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The President's Condition.
Tho past few days luivo been un.ioin
ones throughout tlio country, on no
mint of tho unfavorable chnngo in tlio
condition of tlio President.
Up to lust Saturday lili progrem to
wards lecovory lmJ hceti entirely uitii
fuetoiy. Hut nt tlmt tlmo u chango oe
curreil which threatened n speedy filial
tcrinlimtion. It Is supposed that thu
triune of tlio clmii?o was tlio stoppage of
tlio How of pus from tlio wound, pro
duced by tho formation of n sac deep In
tho wound. The linincilliito result was
to throw tlio patient Into n chill, no
foinpanicd by rigors, and fo lowed by
hi(;h fever. On Sunday one of thu phy
sicians nindo nu incision In the Presi
dent's back, which reached tho ob
structed passage in tho
A Few Observations From tho Capital of
wound and started the pus again to dis-1
charging j audit was hopud that this!
operation would entirely relievo htm.
Hut the expectations of the physicians'
were not realized and there have since
(Special Cor. St. .toscpli (lurcttc
Oregon Is one of your good old-fashioned
MW-muii towns;, where everybody
is in well-to-do elrcitnistniu'P.suud many
have nniased fortunes. Tho town l
slttiHted on eloMitcd ground, in one of
I tho healthiest rejiions in the elate. The
j people display their love for the bcautl
i fill in tho erection of elegant residences
I .surrounded by lovely parks or lawns.
Just now tlio old court house, whoso
.stylo of architect uro dot not seem so
pretty now as hi the primal days of its
construction, Is being so revamped as
ik iifiiLiint tlin tttituMiiMitiMii nf ti t nt t urn
, - ; W l I .-Hill k UIV iliivmni"' Vi ....w
tracK ot tno j . .i.iw. vilim ii,,.,,,, liniiiove-
mcnls chall have been completed, the
I. ..tl.lt ...111 I... 1.. I ...1.1. !.,
llUlllllllg Will IJU 111 ii.;iiii nun mu
I lovely paik surroumllug It.
j Oregon has two creditable papers, es-
I iw.i.i.illf 'I'nr Pm'v i s- 1 v I l 1 1 . ti lti'lilltl.
been daily recurrences of the rigors and i , ,,, i,.,t,...i Vl,s,M ,.!,.
high lever.
At this writing the condition of the
President is such as to excite the gravest
apprehensions. That ho Is still in great
danger the physicians freely admit, and
recovery is only too doubtful.
yns & Waller, two thoroughgoing news-,
paper men, and tho Holt County Press,
published In the interest ol Democracy.
Crops never looked llnor. The corn
has attained such a height that it is said
a number of farmers are preparing to
shoot tho curs off with shotguns.
(invi-iiviiti riuwt.wiit.w i i ...!. in t ho v oliiltv ot urcunti are to do
Ulflllll.Wlk WHIttlllU'lu) IIIVWII-III-. V
tatlon In St. Louis with the superintend- to"1"1 11 """"licr of thrifty (ierniau lar
cuts of the different ralltoad and ux. tners, who have good farms, pleasant
press companies, who-e lines ojierato in j l,,,mc9 uml exten-lve vineyard-, and are
Missouri, in reference to the recent train ; unlvuwaHy loved, becaiiso each year
robbery near Winston. There will be 1 "tore away In thelt cellars barrels
probably a discussion of plans for the ,,f sparkling wino. Prominent among
arrest of train robbers and ineasuiesdc- ,lu!,u is Ml"- Michael Spoerle. Mr.
vised If dosslble to prevent the re-ocmr- l1"'1" ' n 1,,vc,y presided
renco ol such outlaws in the State. The i om' ,,v !l fl,it,,l'ul wUo' "l!!1 1,v six
eliarinlng (liiuglitor. A Happier Home
governor doesn't think proper effoits
were made by tho county authorities
and citizens generally to arrest the rob
bers and he especially censures the au
thorities of Lafayette county for not
taking prompt and decisive means to
arrest the men who crossed the river at
Lexington a few days ago. I la will
olfer as large a reward as the statu al
lows for the capture of the robbers and
thinks tho railroad and express eoni
pnnlesaud the counties interested ought
to oiler a reward sulllciont to iiisiuo
the capture of the outlaws.
and better wino aro nowhere to be
found in tills vale of tears.
