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ORE 30N,
1 had resolved,, wtfh many persons 110
doubt who linil shnkon off Its yellow
dust, never to visit the dismal little town
of lHoomsbury again. It wns so cnllcil,
perhaps, because of Its utter lnck of
vegetation, nnd because of Its being 11
Sahara of red clay roails anil snnily
plains, over which sickly shrubs nml
vines strovo nml knotted together. I
had left It In July, with n dull, hot sun
cracking and seaming the dry marsh,
leading to the town, and felt as If spared
the commission of a crime bv tho sud
den telegram which recalled mo to the
citv. I whipped my horso into a mad
gallop, and looklng'iicithcr to tho right
nor left, nnlmtitcu by it vauuo wonder
ns to how any 0110 existed there.
Again It was July, and by a singular
chain of circumstances I found mvself
rambling leisurely on horsebaek clown
tho dusty high street of' Hloomsbury.
Tho samo" red sun was blistering thu
paint on tho llttlo new post-olllce, and
the samo brawny blacksmith wiped tho
sweat from his brow before his forgo,
and stopped work to stare at me in n
vacant way.
I had passed some Idlo hours in his
shop before, and after u stolid scrutiny
ho iccognlzcd me.
"Hack ngain, squire?" he asked, giv
ing mo a familiar nod. "It bo 11 matter
-of threo years now since I shod your
gray marc in tho off hind foot."
I fa was evidently proud of this piece
of memory.
"Fully that," I said again, wondering
how lie had endured all these days and
nights in this (5od forsaken snot. Ho
raised his muscular arm, ana witli a
blaokened linger pointed to tho tiny
cables of a homo near by.
"I bo married since. I've got a boy
up there, an' he'll bo a smithy! reckon,
though his mother is inclined to the
trade of shoe-strings, tapes nml tho like.
I hato It, I do. Them be all white
skinned, creamy fellows, witli no grit in
I had never deemed It a possibility
that there could bo marrying or giving
in marriago hero. In this respect
Bloomsbury resembled heaven In my
sncrellgious mind. Perhaps tho "old,
old story" of love had mado It a para
dise to tho young blacksmith.
I gavo my horso a brief rest and a
drink from the good fellow's trough, as
1 inquired tho current news of tho town,
though, tho Lord knows, nothing could
be further from my thoughts than to
caro what news there was. I bad seen
but once, for a moment, a faco which
oven faintly interested mo in that horri
ble place, and try as hard as I could, I
could never drivo away that vision.
I had strolled into tho llttlo yellow
church ono sultry day to cseapo tho
thunder-storm which was rapidly com
ing up from tho west, and stepped into
tho porch just as tho first heavy drops
pattered on tbo roof, and on tho bleach
ed grass about tho tumbled down head
atones In tho yard.
It was indeed a lovely faco which ap
peared as a palo star in tho organ-loft,
Jimong common-place, tawny-featured
faces, with black and brown ringlets,
streaming around them. Sho did not
blush or return my gaze coyly, as young
girls are wont to do in country places,
but looked over and boyond mo in a piti
ful, vacant, meaningless wqv. J, don't
K no?. ..iiwwiui oiiu wore pink or blue, or
lavender. It was a c"loud y, filmy sort of
uress, nurairamy suited to ner largo gray
eyes nnu rings 01 yenow nnir. nor Don
net wns a sweet llttlo tiling, tied up with
white ribbon. Her chin wns like nln
bastcr, her cheek was. scarcely less
I lingered In tho church porch after
tho congregation had trooped out and
tho sexton Tiad shuttled un tho cloomv
llttlo cditlcc. I had stupidly missed her
in tho throng, or sho had gono out at
tho choir entrance. I hadfonroltcn tho
incident directly, and remembered it
now only as young Jansen, tho brawny
Norwegian, spoko of his wife ami
"There was rather a pretty vounff la
dy thcro three years ago," I said, biting
ji un, 01 raw straw, nnu looking over
tho pollard window at tho church
steeple. "A palo, white girl, in a straw
An indcscribablu Hush mouutod to his
awnrth cheek and stained his brow. Ho
dronncd tho hammer witli a sharn idnnir.
una lot his iron cool while ho looked at
mo threateningly for an Instant. The
tigerish green faded from his eyes and
icu a 111111, reu giaro.
"Sho was considered handsome then,
1 Know wno you mean."
"I hopo sho is pretty still. That was
a faco I thought a man might sco over
his tea urn every day for ti lifetime and
not tiro."
. "Do you think so, verily?" said Jan
sen, sending up a shower of sparks. "It
bo all owing to how tho faco look at
you. If it bo with dead, cold eyes, and
icy Hps why man, death itself at times
could net match It. It was a sweet face
to hang in a locket."
With grcatsimpllcity ho had expressed
inv thought.
