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Vn Kaucbes tlb
To Our Subscribers.
To all subscribers who arc In arrears
for THE COUNTY PAPER, and who will
oomo In and scKlo up and pay ono years'
subscription In advance, wc will make
him a presont of " Dr. Kendall's Trcaliso
on the Horse. " It la a valuable book and
every owner of a horso should have one.
Call and sec tlictn.
The doctors report business lively.
Henry Holtgieyo burled 'Ins babe
Iti't Thursday.
Hob. Hester is now perfectly happy
to Dr. Gosliu says, and lie ought to
Wo tiro sorry to learn that Mr.
Well Soper will .shortly remove his fam
ily to St Joseph.
The James boys are giving Missouri
another emigration boom. Tlt.it Is, to
boom on through to Kansas.
Who will carry away the prize?
Wo will give a year' subscription to
unymic bringing in the biggest water
melon this year.
Mtwlu by the band. Prof. Graves
and his Silver Cornet Hand of sixteen
pieces will bo here with Johnson & Co's
Circus on Monday, Aug. 8.
Some of the side-walks have bcon
repaired lately by tho city authorities,
.but there am quite a number yr.t tl at
lvmalti in a deplorable condition.
-Wc don't liko to brng or tell the
whole world our business but wo can't
help mentioning the fact that we am
getting about, Jen now subscribers a
week to Tub Oovnty I'a:m:k.
Vcnnor says wo wi l have showers
of rain accompanied by cool weather on
the 7th and 8th. Wo will see, and if
they don't come, wo shall at last be af
fordfld tho gratification of calling Veil
nor a liar.
llcttcr crops of corn will bo raised
than was expected in tho ntcrflowcd
.districts of the county tin huukoii; and
If wc do not get a good shower soon it
will ho even bettor than tho upland
Sihor dollars perforated with holes
arc worth 7.') cents; half dollars, !M
,ents; quarters, 18 cents, and dimes,)
tents. This is an order of Ihn govern
ment, and parlies should look out for
thtlr rights,
They are coming: they will j o-i-tlvely
bo hero Monday, Aug. 8 at Ore
gon : Jus. T. Johnson & Go's Circus and
Trained Animal, so lumeiiiber the day
and loll your fricnih.
A good deal of lcktiess prevails In
tho bottoms thl.s year, principally of a
malarial character.' This however is
easily accounted for, tho result of tho
.groat flood the present year, followed
4t3 it was, with frequent heavy rains mi.
til lato In June,
So many unkind things wero said
of tho weather during the hot spoil that
it deserves to be complimented on its
good behavior thu past two weeks. If
it was ut qui to so dry, a littlo cooler,
and not so awful warm it would bo just
perfectly splendid.
--Tho prevailing opinion in Nodaway
county since tho execution of tho Tol
butt boys, Is that Mrs, Talhott is tho
guilty one. Waryvlllo niado (several
thousand dollars by tho lat mincing,
4Uid It 3 probable that another one will
bo gotten up for tho benefit of tho town
"Can I give my son a college edu
cation at homo P" u-ks a fond parent.
Well, you may be able to teach him as
anuch of Greek and Latin and mathe
matics as tho college could ; but you
could never so thoroughly imbue him
with tho idea that everbody else is a
OccasbruUJi-, yes, rery often, a
lironoi isGlfiQlhan a match for a man.
A farmer who resides not a hundred
miles fromliero was in a hurry to got
his farm, work along, nr.d, went out into
tho field, with bis boys and hired man,
ontiroiy overlooking tho fact thatho
last stick of wood in the wood pilo and
boon burned to get tho broVkfuiV, Rag
ing hungry tho force camo in at noon,
The good wife hud tho table Bet with
Jill tho tasto of which alto was mjstross,
iud it really looked inviting ; but there
was no dinner uopu it, "Sarah, whero
is tho dinner?" Inquired tho farmer
somewhat nnxluusly. "I don't know
whether It la done or not. There was
no wood for a file so I hung It in tho
warmest place I could tint). It's on tho
ladder at tho south sldo of tho boiuo."
Tho wholo forco was detailed at chop
ping wood that Afternoon,
f Dogs! dogs! Not mad dogs, but a
school of tho finest Kdticntcd J)ns in
tho world, In their wonderful perform
nnco with Jolfnson & Go's Circus on
Monday, Aug. 8.
