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The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.) 1881-1883, July 15, 1881, Image 6

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77k moon U tn a ttalt of iltcrfjttwlt a tlrtui
vortd. Proctor't ledum.
Cincinnati rjtiette.
The moon It dead, defunct, played out;
80 says a Very learned doctor ;
She looketh well, beyond a doubt;
Perhaps she's In a trauco, dear Proctor.
At any rate, the' moat entrancing
For one of such decrepit age;
And on her radiant beauties glancing
Slic charms the eye of youth and sage.
And to the. man upon her's perished 1
lie lived In doleful Isolation;
Foor wretch 1 No wife his bosom cherished,
No children squalled his consolation.
Tet she's adored by all the gypsies,
Whose lovers sigh beneath bcr beams,
She aids the steps of staggctlng tlptlcs,
And silvers o'er romantic streams.
And once she caught Endymlon sleeping,
And stooped to kiss him In n grove,
Upon him very slyly creeping;
IIo was her first and only love.
But that's a very ancient story,
And was a youthful Indiscretion,
When she was In her primal glory
Ere scandal schools had held a session.
Scar darling moon I I dote upon her ;
I watch her nightly In the sky;
But oh! upon my word of honor,
I'd rather sho were dead than I.
It was n lover's quarrel, no doubt
about that. Sky threatening a regular
storm brewing ono could seo at
Sho stood, all flushed nnd excited, In
tho curtained bay window, her fair faco
clouded, hcrbluo eyes flashing, her
breath coming quick and fast.
He stood nt her side, stern and pnle,
his hands clenched excitedly, his dark
eyes full of mingled sorrow nnd passion
John Anslolgh's voico was low and
intense with feeling.
"It Is all your fault, remember," ho
went on with nn effort at calmness. "I
havo only requested you, kindly nnd
gently and as your betrothed husband
I surely have somo right to desist from
theso foolisn flirtations. Why, Alllo
you wore flirting Inst night with that
Mr. Mayno, whom public opinion pro
nounces a a I can't tell you, only
that no Is not proper company, for you
my dnrllngl" John's voico lost Its
angry tone, and grow very gentlo nnd
tender. "You know thnt this would
not trouble mo so if you were not dear
er 10 mo man my own 1110. say yo
aro not angry with me, swecthcartP
Dr. John Anslelgh bent his hnnd
somo head, and his dnrk eyes gazed in
to Alllo's bluo ones.
But tho llttlo lndy was in a contrary
mood, that morning. Sho felt like any
thing but meek submission to tho will
of her lover, oven though sho know
that all that ho had said was truo, nnd
prompted by his lovo nnd enro for her.
Alllo Ray was an orphan, an hcirncss,
too, just released from tho restrictions
of boarding-school llfo. Sho hnd lost
her parents in her Infancy, and hnd
passed tho eighteen years of her llfo
under tho caro of hirelings, and Hater,
nt a fashionable- school. And, pure as
a flower, sho had grown up amidst
Sho had been betrothed to Dr. Ans
leigh for nearly a year, nnd was now
under his mother's caro, passing a few
weeks at a waterlng-placo.
Society pronouncod Alllo n hcnrtless
flirt; but sho was merely a thoughtless,
careless girl, plunging headlong into
tho unaccustomed gaieties about her
with all hor hoftrt. Surrounded by
scores of admirers, no wonder her head
was nearly turned with admiration and
John Anslolgh's words would havo
touched her prldo. Did ho then imag
ine that, because she was careless nnd
happy, that sho was shallow and silly,
and needed a guiding hand?
Sho mentally resolved to cut Mr,
Mayno's acquaintance thnt very day
but then John should not hnvo tho satis
faction of thinking that his words had
instigated tho step. John had no con
fidenco in her lovo, sho told herself,
Well, let him think as ho pleased
All tho girl's defiant spirit was In
arms, and when John, at last, fearing
that ho had wounded her sensitive na
ture. attempted to set matters right be
twecn them, ho was struck dumb with
amazement as she turned upon him a
faco that was white and angry, her bluo
eyes lairiy scintillating.
"You've said enough, John
leighl" she cried, passionately
I can
see now the tho mistake I havo made
Wo wero never intended for each other
wo nro not suited. You want n wifo
that will oboy you llko a puppet iv wo
man with no will or mind of her own
a perfect urisciun. Aim 1 can never
submit to tyranny in any form. Tho
man I lovo must trust mo; nnd since
you havo ceased to do that, wo nro best
apart. 1 give you wick your ireedom.
"Alllo, stopr-
Dr. Anslelgh was white as n statue,
"Do you mean what you say? You
do not lovo mo then, AllioP"
Tho girl was thoroughly aroused now
nnd regardless of consemiencos.
"No!" sho cried, madly, "I do not
lovo vou any moro!"
Sho dashed nsldo tho heavy curtains
thnt draped tho bay-window, and wns,
gone Ami just men n man aroso from
tho lounging ciiair ucsido tho window,
whero ho had been ostensibly rending.
anil sauntered siowiy away.
It was Mr. Mayno. nnd thcro was
curious smllo on his sensual lips and nn
evil light in 111s gray oyes.
Listeners hear nogood of themsolves.
ho muttered. "Well, inaybo not; but nt
any rate, 1 Know which card to play
noxt. Piqued and angry nt Anslelgh,
tho beauty will turn to mo. I'llplnytho
heart-broken lover, step In before her
nnger against tlio haudsomo doctor 1ms
tlnio to cool, 'strike whilo tho iron Is
hot,' nnd I'm mistaken if I'm not en
gaged to Alllo Itay and Iter fifty thous
and dollars before tho suu sets!"
