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I.S. Faris & Co.,
Are receiving and opening from dry to day, one of the Larg
est, Handsomest and
Cheapest Stocks
of Dry Golds that It has ever been their p easuro to offer to
the public and at prices that defy competition-Their stock
Is complete In every particular Including all tlio novelties
of the season.
tlint wo have not adopted tho "Department System,1'
thereby detaining our customer nnneccs.iarlally, but de
liver their, Roods nt once. All arc invited to call mid
seo us, us wo will not bo undersold. Itcnietnber the riuco.
M. S. Faris & Co.,
N. W. Corner 4th & Felix Sts., ST. JOSEPH-
Jones, Townsend &Co..
Uesneetfully asks the attention of
TO TllKIlt
Spring Clothing
llor Men, llov's Youth's and Children, Completo In all lines Assort
ed with roaV care and bought under tho most, favorable circumstan
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we propose giving entire satisfaction to all, or tho money cheerfully
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4th & Felix Street- ST- JOSEPH MO
Your Orders
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Boots and Shoes.
SprjifJq Stock flo REA Y-
For Latest Styles
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Geo. "W. Marlow's
317 Felix Street, ST. JOSEPH, MO.
Incorporated under the Laws of Coiorado. 0
capital stock :.::::: suo.oi
. Minus in thnt Old
114 N. Sixth Street,
J. Ijl Stanago, Scc'y
Jr ffc 3 ALL OF
Tlio property mvnetl liy tUU company Includes 4 stiver bearing Imles mill 2 gold lodm, loeated
near (Iconrrtuwii s on tlio small runco nt mmiutiilas on tlio northerly oldii or (Hear Creek, which
have, yielded many mil Ions ut dollars In silver oith within tho oust few yearn, anil urn now pin
due lug more uhiiiidaiitly than ever beioro. They are called. tho HtrrlliiL'. tlio Ilaybreak, tho
Sultana, the Hainlt, tliu Itiilnlrow anil tho Now Kra Mlnei. Kacli l.VKIM fuot-aro all truo assure
veins, similar to the urrnt inlnrs uii that nuikh whleh havo hecu worked a to 12 years, paylim
lictter as they sink deeper Into tho InoxhniisT-Mo Assure.
They aro iiccensahle. belwr but n lew hundred (eet from Ilio Colonulo Central Hallroad, can
lie worked In wlnteriiml Muunp and lire under tho personal superintendence of lix-tlovernor
Wtoele, an old oxperlenccd miner who lOittshliur thu woikof iloveltipliiR. nnU eoundeiitly ex
peets to i make tliem erpuil to oilier xronT produdiiK mines of tliitt wonderful canip.-),ooo shares
lull paid stock liphiceii i In tlH3 lmiids of the Treasurer for wolkiim capltnl-a small portion of
which will ho Issued nt the low irice of iJJ.oo per share 8 dltcouut From tli face value,
This company l manaKcd Ityan-fiil liuslncss men of Ht, Units who will see lluit its nlfnlrs
ro conducted to the best lutrrWs irf all concoriiert. You will find It Breally tw your advantaKe
lo necure an Interest In tWs ciimpany.wh le Its working capital stock at Klrst Jtoltom Price and
von can rcpmmend as n most deslrealiUi Investment to your friends. The stock will lie steadi
ly Increased In vuluo as the money received therefor by the company will all foe. Invested in tho
mines, hence tho profits of llrot purchasers of stock will lie great, '
ii"",.k i?v",' ho IkjupjI flv Miiu-eij In each certiorate Heml all money In bank draft, 1. O,
order tn Iteglntereil letter, Kivliiff tho liaiuo undjiostofilen plalnlv.
Ill N. Sccoud Street, ST. LOUIS, MO., or to Doiivns, & WAUKlt. Oregon.
and lteliablo Canm,
A. B. Howard, Pros. i
w.ii. Jtiuio, vice-iro t.
ST. LOUIS. . 1
On Wednesday last 4, 'M'A emigrants
arrived In Now Yor.
Obn. Ouat lias set sail from Mexico
and will doubtless bo on tho baltlo field
at Albany soon.
