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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, June 24, 1881, Image 3

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Over the chimney the tight wind tang
And the chanted melody no one knew
And the woman stopped as her bake ahe
And thought of the one ahe had long alnce
And said, aa her teardrops back ahe forced,
"I hate the wind In tho chimney."
Over the chimney tho night wind Bang
And chanted a melody no one knew;
And the children aald, as they cloicr drew,
"Tlsaomewltchthatla cleaving the black
night through
'Its a f airy that jnst then blew,
And we fear the wind In the chimney.'
Over the chimney tho night wind aang
And chanted a melody no one knew;
And the man, aa he eat on hla hearth below,
Bald to htmielf, It will surely anow,
And fuel la dear and wogca low
And I'll stop the leak In the chimney."
Over the chimney tho night wind sang
And chanted a melody no one knew ;
Bat tho poet listened and smiled, for he
Waa man and woman and child all three,
And he said, "It Is God's own harmony,
The wind that sings In the chimney."
'Dear mother, it is tho best thing af
ter all, that could havo happened! it is
so much bettor than anything 1 dared
to bono for. Because it 1 had not
fallon and sprained my ankle, I would
not havo lost my plnco in tho store, and
II it hadn't been for losing my placo
tbero, I would novor havo gone all over
tho city hunting another situation, auu
if I had not been to so many places,
and if starvation had not stared us in
tho faco, I would novcr havo done so
desporoto a thing, and wo would still bo
trying to keop soul and body togotnor
on tho poor-paid, health-destroying la
bora poor saleswoman's wages."
"Toll mo all about it, dear." And
Mrs. Smith dropped her thin, tired
hands on tho work over which sho had
bonr woarlly all day.
"First let mo put this endless sowing
away, mother. Thcso poor, dear hands
may rest a llttlo now, for I am going to
cot ten dollars a week, and will only
bo away from you four or flvo hours
each day. I shall have tlmo for over so
much sowing besides, and you can just
rest nnd erow stronz oneo more. I ro
coivod my first week's wages in advance.
Seo hero ' and sho cut tho cord that
bound a largo bundlo, and out on the
table rolled several smaller parcols. "I
brought tho monoy homo in a Bhapo wo
could apprec'ato best; at least all thoro
was loft after paying tho bakor. Now,
mother dear I am going to bo extrava
gant and make an extra good cup of
"But, Ncllio, child, you haven't told
"I know, mother," broko in tho
blitho volco, "but, you seo I havn't lor
eotten that it is nearly noon, and wo
have had no brcaklast yot. Thero now
glving tho firo a vigorous poko that
sot tho tea to stooping. "You seo
mnihnr. I was lust dlscournfred; I had
been to every store, millinery and dress
maklnc establishment I know of, and
rnroived tho same answor: 'No moro
help needed,' to all my inquiries, and,
as I said, I was desperate, dust as
turned tho cornor of Blonkor stroot, I
saw a man being helped out of his car
riaco; such a splendid carrlago, mother.
Hn was not a vcrv old man, but lookod
as though ho was almost gone with con
sumption. I wont struight up to him,
hardlv realizing what I was doing, and
asked him if ho know where I could got
iTnnlfmont of somo kind. At first ho
looked angry, ns though ho thought my
impudeneo unoearablo, and when ho
saw my faco ho stood still and lookod
at mo as though ho naa seen a gnosu
After a moment ho said: -
"Ics, I will ongago you to como to
my houso ovory day at ten o'clock and
or write for mo, as X uesiro, uu tnroe,
will pay you ten dollars a week for your
"Then ho handed mo his card, on
which I read, Hon. 0. Howitt,-No. 43
Leonard streot, and I romombor that
ono of tho girls had oneo pointed out
his beaulltul residcnco.to me."
"If tho situation and terms aro satis
'factory, you will ploaso accept ono
week's wages in advanco, and como to
morrow at ton."
"Ana ho laid out tho monoy, which I
was only too glad to take,"
"Woro you not a llttlo hasty, daugh
torP" aslcod tho mother, anxiously,
"You know nothing of this maa."
"I know this, mothor, wo were starv
ing, and that monoy was our only sal
vation: besldos It all ocourrcu
quickly that I hardly roallzod what had
happened. Somehow it scorned as
though somo overruling proylilonco was
nuldlnir mo In splto ot mysoii."
God grant it may bo so," said her
And now, whlloNollie nnd hor mothor
aro oniovlner tholr dinner, lot us cast
hasty glanco into Mrs. Smith's 'post
life. Her parents having died when sh,o
was young, hor childhood and girlhood
were jftsjed in tho dreary monotony of
her afht's home: a flomo which was
iwMrrlv oflereiUhor: whero food
.clothngIUnd9auQi'.?(on wero doalt out
ito hor, but whoro novor a word or look
.of loyo was bcOtowed upon hor.
