an embankment one hundred and
fifty feet, killing seven men and one weman.
The following aro the killed : Mrs. C. Clod-
odt, residence unknown; Jss. Lynch, James
town, Kansas;D.G. Bremer, Springfield, Mo.;
O. Hal), Indlanola, Iowa; L. Isaacs, Terra
Amoorlla, New Mexico; D. C. Wilson, Leav
enworth, Kansas; D. C. Shoales, Lawrence,
Kansas, and one man ui.kcown. Four aro
badly wounded, and several slightly hurt.
Strikes seem In bo tho ordor of tho
day. The carpenters, painters and bricklayers
of Sedalln, Mo., threaten to strike If wages
arc not Increased to (4.00 for bricklayers, and
(3 forcarpentcrs and painters. The Iron moul
ders to the number of 4?5 In Chicago bavo
struck for an advance of 25 cents per day,
and for 15 per cent advance on pleco work.
Tbo Potter rolling mill hands In Bouth Chica
go have notified that they would require their
hours to bo shortened from 13 to 8 hours per
day, cr would ask an Increase of 85 per cent.
The Company took the matter under sdvlic
mcnt, but tbe men got Impatient and stopped
work. The Company shut down for a few
weeks. The strike among tbe railroad plat
form men In Cincinnati has been removed by
tbe railroads Increasing wages from 10 cents
to 12J4 cents per hour. The platform hands
at all the freight offices struck on the morn
ing of April 21tt. They demand an advance
of from 25 to SO cents a day. The street car
men of Cleveland have demanded an advanco
of 60 cents a day, which was promptly re
futed, nnd new men are being employed as
fast as possible.
Reports como from many points of
the damage dono by the extrcordlnary rite In
the western rivers. At Hannibal, Mo., tbe
Soy levee broke doing great damage. All
along the Missouri tbe bottoms Inundated and
people was obliged to abandon tbetr houses
with their stock and movable nrnnertv. A
dispatch says that at Hannibal from (75,000 to
1 100, WO damage was done to Ice and Ice
houses. Forty miles of tbo Keokuk A St.
Loulu railroad were Inundated . Many of the
lttle.towcs along the Missouri river were
flooded and the citizens were compelled to
seek safety on the higher lands. At St.
Joseph the machine shops of the St. Joseph
Western road were surrounded by water. The
St. Joseph A Cornell Bluffs road bad eighteen
laches of water on It two miles north of the
city. At Craig 30 miles north the water was
three feet deep In tbe stores Philips City,
apposite Brownsville, Nebraska, was sub
merged and the people fled to the
bluffs. Great damago is also reported
from Minnesota Mankato was a scene
of desolation, with water surroundlDg
tbe buildings in part of the town, and some
of tbem floating from their foundations. The
loss there Is estimated at (30,000.
The strike among tho street carmen
of St. Louis culminated In something llko a
riot on the 20th of Aprl'.. The President of
one of tbe lines made a proposal ta his
men to pay conductors 15 cents and bri
bers 124 cents per hour. A few of tbe force
concluded to accept, and cars wero started,
manned chltfly by new or extra men. A few
cars passed over the road very well, receiving
only mud spattering from a few unruly per
sons. After, some time, however, agrcatcrowd
assembled at a certain point and stopped four
cars, forcibly derailed them, and forced tbo
drivers to take the bortesback to the stables.
At another point a car was stopped, the win
dows smashed In, and spattered with mud,
and the driver made to tako the horses back
to tho stable. These proceedings extended to
other lines, and at latest accounts a largo ad
dltlontl police force was sworn In, The road
companies showed no signs of yielding. It
seems that there Is no evidence that the strik
ers themselves were engaged In these lawless
proceedings, but on tbe contrary It Is known
that S"me of them mado efforts to restrain
tbe mob.
