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Ilni-ivl tlm Will. 11. n trrnnil. Immnrtjll Will
God's marvelous Testament 01 lovo to mcnl
And must I rend tlio Holy Hook niraln.
n iiniiiit nnni mennim? nn -ini.v nnrASPfl 1111.
And not alone my trembling Heart to tnrill
With its old benedictions, sweet as wlicu
I konicd tlicm, moved and nwed, as though
the. pen
Of Luke, and John, and l'aul wcro writing
"Tlicy tell mc all Is on the ncw-inndc pages
Inscribed by holy men of old, the same,
Transmitted at the most In form or name
Hut how can I the. denr old words forget I
The dearer far because, they stand alone,
With earth's profaner speech In contrast shown.
Wo wiser men, and nono of purer heart,
They tell mc, can the sun's great cyo discern
'Mora fain tho Holy Ghost's Intent to learn
Than they of Kast and West, who twro their
In purging the old text with patient art
And aim, to make Its Inward glory bum,
And from Its thallce, n. from sun's bright urn,
New streams of s.icrcd light unclouded start.
Ah, for the children this may come to pass
For they may drink from these new cups at
But I, who at the olden fount was nursed,
Shall stumble at the modern phrase, alas!
Sparc me the hallowed Book as writ of old
I am content to keep tli' ungltdcd gold I
In tliopurplo-tlnted twilight
Dreamily she swung, my love, my queen,
In tho west some streak of high light
Lighted up the s.-enc.
Oh, tho hammock held her closely
In Its stupid, sense'ess cord embrace,
And I wished I might Jocosely
Take the hammock's place.
Ouo small foot thu mashes show It
Slender, graceful, arched I saw It well;
She, poor darling, didn't know It,
And I didn't tell.
And a fountain unassuming
lllpplcd near at li.iml Its llfo away;
Flowers were, bUmmlng and perfuming
In Itsgciitlu spray.
.So I swusc her In the twilight.
lY miu vu vi.tniiLii uiu c-uiiiiuh in iiiu run?,
In the dusk no light but my light,
Rathir my cigar's.
All Is past now, Inthoatttc
Hangs thu hammock, damaged a good deal
My u hole, largo ami erratic,
Mudo by her French heel.
Dead Is c.icli llowcr which onco so lightly
Held toward the spray Its little cup:
And the fountain onto so sprightly,
Now Is frozen up.
111.11 ...1.-.1 it f.. .1.
And tho girl, tho lovely vision,
Whom to t'llnk of yet my poor heart melts,
Darly come to tho decision
To vedcomo ono else.
f SiHrnn liv tlin firn In ilrnfimv Ismrmnr
on a dull October evening. Svcr
ajrninst thu window pane on which tho
elect is wcavi)gfnnt(i8tiu llgures, stand's
n girlish figure (stumping her foot anil
looking out on tho dull, lcailcn-eoloreil
sky. The crispy logs burn brightly,
nnil Minn as I am and thirty, I turn to
watch thu fair nrolllo at thu window.
By and by sho comes toward me, and
stands by mv sido, warming her fair
hands at thu ilrc. The' aro symmetri
cal hands, white and small; Iter bosom
rises and falls, and a sigh as gentle as
tho zephyr winds in summer goes out
and away. Uoforo mo is tho picture of
fair lady of twenty-three, and by my
side on tho tablu is a letter to her I hnvo
just finished. I show it to tho littlu
innlcluu and sho reads and sighs again.
Then sliu says:
"You aro going down there and you
nd Miss Lulio will marry sure enough,
Mr. Walter. And you'll bringhor back
here ;and keep this room. And when
you oome, I would like to bo a fly crawl
ing around tho coiling."
"Why, PappooseP"
"To'watuh your happiness and tickle
your noses, perhaps." And away she
llev, rto help her mamma about her
household duties.
The bccmo is in tho South land, no
matter 'wliero. I am a writer gathering
up incidents for an articlo in a leading
magazine, or at least I came hero for
that iiurpose, and have prolonged my
stay indefinitely. I have stopped with
a widow lady, Mrs. Mahonls, and Laura
is her only child, whom I hare mick
named I'appoose. With Southern pre
cocity, sho is a woman whilo yet a child.
Fair complexion, witli dark hair and
passionate, dreamy eyes, sho is a picture
:an artist would lovo for a model, .and a
picture I lovo for its own sake.
Too young to understand such lovo,
lier mothcr-sald to mo to-day.
"I never intend Lnura shall marry
until she is twenty-two."
And my heart sank, for I thought it
should not be so.
I have been earning on a correspond
encu with a friend In my native village,
m, widow, and I show all my letters to
.Pappooso. She is tho Lulle I am mon
ito visit.
, Loved, pmutical winter, with tho
hadows of night about it; November
with her sere leaves, and chill winds
About us. Insldo the rooms of a pleasant
mansion. Lulio is attired lu a weal
"brown satin, with tho glory of roses in
hor dress, tho glory of lilies In her hair.
I lutvu just nrriwid", and go about tho
ball-room with Lulio on my arm. lam
proud of her and eho of mu; and though
there aro no wedded vows between us,
I wonder if my little Pappooso shall ever
"bo a fly, and crawl .around our rooms.
No,' I lovo the child with the dark hair
nnd the dreamy eyes bettor than I do
Lulio. ,
Out ic tho conscrwitory, with thopcr
iiiiiio of oxotio plants about us, tho
warm air of a hot-houso to comfort us,
"Lulio. vo
(tiavo been good to me,
I loved you, cat I don't,
unit i tnoiji
my inona
Hours is not tho lovo tfiut
would ranVU rnn,rc$tfjfn-Kjto happy. I
lovo a child a'cliild-wowan, fair, dark
eyed and disomy, botterthanldoyou."
Oh, Walter, huslfl My poor heart
...111 I. f !(.,., 11 1m.I II I II.
blood beat laiuor heart like tho echo oft
a tiny cataract
She lays her fauad upon my shoulder,
eho throws hor fiilr arms about my nook,
and I forgot my child lovo.
"Walter, you do not mean It! My
dream hw been uich a happy ono!"
And her haul nestUiil closer to my bosom
and team hung like dow drops ou the
What can I doP A fly crawling about
tho room changed Into a blacK-oyud,
dark-haired littlu darling, and I put
Lulio away from mo gently.
