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I will fell nt my residence, two miles routh of Mnltland, oil
Wednesday, July 27th, 1881,
The following described property, to-wlt:
2f head ol horses, murits and wilts, DO head of cuttle, (high grades), cows,
fudfers andfteors. 100 head of hogs, il Jennets; 1 No. 1 two-yoiir old Jack;
1 two.lioifiu wagon mid 2 sots double luirnes! ; 1 skeleton wagon nml pi;t of sin
gle harness; 1 pair ot hub sleds; I No. 1 lmy or straw cutter, Household nml
Miction lurimuro, mm uiuuyouioi- nrncius
.It,, ttc . 4 It. ..I ..!. Il Ill
MS: A credit ol" wis months will
per cent. Interest from date, purchaser
num. of $26 and under, cash.
Jones, Townsend &Co.,
Squjihe DEJLifiq GLojhiehs,
II.VVK THE HF.ST l.t(!1tTi:i
They have now on hand a. llchable
wear. Unsurpassed In style, quality and lit in every particular.
We keep on hand a hue us samples lor custonie work, whom suits can hu
gotten up in quick time, nml a perfect lit guaranteed.
4th & Felix Street, ST. JOSEPH MO
If you would consult your own interest, tindjiiive
an honest desire to save Money, come to
Barnes & Collison's
Public Attention
Nation's Capital,
Hut something of far moro Importance demands the attention
of the citizens of Mound City and Holt county just now, mid that is
We Have Them in all Styles and Prices.
Fine Watches, Rich Jewelry, Sterling Silverware, Silver Plated Ware, Frencfran
American' Clocks. Opera Glasses, Spectacles,
In fact cvc.nrtlilnu pertaining to tlic Jewelry trade. We shall otter extra Inducements to pur
elibsers till I'omlnK season. A visit of Inspection U extended to all. You will llml It to your
Interest to "kaniluo our stock if ore. mnkliiK your purchases, for we menu what wo say, that our
urlcfs nre.t ueh lower than last season. All coods warranted as represented, or monev refnrnl.
(! Eni;i
Raving, runitirifr,'.?! unii waienen uuu juwiary, u njei-iimy, uy ruiiiiiiiiuni worhiuen. una
Jtfljjjlyo.jiloii, Felix htreet, Haxtou'a lllock, between Filth und t'tli
u iiiiinuroii.s in inmiiuni.
I... ,.1 .... ..II ....
..... in. .im. n. nnill.l'iiil
lie given on all sums over $25; Un
giving nolo with approved security. All
Stock of Spring Clothing, for
city, mo,
up Manufacturer ot all kinds nt
113 L 115 Second Street, bet. Felix & Frauds
Keep out of the sun.
Hug tliu shady side of tho .xtreut.
Why Is It when n man Is supplied
with two or thrco lawns ho always
wants a lawn mower.
It l on li. 1 Hosteller this time
n bouncing baby boy king and master
over nil.
We are gradually becoming chilled
a newsboy and the dally Gazette every
morning for breakfast.
Oregon has a newsboy. All wo
want now Is a hoot-black and we can
put on metropolitan airs.
During the present shipping season
there has been over twelve hundred
head of cattle shipped from Maltland by
Messrs. Ashbrook & Dorun.
Judging from tho oppressive heat
the past week, wo aro led to think lhat
Vennor or the Almighty Is putting us In
training for the other world.
Sid Wllley living in the eastern
part of the city, while harvesting near
Forest City on Tuesday, was sun stroke
Ills recovery Is doubtful.
Thero was a danco soniowhoro In
town last Thursday evening, wi believe,
but it must havo been slunly uttdiidod,
for wn couldn't find n soul the next
day who said he had been there.
A local newspaper could be made
much more attractive to its readers if
Us friends would only manifest sulH
elent interest in It to furnish Us columns
with all items coming to their notice
calculated in the leat to interest the
Wc understand Mr. Ilonnett is lie-
rntf.itltin. lli.. Uli.i.ln iivniinih ...... I
H. ...... 1. 1, .... uiu . ..... iu . .,... . . niniu
lie intends to erect u haiubomu brick
block, with a fifty feet front. A few
more such enterprising men like Mr.