Next Monday Is a! reus day. Our
citizens will do well to look out tor
pickpockets and burglars on that day.
These fellows always follow a ciicus
and are professionals in their business.
This fact Miould not bo forgotten noxt
A fashion writer snys that "during
the coming season ladies who wish to he
considered fashionable will wear noth
lug but longitudinally striped hose."
Tliis is no doubt a comfortable costume
for this weather, but for health there
should bo added to It a pair of ear-rings
dr a necklace, at least.
Oregon in a Ulozo. Wo mean Hltte
Itookot, tliu Klre King, leaping hoi-so
will set tho peoplo of Oregon in a Hlazo
of Excitement over his wonderful per
formance of leaping over six horses,
and his daring act of leaping through a
hoop of blazing lire. See him, by all
means witii Johnson & Co's Circus, on
Monday, Aug. 8.
Here they como: full of Wit and
Humor. Four of tho funniest clowns
la tho ring all the time, with their side
splitting jokes, comic soncs and say
ings. They will amuse j on and ninko
you forget that yon have lost a fortune,
it you over had one to lose. So if you
havn tho blues, remember Johnson &
Co's CIiou will bo hero on Monday,
Aug. 8.
Tom l'arrish, of Holt county, at
tempts tho feat of tearing to pieces ono
of Judge Kelly's decisions. Tom can
tell stories pretty well at a political
meeting, but when he attacks Judge
Kclloy on a law point, the controversy
cannot but result disastrously to Tom
Wo are willing hu shall bo tho next
Democratic candidate for Judge in this
c I rc ul t . Sa van nah Jtcportcr.
Head this. o say that wo lmvo
tho largest and best Circus on the i ):d ;
better Hitlers; better Lcnpors ; I otter
Tumblers; bettor Clowns; bettor train
ed horses; belter educated dogs, etc.
In fact we have no equals and no rivals,
and acknowledge no other show on the
earth, as our Arenio performance- can
not bo equaled by any. So do not fail
to fee this mamoih Circus on Monthly,
August 8th.
Friends will confer a favor on us if
tlioy will como in and furnish us with
any Items of interest that have occur
red, or may occur, m their immediate
vicinity. It n man dies, his lriends
would liko to know It. Or if somebody
gets married, it should not bo kept a se
ct et, or If a new arrival should happen
to mako an appearance, plcasu make
tho fact known to us, as wo wih to give
all the news, of whatever character It
may be.
For tho purpose of testing the qual
ity of tho toll of Holt county in tho
growth of watermelons, a premium of
ono year's subscription to Tin: Cou.ntv
Pavku will bo given for tho largest wa
termelon delivered at this ofllco between
this date and tho Hist of October noxt.
Each melon will bo weighed and moas
uicd on delivery, a faithful record kept
of tho same, together with tho uamo of
person delivering It, and tho award
made and published on tho date Above
given. O
Tho clotli peddler of whom e much
has bcon said in almost every paper in
tho land aro reaping a rich Cyirvest In
tho south part of Cass county, Iowa
They luro a man and a tcam) drive
them about through the couii'rXy from
ono farm to 1111011101" In a fouft day's
drive tho sales of ono man tinion'ltod to
live hundrod dollars, and in ajjothor
drlvo of throo days his sales anntiutcd
to three hundred dollars. In cases
whoro sales aro not made t5) cash and
signatures arc put to contracts 'ij will
probably be' tho samo old storyUof a
changed note mid an innocent ,)iir
ehasor. y a
Advertising rates in St.ouiJaro
r-omcwhiit steeper than in Oregon, as,
for example 1 A quarter of a column
advertising space in the dally Qlobc
Penwcrai command .$8,101, and in tho
Jiqiublican a liko space commands
32,800. A full page advertisement in
either of tho above papers for one day
costs 500, A slnglo column advertise
ment for ono day cost $90. In order to
get local notices in at 40 coats a lino,
tho advertiser must uso $1,000 worth
por annum. Notwithstanding these
high rates, tho business men of that city
find it oa profitable to adveitlso judic
iously as to occupy a good building In
good locality, Thoir advertising is
made a part of their business, and is
not given in anyiuslanco as an aot of
oharlty, but as u legitimate business investment,
We will have a now charter.
TI10 molon-collo days have como.