What wondor that, whon Claudo
Smith, ono ot hor aunt's summer board
ors. beoamo intorestod in tho girl'
prolty faco, and chy, sweet ways, and
told her tho old, old story, ho? yearling
heart responded vttih a passionalo loyof
Hor auut, being only too glad to liayo
tho girl's support fall ou other shoul
dors, consented to the union, nnd ono
ovcnlng thoro was n quiet wedding at
tho llttlo cottage
Thon followod woeks of happiness tor
the young girl whobo life bad beon so
lonely, until one evening her husband
camo to her with a troubled look, and
told hor that his only rolativo, an undo
in England, was very sick, and had sent
for him to oomo inimodhitoly, and Ink
ing his young wlfo in his arms, ho
soothed her with fond words, saying:
"I daro not take you with mo, dar
ling. Undo Goorgo was vory angry
whon my mothor marrlo l an American
with such a plobian nnmo. 01 nil low
names, Smith, ho claims, stands at tho
very bottom. Undo Oaorgo novor for
gavo mothor; but when both my parents
died, loavlng mo alono, ho Appointed
n guardian lor mo, and kept mo well
supplied with iunds, and now that ho
is dying, I must go to him; but I will
roturn as soon as posslblo to my llttlo
And so ho loft her with plenty of
monoy, but with an aching heart, and
sho had novor Boon him sinco.
Troubles had seemed to multiply
alter that. A contagious dlsonso broke
out in their town, and carried off wholo
families. Hor nunt fell a victim, but
sho cscapod nnd camo to tho city, hop
ing to find omploymont by which to
support hcrsolf. Sho had a small sum
ol monoy loft, with which sho purchas
ed a llttlo cottago, and lioro Ncllio was
Tho roses bloomed oneo moro in Nol
lio's chcoks, nnd hor step grew light ns
tho weeks advanced. Sho liked hor o
ploymcnt, nnd abovo all, sho liked her
employer. Many substantial ovidono s
of his kindness lmd found their way to
tho little cottago, and many nn oxlrn
dollnr had found its way to Nclllo's
As his faco grow thinner and his stop
slower, ho seemed to turn to tho young
girl lor sympathy, and tho sound of hor
sweet voice, or tho touch of her cool
hand, had power to sootho him to rest
when all olso had failed. Ho often
watched hor as sho moved about tho
room, in hor bright cheerful way, with
n strango wistful look in his fading oyos.
Ono morning as sho took hor seat by
his couch, ho laid his thin, transparent
hand on her own, saying, ns hn did so
"Ifcolthat I havo but n low moro
hours of life, nnd I wish to talk with
you," and ho smiled nlmost sadly ns ho
met hor startled glauco.
"Yes," ho continued, slowly, "I shall
soon bo gone, and thoro will bo no ono
to truly mourn for me, unless, it bo tho
llttlo girl I havo taken such au unac
countable Interest in. You will miss
mo, Ncllio?"
For answor sho bowod hor head upon
her clasped hands, and wept.
Ho waited n fow momonts, then tak
ing ono llttlo palm in his hands and
caressing it tenderly ko said:
"No doubt that you havo often won
dered that I, a perfect stranger, should
havo civen you employment without
mostion or reference I can hardly
toll why I did so myself. Porhaps it
was a look on mat pitiful young laco so
liko n dear fnco I used to love I have
carried tho memory of that faco nil
through life. I had only boon married
a low weeks whon I was summoned to
England, and whon I returned 1 found
tho houso whero 1 had loft my dear ono
deserted, but was told that sho wa
My undo, at his death, loft mo his
proporty, providing I would take lus
namo. but oht it has beon a lone;, sad
life, without my darling.
I havo taken n strango intorest in
you, child and my heart seoms to cling
to you in my last hours. I havo taken
caro of your futuro, my doar, and thoro
is noithor wlfo nor child, brother or sis
ter, to question tho right of tho will
that I havo mado in your behalf, bonio
how, over sinco I havo carried out my
intentions respecting you, I fool so
peacoful; ns though thoro was nothing
lclt undone, nnd 1 am ready to go."
Ho was interrupted by n lit of cough
Ing which lasted so long that Ncllio was
frightened. After sho had laid him
back on his pillow, sho saw his hps
movo, but tho words woro so low that
sho had to bond over him to hoar thorn
"Whon I am gone, Nellio, open this
llttlo obony casket. Insldo you will ilnd
my wife's picture You may look at it,
but I want it buried with mo."
Ho lay back on his pillow and closed
his oyos, wearily. A strango calm stole
over his, features, and an toy chill cropt
into tho hands clasping hers a chill
that sent a thrill of horror to her heart.
Sho bent over him and spoko hl-Jimmo
oh! so tenderly but ho heard not tho
young voice. Ho had passed forovor
boyond its reach.
Tho noxt day, as ho lay in his coffin
Nullio oponcd tho casket and totc out
tho plcluro ho had treasured. Going
to tho window, sho opened tbo civ'Vj and
looked upon the sweot, girlish Vfaco
smiling up at hor. Ono moment, Ken
a quick, gusplng cry escapoil nor ins
and sbo toll Into tbo arms ot an attclHl
ant. Tho faco ol her friend's lost vfl
was tho faco of her own mothor. J
"It had taken him somo llttloimo to
bring his tonguo in full accord with lj
mind, but ho finally stammered otS
"Will you will you wander down 11 fo
path your nana in mmo, wniio tbo goiU
doss ot lovo slugs slrun songs to us? 0)M
will you, bo my own, my aflgolP'
"Well, woll, wouldn't Hook woll as an
angel? Soo hore. If you want mo to
marry you, to make lifo happy and homo
Lploasant for you, to koop tho houso
' 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 I .1. .. 1.1
suoKeuup mcu, 10 uuuu. juu tuiuuuuiu
meals, to prosldo at your tablo and at
tho piano with equal ability, to caro for
tho children and bring tboro up bright
and smart, and to help you raako tho
most of yourself in this world, I'll JIno
hands with you," "That's just tho
practical sort of an nngol I thoughtyou
was, Mine'
General wo iknesi and nuiyous doblll
ty cured by Day's Kidney Pad,
How a Mine is Worked.