Dennett and tho future success of Ore
gon would bo asured.
Mr. Neal Ilohli'.y.oll, wn aro inform
ed, Is about to c'nse a sale for his line
farm adjoining town. The prico wo
understand is )? 10,000. We would ad
vise Mr. Hoblltell to hold on tu his
farm awhile longer as real estate is
steadily on the advance In and mound
The K. C. road have put in Sunday
trains, which aro a groat convenience
to thu traveling public. The train go
ing south arrives at Forest City at 1 :!10,
and the one going north at L':!10. There
will bo no train going smith on Satur
day night and none going north on
Monday morning as heretofore.
-While A. S. Quirrol was out gath
ering berries thu other day near Mr.
Kunkle's mill, hu was accidentally shot
and killed by a gnu in tho hands of
Chris. ICiiuklu, who happened to be in
thnt vicinity. My. Kuiikle feels deeply
grieved over tho accident and says hu
did not know the gun was loaded. Par
ties cannot be too careful In handling
shot-guns and lire-arms gonerally. The
deceased leaves a wlfu and several chll
drcu to mourn his untimely death.
Mr. W. II. "Sawyer, this elurer and
soclablo gentleman who represoias thu
St, Joseph Gazette .spent Saturday and
Sunday hoie hut wuek, and gobbled up
quite a number of new subscribers to
that excellent paper. He madu ar
rangements whllo here to havo I ho (7
sctte dollvored In Oregon bright mid
early overy morning, by earrior, which
will bo quite a ti cut for our citizens in
tho way of early news. Tills arrange
ment docs not incliido the regular sub
scrlbeis to that paper, but it they want
their papers changed to thu early list
they must settle up to datu and Inform
the proprietors to that effect, ami re
now their subscription with the carrier.
From all over tho central and oast,
urn portions of thu country comes the
iiuws of most torriblo heat. In many
places it has been hotter than for a half
Mcontury before, and the rccoul and the
ydeaths from sun-stroke havu been sadly
frequent. In tliu cities tho little chil
dren havo been swept away by tho hun
dreds (succumbing to the lient and the
Ulseasos quickly engendered thereby.
Hu this locality I ho heat has boon steady
Vuul continuous, tho thormomotur has
Aiaohed as high as 104 In thu shado,
und has continued at about an uveragu
ot 9G 0 . .A few peoplu havu boon over
come by the oppi esslvo wavo of hotuoss,
but wo have not heard of a fatal case as
yet, and wo would advlso all to oxcrolso
a groat deal of earo how they work in
thu sun during tho next two mouths ;
drink us little ice water as possiblu and'
cat only light food.
Dan. Martin is now oarrying a com.
ploto stock of Utiggv Harness of his
own inanufuoturo which will bo sold as
cheap as first class work can be. Call
and be convinced.
Nov. Mr. Miller will preach at Now
Point next Sunday morning and eve
ning. Hov. S. Carothor.i will preach In
thuM.K, church Sunday at 11 a. xi.
Children's meeting nt night.
W. T. Maupiu will preach in Ore
gon next Sunday morning and evening j
also at Union school house at 4 1 m.
Ocorgo Hornocker who lives six
miles southeast of Oregon was thrown
from his horse one day last week, and
had his collar bono broken.
A man by tno name of Solomon
Sherlu committed suicide two mile
north of (irahain last Thursday. He
leaves n wlfu ami two children In desti
tute circumstances.
llolckow Herald : At Kniou Star a
largo cava Is to be built which will havu
sulllelcnt capacity to receive the entire
population of tho village in easu another
cyclone should pay it a visit.
Fred Myers Is busy superintending
tho improvements on the roads leading
Into Craig. Fied will Ins bust to
make the thrco hundred dollais appro
priation go as far ns possible.
Wo aro ploacd to learn that Mr.W.
H. Patterson whollvos near Maltland is
fast recovering from the Injuries sus
tained in the accident which recently
'icfell lilm. Wu hope to soon see him
on his "pins" again.