This Is not original.
Mr. Michael Spocrlo informs us
that ho will have ripe grapes in the
market noxt week.
Watermelons have made their tip
pcarnnee, but they tiro so high onlv 11
few can reach them.
A big oat-fish, weighing 80 pounds,
was caught lit Davis Creek, and cut up
anil sold on our streets last Saturday.
A Mailhind young nun calls his
sweetheart " Silence," because when
he wants to kiss her "she gives con
sent." Mound City girls show a spirit of
economy hj running their lat year's
hats throuh a clothes wringer to shape
them lor the present season.
$000 reward to any one producing
a horso that can equal tho Trick Horse,
"SnowStorm." Ho Is tho wonder of
horse llesh, and can bo seen with John
son & Co's Circus on Aug. 8.
Oregon is a good deal I1U0 heaven
the past two or three weeks. There
Is neither marringo nor given 111 mar
riage." Hut wo suppose tins extreme
hot weather has a great ileal to do
with it.
Thcro arc, at present, only three
persons in the county Jail. One of
these is t-prviug out a jail sentence for
practicing medicine without license
ono awaiting trial for horse-Ftcaling,
and the other awaiting trial for beating
his boy.
Tho now comet will soon make its
appearance, and St is saitl to be even
brighter than the old one. In order to
sco It mom plnlnlv, von will have to
put your anus around her nock and put
your cheek clo-c to liar's, o sho may
bo able to hear tho lalntost whisper.
Jas. 'I . Johnson & Co's Circus and
Trained Anlni i's will ho in Oregon on
Monday, Aug. 8. Two performances,
1 and 7 o'clock p. 111. Admission, .r0
cents; chlldien. !; cents, so do not fail
to see this monstrous Circus, as they
will bo here, rain or hlno.
-Now is the time for lovers to gel
spooney over ice cream, she taking a
fiw pretty dabs at hit vanilla, and he
borrowing a t.isto of chocolate. This
process inspires confidence in the (lav
when 1 hoy will bo throwing corn beef!
and cabbage at each other across the
A suspicious mother, who lives 111
Maryville, placed some nitro-glyccriuo
In her daughter's corset on the evening
her fellow-was coming. The girt loan
ed the corset to tho cook, and they hud
to sorapo tho old man off tho ceiling to
get enough of him to hold tin Inquest
over. Ho was buried in a cigar bos.
Wo would paust) to remark that wo
do not endorse, nor did wo writo tho
local notices 111 regard to JhIihsoii &
Co's Circus which appear In this issue.
They wero wiittcn by their press agent,
ami paid for at the rnto of ten cents a
lino. Hut our Kansas exchanges speak
very creditably of this circus, and sny it
is lor ahead of tho average shows.
An editor being asked to writo a
tcsinionial for a patent clothes-wringer,
produces tho following; " I 'bought
your clothes-wringer, and tun hugely
pleased with it. I bought a jag of olm
wootl on subscription, which proved to
bn green ami unfit to burn; Iran tho
Wholo load through your wringer, and
havo used tho wootl for kindling over
since. "
Hob Norvell, tho Missouri hoy
preacher, says be has hud biit oloven
days rest within three years. His mind
is never at rest; it is constantly study
Ing, and ho will sometimes wander far
past ids destination, when going to
a certain place, and ho says Ids nilml
always gets away wtth his body. Ho
has a remarkable memory uad can re
peat Webster's dictionary, word for
word from beginning to end and define
each word. Ilo sys the most preachers
aro preaching to keep tho peoplo out of
hell, but ho Is preaching to koop holl
out of tho people,
Mayor Cummins had beforo him
lust Monday, a case of assault with in
tent to kill. Tho defendant was a col
ored boy about sixteen years old. It
sconis ho shot a follow' dog and then
thought ho would shoot its owner if ho
ran ovor him. O' Fallon & Irvine tip
poaved for tho defendant and cleared
him of tho charge, but ho was Immedi
ately arrested on tho chargo of "exhib
iting deadly weapons," when tho case
was submitted 011 some ovldcnco and ho
was fined five dollars and costs. Tho
management of tho caso was ably con
ducted by thoso joting attorneys, who
seem to be gaining qulto n reputation
as nhlo defenders.
Iluttcr Is scarce and hi demand at
fifteen cents a pound.