As tho niht oxpres3 west bound on
tho Rock Island division of tbe Chicago, Mil
waukee fc St. Paul Railway was crossing the
trestle wuik, over the Mercdosla river, one
mile south of Albany, 111,, on the morning of
April 21st, the train was suddenly precipitated
Into therlvtr. Tec train consisted of an en
gine, tender, bogfagecar, passenger and sleep
ing care. All went down except tbe e ccper,
which was suspended over tbi end of tbe
bridge. Two cars floated down tbe stream,
1 he passenger car lodged on an Island fort;
reds away, and the be? pace car stuck In tbe
middle of tbe stream at'out the samo distance,
Engineer West, and tbe fireman, went down
In tbo cab, and nothing had been seen of tbem
at latest accounts. Eleven passengers were
In tbe forward car. Of these, two men Jump
ed ashore as the floating car passed tbe abut
ment ot r wagon bridge. Another man leap
ed, but fe'l back and was drowntd, jl woman
and one child and a boy were taken from tbe
root of tbe car alter it lodged at tbe Island
and also tbo other six passengers. Tbe little'
child ot the lady and Dr. Lundy were drowned
With tbe engineer and fireman eight lives
wero lost In all. Thirty-six passengers
were In the sleeper, and they, together
with the colored porter, cllmbel out
at tbe rear end, and escaped unin
jured. Tbe conductor, express meesen
ger, baggageman and a brakeman were all
wounded, and were cared for at tbe bottle.
A freight train passed over the brldgo Lnhour
ahead of the pasrerger train.
At Buffalo, N. Y April 21th, Dennis
E, Mutphy while robbing tho grocery store of
Georgo Irish, wsa fatally shot by tbo pro
Rulncko, cloik of Cook county, 111!
not, has pleaded guilty ot grand larceny of
(3,200, and ot conspiracy to commit forgery
In connection with tax assessments. Tbe sen
tenco will bo ten j eara In lite penitentiary and
a fine not exceeding (1,000,
Charles Dufluy, a travolbg salesman
In jewelry, whllo at supper at a hotel In Bal
timore, April 21st, was robbed of from (8,000
to $10,000 worth of gold chains. His room
was entered by the thief who broke open bis
trunk and valise. About (0.C00 worth of
Jewelry In the trunk was not taken.
At Coullorvillo, 111., on tho night of
April Z4tb, two colored men got Into a rough
and tumble fight about a woman. One of
them named Turner got the other named
Morris down and was pounding him, when
Morris drew a knife and cut Turner's throat
and stabbed him near the heart, Inflicting
wounds which resulted In death In ten min
utes. Morris fled, but will bo captured.
A tow nights ago noar Charleston,
Arizona, three cow-boys entered a store and
compelled tho proprietors to open a safe, from
which they took (800. Although disguised
they were recognized, and a night or two af
ter a party of men demanded their surrender
from the deputy sheriff. The demand was
answered by a volley, when the party turned
loose upon the robbers with shot guns, mor
tally wounding two ot tbem, ono named
Burns, and tbe other known as Clubfoot Jim.
A dispatch from Dcnison, Texas, of
April 20th, says a rumor prevails there that
Governor Overton, of the Indian Nation north
of that place, was killed on Sunday, April
24th. Tbo rumor was discredited, but owing
to the fact that the Governor has been In tbe
Held with his mllltla for tome time driving
oui trctpatscrs, ana has thereby Incurred tho
enmtty of a large number of cow-boys and
otucrs. it is well known that a party ot cow
boys left Cook county, Texas, for tho Terri
tory with the avowed purpose of giving battle
to Overton and his troops.
An atrocious murder whs committed
In St. Louis county, Mo., April 25th. Michael
Rcvolr, a farmer, Valentino Walker, a half-
hrccd Indian, and James Williams, a teacher,
an oiu genucman uu years oi age, were In a
saloon. Walker and Rcvalr got Into a dls
pute, and Williams Interposed with some
words In behalf of Revolr, whereupon the In
dian savagely dragged him out of the saloon,
throwing him upon tho ground, and pounded
his head with a large rock, crushing Iho skull
and killing him almost Instantly. Rcvolr at
tempted to stop tho bloody work, when tho
eavago turned upon him and felled him to tbe
ground with a fence rail, Inflicting a wound
on the head which will probably prove
fatal. Walker Immediately fled and was sup
posed to be concealed In St. Louis. The po
llco arc on the lookout tor him.