"Lulio, I mean it. Forgot tho past;
try to forgo mo."
Sho shivers Just a HtUe. The tear
drops dry up like, an April shower.
There Is n trcinulom motion about tho
lips, and a softly spoken "good-by,",
and she is gone.
Fohrunry has come. I am ngnln In
my village retreat. Pappooso Is just
fifteen. I am lounging on tho gallery
watching tho fairy figure making snow
balls in thu yard. 'J Ills tlino shu is very
shy of me. I havo been hero n week,
nnd save a few hurried words, havo not
spoken to her; and yet I camo solely on
her account. I begin to wonder If I liavo
made a fool of myself, and If somo vll
lago boy has already won her henrt. I
am nervous, excitable ami passionate,
and sitting here, watching tho sweet
profile, thu studious brown, tho long
lashes nnd tlm wealth of raven tresses
covering her llko a manth I get mad,
tip over my chair, and walk away to tho
stable to my dear old Dun, a gallant
roadster, and am soon sweeping away
madly down thu rough vlllngu road.
Man, and such a fool!
A pleasant ride changes my thoughts,
and I come back to meet Pappooso on
the gallery, with u tiny nosegay, which
sho oilers, and says:
"Let mo pin tills on vour coat. It
may keep you'm a good "humor. 11
"How did you know 1 was angry, or
In a bad humor?"
"Look at that chair;" and sho walks
over, picks up my fallen chair, sets It
down strait with a thud, nnd with an
air of Intense anger, stamping herpretty
foot, she says, "There now!'"
Then, breaking Into a ringing laugh,
sho trips away.
After sho leaves I am still standing on
the gallery, leaning against a post, whip
ping myself with my riding whip, when
out In tho road in front of thu house
whom do I see but Pappooso on Dan,
galloping wildy down thu road! If the
h r o Is tired there Is no danger what
ever; but if he is not, nnd gets the least
uit excited, no will kick Her. 1 start to
stop her, but shu linst'iissodtn a 1111111111.
I go in to seo her mother. Sho only
"Don't fret yourself. If anybody on
earth can ride 1 1 1 111 she can "
An hour afterward sho is brought In
limp nnd helpless and bleeding from a
wound in her forehead.
A plain room, with paper decora
tions. A cheerful fireside, an oldfashi
oned hearth, and a cozy arm-chair In
which I am seated alone. No, not
(uito mono; for on a downy couch over
against the window pane, where shu
first stamped her pretty feet, lies my
little Pappooso, palo anil thin and sail.
Sho Is sleeping now, her loose hair,
llko a shadowy covering, hides thu
fringed eyelids, and one fair arm is
thrown over her head. Outside it is
snowing, cold and bitter. Her mother
has left 1110 to watch her a moment.
Sho lias been very low, Dan having
thrown her on a rock and almost crush
cd her tender skull. "Concussion of
tho brain," tho doctors said. Five
days wo havo watched and waited, and
sliu is still unconscious.
Tlio weary hours wo watch over our
loved ones, ill or dying, aro tho most
miserablo of our lives. How we trem
ble at tho senseless irlanco of thu eve.
tho glow or pallor of tlio cheek, thu wild
mutturlngs of discontented dreams of
hut to-dnv tlio weariness nnsscdnwav
as I heard Pappoose turn on hor couch
nun say:
"Mr. Walter!"
Quick as thought I am by her side,
onil her hand is in mine.
"Where is mamma?"
"She is down stairs, little Pappoose."
"Why am vou watching muP"
"Heeausu 1 lovo you, l'appoosc. '
"Won't mamma do it?"
"Yes, sho lias just left you. You
don't care for 1110 htayiiur with vou, do
"How long havo you been here?"
"Only a few minutes."
"You had better go away. I
well." " J
I go out lu tho cold. I can't under
stand it. 1 beliuvn I'imnonso loves 1110.
but sho is so artless ami childish in iter
manner that I cannot tell. For some
reason I dare not ask her. I feel hurt,
and yet I know not why. Her mother
asked me to remain in the room a few
minutes while she was sleeping. Was it
maiden modesty, or does she dislike
I walked up tho street with tlio snow
uniting 111 my lace, a north wind twist
ing my lini r into curls with its cold
liereeness. Two men in front of me,
mullled up in warm ulsters, aro talking
rapidly as they hurry through tho colu.
Ono of them says:
She's a good one. That youngfellow
Hascom thinks ho has got it all his own
way; nut wait tin no goes aim sne'ii
eomu back to mo quickly. Laura loves
mu butter than any body else in tho
My name is Walter Hascom, andl'ap
pooso's namo is Laura. My jealous
fancy makes the application immediate
ly. 1 follow them up, ami stop tho first
acquaintance I meet to ask thu names
of tho two men. Ono is a gambler, the
other, who spoko of Laura, is thu keeper
of a variety theatre in tlio town; his
name is Joyce.
Maddened with pain and anguish, I
retruco my stops. I find Laura sitting
up in bed, much better. Sho is not un
kind, but says:
"Mr. Walter, I beg your pardon; I
am very grateful for your kindness to
"I am feeling mean, and I say
"1 would bo clad to see vou 1
. . 0
so well, but It seems Mr. Joyco would
bo better pleased."
How tho dear, tender face, tho piteous
wall coino back to mo after tho lapso of
Sho drops over like a flower cut
Her breathing U faint, and wo
can sco tho pulsations through the re
cent wound.
Poor littlu Pappooso! She nuvor
poko again. Slio is dead now and I
never Know and never shall know
whether my unkiiiduess killed her or
It seems llko a dream from which I
havo awakened. Tlio village is but a
memorv. tho'uhurchvard where I.iiiini
lies a myth; and Lulio, who is my wiiul
now, Kisses mo sauness iroin my wow
anil says:
"It was a dream, Walter a lotus
Auecdotes of Lincoln.
L. J. Cist has collected for a Clncln-
at! paper some interesting anecdotes of
tho martyred President. In 1832, when
23 years old, Lincoln was induced by his
friends to run as a Whig candiduto for
the legislature, and mudo his maldon
wieeoli as follows: "Gentleman, fellow
citizens: I nresumo vou all know who I
am. I am humble Abraham Lincoln,
I havo been solloiteil by my friends to
become a candhlato for tho Legislature.