Si fax.
Tin-: New York Legislature did at
last come to its senses and did what
they should have done three mouths
ago and theieby saved that stato a good
deal of unnecessary expense and a few
politlcirns a good deal of agony. Last
Filday they elected 12. 0. Lapiiam, now
a member of Congress, to the seat In
tho Senate nindo vacant by tho resigna
tion of Conkllng. Speaker Slmrpe and
two other supporters of Conkllng trans
forming their votes to tlio caucus candi
dates at the name time. Mr. Laphani Is
known as a business man of energy,
and integrity, and success, and ho It-is
the reputation of being a shrewd poll
W k nominate Roscoe Conkllng to
till the vacancy caused by tlio death of
Judge Chffoid on tlio Supreme lioneh
This would retire Mr. Conkllng for
life from American polities and It would
do much towards healing the breach
between tho Stalwarts unl Ilulf-broeds
in tlio Republican party, and President
UnrKcld could not do a wiser thing.
A Reply.
KmTOH County Vapkus An article
appeared In tlio last issiio of tlio Mound
City Kcich lamenting very much that hur
flouring mills did not do more woik;
and that 'Hour should be shipped from
this point in placo of being shipped
hero. And wo know tlirro is no belter
point' anywhere for a merchant mill
than Mound City, and the mills do not
run half the lime. Why this is wo do
not konw, for there is work enough to
keep a mill i mining day and night."
In part this is true, and in part it is
not. As regards tho sliiiniliiir out of
Hour, Mound City mill) have manufac
tured and shipped out a largo amount,
and have a largo home retail trade. It
is true that at present nouo of the mer
chants aro handling our Hour, neither
lmvo wo called on thom recently to do
so, inasmuch us wo propose to give the
consumer the benefit of from forty-live
to llfty cents per hundred, tho mer
chants1 commission for selling. As re
gards tho shipping in of Hour, thu
mighty half dollars Is an object, aval
our merchants are willing to make a
nickel in whatever way they can, oven
though they tramp tho toos of ncle-hbor
II. or D. So far us being the lie.it point
for a merchant mill, claimed In the ar
ticle, is presumption; had thu statonicut
been limited to Holt cuii)y, we believe
it might bo claimed both for merchant
and custom. So fur us thu nulls not
running half the tlmo, I think thu wri
ter nf the article must bo a hermit, mid
is not ucqutilnted with tho Iran. piling
events of the day. So far us running
day and night is concerned, wo under
Maud tlmt Cod intended tho night as
tho tlmo for man to rest, whereby his
mental and physical powers might bo
recuperated, littlug and qualifying him
or tho duties of tho day.
The snnio p'.ea might bo put up as re
gards tlio merclinnt, the mechanic, tho
press. Why is it you do not run day
and night? Why is It you do not sell
more goods? Why is it tho circulation
of your papor Is not larger? Tho wri
ter of tho article claimed why these, aro
no ho did not know. In conclusion, wo
make this statement: wo will sell this
property, less tlio appropriation made
by tho citizens, or we will sell half Inter
est to a good mill man, or wo will tuku
h loan and give tlio property as securi
ty, put la additional machinery enlarg
ing our capacity and improve tho
quality of our flour. Yours trul y,
Food for Tlioufjht.
Tlio following is a synopsis of a Ser
mon preached in tlio M. K. Church July
21th, 1881, by the pastor, Kev. .Samuel
Tkxt: Hut make mo thereof a little
cake first... Kings, 1 7: HI.
l'or every effect there must bo a cause,
not only with tilings pertaining to phys
ical organization, but present and fu
ture spiritual existence. From nothing
emanates nothing: from a cause may
tollow many effects. Had there never
been a Creator nothing could have been
created, l'or all the declarations and
demands of tho gospel, there aro good
reasons why tlioy should have been giv
en. Wo may not oo uuio to tnoroumny
understand thu philosophy or even the
nsu of many things wtitten, yet dod, in
ids revelation concerning the natural
and super-natural has never bi.cn found
in eoutradiulion.
The human mind may not bo able to
taku in tho manifest intelligence ot Hod.
if not, it will not beheld responsible,
as an individual is accountable only for
personal capabilities.