The Times says tho conference ol so
cialists to have been held In London tbo end
of April bas been abandoned In order to
see what courso political events aro likely to
tako In Russia and Germany. If the So
cialist conferenco at Zurich during tho sum
mer, Is prohibited, Immediate steps will
probably bo taken to summon an interna
tional conference In New York. Tho Frctftcit
Is published with a black border In memory of
the executed murderers of the Czar. It
praises them as martyrs, and tho tone of tbe
article Is tbe tame as that which caused the
Indictment ot Hcrr Most.
In tho Houso of Commons, April
25th, It was announced that Gladstone would
shortly move to vote for a fund to erect a
monument in honor ot Bcaconsflcld in the
vicinity ot Westminster Abbey. Debate on
the second reading ot tbo land bill was com
menced. The Chief Becrctary for Ireland said
It was true that tho disguised party mado
a raid for flro arms In the County Limerick In
the name of the Irish Republic, and bo was
sorry to say no arrests bad been made, for In
many other cases It was Impossible to get In
formation or assistance from tbe Injured par
ties. Largo numbers attended tho funeral
Beaconsfield, Including the Prince of
Wales, Duke Counaught and Prince Leopold'
with a large wreath from the Queen, and oth
ers from tbe royal family. The country Is
In mourning attire. The Princess ot Wales
sent a wreath. After tbo burial service was
completed all tho principal mournera entered
the vault and placed wreaths on tho coflln lid.
Before the vault was closed It was literally
crammed with flowers.
Tho following Is tho clauso in Boa-
cornfield's will relative to tho disposition ot
bis remains: "I desire and direct that I may
be burled In tbo same vault In the churchyard
at llugnecden In which the remains ot my
late dear wlfo Mary Annie Disraeli, created In
ber own right viscountess Beaconsfield, were
placed, and that my funeral may be con
ducted with Ibe same simplicity as hew
Parnel', speaking at a meeting, do-
cleared It impossible for an honest man to
learn what were bta rights under the land bill.
Dublin corporation failed to pass a voto of
condolence for tbe death of Beaconsfield,
certain members resisting the standing orders
for that purpose.
A large number of important arrests
have been made. Berlin correspondents say
the Czar still resides in the diminutive
chateau of Golcchlna, guarded by six cordons
oi soldiery. His Majesty Is never seen out
side tho Inner circle of Antlrcblioff. palace,
The town mansion bas been entrusted to the
guardianship ot a hundred of Poulowski
guards. A Nihilist manifesto announclog
tb.e aiproacl-lng death of Alexander Ills, has
been icccltid by all Russian ministers and
court officials,
Executioner Frohloffrccelvcd ono hun
dred lashes for mismanagement In the h'ang
ing oi tne witiiiist, Alienation, wnose rope
Drone twice, itussia lias nya circular rXc
Invited the powers to a conference fothe
purpose of considering measures again au
arcbtsts. A correspondent vouches trr the
authenticity ot thu following: A Hinting
press was discovered In Bt. Petersburgtlon tbe
10th Inst., and from 10 to 23 person were
arrested at ono lme. A few days agoa press
believed to belong to tbe Nihilist newspaper.
Tne Will of trie j'eople, was discovered and a
dozen persons arested. On, the datti of the
execution ot tbe Nihilists for connecj
on with
tbe Czar's assassination, three pe
ions en
I tbeexe-
gaged In printing notices referring
cutlon, were arrested. The proprle
x otie
house containing tbe press and
was also arrested,
Evor ainco tho assassination of tbd
Czar the Empress has been suffering from so
vere hyeter c attacks. Threatened with death
of tbe most horrible description should So
phlo Pbcoff-LI and Ilessy Helfmann, the two
women Implicated In tbe assassination, be
executed, she made ibe most strenuous ef
forts to obtatn tbelr pardon, and lecelved
promise to that effect.- Sho did not discover
tbe violation of this promise until after tho
ei ecutlnn of Peofftkl, and tho discovery threw
ber Into a violent paroxysm,
Tho Nihilists havo issued another niv
drees to tbe Czar, pointing out tnat the Indls
eliminate execution of those concerned In the
assassination of Alexander II only served to
strengthen tbo ranks of tbe Nihilists by Urlv
lag many lukewarm malcontunts into tho
extreme faction ot tbe party,
Tho complicity of tho Grand Dnko
Nicholas In tho plots of tho Nihilists having
been mide clear, ho bas be on sentenced by
decree of the Emperor to Imprisonment for
llfo. It Is tald that some ot the Govern
meats, especially England, will raise oblec-
tlons to tho Russian proposal ot a conference
on the refugee question. All are said to bo
willing to satisfy the legitimate desires ot
Russia by the adoption of remedying, laws and
concluding extradition treaties.
