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There Is a song some one must sing,
In tender tones and low,
With pink lips curled ant) quivering,
And eyes with dreams aglow.
There Is some one must hear the tunc
And feel the thrilling words,
As flowers feel, In every June,
The wings of humming birds.
And she who (logs must never learn
What good her song has done,
Albeit the hearer slowly turn
lllm drowsily as one,
Who feels through all his being thrown
The Influence sweet and slight
Of strange and subtle perfume, blown
0! dewy groves by night.
Carlylo on Duko William.
Mr Atlant'c.
4,I heard Carlylo, last night, maintain
his habitual thesis against Mr. Tenny
son, In tho presenco of Mr. Moxon and
one or two other persons. Carlylo rode
a very high horso Indeed, being Insplr
cd to mount nnu lavishly ply tno spur
by Mr. Tennyson, for whom ho has tho
liveliest regard; and it was not long be
foro William tho Conqueror and Oliver
Crcmwcll were trotted out of their
mouldy cerements, to affront Sir Rob
ert Peel and tho Irish viceroy, whoso
namo escapes mo. 'Nothing,' Carlylo
over and over again said and sung,
'nothing will ever pry England out of
tho slough sho is in, but to stop looking
at Manchester as heaven's gate, and
frcc-trado as tho everlasting God's law
man is bound to kcop holy. Tho hu
man stomach, I admit, is n memorable
necessity, which will not allow itself,
moreover, to bo long neglected; and
political economy no doubt has its own
right to bo heard among all our multi
farious jargons. But I tell you tho
stomach is not tho supremo necessity
our potato evangelists mako it, nor is
political economy any tolcrablo substi
tute for tho eternal veracities. To think
ot our head men boliovin' tho stomach
to bo tho man, and Icgislatin' for tho
stomach, and compcllin' this old Eng
land into tho downright vassalage of
tho stomach I Such men as theso, for
sooth, to rulo England, tho England
once ruled by Oliver Cromwell! No
wonder tho impudent knavo O'Connell
takes them by tho beard, shakes his big
fist in their faces, docs his own dirty
wi'l, in fact, with England, altogeth
er! Oh for a day of Duke William
"In vain his fellow Arcadian pro
tested that England was no longer tho
England ot Duko William, nor ovon of
Oliver Cromwell, but a totally now
England, with self-consciousness all
now and unllko theirs; Carlylo only
chanted or canted tho mora lustily his
inevitable ding-dong: Oh for a day of
Duko William again!
. "Tired out at last, tho long-suffering
poot cried, 'I supposo you would liko
your Duko William back, to cut off
somo twelvo hundred Cambridgeshire
gentlemen's legs, and leave their own
ers squat upon tho ground, that thoy
mightn't bo nblo any longer to bear
arms against him!' 'Ah!' shrioked out
tho remorseless bagpipes, in a perfect
colic of delight to find its supremo blast
thus unwarily invoked, "ah! that was
no doubt a very sad thing for tho duko
to do, but somehow ho conceived ho
had a right to do it; and upon tho whole
ho had!' 'Lot mo tell your returning
hero one thing, then,' ropllcd his practical-minded
friend, 'and that is that ho
had better steor clear of my precincts,
or ho will feel my knifo in his guts very
soon.'" It was in fact this indignant
and unaflcctcd prose ol tho distinguish
ed poet which alone embalmed tho in
sincere colloquy to my remembrance,
or set its colors, so to speak.
A Marvelous Feat.
Chicago Tilbune. ,
Tho publication of tho details of tlfo
battlo at Spilzkop between tho Boers
and tho English was ono of tho most
marvelous feats of nowspapor and tolo
graph enterprise ever known. Tho
London Standard sent Mr. Cameron tho
1. , . . . 1 . e i . . .
unruy, rusuiuic, icariCBS Airican OX-
ploror, with tho British advanco to re
port its opporations. Ho accompanied
it in its difficult march to tho summit of
tho fatal hlght. When tho Boers made
that gallant chargo in tho faoo of tho
English bayonets, about which thoy
brag so much, and poured over into tho
basin from which thoy drovo tho Ebe-
llsh liko sheep, Mr. Cameron was knock
ed down, run over, trampled upon and
captured. Ho showod his newspaper
credentials mid note-book, and, having
established ins prolcsslonal identity,
was requested to act as a flag of truco
bearer to enable tho English to take
caro of their wounded. Ho rouched
tho British camp that night and wrote
his dispatch of 2,500 words. This dis
patch was upon tho army field wires
and reachou tho coast. Henco it travel
ed up tho east coast of Africa, over 3,
000 miles, and tapped tho East Indian
thoI,o'n ' den tnonco on
nnn Jnnr?1 tuo Rcd Soa another 2,
IMK) or 3,000 miit... , ,,,
.,1 tho Mediterranean;
thence on tho bottom o, , .,,. '
ranean to Italy; thenco throng itaiy
" "lu -.pa unu inrougn iratco
and accross tho British Channel tn T.nn
don. Not stopping thoro, itgoos Valontia
u iao west coast of Iroland, and spoeds
4W me Aiiantio to Newfoundland,
thonce to Now York, and irora Now
iorK acoross the oontlnont to San Fran
Cisco, and on tho following morning It
Is printed in every daily nowspapor In
tho civilized world-a thousand of them
in this couutry.