"The best laid schemes o' mice nnd
men gang aft ngloyl"
nut, Air. lunyno una lorgoucn mat
For a lone timo Jonn Bat In tlio bay-
window, his head bowed, staring his
misery in the faco. Could it bo true?
Alllo loved hlni no longer. Ah, well!
it was better for mm to Know tno worst,
qcforc it was too late.
An hour or two afterward ho saw Al
He, radiant in white organdlo nnd pink
ribbons, sitting on a ntstio scat In tho
hotel grounds In conversation wltn Air.
Mnyne. John bit his lip and hurried
away out of sight. Well, after nil 1
v. as nothing to him now; ho had no
longer any right; Alllo had ceased to
iovo mm. Ana oniy a icw nours ocioro
ho would have staked his llfo on her lovo
and truth.
But John did not know what was tak
ing plaeo out there In tho cool shado of
the oak tree, beneath which Alllo was
sitting besido her obnoxious companion.
Air. Mayno nad asked Alllo to do ms
wife, and had been very decidedly not
to sav contemptuously refused. And
when he arose and left her, there was an
nmrrv cleam in his wicked oves, whilo
in his heart he registered nn oath sooner
or later to bo avenged.
Alllo camo down to dinner In tho
great dining-room, at sunset, to find
John's place vacant.
Where is tno doctors ' somo one was
asking John's mother, ns Alllo entered
tho room and took her usual scat.
Mrs. Anslelirli looked troubled.
"Thcro has been nn nccldent." sho
said. "Somo men wero out fishing, tho
boat capsized nnd two of them nearly
drowned. Dr. Anslclch was sent for in
hopes that ho could saro them, their
families being totally ignorant of any
means of resuscitation. Hut It Is sever
al miles away down tho bench nnd
fear It will bo la to in tho night beforo
ho can return."
It chanced at that Instant thnt Alllo
raised hor eyes to encounter n glance
from Mr. Mnyne, who was her vls-n-vls.
Sho could not repress n shudder ns sho
saw tho audacious triumph In his face.
Dinner over, Alllo threw a shawl
about her, and wandered off on tho
bench alone. Tho sun had set now, nnd
twilight, weird nnd uncanny, was gnth
crlng. Allie wanted to get away from
everybody, to be nlono with her own
thoughts. Sho sat down at tho foot of
tho tree nndgnvo waytoher bitter reflec
A voico aroused her nnd startled her
musings. It was tho voico unmlstnk
nblo of young Mnyne eager, earnest.
"IIo bit nt tho bait mighty casyl"
Mayno exclaimed; won't ho bo furious
though when ho has his long, hard rldo
for nothing, and finds thnt thcro has
been no accident no capsized boat no
hnlf-drowncd men?" Mayno paused
and laughed heartily.
"And you'ro suro tho bridgo Is un
safe P" ho went on, eagerly.
"Oh, yes, sir!" nnothcr voico replied;
"tho high waters nnd tho Into storm
hnvo just played tho mischief with tho
old thing. Nobody can pass over it on
horseback without going through suro
ns shootin'l"
"And thcro will bo no mistake no
failure?" queried Mayno. "Anslelgh
win no suro to come uiick mat wayr"
He'll havo to!" tho other answered.
grimly. "Ho went by tho beach road,
it is true, but ho can't como back that
way after night falls, for tho tido Is In
now. No, sir, there nln't but ono road
for Dr. Anslelgh to como homo by, and
thnt is over tho old bridge. And if ho
crosses or tries to cross that well, you
lrnnuf tlin lnt I"
know tho restl'
And with a savngo chucklo thov
moved nway.
Alice sat, half stunncdfnt tho revela
tion to which sho hnd listened. Sho
know tho wholo vile, murderous plot
now! This was Mayno's vengennco! In
n ttnsh sho saw her own way clearly.
Sho had brought this on John Anslelgh
suu must aiivu ms me, uiougu 8110 lost
her own!
1 - . " , f . 1 , r . 1 ,0 ,
She staggered to her feet, and draw
ing her shawl bau toher, turned awav in
. 1 t . ... . -
ma uirccuon 01 uiu oiu unugo; perhaps
half a mllo distant from tho hotel. To
bo suro sho knew not tho road sho had
taken; but if she could only cross tho
rotten structure, she could await his
coming on tho other side.
Sho reached tho plaeo at last. .Gath
ering nil her courago together, sho
stepped upon tho old bridgo. It was
nearly dark now, but with nn agonized
prayer for protection, sho moved on
ward. Even beneath her light vclght
it tottered and shook. Sho could seo
away down below tho blnck, angry
wnter, with Its swift, awful current.
swollen by recent rains, nnd choked bv
driftwood) It was a wild sight thcro In tho
gathering gloom. Onward sho moved,
holding her breath, and with clasped
nanus nnu uunicu oyes watching tho
other sldo.
Thank God! sho is over safo at last!
Sho sank down on a mossy stump, and
croucmng down, awaiteu donn s com
ing. .
And darkness gathered and fell over
nil things. She felt timid and afraid
but sho calmed her fears as best she
might, and remained patiently at her
post. An hour passed. What if ho
wero not coming homo that night? The
thought made her heart stand still. But,
von men suo ncaru, away in mo uis
tance, tho tramp of a horse's fcot com
Ing nearer nearer. Sho aroso and
stepped forward. Tbo moou had risen
now, and its clear rays showed her
plainly that It was really John.