Tbo National Zcitung states that
Blamark'a attitude on tho monetary question
decidedly favors the maintenance of a gold
standard. The Federal Cornell adopted a
motion that as tho population has Increased
nearly 2,500 tbe coinage ot silver should bo
ased 1160,00.
Four persons, formerly domcstlo ser
vants in the Imperial Palace, have been ar
rested, charged with tho assassination ot tho
late Sultan, Abdul Aziz. They have confessed
that they suffocated him, after which they
opened veins in his arras to make It appear
that he had committed suicide. Two ex-
palace officials and an ex-War Minister It it
also stated ave been Implicated.
Nino persons havo been arrested for
complicity In tho murder of Sultan Abdul
Aziz, including a Hungarian rcnegado who
was his physician. Mehomed Ruehdl Pasha,
uranct vizier at tho timo of the assassination.
has been summoned to give evidence. Tbe
Turkish Ambassador at Berlin has also been
summoned to tho trial.
Tho Swiss Federal Council has order
ed Inquiry regarding tho posting of placards
In Geneva protesting against the execution of
tho Czai's assassins. Tbo placarding was ac
complished without Interference from tho
Tho Froncii Lnvo ocedpied Fort
Djedld on the mainland without opposition.
Gun. Logcrot telegraphs that Kef surrendered
when everything had been prepared for an
assault. Gen. Logcrot continues his march
through tho Mcdjen valley, leaving a garrt
son at Kof. Tlio telegraph lines between
xunis and Algeria have been restored. Fif
teen hundred French troops wcro left at Ta
barca with orders to fortify tbe Island against
A King's Lore
Pall Mall Gazette.
Tho picture of Holland Houso na It
wtys In tho early part of this century Is
ono familiar to most readers, but thoy
will find not a few details skillfully filled
in by Mr. Havwnrd. Ono curious nnl-
sodo bolonging to nn oarlior time tho
attachment botweon Georgo HI. and
Lady Sarah Lennox is told at consid
erable length, nud makes a most inter
esting story. Lady Sarah was residing
unuor ner sister s caro at Holland Houso
when tho kinu's attachment boeamo s-
rious. Sho was then in her sixteenth
year. Sho was very cold In hor demeanor
to him. Ho mado her what was roallv
an offer thr'oueh her cousin. Lad v Subiui
Strange ways, who had said sho intended
to remain in town till tho coronntton.
"Thoro will bo no coronation," snld
tho king, "till thero is a queen, and I
think that your friend is tho fittest per
son for It. Tell your lriend so from
"But whon ho asked In norson wlint
sho thought of tho message all tho re
ply ho got was:
'Nothing, sir."
"Nothing comes of nothing," was his
Nevertheless, sho seems to havo been
voxed whon tho announcement of his
approaching marriago with tho Princess
Charlotte ol Mecklenburg was mado.
"i siiau taKo care," alio writes to
Lady Susan, "to show that I am not
mortified to nnybody; but if it bo true'
that ouo can vox anybody with a re
served, cold manner, ho shall havo it, I
promise hlra."
Sho seemed, however, to havo con
soled herself first with iv squirrol, whoso
sisjjjness trouoiou nor moro than tho
king's inconstancy, and then with a
hedge-hog. Alf,or all, sho was littlo
moro than a child. Sho was ono ot tho
qucon's bridesmaids. Tho kini. it is
said, never took his oyes off her during
tho wholo ceremony, nnd when tbo
words "As thou didst send this blessing
upon Abraham and Sarah" wero
reachod, was visibly affected. After tho
marriage, when tho company paid thoir
nomn(?o to tno new queen, an out Jacob-
no nooie, L,ord Westmorland, who had
been persuaded to como to court, nud
who was moro than half blind, knelt
boforo Lady Sarah. Georgo Selwyn,
hearing of tho incident, said:
"Oh, you know, ho always loved
Ladv Sarah becamo tho mother of tho
Naplers by her second marriage doub
less a higher vocation than being tho
mothor of a royal family.