"I wish you would toll mo nil nbout
tho way mon got gold and sllvor out ol
n mine, my doar," said a lady in Brook
lyn tho other ovonlng to hor husband,
as ho pcoled of his coat and sat down in
threo chairs for tho ovoning. "I always
thought thoy first bored in to tho ground
with a payrtroak until thoy found tho
shaft, and thon thoy drifted for tho as
sessment, and whou thoy found that
thoy just put a blast in tho indications
nnd salted tho dump. Now it scorns
that yon don't do that way. You follow
up tho minacious slato until you strike
tho biaslold. Thon you seo if you can
find n color that matches tho coppor-
stained trllobftes, that you prospeot,
and you"
"No, I must stop you thoro. You
nro gotting a llttlo off tho voln. You
probably havo tho right idoa, but you
aro using terms that aro not correct.
After thoy got tho wall rook on tho
dump and pinch out tho night shift, thoy
salt tho contract nnd blast out tho ver
tical chilblain. Thon thoy drllt for
tho blossom rook, baled hay nnd pover
ty till thoy striko tho varlcoso vein.
After that it is a short job to put on tho
bias-fold and samplo tho stockholders.
Whero bltumlnus duplex bisects tho
brocadod porphyry nnd scallops tho
goguo with cross-eyed shlrrlngs nnd bi
carbonato of billons colio interlaced
with moiro nntiquo wnds of frco-coppcr
and freo-mllllng erysipelas. This Is not
always tho case, however, for Indirectly
orlnvorsoly, perhaps moro, or some
thing 'ess, ns tho casa niay bo, nnd still
wo m'ght or might not, according to
whothor wo did or not, but nlso bosldes,
If not nlwnys, ns nlroady described,
perhaps, yet I wouln't lio positive
nbout anything which might bo doubt
ful." Then ho laughed a cold, hard laugh,
and wont to bed. If thousands would
only oxplaln thcso things to their wives,
how mudi ploasantor our homes would
Judge Hopper.
There used to bo in Queen Anno's
County, Maryland, In tho days of Judge
flnnnnr nf MinrlQlinfl mp.Tnnl-l- nn nil?
, , , , .-. . ,
offender, who30 namo is lorgottcn, but
who, for tho purposo of this story, shall
ba called Kildco. This person was,
court after court, brought boloro Jtulgo
Hopper, charged with fighting somo-
body or breaking tho pcaco in somo
way. Tho Jtulgo fined him until ho got
tlrod and finally told ICildoo that if ho
was over brought beforo him again ho
would send him to Jail. Kildeo assured
tho judgo that ho would bo poaccabloin
tho luturo. But when tho next term
camo Kildco was thcro charged with as
sault nnd battery. Jiulgo Hopper,
vexed and indignant, remindod Kildec
of his charge only six months before,
and asked him what palliation ho could
show for breaking a promise mado In
opon court. "Yes, Judgo," said Kil
dec," "I rcmombor it all, and I expect
to go to Jail. You must keep your
word. I didn't intond to go back on
you, Judgo, but tho way of it was this:
This man, whom I whipped, hoard mo
promiso you that I wouldn't light any
moro; and so, ono day ho mot mo nnil
abused me, and cussed mo, nnd called
mo ovoryfhlng ho could lay his tonguo
to. I stood it ail, Judgo, for I remem
bor what you told mo nnd what I told.
vou. and I said to him ho wouldn't
abuso mo in that way if I hadn't prom
ised Judge Hoppor not to fight tiny
moro. Ho thon commonccd to cuss and
abused you, Judge, and I couldn't stand
that. I lit on him and licked him quick
er than lightning. I am willing to go
to Jail, Judgo, but If I havo to spend
half of mv tlmo thore, no man shall
cuss Judgo Hoppor when I'm around,
and co off with it." Kildee's sontenco
was a vory short one
Whon about twelvo vears old said
fVi.Ff. W.rtin ffnfl.l ArnMnQll
Mr. Guisman, of tho Globo Chop Houso
to our roDresentrttive I met with an ac
cl ient with a horso, by which my skull
was fracturou. and ever since i nave
suffered with tho most exoruoiating
rheumat o na ns. Of lato I applied bt
Jacobs Oil whloh has givon mo almost
total rcliot.
An Aged Tree.