My politics aro short and sweet, like an
old woman's dance. 1 am in favor of a
National Hank. I am in favor of tho, in
ternal improvement system and a pro
foutlvo tarlfl'. Theso aro my sentiments
and political principles, il eiuu.edl will
bo thankful. If not, it's all the samo."
Ho was not elected at this tlmo.
There resided at Springfield, in U60,
an Irish laborer, John McCarty by name,
a red-hot Democrat. Shortly a'ftor the
Presidential election, Mr. Lincoln was
walking past tho nubile snuarc, whero
John was at work cleaning out the gut
ter, as tno rrcsuieiit elect urcw near,
McCarty, pausing in his work nnd hold
ing out ills hand, said, bluntly: "An' so
yer elected President, nro yor faith niv
it wasn't b mv vote vo wnr." "Well,
res, John," replied Mr. Lincoln shak
ng hands very cordially, "the papers
say I'm elected, but It seems odd I
should bo when you went ngainst mo."
"Well, Misthor Lincoln," said John,
dropping lils voice lust some brother
Democrat should hear him. "I'm glad
you got it afthcr nil. It's mighty littlu
pace I've had with lllddy for vot in' for
nlnst yc, an' If yo'd'bcon bate she'd hcv
druv 1110 from thu shanty nssliuro's tho
wurruld." "Give mv compliments to
lJIddv. John, and tell her I'll think ser-
ioiisby of woman's sufl'ragc," said Mr.
Lincoln witn a suiiiu as lie passed 011 to
his olllcc.
President Lincoln onco said that tho
best story ho ever read in thu papers
about lilinelf was this: Two Quakersses
wcro traveling on the railroad and were
heard discussing thu probnblu result of
the war. "I think," said one, "that
Jcflurson will succeed." Why does thee
think so?" asked tho other. "Hecause
JeU'erson is a praying man." "And so
is AUraliiini a praying man." "les,
but the Lord will think Abraham Is on
ly joking," doiibtfullv replied tho first
After a State election in New York in
which tho Republican party was defeat
ed, Mr. Lincoln was askeil how ho felt
after having hunrd the news. Ho ropll?
ed: "Somewhat llko tho boy In Ken
tucky who stubbed his tou while running
to seu his sweetheart. He said lie was
too big to cry, and too badly hurt to
During the spring of 18G1, a friend,
in conversation with Mr. Lincoln about
tho approaching Presidential election,
said nothing could defeat him but
Grant's capturu of Richmond, followed
by his nomination and acceptance.
"Well," said thu President, "I feel very
much llko the man who said lie dldn t
wiyit to dlu particularly, but If ho had
got to dlu that was precisely the disease
he would like to diu of."
In thu summer of 18i!2 Gen. McClel
lan wrote from the Peninsula a long let
ter to tiiu President giving Ills ndvfuu as
to the general politics of tho country,
and how to carry on the all'air.s of the
nation. "What did you reply?" asked
somo one of Mr. Lincoln. '"Nothing;
but it made mo think of tlio Irishman
whoo liorso kicked up and caught his
foot in thu stirrup. 'Arrali!' said he, 'if
you are going to get on 1 will get oil'.'"
- aa-a
Making; Things Over.
Detroit Free l'rvM.
"Maria," said Mr. Jones 0110 of his
worrying days, "it seuins to 1110 you
might be more economical; now, tliuru's
my old clothes, whv can't you niaku
them over for thu children instead of giv
ing them away?"
"Because they're worn out when
you'ro done with them," answered Mrs.
Jones. "It's no uu making over tilings
for tlio children that won't hold togeth
er; you couldn't do it yourself, smart as
you are."
"Well," grumbled Jones, "I wouldn't
have closets full of things mildewing for
want of wear, if I was a woman, that's
all. A pennv saved is a penny earned."
That was lu April. One warm day In
May Mr. Jones went prancing through
tho closets looking for something Tie
couldn't llnd, and turning things gen
erally inside out.
"Maria!" ho screamed, "whero's my
grav alpaca duster?"
".Nladu it over for Johnny."
"Ahum! Well, whero's tho brown lin
en ono I bought last summer?"
"Clothes-bag!" mumbled Mrs. Jones,
who seemed to have some dilllciiltv in
her speech nt that moment. "Just
made it into a nice one!"
"Whero nro my lavender pants?" yell
cd Jones.
"Cut them over for Willie."
"Heavens!" groaned her husband;
then in a voice ot thunder, "Whero havo
my blue suspenders cot to?"
"Hung the baby jumper with thorn."
".Maria!" asked thu astonished man
in a subdued voice, "would vou mind
telling mo what you havo dono with my
silk hat; you haven't maclu it over for
thu baby, havo you?"
"Oil! no, dear," answered his wifo
cheerfully' "I've used it for a hanging
basket. It is full of plants and looks
Mr. Jones never mentions tho.word
economy or suggests makiii" over ho
has had enough of it.
Aimimik tho Miui-lliinttTit of That Ulli'lvllli
I'll Ittluiiil.
Bun KrancUco Clironldo.
Tlio natives aro generally hunters of
human heads, ana superstitious, but
without Idolatry or religion of any kind,
though thoy hold the fig tree sacred.
Tliev adopted somo of the habits of thu
Malays, in tliuir way of living, growing
tobacco lu somo cases, and cultivating
sugarcane, tlio banana, Indian corn and
Deans. iir. u Aiuerus ioiiuu mu men
handsomely adorned Willi leathers or
with bracelets and necklace of shclU.
They also wore ear rings, and bracelets
nf e vnrirni ntlinr nintiils. I hov nsoil
iron wcapous, wooden lances pointed
.jjjj cllsSowary bone, and bows and ar
rows. Ho found not less than livo dia
lects, if not languages, spoken along tho
southwest coast.
A. lt.in.Al .1 II tin vlllnmi litif n fntv.
LmM fromt'ho sea. ho came lu contact
jwhl ft smn population, which ho eon-
iSlderod toboof almost pure blood. I hoy
jvere of dark color, 01 lowstatruo, witli
tVioly hair, small eyes, and flattened
lutes. "They seemed to 1110," says tlio
niVVenturor, "the poorest people in tlio
wifld, and tlio gloomiest. I was thero
a fftrtnight, and never saw 0110 of thorn
la Jgh. They cultivato tlio earth and
hunt with tho bow and spear, followed
by numbers of dogs. They wear sover
11I :(oodaiiiulotson their necks, wrapped
in i piece of cloth. Thoy beliuvu in
a si
hcraft and tho evil eye, and hnvo a
in d place not tar irom 1110 viuugo
which I was never nblotoponotrate:
They bury thulr dona in the
A fort-l
.-it. On a irravo I observed a broken
jar, and asked a child, who was acting
as my guide, wiiat was insiuo uiu gruvo.