Sho stepped into tho road. Sho for
got everything all that had happened
that day nnd raising hor voico, sho
cried, wildly:
"John! Oh, John!"
Doctor Anslelgh checked his horse,
and paused irresolute His heart beat
tumultuous ho could not credit his own
"Alllo! my God!" ho gnsped, "what
is tho matter?"
IIo sprang from his horso, and In
moment moro sho was lu his arms, her
head on his breast, whilo sho sobbed
out tho wholo story. John llstenod with
n now light in his oyes, his heart full of
happiness. Ami while they stood there
nlono In tho mirn moonlicrht. with
groat rush and roar tho oldbridgo wont
down. John shuddered nnd drow All!
closer to mm, whilo n thankful prayer
wonr up in nenven.
"My darling," ho murmurod, softly
you navo saved my llfo!"
At first tho problem of how thoy
. 1 1 . ! 1 1 .11 il!
cult to bo solved: but after a time Joh
found an old boat with a counloof roucr!
oars, which had been loft thoro nnd for
gotton; nnd tho way beennio clear nt
onco. lying his horso to a great tree
to romain until ho could send for it, on
tho uorrow when tho tldo would bo out
nnd tho bench road pnssablo John ns
ulsted Alllo into tho old boat, and thoy
'mado the passage In safety.
Home lu Mrs. Anslclgh's cosy parlor,
whero tho mother was anxiously await
ing hor sou's return (sho had not miss
ed Alllo, but supnosod that sho was safo
in hor own room), John told her tlio
whole story. Aud when ho had finish
ed, ho laid his hand upon Alllo's.
"You risked your own life," ho said,
his voico all ft tremble, "to save mlnel
Why did vou do It, AllioP"
Anu Aiuo nnswereu ornvciy mcir
quarrel a thing of tho past and for
getting tlio words sho had said that very
"Bccauso I lovo you, John."
What" Boy Did.
A duke, walking In his garden ono day,
saw n Latin copy of a great work on
Mathematics lying on tho grass, and
thinking It had been brought from his
library, called somo ono to carry it
"It bolongs to me," said tho garden
er's son, stepping t up.
"Yours 1" cried tho duke; "do you
understand geometry and Lntln?"
"I know a llttlo of them," answered
tho lad, modestly.
Tlio duko having a tasto for tho scl-
cnccs.bcgan to talk with tho young stu
dent, nnd was astonished at tho clear
ness and intelligence of his answers.
"Hut how came you to know so much
asked tho duke.
"Ono of tho servnnU taught mo to
read," answered tho lnd. "Ono docs
not need to know nnythlng moro than
the twenty-four letters in order to learn
everything else ono wishes." But the
gentleman wanted to know more about it,
"After I learned to rend," said the
boy, "tho masons camo to work on our
houso; I noticed tho nrchltcct used a
rule and compass, and mndo a great
many calculations. What was tho
meaning nnd use of that? I asked; nnd
thoy told 1110 of a science culled aritli
mctlc. I bought an arithmetic and
studied it through. They then told mo
there wns another science called
geometry. I bought tho books nnd
learned geometry. Then I found thcro
wero hotter books about these sciences in
Lntln. I bought a dictionary and
lenrned Latin. I henrd thcro were stll
better ones in Franch. I got a dlctlonnry
nud learned Franch. It seems to me
e may learn everything when wo know
tho twenty-four letters of the nlphnbet.
I hey aro in fact, tho ladder to every
science. But how many boys nro con
tented to wnsto their time at the first
two or thrco rounds, with not pluck nor
crsovernuco enough to climb higher!
Up, up, up, if you want to know moro
and see clearer, and tnke a high post of
usefulness in tho world. And if you nro
n poor boy nnd need n llttlo friendly
encouragement to help you on, be sure,
If you havo a will to climb you will find
tho way, just as tho gardener's son
found It nfterwnrds In tho Duko of
Argyll, under whoso patronage ho pur
sued his studies nnd beenmo a distin
guished mathematician.
Take The Girls West.
Y. Wltncn.
A Colorado paper says tho greatwant
of that .region Is girls, nnd wo suppose
the same may bo said of all tho
now States and Territories.
Mining and cattle raising Industries re
quire men, young, strong men, nnd that
in grcnt numbers; and that class, with
out tho refining nnd elevating influence
ofwomon and ministers of tho gospel,
Is almost certain to deteriorate into n
drinking, gnmbling, fighting, infidel
way of llfo. Our various denominn
tions of Christnlns nro sending ministers
nnd missionaries in largo numbers to
theso self-exiled men, but who is going
to send tho girls to make wives nnd
homes for them? Tho lack of somo agon
oy such ns that commenced by Govcr-
nor Slndc, of Vermont, is perhaps the
greatest want of tho prcsentday In these
United States. Virtuous, Intelligent
girls aro much wanted in tho regions
whero at prcsant men greatly prepon
derate In numbors nnd there aro plenty
of them In tho older States. They are
wanted in tho West as teachers, ns
cooks, nnd ns servnnts in boarding-
houses, ns tnilorcsses, as nurses, nnd in
other houorablo employments, nnd If
thoy do not marry they can mnko an
honorable and handsome living. It is
not nt all necessary, thcrcforo, that
thoy should go on tho indelicate mis
sion of husband-hunting; but there
should bo nothing to hinder them from
assenting, If thoy wero sought in mnrrngo.