For tho last tbrco thousand yoars, it
is said, thero has stood in tho immedi
ate neighborhood of Sparta a gigantic
ovnrcss, tho very samo treo which of
old found mention in tho pagos of PuU'
sanias and other antiquo Greok histori
ans. It roared its statoly head to a
height of ono hundrod and sixty foot
abovo tho ground, nnd its daric foliago
overshadowed a spaco nearly threo hurt
dred foot in circumference It was a
sourco of profit, as woll as of prido,
to nil iho inhabitants ol Sparta, for it?
world-wide . futno nunually attracted
hundreds ot'ourious tourists from all
parts of Europo, whoso temporary so
journ in Its vlolnity brought no small
amount of grist to tho Spartan mill
Oaly n short tlmo ago this vonorablo
sylvan patriarch was ignited by a band
of gypsies whllo cooking their midday
meal under tho shauo of its loafy bran
ohes, and burned to tho ground dospite
strenuous efforts mado to savo it from
annihilation. It would appoar that
grlevious neoldont is rogardod by tho
Grook populaeo as of ovll omen to th
onterpriso in whioh tho Holloulo nation
Is just now embarked.
PmtTrurnnflmninerellLl. ' .
Charles Nelson, Esq., Proprietor Nol
son House spending to us rcomiuy
observed: I suffered so much with
Rhoumatlsm that my arm withered, and
physicians could not Help mo. l was
in despair ot my lire, when somo ono
advlsod mo to try St. JncoUi Oil. I did
so, and as II by mn;ie, I was Instantly
ro ioved, and, by tho continued uso of
tho OU ontiroly cured. I thank lioaven
for having usod this wondorful reiucdy,
for it saved piy life. It also cured my
Tlio Friend of Dellcnte I-nUcn
Is Warnet'a Bfn K'rtnrv and Mver Cure.
Pupil 1 thought of writing that in,
but I feared it wouldn't bo DouUoh to
tho subject. Prolossor Feared it
wouldn't bo what? Pupil Deutsoh to
tho subject, sir. Prolossor You mean
gormano to tho subject, don't youP Pu
pil Yes, sir, that's what 1 mean; but
I thought you'd profer tho synonym.
brom the, Hub.
notion Globe. ...
lneru Is perhaps no tonic olTered to the peo
plo that possess as much real Intrinsic value
as the Hop Bitters. Just at this season of
the year, when tho stomach needs an appetiz
er, or the blood needs purifying, tho cheapest
and best remedy Is Hop Hitters. An ounco ot
(reventlon Is worth a pound of cure; don't
wait until you are prostrated bv a disease that
may take months for von to recover In.
Pineapple Jam. l'tml, grnto nnd
weigh tho npplo. Put pound to pouud
of pinoapplo and sugar. Boll it in n
preserving kottlo thirty or forty min
utes. Life Insurance.
Hon. W. V. Lucas, Auditor of State
of Iowa, in tho 12th Annual Hoport,
Insurance Department year 1881, says:
"Tho valuo of Lifo Insurance is recog
nized by all classes and professions ol
people Tho avidity with which people
seek lifo insurance in cheap companies
Is proof enough of tho proposition.
All kinds of organizations havo assumed
to furnish insurance upon human life
As n rule nil now systems and plnns
should lio critically examined before
monoy is paid to zealous agents and
unscrupulous managers.
Perhaps no business furnishes more
loop-holes through which rogues escape
tho penalty for swindling than docs tho
business of lifo insurance. In saying this
I do notmonntobo understood assaying
that all plans of that business aro open
to tho charge Tho Companies that
havo been long engaged in tho business,
upon strictly business principles, havo
won tho confidence ol tho public.
When tho laws of Iowa regulating life
insurance nro fnithfully compiled with
in lettor nnd spirit, thcro cnu bo no sort
of doubt ns to tho security of policy
Tho Ccntenninl Mutual IMo Associa
tion lins complied with tho law of Iown
in lotter nnd spirit, and oilers to persons
whoso prudenco suggests tho necessity
of providing for their families, tho
safest and also tho cheapest modo of
lolng so. For information, or agency
in unoccupied territory, apnly to
C. J. Weatiikkby, Gcn'l Agt.,
M. C. Calnan, Sup't Agencies.
Buiiunoton, Iowa.
We know a man so cross-eyed that lio
put his hand into another man's pocket
and abstracted thorofrom a watch. He
wanted to learn tho time Tho judgo
told him It would bo threo yoars.
I.inlit-H Attention.
Wo want Intelligent. enercetlcLadv Acents
to sell ts women onlt, sn article of really hy-
clenlc merit, f or luuicumrs ami nnerai
terms, address WAONEK & CO., C'blcogo, III.
Mrs. Bombaz no. who encincors a
Galveston liashcry, can bo very sarcas
tie Ono of her boardors always comes
into and cats liko ho had a power of at-
tornoy to ont for scvoral of his friends.
Yostorday sho said to him: "Young
man, you como at ono nnd oat for
twelve Now, couldn't you arrange it
to come at twelvo and cat for one?"
l.ir Cml-l.lvcr Oil iv.aito from etortol Ilvor,
nn tht I'B-tliorr, liy Cawh. Hazard & Lo , Jo
York. Itlsabiuluttlrpureandtwjyt. rat'enwyrlio
havo dic.dcd It um.r.or to aoy ct tbo otlicr OIU In
First lady Abovo all modern novol-
Ists Indmiro Georgo Eliot. Do you like
himP Second lady Do I liko htm? I
think ho's just grand, massivo, suporbj
First lady So do I. And which of his
novels Is your favoritoP Second lady
(reflecting) -Woll, I think I profer
'Danlol Veranda."
'Ttouirlt ltivtK."