Ho replied: A man. I asked him what
ho was doing under the earth. Ho an
swered that ho was sleeping: tlion, blow
on his hands ho lifted them up, at
tho samo time raising his eyes towards
tlw heavens." In other places, as among
the Arfaks, a trlbo taking their namo
from tlio mountain they inhabit, Mr. D'
Albertis found a fine raco, tall of stat
uro.strong and physically superior tojtho
inhabitants of thu coast, a typo of tho
mountain trlbos. Occasionally, ho mot
with men who had thick, short boards,
and whoso bodies were covered all over
with knlr having a reddish tint and
tlio skin being very durk almost black. I
Among the Ariaks, tho mon anu
. 1.. . I - ......... I ,. ,,n fi.i
women live ju mu bwu uuueu, n
on one sido nnd tho women on tho other,
eating apart.
Tho people aro polygamous, and ob
tain their wives by purchase. Tho aged
men often have young wives. They
llvo by hunting, and by cultivating ban
anas and yams, both "grow and mnku
tobacco, arc hunters 01 human heads,
and prcsorvo the heads as trophies.
They converse willingly, but aro not
noisy, nnd hnvo n somewhat melancholy
expression. Their chiefs have a right
to tho heads of tho slain. After a certain
fashion they believe in tho Immortality
of thu soul, at any rate in thu continu
ance of existence after death which is
Inferred from their custom of supplying
tho graves of thu departed with provis
ions, nnd from their exorcisms of tho
spirits of thu slain. At the extreme
southeastern limit of New Guinea, he
found niiothur mixture of tvpe.
Tho people went lighter In color than
ho had heretofore seen on thu Island, and
had mora regular features. Mr. D'Al
bertls's gcnural conclusion from this
mixture of type Is, that two races, per
haps equally savage aiidprlniltlvi', hnvo
eomu In contact lu New Guinea, in which
thu blending has taken place In a way
to lead to wide departures from each
original stock. The same general mix
ture wns traced in thu tribes found on
tho Nlntuls clo.o to Nuw Guinea. Kvery
wheru ho traveled hu found thu women
In nn inferior po.-ilion. They weru
handsomer than tho men, had better
physical developiuenl.butdldtho heavier
work, while Papuan husbands devoted
themselves to hunting mid lishing.
Usually they were nude to tho waist,
wearing a light skirt across thu hips, or
simply il covering of leaves braided to
gether. They were always timid, and
ran from the presence of 'white men as
they would from mad-dogs. On Yule
Island, which Is separated from New
Guinea by a strait only three or four
miles In width, Mr. I)' Albertis found
numerous and populous villages. Al
though the inhabitants would rank as
savages, their manners and customs
were gentle, and they lived in 11 state of
comparative well-being and happiness.
The physical fact about them was that
thoy tlill'orotl greatly from the Inhabi
tants of tlio northwest part of N w
Guinea, anil seemed lobe a mixed rsu'eo
not true Papieuns, by whom is meant
tlio Inhablt'iiits of thu northwest of tho
Island, excepting tho Malay population
who aro beginning to colonize some part
(il thai country.
The Way or It.
A farmer was once told that his tur
nip field lied been robbe l, and that thu
robbery had been comm. ted by a poor,
inoiiensive man, ny tiiu niinie it raimer
who, many people of tho village said
had taken a way a wagon-load of turnips
Fanner Hrown, much oxa'sporntednttliu
loss ot Ids turnips, determined to proe
cute noor Palmer with nil thu severitv
of thu law. With this Intention lie we lit
to Molly Sanders, thu washer-woinan
who had been busy in spreading the re
port, to know the vholo truth; but Mol
ly denied ever saying anything about
wagon-load of U'rnips. It was but
cart-load that had been taken, and
Dame Hodson, the huckster, had told
her so, over and over again. The farm
or hearing this, went to Dame Hudson
who said that Mollv Saunders was a!
ways making tilings worse than they
really were; Clint Palmer had taken only
a wheelbarrow full of turnips, and that
she had her account I mm Jenkins, the
tailor. Away went thu farmer to Jen
kins, thu tailor, who stoutly denied tho
account altogether. He had only told
Damu H01K011 that Palmer had pulled
up several turnips, init how mauv he
could not tell, for that he did not seo
himself, but was told by Tom Slack, the
plowman. Farmer Hrown next ques
tioned 10m muck, who in ins turn d
chired hu had never said a word about
seeing Palmer pull up several tui'iiliis
ho hail only said he had heard say that
names, tno uaroer was tno person win
had told him about it. The farmer, al
most out of patience at this account.
hurried oil' to seo llarnes, tho barber,
who wondered much that the people
should find pleasure lu spreading idlu
tales which had 110 truth in them. Hu
nssued thu farmer all hu said about thu
matter, whilo hu took oil' the oeard of
Tom Slack, was that, for all ho knew,
Palmer was as likely to pull up a tur
nip as ids neighbor.
There is no danger of wearing tills
subject tlircadhare, tor people nro lie
ginning to wako opto tho fact that
plenty of sleep is requisite to health,
particularly 111 tno ent-e 01 Drain-work.
ers. The more sleep the brain gets the
better it does the brain work. All great
Drain-workers nnvo noun great sleepers.
Sir Walter Scott could never do with
less than ten hours. A fool may want
eignt nours, as ueorge 111. said, nut a
philosopher wants nine. Tho men who
hnvo been tho greatest generals nro the
men who eoulu sleep at will. Thus it
was with both Wellington and Napol
eon. Tho greatest speakers in the
Houso of Commons have been tho men
who go to sleep thoro as much as thev
llko. Tills explained tlio juvenility of
the aged raliuorston. weep is in manv
cases tlio best of medicines. A friond
told me that ho treated himself for n
fever. He went to bed with a largo
pitcher of lemonade by his sido. lie
drank and slept, slept and drank, till
he drank and slept slept hlinsolf well
again. When you take to your bed got
nil tno sleep you enn out 01 your ned
stead, even although, to quoto Dick
Swiveller's saving, you hnvo to pay for
a double-bedded room, confessing that
you have taken 11 most unreasonable
amount of sleep out of 11 single bed.