"Now; your wife," I said In a banter
ing way; "l uaro say slio Is a smart cirl
given to teasing you, and coming to
meet you with your son on her buck,
and then you threo romp away homo
A sigh of anguish burst from tho
honest fellow's bosom, and for tho first
timo it dawned on mo that in somo way
I was blunderingly torturing him. I
began to talk ot other things, and
strolled away with my bridlo on my urm
uiiui i rcucneu 11 nuio gniiystone-yanl,
where a gritty fellow with dusty eye
junwuo unuu iu BllljJ ill ii worK 01 milK
ing grave-stones. Ho wns at It still
evolvinc a Roman-nosed amrel In i
smock frock from a block of irranito,
Ho was. by all odds tho merriest follow
in JJloomsiniry, ami tlio gossip of the
Ho bad many thlnirs to toll relntlvx
to his ti ado, nnd many Inquiries to raako
relative to tho rascals It was my business
to hunt down. Ho declared himself
very sorry that circumstances had mado
n stone-breaker of ono whom fato clearly
meant for a detective. Ho had a pair of
pinkish eyes, deeply set under snaggy
brows, and faco brim full of duplicity
and conceit. Ho could climb like a cat,
lio told mo, and could scalo a linohod
wall like a lizard.
Presently be said that ho had seen mo
tBlk to a man for whom ho had a great
contempt mo oiaoKsmiui. This was
vory droll. I foresaw that tho stono
brcaker must havo nt somo timo Injured
Al. XT t
uiu nurwugiuii. ,
Ho told mo at great length a long
scandal in which Jnnsoii hail mixed
himself up. Ho had married n half
idiot girl and fathered hor child, whoso
father no ono had over scon or heard of,
and carried around with him a ponder
ous threat to kill any man, woman or
child who should speak lightly of hU
"All that I say makes him a great ns
this blaekf mitli tho more so because
ho Is a poor man and keeps hN idiot
llko a ladv, with white ringed lingers
nnd in stuff gowns instead of liusey;
nnd, bless you, hn has given up all his
ways, dropped nil pipes and drinks at
tho public houso for tho sako of a wench
who utters nothing but sighs. This
Norwegian of yours Is n prlmo calf,
Mr. Detective."
This Norwegian was a lord, a demi
god, a philosopher, n humanitarian,
whoi! bulk overshadowed puny men,
such ns tho gravc-stono maker and I,
as a great tree would overtoil a sumac.
Now I could understand all tho mean
llttlo daggers I had driven into his
heart a while ngo tills great, splendid
fellow, who wore his heart in his sleevo
for jackdaws to pick at. Hit by bit dur
ng tlio next two days I gathered tho
whole sad history of his marriage.
There had been no courtship at all.
Tim poor girl's people hud cast her off,
being puritans who woro gray gowns
and slept iu night-enps. She had not
a friend in the world, and was in a sore
strait, being in urgent need of women
friends and medicine. Ugel Jnnscn
went to her with tlio smoko nnd grime
of tlio forgo on his fneo nnd hands, nnd
spoko very feelingly and simply to her.
She went with him to thu minister, and
Ugcl's sister, with much horror, but
wholesome fear of Jansen, took ehargo
until nil was over. Dally and hourly
Ugel watched by her, asking nothing
in return, nnd by and by ho gavo tho
baby whom all hntsd to sco his big
brown lingers to hold, and the llttlo
fellow slept in peace
All this mndo Ugel tlio sport of the
vidngo nnd furnlsned the town an ovcr
llvcly scandal, but It was talked of In a
smothered way. Jnnscn had tlio strength
of an ox, and kept It wholly to lavish
on one man when lie could lind him. I
conceived the notion to help him in tills
My mare understood her business well
enough about this timo to east n slice.
Jnnscn wns not nt the forge, tho shop
was closed, and I was directed to his
house, a retired llttlo spot, with a cluster
of clovo pinks in n tiny plot in front.
Tlio poor wife's baby wns ill dying
witli a bunch of clovo pinks on his
jilllow nnd Janscn's linger fastened in
Ids cold little list. Mrs. Jnnscn snt still
aud gazed vacantly at Ug61, while ho
shivered as with an ngue. Perhaps ho
had prayed to God to take back that
child. Ho had done nobly by It, though,
and now ho wns even sorry.
It wns tho samo palo fneo of the or
gan loft, surrounded by a tangled mass
of curls of raro dead gold hue, and the
sight of her gavo mo a pang. Jansen
unlocked tho littlo hand and scattered
tho pinks recklessly. Then lie bent over
his wifo and said soothingly: "Como
out Into tho nlr, Adelaide Jano will
take care of tho body ho will bo nil
right now."
she got up mechanically and they met
me at tho door. Tho sight of mo had
a strange effect. Sho began to remem
ber days beforo her sorrow. Sho put
her hand to her henrt, and with a great
cry fell at Jansen's feet. Afterward sho
was sano and begged of him to let her
go away at onco forever. Sho thought
ho must loathe her. Ho held her flut
tering llttlo hand to his Hps whilo a big
icar icu on meir wcuuingnng.
