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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, July 01, 1881, Image 5

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Tin: Legislature of IllinoU, tit 1U
recent session, passed tin net to prevent
nntl ptinlidi tho tulttltcrntton ami sale of
any article of food, drink, or modi
cum, nnd litis net takes effect to-tiny,
July 1st. The law which U modeled
after tho Itritfoli law on tho same subject
provided for two kinds of nduUcr.tlion ;
one when the mixture contnins in
gredients fatal or injurious to licnlth,
nntl Hid other when tho mixture Is harm
less nnd fraudulent. The first section of
the net provides Hint no person shnll
"mix, color, stain, or powder, oroitlor
or permit nny person In his employ to
mix, color, stain, or powder ' nny nrtl
elo of footl witli nny Ingrodlont, so as
to render the article? "injurious o
lio.tlth or doprcolato tho Taltio thereof,"
with intent that the same may bo sold,
and no person (hull soli or offer for sale
such nd'illcnitoil artlelo of footl.
Tho objection mined to tho law is,
iti being in force- In Illinois only, ex
poses mnnuftioitircs in Hint State to the
competition of the manufacturers of
ndtitlcrated good In other h tales, who
vnll Hood that Slnto with their Impuio
pi (functions. Tito answer to litis is,
tliut the Illinois merchants nntl manu
facturers have tito remedy In their own
ItiiutU. They know what goods arc
pure, nnd what nru not. Let thorn
have two or tin eo specimens of these
forulgn-mudo atlullcnilloiH seized, ami
have bomo person convielr.il of selling
tliom; and let it Itu known that by Judi
cial llutiiiig, tho mlo of such goods in
Illinois is prohibited us adulteration.
Such an advertisement would prohibit
tho further sale of any such goods in
that Slate. As n whole, tlu end and
purpo.ut of the law are in tho Interest of
jnstlco nntl iioiiusty, and if vigilantly
enforced will nreonipli.-h good lesults.
W'v. are afraltl tlmt Luiopei'tta will
never like us AinctieatH. Wo mi; giv
ing ttiem " lota of trouble." Our pork
packers ate an unending source ot dis
comfort to France; our forliic plains
that invite immigrants from till parts of
tint world ate draining (icrniany of its
fighliiig-men ; our ItUlt dyimmitn " pat
riots " threaten to blow up the IJtltish
navy nntl to kill the Kngiish Pi lino Mitt
inter; nnd now comes the news from
one of the Austrian province.-) t lint " re
turned emigrants from America " en
courage tho people to resist conscrip
tion for the Austrian militia. The only
Ktiropcnu people that have reason to be
thankful for the existence of America,
are the Italians, who send us their pad
ronoH, cripples and banditti; the Kngllsh
gentry, who (end us their senpegi7.v
sons; the $wiv, who send in thoir' m
beeiltu, the Iiish poor-law guardians
ami thn Irish landlords,' wh i send tut
their paupers nnd victims.
A State Convention has been called by
the Virginia Republican Committee to
meet at Staunton on AugutiL U'tth, and
deeidotipou the attitude to bo taken by
the party toward the Koailjiwlor3. Ibis
to be hoped that the agitation
of the question of nlllliating
witli tho Mtihono party will be earned
tin in a spirit of candor and faiitieos,
ami that the verdict of the Convention
will bo accepted in good faith. There
is evidently an honest difference of opin
ion on this question among tho Repub
lican lenders in I he State. They ehotild
all recognize llio need of harmony and
tho importance of settling their ditputo
before they begin a campaign which
promises to be of considerable import
ance in its liilltieuee upon National ns
well as Viiginla politics. If they stand
together they can deal a death-blow to
llourbouisni at the approaching o!oct!ou,
' but if tiny full out among themselves
t .cy will iiceiimpllh nothing.
Dies Moines has a praying band of
women who hold services ever Sunday
inthojiiil. A member became infatua
ted with a hstudsoine young lior-e thief
nnd planned to. help him esenpo by
di-g.tb.lng him in woman's clothes as
one of thu band. Rut t-be failed.