Mind power varies in man as greatly
as any natural objects presented for
consideration. An individual Is hold
resiioiisiblo only for tlio proper im
provement of what ho possesses. Tho
parable of the ten talents teaches to
whom little Is glyon, little will bo ro
quired. Tho prophet Klijali, whose
language wo have quoted, was com
manded of Cod to go to Zarephalh,
of Zidon, and dwell there while a great
drouth was upon the html. As he ap
proached the city he met a woman gath
ering sticks, lteiug thirsty, ho asked
ol her water that ho mluht drink. As
she goes for water lie called unto her,
saying, " bring mu a morsel of bread."
Tills request draws lrom thu poor will
ow tho sad intelligence, of her utter
want and starving coudlti u of her fam
ily. She told tlio Prophet that the
sticks she was ralherinj' were to bako
tho last morsel of bread before thoy die :
but thu man of Cod said unto her
"Fear not; but make me thereof a lit
tlu cake first and brim' It uuio me, and
alter make for thee and thy son :" prom
isiug her that thu meal should not be
diminished, neither the oiulso of oil
The primary lesson taught Is to give
Cod the llrst fruits and leave with him
the result. In times of theocratic gov
ernment the people were required to
give more than they do now. Cod re
quire of his subjects thu llrst of life,
tho llrst of our thoughts, the iitst of our
iiitluencb and tho llrst of our substance.
Theeaily life should bo given to God
because wu umanatu from him and aro
sustained by his power. The soul Is
thou free from thu impiuitios resulting
from exriial nature, not having tasted
of tlio bitterness of sm, but tender as a
tiny plant just vurgmg from the wnrtli,
sui-ecptlblo of the most delicate Influ
ence (iood lessons can be easily im
pressed, which will, to a largo extout,
shape tho character for the future of
life. The heart Is more tender and eas
ier to bu brought into subjection than
In after years A wlso man hiiseald:
" tiivo me tlio llrst seven years of a
child's life and you may have tho rest."
Cod says: " Hemember now thy Crea
tor In tlio days of thy youth, whllo the
evil ilays come not, and the yours draw
nign wnea tnoii slialt my : 1 lmvo no
pleasnre In them.' "
'Jho fiistof pur thoughts should bu
given to God, for tlio Interests of our
souls depund upon tho state. of our
hearts, and from thu heart tho mouth
speakoth. Tho thoughts should bo pure
and right j richly watered torn tlio foun
tain of heaven. Goit knowoth our
thoughts afar off, nnd oven tho most
tccrct meditations ol our minds, All
crimes and wicked nets aro born in the
mind. To avoid the ulllleultles of lito
wo should give tho llrst thoughts to thu
elevating character of fiod.
Tho Influence of every one is elthci
lor or against the truth. Knch individ
ual is exerting an almost unbounded In-
lluence around him. It may not niani-fe-t
itself prominently, yet, like a still
current, It has Its depth.
No human being can como Into this
world without increa-ing or diminish
ing thu sum total of human happiness,
not only of the present, but of every
subsequent age of humanity. No one
can detach himself from this connection.
There Is no sequestered spot in the unl
terse; no dark nicliu along tho dlu of
man's existence tw which ho can retreat
from his relations to others where ho
can withdraw tho iiillceneo of his exist
ence upon tho moral destiny of thu
world. Everywhere Ids presence or ab
sence will bo felt : everywhere ho w ill
have companions who will bu better or
worse for his Influence.
Wo are funning characters for iternl
tv, not only our own, but others. Many
souls will enter eternity yeaily with
characters differing from those they
would have carried had wo not lived.
Tho sunlight ot that world will reveal
mv lliiL'er marks in their primary for-
million, and In their successive strata
of thought and life. It was astilklng
remark of a dj lug man whose life had
been poorly spent: "Oh that my influ
ence could be gathered up and buried
with me!" It could not be done: that
man's Influence survives him-it still
lives, is still woiklng on, and will llvu
and work for centuries to como.
Lastly, wo are to give the first of our
substance To day, all over this coun
try, tho fields aro loaded with grain.
Mother Kurth lias received tho conns
which lmvo sprung up and promise an
abundant harvest herbs lor thu cattle
and food for man. Now is heard thu
reaper's song as he goes forth garner
lug the grain. There is iiiuslu In the
air giving life and nnimatiou to the
happy recipients of God's merciful
kindness. Tho sun has not failed to
give light and heat, the rain has not
been withehl from quenching the thirst
of every living tiling. Seed tlmo and
harvest shall continue to bu until the
clock of timu is wound up for its last
revolution. All things speak the good
ness of God and his kindness to the
children of men.