Wk predict that Ex-Senator riatt
will remain an Kx-Scnator longer than
lio romnnicd aSenator.
Tim decrease in tho public debt du
ring tho month of Mny was 811,160,721.
Tho country is ablo to pull along notwilh
standing tho resignation of Conkllng
ami Piatt.
I.ontU.ABu's threc-yoar-old colt "Iro
quois1 won tho English Derby in Eng
land last week, being tho first, Ameri
can horso tliat over won tho Derby tn
that country, and netting a cool $i!,000,
000 in one day for his owner.
E.mimsii holders of Confederate bonds
of the cotton loan of 18G.1 havo not
yet abandoned liopo that tlioy will bo
paid. Tho last meeting the bondholders
thought that although tiiey hud no legal
claim, America might be induced to pay
it if a friendly appeal were made to her.
In 18GB tho production of lager beer
in the United States was 1,7(35,000 bar
rel, or about one to every twenty
people. In 1880 the production was
1!),317,000 barrels, or a barrel to less
than four people. It looks as if our
beer barrels wero multiplying faster
than our population.
Skvkntv-fivk thousand dollars Is
tiio amount agreed upon to bo paid by
tho lSrilish Government for outrages
committed on American fishermen in
Fortune Hay, (laspo Hay and Lake
Briton. As live millions and a half of
dollars was paid for the privilege of
fishing in these waters, tho sum is little
It i.i all a mistake abont tho word hell
belli' stricken from tlio Now Testament
by tho revisers. In that passage whoio
it says "V hoover says thou fool, shall
bo in danger of hell lire," It now reads
"shall be in danger of tho hell of llro."
In two other places In tlio sermon on
tho Mount tho word hell is used In tho
Tho Cleveland Herald publishes an
interview with Kx-Presidant Hayes In
which he says Mr. Conkllng is a mon
omaniac on tho subject ot his own im
wortnnco. Ho is a monomaniac. This
is quite a common phnso of Insanity
Tho malady often takes that form. Pa
tionts often Imagine they arc bonio dls
tinauished character of superior being
Tlmi'H urn nvir ilftv .li-esldeiits in the in
sane a.ylum. So'ino llnuk tlioniselvos
N'.'inolcoii. n. Kin!?, somo uvon Cltrist. or
tho AlmlL'htv himself. Conkllnir is
(li lfliiiir thnt wnv. Men who do his bid
ding ho c nsldors In a state of subjec
tion to lilni, and those who refuse to obey
his illctntiis Im con.stdei's Ills most bitter
enemies. Ho thinks they aro trying to
humiliate him. In 1879 (ienoral Hobiu
tfon asked Conkling to ooiuo and make
speeches in Ohio, and tho rtply was:
Wliv do von ask ino to conm to Ohio
when they have Insulted mo there P In
suited you how ? asked (Soneral Kobin
mm. vVliv liiiA'n tlu'V not indorsed thii
man Hnyes1 adniinistratlou, tliereby
milking a direct drive at mo? General
ltobinson assured Conkling that ho was
never tnouglit ot ny any one in inin eoip
ncetioii, but Conkling could not bo por
.suadeil that Mich was not the case
Cinik-lliii'V ilownwnrd tendeucv dated
from 1870. He then tried in every way
possible to defeat tlio liopuniican par
ty In New York. Governor Moriran
candidata for governor in Now York
that year, was well satislled that Conk
ling (lid all in his power to defeat hinv
Conkllny; made three attoinDts to but ray
the Republican party. Tills was onoof
tlietii. The next was the electoral com.
mission. Ho had a speech already pro-
pared to overthrow tho attention of tho
commission relative to I ho returns from
Louisiana. Senator Morton, of Now
York, discovered ills plan and succeeded
in defeating it. There nover would
have boon a Potter investigation com
mlttco but for Conkling. Tho Demo
crats wero not to go into it, toil only did
so at tho earnest willeitation of Conkling
I will not say ho falsified in this case,
fur T flunk Im vnnllv bel laved that tho
men on tho Louisiana board imd entered
into a bargain for tlio sale ot that state
and Conkllnir assured tlio Souiliorn
senators that I would from very sliamo
leave tho Wliito House in thirty days
after tho investigation began.