M.S. Faris & Co.
Are receiving and opening from dry to day, one of tho Larg
est, Handsomest and
Cheapest Stocks
of Dry Goods that It has ev:r been their plcasuro to offer to
mo pinne mu i
Is complete In
of the season.
Iho public and at prices that defy competition- Their Meek
Is complete In every particular Including all lite novelties
that we have not adopted the Dpavlinort KvsImui,"
thereby detaining our customers unnocossarlally, lint de
liver their goods nt once. All nro Invited to call anil
sec us, as wo will not bo undersold. Remamber the Place.
S. Faris & Co.
N. W. Corner 4lh & Felix Sts.ST. JQ8&PH--
Dutch mils
-rKvcrythliig, Is lively In and around
, nuMness of all kinds is flourishing
at Smlthvillo.
Tlio insane asylum at Fulton ltas
over 600 pat hints.
The mineral springs In Clay county
are becoming quite famous."
--A railroad laborer was killed by
lightning near Lnniar, recently.
Tho Jlazoo says tliero are MX) mar
riag.iabln vottng ladles In Srdallit.
Cass county has a baby tliirly-lwo
mouths old weighing 110 pounds.
It Is estimated that tho damage by
the cyclone in DeKalb county will teach
Carthage hits received 109 car
loads of lumber ninco tho 1st of March,
aggregating 2,000,000 fret.
Too infects commonly railed lo
ousts, winch nro so.plentifttl in Central
Missouri nvc not locusts nt all, but har
vest Jltes.
j no nay crop of nam county t
much belter limn foi years past atn1 '
the harvest will begin several weeks
sooner Hum tiual.
The oats and flax crops of Monl
gomaiy county ato very good tliroiifrh
titu county. A very large acreage of
i till latter lias been sown.
-It is thoit")il tlie wiieal ct'Opnfi
Mandrake &. Gcntla.
redients of Hrown',
lvo this wondcrloi
DvSliofwia remedv n trial nml tut pni-ri1
Tor snlo by all druggists in Oregon,
V Illgclow nntl by West & Young,
I Order of LNiblluulion.
.V c UO..
507 k 507 1-2 Foils Srcot, St. Joseph, Mo,
J . . .r, A.
v w ti 'y '- . --t TTr "-' W"y. to'
i Tin: .statu tip Mtstiontr ; i .
III tlio tltottlt C.iirt of .itlil County. Attaint
tfrm, I8S1.
TlieStRtr of 3tiss;jnrl nt Hie rotntlun nmt tn tlie
iiviorafinifl W 'l.trtlsmi, Oillectur of t!i
ItcM-mie ut tloll Co.mty, .Mu , l'lslntiir,
Viiktxuvti ()trnr
Atllil' di.v c.i:.i ! Hip J'la!titllIlitMlii, l.y Hi
altoitiry, li-rrr tit" toMti'mlininl Ulntk or tlio
t Ik-i.i t'ourt In .wiitl.iti, toiij ihh Mi petition
an I iiilitnvl'. stHtiia aiiinns othyr tlilius tlwit
lliitiiu.ies ftln miiorxtf mtld tral oHtnts ars
iiiil.'iibun i lint mi (IkoiI.i nro of rceorit In nh
"itnlyfor tfi.l li.t, nor l,i pfHliitin" iiioitl.itl
tinr limit tin now tin. whore ilK'tils, or tlio ryl
ihitions of will tiiikiltiwtl 0n'r7, Tllttl tint
I'Oti t City l!M,'ii'iii Coiii.niiy Vhh nh i,iM
lot- tomii.l tinkiii.rtii I'Artli-a :m.l imc noilahii
ir In'fii'Ht lioti'ht una timt nM owners caiinot
b yimuiu'O 1 1. .'.iHciniii.