Tho tlili-s dclrcil fuind at last. Auk OrusKltW for
nouuhnn Huts. It clrari out ran, mice, roaencs,
The newly-arrived chambermaid,
having observed hor mistress going out
for tho evening wearing a pair ot twelve
button gloves, confidentially romarkod
to tho cook, "It bates all. Suro I nlvor
expected to soo a lady wld shtocklns on
hor nrruras."
Nithiuy Mon.
Wells' rtf all'' nmowcr.-AtiSOlute tut for nervous
debility and Weakness of tlio. (jenrratlve funcitor.1.
t at uW'Klsa. Mitchell, llartlctl CraLe, Dis
MOio.es, iown. -
A medical sportsman: At dinnor tho
host introduced to the favorablo notice
of tho company a splendid truflljd
pheasant. "Isn't It a bcautyP" ho
said. Dr. So-and-So gavo It to mo
killed it himself." "Ah, what was ho
treating it lor?" asked ono of tho
guosts. .
ot W K RIM, In this lue. Mr. U Is one ot
tho larcest Dry Goods Dealers in the west,
and Is an honorable, courteous gentleman with
whom It Is pleasant to urn.
"And did your lato husband dlo In tho
linno of a blessed Immortality, Sister
WtacinsP" inquired tho now minister,
who was making his llrst call on a lair
widow of hij consrrosatlon. "Uloss
you I no," was tho mournful rosponso
"Ho died in Chioago."
For nuts, hlifn "4 ' 'Himla salve
Ilo. Yu I) alu uka oa l i uui u i J net one way,
anil nn more, tiv whlcli vou can ha euro J use
n.nnrtTTjn. n ifpn.tnr'Ki-il nxtr&ct of netrole-
ura. it will positively produce new hair;
thero la no suh3tltuto for this marvelous pc
troleum hair renews
Tim titffhnst Inrurema ami uuus of tho race
rest on tho purity, health, and strcntrth of
womanhood. Wo tako ploiBiira In referring
mm readers to tho reinarkahlo efllcaoy of
i.tiita E. I'iniciiam's VcoETanLts Coiti-ousn
In alitbatclasiof diseases from which women
sutler so inucn.
t.ium Tvamiitn for a few (limes. Tllf! nrlce
of Hale's Honey of HoitcnouND and Taii
Is ftO cents, or II a bottle; and ono bottlo will
euro a cnuzu tnat iTiimituiurrwieu )ruvuiatai.
Vlko's Tootha"hw T)rnn euro In ono minute
ToriittmiiuKr Hcm.
Kldtiey-Wort Is an unfailing remedy for
that tormenting nlneaio plies. It moves tne
bowels ircntW and freely, and thus removes
the cause. Do n'.t fall to try It lilthtully
either In dry or lln'il1 To'm . ,
AM respectai'iii dealers sell Frazer axle
grease because It Is the genuine and gives per
fect eausiaccion,
PraspcrouN and l'oisttlnr.
Foremost among our Iown Institu
tions for success nnd prosperity may bo
mentioned tho Stnto Ins. Co. of Dcs
Moines. Tho liberality nnd promptness
with which Jt pays losses has mado it
very jiopular nmonglowa people Tho
premium receipts of tho Company for
tho month oi May, 1881, exceed thoso
'of May, 1880, about ono hundrod per
cent. Tho Iowa State Itegulcr of Sun
day, Juno tho 6th, says:
Wo arc In favor of solid Insurance compa
nies and companies that aro strong and soil),
and public-spirited, and far-atghted enough to
build thcmielves business homes.
It was a fine piece ot sagacity on tho part
Ot tho State Ins. Co. to do what It tlhl in the
trttUvn of a mattht, impoilnu Willing.
It Is a guarantee of tne suilUltyot the Com
pany, a substantial witness of Its prosperity
and the most profitable sort ot an Investment
fnra pat t of Us surplus.
Bomo Insurance companies never talk very
long befurehnnd about erecting It jc building;,
anifyut go at It without ptradc and do It.
Others talk about It lor years, and never do
It. We like tho tlrst sort Iwst.
ItlNCIJi;! T'YtO.U aa..6.TII.
William J. Coughlln, of eomcrvtile, Mass.,
sa)s: In the fall of 1870 I was taken with
bleeding of tho lungs, followed by a severe
cough. I lost my appetite and flesh, and was
confined to my bed. Iu 1ST7 I was admitted
to the hospital. The doctors said I had a hole
n my lung as big as half a dollar. At one
tlmo a report went around that I was dead.
I caro up hope, but a friend told mo of lilt.
got n bottle, when, to my b&rprlse, I com
menced to feel hotter, and to-day I feel better
than for three years past. I write this hoping
I'Tcry o'jf r.lllicteil with diseased lungs will
tako I'll Wh.mam Mai.i.'s Hai.sam, and be
convinced tliat oo.tsUMfTioN can nr. Cunen.
I can positively nay It has done more good
than all the other medicines I have taken since
my sickness.
Duo of tin; unulty lug ri'iiturrs of Ilia tlmos
Is that nil ii;;!it-mludi'ri physicians Kindly
usi. w.i :iu auxiliary, tint absorptive trt'nl
luetit the Hui.max 1'ad Co.'h remedies.
Correetyour tiaults ol criuwu t walking by
using toon's Patent. Heel BtllTcnprs.
A I'nrmcr'N Opinion.