The great superiority oi Dr. Bull's Cjuirh
Syrup to all other cough remedies Is attested
by tbo immense popular demand for that old
established remedy. Price 21 cents a bottle.
Professor, examlng a 6tudent Whnt
is "virgin forestsP" Student A forest
whero no ono has ever been. Professor
(sevoroiy) Shall I never bo ablo to In-
duco you to express your idoas do
gantly and classically P Why couldn't
you say say "a forest whero tho hand
of man has never loft its footprintP"
An exhaustive articlo
puiup. -Tho stomach
Threo dogrees ol mining speculation
Positlvo, mino; comparative, minor;
suporlatlvo, minus.
Tlio Groutevt HIcHftlntr.
A stmnle. nure. haru'ess remedy, tuat cures
every time, and prevents disease by keeping
mo niooa pure, siomacn regular, moneys ana
liver active, Is the greatest blessing ever con-
lerrru upon man. nop tuners is mai reiueuy,
and Its proprietors are being blessed by thou
sands who nave been saved nnd cured bv It.
Will you try Its Pemmntrn-rrolumn. EagU.
Wheat No. 2..
,1 ooa J MX
a m
Corn N'o.
uaia vo.'i
lire-No. 8 '.
a l ii7
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Flat 8-cd...,
(A 1 UU
5 7!) d o SO
Wtaeat-Nd. 3 Bed.,
IjOrli tetfttftMMSI'MMMttM'tM It MM (MS
Oatlt tttt t I llllllll MIMMIMM lltlMIH
Harley, it
so i 10
20 Co 28
11UIIU milt MMMMIMt Silt MS
'-Gtf.M, MM .MM
ms t
loirs L vo
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Will 03
D SO C4 0 01)
6 IS C4 5 (U
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Cattle Live
Wheat-No, 3
Corn No, i i ,
Oati-MIx d, ,
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1-ork-New.,,,..., ,
l.am i .. 1 1... ..i, ....1 1. 1,,., ..I .......
C9 1 Wl
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s on ui a to
buecp i
.loio an no
Penclllngs llero and There.
rtilla. 8t. Nlftht.
AflL 1 1 f ft W
inn nnrm win nnmr inrtrnr. .inninn i i
G. Goodrich, tho "Peter Parley" of the
-...II.. ,1 1. 1- 1 !
uaiuui uijb, iiiuugu ins gruvu in
most unmarked on tho Connooticut hill
side Onco, whllo he was traveling in
in tho West, a wealthy lady, at a festi
val in St. Louis given in his honor, com
pllmontcd him as n benefactor of ills
rsnn. Ann nrnmiQfrl mnrnnf atnnntimnnf-V
to his memory. That memorial has.
novor boon built. Tho good man's mon
ument is in tho loving hearts that, forty
yoars ago, wero his delighted renders,
nnd pupils'.
It is woll to romlnd tho young of tho
presont eiay wnero bis asnos rest. At a.
very short dlstanco from tho "Goodrich.
Placo," at Southborry, Conn., is a rural
gravoynrd. Horo and thero, sealtorodi
in amongst tho long grass, aro mounds,,
whero Ho buried tho forgotten doad
Now nnd thon somo modern shaft tolls-
of thoso lately mourned, nnd onco in
awhllo somo fino monumont attracts t o
vlsitor'a cyo.
Within this inclosuro'is'a small plot
fenced in wilb stern simplicity. Two
costly but plain slabs of marblo stand
within. On ono is a name nnd two-
dates, nnd tho emblem is nn open book
with two or threo dog-enrcd leaves.
Thero lies "Peter Parley." World
known nnd world-loved, how fow can.
toll whero nro shrined his mortal re
mains I Yet this was his choice With,
tho modesty of great minds, ho shrank;
from praiso or publicity, nnd unsung,,
though not unhonorod, hollos In a coun
try gravoyard.