You will bo banking a whole store of
recuperative energy. It is safo to sav
of any man that if ho sleeps well lie will
do well.
A colored man recently mudo appli
cation for a divorco from his wife.
When asked on what ground ho de
manded 11 divorco, ho explained as fol
lows: "Du ground on (lis occasion is
sulllelent enough. Whon I rented 10
ncrcs and worked 0110 mule, I married
v woman suitable for do occasion. Now
I rent CO acres of land and work flvo
mules. My fust wifo is a mighty good
10-ncro wife, but sho doesn't suit do oc
casion ob CO acres, I needs a woman
what can spread moro."
A I'ool Onco More.
Fito Prrss.
"Vm ten vcaiu mv wlfo wns eonthied to her
hpil wllli stiL'h a. eoiiinllcatlon of ailments tlnit
no doctor could tell wlmt wns tho matter orcuro
I ...1 in., .m.ll f.li,,n t imttilmi.
mm ueiii u, t. d, ...... .,vv...v ... miuk
tuft. Six months ajto I saw 11 U. 8. Ilnjr with
Hop Hitters 011 It, anil 1 ttioiurlil 1 wouui do a
fool onco more. I tried It, but my folly proved
to 1)0 wisdom. Two bottles cured her, alio la
now ns well and stronj: aa any man's wife, and
It cost me only two dollars. Such folly paya.
II. V Detroit, Mich.
Uae Iteddliip'B Huaala Haly. i;m, liurns.
Correct vour liablta ot crooned walklnir by
ualng Liou'g Patent Heel BtllTcncra.
Wantkd. A good housokcopor, one
strong, neat anil willing to work. A
permanent posi ion, at good wages.
Address, II. W., 122 Printing Jilock,
Des Moines, Iowa.
'I'lmt IVIillo 'rotifruu
demand Immediate attention. Nothing o
quickly repilates the synlem nnd keeps It pure
ns Warner's Safo Kidney and Liver Cure.
A Cincinnati man has been arrested
for biting a piece out of ids wife's nrm.
So a man who loves his wifo well
enough to ent her Is to hnvo no credit
for It.
liitlltrohl Inn, i mm.iIii. normal fro
trnllnn, mid nil forms of iri-ncrnl nVtilllty rrllrvrd lv
tnklnx Mi'itMiiiii ii'm IVf iiiIs.imI Mi'i'I',
'J"miI'. Ilioonly prrpnrntlon of lin f rontnlntnx In
fntlrt nutrition in ntin tin. it I" not nit-re Mlnm
Innt llko I tin oil riot" of href, l.nt rontnln liloml
mnktnir, forro'iicnorntlnir, nnil tfoiMitntnlnfr prop,
orllo.i l ttnnlunMo In nil itifocliloil eomllllon.,
wliollior llio rem!! of rxtinuMton, nonoiifl proMrn
lion, merwiirk, nrarnto illionaoi pnrtlcutnrly If ri"
mtllnif from pulmonary romplnlnt. Cwkm
Mir miii Co., I'roprklcirj, Now York. Sold hy
Contentment Is ever so much better
than riches; but somehow the stupid
world never fulls down nnd worships tlio
contented man; nor do mnmmns with
marriageable dnughtcrs run after him.
1-Mll'H MIDI .MmfllltltM.
A IV liox of "ItoiiKlion IUt" will koonnhounc free
from Mon, nioiiillo.'n, rnlannil tutor. Iliei nllrc '
;on. llniKttl'tn. Mllclioll, llnrtlctl &. Crnln, IH
Thu revNed Nuw Testament Is not
popular In Kuglnnd. John Hull will
have his grumble over improvements,
even if thoy are lu thu Hlble.
r.l.l II 1:1 UK.
Yon nro ulcki wrll ihore Is Jut one remedy Hint will
euro )on lie; ond poIWIItyof ilnnM, If lt' Mirror
Kidney troiilile, Conntlpillon, Ilypepln, llclilllly,
Will." Ilenllh Ill-newer In your Impi1. It, ilnik'Kll.
Mitchell, llnrtlett&Cretn. Ilea Molnoa.
Strawberry shortcake at a church fes
tival is charming sttill" to oat. It Is such
exciting fun to seo who gets thu strawberry.
All respectable dealers cell Krazcr axle frrcaae
liecaum It la the genuine and give perfect satis
faction. Wimtrii Agent for'lTiu .Marvfand Mutual
Accident Society. Address, ). W. Hi'ckinoiiau
See., Westminister, Carroll Co., Md.
.in Old DoelorV Alvl.
ttwasthis! "Trust in (toil mill kiiti viiur
bowels open." l'or this purpose lake Kidney-
won lor no 01 tier rcmeiiy so cucutiaiiy over
comes this condition, and that without the dis
tress nnd cj-lplm: which other medicines cause.
Try a box or Inittlis 7'.r.r.i.
t lie o.'it hu was lo iio.r with poisons to
cute" iiniiiiri.i .1 liailiaroiis tail. icy. The
urn uiu l t'oiilid lutheali-otpllon mcthoil
IV.tlMlllt llll clll'llll! of w Inch Dit. lloi, man's
l.tVKit I'aii is thu only successful adapt a-
lUrrntiipUnrtKOii the MVCK, no.VIXSl
autt KllrMlYS at tlm s.nnip lime.
Seeftuie itcleansos tlie torn of Uie poison
louJiiiuRiorstliatdevelope lu Kidney nad U ri
ll nary Piieiifo, Dlliousneis, Jauudice. Conatl.
IpAtlon.rile)). cr In Illieunjfitinui, NeurMcla,
iNoriroua Ciordara oiut Fcuialo CotuplalnU.
Kiii?ii 11. Ktoilr. nf Jiini'lUm t'llr. Knnr-P. I
Hiunrrsonicruti'ii tutu n fieri ri)iur i nj
Dsictani imti itovMi il jiim rur (mil jiatj.