A Michigan farmer writes that ho was
completely cured of a very bad oaso of
IHles by ono box Bucklcn's Arnica Salve
Nothing on earth is so suro a cure Sold
by all druggists at 26 cts
It Cannot nn Dknikd that I'r.imr Davis
l'AlN-KiLi.t:!!, which has held thotlrstplucuas
a family medicine tor the past forty-one years,
has relieved more sutlcrlag, externally and In
ternally, than any other similar preparation.
It should bo ki-nt. In i-vorv 1ioiip1io1i1.
Noyc Hroa,
ores liroa. A lutlur, uruuutst;, onlcrc.l or
a UMCKloru, proprietor ot lie. nniiunye
remedies, live market baskets full of Dr. Hal-
llday's lllood I'urlller, all In one (lav, last
week. Howls that for sales! Dr. Ilalltday's
medicines are fast getting away with all other
remedtci In Minnesota, and don't you forget
It. Forsnle hvall western drnwIsM.
Will Duplicate CUIcago anU New York: Trlccr.
lrles Si-nton ArpUcatton.
our new book: 1 uie Coin.
hmDawni or Lijhlontht
.-nt V.AUVI.. tiend 101
iMVnnri nd HddKM of 8 or moie Uook A(J"t k.nd
10 cmts an dgct Ttio I'i onlo's Maaazlncfrca moiiiiii,
V. W ZU'ttUT i;o.f 1BII p.. auuiii. p...
Thnt Acts lit iIiokiiiiiu tlmo on
llteaim u i allow thin gnat organi to I
Iticouu cloagidor toriM, (ma jmionomt
Ihumortart thtrtfon foictd Into tin mooui
1 that tiiouldle txpentti nmurauy.
ipir.r.H. constipation, bhisaki l.
DIBEAHUS, t'l.M AM". WUAKN 1-sot.o,
ltautngfr action of thai erff(iii,ecll
Wlir suffer Illllons lislus ami ndicsl.
I Win tormented nlth Piles, Cotiillpattonl I
J Wlir frlffMciiecl orer disordered Kidney) r
Wlir endure uerou or sick jieauaamsi
I Un KII)NEV.WOItTandrol InhialthA
It li rut up In Ilrr VtieUMe Form, mtlnl
I caus oiwrvttkaga of viulcli manes six quans 01
I medlclno. Also In Liquid Farm, Terjr wnsj-
I imted. tor ino.0 mm tuiw .vw.u ,..,.
I i w-ILacts with coual efficiency In either form. I
' - ... ....ininii imsri A lrx
KIX6. 1UCIUKDS0X A. Co., I'rop'i,
Distempers, Coughs, Colds, Fevers and
most of the dlieases which Horses, Cattle,
Sheep, Hogs and Poultry are subject to are
readily overcome and cured by using Uncle
Barn's Condition Powder according to the
plain directions. Bold by all Druggists.
Uncle Barn's Harness Oil Oils and closes the
pores of leather, effectually preventing the
entrance of dampness, dust, tic., and render
ing the harness soft, and pliable, while at the
same tlmo Increasing Us durability.
Thero Is no earthly boon more precious than
good health, and It behooves Its possessor to
endeavor to retain It. It you aro assailed
with such provoking Ills as sick headaches,
torpid liver, sour stomach and general feel
ing of weariness and disgust, don't go and
commit sulcldo but tako Ellcrt's Daylight
Liver Pills anil be cured.
Mother will lino ur. mnciiell's Teething
Syrup Just tho medicine to have In tho house
for the children, It will euro colds, coughs,
eora throat and regulate the bowels, try It.
Hhcumatlsm, neuralgia, sprains and bruises
will tic relieved by Uncle Sam's Nerve and
Bono Liniment, sofd by all druggists.
Disease and Death, when they reach our own
households, aro too serious for Jesting, we
use our best endeavors to drive off, the dread
messengers, and ate only happy whso we feel
that they are at ft distance. At tho "st ap
proach ot that fell destroyer, Consum, Ion,
in the shape of a cough or slight cold as well
as more stverc llronchlal or Catarrhal Com
plaints, we should at once use Ellcrt's Extract
ot Tar and Wild Cherry. It has no superior
In such caics. Every bottle warranted to give
atufnitinn. Bolil hv all drtlgirlst.
Neuraaia, Sciatica. Lumbaqo,
Backache, Soreness of tho Chcsi,
Gout, Quinsy, Soro Throat, Swell'
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Hoadacho, Frostod
Foot nnd Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Tiernratlon on farth equals St. Jakh On
as a mtfr, nitre, ntmiile and rirn;i Kstrrual
Kimcdy A trial entails tut tlio cotnri"tl"1y
trllUiiR outlay if 50 Cents, and eteryono snlUrlns
vlth i'ulu can linTo cheap and Itlltlvo (roof ol lit
Mrectloti, In Eleven Languages.
llnlttmtirr, V. 8. A.
la not it Ibrntor nor nn Anrnn llnc!iliif
In w.inderiullf eliuplo and admirably i i iftxt Ul 119
thrcshluif and Pfimratluir iiuUlllc. Mivt'H nil
lliesralii. nnd clcitim It rciidy lcir ninrlii t.
Ituna easily, la constructed duralily, la Uiilnucd
bcautlfuUy.U tho mopt economical, Uott cxpon.