Speaking of gall, remarked a printer
In Nevada beer saloon, talking of solid
cheek, I never saw a man who had any
more of It than Peto UUvens of Kansas
City. Tlireo of us roomed together
there in 1872. Ono night in July it was
so hot that if you'd chuck water on tlio
side of a house it .vould si, like so much
hot iron wo concluded to go down and
sleep on one of tliu timber rafts on tho
river. Well, wo got on the rafts with
our blankets. Just before turning in
Peto IHlveus said ho guessed ho'd cool
off by taking a swim. I knew tlio cur
rent would snatch lilm right under
but I didn't want to giro him any advico
and ho dived otl' tho raft. Tho under
tow caught and sent him out of sight
in about three seconds. As soon as wo
saw ho was drowned mo mid thu other
chap went for his effects. Wo found
$8 60 hi his pants pocket mid an old
watch. We took 'em up town and
soaked tlio clothes for $!) and bold tho
watch for $10. Thon wo wont around
town ou a sort of janiborco and spent
tho mouoy. About 5 o'clock in tlia
morning we wero drinking tho hut dol
lar with somo of the boys at tho liluc
corner, when, who should walk, m hut
Poio himself In au old suit of clothes
that ho had borrowed of n man threo
tulles down tho river. And hang mo If
ho didn't want his clothes, mid tho next
day lie was 'round dunning us for tho
paltry sum of $8.50. Tho gall of somo
mon's enough to paralyze tv Louisiana
An Earncut Apponl for Coinmntntton
or (lie Honteneo of tho Talbot Hoy.
Tlio following taken from tho St,
Joseph Herald is an earnest and olo'
nuont anneal In behalf of tho Talbolt
boys who aro peiitcncd to bo hanged
June 24, and which no doubt everyone
in this community mo well acquainted
with tlio facts. Wo do not ontertaln tlio
eenlimentnl Ideas expressed by a great
many in regard to capital punishment,
yet wo bellovo Governor Crittenden
would bo justlllcd and upheld by every
citizen in tills community In setting
aside tho extreme penalty lived by law,
the reasons for which aro clearly stated
in tlio nrticlo below:
"Tho mode and manner in which tho
two pons of tin Into Dr. Talbott aro to
bo executed on tlio 24th ot Juno seem
already to bo subjects of discussion, as
it pardon mid inorcy wero to bo denied
in advance, without rclicctloii or con
sideration. Tho sacrilU'o of human
lito under any circumstances demands
both. This blessed Sabbath moruing,
so soon to bo enlivened by tlio chimes
of tho numerous churches of Christ, is
our time for such i eduction and con
sideration. Tlio Christian people of this great
city after reading this morning's Herald
will repair to tho Lord's sacred temples
and hear rovorOned Hps repeat the
mighty words of Ood "Vengeance is
mine and I will repay" and those
other holy words In behall of trail
humanity "Thou shalt iovo thy nidgli
bor as thyself!' and then decide
whether two mero boyo one under 17
years of ago shall bo hanged by the
ueuk until they urn dead, without so
much as considering whether such a
Micrillco of human lilo is indispensa
bly necessary.
Aiuert t , aim unaries iv. raioou
havo been Indicted, Arraigned and
tried by a court and Jury of Nodaway
county for tho murder of their father.
Tho verdict of tho jury was ugaiust
them and tlio .sentence ot death has
followed as a matter of statutory law.
Till is tlio ordinary course in all cases.
Tho pardoning power mid tho power to
cnmmiito sentences ot dentil to im
prisonment in tlio penitentiary aro
vested In tlio Governor by tho organic
law of the State. Hois part of tho le
gal machinery of death in all cases of
tliis character and a God-llko power
over human lilo in his hands.
It is not our province to pass upon the
guilt or luiioeuiico of tho condemned
boy. That has been done bv a jury
of tholr countrymen. Hut it is our
pioviueo and our right and tlio right ot
ovury other citizen to rellcet and con
sidur if there aro not good reasons why
the-o death penalties should be com
mitted to imprisonment, at hard labor,
for tho natural lives ot' tho condemned.