Wtlt'l; ii-ii I. U ..nlntil liy t,r Hrrk Hint
lii1' .' I'.iT'1 "'U '"' "'V l"ili!ic.Hloii that
l'litllltlll ll.lK-t tlllill'lll-Ullnil! .tf iln-t tli.-nt lit till 4
tin i tin- oliji ct 4tnt it urr-l ii-iOii.' ol wlilch
! to tlCOt'vr of llll l). fi'n,l.llll ton ,on i.r
i H' it Wnlmi-il to IiuiI'ii- iil.ilntinntiiKV t.ivrt
f r Hot y-.tri :. i-.;o, ls;l, k;j. ih;:i ;,,,,)
'.t li t fiibtaN-k i- ; sunt fur i iiis ls-, a;.
tt,.l t. t; on lniH j;, n.i in i,),.,
tlli.l lot w :rrt 1."7. I.7S Mi ' K-'.iuii Ion 1M,
-"I V .Mul 1 tn 'hill in .ill III I ntVHt t Itv Holt
' rmitil Mluui.itrl
Vn-' tiltlt tllllllM till! Wilt llllkllllllll mill.... In.
ami :-IJu ir ill tltlx (.'oitrl tit Hit) iii'U 'IViln
Will o,r rro,, 1ii'lw.cf M.J.-rt fnn MS 'Oillily will i-f a total failu.e ; Ollt
ti tn lJv JyjKl iiigiiwow yjitKJvs iui jjuuu ,,r mops piomij
a nt isi
I S S Mji- rf"a I t S3I t?a tn. S" UT - trr. iti .i -T w ' """.v "' "tjuut . tutu liolilon tit n
y r s& ? Ti Tl in f- X 't! " f ii A Fci 'tVi A i W ?si V if? P Vi. ' " "" ,,:' ,lll' "r Aiini-t nVxi, nn. on
. . - ; i..kMiti...-,i1f..W.i; and l.i,lni....i,t"in
.. . J Oil r t I It'll i.-i-'i- lliUly,
r ' iT? 1 . "11 OV nfi "h . -M"llt lifiUl. ronliri.!. that a -ooy liorref
i ' w ' i oi.olblii1!! ni.n ro iili in l.iti- lo 'I nw i'hiivpv
in coods of our
Wo will also pay
! 1
fully an avrago
In Howell county a largo number
j of Hons haw died from cholera. Tho
stock of poil: the coming season will
be very lilit.
'I he late hi..."- rain in Jlali? i-outi-
, . ty have tetidtd to enliven the taniieiH
Ill&liUhlCtUrO) Wniell j jfumlly Mo have sucoretli .t m gut
ting tneir cropj in good shape, an.: an
excellent turn out is predicted tins fall.
- Ceo. V,' Milt., of ll.'tintolpli 'viitily,
)on't Take mr Word for If,
Union township.
we warrant io be of tho beat material
Wo are prepared to do custom work in
the best manner and on short notice cith-; ii',v-i
n.r oTUwlinov .fi.rflintr nr sninniivo.
We have on hand Three Thousand yards, u-,m ua ... iioii.ngev comity;
. i . nr i 1 i l ' 'I'''' season. Only about lift acres I
oi our own maKe 01 woolen -oous, wmon were pinuti-tl in beri ie.i, but 100 tittr.M !
we will sell Cheap for Cash-
Onu Jialf Mile. F.wi v.j' Ovtn. Mo.
Htil. eom! ami sty. A largo and
iv. 11 nelortctt slock bought for Cash
t ') bo iolil at prices that wjill talk
for us.
. i)r-y GoodH,
itn. V, hill., ol H.'imlolplt oviuily, tWFl J '' TTn f r nrirl Pnnu
he , no, boll. v tlie. r v.t.l I.r ! UM$hJsH "iatS ahCl 0al,8
aeria .: -. . vit b:u vrsu-; -, "Vc-: V-$ai"fcv
will 1)0 dovoted to tne eitlittie atiaw
bevriitj next ycai.
Only a tr;ik'. One lmnhMd and
live harvesters huv Leen .eId 'a our
uti tiy Int.- .'it-axii by imr ilifffivti'
Quoonswarc, Glassware,
Grc jeriiVij Vaois, Shoos,
Cloth lug,
1'.' .'I'tt foi totlr Wl'l'ltK -l!l!fi"i.lw-ll llm 1'ivl In.
crtiii i to lie at Ifliil fuiu tt.'uki iicfun) tlio lint
ti.'y .1 .will ii'ttit.
w. it. ui i;iNtii:i:.