Washington, Thursday, April 1-Jth,
The Vice President laid before Ibe Scuato the
untlulslird business, bclne; tho resolution for
tho election of Senate ofllccrs. A motion to
.u iiiiut-Arcuiivu Fersion was josi to 31
Morgan addressed the Senate. Jin in. fi
owed by lltqwn, who referred to his own no
lltlcal record and criticised the Republican
. . 'i . nKBiiucuioi uio colored race,
claiming that the Republicans had treated the
eolored people unjustly by not giving them
; ("' ".'yiuccuiuuuu. iiuarrepneu w Drown.
Ilawlcy also renlled to nmn nn..i. i...
llrown. After some further dilatory bu6lnes
he 8enat4j adlourncd until Monday
Washington, Monday, April 18.
Harris dented tho truth of Mahonc's otatc-
jutui. .i icuui-Esut; nun rcpuuiarcu f 11,000,.
OpO or any sum of her debt. 1'ortcr, of the
Census llursau, to whom tho statement was
credited, had In a personal note to htm cor
rected several mistakes In It. A motion for
mi eiucuuvc session was lost Ml to 2J. John
eon was allowed to offer a resolution, which
was adopted, asking the Attorney General for
certain papers icpardlng the report of the
Treasury Agent In Virginia. Dawes said he
did not care a copper whether one man or an.
other held tho genste otllccs, but wanted It
fcuicu oeiorc iuo country wnctbcrthls was a
Government of a majority or not. Beck ar
gued anainsi 1110 rigni or the majority to
i-ieci uuiccrs man exira session. After a dis
cussion of somo length during which no new
points wcro developed the Senate adjourned.
Washington, Tuesday, April 19.
The petition relatlvo to tho care of Boynton
was referred to the committee on foreign rnln.
Hons. Blair offered a resolution that In the
Jtidgmcntof thcSenatcpubllclntcrcslsrequIro
Coheres? to bo convened Immediately. He
made some remarks In support of the resolu
tion. It was laid over.and Logan took tho floor
being in sympathy with secession at the break
ing out of tho war. He quoted from speeches
made by him at. that time. Brown thought
Logan's vindication was full, complcto and
conclusive. Heck made a speech, and asserted
that there was a freer ballot, a fairer count,
and more Independent votlnif In the Routh
than In Massachusetts. Cameron, of Penn
lvanla, said that the action nl thr. limn.
v itmiu tuiuu cnircc nca nst inmnrir. n
crats was n repetition In a different form of
tho shot-gun policy, so called tho Mis
sissippi plan, which had proved so successful
Iti many of the states south of the Mason and
Dixon line. He alluded to the ostracism of
Manone bcause he had dared to sav he would
act according to his convictions; because he
hart tho hardihood to assert his rights in the
American Senate. Vatlous roll calls wcro
nail on dllatorv mntlnna. unit t,n Rn.i
Journed. ' ' """ "u
WASHINGTON. Wcdncsdnr. Anrll ?n
The debate on the election of officers continu
ed, and was nnrtlrlriatnil tn nna.. c-.r
Jonas and Urown. Somo excited ri'mnr);
passed between Burneldo and Butler.
Was nothlni? doni nml ihn fl.nai ,
- CJ hvuttiu UU-
How Cattle nro Shipped to England.
rittiDun? stockm.n.
Cattlo aro taken on and under dock
In stalls measuring two feet cightinches
in vessols sailing from New York, and
two feet six inches on thoso from all
othei ports of tho United States. Theso
stalls aro built under tho supervision of
an insuranco inspector. Durinor tho
summer shippers profer to ship on deck,
as tho cattlo got moro air and como out
fresher at tho end of tho voyage. On
dock tho steamships carry between 160
and 175 nnlmals, tho under deck about
225 head. Drinking water is condensed
by steam process onboard for their uso,
tho ocean itself proving a never-falling
sourco of supply. Tho cattlo are
gonorally put on tho steamer in tho
stream, after it has left tho dock, an
old ferry-boat usually being used for
tho purpose. Tho numbor of cattlo to
bo taken is regulated by tho Insuranco
inspector, and cattlo exporters must
pay tho cntlro freight, according to his
report, even if thoy do not ship tho
entire number. Sheep and pigs aro
stowed away in stalls on deck whore
thero is not enough room for tho cattlo.
Sometimes in tho early sprincr. when
tho sea is liable to disturbances, somo
of tho cattlo got overboard, and then a
very lively tlmo ensues in getting them
out. Tho cattlo aro hoisted on board
usually and lowered, two at a lime, by
a winch, into tho hold. Tho allowance
of water is from six to ten gallons a
bullock. Tho amount, of fodder aver
ages ono ton to each animal. The
rates of insuranco apparently vary
Somo shlppors givo it nt 3 per cent in
summer to lOpor cent in winter. There
is moro risk to cattlo from perils of
tho sea in tho lattor season, as a heavy
storm may mako it necessary to lighten
tho ship by throwing tho cntiro deck
load of cuttlo overboard. Tho carry
ing capacity of tho vessels, of course,
varies, but tho average, as given by nn
old shipper, may bo put safely at 200
head at tho shipment, taking largo and
small vessels into account. On somo
of tho largo steamers tho number has
reached 500, and ono Boston steamer
has carried as many as 841 head. The
largest shipment from Now York by
ono steamer was C50 head.
If somo entemrlslnir f.-llnw
corner the market on Dr. Bull's Cough Bvrup
u www.u w..u u.o u. vuuo , ior were are iqou
sands who would rather pay double the retail
price than be without this valuable remedy.