Ilov Mr. Miller will preach in Ore -
gon next Sabbath morning ai,d evening.
-Thcro tiro D.8.VJ school children In
the city of St. Joseph, including both
white and black.
Ilov. S. Carothers will nivaeh at
Triumph school house .Sunday tit eleven
o'clock, and at Oregon at night.
Mr. N. .1. Kyger was granted a
dramshop license by both the Co".nty
Court and City Council last Tuesday.
It is saitl that when the cow jump
ed over the moon she tulginatcd a
spring from which men cannot be
Wo understand there will bo no
August term of the Circuit Court a the
County Court failed to make provisions
for a suitable room for holding it.
Tho old roof has been cntlrrly re
moved from off the old cunt hoit-o, ami
the brick-layers aro at work raising the
walls piep.iratory to p utting 011 tho
new man-aid roof.
Vouiig men who complain about
.ong hours and hard work, will oitt-liuiidrcd-:tud-ixty
pound- of female at
tiactionson thekueoof ihe'r summer
pants from 8 p. 111. till midnight, ami
think it is fun. Ex..
In another column on the fifth
page of this paper will be lonuil a short
sketch of the lilo of Hob. Norvell, the
Missouri boy preacher who has been
cntcitalning our citizens the- past two
weeks. Il is full of interest anil I- web
worth reading.
-IHeil, at his residence near Oregon,
July !i0, 18S1, Jo-eph P. Taylor, aged
til years. The th-ceaved had bees a
resident of the conn I v lor a 11111111101' of
tear mid v.' mi Iiomim and lndutrl-
oils citizen. He had been a nieiiiberoi
the M. 11. Church for many caiv, from
which church his funeral was he'd 011
Sabbath last til II I" M., by the pastor
Ho leaves a wife and lour children with
maiiv friends t mourn his Midden de
parture. W. II. Williams, of Fore-tCity, as
will be seen from his iiiinouncenieut
cl-cwlieiv in this paper, de-ires to sell
oil' his entire stock of hanluiuo. Mr
Williams' fn-t failing health has caused
this action. His huslnews is one that is
Wt!" established and we can recommend
him as one of those men whose candor
ar.tl uprightness aro btnoml reproach
or blemish. V.'e regie t to Io-o I1I111 ; ho
is one of those men who does honor to
any community in which lie lives.
List of letter remaining in the
Post-office at Oregon, Mo., Aitiut 1,
Anderson 0 H
Humps Jesse
Ciilli-on Aiiuio
Davis W L
Hampton T
Jackson fJeo,
Prater Jauu
Palmer Phllopcna
Saddler Nora
Sapp Hiram
Tynan Kate
Vanal-tlne Daniel
AVooilniansee Lilly
Wright Austin A
Any ono calling for
p!eao say "advortlsod
K. (i,
the ubovu will
Holt., P. M.
Hot and dry. I suppose vou know
Husincssof all kinds is booming 111
our new town.
J. M. Winscli Is preparing to build
.1 handsome resilience.
Maitland can boast of being tho
largest town in the State for its ago.
Will Graham, formerly of Oregon,
Is selling stacks of dry goods and gro
ceries. P. L. Iloultnii, of Cameron, Is vis.
itiug his daughter, wife of Klder W. F.
Mrs. MeAiiuclly, tho lady who was
so badly burned recently, dietl hut week
and was buried on Saturday.
Woik on tlio banking house of
Wcl'or & Donovan has commoiieod ami
will he pushed rapidly forward to com
pletion. Thoro aro now no los than thirty
bu-iiiusK mid dwelling houses uutler
course of construction. What town 111
Northwest Missouri con boat this.
There wero two gentlemen In town
last week looking up a location for a
hotel, and f understand thry havo com
pleted arrangements to build nt once.
Tho largest stock of Watches, Clocks
Jewelry, PocKct Cutlery, and Specta
cles In Holt county, is nept at I). O,
Wado's jewelry store, Craig, Wo. Don't
buy until yon examine my stock, for I
will not bo undersold. Unn watches a
specialty. 1). O. WADK,
Postolllce, Crulg, Mo.
Kloksl Klox!
A now lot of Walnut Clooks just re
ceived. Harry Faraghor, Watchmak
er, Oregon, Wo.
AUGUST 5, 1881.
j Craig,
Wc aro suffering badly for ruin.
