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Everything is being
Tin; contost ut Albany Is still drag
ging along. In fact reports lrom there
havo ceased to bo news and everyone is
becoming disgusted with tlio shapu af
fairs nro assuming there. The bribery
investigation lias completed its work,
utid Senator Sessions has been indicted
and ids bail fixed at $30,000. The Stal
warts offered to compromise Tuesday
by electing Colliding for the short term
und Dopow for tho long, but the Half
breeds refused and tho struggle still con
tinues nud no tolling when or how it
will cud.
The Fourth at Mound City.
Tho following is tho program for tho
celebration at Mound City. Everything
advertised will bo carried out to u let
letter and all who want to havo n grand
gala tiuio should not miss this opportu
nity, and go nud have ono day of solid
enjoyment and amusement.
9 a.m. -Grand Industrial Parade from
depot to tho grounds, representing all
branchos of trudo nud business of the
town, led by tho Mound City Comet
Band and tho representatives of tlto 39
different States.
At 12 m Grand Basket Picnic.
1 v, m. Quartettes, nud solos, toasts
and responsos.
1:30 v. m. Addrets by orator of the
Day, General James Craig.
1 p. st. -Grand Calathumplan Brigade
in uniform wilt appear.
3 :30 v. M. A famous iEronaut will
Cive a grand sight by taking n peril
ous lllght into tho ctherial world.
Three hundred dollars worth of lire
works will bo tho closing and ono of
tho most magnificent scenes ever beheld
in Northwest Missouri.
The Heavenly Visitor,
Tho now comet, discovered on tho
23rd, became visible for the llrst time in
this locality Sunday night. It appeared
in tho northwest about 20 degrees above
'the horizon. It presented a woll-do-
llned and luminous nucleus, from which
a long mlst-liko incandescent, or lu
minous tiU ascended towards tho zenith,
trending in a uorthenstly direction. It
assumed almost a lan shape, and resem
bled somewhat an aurora, or northern
light, in tho northern sky. Its tail is
Bald to bo 4,000,000 miles in length, and
thut it Is traveling from tho earth nt tho
rate of 300,000 miles pel day.
The whole city was out gazing at tho
erratic celestial visitor. It presented a
most beautiful sight, and a clear sky m
ttio early evening gave a most favorable
opportunity to bsorve it. lor three or
four days, or since the llrst appearance
of tho strange visitor, tho eastern press
has been discussing it. The heavenly
visitors are always n puzzle to nstrono.
mors, and from time to time, ns they
appear, they give riso to wild specula
tlon'. Some ono or several of tho Innum
erable comets thvt travel through space,
aro eccentric artists, once suppled to
havo been definitely settled, ns regards
their reappearance to the vision ot tho
carth!s inhabitants, xet, wherever a
comet does appear, it is hard to nauo It
us Eiieko's or some other, or reeogulzo
111 it a new acquaintance.
Tho present comet is believed to bo
tho ono of 1812, but as yet lias not been
determined. When first observed, it
appeared in the northeast, about ten de
grees abovo the horizon, but was vMblo
about 3 o'clock a. in., and taded away
with tho morning light. The observa
tions of tho next night wcro conflrnm.
tory of tho first appearance. Tho dis
covery of the Now York comet in the
northwest, and in the orouing, lias given
rise to' the belief that wo have two stran
gers visiting tlio solar system. Theouo
in tho evening and tho ono liUho morn
ing, discovered or' observed at other
points, mnkos this belief possible. Yet
it is doubtful'tbat wo are thus fivored.
The observations hero and elsowhoro
indicate that both comets aro visible in
the northern heavens,, and located at
Ubout corresponding degrees abovo the
muling ilogreos above the
,'cslorn horizons. Ho that
o have one comet at any
Eastern antl W
as it mav. wo
rate, and if there bo two, it is a heaven
ly piieuonioiion mat was never witness
ed in any year but 1881-
J. T. Thatcher
of Oregon, Mo., has a suro euro, for fp
vor and aguo. Warranted to euro or
money refunded. Seit by mail on re
elpt of price,' One ounce bottle, 76c;,
two ouiico buttle, $1.25.