Col. F. Llbby ha purchased the
roldent property of 1). A. (Jelvin in
Maltland mid will leave his farm mid
take up his resitlenco in that city. Tho
Colonel will prove u valuable aequlsl
thin to Maltland. Such men make
Thu II nisi roatlng cars wo havo
seen this season was pre.-euted to us by
Pel or Prico. Ksq of Now Point. It is
called the "eight row early," a great
lavorlto of Virginia. It lias a very
small cob and tho grain is quite l.irge.
It is a seven weoi;'s corn.
How trjiu is the following from the
Sedalia Deuwcml, and yet how few re
tilizo it: "No progressive town, mid
no town which ever wanted to bo pro
gressive ever found yet a truer, staunch-
it or more rahuiblo ally than Its local
papers. Then simply as a matter of
busings, if for no other icason, they
should support It most heartily."
A little boy who lives on tho west
side of town, about four years old was
much astonl-hed when he awoke onu
morning last week to find a little MMor
In his mother's arms. "Where did it
come from?" ho asked, with his eyes
wide open. "From Ood," was tho re
ply. "Who brought It?" was the next
very natural inquiry. "An angel."
He thought for a moment, mid then ux
chiiinedi "Oil! mamma, why didn't
you catch the angel too!"
Tho Tuachers' Instituto at Troy,
Kansas, begins Monday August 1st.
A cordial Invitation is extended to all
teachers of the county. A nominal tu
ition fee ot one dollar will bo charged,
mid good boarding with furnished room
can bo had at from $2.50 to 80.00 per
week Onu hundred mid filly teachers
am expected to bo present, and many
important subjects to teachers will hu
discussed by many of thu bekt oduca
tors In tho northwest. Thu instituto
will bo conducted by II. F. Shanor,
us Superintendent mid O. C. Hill us
Thu following nmeuded section of
tho now road law will bo of iiitorc.it to
road overseers In particular and thopeo
plo generally. Section G948 says It
shall bo tho duty of tho overseer of tho
several road districts to notify each res
ident tax-pajor in his district of tiio
amount of road tax due, mid givu thu
said tux-payor nn opportunity to pity
the samo on his propor road on or be
fore the first day of December in oach
year. An ovorseor falling to notify
said tax-payer of tho amount of tax
duu, mid whuti ami whoro tliosamo may
bo paid In labor on thu road, shall bo
liable on tho land for thu amount of
taxes ho may thus fall to collect.
At a recent meeting of tho minis
ters mid ofllccrs of the Oregon Ihblu
Society, It was resolved to hold quar
terly meetings In thu different churches.
At oach of these meetings a collection
for thu lliblo cause will bo taken up
and credited to tho church in which tho
collection is taken, Thu first of these
meetings will bo hold lu tho Methodist
church, Sabbath evening, July 31st.
Hov. George Mtllor was appointed to
open tho meeting with a short, address
to bo followed by Revs. Gardner and
Lingo, The various ministers in tho
county aro earnestly, requested to
proiich in their respective places on this
subject and tako up a collection for this
cause. Friends ot tho blblo ciuiso aro
invited to attend these meetings,
It seems ns though Guiteuu was thu
"crank" to Conk's machine.
Do not fall to attend tho great
stock sale of Freeman Llbby on his
farm two miles south of Mmtlaud, on
Wednesday, July !7th, 1881.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Van lluo
klrk lost their llttlu babu last week.
It was thrco months and fourteen days
of age, mid died of cholera-lnfanlum,
after three days Illness. Only a loving
mother can feel tho worth or loss of
these dear little budding gems ot' babe
life. They arc unknown to this cold
world. They aro priceless treasures
to thu mother's heart. M.
Thero will bo a basket meeting at
Minion's grove, July ill, 1881. Tho
meeting will coniineiieo on the Friday
before. On Saturday at II a. m., there
will ho abiiiiness meeting; tho breth
ren aro especially Invited to attend this
meeting, as Important business will bo
attended to; by order of thu officers of
tho church At Forc.-t City, ltur Oak and
Minion school houu.