1 -A 'considerable amount orslokness
' Is repotted In Ihe vicinity of Craig.
I 'hu "''"I' wUh " U il l'aI,"ru S
nppics, however, arc more abundant
! than usual
W. IS. Springer, Holt county's fa
vorite olllcer, was seen upon our .streets
on Saturday Inst
Husiness of nil kinds is quite lively
with vitii- biislues. men. They sav their
trade is ttuiisiiall.N good.
Messrs. Win I Dawson & Co. ship-1
ped from this place last week ten car!
loads of fat hogs to Kau-as City.
Our young people greatly enjoyed
an evening picnic at the Mound City
Mineral Spring on Friday last.
Work wi l, within a few days, be
begun on our new f-chool house. Lew-
is & llradliury have the contract.
The roads leadhig into Craig f an,,
under the supervision of Mr. ! red.
i . ., 11 ..
.tiyers, neon pui 111 an excellent coniii
Messrs. Huckinshaiii & Miller
of our lending mercantile linns, will
shortly open a branch house at Pacific
Junction, Iowa.
Mesrs. Ililby & Ileaton have pur
chased the new Ilullstelter Inick build
ing and will fit the same up In good
shape to be used for their Hanking
Thoyehl of (he wheat crop in lids
vicinity ii very ll-lit, anil is great lydis
appoint'.) ; our farmers, who. from the
growth ofsttuw, wero expecting an av
oi'i'gerield of grain.
I'obert Dawson, F.sq , has cone to
Coloi-ado to look after his mining inter
est there. His many friends will lie
pleased to know that he has "struck it
A I.MI'. fiAITKlt.
Mound City.
Win, Mounts is again quite sick.
Corn is selling at M cents, wheat
8 anil cents.
Mrs. Ilriiik is visiting her parents
near Graham this week.
John Catoii has his hoiiso about
ready to let and occupy.
Mrs. Austin Hanisey has been qulto
sick for scvorul days, but tit this writing
i .some better
Mr. Kvert' family ha several in
valids in it, Mime of them seriously ill.
1 Dr. Ifaken Is attending on them.
Leo Durham has bought the Tracy
properly opposite tho Hnrnes residence
for four bundled and lift) dollars.
Dr. Hrowu has returned from Shel
by county where he has been some
weeks attending on his sick child, He
hill it well.
Henry Tlplvn last Monday sohl'thc
lots upon which his dwelling anil black
smith shop stand to Hero ami Add Gor
don for eleven hundred dollars.
There Is somo sio'tness m the coun
ty and among our citizens. Dr. Sa
vtllu's son was quite sick Saturday and
Sunday with lluv ; cau-eil by over-eating
of watermelons and roasting oars.
Wo notice that some correspondent
from this place is likely to or rather
has got his foot into it on' the temper
ance question with the frcis, hut he
will probably gel it out again without
Tho Holt county bank Is getting
brick 011 the enmud to build a vault in
the Chambers building, if. 11. Denning,
who now occupies it will roinovo his
stock of drugs into tho south room cf
this Corsnut & Meyer brick.
FJdrr Mnuf in addressed tho temper
auco meeting nt the Christian church
Sunihiy night, and a committee was ap
pointed to appear beforo tho Co. Court
and resist the petition for a dramshop
license filed on the Fourth of July.
Wo havo perceived no diminution
in dog musio since tho passage and pub
llshlng of tho "ordlnaiico on dogs."
Thu canine portion of our population
and it I by no means an insignificant
portion treat the Council proceedings
with contempt'.
S. S. Convention.
A Sunday School Convention will
bo held at Now Point, In Hickory town
ship, Aug. Gth, 1881.
PitooitAMMUi Social exercises from
10 o'clock a. in, to 10:110, conducted by
Geo. Pralswator.
Tho Utility of S. S. Conventions, by
How Geo. Miller.
Tho Duty ot Parents in tho Sunday
School, by How S. Carothors.
The Duty of tho Ministers in tho Sun.
day School, by Kid. W. F. Walte,
Tho election held Tuesday last on
tho proposition to mcoporato tho city ol
Oregon, as a fourth class city, was car
ried by a vote of 120 for and 0 against.