It was Artemus Ward who said that
thero aro two things in this world
for which no ono is over propared
If You I- ecl lChoiitlciit
and weary ot life, do not give up; It Is not
troublo that causes such feelings, but disor
dered kidneys or liver which Warnet's Safe
Kidney and Liver Cure will Invigorate, restore
and thus bring vou happiness once more.
"I'vo a bill to present," said tho
snow bird, whon looking for his break
fast. Tho bad boy gets his ears cuffed and
tko bad man his hands.
"If I havo over used any utklnd
words, Hannah," said Mr. Smllev to
Mrs. Smiley, reflectively, "I tako thera
all back." "Yes, I supposo you want
to r.so thorn over again," was tho not
very soothing reply.
Wheat-No. 2
Cora No. J
Itre-No. 2.. ...,,.
1 00 I Wl
at 1 irr
(a t sa
(417 is
Mil 10
w i 19
s to a i in
5 80 MI'S
6 00 it t SO
Mb Rpfii .. ,
Bliccp .; ""
Cora , ........,",,,
UlttHP ...I...
I ft
so a i io
M . 13X
Uill ,w
5 80 I S I
6 (10 H1B0
ta y 6 as
M t'M
it wyi
I8 0U
. w
S 61 u 6 15
low itnm
CO) w c 20
Uat.IC I.lvn
Unnoriil flcii'H lumnmry,
A dcstructlvo llro occurred in Now
Orleans, April 2)th. Loss great.
Tho street car employes of Cincln
natl have struck for an advance in wages.
Tho Now York Produce Exchango is
moving In behalf of the Dakota sufferers.
Isolcn & Bakor, stock brokers. Now
York, are reported short In their accounts
flOO.OOO or more.
Chlsholm's bill to nrovent tho mini
tcratlon of food,drlnk and medicine has passed
the Illinois legislature.
Hon. Rowland E. Trowbrldcro. lato
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, died at his
home in Michigan, April 20th.
Tho flax mill of tho Smith Dovo Man-
ufacturlng Company, Fryc Village, Mass.,
burned April 14tb. Loss, (75,000.
A hotel nt Concha, Texas, burned
April ICth, and a man from Arkadclphla,
Kansas, known as the "Doctor." ccrlshed In
the flames.
Tho census renort shows that thoro
are 2.2C9 breweries In tin United States where
malt liquors are made, tiroduclnz 12.80U.000
bbls a year.
Tho Entcrprlso Sowirjr Machino
Works, Geneva. Ohio, burned Anrll 20lh.
Loss, 140,000; Insurance. tUD.000. Bunnoscd
Forty Mormon missionaries havo lust
gone to Wales ucon a nroeclvtlni; cxncdlthin.
They will woik In the mining and Iron dis
tricts of wales.
Heavy frosts on tho mornincr of April
14th arc reported throughout Texas, doing
coneiucratiie uamage to corn, cotton, fruits
and vegetables.
Tho business part of tho town of Bound
Brook, New Jersey, burned on the night of
April l'Jth. Forty, families are homeless.
Loss, eito.oco.
A steamer plvinz between Middles-
borough and Granccmouth. Encland. Anrll
14th, sunk In a collision, and fourteen passen
gers were drowned.
A numbor of tho principal business
houses of Meridian, Miss., were destroyed by
flro on the night of April ISth. Loss, $250,
000; Insurance, $125,000.
rittiburg boiler workers to tho num
ber Of 500 Struck. ADrll 19'.h. for an ni?ree.
ment lor ono year on present wages which
rango from to J2.25 to 2.80 per day.
Colonel A. J. Broadhcad. pavmastor
of the United States army, who has Just re
turned from the White Tllver Atronrr tn Tlon.
ver, says he thinks a Uto war was almost cer
Conductors and drivers ot St. Louis
streetcars demand a reduction la hours of
labor. Conductors ect $2 and drivers M.BO
per day. They work 12 hours at the present
Ohio and Kansas now report no ma
terial damage to winter wheat, but Missouri,
Indiana, Illinois and Michigan an; mixed, and
various estimates of damage ranee from 10 to
50 per cent.
Tho body of James H. Wallace con
tractor, was found drowned in the river at
Milwaukee, April 18th. He had considerable
money on his ncrson. The case Is mmnnhit
Rates of froight from Chics ctd oast
were restored Anrll 18th to those nuhllnhcil In
the tariff of the 4th of April, and arc now on
tho basis of 30 cents per 100 pounds on grain
to New York.
Hamilton H. Howard, appointed Con
sul to Puerto Cobello, Venezuela, by Presi
dent flayes, last February, died In Rochester,
N. Y., April 10th. He had leavo of absence
for sixty days.
Thoro is a striko among tho railroad
platform laborers In Louisville, Ky. They are
working for a general strike. The O. & M.
road refused to accept their demands, and
they stopped work.
Tho house of a poor colored fumily
at Evauston, Ind., burned April 19th. Pater
Swedland rushed Into the flirncs and boro a
child out, which died In his arms, and another
perished In tho debris.
Near Camden, Ark., April ICth, Mrs.
Nutt, living tear this city, whllo In a fit of in
sanity, killed her live children by throwing
them Into a well. The eldest was 12 years and
the youngest 11 months.
Ono hundred und thirtv-oicht thou-
sand acres of land In Barry county, Mo., has
been purchased by the Missouri Land Com
pany of Scotland, for the settlcrxcntof a largo
numocr 01 ccotcu colonists.