Wo aro not now required logo up to
somu far distant temple to woishtp.
The offering is a broken spirit and a
contrite heart, and these the Lord will
not despise. In ancient times one-tenth
of earthly possessions was exacted. The
rich and poor alike wore compelled to
open the .storehouse of their possessiosn
to replenish tho treasury of God.
It is thu duty as well as tho privilege
of every (me to give of their substance
He may direct the uso of it lu sending
missionaiies to far and distant lands.
It may bo used in securing needs for
instruction of tho people in our midst.
With tho command: "Go ye Into all
the world and preach thu Gospel," God
iuloiided his messengers to live by the
Cos; ol. This tlicy are able to do as wo
bring our substation and present It unto
tho lord. The treasury of God Is treu
from failures. It cannot become bank
rupt. True tho proper uso may not bo
mailu of tho moans provided, yet a reg
ister Is kept showing credit to the giver
when credit Is duo.
God Is a just ruler and will require of
his subjects only what is right. Ono
moment lu heaven wid repay lor all our
labors here, Tho pro.it storo-houso of
God will fall to our lot. Tho golden
realms of heavenly lniinunsity will be
ours. Tlio small gifts wo oiler hero
will sink into insignificance as we sur
vey our possessions.
God grant us a happy entrance Into
those olysian Holds, and an overlastini.
inheritance with the good.
Chief Justick Ci.irrouu, tho oldo-
Corsaut & Meyer,
Arc making extensive irep
aval ions for the Fall Cam
paiirn In Dry Goods,
Clothing, Groceries, Caps,
-,Xt-XHW MMIWW WWIIO IlllHH'ltf'll' i"l
Gloves, Hoots ami Shoes,
QupuHurare and Glassware.
Thoy ave clelevininetl not
to he excelled in Style, qnal
ity or prices.
J)ne notice will
on Kecdiptof slock.
he given
If you would consult your own inl crest, nndhave
tin honest desire to save Money, come to
Barnes & Collison's
Public Attention
ra fr
Nice shower Sunday evening.
Corning was well voprosunted at
the Craig picnic.
Whent In this section will average
from eight to ten bushels.
-Mrs. Noel lias moved her millinery
shop from Milton to Corning.
Miss Christian, of NTslieua, is visit-
ln tho family ofJns. liogrefo.
Mr. Todds will move n bilck
house for V, V. Walters this week.
Mr. 1. C. Shell-, takes chnrjro of
tlio lixpross oftlro tho llrst of August.
Mr. Cromer, who lives north of
Corning, was siiu-struek one day last
John Thorntroup went to Craig to
seo John Stokes. Did you oversee it
jaybird, John?
- A gentleman from hebrnska has
purchased thu Keslor property, and will
movo hero this week.
Onu of Mr. A. J. Uarrlo's 111011 got
lu the "cooler" Saturday. Ilootou did
not get shut in this time.
Wo understand that Mr. K. Stokes
will open n first class restaurant In the
old Dr. Noel drug house.
H. W. Sedwlek broke one of his
lingers last week while assisting 111 pul
ling down tlio truck scales.
It tlio Talbott boys had como to
Corning for legal advice thoy never
would have been hnngod. Wo aro all
About thlity-fivo or forty wit
nesses from "tills placo went to Craig
last Monday to attend the Gillmuro and
Collor trial.
J. M, Baudiio presented his sweet
heart with a lino set of silver knives,
folks and spoons. Aro wo to have
wedding joke?
Louts b wan 11 and Mrs, Ilavs went
to Nebraska last Saturday. Louis, you
and uncle Davo hud bettor set 'cm up
to tho boys. You two aro awful cute,
but tlio boys 41 tumbled.'
Mr. Henry Anderson gave tlio Lit
t!o Dutch Hand boys a supper at the
allciMlouso last Friday evening. Wd
don't know, but wo think Hunrv thinks
more of s.inio one that does not belong
to the band.
Jwseph Spencer, why wore you nnd
the marshal out so late Saturday night,
andean ou, or will you loll from whoro
the marshal got those young chickens
that ho had 'uniluy morning.