I C. lf.vn.y Ot.KltK.
Aitoiin' fur 1'l.iliitlif
Oi'riiir of I'uli2ijiiUoii.
nti: nr.s ric ov Mtsir-ifiti 1 1
t-otiNi or noi.T :
(n (In- Clrr'ilt Court ol s;ini Cor.nty, Aimtit
Tctiii, 1M.
Tlu tttV.e fit 111'Wi.iirl ut tlio ivlattoii nml lit tlio
tiMior.S.iiniii l W Miirrlson. Colli-elor ol tlio
lii-veiianot Holt Cuiinty, .Mo., l'lalntia,
ljte'i?! Jf"'"," !'la":lfvino. William mini! uii'l
'frm'S v) "":"'''' I't'l "f I't llliilt rati:.
SftFt V ,At HiHiIayootni:. Hi. I" -Oiilir horoln. . IIh
V.iiivirli5y it I alloi'iiv, 'ii-.'nr-' t..iii i. Uni ,i ol all
'in In vi- ilmu. iin-l t,i. - ii, jn tn on anil alii
v l-- ! 0 ivlt 'nine -iiii.i otl. r I'iIiu s, tout h.ilJ l.itul
' iil sHt T 5i ft 1 5 ''i3 'A ? fi C ifl1 r?" S am ea ki y tsj
i'-'i .li t A:;' tits foi the Ccioitratcd
wnj .ttti'fioil ,in i.rii'lu illj In ;.iu ;i il tn ono
.nil. ill t'r.ui'. who ill..! to tv ol kiiiiii. ; lli.il
I .1 iti of tlio lit lr 'mill tatil Mu.il anil (hat tliuo
. iireotliorliolnnf niIiI J), lli ili I'r n-: ulio li.uii
I jimio liitorcst in M.tlil liimt in amount mui oinn.
tit unknown to tli iilautlil i am! that Hie
I ..lliOSIIllll Il-'ll.ll,.-,MH M llollH.HOIIllkllOWIl
i 't olitlntlir; ami that .uliliiiilaiouii holra cait-
ii'm ' tiniiiiii'iifii in nut i-aiiM.
.Vl'rMiioiilt Is oriliTi-l by tho Clrrk that
sail! tit ff!i.lat.il.ulni:llil hv iiilir.tlloii, Hist
I ...liilllf ha. rniniiioiifoit a nill nijnlit tht-m
In Hi t (...art. tho o!iir.t ami sioiiiti-.I tiattiro of
vlildt Uti loo.ivort.f s.iitl ilflriidanti thn iniiii
of VU.-'iS. ilitlnitiltoli.t tlim iil.ilutlif tut lint'k
THOEOTJ C3- 'IPS. 13 '.EL 33 ID
Salt" IP Hff TS
rJJ 'i
Sssl' a j i
IPCS 13.1S
- lV.-i.a1,!Mtyw.,-,!,eIM,!,.,l.,f?P?P SffS M Q i n
these Hgiirci wo would like to hear S'!n" f,J H u 1 11 ''."! ' uhal v.-o carry. Hut ue h.v.e the . It. ih.it touiityMUwHrf
I p'lii.'-uinHi'iili; ,uu -ini III jilltos m;ii Nautili ItJl II1U1IISC4V1..1. J lOtt'lCO lilM-'ll
) in w.M'hangc for goodj at maiket prloos.
Is a beutiliftil black with .-.tar in forehead, hind ankb. uKil-, 10 hands high,
gtxid bend and neck, llroai! Mlioiihlors, gietit depth f 1 can, no'.l shaped hotly,
hurt back, with lii'-nd i-trong hip-i, with inont o.ool!"tit le;'-, and feet; heavy
inane and tail. Kind disposition and fine action. Weight in lair cor.tttlion,
1,800. Age, -1 years August Vjtli. 181 .