A firo in San Marical. Now Mexico.
April 10th, destroyed every business building
In the town, and many of the private resi
dences, numberlog altogether about 80 houses.
Loss on buildings about 110,000.
Tho Newcastlo & Franklin railroad.
SO mites long, was sold under the hammer at
Newcastle, Pa., April 13th, for $775,000,
Thomas P. Simpson, representing the Pitts-
ourg, uuuaio & western Railroad, being the
Thirty-eight localities in Kansas, in
eluding more than twenty of the largest
wheat-growing counties in the State, report a
much larger acreage of wheat than ever be
fore, with every prospect of more than an
average crop.
Tho numbor of emigrants arrived
during March wero 44,125, of whom 10,000
were from Germany and 3,000 from Ireland.
The number arrived during nine months end
ing March 31st, was 121,422. Of these 102,000
were from Germany.
Mr. Fitz, of Boston, has projootod a
negro colonization scheme, by which a larg
lot of land In New Jersey Is to be purchased,
where all Industrial pursuits will be taught
colored men with a view to their becoming
qualified to till responsible positions In fac
tories. Tho Postmaster General will deolaro
all publications Issued In violation of the
copyrights granted by the United States uu
mailable matter. It seems that Canada has
been republishing an American hook and cir
culating It In the United States at less than
American rates.
Advices from Bagdad stato that tho
ravages of the plague are terrible, though not
extending beyond the sanitary cordon. Four
thousand Inhabitants have quitted NeJJcd and
are encamped In salubrious localities. Ned
Jed and DJuhara were burned on the 8th Inst.
The disease Is becoming violent, the afflicted
dying In ten hours after being attacked.
Meetings havo been hold in various
places to take steps for the relief ot the Dako
ta BUlTerpril hv ihn lnfn flnmli An AntViml...
'tic meeting was held In Omaha on the evening
oi April join, at, wuicn about II, TOO was sub
scribed on the spot and aa much more Is com
ing. A meeting In Cnlcago recommended the
sending of one thousand barrels of pork.
In tho tost oaso to determine tho lo-
I . - i i. . ... - i , I
galltyoftho celebrated antl-trcatlng law of
Wisconsin, It was found that the law was In
operative, because ot an error In the text ot Its
supposed enactment, the bill, as drawn, spec
ifying the repeal of an old law that was drop
ped when tho State statutes underwent their
recent revision. Jud? c Mallory held tho law
to be Inoperative and void.
Col. Frod Grnnthas resigned from tho
army, where his position Is First Lieutenant
of the Fourth Cavalry and his rank Lieuten
ant-Colonel on the staff of tho Lieutenant
General, for the purpose of entering the cm
ploy ot the Chicago, Texas & Mexican Cen
tral Railroad as civil engineer of tho road,
(lis father-in-law, II, II. Honorc, of Chicago,
Is also prominently Identified with the road.
J. W. Rumble, a young Englishman
aged 89, was found In bis room at the Lcland
Uouse In Chicago, April 17th, with his throat
cut, tho right Jugular vein being severed. lie
came from London, England, last July, and
appeared to be a man of good family and con
siderable wealth. Tho causo of his suicide Is
supposed to have been financial embarrass
ment, resulting from unfortunate gambling
and stock speculation. lie still had t2,C30
left of a much larger sum brought hither with
him last summer.
The Norlh Amcrtcnn Review for May
contains a striking article by tho lion. David
Dudley Field on "Centralization In the Fed
eral Government." That our polity Is rapidly
advancing in thcdlrcctlon ot centralization is
demonstrated by the author; but whether cen
tralization Is really a formidable evil or only
a bugbear Is a question whlca men will proba
bly continue to decide according to their sev
eral political predilections. Whatever the
reader's bias, Mr. Field's paper will command
his respectful attention, and It will be read
with Interest and profit. The second article
Is upon the new revision of the Bible, by tho
Rev. Dr. Behalf, of tho American Com ml tee
of Revision. The Jtnlan contains the usual
number of other excellent articles.
A Pittsburg dispatch of April 18th
saysi The first caso of trichinosis ever devel
oped hero made Its appearance In Allegheny,
Tucsdsy night, In tho person of a German
named Frank Knlze. On that cventnz he ato
freely of pork, which was not well cookud.
About two hours after ho crew violently sick.
and terrible pains spread over his entlro body.
no was next laitcn witn vomiting and Dure-
lng, passing blood and small pieces of flesh,
A physician was summoned, who pronounced
It trichinosis, and upon submitting a small
piece ot flesh to a microscopical test In a net
work of small muscles seventeen trlchlals
wcro found. Proper remedies were adminis
tered and tho patient Is slowly Improving.
Knlze refuses tj stato frm whom ho pur
chased tho pork.
Tho May numbor of tho International
lMcw Is ono of great value. The first article
Is by A. V. Dicey, and relates to Sir Alexan
der Cochburr, England's late CMcf Justice,
and cspec'ally his legal and Judicial career.
Among other timely articles aro the conclu
sions of Mine. Kagozln's paper upon "Tho
Last Trial of the Russian Nihilists;" Taxation
of Inter-State Commerce," by Brooks Adams;
"The Balance of the Geneva Award," by Wm.
G. Low; "The Alleged Census Frauds In the
8outh, by Henry Gannett; "Tho Life and
Writings of George Eliot," by W. Fraser
Rae; "Constitutional Tendencies In France,"
by I. N. Ford, and "Recent Changes in
Japan," by K. Mltsukurl, a young Japaneso
student In America. These articles comprise
an unusual amount ot Interesting and In
structive reading.