Lnele Davy Henderson slipped oil'
011 the train last Saturday ami wus seen
no more till the train arrived at Higo-
low, when ho was seen to help a fair
ady from tho train and lrom tho walk,
and tak of Uncle Dave, wo (illhcta
coon skin he is mairicd.
Tiii:ououk Gitr.ENi'iCKi.K.
A nr.w'Aiui of 60,000 hns heoii offer
ed for tlio urrest. and conviction of tho
Winston trainVibbers by tho Governor
together with tlio dlffeient oxprcss and
railroad companies.
S.M.u.r.-i'OX is spreading to such an
extent in tunny eastern eltlcs as to cre
ate considerable uneasiness among tho
citizens. In rittsburg, Pa.-, about 260
persons nro nfllleted with this dreaded
disense, and the city bids fair to havo a
small pox epidemic.
TVIiolmnlo orttclnll.
Tho Inrge storo room of T. J. Wash
burn, Fifth and Francis streets, is
Hacked full of tho finest grades of I'l
anos nud Organs, which he is soiling
extremely low for cash or monthly pay
ments. He is ngont for Steinway
I'ianos and Kstry Organs tho lending
instruments of tho world, and all
varieties of cheaper grades. All goods
as repro-onUil and will duplicate tho
prices of any dealor hi tlio eonntry.
Tho most complete stock of Aecor
deatio, Harmonicas, Guitars, Itanjos,
Violins, Organettcs, Sheet Music,
Hooks to bo had lit tho city. All
aro cordially Invited to call 011 or ad
dress T. J. Washburn, corner Fifth
and Francis streets, St. Joseph, Missouri.
member of the United States Supremo
Com t died last Tuesday. f iThis leaves
Judgo Field, a Democrat, at thu head,
ho being the oldest member.
Geo. P. Luckliardi
Nation s Capital
Hut something of far more importance demands Iho attention
of the citizens of Mound City and Holt county just now, and that Is
AVe Have Them in till Styles and Prices.
.jcoxjivx. oxri?-r, mo.
Fine Watches, Rich Jewolry, Sterling Silverware, Silver Platod Ware, Fronoh an
American uiocks. upera uiasse3, spectacles,
in raci I'M'ryiliini! I'l'rliuiinii; m ine. ipwuiy ir.iiie. wo Kimlionrr extra linuicemcnts in iur
ciiDMi'rs iiiufiuiuiiK Ki'iiMin. a vimi m iiniimion ihpxiciuipu ui 1111. vim will llixl it Id sour
InUri'ht tu examine our stuck Imfuri' niul;lii ymir imrclmsfs, fur wc mean what wu saw tlinwmr
luices nru mum inwor man iiisim'iimiii. khm wnrriiiui'ii as reiirvsrim'il, or money reinml
ei'.. Ivnurnvlni!. reiiilrluK ol flue. WiUehes niul jewelry, n ppvclnlty, by competent workmen, ami
warrnuteil to rIvo xitliructlon, MM l'ellx Htreet, H.ettou'H llloek, lietween l'llth mill HlMli
Mi isepu, ,no.
Tho Markets.
Catti.i: Tlio in rivals of ealtlo tho
past week were not very lame, and
with a good demand from shippers and
local dealers the market ruled lairiy ac
tive and lirm for the better qualities,
but common grades were a little slow.
rices, were comparatively steady.
hip, dug grades fairly active. The
ninrkut closed steady.
Huns -There lias been a good de
mand throughout the week, both on
packing ami shipping account, ami pri
ces show slight advances on the most
ilelrablo lots Tlio market closed
steady, with tho pons well cleared.
Ciiicaoo, July '.'7. isst.
lions. CATn.K
riiursiliiv a 10 f. -.
Krliluy 11 :.u 11:10
Kulunlity OH u :
.Mom av
Wiikat was fairly
courso 01 tlio market lias been quite
lrresrular. Appearances indicate a ma
nlpulatud market l'or August, and the
sciim; of a eomiutcraiiiu quantity 01
tho new crop accounts for this. lor.
eigu advices seem favorable, but iudl
eatlvo of a moro quiet feeling.
uoitN a latr imsinuss lias oeen
transacted in Hits market, ami prices
ruled wuu moro steadiness. j.'ureirn
advices exhibit considerable steadiness
in that quarter.