A Scotch lady conferred nn immense
benefit on Australia by taking out cargo
after cargo of young Scotch women to
thnt now country, nnd tho British Gov
ernment imitated her by sending out
ono shipment after another of Irish
Roman Cnthollo girls, whoso influence
will probably bo felt In Australia for
centuries to como in fnvorof the Church
of Romo. In llko manner, if hundreds,
or oven thousnnds, of good Frotcstnnt
girls, with certificates of church-mom
bershlp and membership in somo torn
pernnco organization In their pockets
wero to bo sent to Colorado, Aiontann,
W,ni.lno- "Jv Afnvlpn Wi.otnrn "Wnli-
raska nnii other mining regions, their
Influences for good would bo incalculable,
not only nt prcsant but in the wholo
future of theso regions. Yo noblo ma
tronsof tho Women's Christian Tom-
pernnco Union, will yo notconsider this
great tompornnco won;, or, ueiior huh,
why should not each largo earnest
church Subscrlbo tho nocossary amount
to send out ono of Its most reliable
elderly ladles with n dozen or a score of
thoyoungicmniomcmtiersoi tno church,
who might bo willing to go under suoli
nusplccs toobtnin situations in tho West?
l'ttrents having largo families of
daughters should also go West. Far
bettor for daughters to go thoro than in
to tobacco nr othor factories; or to
stand ten or twelve hours dally bohlnd
n counter.
Teacher "A quadruped Is an animal
having four legs. Now who will give
mo tho namo of n quadruped?" And
18 shrill voicos piped out, "A tablo."
Thoro Is nothing llko objeot teaching,
especially when the objcot'ls just beforo
tno pupii Boyes.
Ilia l.lINt ItOHO.
Bald a sufferer from kidney trouble when asked
to trv KNliiey-wornor a renieuy. -j-h try it,
but ft will bo my last doso." It cured film and
tinw lin rivnlnmiMlila It to nil. If VOU lmVO diS
ordered urine don't fall 'to try It. Yokohama
A Trap for Seven.
Detroit Tree Pren.
Catch a rat in n trap and ho will fight.
Trap n man and well, you can't rely
on him. It Is according to tho trap. In
tho heavy stago conch, as wo roll out of
Lcadville, aro seven men. Ono Is nn
army officer who has half-a-dozen senrs
to provo his bravery. Cut off from his
command on tho plains last summer by
a scoro of Indians, ha entrenohed him
self and fought tho band off until help
arrived. Two of tho others aro despe
radoes, who hnvo killed their men.
Thrco of tho others aro stalwart miners,
each armed with two revolvers, and they
look as If thoy would provo Ugly custo
mers in a row.
Tho seventh man might do somo
shooting on a pinch, but ho hopes thcro
will bo no pinch; In tho crowd are ten
revolvers, two derringers, thrco repent
ing rifles, and four or live bowio knives,
nnd thcro is perfect good feeling as tho
stago rolls along. It is tacitly under
stood thnt tho army captain Is to nssumo
command In caso tho coach is nttacked,
and that nil aro to keep cool and firo to
It Is 10 o'clock in tho morning. Tho
windows nro down nnd tho passengers
are smoking nnd talking and seeking
for comfortablo positions. Tho conch
has just reached the top of a hill, when
overy horso Is suddenly pulled up.
"If It's n b'nr, wu'll hnvo somo fun,"
growled ono of tho miners, ns ho put his
head out of the window.
"If it's n robber gin mo tho fust pop
nt hlml" whispered ono of tho despera
does. No ono could say what tho troublo
was, when n wiry llttlo chap about Oft.
6ln. tall, with blnck eyes and hnir, clean
faco nnd thin lips, nppeared nt tho left
hand door with n revolver In cither
hand, and said:
"Gents, I'm sorry to disturb you, but
I've got to mnko n raise this morning.
Fleaso le'nvo your shooters and climb
down here, ono nt n time.
It was sudden. It wns so sudden that
It took lOscc. to understand tho drift of
his remnrks. Then overy eye turned to
the right-hand door, and tho two rcvolv
ers held by a second robber wero seen
at tho open window. It wns n trap
Tho rats wero caught, nnd would they
"Gents, I'm growing a leetlo impa
tient," continued tho first robber, "nnd
want to see the proceuslon begin to
mover' .
Let's sec? Tho captain was to lend
us, and wo wero to Keep cooi nnu nro to
kill. But tho captain was growing white
around tho mouth, and nobody had a
weapon in hand. Tho rats wero not go-
in" to light, unu 01 uiu miners openeu
tho door nnd descended, nnd tho other
six humbly followed. The soven were
drawn up In "no across uio roau, nnu
while tho robber held his shooter on the
linn lie COllllV nhsnrvpri in ma nnrtnni.
"Now, William, you remove tho wea
pons irom tno coach nnd then search
theso gentlem'en."
As William' obeyed every victim was
oruereu 10 110m ms hands ahovo his
head, anil whatever nlundcr wns tnknn
from his pockets wns dropped into Wil
liam's hat. Fur gold watches, two di
amond plus, n telescope, n diamond ring,
a gold badge, and 81200 In cash chnng-
cd hands lu lOmin. Not a man had a
word to say. Tho driver of tho conch
did not leave his seat and was not Inter
fered with. When the Inst man had
been p undcred tho genteel Dick Tur
pin kindly obsorved.
"You aro tho most decent set of men
I over robbed, and if times weren't so
precious hard. I would make cacli of vou
a present of $10. Now, then, climb
back to your plnccs nnd tho conch will
go on."