At 1 o'clock on tho morning of April
lO'.h a tire broke out In a bath room on the
fourth floor of the Illluois Southern Hospital
for the Insane at Anna, Illinois. After get
ting the pittents out an effort was made to stay
the progress of the Are, but as the building
had a mansard roof It was not until the canter
of tho building had been reached that the flro
wasma6teed. Threo patients wcro discov
ered In a room In tho second story of the
north wing, entirely surrounded by Arc. Tho
throng upon tho ground witnessed their fran
tic efforts to burst through the grated win
dows with breathless excitement. Finally a
ladder was procured and placed neara window
of the room, and although tho flames curled
around the la lder, brave men wcro thero to
do their best to savo the unfortunate men.
One, two, three men started up the ladder,
and wero forced by tho heat to retreat. One
gallant fellow namid Grace, ran up the ladder,
thrust an axe Into a window and commanded
a cdlored patient named Nelson to cut his way
out. He simply threw tho axe away again.
It was again given him, and the crowd, as
wllh ono voice, jelled to him to cut tho grat
lug loose. This tlmo he did it and escaped.
Then Graco again ascended the ladder, and
going Into the room, now ahlize all over and
the walls tumbling In every direction, and af
tera hand-to-hand struggle with a patient
named McClellan, who was nearly dead from
tho heat, but desperately determined to stay
In his room, Mr. Graco forced him headlong
through the window, and parties outside
caught htm. Mr. Graco himself suffered In
tensely afterwards, but Is not In danger. A
patient named Ferkele was burned to death.
The loss on the building Is estimated at f ?00,
000. The patient above named Is the only
one missing.
A dispatch says that Wm. Mattox shot
and killed his orother Hezeklah Mattox In
Clay county, Mo., April 18tb.
A torriblo tragedy occurred in Iber
ville Parish, Louisiana, a few dajs ago, by
which two men were Instantly killed and four
badly wounded. It was tho result of a
drunken row among some workmen engaged
In cutting timber.
W. F. G. Shanks, of Now York,
brought suit to recover $250,000 damages
from the American Nows Company for circu
lating the Trnlh, alleged to contain libel
against tho plaintiff. The Jury gave a verdict
tor (2,500.
A triple murder was committed noar
Ban Antonio, Texas, April 14th. Tho mur
dered people were Mrs. John Blmmons, whose
throat was cut from car to ear; ber little buy
four yoara oid, whose brains wsro dashed out
on a rock, and Mrs, Emily Parker, mother of
Mrs. Simmons, who seems to have beeu
strangled, A sheep herder named Phillips
has been arrested on suspicion.
Tho dead body of Rev. Robert Mat-
took, who was on trial a few days ago In Law
rence county, Arkansas, for the murder of
Thomas Miller In August last, but who was
acquitted, was fount recently. Friends ot
the murdered man had been In pursuit ot htm
since bis acquittal, determined to avenge
Miller's death, and it appears they have suc
Henry Severing, of Dayton, Califor
nia, shot his mother-in-law, Mrs. David Uou
cher, killing her Instantly, April 14th. He
next shot his wife fatally, and then sent a
bullst through his own brain. There had
been some troublo In the family, but a gen
eral understanding had been reached, and
Severing was to have left for Missouri the
next day, Mrs. Boucher wis tho widow of
the lato State Senator from Butte county,
A feud ot long standing botween tho
families of Gen. John R. Bayler and Mr, Gil
christ, at Uvalde, Texas, culminated In aright
April lUtli, between uaylcr on ono side and
Gilchrist and two tons on tho other, In which
the elder Gilchrist was hilled outright, ono of
bis sons mortally and the other seriously
wounded, Both families are prominent and
well known. Gen. Baylcr was Governor of
New Mexico some years ago.
Fre quontly during tho last two months
tho railway mall service between New York
and Chicago lias been greatly annoyed by
mens or registered letters and packages.
On the 10th of April E. R. Blakcslce, a postal
cleric on the Cleveland and Chlcairo division
was arrested. In his grip sack over one hun
dred letters were found, and In his pockets
other letters, which he confessed to have
stolen. He also acknowledged having rifled
two-registered pouches, one from Utlca and
the other from Rochester, to Chicago, fle
said he ripped them open, took their contents
and put the pouches In a bsg on the way to
Hew xork.
Advices from Durango, Coloradd,
are that Ike Stockton and his gang, nearly all
or wnom participated in the Lincoln countv.
siew Mexico, troubles several years ago, are
tending raiding parties toward Fannlngton,
Rio Arrabla, New Mexico, to steal cattle and
kill tho cow boys. A few days ago they drove
35 head of cattlo Into Duracgo, where they
DUtrnercd and sold them. The latter town Is
all excitement, and bordering on anarchy,
and Is growing worse dally. The citizens daro
not write an Impartial statement of affairs to
the papers for fear ot death. A Denver news
paper man who was suspected of writing an
account for tho Denver papers, was a few
days ago, stopped on tho street at tho point
or a rovoive r, by Ike Stockton. Sir marshals
are on duty, but aro unable to copo with tho
From Santa Fc, N. M. On Wcdncs
day afternoon, April 13tb, a party of Ameri
cans and two Mexicans becamo engaged In
quarrel at El Paso, and the two Mcxlcanswero
killed. The affair created great excitement
on both sides ot tho river. The following
day, armed Mexicans crossed tho river to take
possession of the bodies of their friends. Tbo
Americans grew Indignant at tho conduct of
the Mexicans and in a short time organized
a party to attack tho Mexicans. Meanwhile
tho town of Franklin (tho American El Paso)
was thrown Into a state of the wildest ex !lte-
ment, resulting In a conflict between the two
parties. Tho row becamo general, and bullets
flow thick. During tho melco John Hall,
mistaking one Kremkan for a Mexican, shot
and instantly killed him, and was himself
shot by an American. Tho town marshal
having tried unsuccessfully to quell tho dis
turbance, took part himself, and fatally
wounded ono Campbell and a Mexican. A
number of others wcro slightly wouuded.