Breeder ot tho Caleurnted Thoroughbred
r un hu m
I lmvo a number of llipriitflibreil 1'olniul
Clilim I'Iks how rcnityfor salo Unit mu bred
from lull l'liluml China Hours niul Sows, unit
which I ollerou tlio most reasonable terms to
those desiring a superior tpmllty of hogs Stool;
lircpilers wl.u have hcen iny pig" pronounce,
ever offcrcil for sulo lu Holt County, 'J'hey are
all full blooil, anil h.ivo a clear pedigree. My
sows nro from the well known l'olmul China
block raiser, 11, 1'. Dnnoy & Hons, of Terry,
l'lku county, Illinois j A 0 uudT OTajlor, of
(Jrccucaslle, Hulllvaii comity, MIhioojI, unit
my Hoar from H. Cusllo, of 'WIIIiiiIiikIoii, Mills
county, Illinois, Downs Hired by Honest Tom,
ho by ,Ilm Crow 1 1st lUim Jenny land ; 2d dam.
Oxford llenuty,
Alt of my stock Is thoroughbred and not le
lated in any particular,
Call and see them at my Nuisery, adjoining
Manufacturer of nit kinds of
113 & 115 Second Street, bet. Felix &. Francis
ST. JOHKflt, .uo
f will, until 12 o'clock noon, Haturduy July lu,
1SSI, recuivu scaled proposals ut iny olllco lu
Mound Cliy, tor ImlldliiK a forty-tlvo foot
spun combination lirldKv, tl.ri'i) miles south
east of Oregon 1 also 11 forty-llvo foot bridge
llireu miles southwest of New Tolnt,
We reserve tho right to reject any
bids nut satisfactory, l'liuis and spcclllcutluns
can bo seen ut my uiilco.
WM. M. MOltltlH.
lto.td uml Urlilgu Commissioner.
Notice Is hereby given hat llirro will bo a
city election Meld hi, mid for tho City of Oregon
Titesiluy, AiiKHkt i!tl, 1881,
for tho 11urpo.su of subiultttng to tlio legal voters
ot said city, tho proposition lu Incorporate tho
City or Oicgon, as a city of tho I'ourlli Class, as
piovldcil by lint Statutes of Missouri.
Uy order ot -W
Oltv Clerk.
Trylt when all other remedies fall and
get relief, liny it of King & Proud, Ore
11 ; Franco & Co., forest City.
To Whom it May Concern.
NotlcolshcrebyKlvun.lhat a majority ofitio
votes cast at the Hneclal lilectloa held on Hat
unlay, the 2d day of .Inly. 18S1. lu Iho various
election precincts lu Holt roanty, Mo., wore la
favor of restraining sn I mi from running at largo
You will therefore tnko notice, that from and
after sixty dajs from the day of said election,
it will not bo lawful for swine to run at largo In
Holt county. Mo.
lu tcstlinonv whereof, witness ny hand and
onlclul seal this, tlio Cth day or July. issi.
,1, l! U. CUltllo,
Clerk ut County Court.
How Lost. How Restored
Just published a now edition of Ir. Culver
well'M Plcliruti'U KHNey on the ltmllca
euro of Seminal Weakness. or Hniriuiitnrr,ii.ii
induced by Kelf-Almsu, Involuntary Kmlsslons,
iiiil'uu'iiuy, isrrvuiia iieiiiiuy, una JUIIieill
incuts to Marriage, etc.. etc.. ids cunsuinn
tltm, Kpllpsy, and Fits; Mental and l'hyscal
'.ivii j Mi.iiii..-.. j m-ll-imiMIHl'lll u ur MIX
ua extra vniranee ele.
Tlie.eelebrated author lu tills admirable, es
say, ciennyaemonstraies from n It rti years1
practice, that tho nlaimlng coiisri)iiem,es nf
sen nnxsH may nc rnuicauy cured 1 pointing out
h iiiiiii.i in eiiiu ui uiicu simple, cerium ami cr
fertltnl. hv mpiitifi nf ivlil.'li nvi.pv unir..,-... ,.,
matter what bis condition may be, nuiy euro
i-u,-ji'ivt iiivuuiY 111111 1 itiii.'tii iv.
f-VThls iccturo should bo la the hands
every youth ami every man In tlio laud.