Thero area few persons in Oregon
who take particular deiifiht in attend
ing to everybody's business and sadly
neglecting their own, and who set them
selves up for examples and ;o around
lilting a coat of morals for every one,
whim they need a coat of some kind
themselves very badly. When men act
down so low as to go around and gosip
among old women, mid tell everything
tho boys do, they need an autliloto of
.something very badly. " If there Is
anybody under tho canister of heaven
that I hold In utter oxernxouec," says
Mrs. Paitington, "It is thu slanderer,
going about like a bua constructor, cir
culating Ids calomel upon honest folks."
A man by the uanio of Clayton,
who lives down lu the bottom near
Forbes was arrested last week, and hail
n preliminary oxaimuatlnu before
'Squire Zook last Monday, for flogging
or rather beating his littio hov. From
thu testimony of tho witnesses it kcphis
ho was moro of a brute to Ids child
than a father. The littio lad's back
was exhibited In court and tho flesh
thereon win fearfully larcuratod mid
' punctured, by thu blows ndinliiMored
by tho old man who, It scums took per
fect delight lu stripping the lad and
lashing him unmercifully upon his bare
hack, until thu neighbors interfered and
had him ariisted. Ho was bound over in
the sum of live hundred dollars, in de
fault ot which ho will lay lu Jail until
tho next tcim of circuit court, when hu
will probably go to the pen to pay tho
penalty for thu plcaMiru it gavu him to
"correct his child," as he called it.
Mound City.
Judgu Grubb is visiting at Judgu
T. W. McCoy's. Hocamuup Saturday.
Lee Durham and brother will go
Into the hardwaru business at Hoblit
.ell's lumber yard soon.
Killer Wayman has been here sev
eral days Ho preached at thu M, K.
church Thursday evening.
A grocery staro will bo opened in a
few days In tho Morris store building,
now owned by Henry Spltlor.
Cursaut & Meyer aro rushing thulr
store building tiii.' It will bn the mo.it
sub-taiitially built house in town.
Tliu sheriff of Atchison county
was hero Thursday night; ho wus in
pursuit of tho Iowa bank robbers.
K. F. Ulco has returned to his fiivt
love tho butcher business, and he
knows just how to run a butcher shop.
Tho rush to thu mineral spiings
tills hot weather is immense. Tito liv
ery stablu hero can hardly carry the
pcopluou Sunday evenings.
George II. Carpenter has sold out
ids furniture stock and will henceforth
give his attention to the .saddle and
harness business exclusively.
Crcswell & Gordon arc going right
ahead with their new store building, it
is now roofed, sideu mid flooied and
will bo ready to outer in about two
weeks or three. Thuy run n delivery
wagon ami are doing a rousing busi
iisss in groceries,
Tho leu cream festival at thu
Christian church parsonage, Thursday
evening was a pleasant gatlioring. Tliu
attoudaiicu wns not largo, but all were
lu tho best of spit Its nml tho evening
was passed unusually pleasantly. The
church hoitsu was opened and while
sonic were eating tliu others furnished
enchanting music.
Detwoon Oregon and Mound City, or
on the road leading north from Mound
City, a black frock coat, nomiy new.
Thu finder will bu suitably rewarded by
giving notice to L. Kikkfathiok.
Dotham, Mo,
Tho Row Mr. Millor has lost his milk
cow. color black; brown along tho
buck, whito face, with whltu spots
under tier body and on her lugs.
Her bag Is probably spoiled by tills
timo. Any one finding her pluuso in
form him.
Dan, Martin is agent for tho Studu
baker wagon and will soli them at St.
Joseph prices.
ror.ricAi, i'oixts.
Oh, yes, I shouldn't wonder
If I love the sound of thunder
And of rutin rnln t rain 1
For Willi them eomo thu lirrcres,
KilCKeattvo some of freezes.
And an end to heated squeezes,
AlUuy Kuhi, italn, Kiiiu.
So let tliu rnln eomo pouring ;
Yes, let II cunic u-rnarliu;!