Elvo,and mot miiNrartnry initrliliio In Iho
market. V'Ul haudlu f. -rolu a veil as dry.
lias no equal tu throhlnif fla x cud tlmrtuy, thn rli.
tntf and cleaning both aa v i-U and nearly an rarldly
aa wheat, and nMiilrei v t t ,'nt"' 'c 1 1 'ho r fc t a.
ita more tiiuttr t ttf r all 'ff
fa4 win ant! v !ir . m.i, .... : . aini no. si
'erumiM. I Unli over, and uniltrl.lai.t. .Out
am'AKATOK.S of tho various tlica id fat
itlrtrti tl'.lrut.tr, iMf , M itorK rup.aiyanu wen.
The Klwunl, Tho I'Iiim, and ,
ThoA uodliir IlorBP-I'iKvm,
lis made by us, aro not euij'aaud by
nv In tin. tn.irLr.r. '
ii.tt.Vk ortiurte.iytir.r.aa (ICfirou.
It very economical In fiu l. In cj lludcr 1, ;x I:
Wa also tualco tho Ntllltvtilt'r o. end
d tha
nilniiCHoliL l.lnitt I'nrni Kimlilt-ft each
lUKrciuni nuoH. au'i imn tr utininiK i iniw,uini.
brcoal. AllnctfO llutniicsaro mude and flnhhed
in thou
laino'tiitrf'irt miimirr, cud Trnctlcm Attneli
ntM can tu t unilbho I with any of thum It do.
d. ii'ftir I'titt.LM und Circular; advuxas
Manufnntureri. Btlllwntr. Minn.
t(WU, It atlUsOfOf
foStrpfiiln, niii if Mi
Ml muwiiti. H!ilh?UJfiirol
14V It'll 1Mb. C. U-t 11
iemtlemkhi lwaasutlerUii
densometoms. ATacatlonot
Increased prostration and slnsi
allzod almost Immediate ana
worn, I -now nol vrnai. 1 aim is
Tho Iron Tonioi 11
t .an llttrh. 11 if JV10-
cvrtv iinrjoo where
Th Ladies
" ma'tir roisi ibouij nnd ivts etiii inrvf ITli
&1IIII1 tin.(orfr.UMllclnil;. B il I B I .II V
. t.nm unnHriil UBOllltr lO .UCU uu
wooasnm TVfu i j "ui- r.rfiuu i hvm dona mioe id
I liaia tiaiail t tl ri)A IifililBBUI 1 11 fj lumvi aistav-' -" T i C a. --..II
mlnletratlon from Washington totlit prvsenttlma. Includet mnch MftYO nil 1 1 KM-,
"critnal ami private bUtory nsw before 1 J utilUUe.1. , Addnaa WtI3 I IUU0IN
1HAJ1TF.V A- 10 nn pr. Wiurth Ht. VhlU. Frt
TawMcb U added a aketcla andportraltof Mil, Qtrnelt.
elMstaini Artie, Ww (ami
Pads v AfIr, Jigm Ms aKusniti
treubltt. PniCB,s).oo. 1
noIrruHl special Pad. AtttU M
11 eXrooUaaMS, PRICK, Mj.oo.
nolman'a Bplcea Belt. For a4obbw
attsof cnlar4bpl and arlldla Li rs)
and Stomack traobUi. PRICB, 05.OO.
nolman'a Inflant'a Pad. Tor allassasti
of Infanta aa Chlldna. PrtlCB,!,
Ilolmnn'a Renal or Kidney Pad
For Kldoaj Complaints. PRICB, aa.oe.
IToIman'a Abaorptlv MedlclataJ
Dody Planters Th best PhuUr sssi
Ponmi oa Rabbtr but. PRICK, aje. ft.
Holmun'a AtinorptlTO HedlclttaJ
Foot Floatcras Pot Numb Fut aa4
Slofjlah Clrculatloo. PRICB (per pair) ascj
Abnorptlon Bait Medicated Foot
DalUas For Colds, Obstroctlraa and al
casts wtot a Faot Bath It atxasd. PB1CS,
(per K Pekn) 3C
Or sent by mall, postpaid, 00 rclpt of erica. Tb
AIlbOltrrriON SALT Is not "mailable" toi
must be sent by Eiprcsa at purctiaMi't txpeaa.
The anorest of HOLMAN'S PADS hat Inspire)
Imitators who offer Padt almllsr In fortll an
odor to the true IIOUiAM'B.ssjIng, "Thtj
arejust the aame," etc.
rieware of all bofrtta Ptdl oaljr uad to tail
on the reputation of the genuine.
See that each Pad bear the Private RereV.
Clltio Htaitipof the HOLM AN 1'AD COM
PANY, with above Trade Mark printed In (rieea.
Dn. HOLMAN'S advice It free. Fall treat!
tent free on application. Address.
a t iirvi 744 BROADWAY. N. Y.
Lay the Axe
to the Root
ir j'ou would destroy tho can
kering worm. For any exter
nal pain, sore, wound or lame
ness of man or boast, uso only
MENT. It penetrates all mus
clo ami flesh to tlio very bono,
expelling all inflammation,
soreness and pain, and healing
the diseased part ns no other
Liniment over did or can. So
Siiith tho experience of two
generations of suirerers, and
so will you say when you havo
tried tho 44 Mustang."