Hent under seal In 11 plain envelope, to nuy
address, on receipt of six. cents or tv postage
stamps. Wc lutve also Hiiro euro for
miio worm, Address
'mi: oui,vi:mvixi, mi:iucai, vo
41 Ami Ntreet Mow York
Postonico IIox 40811,
Tko stock holders of tlio Uastl'orest l'lourlnu
Mill Company nru hereby notified that an elej
tlnti for ulMaril of seven dlrectlors will bo held
at tint office t! the company on tho sooond day
01 auuusi uui.iu . r. hi . 1 sum iiiiv,
J. II, WIIJ.UMH, Vhks.
.1. 11, u, i.ciiTJH, nee,
Words pass away, hut actions remain!
.tiOt your actions uo wormy oues.
ri ri : : r
U .A
In SjfSlJ
Willi OF
y. Citrca ThousutidH
;i JSM
idt IToitrly !
C0OTH3, COLDS, enfl
cjNuurri'.ioK, i
Tho I si cf Tonics,
Eistorcn tlin V'ak &n.l
Iav!r;atci iJw HVEf,
. v'trtiMtaaotiaa
5fir Ee-lur j lb
I f?' BtrercthcMtbif
i tl t.4 j i . rr..
1 1
j. rf,fj.i,jj ji.,,, (o l.ielihy c.ctlnn, lnj'..'i
rrr, . , ' u .iwutlll 111 iim.
'1 'i'i WEAKamlOi LICATE .tr;rtn.:frnlOS3 '
fF Al-Pl 7 IV r.lhVALIUM Mill lurrniit r.v.i.vrin
5 from fIi'Kiiim will l.Mitltlliurv'UiMyitu.yiufil C
1 t'.i-'renril'ditliiia.
A trial vt I will prov-rll m rir.tn. vo ir
S ilriviil.llorpR.l:(JOI'yiMECr"TAH. 'Ink.. :
4 iif''"T. I ojsitli hyi.admjlstj atOjj I)i
li Ul.
, . . . U 115
aotivo and
Aioi.uay .. .,
. 1 2- ...
. 1 .1
. 1 SI....
I 20..
1 2.1
The Motive Power.
Tint most beautiful illustration of
nofoot niooluiiiisin nnd woiidurful
Htu)Lrlli to bu found on tlio globo i.s
ttuuiu onginu. It is tlio otnliodliuunt of
oonsclouei powor, unit will walk away
witli i ot iu noaviiy imicu cars as oas
ly asyou would tako a pound woijjht
ami ross it aoout, or 1111.su a imuy car
riairuduwn hill. Isn't it a, piuttiro to
looMat as it stands calmly 011 tlio nil I.s
ov'y poini auu imim inrowiiig: naoK
1 1 rays of tlio sun lllio liurnislicd gold,
ith oiiejinoor's oub looking as noat as a
lliiy'fe parlor? Did you over think how
jvthles this grand nuiuliino would ho
VJthout tlio powor to start Into llfo. tho
woniloriut eogu ntiti lovorsf l.t-t us
point Amoral from this slmplo bkotcli
iud nnnlv It to ovory day buslnoss llfoP
f jou will sco ut u glanoo that tho jiolnt
j tins uiustraios mu graiui prinoipio 01
Kistonoo itsoii 1110 nioiivo p-.wor. xou
iiirt start tlio oiigino witunut stam
(nil rC business housu wont run Buncoes
ihlly wltliout tho onorgy and push of
11..,, :'!' ... i,..,. it ,rr;,., 'in,,. .,u.
11, u mull 1 w iuui iv cuiiii 4 uu r a i it
olplu is tlio'same 111 both cases tho
stoam runs tho onglnu and tho llvu man
tho business. Thoy would both bo val
uloss without tho motive powor. Wo
tho bands, ollod tho coirs" and Intro
ducod a great many now foaturos. Wo
think now thai It makes good tlmo on
tlio ttaoK and wo want yu to como
nnd sco It work. V 0 liavo boon obliged
to net moro room and havo moved into
tlio storo room just oust of King &
Prouds's urns: storo, whoro you can soe
the finest lino of Fuinlturo 111 Holt
county. Ncir can my stock of Colllna
and uudortuklii': (roods bo supassed in
Northwest Missouri, Tlio finest hoarse
In tho northwest Is also my property
A. M. JACOBS, Oregon, Mo.
iv ! run LrADiNO r.tucr.7 rc:t
11 ir. CKiin d co., r.-o;rj.,
, Cccccseara to Oliver Crnolt ii. Co ,
Dnyion, Ohio.