Tho crowd "dumb," nnd tho vchlclo
resumed its journey. Not n weapon or
a time-piece or n dollar had been saved,
Soven well-armed men had been clean-
od out by two nnd not n shot fired nor 11
wound given. Each man took ms seat
without a word. Mllo after mile wns
passed in perfect silence, nnd finally tho
seventh man, tho ono who might fight
on a pincn, but didn't, plaintively sug
"Can't somo of you gentlemen think
01 alow remarks which would bo apro
pos 10 1110 occasion" r
No ono could, and tho silence was re
Canine and Human Intelligence.
nnrllntton llawkcyo.
Mr. lhimschnolder nnd his friend
August Flfemnchcr. wero out walking.
nnu Mr. Rnmsehneldor was boasting of
1110 intelligence 01 ms uog.
"Seo hero," ho said; "I place my hat
here, in this fence corner, I conceal it
under tho bush and dried leaves. We
will now walk on. Wo pass down tho
lano, wo turn this corner, wo stroll by
tho woods, I sond Bismarck back for
my hat. Sec, my friend? ho oorapre
hends me; he flics through tho woods
ho speeds down tlio Innc, ho dls
nppcars around tho corner, presently
ho will be back beforo I havo timo to
catch cold in my bend."
It was true, as Mr. Ernst Ramsch
neldcr had said. Tho Intelligent do;
readily understanding what wns want
cd, spod down tho lane and flow around
tno corner to get the hat. But ho did
not get it all tho sniuo. For, just ns ho
now around tno corner, n wary thougl
not nn affluent tramp, who hail watch
ed tho circus from nfar, was In tho act
of appropriating Mr. Itntiischnolder1
now hat unto himself, and when tho
dog got up in a short rango ho fired
clay-cold clod, as hard as a dor knob
ntthnt 'altliful animal, with af"rco
that knocked iv howl out of him ns long
ns a eloths-llno. nnd sent him wailing
nnd wenpirg back to his astonished
master. And when Mr. Ramschnoidor
and his friend hastened to Investigate
thoy fo'md undor tho brush nn old h"
that had lived In mro nsh hoaps than
you could count in a wool;, ami sc
greasy nn'1 forbidding In itsgonoral np-
pcara'ico that Mr. Ramsehnoider
wouldn't touch It with his enno. Far
nway beneath tho distant fields, thoy
saw tho sunlight shining on Mr, Ram-
eohivldor's 85 hat, and ho trump of
" S 13
cd hoifo linro as to his head, which Is
of tho bald "ba'dy, and ho hasn't got
out of bed yotwltli tho cold ho caught.
IIico fahuln docot you that when you
stako tho Instinct of thu citnls against
tho cheek of iv tramn vou can lust bet
multiim peounlto tho cauls will bo
At Lulse, Prussia, Juno 24th, an ox-
ploslon occurred, and 17 pertons wore killed,
and 5 Injured.
Herr Von Cosslcr, tho new German
Minister of Public Worship, U Inclined to favor
peace with the Vatican.
A village In Valols, Switzerland, con
sisting of about 800 houses, has been entirely
destroyed by fire.
A oyclono In tho district of Blois,
France, June 23d, caused damage to the amount
of several million francs.
A fire In Brooklyn, N. Y., Juno 16th,
caused a loss amounting to 1100,000. A work
man was burned to death.
A firo nt Dycrsburg, Tonn., a fow
night ago, destroyed Are houses, Including the
building occupied by the Btata OaiHIt.
President Garfield's sister, Mrs. Ar
nold, who was Injured by a railway aeddent, 1
better, and It It hoped she will recover.
Tho Irish census gives tho "gemot tho
tea" a population of 6,1S9,849, a decrease of
only a quarter of a million lu eleven years.
Tho ship Fraconla ran nshoro near
the entrance of San Francisco, June 26th, and
will prove a total loss. Tlio crew wero saved.
Foos & Evans' plow factory at Spring
field, Ohio, was unroofed by a storm and the
walls leveled, June 29th. The city was much
A storm near Maysflcld, S. C, Juno
2nd, leveled barns and fences and unroofed
several business houses. Two houses being en
tlrely destroyed.
The loss nnd dnmngo by tho powder
ixploslon at Tucson, Arizona, amounts to about
(100,000. The county hospital Is In ruins, but
no patients Injured.
A man was killed and two fatally in
jured by a train which was wrecked upon
the Duflalo, New York & Philadelphia railway,
and a train of coal demolished, June 29th.
A dispatch from Marlow, 111., of Juno
29th says, tho rain that momlng fell tn torrents,
and damaged the crops greatly. Three houses
were demolished, and thrco men killed by light
Tho descendants of Pollock, tho au
thor of "The Course of 8lmc," havo Just been
evicted from their farm In Scotland. It has
been In the possession of the Follock family for
two hundred years.
A destructive tornado swept over
ranklln, N. II. June 23th, with hall and light
ning. Half of the windows were shattered, and
many chimneys overturned, trees and gardens
ruined. Its path was two miles wide. The
Catholic church was much damaged.
A heavy wind storm passed over tho
Black Hills In tho vicinity of Dcadwood on the
morning of Juno 15th. The Methodist Church
and the Sisters' Hospital at Lead City were
blown down. The roof of the Church struck a
dw, '"riuse and demolished It.
John .rflddloton and brido wero drown
ed at Savanoli, Georgia, June 23rd. They were
crossing a ferry after their wedding, when Mrs,
Mlddleton fell Into the water and her husband
attempted her rescue. The bodies wero recov
ered locked In each other's arms.
A sensation was created at Omaha re
ccntly by tho Indictment by the grand Jury of
prominent liquor dealers, two of whom arc city
councllmen, for the violation of the Slocum high
license law, which went Into effect June 1st,
This Is the first step towards enforcing It.