Wo think there aro such reasons:
First. Tlio principle, witness of the
State, without whoso evidence a verdict
of guilty could not havo been rendered,
avowvd under uatli that ho was an ac
complice in tho crime. Human testi
mony, ut bct, is not infallible; tlio
oath of u confessed muidercr is a mock
ery. ticcoml. Tlio next most important
witness for tho Statu was n man who
had absolutely served a term In the
State's prison, and had "worked up"
ids evidence as a hired detective. Take
out of these cases tho ciidcuco ot a'
confessed murderer and a lelonious
detective and no uuu pretends that a
conviction could have been had.
Third. How improbable that the con
demned sons would havo killed their
own father in cold blood! That ancient
state that refused to make ii statute to
punish parricide did so on tho high
irroiiinl that such a crime could not bo
Fourth. In hundreds and thousands
of eases of conviction on circumstantial
totlmouy It lias been discovered, too
late, that tho innocent liavu been sac
rilieed on suspicion, and by means of
(also witnesses.
Fifth. If guilty of taking tho life of
their father, it seems evident that their
father knew it, und if so, ho willed
them to live. Ho closed his month
against them. Shall wo bo less charit
able thctn ho?
Sixth. The extreme youth of the con
demned boys should bo a strong plea
for commutation.
Seventh. Finally, ifthev aro truiltv In
tho fullest seuso of the term, why would
tlioy bo favored witli speedy and in
sjntitaucous deatli on tho scaffold? A
greater and mora appropriate punish
ment under tho law can bo Inflicted.
Let them, by commutation, for the
whole of their natural lives, in cloo
conllnement in felon cells, bo doomed
to live, to think itnd to labor.
Mr. lieeoher lias given his personal
approval to tlio revised edition of tiio
IJiblo. To know tiiat Mr. ,lteecher is
on their xldo will bo very gratifying lo
tlio families ot Arpluixad, Kind, Joktau,
Aliuodad, Ho.arniavoth, and other
srentleinan mentioned m tlio work,
many ot .vhoin are now dead.
The Michigan Senate lias passed a
bill making it a criino, punishable by a
lino of 1,000 and a year in jail, to pub
lisli accounts of minders, executions,
seductions, etc. Wo wonder if they
have any lunatic asylums in that
State. If not what a splended Held there
is hi tliatttatu fur about a dozen.
It Is said that tho Irish aro not doing
tholr planting tins Spring because of
tlio great uncertainty as to what will
lio dono in regard to tho tenures by
which they hold their farms Tin means
to buy seeds are not plenty with them,
and tlioy feel do courago or ambition
to do work which may amount to noth
ing. If tills is really so tiio result will be
a tcrriblo fiiiiiino,worcc than ever before
known even in that country of famines.
Tho arrest of Mr. Dillon will not tend
to cuuouaago confidence in tlio ultimate
nocessof tho Land Leaguer.
Woman's Wisdom.
Slio Insists that It is of more import-
unco that her family shall ho kopt In
full health than that she should have
all the fashionable dresses and styles of
tlio times. She therefore sees to it that
each member of hor family is supplied
with enough Hop Hitters, at tlio Hist
iippearanco of any symptoms of ill
health, to prevent a lit of sicklies?,
with lis attendant expense, care and
anxiety. All woniou should oxorohu
their wisdom m tills way. Kd.
VOO 3 ail 4 OU
Apple TidBS,
Standard sorts, grafted from bearing
irecs, raised at uomo, nrsi-cinss. Also
a few 5 year old Apple Trees. Also
3,000 or 4,000 Apple Trees, second
class, cheap. A splendid lot of
Evergreens and other Ornamental trees
GKO,.f. LUCKHAUDT, Prop'r.
Kansas Ciiy9Si. Joseph &
Railroad and Branches.
Direct Lino to
Kiiiihiin City,
Connecting nt Kansas City with all
Trains for
Pullman's Sleeping Cars and Magnifi
cent Dining Cars on Through Trains,
(Irn'l I'an ami 'llrkrt AkuiiI.
i I". HAltNAltl). Ceu'l MilnTlnti'lalent.
To Be or Not to Be.
llllions, depends on whethor you use
llrown's Vegetable Liver Tills or not.