I Mr. Jolni Aiii:ill.of Wnsl.lnytini, Olito, fay
wruoy HHi;iVfiMiiitiili(t hy four i-mhiiuhmh
inyticinnn ni tliutlio won ufu-rwuidcutcu 3
KlUtiejf Woit.
WiiayH)ip uiitihit (ihfrd-il lit life, Vi-lu-f lilgnteul
! II. UL 11. (lrtitil win. nn nlltrtr In Plinrilnn. Ohio.
Ibevoinl bclUf, idir, KMih-y Uui u-hh;i, Jtim,
8 Anna U jArielt f Rmilli Kilfiu. .V VM rnyi
that wi vuii vi'iii-j. tiiill arl ni fi oiu Llhifv Irnillile
3 and cither 'iimiicutiwu- waj iiukil by lite uuuof
KWney.Woi t.
I JohnH. ITrrenrftof Jrtckr.n, Terni., iirTere-Jl I
Iror yearn irom liver tiui uiuiicy iriume nun
after tntttnic "hatrrU f otlit-r Jiuillclnv,"
biuiicj oi v inauu inn
iconst not on nnci p lies.
I la-It I. nut no In lrr Vevelitlile Torm In I
I tin cans, one Meinieor v. bleu iintki.kii ,utiru
P t ft S fi 0 U h,
i:Vi:itVH(ll.lllKK ilNalili'illnltneof duty br
wound, illvense. orlnlniy, Uent UdioHU.ton.
l:HIO.NN I.VOlt i:.Vsr;l,-.Muiiy uiedrnw
Inic loastlmneulltlod to. Tl: u.uniUor llelra inliiled
lu IVnilon and lloiintv.-ll T 11 AN.N
I.'onfi'aof Lost l)UebarLres obtained. Claims of eierv
oiicncu. .vii.v.Mlil.M li lAnrn nnisueii.
dc.crlptlonproHU'Uted. lii(eiits l'ruciirvil. Ad
droll, with .tame.
n. j.,a.a. .v... . iiuriirya
W it liiiminii. li i1.
Thft best flnrl ehenn.l HI,,. Ir.tAH nHltlnn... tlit. Tl..
Vlled New Testameiit. Millions of m.f.nln .r u'iiIiImip
iuiii. , i'u nut uvui-ccireu "j low cueap joilll puuil.ll.
era of Inferior rdltlona. Bee that the eopy you buy
contaliii mil line i iiurntlnKi on ateel anil wood.
Aitonta pro eolnliiK liiouey .elilug thin edition, bend
AUarcsa KATIONAL 1'UBLIHIIIMI lo. , uiilonico, ill,
Worth For tala for s Ull
Tiikesiibrman'i DooKKiiriNa,
Including n blanki nreded M
make ctllrmenli with cuatomera,
Money refund. I if not cntirdj
tatiifaciory. Addreil,
Tht Aullman 6 Tailor CWA
Maaifield, RicbUad Ctv, (X
A mould lur Atfi ma on
our ii 'w ilooki TnndoLu.
km Hawni or Light on the
Ureal Future, tieud for
CFrTuTai. bind add r.'..ot Uui-iuuii Uuok ARta. uud oo
i.r iiiaiiiiiif. aim nigeive tin, reupie .iiuua.iue. in e
1', w, Kiegior fii uo. imi K. A I una bt,. unieaio.
rUUNC M -.Nrui1.iW.
u iiib. puiail .aiai, it n.le learuiui. UUaaiioi
fumlihei VaJeailuoliiw., juuarJie.Mj.
J 5?
155) j
1 1 Pi
1 1 mm
UccntralcU, fur tUuso tliat cuuuul icuuiit pre-
H jr II or Ii with rqttal tgtcttiicy In flr orm.l j
Wi:i.l.S. ItlCIIAIIIlSONA.Co.. t-rap's. D
H (Will ndtli dry post-paid.) I't l!M(iTn.TT.&
If you want to know "how It is your
self," just go nnd visit your relatives for
a week lu a new pair of boots, nnd 110
Cmtvso Coit.s Crni: within llfteeit miles.
Ask vour druggist for It. Only ilAc per
bottle. Wholesale by
('. 11. Waiih Si Co.,
MiTciiKi.1., Il.itTi.KTToi Chain,
Wholesale Druggists,
i:i'i'i:i i-'ito.ii niM'rii.
William .1. Coujjhllti, of Somervlllc, .Mass.,
ys: "In tho fall of 18T0 1 was taken with
Imllng of the limps, follow cd livscveic cough.
lo'. appetite and llesh, was eotilliieil to my bed.
In the summer of 1ST" was admitted to thchos
pltal, Thu doctors said I had n hole In my lung
ashlcnshalf a dollar. I rave up Iioih1, but 11
lielnd told me of I)lt. W.M. HALL'S llALSAM
FOH TUB LUNUS. I pit iilKittlewhen 1 com
mciiccd to feel lictter, and to-day I feel Iwttcr
than for three years past. I write this hoping
that everv one nllllcted with diseased lungs will
take I)H. W.M. HALL'S llALSAM, nnd Ik- con
I can positively say It has done me more good
than nil the other medicines 1 have taken since
my sickness.
No preparation ever UKoU'icd except t'Ali
Iioi.im:, 11 deodorized extract of petroleum, will
really priHliicetiew hair on bald heads. It will
be n happy day when the great armv of ti.ild
heads fully understand this.
I.HllA II. 1'INUU.IMV Vl.or.T.MIt.llCoMI'OfNIl
will at nil times, nnd under all circumstances,
act lu harmony with the laws that govern the
female sjsti'iii. Address Mrs. I.idla K. Pink
ham. 'SSI Western Avenue, Lvnh, M,- , for
No Cl.r.ANlMi AuCNriu exl'tencels ctnnpar
iibletotii.r.NN'sSri.riii'it Soumis mi eradlcant
and preventheof local diseases of the sMn, and
ns 11 means of Ineieaslngtbe whiteness and soft
ness of the cuticle. Ask the ladies If ou would
learn Its excellence.