On tho night of Juno 24th n wholo
train nn the Morclas railroad, In Mexico, tum
bled down Into tlio river San Antonio, near
Cuantla, on account of the falling of a stone
bridge. Nearly two hundred wero dead when
first dispatch was sent, and a great many wound
od, mostly soldiers.
A special frcm Montlcollo, 111., of
June 20th, says: Lawrence Maboncy, abridge
carpenter on the Wabash bridge, was burnt to
ashes tn a tool car on the road that morning.
The car and all IU contents were destroyed, In
cluding (160 belonging to the men of the gang,
By tho lire at Tombstono, Arizona,
June 22nd., about 160 houses were destroyed
Including a largo part of the business portion of
the town. The losses will aggregate a quarter
of a million dollars, and about 800 people are
litmclcFS. The nro originated In a saloon from
the opening of a barrel of whisky the fumes of
which communicated with a cigar lighter.
Another great comet has been dls
covered by L. L. Edwards, of Havcnford, Fa.
and Edgar L. Larkln, Windsor. 111. It Is tn
constellation Auriga, and Is very large. A dls
paicn irom AKron, umo, oi June xw, says a
comet was observed tlicro that momlng. The
samo reports come from points In various
States. It was also seen lu England,
Tho troubles In tho Indian Territory
continue to Increase. A few days ago J. W,
Sage, Sheriff of Scully county, Choctaw Nation,
was found dead. He bad evidently been mur
dered by white men for attempting to enforce
upon them what Is known aa the "permit law.
which created so much disturbance In the Nation
Tho conclusions at Cambrldgo obser
vatory are that the comet Is now moving away
from the earth at the rata of 300,000 miles per
day. It will probably be visible for several
months and will, without doubt, bo conspicu
ous during tho time to the naked eye. It reached
Its maximum of brightness Thursday night
June 23d. The tall Is 4,000,000 miles In length,
A special from Llttlo Rook says ad
vices from the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian
nations Indicate that affairs there have readied
a crisis. The cavalry at Ft. Sill havo been or
dcrcd to report to the United States agent.
TutlU, at Muskogee, on tho 24th of Octobei
with the Choctaw militia under Gov. McBurt,
in driving tne wmte intruders and tliclr stufk
irom tno nation. All persons not indianemr
Intermarried with Indians are classed as intrtfl
ers under tho law. The greatest terror and dis
tress exists.
On the night of Juno 22nd., a fnial
accident occurred at ti o Junction of tho IKIl
waukco & Bt. Paul railway and tho CcntralCof
Iowa, at Mason City. The. Central cars ofSho'
night paBscger wero allowed to stand ocroslitlie
track of tho Milwaukee railway, and at'liho
Austin road, a short distance west, a freight
train was trying to get out somo cars. The
concussion of working up the train set some
loose cars Initio mutton, and on a slight down
grado they, went with accelerated force, diving
Into tho Central baggago and passenger coaches,
killing Albert E. Carter, of Cresco, and Injur
ing a few others,
A tolegrnm from tlio City ofMoxico7
says report ro meagre regarding tho Malpola
accident as tho telegraph was destroyed by the
( managers for the purpo&eof suppressing tho do-
tails. Tbo oniclal account of
the killed was
103 soldiers and 13 olllccrs; and ot the wounded
23. Later rejiorts somewhat Increaso the num
ber. The train passed Malpols, aud two miles
beyond, w hero tho bridgo was washed away,
and tho train ut full speed plunged Into tlio
chasm. TIkj engineer and fireman wero Instant
ly killed. A largo cargo of whisky and alcohol
I was aboard, and caught fire. Tbo cor coutalu-
Ing the soldiers was partlaly burned. A bevy
flood was rushing through tho chum, and
many were drowned, and others burnt beyond
Tho steamer Newborn brings tho crow
of the schooner. Eusslce, from Mazatlan, and
tho particulars of the killing of the Captain and
firing of the vessel by a raantae cook. The cook,
who had frequently shown signs of being de
mented, suddenly stabbed the Captain as he
entered the cabin. IIo then ran Into the closet
whero the axes were kept, and the crew closed
the cabin doors. The cook continued walking
about the cabin, several times threatening to
fire the vessel. The crew then got the boats.
Boon after some smoke began rising from the
cabin, and the crew left hastily. As the vessel
had 2,300 kegs of powder on board sho soon
blowup. The maniac Immediately perished In
the explosion. The crew reached Mazatlan af
ter sixty miles pull In a heavy sea.
Reports from 40 towns in Western
Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia regarding
the condition of crops and business havo been
received. While In tome particulars reports vary,
they unlto in a very encouraging total. The
present outlook Is favorable for fair crop of
wheat, although not quite up to last year, ad
verse effect of recent rains having neutralized
the Increase of average. The samo cause to
gether with the dry weather in the May has at
fected the corn crop unfavorably, while oats
promise a fair yclld, and hay an
unprecedented one. lhe irult crop is not so
promising, the prospects being that there will
be a ugbt yield ot apples, and a very poor ono
of peaches, whilo small fruits have done excel
lently. Reports on the business outlook In the
surrounding towns are exceedingly satisfactory,
with Just enough exceptions to mark a rule.