To Celebrate
done to make this the grandest celebration ever held in Holt County. The Program is complete in every particular. For
What We Would Like to Sec.
t Tho Albany row settled,
t Jake Ford play billiards,
t Less wine sold to minors.
t Dan Sehulto draw coal oil.
t Jehu Foster find his carpet,
f Oregon a Fourth Class city,
t J. Foster Marshall in tights,
t That cave of John Phllbrick's
f A better tailor than Nick Stock,
t A better talker than Sam. Itulcy.
j A Now Point girl with small feet,
t Tom Parish with Bill Varvol's hat.
t C. C. Aiken without his stage man
f Tho man who hates tiie laugh of a
t A prettier man than Dr. Smith of
fDoc. Savllle tell tho truth once in a
t A cyclone strike old Slippery Elm
f Tho next congressman of tho Ninth
f A good crop of all kinds of fruit
this fall.
t Will. Minton name tho day, if he
means business.
t A bettor deputy county clerk, than
VY. II. ltlchards.
f A hot discussion that wouldn't make
a cool friendship, '
t Moro ice-water kept in our storci
these warm days.
t That Hamp Price doesn't look down
his noso any moro.
t A more clover man than Charley Cor
saut of Mound City.
t A better humored olllclal than eir
cuit clerk Springer.
t Evoryboily go to Mouuil City or
Mnitlatidon the Fourth.
t Esqiro Wilkinson of Mound City
try his hand at wedlock.
trriend Dodds of Corning stop
splicing tho main brace.
tA military company organized
Oregon and Mound City.
t That rickety ladder on which Dr.
Goslin btood to seo that eclipse.
t Will Nies discuss the- constitution
ality of tho Kansas prohibition law.
t Two madder men than Sheriff
Frame r John O'Fallou last Friday.
t Our county officials give more job
printing to their homo printing estab
lishments. t Somebody dance to our tuno of
the miserable sidewalks wo have been
piping about.
t Some of these shanties on our main
street replaced with new two Btory
brick buildings.
The Planets Sunday.
Sunday was a big day with omens of
evil to the world in which we live ; for
the lh'i-t tl me in sevcial centuries all tho
planets made common cause with tho
sun and took a long pull, a strong pull
and a pull altogether at tho earth. Tho
scientists and the uttrologcrs and the
wise people generally predicted all torts
of dire results from this combination or
pooling of celestial issues, und doubted
extremely whether the old globe, which
" beo 11 2J0'"1 nJ,l,uw.
would bo able to stand the strain, but
tho common people didn't mind much
about It, in fact (hero wasn't anythlug
for them to do, but to take it, and to
day wo seem to bo lolling along In our
orbit just as comfortably as for tho last
six thousand years, a trifle warmer than
generally perhaps but still In good run
ning order. Wo doubt very much if tlio
sun, moon aud Eovou stars had any sue!
11 f . i .t . i
evii iiueiuious lowarus us anyway, as
tho seioHtitlo gentlemen ascribe. Tho
host way to look at these things is to
keep your shirt on nud wait with ptv
tience tho event, without casting horo
scopes or making other preparations
D. T. Bradford,
w lioh'Siile and lie tail Dealer In Vinuoa, Or
U"iu, Xunlcnl UarvliHiitliiie, ot nil kinds.
You'll inukBuinlstukii U you jmrclmso without
Unit CUIlSUltlllL' lllm. I In N ,nl Aim.,i f...
the Knabe. mid Kramer & Uah Pianos mid the
. r;. " "5 "''""'u orgaus ; also lor tho wonder
WAgeuts Wanted,
Read, Think, Act I
Vintha WM0 know u ,
to Tjik Countv I'aveii aro requested o
como funvm.a m,a Si)Mo ' tl"
either by cash or noto. tt'n hum m,.
winds of fifteen hundred dollars upon
our books, and beliiL' desl I'miM tn nnnn
u huh , iiw uu uuv care 10 carry ac
.1 ..nil, unt (v., jln i . .