(A ."llcillcluc, nut u DrlL'.i.'
iiors, iu:cm,l .handkaki:,
ANUTnr rrr.rT ani 1rT Irr' ,Qt..L
'J OK A' it Ol 111. Ill J . A .
All niJCiK'Hof thi'flotn.ich. Ili'i' ' "Od,
l.tur, KMiii').niid t riiian i. vir-uuuc.l,H'i-lci,ni,aiiil
irjv.,;d .y
65000 "iN COLE.
Will lio 11.1M for a case tin wt : . .t t urc or
I. Up. or fur an) tiiintr imj.tirc tr iu,urii.u8
loundln tin 111,
Askynur drucirlst for llop Ttlt1 a ar .1 try
tbvui oiforu )on tli-ep. Tul.i i.u otlii-r.
Die Isaniiti- lull' .mil lm ! ' 'or
l)ruriHc.aii3 i.u c.f eiplmit, . v .uj
IK Fi-ii toll Cir.rrt.. l
Hr Uilli-i' Mt.. , It.. lurM.t. N . l Tn.'. Oil.
A. .fMMr.1'
Worth $35. 1'or sale for 55 Ct.
Tlllll:- IIKRMAS'S 1'oOKKEr.HNO,
in.'hulii'f; nil lii.mlw. needed tc
make nettlini''nt ia il s. nicrn.
loney rcfuudc if l t rely
K.itif.it.iory. AJdu
TU Aullmnn & T!. .- Ctm'y,
Maiufield, Uichland Co., U.
Tin-1 tat 'id cheapest tllimra idi'illlonif thelto
vin'il f.twTotnim-ut. illll'.ir.s ct 1 c .:c tu wnlt
Ini? for It. Ho 101 bo diciHed liy tlm tlieip John
nublUlicrt nf Inf. rlorouttlois. Sceilmi ii.vriji y ua
our contslns I an nnu eiiBimh m en itri I ai it wocd.
AkiDii arocolimilt mouey svlllDKllU cdliloii. t-tud
for circular ddieis, ., nirri.
TTf N A U I'l'llLIBIIianV""""'
GOOD TEAS, 30,35 40. U.
All EatproBS CUarecu paid on S5 Orders.
Don't bo deceived I Deal direct with the
Importer. No Middlemen. Wo aro tho
(T. O. tmlll!.
31 A 33 Veeoy St., New York.
KVK.lt V HOI.I1I lilt ilUnMiil In line ot duty by
1 ur.il, il ln-.i ff. or injury, 1 entitled to pension.
l'KM-KI hi 'l.!Abl:l-MMiv aro draw
UK Ilstliallirtlllt(lt".-Tl'0','''idiiflli,ll 8 entitled
o I-emloii and llountv -KF.1 F! VKU VAHKB
vt md -AHAMIO.M:!! I!.hi:m ftulilieit.
.11 li s ot I.oii Dlict.nicisi.lirslni'd -ctatint of ev
ry di'scilptlim prosecuted -l'ulents Trocured.
adr st, with stamp. ...
II . 1IKJCI.I.V A CO., Attorney.,
ilnv Alilf. Vaahliitftnn, II. .
DCUeifllJQ I'or SOI.DIIiRft,
rcnoiund niduwi, tnim, utui vr
tclitldren. ThouaindiyAentltlcd. reniluu,!ivcn
jwriws"i Duser.ivn.vrii ur ruiiii.,..i.i u.u viu.
lor nnr Dlseii.c. Tli'm""'!' ef iien.lnnrri srl
I ti.l.lli t. n.UtL.l to 1.M ItKASir. an.i ItOl'NT V.
lATIr:.NT rrocund tor Inventus, hi.1.11 rs
ISU4 w nrrBDit I'rurwrrii. ,'uu.iivui.u .viu. p.u.ri.
nitl liclrsatM'ir firycurrmlit, atmte. einID
jtiinri for '' I'I.. niilui&ilJir "md IVhSit
suit lli.unty lavs tlaiiL trnd liKtrui'tm.. U.
eaitrerrtii tliiiiMiinttsof rni.l iisriiii.tl cnt
AUreis H. W. FltZKmlCl iV Cp. I't n iixA
I'itKKI Alt'll,l.oci"lust Uii.liii."" " Il
W.i will swnl 10 sny ui.dr our ti"' l.luttratio
iiiIjUu' -nd Vrlce l.lst or l..ye.. '1'r
Luc.. II111I1I112 5iii.ils, I'miiy Artltloa.
l"V'STx"M''ifilK';,A C .. I'm tlnnd Me
W,H, II, iltilleueii ToManusHs
please siiy you taw the AiUtiMsinnent
thin nanev.
IKMdorird ana nrtmi
I nil oroffHiqn, for
I ltumueumn, r"r!"
itebUAu, t mssl lit
rate: WantoftUal
tin. Xerroua thromtra.
(l oil 1 .Ilia. "
but my labor wat as wdlnslybnr-
th doabl tne enw. ua in otuuuu
U"" -1.1 ...... I K.ha. TnnlnhaflBOt dOQ th
J. K WATflOW. raitor unrutiaa unnrcn.jAroTtw
n w .... -nii.r I... f nnin. rnm ru i r . nwi u,.unvu
nil ul

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