Trade Is reported very brisk with payments
promptly made. Farmers aro out of debt or
rapidly reducing their liabilities, and the coun
try generally Is In a very sound and healthy
A most horrlblo accident occurred on
the night ot Juno 24th, on tho Mosllos Railway
In Mexico, whereby over two hundred people
were burned and crushed to death. The scene
of the cataatrophcr was on the river San Anton
io, near the vllllago of Matlpols. For somo time
past this section of country has been swept by
fierce storms, swelling creeks and laying waste
many fertile fields. The bridge spanning the
river at the point mentioned, although known
to be unsafe, was still In use whon the
fated train, bearing a battalion of sol
diers attempted to cross. Ono account rays the
list of 17 officers and 197 privates killed docs
not Includo tho railroad officials and employes,
or tho women and children ot the soldiers,
Only CO persons In all were saved alive, and of
those 40 are more or less Injured. For a mo
ment after the plungo ot the cars from the
bridge, all was darkness. Suddenly 100 barrels
of brandy loaded on two ot tho cars caught firo
and tho burning fluid Inundated the moss ot
passengers struggling In tho river. Dead nnd
living, wrapped In a sheet of flamo were slowly
burned before tho eyes ot tho survivors who
wero unablo to save them.
" Ed. Stnnnnrd and Luther Ross, color
ed waiters In Chicago, June 23d, quarreled aver
the question of relieving each other on watch,
when Stannard was stabbed to the heart. Koss
was arrested.
ai uicvcianci, unio, juno 2oth, a
young man, after eating heartily in a coffca
house, shot aud killed the proprietor, Geo.
Williams. When arrested, he said he shot the
proprietor because he had no money to pay his
On tho nftonioon of June 25th, in
Washington, D. C, James Christmas shot and
killed Wm. G. Whitney. They wero partners,
and had quarrelled ou several occasions. On
that day the quarrel was renewed, when Christ
mas drew a pistol and shot Whitney dead.
At Antioch, lnd., Juno 22nd, tho men
mploycd In tho building ot the new railroad
shops for the Wabash, 8t, Louis and Pacific
railroad struck. All but 85 or 40 went to work
at advanced wages. Those not employed went
to a saloon, which .was closed against them, and
attempted to force an entrance. Tbo proprietor
was Inside and armed with a double barreled
shot gun, and when the rioters broke tho door
down he fired. The foremost received the con
tents In his breast, fatally wounding him; and
others received slight wounds, but were not
dangerously hurt.
A San Francisco dispntch of June 25,
saysi Frank Braga, Secretary of tho Portugal
Protection and Benefit Society, has absconded,
and Is a defaulter to the amount of (100,000.
Braga was a saloon keeper near tho city front.
and was Implicitly trusted by his countrymen,
who deposited with him for safe keeping, In
vestment, and stock operations, all their sav
ings. IIo left tho city Juno 10, ostensibly for
Tulumno county on business. It Is now ascer
tained tiiat lie lias mado u clean sweep of tho
money, stock and bonds of his clients and cveu
more, thovaluablo furniture of his saloon.
L.. uiuanson, a &weuo recently nr-
rived at San Francisco from Honolulu reports
that several hundred Scandinavians who went
to the Sandwich Islands under labor contracts
made by Capt. Larange, aro held there In what
Is practically i state of slavery and disposed of
by lot among the planters. They aro suffering
from climatic Influences and held rigidly to the
terms of contract on pain of penal servitude,
Although the other parties to the contract have
failed to carry out Its leading spirit, the story
creates a sensation In the city and several com
munications have been rent to Norway and
Sweden warning people against Hawaiian emi
grant agents.
News) from Abroad.
Tho Irish party In Farllaraent will
'give Parncll a grand banquet, on the occasion ot
tho 35th anniversary of bis birthday.
Gladstone envo notice thnt ho would
move that after Wednesday, June 20th, several
stages of tho land 11111 shall have precedence
over other orders ot business when other bills
appear ou notice paper, uutll tho house shall
otherwise decide,
Tho Italians continue to quit Mar
ectlls. Two steamship companies have offered
to the Italian Consul frco accommodations
yjjoard all their ships for Italians who are afraid
Jo remain In tho city, and six hundred havo al
ready left. On Surday, Juno 10th, placards
were posted In tho city declaring that all works
where Italians aro would be burned down, This
threat now seems partially realized, as two oil
mills and manufactories where Italians only
wero employed havo been almost total IfS de
stroyed by fire. The damage Is estimated at
0,000,000 francs.
O'Callnhan, honorary Socretnry of
the Waterford Branch Land League, has been
arrested under tho coercion act. Sexton, speak
ing at Tullainar, county King, said tlio coercion
act had failed, and tho outrages would contin
ue until tho law was such that people could
obey. Socral members of tho Ladles Land
League of Kllmallock, county Limerick, have
been summoned ou tho charge ot obstruction ot
the public highway on tho occasion of tho visit
ot Mrs, Faniell.
It is rumored, says a dispatch from
London, that mines have been discovered under
be foundations ot the Kazan Cathedral In BU
Advices havo been received from Snf-
da that tho Bonamlna rebels, passing between'
the two French columns, have returned to tha
northward, probably with the object of marchlngr
upon theMarchusean station of tho Alfa Com
pany, where large stores aro kept It Is ru
mored that they have already commenced to
make raids there.
"What do you want for your birthday
present, sissy P" "I want a ring, papa,
as big as yours, only smaller."
"Will tho conilnc man flvP" IIo
probably will when tho coming woman
gets after him.
Tho man who stolo a trlanco has not
yet been arrested, although his atten
tion was arrested when ho stolo tho
"Standing Bear." said nn old ladv.,
rending about tho wrongs of tho I'oncas,
"why, how drcndfult Poor fellowl I
supposo thoso rascally agents have sto
len all his clothes."