STAR AfAKQUIS bv the 'i he Maniuis, who was iimoitetl by Thomri'ii
Urot. The Maroiiis bv lmnorted Hoi cities, the winner of tiianv nil;:rs !n Soot-
land. 1st lbitit by Imported Noi'hoiiv; 2tl Ham by Imported govern j tltl Dam i thatciop will bo seriously lnjitied
by Imported Brown (ieorge; -1th Ham by Imported Old (Jlyt'.o. wh was itup'i-.'-
!tl by Win. Wnrilen in ll(i
from them. - Hates Vottnvj Xm-r-t.
-Hail was us tilir as mi let s .t'l's i
and as enterprising at! ti book agent j
here Saturday night, but there waf.
no hail in Slatt.r nor fi:c miles nit. Hi n.
here. There was a n.uiuw fv,.tl. ittti
by tho li.ttl-slorm uppateiitly, but it
j did in work like a little man wherever ,
I Itj lot happened to be cast. '
- Tlie ciiiiu'h I have lit.dl.t mj iv-1
ed the wheal crop of PeitU omtnty In
mttcy planes the wheal will i.m pay Iht;
.peiisos of liarvesting, anil many
ileitis will lie plowed under. The biig'n
have gone Irom the wheat into the mm
and there arc grave tiiiprelieii.dnns thti
IM-tmit WWlUWMICwllAJl I
irr ti3
Alio llll.t Illi!jv4 til., i.'il.l n.it.'n.ki.Mt l.i.l. ,t
I 1'iiri.ili fr.ili: ho. unit itiior at this Court nt
"in i.oii I'-ria ii.i-ri-ii:, in no h.-riiii anil lioltlvi
:'i l.io rioint Itniiho, in tho oltv of tiroBim, In
k.ili! fonniy on tlio sj. ilav of Arptst no.t,
.. il mi ot livfui'. i'l(. i,i n Haiti Tfiiti.
.ui'iivt rnf nlviu, to t.i. I'.it.n, i, ii, -,( caiiHo.
til.' illio v.lll l.o n I;, .a m.i, allil JlltlK-
t.ifiil will no roi'ili n il n,.i (mini tv
Anil II liliiill fr or'li;n-il I', t a o..i,v nr"of
If. piililMint ncur-llti, to l-.'.v l-i Tut; Tof :nv
I'Ai'f.i: for four tvooks nu -.Uoiv. the lift lil-
toillon to In- nt lean wur wniit liufore tlio llrit
tljv i.t .i.ilil term.
, , V.'. It.lil'lHNfini.
l.C. Ilt.'.Vil.W. ('I.1.UK.
Altoiitt'V lor I'talntl!!.
To tho farmer, and n.tt lirs who would like to breed lor tlf .tt ir farnrin:
purpojec, wo would call your attention to this Iioi-mJ
Ho will be permitted tn servo a few good marc? at the low prico of Slii 0U to
insure, payable by note, at linn f servleo.dtie in six iuolcIh, note to be void if
the maro proves not to lie in foal. Htto care will be taken to proven! accidents
but will not bo responsible Mtotihl any occur.
Uriah Simmons, Groom.
HobMtzeXl Sc Jesse, Proprietors,
T.U"oiriid Oity Mo
iint holt GOTjjsra:
i mm. Hi! htt.
Tim: i'leddent has jtt.it appoitil'tl
A-i Oil'elto, ti biit'lr. young lady nl
W.-flilngton City, to tl.o ollicu tf Nout y
Public. Wo gricvo to say
Governor hasn't the pluck
liis oxiittipl"?, and appoint a
young itituo among tno one lutiuiieu -r, l C4-tirn?c
iintm-im tvliiini Mm luw uinimu-itrw ln.il i-uoltbi OlUiUUi?
' mv
to name.
ius and will keep on h itol oiu of the lines) -toeks of l'tiriilioiit that
htut t.'voi bji'ii kijn in Holt County, coii.tliug of a fitli htocic ot'
Wo l-ava a speedy
nnd po-Jitlvo Cure, fir Catarrh Hiph.
lithi'i i i, Canker moittlt and Head Ache,
in fililloh's Catitti h KcMiedy A initial
Injector .toe. with e.trh bottle. Use it If
you dcdiv health and swc.t bteaih.