There's iiollilni; worth udorlutf
More than wit 1 wet I wet I
Tills N what I've been Iniplorini;,
Once more I'll do .some snorhiK,
And eeasu lo soak thu llnoiing
" What Is home without an oil ean?
What Is home without a poker?
What Is homo wltlumtu woman,
And it man In hu und choke her? "
" What Is home without n itarden,
And a faithful wife to make It,
And a (larllnc uliom the parents
llolh can olleii shake 111"
" Do you drink beer
At this time of ear?
.Men drink hu.r
Their throats to ehaer,
Hut a cool lemonade,
When properly made,
And wllh mi we slacd
Says to beer 'jnu're played.' "
A Viissirulrliiow lu Detroit
Went lo look for thu comet, and saw It.
Next uluht she and Charley
Decupled the porch early
And repeated Ihclr former exploit.
A (iulncy "curled darlliu;" named Newt ,
At the dollar store purchased a Hutu ;
Ills Intention wetness
Is to serenade Hess
Willi lo'tootlu-to-tootle-le-toot.
There was an old maid from Kentucky.
Hlfjhed : "Oh. I sun so dreadful milimky i
Willi all ot my smiles
And my coy maiden wiles,
No man has e'er yet called me ducky."
Thv Knmd Mahr.ijah of Calcutta,
(lot drunk and tell In thecutta
He was found by a lackey
Who shouted : "Oh eracUey,"
Audtotfdhlin home on ashulta.
Tin: roMirr.
From the IlurlliiKton llawkeje.
Mercy love us I
Far above us !
See the CMinet sliishln' round ;
Fifty mill Ion
Million billion
Jlllllou miles above Hie Kround.
Wllh a tall.
I.Ike a w hale,
.See It senot and whlaml ioar;
With Us Hipper
III the Dipper,
How It miles the .Major Hear,
Now It's tola'
(Irish chap lhat klllod the bull).
And the moiui,
I'relty soim
(lives the comet's tall a pull.
Here unit there,
Hcstles sprite of sky Ideas ;
Awful pert,
See It lllrt
With Helen roller's Pleiades.
Famine, fever,
I'laxuo nml pestilence and war ;
Fret and worry,
Trouble, hurry.
That Is what a comet's for.
Lot's ot debt,
Too in uvlt Wet,
1 tain ami hall and sleet and llond ;',
IlnrnliiK' itni'iKlit,
Tin rlil south,
.Sunbaked llelds and seas ot mud,
lllood and bones,
Tears and jjroans,
(InaslilliK teeth and horrid erics i
HowU and yowls.
Frowns and scowls,
That's about the comet's size.
II xxlll Iirlnir
That isbad beneath (he sun;
How It hums
Here it comes
(loudness gracious, let u run I
The Markets.
Catti.i:. A liberal supply, a fairly
active general demand, and gradually
hardening prjeos wore thu eondi-
Ifntu if tliu itiiii'lriit tVt fVkml tt lwt.it
Itxriltl Wt HIV lilt i-i"t iw IS vot-
grades of native cattle. Karly in thu
week thu receipts of fat cattle were a
littio scant,' and prices stiffened, mid
the market maintained a firm tone to
thu finish
Hons. Notwithstanding thu high
prices prevalent during thu previous
week, prices for thu week just closed
havu showed au advance of '5o on the
100. Lght weights seemed to receive
the most intention, There was an ac
tive demand for anything wearing bris
tles, nml at thu highest average ptico of
tho year. One you' ago light weights
were selling at 4.25 and heavy 84.76. ;
ClIlCAOO, July 20, 1681.
Thursday n 5c $u ss
Friday to a so
Hatliiday il 4ii li au
Monday n so i 3.1
Tuesduy 0 40 A !U
Wednesday U su 0 15
CoitN Was rather oulct and unusu
ally dull. Tho Hritlsh markets are
quoted dull, Now York Is unchanged.