Beaconsfiold has slightly Improved.
The London Timet in a, financial article saysi
'v, o believe It Is now practically decided that
Eng'aud shall be practically represented at
the monetary conference, but with all due
precaution against our being committed on
Lord Hartington, Secretary of Stato
for India, has consented to tend a delegate to
the Monetary Conference on behalf India,
who will not, however, participate In the de
cisions ot the Conference. Beaconsfleld Is
much Improved. The doctors are now confi
dent ot his ultimate rtcovery. An antl-cocr-clon
demonstration was held In the town ot
Moor. One thousand five hundred persons
were present. Parnell, In addressing the as
semblage, said: The land bill Is a very wise
measure, but is marred by miny serious de
fects. He especially condemned the emigra
tion clauses, which ho said, must bo struck
out. The bill must protect small equally with
large tenants. A provision must be mado for
tenants In arrears, through the rent being
rack rent. Resolutions were passed depre
cating coercion aud demanding that evictions
bo stopped.
Tho death of Lord Beaconsfiold, lato
Prime Minister of England, took place on tho
morning ot April 18th. He passed away
peacefully and was conscious to the last.
Earl Beaconsfleld will bo burled by
the side of his wlfo In the graveyard of the
parish church of Uughcnden Manor. This,
it appears, was his carncBt wish and direction.
The Queen and people of England would be
glad to honor him with a grave In Westmin
ster Abbey, but his own wishes will be re
spected. The Court Circular has the follow
ing! "Tho Queen received, with feelings of
deepest sorrow, tho news of tho death of
Lord Ueacnuf Oeld.In whom Her Majesty loses
a'most valued and devoted friend and coun
selor, and the nation sno ot Its most distin
guished statesmen'" Tho London A'ws Bays!
"no wncro is thero any Inclination to deny
Lord Beaconsfleld bis full meed ot praise, for
his genius and undaunted spirit, proud pa
tience and unconquerable will. To the polit
ical party he led, tho loss Is Irreparable. Not
twice In the same century could any party ex
pect to nnd under such capacity sue1! re
Gladstono has written to Lord Raw-
toa as follows: "I learned of the decease of
Lord Beaconsfleld with sad surprise. I shall
be prepared to give directions for a public
funeral." It Is understood that friends and
relatives are willing to assent to the public
funeral and burial of the remains at West
minster Abbey unless Instructions to the con-
trary are found among the papers of tho
St. Petersburg dispatches of April
14th say: All tho Nihilists except Hessy
fTplfmnnn urn tn tin .invfvA.l l?rl.tan Anvil
.... -, - "--h-
15th) In Somnoft Square. The execution otl
Uessy Helfmann will be delayed until after
ber confinement. A number ot Nihilists aU
tacked the troops guarding the prison
which tbo Nihilists are detained. Tweir.y
Nihilists wcro captured with bombs In tilr
possession. p
Six political prisoners will bo tljcd
by tho military court at the end of April.
These are Kashlntseff, of noble rank, Sccdrln
and Prlstlkor, one the son ot a priest, named
Presbojensky, and two women, one thefwlfe
ot Dr. Bozomchltz, the other the wife oijTro
cher. The Czar has countermanded tra or
ders for the erection of an additional Id .tress
on the German frontier.
Tho Irish authorities havo mado ar
rangements to seize In future copies of the
New fork Irish IForM In transit between New
York andQueenstown, as a treasonable publi
cation. James Daly, proprietor of the Con-
nought Tcttgraph, has been arrested under the
coercion act, and will be taken to Dublin.
The arrest caused considerable excitement.
Archbishop Croke, ot Coshel, had to apolo
gize in the amplest manner In writing to
Archbishop McCabe, of Dublin, for bis attack
on the lattcr's lenten pastoral, The apology
was necessitated by superior order,
Tho Executive Commlttco of tho
Land League has prepared a report on tho
land bill for submission to the con
ference. It proposes reasonable grounds on
which the landlord may refuse to admit a pur
chaser of holding as tenant be struck out, and
declares the provisions with regard to the re.
quests by tenants unjust, and those relating
m costs of Intestacy criminal and inhuman,
and protests against evictions for non-pay
ment. Articles on rent, litigation and other
clauses were aleo objected to.
Two Turkish battalions at Trlzorond
have withdrawn from the late citadel, where
they were surrounded by the Albanians, who
have seven guns. Nineteen Turkish battal
Ions are confined at Vents Sot lea and 0,000
Albanians are at Lepossa. Dervish Pasha,
the Turkish commander, Is displaying great
energy, Ho Intends to arrest all tho chlofs ot
tho Albanian League,
Tho proposal to hold tho Internation
al Socialist Congress at Zurich Is strongly dls
approved and a memorial Is preparing at
.urlch requesting the federal council to pro
htblt It.