Prion id els. iioJd by. T. S. Hindu
Oregon, JIo
tiu.t our miiamner Buiis ti&mi&'ttw Wisuroaus.
io foiiow!.,r , , , HtlRX-tf? Snfc&a ,
few bright I V ash Stands, fev PM Sook Oasos,
it ft "I 'Ih'iIi Ilia I'liir Jli. K.
& At- i.. ,,, t or tfrpn. Utmhti, Mnti- 'A
V ttr.jka . ':.'! ,',ii i,'.;n.'ii,i. tc-i. ii V
I'. -II V,'- ' I '' ..ll.lll.'l lilt .11, lj
ii , V i. i"-' '.t:i..;j,i:iii-i?ii.f, i.ivin K
t li?s jt lo'. - ' ti );..t'i. ;i. .
q V'.M
TiiiutKlsti general impression that
(iov. l'ill-bury, of Minnesota, will bo
the U.-pnblIcaii nominee to micccciI
lilnt'tilf. His most Inrmhlablo com
petitors are (iithhard ami A. It. MeOIII,
ISsq. (Jov. I'illsbtHy has iiuulu tut e.
cellent Kxecutlve, and it is felt tlmt hlti
course should bo indorsed by a io-olec-thin..
Don't Use Big VorOs.
In promulgating your esoteric cogita
tions, or artieiiiwtlng your fiiperliotal
seutiment'jjilics, aiitt nmlcablu, pli.lo
oophieal or psychological olisoi vntion.s,
bewaro of platilmbnlxis ponderosity.
Let your conversational communication
possess a clarliletl conciseness, a com
pasttsl comprohensililnncss, coale.jccnl
conslfteney, and a conoatenatcd eogon
cy. Kschuw all coiigloinornlions of llaf
iilen gurrullty, jejuni) bableinont, nml
asslmue ttffeciiona. Let yottr cxtunipo.
rancous duseamings nntl unpreniodita'
ted eNpnliatlons liavo intelligibility ami
voracious vivacity, without rhodniuon
lade ot'tlirtiAinieal btimbaBt. Setlulotts
ly avoid tin polysyllabio Oinofuuilily,
pompous pJhlty, psltUuteeotis vacuity,
veHttllotitT Nbo.CrJ-ll vaniloiiieui
vapidity. Khun iiiWe cirlcutlrex, prurl
out jocosity, and ptOllferous )rofiinlty,
olisfuntnt orappaiont. In other worth,
talk plainly, In Icily', naluially, Nonulhly,
Propose to make Craig, Mound City, Maitland and Oi.'g"i '.loth le.nlint"
t-ltippini; Points this year.
'J'liey own Four yartls in this conn'v, and buy latgy .pia'atitlos oZ l'itu
j.utnber get low rates of freight, and
They don't propose to be undersold by anybody; will duplicate St. .t e.
Hills, or any other estimates insdeby a responsible ds iler.
Vo also have in stock a lull Hue of
It will bo to your lutcrest tj get our (ii'icoo tioforu iwying.
Superior articles in universal lvipiost
are eotiiiterfeitod, and the pirate- ot
trade, who pick up a living by depreda
ting upon thu rights ot otlieis, tiro t un
ilaiitly trying to cheat the public by
snbsiitutiiisf, imitating and talsifjir.g
Simmons' Liver Hogtilntor; butlmv.'aio!
lake nono except under our copyrighted,
etigraveil label, witli sea', fiigiuilure aiiti
jtampof.I. II. JCcllin ei 0.