A brother arouso In n weekly nraver-
meeting in Now Jcrsoy nnd said:
"Brethorn. whon I consider tho short-.
kess of life, I foci ns if I might be tak
en nw ay suddenly, llko a thelf in tho
,.ti. if
"I wish to heaven I had n centlemait
opposite mo," said nn Irritable old fel
low at a dinner party. "Why should;
you wish such a tlilngP" was tho retort?
"you cannot be moro opposito to a gen
tleman thnn you nro nt present."
Newlv-marrlcd husband: "This Is n.
friend of mine, my dear a friend of
twenty years' standing." His brido:
"Good gracious. Then pray give him
a scat, for I am suro ho must bo tired."
A ccntlcmnn wns walkinir throucrh thr
nfrontfl tn rUmt-lnatnn nnnAmnnt,! 1...
nntlve of that city. It was a beautiful
l ll-A 1 .1 .
urigia nigur, nnu me stranger, pointing
upward, said, "Did you over seo any
thing as bcnutlflll ns flint mnnnP" fl,
good Lord!" sold tho native, "you ought
io mivo seen mat moon ooloro tho
A commercial trnvnlnr from Ttnotnn
having hnd a run of hard luck In prose
cuting business on tho road, recelvcdv,
from his firm tho following exhilarating;
illsnntnli! "If
1 - - j - v iuiniJ VAIVUaV9
como homo at once." To which ho sent
tho following reply: "All right. Can
mako plenty of expenses, but no sales."
A lnilv ran linr lnt vnnr'o l,nnnnf
through a clothes wringer, nnd now sho
has tho most stylish line in town. Tho
ribbons nnd trimmings resemble watered
silk, with smashod soap bubbles on tho
strings, and mlnlnrurn annurl.nlln nf
starch clinging to tho tips of tho feather.
Lawvor to witnnaa. snvnrnlv nVnn
seem to bo reluctant to stnto your na
tionality: now let mo nsk you distinctly.
nro you an EngllshmnnP'' Witness
"JMo, sir." Lawyer "Aro you a.
FrenchmanP" Witness "No sir."
Lawyer "Well, then, aro you an Ital
ian, or a Itlisslllll. nr n. Tllt-lr nr an
AmerlcnnP" Witness, hanging his heaiL
huu coloring ueepiy "jno, sir; I'm nn.
Ohio man."
"Inssuroyou. crentlomen." snld llm
convict upon entering the prison, "thnt-
uio piaco iiii9 sought mo, nnd not I tho
place. Mv own nti'alrs reallv riemnmlml
all my timo and attention, and I may
truly say that my selection to fill this
position wns an pntiro surprise. Had I
consulted my own Interest, I should,
havo peremptorily declined to serve,
but, as I nm In tho hands of my friends,
I seo no other courso but to submit."
And ho submitted.
Itcmcmbcr, though box In tho plural mokes
The plural of ox should bo oxen, not oxes.
And remember, though flecco In tho plural Is
That tho plural of goose Isn't gooses norgecscs.
And remember though house lu the plural Is
The plural of mouso should bo mice, and not
Mouse, It Is true, In tho plural Is mice,
But the plural of houso should bo houses, not
And foot, It Is truo, in tho plural Is feet,
But tho plural of root should bo roots, and not
A pompous lawyer, who supposod
himself to bo vcrv sarnnntln. until tn
keeper of nn applo stand: "Itseoms to
mo that you should quit this trying
business, and go at somothlng which is
not so wearing on tho brain." "Oh,
'taln't business," said tho applo seller.
"It is lyln' awako nights tryln' to de
cide whothor to leavo my fortun' to a
orphan 'sylum or to n homo for played
out old lawyers as Is a-klllin' mo."
They came unto a dangerous place,
Where she might come to harm;
He feared she'd fall, and so ho said,
"Won't you accept my arm I"
"Oh, no," she quite demurely sold,
"Unless, sir, you command;
' But then I thluk It better far,
That you accept my hand." '
Their glances met, the heart ot each
Was In the mouth. Oh, bliss I
Thoso hearts wero quickly Joined In one,
And welded with a kiss.
They tell a story about a man who
called on a resectable widow of his ac
quaintance, and said, "Madam, I'm
looking for a wifo. I don't think you'll
hardly do, but I didn't know but you
might think of somebody that would."
Tho bowildored man has forgotten what
tho widow said, but has tho impression
that a tornado struck tho town about
that time.
Dr. Busby, whoso figure was beneath
tho common size, was ono day nceostod
in a publlo coll'eo-room by na Irish bar
onot of colossal stature, wjh "May I
pass to mvsoat, O Glnntif' when tho
baronet, "my expression alludod to tho
size of your Intclliwt." "And ray ex
pression, sir," saltTtho doctor, "to tho
Izo of yours."
Tho story is told of a 7-yoar-old boy
In Maine that ho is able to toll, without
calculating tho day of tho week, upon
iwhlcn any given dnto will fall. When
asked how ho did It, horeplled, "I don't
know; It comos to mo."
When tho Governor attends, a public
dlnnor, tho waiters pass things oyer his
head, just ns though ho wore a private
citizen. Thoy havo no rognrd for tho.
gubernatorial prerogative.
Now York Independent, """CU.
No pallatlal hospital needed for Hon Hitters,
patients, nor large-salaried talented , lmffcrs to
wU Hop Bittern will do orTuro, as the?
cus1o1homUe6.t0ryby Ulelrccriala !&luti

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