They havo no equal fur preventing and
curing biliousness. Try them. For sale
byT. S.;Hlndo, King & Proud, Oregon;
Simpson & Mulr, Kd. Anibal, liigclow
West & Young, Forbes.
nnm mi
All aro respectfully invited to call
anil examjno my very complete stock if
and everything pertaining to a lift
class Harness Shop. I carry a full line
of Light Harness, Ladies', Gent's anil
Hoy's Saddles. The only shop in tlio
county that Manufactures J II STON K'jJ
Skirt Loop Harness. I use tho Host
Pittsburg Oak-Tanned Harness Leath
er and employ only Skilled Workmen,
All work warrantod and guarantee sat
isfaction in prices. Coma ono, t'onio
' To., nr..."
Koliuun' Acne, Wvcr nml Stomncjh
MVHIl and
nr.Kx t'ri.i mi.
IIolniRii'K Npiclal iMcl-AclnptOil to old
cln oiilc i. uses. 1'rlco $1.00.
Ilolniuu'n Splni'ii itcH-for stubborn
canm or Entarjiml ipWii nn'l
lliiyli'Iilllicr I.lvi-r and Stoioaeti
troiiMi-n. men $.5.00.
Holmnn'n Inruiit'N l'nd-Por allrooHtn ol
Infant) nud elilMreii. I'rlco $1.50.
Uolmun'a Heiiol I'nil-'or Kidney and
Bladder Comiili'Jita. I'rlco $2.00.
IIulniuii'H Utarluo Pud-For l'emalj
trniililt-8. I'rlco M.00.
JIuIiiian'B Abnorpllvo iH'odlrlnnl Itody
IMnMvr Tlie 1ohI plastur iukcIk
1'iirous n rulilwr liaala. I'rlcn 25c.
JIoliunu'N A'liaorptlvo ITIfdlrllial I'ool
IlnMcr Poritiinibfciit nmlHliifj.
Klli rlrcutot Iii. I'rlco per Julr 25c.
Aluorntloii Salt Medicated Yodl Hatha
1'tir Colds obstructions and
all canes wheru a foot lmth la
ni'filed. l'er linlf lb. jialtni;i.', 25c.
For sain lijr all dmnKlsts-orafiit ly tnr.U,
Soatiialtl. on rrctlit '( price. Tho Absorption
lit la not "innllablB " nud muit buacutby
Uxpri'Sit atpuri'liaaHr'H cxpunno.
Tho Hiit'ct-as of Iloliunn'a l'ndi hai In
plred lmMatwa vrttu oli'er l'ndi H-aillar In
I'ORit and oio(i to tlio Tni'K IIoum.v h. w.ylnr,
"They are thn aamf, fc." Uownie of all
Bones rad, only KOHeu up to sell on tlio repu
tation of thu i;enulnn,
Hho that each l'ad bcara the prpen phivath
nr.VK.NCE HTA1U' of tho HOltUAU l'ad fumpanj
Willi iilwvo TrBilo.Mailt.
If afflicted with chroifla ailments amid n con
flao doHcrlptlon of ayiiiploins, wlilcli will ro
cV'tve prumpt nud earttful attention.
Da Holman's advico la rreit, Fall troaUso
Bent free till pplleatlpn. Ai'dre,
(f. O. Box 2, lit) VJ William Street, Nok York.
IUmiTEN tlio safest
and host i no In install.
tmipoiiHly, producing
t ho wont nat nvil tihadu
of blaelt orbrmtMsdooi
I d ist nnnmo'1"' B'"i mo Hioiueiuo
RISTADOtt'J'oiynpplled. A jaivlt.rd
iprtspuration ravorua
upon e.vpry well il-
lOtntea toilet tor lauy
i ucntlenian. tiblu by
1 druuitlHta and ap
gem Ionian.
GUI by
plied by all liulr dreaders. 1. ClUITAnUftO,
f. . f w ' kj WUlliim BUcvt, Kcw York,
rt w
I 17 .if
The army worm has appeared in lllg
I'laine, row iwauriu county.
Wheat in Washington and Reynolds
county looks exceedingly well.
Tlio melon bug is destroying tho
vines near DicuLstatlt and Melon hwitcn.