WalviUt aad Maplo Bedsteads;
Lounges and Tete-a-totes,
f -
ii 0 .i
I I'
ll' Is hlaletl that in view of thu Mitres.-
uf Sooii'luiy U'it'.dom'r lSprir centre-!
fi'mHoo ciilinntn In. u'ill tint tniitro nnv t
recoiameiiiiation to Ongress ut t-;f, i-;
enco to rcfnniling Irgifhttit-n. Ai t'oig, Jlrrv."5lJi;.'
as thn Secictr.ry eun convevt nigh imor-nst-bearing
ijoinls iutu low interest
hearing bond v.-tiliotu ftuiher ncti.Jii by
Congress, it it deemed o-..'! not to un
siilllo busmes lulalious oy giving riie to j
any new agitation anout iviundint
Window Curtains,
PU'iurc Fratnos ?.IatU to Ortlor. Furiiiiurc lic-'Kures! on
. ,.B..csli't'irlw j-ijttilr'.-i.
'" ! !t -L " ''' '"
'l-'llll ' . . ' " -.'- .'in'
i'r i . '. ' I .'.''.C'Jt ..,.-
"..K'l-A. tAi
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I'or .ill who tt.te Hliev-l'it P'-iieiii To:'
n:, say it in a itit ! cme b;r Dvepep-hi I
nnd iclt Heiul..h Try it, For f.ilo i
'ovT.lt liitidc, King eV I'rouil. Dic-J
g'on. filinpaon & Muir eV Kd.inibal j
In their Now (.'i.i.r.ci'.- at
Ha the Liirgel., )!et and Mobl
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toEtntlu D S?iuKH St-ctfm tiiF 6 by w W Uf i-il'2 ifl S eTH M 5 . til. Vt '
l ur B.' G. UVUi -M 'y UMA TU U U
OxCfi'OJii B-.tt.Oj,
FOHSST 15 fTY, fitfC.
is prejmri'd tv do all kinds of
Wagon Work,
Boiler Repairing
Sheet Bron Work,
Plow Repairing
S-Sorse Shoeiiig.
I have made a specialty of Horse shoe
i ,.i .ii.
don't put on aiis, say what you moan, Cj7 .u, , , 4- -
mean what you eay And don't lift IdUrx ... 01..-1. Rr....! j nr..-.!t r l .n ITCiJT fi C EJlHI5C?ir
word, I TJJUUiut ait KJiiuui; rniiaiu itnu muoiutti iviutuiuumiou, , i rnt I 1 i iviaU
We Un 1 (lvo Followlnir
Hid Davis & Co,
Emerson & Co,
W, W. Kimli'ill,
J, P. Hale.
tt'C ItiLlI
Mm in Price from
i:.5 rinvAui).
1 ItAXtilMi IN l'f.If'i:
I'mtii (17.50, Uinutr.l
sk'',!otl I'liii-.-.icr-i mi'i Gas i-i :ot, u.nl eu. lunteo nny tv n-k th-v do
to I'll its gouil iui the liesi. J iic aifo nave tt eoiupieio lino o iriui
.iiitl Woo'hsii l'ttiiii.s W'linii iit'Mtuit of anything lu their line re
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3. lEiJSSST &c OO.
A. M. 0AXT0N.
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rruthrully.pu.ely. Keep fton, Mang,-' , M'HK HMULA Y. W. A.1 UDAJjIi MU U U A IS.
A Great Entei'iirlse.
Tho Hop JHttors tdHiiul'aelurlng Com
pny Is ono.of ltochesler'a gicatc't bus
moss untorpris'is. Their Hop Kitten,
have i cached a salo beyond all jirecotl6.it
having from tlielr lntriiuiu valtio luua
their way Into everyi livuseliuld In t b
Junil. -Oritihic.