A n!i:i)rnnli,lii3 10 times rsrjuch satajlS
riutpripuinlliia. IT CUKES.
illWl II..' I 1 1.. w.w
Dtt J. Kf.AV.ti.'S GtiiMAf! EYC 5
S'LVE lii l-iivi taro fr
i;j. vu: vvv ;-.."ii-..:-.,Mi p-
'ii-jy ABU 11 M'iftUI.I 4. aver win ,
to euro nuy ciisii C roi o cyuK,
1 . no ri :.m.!y I lninwill- !
ntalnitecli'ectr. i'ilr4'5niit.ii'bot. Sli.mlt S
1 yonrunitirlfi Mil 1 uon minviipi 111 nmn -
3 ((rpoxtftH'ittaiupf) owlllticiM)oiial.osrreo .
! Ot CpcllBI). Ip-
f 0. H. SKHTr! & CO., Prop., ig
Traos Maw
IIolmau'K Ac-lie, Liver uml Stoninili
!VJ.lVr M.M.AHI . AllUH,
JII.EM. l'rlco$2 00.
llnliiuili'H N,eeiiil laU Adapted to old
chronic cascn. frlco $J.C0.
IEoImuii'H Mplcra klclt-1'or Mulitiorn
cam-s nf r.nl.irKOil Hplemi and
uiiyleliUnsr Liver nnd Stamacli
trmlMfs. 1'rlc.H $3.0).
IIotmnn'H I'lrnut'i I'nil-t'or ollmentii ot
Inf.iulH nud rlilWron. l'rlco$1.50.
IlnliiuuiVi Iteiinl tnil-'iic KUlney uml
Uln.tder CuiplViln. l'rlc $!.oo.
llolinuu'n tltnrliin liul Vr Kenialj
troiiiiies. I'rlcn o.oo.
lloluiun's AliHiiriinvo .lleUlclnnl Iloily
I'lavter Tlio I est phuslor iimrt'o
linraiis 011 r'4tilr tjails. l'rlcx 2So.
Ilolmun'n AbMorpllvo Ulctllclfiul Coot
l'lnhtrrn roriiumbfeulnnrtHlng.
f,-jli cln.iU.UIon, I'rlcn per fair Sio.
Abnurptlou Kolt Mudlcated Foot Uatbs-
i'or ColdJ, Otiatructlons and
nil annan wnore a lii.itr
neciUM. Per linlf lu, pa.
For Rain lir nil iWliffutntu or n.ut!
Pomp11.il, on rccclptl.f prlre. Tlio At
H.m is lino "mallei 'ii-w-ml mi
t..nircBiinpurciiai'r'imfc. v .r-s
lao.BUv'ccsa 01 iiort.mil' 1'UtIN Una in.
nlreil lintiiitiirj wSo oiler Pads 'iiitliir lu
roR-.i and ooon to lliu TninVtHoisusH, miylng,
"TI114' aro tint name, fccV" Bowaro of Ml
Ilo'iw r.id, only Button up to soil 011 tlio repn
tatlon nf lliiiKonuluo,
haatliatcacli I'ad licara tho Kreen pbivath
Br.VB.niB otajip of tho lloluwia J'ad Ciaian
W tlUlliOvnTi'niio.MMlt.
have labored for ycara to poi'fcct onrdv," a'Uictcd with ciironio ntlmentH mud aeon
hiisiness maohlno. wo'vu "tlfflitonud VI .,"..drrMl0J. A y.'.u.l.1?!.w!!lH wfll ro-
.. . . .- ..-..uivi, mm cnrciui nueiiiioii.
ui jiouiA
lmlli !
Vio, 25o.
iy until,
Wjont liy
lift IIOMJIN'H n,li-lia Is fi'.'H. Villi trnnl.'aa
senrlica oil application. Adtlreaa,
U'. O. llox 2,112) vj William Street, Now VovH.
andlieat) ucla liutr.n,
laueoiialy, produclnit
tlio uioat uatuMl Blioilo
ofblack orlmiwu:.i.w
preparation j favorltii
pOf d.iet?or Itlify
or irentlenuii. w.iti i.w
all UruijBlata and iiu.
r dreaaera. 3. CaiHTADOIlO.
. 03 William Btrcot, Kw yoik;

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