On tho ovonlng of April 13th thrco
large petards wcro thrown Into houses in
Madrid, causing some damage to property,
bat no person was Injured.
On tbo 10th of April representatives
to the Monotary Conference were present tn
Purls from tho following States! Germany,
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, United
States, France, England, Greece, Italy, Hol
land, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and Switzer
land. On motion ot Evarts, of the United
States, tho French Minister ot Finance was
elected President of the Conference. Maquln
then delivered his opening address. He re
viewed the different phases of the question,
and showed tho Inconveniences which tho
system established In 1S07, of a gold standard,
with silver as a transitory comparison, had
brought about In Germany. Ho dwelt on the
recommendation In favor of bl-metallsm by
tho commlttco ot tho United States Congress
in 1870, and explained the causes of the non-
success of tho Monetary Conference In 1878.
Ab regarded tho objects of tho present confer
ence it was indispensable In order that silver
shall regain Its former value that It should
again bo freely coined side by side with gold.
Ho said ho hoped that tho deliberations would
show International bl-metallsm was tho only
system restoring money regularity In all
parts of the world.
Tho Ambassadors havo prcsontcd to
tho Porte a note describing the frontier line
agreed upon. Tho noto tays all the Powers
having approved tho decision It should be con
sidered the supremo decision of Europe, to
which the Porte Is Invited to comply.
Two New Zealand Cities.
Cor. Hartford Times.
Christchurch is tho "City of
Plain," and plain enough it is
prcads over two mllc3 squaro,
ooks liko somo of our over-grown
villages out West. But it hns a river
Avon running through it which is ns
crooked as a ram's horn or a sheop's
hind log. This is not tho Avon that
Shakespoaro lived on nt Stratford; but
everything hero is named after some
body or something in tho old country.
Thoro is ono of tho finest museums hero
havo over soon, and tho Domain, or
public ground, is very fino, with maplo
trees and several barborry bushos from
your btato, and many choice flowers.
Tho drainage i? on top ot tho streets;
ccmont gutters, which havo to bo clean
ed every morning, as thero is not tail
snough on many of them lor tbo water
to run off. Still it's rather a fino city,
and in time will bo a largo and prosper
ous ono. It's so qulot, now, you can
hoar your heart beat anywhere in tho
streets. And it reminds ono to bo
thanklul you havo ono to boat.
Dunedln is tho best built city in tho
colony, and has a population of 80,000.
Tho residences nro upon tho hillilelcs
and top?, and havo a splendid view
from all parts of tho city. Princess
street is over a milo in lencth. and Is
olidly built. It has street car3 and all
tho convonionccs of ono of our cities,
but no hotel. Thoro is not ono in tho
olony. Thoro nro hundreds by that
name, but they avo nothing but rum
holes. I did not seo much ot tho city,
for it rained all tho tlmo I was thero.
Its public buildings nro fino, nnd thoro
aro many things thero to interest tho
A Klud-IIearted Brigand.
St. Jamei Gaxetle.
A brigand in Thessaly has lately dis
tinguished himself by an aot of unusual
kindness and eood feelinir. A short
tlmo ago several school o hildron wero
carried off from Zagorah by a band ot
bilgands, under tho leadership of an
ominont ruffian by namo Balachos.
Fivo of thoso ohildron wore subsequent
ly restorod to their paronts on payment,
of a heavy ransom in each caso. Thrco
of tho can-lives, for wnnsn rnlpnsn n
de-fc,argor rasom was domandod, woro ro.
taineu. uno oi tuo tiirco was tho son
of a Mr. Cassavctti, n little boy in whoso
lato gonoral interest was oxolted, and
who has regained his liberty in an un
expected manner. A Wallaok, belong
ing to tho band which had captured tho
boy, tooka fancy to him and determin
ed to effect his rescuo, and being leit
with two others to guard tho child, ho
found an opportunity for carrying out
his benevolent intention. Ono of tho
brigands went to get somo broad and
another fell asleep. Tho Wallaok, tak
ing advantage of this favorablo moment,
broko tho necdlo of tho gun of tho
bandit and called to tho child to com
with him. Tbo littlo captive, not uu-
tlpaturally misunderstanding tho sum
mons began to cry. This awoke tbo
brigand who was asloop; but his gun
was useless and ho snapped the trigger
in vain. In tho moantlmo tho Wallack
managed to csoapo with tho boy to RIs
somola, whonco ho was takon hcDe by
somo Qrlonds and an oscort of soldlors.
Of courso Balachos is dreadfully annoy
ed at tho affair, and if ho gets hold of
tho Wallaok intends to mako an oxamplo
ot him.
Tho OreutcHt lllHMliitx'.
A simple, pure, harmless remedy, that cures
every time, and prevents disease by keeplog
the blood pure, stomach regular, kldueys and
liver active, Is the greatest blessing ever con
ferred upouman. Hop bitters le that remedy,
and Its proprietors are being blosscd by thou
sands who have been saved and cured by It.
Will you try Itt See another column. Sag'
Eating Onions.
Baltimore American.
Acouplo of young girls living in a
boarding houso on Clm-lcs street play
cd a moan trick on another young and
nttractlvo maidon in thosamo houso.
They all had somo oako and wlno to
gether, and in tho unsuspecting one's
glass was poured a small portion of
tincturo of asafotida, which, as ovory
ono knows, smells liko a conglomera
tion of onions, bad eggs, decayed
vegetables and a host of othor things
too numorous to mention.