Wit l I L'U All t Vti l.L'l'll hi' I I Ll'' I Kf
II fail ryi'ilini iiilitiiliiif liillin.Iitttliy li.uii', Wi' slutll filter aiitr.i IihIiipiiiii'iiH In mii
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lull n-t in eainliiii iiiu'iiiii I. lii tiiHt iii.iKInu i . 1 1 1- i.ilil liuiei, fur wt lui'nii what wu b.iy, tli.il uut
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I'll, t.litl :i lm-, ii'i'iilrlui; of Hint u.iH lifi Hint Jtutliv, H si'tiliillj , L ti.nii.oti in ttnrl-liitii, hiii
wuii-aiilril ,;ju, ullirauion, lo 1WU UUcel, Buxton Jiltct... )lvieuii J'illh IMX Sixth,
. '' " ' '. finii
h. M a man, nlmv vih-1h-i:.)Iiu rniuitr-li.iiii-tt
ami Iiiii'kvii-iiiiwii ciiiistltialitl
t I.mhIv slmwil tmcus ;( tliM-ttsii a mif.
fiT'ir v.ltli !;i'rni' l)ys'i.i.M.i, In wlinio
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li'.nl. i;rfr.".tiiii,-j slci'ti ii.ul iiukt
iiervi'S vtri' 'iti-iiiit'.rt Id lilui.aiiillifiU'-r-p.ilii'.t
f vi-i'ljtltijj well, weailriwU
lillii tn i:iko
Hlilcli ho illil, ainl in. i .1)11, ir Ilmu w.t-s
nut nuly lt'llitvt-il, Imr ciot'il,
lti'.uli'r. If ytm ore n'lttorlna will) l)y.
ivptln nr l.lvt'r Dlsouti's In any foim, iU
nia wilt until tlia illsi'.isu lias tnkeii a
f.iM liIil iiiiiiii yoii.luit r.v; tlio ltei'itlu
tin whi'ii llii'ynniti'iiis 1I1-.I tiiiow tlirai
ulHt. ( Ii 11 rr lievt il linliilil (Ultt'ilni;.
NltiiriiuiH J.it,'i- KvKHlntitr I.t not
nil .'ili-nii' Hi- mi 11 tit i , . 11 if a 2'urely
Vjitciitlilo Jti'im-.il.v tlmt will n,ni
wlieli i-i)0 Inj; t'lH f.nli Itlsnfaiilt
J c-: ii.filitliii. Is no violent ilnt.tlo
lutrKi'. I'Ut luiluit s nun ri'iiii'ily. 'lint
tili-ntl nf 1 wry mil-, anJ will not illsii
imliii ion. A nnulf tilitl will innvliii'ii
vo'itliatltli llin t'lirau't, iiiiiist niiU
not luiiitlyjiii'illi'jnu In I la- wutiil,
Aitlirrn arc a iniiiilior tf linitatloiw nflrivil,
wiinimlil riiillmi Urn pulillf nut Id nllntv miiiio
iillior i n'iipiuiril In lm palnii'il nlf innli r a Minn
I.r KiuiiiilliiK iiiiiiii'. with tlm iii'iinun'r Unit II
I. 11 itoiul Ik-'ir In lillnil I lint It-.t) nuly oliji'i'l
iti'li iliMliii-ti'iin have. Islliit fm I that limy fan
lital.it 11 tew iii'iiiilis nxlni piiilll liy elllni! lint
tjmrlmis. Numh iit iiiili-n iinloht In mir eiiKnufil
ivi'.iiiiii i', with "lifil '." tr.ulii liiiirK, timui mid
-.Ikii.iIi.Ii) iiiihinkrii.
J. H ZEItilN tfc CO.
tV rinlil liy till Uhiki'Mi
Urnwii'u lllai'.l.liiiriy Ami Glntjer
'JF:i tin
Ori4'oi, ilo, 1
.Shtiiild bo m evmv liolltin duriiie- the
heated snii.ion. It never fails to cure
n-rhoea, Dvwnileiv nod Cholera
Morbiii l-'ttrKitltt bv T. ti. Hindu. t&
ivlnsr A; I'roinl Oievoii. filini)oii &
i- sliiiiiiiiicr intr.i hnliiiH'iiii'iiH In mii Jltiir & l.tlmiilialu Hieelow and est &
li'l'tljn nil. Vim will llnil II In vmir Yiinni' I'iiiIkm
aiei, fm- wtf ini'nii what wu b.iy, thai out '"""t loiow,
GrKiud Avemio, Forost Oity
' Woids pass ttwny, but actions remain,
Lot your nctioiis by worthy onca. .

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