A great many strangers aro In Webs
ter couuty'looklng for homes.
Army worms by tho million aro ln
vndlng Cnp Girardeau county.
Lewis county has a boy, James H.
Drown, 13 years of ago. and weighing
I'L'G pounds.
Tho ucrcago of cotton planted In Pem
iscot county is small because of tho
Ofeonfield Is to havo a new $0,000
hotel this year. Tho contract has also
been let for tho brick work of Ozark
college to bo built in the village.
Tiio colored missionary Dantlsts of
Moberly have purchased tho Old School
Presbyterian church, for which they
paid $l,:iS0.
Somo farmers in tlio southern part of
Halls county aro plowing up their wheat
because of tho ravages of the chinch
A. llovd. the ex-acentof the Farmers
and Mechanics' Mutual Aid Association
of Kansas City has been indicted lor
In Stoddard coutitv a contract has
been inado by which medicine
and medical attentien to tho j (Mi
ners of that county will be furnished ut
,i year.
H. D. Conn, four miles west of Now
London, felled a burr-oak tree which
he converted Into rails with the follow
ing results: First cut, 1(10; second,
loll; third, 112, ami fourth l'.'O all
good merchantable rails.
On Wednesday, tho '.'3d. the remains
of tlio lalo Judge James II. Hircli were
removed from tlio old cemetery to the
new one, and laid under the shadow of
tho licautitul monument erected bv hi"
children In f'luttsburg.
Him. .lAnnw Tlnfiltiiif iif .fi)iriu'fin Pttv
sent to lion. J. S. ltofiliiH it photograph
of Daniel llooue, taken from a portrait
painted by thu General's father, Ches
ter liarmng, in law. rue pnotograpn
Is designed to bo presented to the uni
versity lllllSOU 111 .
Ono ot tiio largest private donations
ever lnailo In this state lias just oeen
completed by Miss Itercnieo Morrison
of St. Louis, in tho payment of the do
nation of ioo,0( (i inailo uy lier some
timo since to Morrison observatory and
ITltclictt institute at Glasgow.
W. H. Harllow, Ksq., of Lincoln
county, sheared this suasou L'.'l sheep
11 lambs, 7 two year-olils anil 7 older
ones from wincli lie "rets ''lu minims ot
nice wool. Tlio sheep chcarcil wero all
half breeds that Is half Cotswold and
half common stock.
W. J. Drown, Morris township, Texas
county, recently killed a bird of a brown
and white color, which measured four
anil a half feet from tip of one wlni; to
the tip of the other, and. and two feet
from thu end of tho beak to the cud of
ilin tail. It was a vety peculiar looking
bird and was over tlireo tout in hoiglit.
Molllo Jones, a celebrated raeo mare,
known all over tho west, tho property
of James II. Prattler, of Maryvillo, was
struck py lightning ami instantly killed
last Saturday. Molllo in her day was
ono of tho fattest runners on record,
and lias won many a race. She, was
bought by Mr. Prathor for breeding
purposes, and oould not have been
bought tor $1,000.
Tuesday, tlio 21th, little Laura, the
four-year-old daughter of Mr. and .Mrs.
W. It. Miller, living at Lovu's station,
Piko county, while playing near tho
house was bitten In tho nnklu by a rat
tle snake. Tho child wus brought to
Howling Green as soon as possible, but
the necessM'V delav clansine- in settiliL'
tho poor child to where it could receive
medical attention, sravo the poison time
to do its fatal work, anil the child died
about ten o'clock that night.
D. !. C.
" It au ii1ii.o'iU.i i::d Irrodstlbto cure for I
SonniTiJjItrtmporanf nnO tb uc of OpNra,
Sfiui Co. colli owl rumiu.iuif, rrmoTji.if uijj
In.l. If n'l I lit .1 ff lil .r B'!V fif tl'frn. Mil.
Ttl.'i .jr.'utilltfttiHnir. I uiitf tiny ftio jkHci-is
Jir:sM' , ic -i'm.I ot Uto fwbwet of tUoia-1
4 It fi'V''s p r1 "( 1 moral
Jiff(uiutItun;.iiiii.t r it
t our ttn.jU, ..w ir utiu.
iinwiMiV 1 t.-' fVtni I rwMuniiit. II
up.'. Hi Ii ii ii. i. in... it I., if l i full III i. !