SlutiMut VentU: "When idT other remedies
fall then the doubting man becomes convinced
of the superior value of Dr. K. II. Halllday's
Wood l'lliltlcr. The wise man never uses any
other remedy." Tor sale by all western druggists.
l'r.uuv l).visr PAis-liti.txu Is mi excellent
regulator of the stomach and bowels, and
should always be kept on band, especially at
this season of the year, when so manv suiter
from IkiwcI complauits, There Is nothing so
iilllck to leUeVe attacks of Cholera. Sold at
only "J.") icnts a bottle, bv druggists generally.
(lr.NTLr.UENt 1 wai luflarloa from nnrnl dbliltv to
dpiiiomotome. A?cotlonof month did not giv tno
ln"rafpdrroitratlonftndilaklDffcblll. Attbiitlraa I begun tb um of your Iiioh Tonio, from wblcb I t
6lluilftIrattioimodlAtflnd woaJerfulresulu. lhold eaerpr retarnd and I found tbtt ,mr ntnrl tore
n an not irmftnotl7 btd, I hTuea tbrebottloof the Tonic. Hlnct uilnfflt I hnvs dons tw Ic tan la
)Or lUHd 1 eirr um iu iua muiio umn uuiidji ui iiiunt. uuu tthh uuhuio iiib v
ml l jiif nf lm1r. him ram nl-ui rlMarnMaanf thaneht nVMf tMrar anlAfivl.
woik.ILnowDutwbiit. lBiTeHth-fr-llt.
Ti Iron Tonin a
weparntinn 0 JVo
toxittr of iron, JVrw
rfifi Hark a tut lin
tthtitem ammnrialed
trith the tnctable
tromattrMt It merrrm
Itprrrti tttirnomr trtere
'Montr tti nrrettmart,1
or 1
WASinsiiToxto tlie present time. Includes much rKiisoNALnndrnt
VATK bl.lorv never before nubll.beil. Atldre...
UltA ll .I'.V.I: .US. VnurlbPt..
To which Is added n iltotrh portnltof Mrs.
Hieai'uriKtkuillU-Kl .t-t.li-.t.i-1 i 3;.ule.
fl AcolmblnftH.il rf Hons. nu"hu, Mun-
drnk'lau.ia UanUolloiii.t. .be tu.J
moitoirAtlvui ruiLitiis ot r I !! f,
malcoflVtbcuuotoit Dlood f -"ler. tlvnr
Hoxu tor. nud Ufe mid i.ctui jij
Nodlseawc Vcn riiMMy 1o-t r ' '"inop
liittcmnru V'i1UtAot.ica 4U.J ...v. u.-otuclr
o peratJ uuikJK
lotUUboffl oT.'lojn'ititrt. t.r.'tutarl
r.rit.i.i.u.i.nrk. uiinary orrv . t v. n-
nflNmn 4r.iU.(U-V. Tu'lla Ul. i . . I tit lill .lOJlt,
aro wLat t !. dlt a ovr nilu'dcti
tir. t u.tu.itilTounT
only fullhid or i:.lurutlo,H
It may H.iirjyj.ti,llftf.ltUi.d
8 5 0 O ''HI bo r-i Id fur t cii '
cururit(.i. j.j net wu.'tryy
iu.tcr,but uiica.vJ urrro titriiivy
Iicnun.l-cr.llri Il.ttcrj 1 1 ik
dru:ucn iio.truiu.liat tlio V
Mvulclrit i n r l-in lo x 1 lie "IWi,,1
cid liort" and no prnkju or I t
vhoul'J uj v.lt.wut eluin. cn rav
n I . Irtn fiStnl-iMand lriilf
7l r..riiritn!limii'Jt.lt'Wfif onliini. f n
B nart'otlcK. AlUol! tv nn.-H li j !
furClrruIir, np fll4tcr Jiff. t.( Jf
Will Duplicate t'lilcico and New fork Trl el.
221, 223 FOURTH STREfcT,
tisinnoMfl nt on Ann'dontton.
I tllOIUnO widuwi. ratbtri, luotliu vt
kcliIMren. TbonihndiyAflDtltlrJ. rnilonfivrn
jrr Joi r flnnrr,toi.f rr rupiurt.Tttrieuiv t viui
J ii 1 T" v "u"",(i (rni'nr a
:Sl-lUi.r.VI'ulied intHKA 115 Mini IIOII.ATV
l'ATI,AT8 nrocuriJ lur lnv.iii.ri. k,.i,ii.i-.
mil Ii9irapriy f-r yoiir rflii i i i.et- Mud
wmpa for1f.e (' flinM.l Iter Mnr.i IWi P
Allen's Orein Food.
A botnnleal extrart, rermanenlli- itronsthens Iho
brain, nnd poslii ly cures uervuu.ness, te'rionsde
blllty, nnd all winkuomof KeiieintlieoiKiins. I'rlee,
Ii for M. All drnirglsts. llipot At.i kn' 1'iiaii
maov, 315 Klr.t nvenue, New York, X V. Send for
aToftitboiiM 4n& a inrM etnl
ittmD for h Ut bonk ot n-Mrlv
lOOlkzfl f Uvo gt Inl) of
vuiubit anti v Ufi ju u
rooU, U anuprof
nurvfutft, Dtteam tt Mia
mm lourm, auj all ibrJuie
wimou, wilbUit-f Mr.cito(
(,nit.V'. Addw Ull
tuv HUI fn Co., Ixa 100,
hw Vou CtU.
rrtotii w
.. jilllls
if jci !
' nino. !
-ludn. j
I lint (
' Midi 3
ii..,) n i
U .trif i-1 I
u . I'tt
i ir.n :
HE BIB W nil I hi mo ue T
1j(1no CAiaAct TC"""
iffisaU this r eari i mm kfod.sale
Tlw liirro ijitinlicr of jiootile whu nittrur fnim Conn on their fcfMr.
vDiiik-rliil, tui'l tho Innt Pl'lll nf il n'toM unil ilmirirlits has hcretofoii
lii'iO Hk'nii olTortj lu procuro u euro. Siuiererti urout liistl
Which will r'tiinvo imilcnm iho mirst corns If used ns iltreoted. Tbl
pivmli'tiimi.ircr It iimlurti 1'iuttlve Ummiitv. Money will liororunilSJ
li nil cities If nut Bjtlaliiotury wuon nscil uocunltiyt to dlrootlous.
T1,'V,"i'c?.VTCr'.''1 ,.lr!!'"'!'l?f I'l.nMnTnoO. sold to tho na.it year ot4
IsXKi iKittioH, nt nilall. Ilimdit'iii or trmimoiilnl. can ha furnUhecT
If ilw ivil, Initwp lorcr tn only n fow wrll known partlesi J. A.