Dan. Martin Is agont for tho Stude
baltcr wacon and will sell them at St,
Joseph prices,
What Wo Would Like to Know?
t Who Hottle Zcll Is anyhow,
t Where Theodore Orecnplckle is.
t If everybody is going to the show,
t If tho average small boy Is not hap-
t If Democrats will always he bliin-durs.
tHow many boys have dreamed of
the circus.
t Whether the train robbers will ever
he captiued. '
fWho will compete for tho water -
melon prie.
t When those dangerous sidewalks
will bo fixed.
' "" ' ay '
e "concert."
the "concert.
t Why small boys
smoke cigarettes.
are allowed to
t What Sol. Foster Is paying for rail
road spikes now.
t Why I.e.,., Irvine looks so sad and
1 lonelv the past week.
! . , 1 . , .. . .
- 1 Tneinertho circus will not
; littlo boom for our merchants.
Tit It is reaily true that Mr Heceher
has eschewed all female society.
tThc ago nt those blind fish Dan
Lewis brought Ironitho Nodaway.
t Why some energetic boot black
don't go into the "shine" business.
t How many boys have been lioaid
ing up their nickels the past week.
t Why nil tne good looking girls
Hiii'e so sweetly on John Philbrick.
t Ferd. ItostMck's opinion of that
wine lie tested' while fishing last week.
tHow H. W. Sawyer of the Gazette
knows Mr. Spoerlc's wine is so good
t Why Gov. Crittenden did not make
the reward 11)0,0110 instead of ..10.000.
t Why some enterprising capitalist
doesn't buy and operate the woolin
t If red headed girls are not billing
over with love for tho editors ot this
t If it wtvi an "even up" trade of
Hiram llert-hbrrgei's bed casters lot-
T acre 1 ruin uopoiumt ami Ueo.
Hurnett have established their fish
t If Tom. Ilinde is having a good
time In Illinois.
t And if he Is not giving some of
those suckers instruction in ghiss ball
shooting. '
T iv (iv mo comet is laiiing away 111
the face of th predictions of the wise
to tho reverse.
t Why, wlion a woman tluowsa stono
she first dercrilms several circles in the
air with her hand.
t If Joe Williams, of Forest City,
makes a habit or giving .'55 hats to
railroad section hands.
t Why there are so many penplu who
make trouble by icfusing to tako the
right side of the pathway.
t If it isn't part of a boy's business to
look at the circus hills whenever W Is
sent In town on an errand.
t If it is an Indication of enterprise to
havo weeds growing up on our streets
and in front of our business houses.
t If it would not ho a good day for
farmers to como hi ami pay thoir sub
scrlptlon when attending Hie circus.
t If it tends to improve tho valtio of
property on various streets in tho city,
by allowing unsightly weeds to grow
ltflf,t,t ......Oi.w
,,.,,,,,,,1. i-vti-wu,
t Why n woman will sit up till mid
night pouring orcr a fishy loyo story
mid then wonder from whom she Inlier
ited her awful headaches,
t Why parents talk ot making n law
yer, doctor or preacher of their boy,
before they know if ho has brains
enough for a boot black or country
Messrs. Ashworth & Lnvorich nro
now beforo the peoplo of Oregon nnd
ak for a share ot the trade. Ton will
always find the vory choicest meat that
can be found in thu market. They dw
not expect to gt rich ill n week or
month; they will sell at as low figures
as possible,
Closing Out.
We havo a fino line of Implements, con
sisting of Plows, Harrows, and Horse
Hay Rakes, which wo will sell very low
Call and examine poods and prlcos,
Hetwocn Oregon and Mound City, or
on the road leading north from Mound
City, a black frock coat, nearly now.
Tho finder will ho suitably rewarded by
giving notice to L, KiitKi'ATitlUK,
Dotham, Wo.
Call and examine Dun, Martin's com
plete stock of Fly Nets, Covers and
l.np Dusters, btloro purchasing else
where Sheet musio can npvy be, had at T. S,
Hlnde's drugstore,
Personal and Society.
Jack. Masters It Is said Is located
nt Ttirklo.
U. W. King of Kansas, Is visiting,
his parents near Oregon.
Hciijannn Allen and wife are in .
lown, visiting relatives. S
A. J. Dooley came over from Kan
sas hist week, to hear Hob. Norvell.
J. Q. Hrlnk of Oraluim, was tho
guest ot Orval Craves, last wck.