Hop UillcriMIg. Co.. r.id.Citcr.N.Y. Soli Agents!
lln ToieV Curp'1 -v nU pAln, looprni the,
. f . , .tt....v. iiik1i.4 t ritt. uiiil uurur
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ISllId 00V0IH
Mk. Conki.ino squares tho circle
1. I have resigned my feat In tho
Senate and nothing will indtico mo to'
take It again.
If I should lo rejected by acclama
tion, and Piatt too, It might be our du
ty to accept a "vindication."
!l. If I should bo re-clceted without
Piatt it might bu possible for mo to. re
sist tlio will of tlio people.
4. If I can get a barn majority of, a
caucus it will bo my duty to consider
tho matter,
fi. I shall bo too Iinppy to bo re elect
ed by tlio aid of Democratic votes.
6. It would bo better to re-elect mo
mid a Democrat than to havo u half
breed returned.
7. Itntlim- limit let nnvlmdv else tnko
my place, I would havo tho election
postpoaud until next winter.
i) Tlio grapes hang exceedingly
high, and It is my private opinion thoy
aro sour.
9. They aro sour, and I return to my
original position, from which I havo
never departed, and I will not accept a
re-election under any eireumstiuteol.
l on near me i
D. It. V. G. Cured nio of Dyspepsia
nnd Urinal dllllculty. No one should
bu without it.
Truly, A. A. Howlott,
President Salt Spslnirs National Hank,
Syracuse, N. Y. Guaranteed by ail
Appreciating tlio fact that largo pat
ronage awaits tho linn prepared r
.supplying the- varied needs nnd domains
of those contemplating building, we
havo determined to keep up tlio Larg
est assortment of Pino Lumber, nud all
classes of llulhler-s Materials, thereby
dealing fairly nud generously with tho
people, and steadily working toward
thu attainment ol tlio end that all who
come may be served and satisfied.
Come and see what wo can do,
Come and ceo what wo arc doing,
Come and bee what wo intend to do
and judgo for yottr.-olves whether our
advantage!, are equalled by tiny other
firm in Holt county.
OltlXiON, MO.
Are daily vecelving their
Have opened in Colored and illaek
Itrocaded ami LMaia
1:1 ib
New Dress Plaids.
An K legal it
Line of Trimmings,
Such as
Cords and Kails, in all Shades.
in Lovely Designs.
In our new location wn have doubln
thu room and light, and our stock will
bo found much larger.
S. W. Cor. 4th & Felix Sts-,
TlirtK raiiiinis Iiittril
mollis now eU'Crit
la iiiitntier, tliofactt'iy liav
liiu in'i'ii;ia MiiTi'ssfni (iicr
atliui an ji'ius. 'l'hn OruaiH
Most Tasteful in Form,
Out Lasts all Others.
A isu'iitviirlfly of MU's botli Inr imlillo and
lirlvatii use, CatalfKUi's M'lit lire to any ad
dress mi appllcaHtm. Alsti a
unsurpassed laTtmo anil WorKiiiaii.slilp.
Aildri'SH tliu t'tuiipaiiy flllii'r at llintim. Slum,
Kans:is t'lty, Mn. or Atlanta (la.
Evcry-Day Cyclopedia
I'or tint Farmer, Sli'iliauti'. Iluslaiss .Man nml
lliiiiteUi'i'itci'h.tA iiiliio of valiialilu liiforiiiatlmi.
All iiull-ipi'imtulu book. No lious'clioltl idiould
Im wltlimit It.
AffGiiis fan oil a.,ri;r wMSt
ririiailn. Ktaiil In yoirr applli'atlniii for ti'rrmi-
rynt oncu. Aiinrt'ss
1210 atltl '.'111 I'll io fitiet't, St. J.tiuls, Slo,
Is a plant nativo to llio Slcra. It
euros I It cures 1 1 Only fi conts.
Try It af Klug l'roud,g, Ohiot Frsueu
& Co,.l orest CJty,

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