Douyns & Wallek.
London lias 460,000 dwolliug homo,
If you are (jolng ever there to find Smith.
und don't know tlm number if his street.
i I. t . . . 1 1
jiuu u uctiw jjvovjivus jruur vmn.
Chambers. Marney & Co,
503 and 503 1-2 FELIX STK., ST. JOSEPH, MO,
For bargains in Lawns and Grenadines. Lawns from 6c per
yard up aud Grenadines from 2o per ynrd up. Extra induce
incuts Offered by CIIAMHEKS MAKNEY & CO., In Ladies'
Lawn Suits, Gingham Suits, White P. K. and Whlto Lawn
Wrappers, Children's Gingham Suits and Gahrlollu Dresses,
Ladles' Linen Mohair and Cloth Dusters and Ulsters, Ladies'
Dressing Sacnues and Boys, Shirt Waists. JUST OPENED
Now lino of PANIEKS and HOOP-SKIRTS. Wo nro offering
in the above goods some splendid bargains, many of the arti
cles tieing ottered at absolutely less than the cost of the mate
rial in them. The people of Holt county arc Invited to call aud
see these goods.
If you would consult your own interest, aiidhavo
an honest desire to save Money, come to
BameS &
Public lAttention
But something of far moro importance demands tho attention
of tho citizens of Mound City and Holt county just now, aud thut is
We Have Them in all Stylos and Prices.
Jones, Townsend &Co.
'lliuy havo now on hand a Reliable Stock of Spring Clothing, for
wear. Unsurpassed in stylo,
Wo keep on hand a lino os samples
gottou up in quick time, and a perfect
4th & Felix
the Nation's Birthday.
CO., ST. J
quality and fit in every particular.
for customo work, wliero suits can bo
fit guaranteed.
Manufacturer ot all kinds ot
VAI.I8E8, tie., ANU D13ALEH IN
113 & 115 Second Street, bet. Felix & Francis,
st. joaui'it, juo.
Personal and Society.
Willie Graham of Mtilthind, wc re
gret to learn is very ill.
Ulalv Harrison ot l-oreslCity was
up among our stock men Saturday.
Ellsworth Kygcr and Virgil Canon
left last Suifdny for KoBltn, Colorado.
Mrs. C. E. Karnes, Mnmlo and
Nellie avo visiting tho family of Jiimci
I,. Allen.
Mrs. J. W. Kclsoy and children of
Hamlin, Kansas, aro tho guests of Prof.
O. C. Hill.
Colonel John Doniphan of St.
Joseph was rumbling through our park
last l-rhhiy.
Mrs. J. T. Thatcher left Wednes
day hist for n visit to her parents in
John Lyndo of Whlto Cloud, was
in our city Saturday last. Ho is buying
horses for tho govermeut.
T. II. Parish and family left Fri
day last for a few weeks vWil with rel
atives in Adams county, Iowa.
Mrs. S. G. Thomas is spending
tho heated term with relatives anil
frionds In Macon and Adair counties.
Gcorgo Meyer, Jr., of Mound City
was visiting relatives and friends in
lower Holt last Saturday and Sunday.
J. h. utilbreath, who has been vis
iting li. F. Potter of this city, returned
to his homo lu Soloniau City, Kansas,
Inst l'llilay.
Gcorgo Gillls, Jr., wo will wager, is
tlio proudest man In Holt county. Now
will a representative of the Inquisitive
sex nsic wuy if
!j. 1'. Jewell of Millon, who has
many friends in theso neck of tho
woods, will shortly "open up" a stock
ot goods in the now town of Fairfax,
in Aioiiisou county.
m. l. Adair has located in Oro
gon and will engage in tho wagon-mak-
mg business. Ho can bo seen tit tho
blacksmith shop ot Samuel Shutts, in
tlio eastern pnrt of tho city
Charles II. Dradriek, who has boon
visiting his sinter, Mvs. G. Foigoubuum,
leit battmlay last for Ids homo in Ma
rongo. Iowa. Mrs. FoiEronbuum tic
cuinpanlod him and will mnko a brief
visit with her parents who reside in that
Prof. 1). T. Bradford, of Atchison
made us a pleasant call last Wednesday
no Professor lias ono of tho finest
musio emporiums lu the west at Atchl
sou.nnd wuirtints ovorv instrument.