Shipping demand fairly active
VVhkat Thu markotseoms moro ac
tive and value i tiled a fraction higher
in both spot and futures. Tho reports
from Kasturn market noto a stronger
Thursday $1 12 $ 47
Filduy I W
Saturday 1 12
Monday 1 la 47
Tuesduy 1 47
Wednesday I It...... i
Maltland M ,.U
What Wo Would Like to Know.
t What will bo done. with Cittcau?
t What flics aro good for, nnywny ?
fWhat has become ot thu Ktniucu
t What kind of shoes do do angels
flf overybody reads Tub Cou.ntv
t If not how do they get news?
flf there is u belter barber in the
county than Clark Phllbrlck?
fOr a closer shaver than Judge
t Why Charley Zook comos to town
so often?
t Whether John Iliichcr ever saw any
typo lice?
t Why Adrion Plnkstun fenced iti
that stump?
t If Kd. Welly hns a corner on mar
riage guides?
t Does the confession of the Talbott
boys confess?
t What has become of all the politic
ians of lust year?
t Why somo of the "boys" get mad
when It is only a joke?
t A happier young man than Fred.
MaiKland of Maltland.
t What hotel Grant Howell stopped
at while in St. Joseph.
t Whether it isn't good policy to keep
in the shade these days?
t If J. Foster Marshnl is not tho
handsomest man In town?
t If It isn't about time lor Sitting
Hull to make another raid?
t Whether Me Too Piatt expects over
to come to tho surface again ?
t Why somebody doesn't invent col
ored hosiery that won't fado?
t If It don't make all the difference in
the world whoo ox is gored?
t How tliu girls make tho paint stick
to their checks this hot weather?
t if Sam Walsh knows who hit him
with that b:g rosk tho other day.
t Whether J. K. Cummin gets mail
every timu hu goes to th u postollicc.
t Whether W. II. Sawyer, of tho Ga
zittc didn't enjoy his last visit in Oregon ?
t Why tho uglier a young man is, the
more hund-oina does ho think himself?
f What Gov. Crittenden thinks of
Judge Finney's abilities as a letter wri
ter? t Whether the comet feels any bettor
for having inade such an exhibition of
itself ?
t Whether Col. Dawes will give thu
Missouri editors an excursion to St.
t What would bo moro pleasant than
sttendlng a ball these delightfully cool
nights ?
t If Ira Peter can explain how that
grasshopper got on thu top of Ins fish
ing cork?
t Whore you can find a handsomer
set of records than thoso kept by W. II.
tWhether It does a ily nnv good to
walk around on a fellow's nne thesu
t It John Levy really goes down to
Aunt Kin's overy day to sou those wco
little pups?
flf it is a fact that Otho Hciinott
of Maltland thinks of going to houso
keeping soon.
t What kind of an opiate John Phil
brick takes of a night that makes him
so sleepy next day?
flf it is necessary to chango cloth
ing mii account of Vennor's prediction
of frosts tills month.
f If Hob llussel, Stewart Keores, and
Henry Cook will over go in the tank
again without a patent fire escape?
J. T. Tlmtclier
of Oregon, Mo., has a suro cure for fo
yer and ague. Warranted to euro or
money refunded. Sent by mail on to
colpt of price. One ounce bottle, 70,;
two ounce bottle, $1.25.
If von Mailt a irntnl KIrrln. Wnllhnni.
Sprliiglleld or hwisj watch, cull on
iiarry l-aragner, Watohmalcer, Oregon,
Several desirable dwrlltni; houses anil lMs tit
uri'itou. "i rcasouaiiie ruics. i rr lerins rie.
call and sco
O'FAl.UUf & UtVINi:.
Oregon, Ma.
For Oliewp.
Inlonding to. remove from Holt
cminty next full, 1 wish to sell my dwel
ling in Oregon. Its location is uiistir
passed in the city, and it would make u
specially dosirablo homo far a physician
or otlmr professional wan who wants an
ofllce in connection with his dwolllug.
I xx ill soli it at u bargain and require euly
a, small cash payment; will give long
timo ou deforred payments, if desUcd.
Tosscsslou givon next Oetober. An iu
spcetlon of thoproporty is solicited.
W. W. Davkni'oiit.
is 1

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