On Thames stroot, only afow sleps-
from Broadway, New York, is a dark.
littlo, dingy building, known as Cobweb-
Hall. It is ono of tho fow old landmarks-
that romain to tho city, nnd it is expect
ed every day that tho Vandals will
sweep it out ot existence No name
could bo moro accurately descriptive,
for tho ceilings, tho shelves, and the
counters aro hung with cobwebs, in
which wholo generations of spidcrs
havo lived nnd died for years. Tho
dust, lies heavy everywhere Tho atmos
phere has a dnmp nnd moldy smell, nl
mostliko tho vaults of Trinity church
yard opposite Stuffed alligators, mon
keys, snakes and birds, covered with
thogrimo ofyonrsnro hung about the
walls, mingled with tho pictures of the
brawny heroes who adorned tho Enir-
lish and American prize ring half a cen
tury ago.
Nothing is now. Everything around
you reminds you of tho past. Tno pic
tures of race-horses aro thoso which
stirred the blood of our grcat-grandfath-
ers Sir Henry, Eclipse, Boston, Fash
ion, Peytona and Abdallah. Tho floor
may possibly bo swept onco in a decade,
but no brush or broom is allowed upon,
tho shelves or walls, or has thero been
for fifty yoars. Tho cobwobs hang in
festoons everywhere.
It is over forty years ago sinco Dick
ens paid It a visit, whon ho wroto his
American Notes, nnd Thackeray declar
ed to a friend thnt tho placo was full of
inspiration. Tho Princo of Wales took
it in nmong tho sights of tho city, nntl
his initials, written with a diamond,
woro on tho panes of glass. Tho Czaro
vitoh, on his visit horo a fow yoars ago,
loft a littlo memento behind him thero.
and it is among its traditions thnt the-
lato Emperor Napoleon, whon ho was n.
wandoring vagabond in Now York, fre
quently tucked his logs under tho tables
In all ptobabllity, It will bo razed to-
tho ground beforo many yenrs havo pass
ed, and with it will disappear ono of
tho most interesting landmarks in Now
Tho district school-houso that William
Cullon Bryant attended in Cummington,
Mass., stood at a corner of a forest
whero threo roads mot, and about a
milo distant from his homo. While at
tending this school, his first poem was-
writton. Ho was thirteen year3 of ago
at the time. Whllo at Williams College,
at tbo ago of sixteen, ho wrote tho im -mortal
"Thanatopsis." Tho seoluded
spot whero this poom was composod has
sinco been known as "Bryant's Glen."
In tho later years of his life, bis heart-
turned again to tho scenes of childhood
Ho repurchased tho old homcsiead, that-
had passed into other hands, and re
modeled it into a beautiful country res
Just back of tho houso is a grand old
lorest, and through Its depths glides the
littlo stream suggesting his poem, "The?
"thou enangest not,
But changed am I."
How to Make Yourself Unhappy,
Living Church.
In tho lirst placo, if you want to mako-
yoursolf mlsorablo, bo solDsh. Think
all tho tlmo ot yourself and your things.
Don't caro about anything elso. Havo
no feelings for any but yoursolf. Never
think of enjoying tho satisfaction of
soelng others happy j ttit rather, if you;,
see a Qmlling faco, bt 'jealous lost an
othor should enjoy wh, t you havo not.
tuavj ovorKontyvvnojAa woucr oir tnan. '
yourself; think unkindly towards them,
and speak lightly of thom. Do con
stantly airaid lest somo one should en
croach on your rights; bo watchful
against it, and if any ono oomos noar
your things snap at them llko a mad.
eiog. Contond oarnostly for ovory thing
that Is your own, though It may not be
worth a pin. Nuvor yield a point. Do
vory sensitive, and tako ovory thing that
Is said to you in playfulnoss in tho most
serious manner, Uo jealous of your
iriends lest thoy should not think,
enough of youj nnd if at any timo thoy
should soom to nogleot you, put tho
worst construction upon their conduct.
Tho man who was cured by amosmor
1st says.bn was tranco-lixod.

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