Ho soldono of his fine pianos to Mr
Bennett of this city.
Miss Leona Ford, Mrs. Chadwiek
aud Mrs. Wylcy of Forest City paid
visit to The Countv Pai-ek Friday af
ternoon last. Miss Ford who lias
sweet, well trained voico, favored
with somo singing, accompanying lior
self on the organ now on exhibition
nud for sale ut this ofllce.
The Markets
Cattle, Business for tho week now
ended fairly nctivo, and tho liberal sup
piy soiu promptly and brought strong
high ligures on decent cattle
Prime and fancy natlvo steers none of-
forod and were wantod, and would hav
brought higher figures bad they been
f..i..l 0rw.l t 1 .
uuutuu, oiuijii miu luuuill Biecio WCl
scarco and wanted throughout
Hoas. ltccolpts of pnmo good hogs
havo not boon equal to the demand, ant
prices havo been well sustained the en
tire weok. Buyers have exhibited'
bottur disposition to operate. Wo pi
diet However, a weaker market
coming weok.
Chicaoo, Juno 29, 1
Thursday , fa oo..
waturday a so.
rniiuy u ua,
muuuiiy 4 fti,
TuoHday ,,,, o Is
Wtdncsday u 03
Wheat Has been moro active
week just closed and a seemingly
uusiuess nas ucen iraiisnctou, ad
panlcd by sllght'udvnncos in price
peclally for cash aud near futures.
market ropoits from ell tho loading
grain centros havo been bolter.
Cokn, Tlioro lias been considerable
property disposod of during tlio past
week and ut ndvanco prices over last
weok, Foreign advices havo been
moro encouraging and tho Eastorn mar
nets navo oxiiimteu a nttio moro
strength. Grain will probably bo weak-
or tho coming week.
Friday 1 oa,
iiiiirsiiuy ,,,, i io .
. 47
l in: 17
Momluv I 14 in
I Tuesday. , , l is 49
ITKUIieBUU . , I ft,,,,,, to
On the 18th of this month. fJulvl I
shall send another order for book to
tho Aniorioan Book Exchange. By that
lime it is oeiiovcti tlio publication of tlio
arjro typo edition of Universal Knowl
edge will bo completed. It has been
greatly delayed on account of the unex
pectedly largo numbor of topics treated
of lu the AmcricuiiA ddltlons,nnd,whuii
llnishcd it will bo tho most vnluablo
publication ever made. I van supply
the full set of fifteen volumcB at prices
unclnc from SI 5 to SJ13. necordlntr to
tho stylo of binding. Porfniis doslring
to avail themselves of this opportunity
will bo furnished with any books pub
lished by tho American Book Exchange
at New York Prices thus Bavins: nil
losttigq or express charges. Tho list of
iooks lias been frcnucntlv published m
The County Pai-eii, and those wishing
to order can tliero find prices, etc, or
get a new list by calling at my olllco.
I wish to send n largo order, and as
this is tho last order 1 shall make, I will
thank those who Intend to take advan
tage of It if they will send mo lists of
what they want, at once.
W. W. Daveni'Ojjt.
Sealed Proposals.
Soalcil rroposaW will bo reuelvril by tlio Tloaril
nl l.ilucatlnn ol' (JralK, Mil, until nnon on tho
ioiii uay oi .liny issi, lor me imrimsu of crccl
lhtf nud coiimli-linir n Sclinol Ilnllrilni? In tlm
tewu of Cridi,'. Shi.. act'orillkK l l'fTun unit
specineutlous nilimtcil by tlnIlnurilot Education
in; iimitiinK iu uu L'niiipirii'ii ns curly ns lirae
t I'lililo (lurlnir tlx; suiiiijiiir nf IHrtl.