The family of Freeman I.lbby Is
visiting friends in Andrew county.
J. (!. Cooksey, who was one of tho
"1imvj In lilllf.1' Inw ti.tni-iinil fi.u I.,,,..,
J. F. Loucks and family of Mound
Citv are visiting the family of It. Kun-
I . . " J
KOI. v
Miss Pinto of St. Joseph, is with
hersi-ter, Mrs. II. K. S. liobinson, of
Forest City.
Mrs. Zaek. Anderson of Morrison,
IllllloK o7 ogo
,1 " h
1 Aiitlel -on.
- J. Q. Trimmer of New Point gave
us a pleasant call last Friilay.uud caused
us to smile.
Peter Trissal of Hiirlington, Iowa,
was In Oregon last week, shaking
bands with old friends.
James Fergu.-on of Forest City, Is
entertaining his sister who comes
Irom Franklin county, Mo.
Mr. 111 d Mrs Spears of Hurr Oak.
Kansas, niv being entertained by Geo.
Andorsmi nud ids excellent wifo.
II. L. Allen of King Grove, came,
down to the capital of Holt last Wedncy
day, looking after a mad overseer.
W. O. Noble and family will soon
reinovo to Hiawath, Kansas, whero ho
will engage in the butcher business.
Miss L'stella Goslin, after an ex
tended lour through the Hast, returned
to her home in Oregon last Thursday.
Fred. Meveiv, one of Craig's mcAt
popular citizens, was seen perambula
ting around on our streets last Tuesday.
He came up 011 Imspiess.
Mrs. Mary Chapman, wifo of tho
posimn-ter of Himvatha, Kansas, and
daughter of Mr. Michael Spoerle, is
visiting her relatives and many friends
in Oregon.
Freeman Libby we understand, ,
contemplates removing to Andrew
county this fall. We hope cro the
leaves change their hue, he will con
clude to remain in Holt.
Charley Zook left last Monday for
Chicago, St. Luuis and prominent east
ern cities. He is intermingling busl
ncss witli pleasure and will probably
lio gono some throo weeks.
S. II. Hodge of M itland, was in
our city Monday hist. Whilo here ho
purchased from George P. Luckhardt, a
thoroughbred Poland China pig and n
Plymouth Hock cock nnd hen.
About a dozen Hock Port ladles
are now at tho Holt County Mineral
Springs: J. D.Camiiboll, F.A. Foster,
John P. Lewis and K. Prickett are four
of tho best looking widowers in town.
Uork Port Mail.
Wo were favored with a call last
Tuesday from Mr. Jas. McWhlter, of
Falls City, Nebraska, accompanied by
his Son George, from Ontario, Canada.
They were on a tour thVongh the north
west portion of our state.
1). Van Wormnr and wife of Union
township, aro visiting N. J. Kyger ot
this city. Mr. Van Wormer is u lover
of fine stock ami believes In patron
izing homo institutions. Ho practiced
tills by purchosing n thoroughbred
Poland China from .Mr. I.uckliiirilt.
County Court.
Tho August term of tho Holt county
court convened Monday last, all tho
judges being present.
In consequence of tho repairing of
tho Court House, the court hold Its ses
sion in tho law ofllco of James Llmbiid.
Horoeo Larkani presented u petition
for a public road, which was referred to
tho road commissioner.
Tho road petition of .Tames Flory
was referred to road commissioner,
Tho petition of Gooige Holtom ask
ing for a chango of road was approved
by tho court and chango granted.
A. W. Van Camp by petition asked
for a public road, which was referred
to road commissioner.
Tho road commissioner was Instruct
ed to Inquiro into tho propriety of grant
ing the jiublic road as petitioned lor by
Conrad Idkor. , .
Levi 7.ook, commissioner on Court
Hoiuo Improvements, asked that ti war
rant bo -.Irawn in favor of Moses Hen
nott, contractor, for 82,600; warrant
ordered drawn. A ,.
Now here It appearing to tho satis
faction of tho court, that the Court
House by reason ot repairs being made
on the same, cannot bn used for the
purpose of holding a term of tho Cir
cuit, commonclng on the 4lh Monday
lu August. 1881, and that no suitable
place lor holding said court can be oli
tamed, it is ordered that said term ol
court bo allowed to lapse.

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