The prank-playing damsols know
that tho unhappy maid's Charles
Augustus called on Sunday, nnd thoy
.1. ... . . . a
nisii Know Hint, wni n nnn nnmri tinr. nn
tcct tho flavor of thn nsafnttda In thnf
iragrant wlno, nevertheless It would
produco to her aforesaid Charles Au
gustus tho impression thatsho had been
eating onions by tno peck. Poor, pret
ty littlo unsuspcotlng thingl Sho was
radiant whon sho flow to tho door antl
ndmlttod tho manly form ot thn object
1 1 , , .
uiusi) iiiuuraco, vnai, ns nis lips men
hors, drawing a dlmplo in tho back of
her neck, a look of wild, unuttorablo
horror sproad ovor his lineaments a
.1... t . i .
dusky pallor.'
Ho cut tho ombraco short, nnd thoy
went and took tholr places on tho cozy
toto-a-toto In tho corner. Then sin no
ticed that thoro was a far-off, troubled
look in his eyes, and ho shifted about
uneasily, nsif vnguoly awaro thatsomo
thlng was tho matter, but that ho
couldn't detect tho odor, which resem
bled day-boloro-ycstorday 's fried onions,,
and which was lingering dreamily
around on tho soft, warm air.
"Dearst," asked sho, shyly, "what
Is tho matter?"
'Nothing, sweothonrt, nothing; that
Is, nothing," answered ho, as his gaze..
flow swiftly from ono object to anoth
"But thoro must be," said sho, lean
ing forward. "You aro not yourself to
night, You havo something ou your
mind. Toll mo, darling;" nud she
triod to gazo into his face, whilo ho
My lovo, you nro not well," sho
said, anxiously, as sho wound hor arm
about his nock and drow his hoad about,
until tholr faces noarlv tocuhed.
"Wh-h-hat is tho mattcrf" nnd sho
tendorly sighed hor soul into tears.
"Oh, great Godfrey I" ho groaned, as
tho fatal simoon struck him. "You
that is, I am not fcoliner verv well."
But, dearest, you seemed all right
when you camo in," sho persisted, lov
ingly, nnd then sho sighed again, and"
ho jumped liko a goaded mule nnd kick
ed ovor a littlo tablo.
"I know I did," said he, nervously
picking up tho poker nnd abstractedly
putting It in his coat-tail pocket. "I ,
know I did , but I'm awlul bad now:.
I'm nfraid 1 11 havo to go," he contin
ued, as sho .leaned over toward him
again. "I think I am going to havo
tho yellow fovcr."
"Gracious, Charles," said she. "Can
It bo that you aro 111?"
Yes," answered ho, as ho arosoand'
ran tho poker through his hair in an,
ill-directed, agitated mannor. Good
night, darling. Don't kiss mo," ho
continued, shuddoring, "you might
tako tho fatal scourge," and ho burst
out of tho door nnd disappeared.
Tho young girl, as sho wandered dis
tressed and musing out of tho room,,
next tackled a gruff old lodger, who in,
pretty strong lnnguago, convinced her
ol tho fact that sho had been eating:
onions; and sho discovered tho joko by
asking tho samo girls who had played
tho trick on her, in nn agonizing tone
ofvoico, if hor breath was really per
coptlble. Thoy exploded with ill-timed
lovlty, and then told hor all. Sho says
now sho never will havo anything to do
with them again as long ns sho lives,
and as for Charlos Augustus, well
Robinson Crusoe's Island.
Courier d:s Etats Unti.
Tho Island of Juan Fernandez, which
Do Foo has mado.immortal as tho scone
of tho adventures of Robinson Crusoo,
was sometlmo slnco leased by tho Chil
ian government, to which it bolongs, to
a man named Von Rodt, tho son of a
Protestant olorgyman nt Borno, Switz
erland. Tho career of Von Rodt has
been almost as adventurous ns that of
Crusoe himself, and in that respect he
is worthy to bo tho successor of Do
Foo's hero. At tho ago of twenty-one
Von Rodt ontorod tho Austrian Jservlce
ns Lieutenant of Culrasslors, and fought
valiantly during tho campaign of 18GC,
receiving at Naohod a wound so sovoro
that ho was obllgod to quit tho service
After tho termination of tho war ho
went to llvo at Paris onta small ponslon
allowed him by tho Austrian govern
ment. Whon tho Franoo-Prussian war
bioko out ho onlistod in a French regl-
mont of tho lino, nnd distinguished
hlmsolf by his bravery at Champlgny. .
In 1871 hoomlgraced to fthlll, and en
gaged in Trade with so ( huoh success
that he was rdp to loaso So island of
Juan FernaOz.f Her1' piSohased a
stoamor and transported tlilthor a small
colony of agrioult prists. Ho raises on
tho island cattlo and vegetables, which
ho soils to tho whalers who roviotual
thero. Ho govorns his subjoots aftor
tho fashion of Crusoo, distributing to
thcfu rations in person, and keeping a
particular oyo on their morals and edu
cation. His affairs prosper marvel
lously, and he has alroody suoceeded in
putting in cultivation moro than tho half
of tho island.
"No kiss?" ho said pleadingly; "no
kiss from my darling to-night?" "No,J'
sho said omphatloally, "no kiss. I
hoar there's mumps iu your family, '
ui uuruuars B auccuons; anu s no uiei v

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