,'1'hf plans und speclilcatlinis nmybo spph nt
tllO (llllCl'nf MlVSNN. Klkll Mllllll. nrnlilli.nU
St. .Itiwrnh, Mo., until .lulyTlh. 18SI, after that
iinieui iiieonii'c oi tno Hccn'tii
All timltftIMl4 til l,n iiililrni,iil In On
t'tury ottho lluaritut
CralK, Jin.
UlllliTHlLMiiHl Ri nt if v n,l nm.; I Itai
fi. U.i,i it. .it. ii.;.- i
fur thr. Hchnol llnllillinr."
Tho lliianl or Education tescrves tlio rlitht to
reject any or all bids. it. V. D.vwsoy,
, o-y Hoard or Education,
CralK. Un June until. 1811.
Than any Yard in the County I
1st. Wo keen a larirer and
better assortment.
2d. Wo pay Cash and aro en
titled to discounts.
3d. Wo have no clerks and
allow no commissions.
1th. Wo loso nothing on bad
5th. Wo sell cheaper and a
bettor grade.
Forest City, Mo.
Geo. P. Luckhardt,
Breeder ot the Calebrated Thoroughbred
I have a number of tlioroushbred Poland
China l'lgs now ready tor sals that uro bred
from full l'oland China Hoars and Bows, and
which I offer on tho most reasonable terms to
thoso desiring a SHporlor quality ol hogs. Stock
breeders who have secu my pigs pronounce
ever offered for sale In Holt County, They ar
all full bloods, and huve a clear podlgree. My
Sows uro from tlio well known Poland China
stock raisers, 11. F. Horsey & Hons, of Perry,
Plko county, Illinois j A O undT O Taylor, of
areencastlo, Sullivan county, MIourl, and
my Boar from H. Castle, of Wlllmlnetoii. Mills
om.e"nty. Illinois. He was sired by Honest Tom,
ho by Jim Crow 1 1st dam Jenny Und i 2d dam.
t Oxlord Ileauty.
Ail of my stuck is thoroughbred and not re
lated In any particular,
Call and seo them at my Nursery, adjoining
Dr. J. Ashworth
Continues to practice his profession at New
Point at the following rates I
Medical attendance ono dtllar per mile for
the nrst mile and 60 cents per nAlo for each
additional mile, Including medicine for onelii
tllvldual w UhOBt extra charge. Medicine at I s
omco ono dollar each time la each cose. in.
stirauce examination for Home I.lfo Assosla
tlon of Bur Ingon. Iowa, one dollar. Uses the
lYi(a 1 !'2f can be procurred In his prac
,CS 1 "l! ,l.'.ut n" l80,as6! "oth acute and chroalo
specially thoje pocullar to Wmen and children.
Calls promptly unswerea night or day, "lmlV-
County Court.
Tho July term of tho Holt
court convened Monday last,
all tho
judges being present.
Tho following jurors wcro drawn for
the August torm of tho circuit court:
Grand Jurors Thos. Cottier, A. M.
Sloan. 13. Weber, G. M. Pullom, Xfm.
Kamsoy, S. Vansicklo, J. Dobolt, E.
Itoberis, Jas McNulty, J. B. Seldcr, It.
P. Hickman, Fred Myers.
fctit Jurors. A. Cnrr, Jacob Markt,
1). Lewis, II. P. Iluloy, Jos. Groves, It.
P. Zook, Lovl Dovorrs, II. Zaehmnn, J.
A. Wade, (J. II. Long, J. A. Goodhart,
It. C. Hunter, Caleb Millor, Jas. Brown
ing W. A. Long, J. H. Ball, M.IIorron,
Thos. Tcarc, Win Doggo I), Lower, W.