T. HUM,, rii'cmliiry or Htulo; Dit, A. IIawhoni It. T. Wtu
sidLit. of ItmlUpinl i WollnfiiKor, Wholosulo bookiollen. .
IK. Molncu, Intra.
ii ism (in yitlilnjc
iiyTrjItWrt Willi".
'0 cuheJo PAY.
Vor Sal bu mtthtlt, llaHUU A Vmln and O, U. Ward a Ot., Whi
Ml. Drugulf, IMS Mtinu, If. ' '
llnlmiiti'n Auur, l.lveriiiul hloni.
ik'Ii I'ml. for Mnlnrlii. Aitun ivlul
Mliiiiiiich trout les. 1'lilt'H, fcT-i.OO.
1 1 illiin 11 Y r-iii'i'lii i'ml, Aitnpt(i) to 0
rluonlc rases. I'llUK. Kll.llll
I iiiminii'M IH. ..I, li,.. I Kor stubborn
rn of rnlarireil snhrn and uti)lrtdlnK Liter anil
stomach troubles, f'lllt l:. wn no
I In iiiiiti. 1 1 Htm-. I. hi. Kor ntlincnts
Infnnls and Chltdrin. t'llli'l.'. Hl.no,
I nil" lill'n lli.,"l i.l' Klillu'V lml,
KorKtdnoy Complaints. I'ltlfK. SU.IIll,
1 IoIihiiii'm Alistiii'iii ivi Mi'illi'liinl
iiimI liiis.ii-. The ls-.tl'lailpr iiiadc. To-
rout on ItuMitr liaits. 11 1 1 ( K. une.
1 1 iiiiiiii u'h a Iihiii'ih iv .Mi-illt'lim I
I'll 1 lli.-i'i -. For NiiiilIi l'i it ami SluiiKlili
flreiit,illon. IMtlCK lls r fnlii !Mi.
Alllll'lll lull III! All'llll'v tlll l.'lHI
I'ltth-. KorCotds, (Uiitriatl' ns and all e air
whore Knit llnth la i.udnl, KI'ICT. (1st .4 lb.
piieknito) Unv.
Or soul bvinnlt. post-paid, on rrrelpt of price. The
AllsolllTliiN SALT Is nut uiallnVle" sml inn n li
mit by i:prissntpurrli"eiesne.
Hiosneeessof llol.MAN'M PAI1S hn Inspired Iml
tntors whoofTiT 1'nds stmlt.ir In tlii'iu and intui
tu the 1 1 Hit HOI. MAN'S, snjdiiK, "Tin y lire Jil.t tlio
siune," etc.
lleware of nil Iiiiixiih Pnds only made to sett on
(lie li puliitlon of the i:enuliie.
See that rn li I'ml I" nrs Iho I'civiito llevo.
ouo .1 n )t i.r Hie IIIII.MAN' I'ADCOMl'A.Ni"
with aboM Trude Mink printed lu imn.
I lie. lltll.MAN'Hndilee la fne.
free on application, Address,
Kull treatises?!
(). Hfix31W. 71 rnlwi,y, N. V.
tmmtidrd bu thmntettt-
leal profrmaion, form
liebllitu, rrmalm Mm
Irar, H'anC of vital M
ity, .yervoum JVosfraB
tiottt and CmnpalfB-W
math in itnt tfakt mv lbflf &J ttiMAdllutr boi
much rallef.bat 01 tho contrarx, wm followed by
If thu Toole ha not dono th
J. 1. Wawom, j'wtof Cnri-tlun Oho re h. Tror.O.
Ml l-i-s 1 ' AM't'l ii) for "Tun I.AinrsorTiiK Wiiitk llnrsr on
IV tiik ItoMits oktiik 1'itKAiiiKXTs," the most Iniere.llnir bisile of WAHH
lNdlON LII'K eMTpiiiiiliihed. A liliory of eMry Admlnlnrntlon from
1 l.llff.. I fl. Blllll IIWWl9i-all
Battlo Crook. (Vllchluan,
iLAMurAorrar.ua or -cue otnt tiEtnrurm
Traction and Plain Engines
and Horso-Powors.
In thcWorlil. I K'.Jf
flA VS. ADO of fonttnumanin.eiv 4 4
ill CHtlO ,..,, MillKiut chcr-rn o' .sin-!,
j JL niannjtuieut, or lixxtlon. t"Lor
.. 6rooJ icamutty ylitn vn utl o.r v A.
. STJ'A.lt-l'OnTn HnrAI.'ATflli'K n.
Ci.llllil.'tr Slpiitrt (lnlfiMemif.,'e....t'.,llAA
Trneilou i:iiulnesu'ul I'lnln Limine--i
- S-.CII In ill", Ainerlinu .nr.lliiU
thjltltvit of iptebit ftatidTt aril lni,r..erief,i
,'T lt.totrctli. r iltit tntperfar qimtitiit t eoA.'ruu
'tun nil matctlnh not ilienic-d of by other oinlicra
l our tint of Ke'iarutors. from 0 lu 12 hqi-ae
fi. ie.clty, tur 4lf.un or hurt jw.tr.
-i. i.tvK-H of';.lnunte.l" llnrfc-roieerr.
7 f.ftn iC( 'l" Srlceiril l.uiiibm
iUWUiWUU (M,wl.rfr,ii.t.r((ri.ii,s.(,(j.
.titV on bind, from nbleti in IniUr J,e to
.i.paruuiu v.ood-worU of our inudilci xy.
Piiriiii-Mi. iinil Thres
liyiftlKaia thla maichUit
n are ln-rllod U
vuvuurn Km irco. Addreaa
on-Ill. CrtMkla. Hll
Giimi ami Scalila,
tln;a mill l:ltca,
":iti ami Itrulice,
;iralin A. silltchea,
Sore, and Gal!,
Spavin, Crack.,
Screw Worm, fJrtiUp
root Hot, Hoof All,
Sivliui-, I'miiiileri,
Sniulii., KLralna,
Sore Fret,
;'(ibt Kltea,
JiiUtxurauldlscarci. nudtveiyljurtoruocfdent
ran iu:st op ajj,
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