F. Thayer, H. Kuhlcnkatinip, J. M.
Wm. Morris was ordered to ropalr
the bridge near Win. Miller's between
sections 1 and 12 in township CO, range
Tho court ordered tho purchaso of
tho Nash toll bridge in conjunction
with Andrew county.
The court mado an additional con
tract with Mocs Bennett iu tho sum of
8100 to increase tho height of tho sec
ond story cf tho court house, two-and-a-half
W. A. Morgan was appointed con
stablo ot Forbes township.
The Bridge Commissioner was in-,
structed to contract for bridge near Goo.
Tlio court refused a nowhcarlng iu
tho matter of tho Smiim- c.nl- m,.i,
iitiiin violUtii.. ..f T..I... i it...,. "
l" "u ui ouilll r. 17HVIS 1U1U
The Talbotts.
Last Friday, tho day set for tho oxo.
cutlon of tho Tnlbott boys, was ono
long to bo remembered by tho citizens
of Muryvillo. On Thursday night tho
crowd commenced pouring in nud kopt
up one continual stream until Friday
noon, when fully 15,000 people had
gathered to witness tho execution. Tho
scaffold was creeled durlmr tlio nlffht
and everything mado ready to launch
I tlio boys into eternity, lint tho gor
j crnor, it seems, was not quito ready to
havo tho boys dio, antl about 10 o'clock,
or about two hours beloro the titno set
for tho execution, a telogram was re
ceived lrom ids oxcollenoy, grunting a
rcpriovo to tho boys until July 22d. Tho -crowd
did not seem to lake this bit ot
news very good-humorodly, and indig
nation and oxcitcmont ran high for n
while. To drown their profound dis
appointment and chagrin they immedi
ately commencod filling up with liquor,
antl open threats wore mado of lynohing
tho boys that night. But the sheriff
had a strong guard of sixty men who
surrounded tho jail until tho boys could
bo removed to St- Josoph for safer keep,
lng. The governor it soems is still con
siderlng tho matter, and has givon hira.
eolt and tho boys moro time.
Mining In Colorado.
Many of our roadors will doubtless
bo interested m tho following letter
from ox-Govornor Stcolo, of .Colorado,
to Isaao Swopo, Esq., of Now England
JowolryCo., 421 North Fifth, street, St.
Louis, who recently invested in stock
of tho Stcolo Gold and Silver Mining
Co., tho same ftdvortlsod in this paper t
Geohqutown, Col., Juno 9, 1881.
Isaao Swopt, Esq., St. Louis, Mo.
Dear Sin: Yours of tho 4th Inst,
wns recolvcd yostorday making inquiry
in regard to tho property of the Stcolo
Gold and Silvor Mining Co. This prop
erty includes two'sllvor and twd cold
Jodos. Tho silvor mines nro near hero,
within ono to two miles of the of tho
railroad depot j also from roduotion
works tho sarao distance Those mlnos
are all locations and discoveries of mv
own. Tho Gold Mines aro at Empire
Cily, .four miles fiom this placo, and
two miles from Emplro dopot railroad,
lliesp mines nro noted for their richness
in gold-ovon richer gonornlly than gold
m nes of Gilpin counfy. Taking the six
mines as n wliolo I firmly bellevo thev
havo no equal in Coloratio or any other
state, for rlohnoss.and ooCtinuous nv
rnl.-i f . uay.
xnuii orwicos are not Ml tho tmall
somo of tliomWpeucd Mxam to l,w6
feet showing plainly their true cha&oT
' i W Bufl"nt working capital
furnished mo for dovalopmont, I con
within ono yoar mako tho stock of this
company worth half its face,, and be.
lleyo within two years, roach par value,
Neither do I requlro an oxtravKant
sua to accomplish this.
I will gladly answor any questions
you may ask. ' 1
Yours Bcspootfully,
R. AV. Stkbi.15,
-Lost! two el'ghUveeks-old Poland
China pigs. Femalo has oome yellow
snots, njalo somo white spots. AnX
giving iHformation leadmg to tCir re
covery will bo liberally rewarded.
- uSW J, N. MEwr,

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