"You'vo had a rrreat black wronn,
lass; when I've righted that vou mav
o. if you wish. Until then I nm your
rother neither higher nor better. I
am you liavo mo bound body, android.'
Hocamo nwnv witli mo. and in iim
shop no began to whet up a hugo knife.
"The poorlittlo wretch bo gono now,"
dnnscn referred to that other man's
child. Ho smiled In ugly way at tho
uroau, keen liludo of tho knife, nnd
passed his lingers down It caressingly.
"Long ago." ho said, speaking witli
a bitter tasto In his mouth, "Adclado
nnu spoils oi sleep she could not
awake. Sho slept in n littlo place In tho
turret of her father's houso. Ho was
tno curate liore. Ho is a damned devil
though." Jansen began at the knlfo
"homo ono scaled tho wall. I must
lind that man. Then I will rcstoro her
her good namo and I will leave this
place there is a curso of tho earth
"I will hell) vou." I said slmnlv
He grasped mv hand anil shut, im Hi
Di " :, . .. o
mm jiut a nugu cuair n'jross in
door. Ho was croinc out inilolinlti.lv
I went toward the stono-breaker's yard
ills siialt was still, and a thin bit of
siem nroso irom a damp stono on which
mo not sun streamed.
A boy near by rigging a lino to catch
tad-polcs said that lJocoard. thn
had gono to stop the coping In tho third
stop- of Tyler's mill, where tho rocks
had started it. It was a dangerous steep
place, and licceord was tho only lellow
who could climb and carry mortar. Ho
had been a Bailor onco in French waters.
J. ha well-nigh forgotten my affairs in
num. uiu my gamo was safclv
nmiunil nt n llMln .
. .v. ... , luauit uut, OI DIOOmS'
At G o'clock all tho bells in tho placo
rang shandy, and housowlves put on
iresn aprons, t met Jnnscn nt tho end
oi inc sttect lending to tho mill
Ills looks frightened mo. Ho told
mo urieny that ho had followed Dec
cord, who looking down from his nar
row parapet, saw n tciriblo knlfo wait.
Ing him. Whether with intent or from
fright his foot slipped, nnd with a fear
ful cry tho mason went down into tho
brawling raco bolow. I dropped into
tho cottage after supper. I found Jan
sen and his wifo sitting hnnd In hand
on tho porch.
"Sho bo my wife now," ho said proud
ly. She won't leave me, but I know I
mil not in jor ner. 1 nm a blacksm th."
Shu got up nnd left n kiss on Ills fore
head. "And do you think, my friend
Ugel, that I am so base or ungrateful
iu nin iuur uesiuts, i navo noth
ing else. You forget that your good
ness lias mndo mo lovo you."
men no held her in his arms until
tho pinks were wet with dow. Jano
was scanuaiizcd.
I have never known a hnppior pnlr
limn Tanann n.l A. 1.1-1.1
Poke Wells, a St. Joseph, Mo., des
perado, who Is believed to liavo had a baud In
ine uiverion, Iowa, tank robberv and the Win
ston train allalr, is (aid to bo lurkinir. with flf.
teen other outlaws, all well armed, In a swamp
.uo uim o, me Missouri Hirer, opposlt
Aicjiisoii, nan. Officials, with a largo posse,
li'lll InJm ... -IT i . . ..
"... mi cuurv ui capture mem.
1 ho body of Miles A. Kay, a dock pas
senger who fell from the steamtr Diamond Jo
at Savannah a few days ago, was recovered at
Davenport, Auk. 8th.
! llrilll.,y. "
ir jou will stop all your extravagant ond
EB I" doctoring youriclf ...i, fan, !
Ie Willi expensive UoctoisorlmnilniK cure-alls,
that do harm always, and use only nature's slin
plo rcpie. les for all your ollmcnts-joi will bo
wise, we! and happy, and save great xiwia
Hm greatest remedy for this, tlio sreat, wise
and good will tell you, Is Hop Wltm-te )i - on
It Bfc another column. J'rut.
l'rost is reported nt Astorln, 111., on
tho morning of Aug. 8th.
Several negroes were killed near lcx
Ington, Ky., by a laud slide.
Hishop K. O. Haven died at Salem,
Oregon, Aug. 3d, aged CO years.
John A. Clnrk, onco Surveyor Gen
eral of Utah and New Mexico, Is dead.
Wiu. Knno was nccldcnlly drowned
near Ablugdon, 111., Aug. 4th. He was a coal
A steam thresher boiler exploded
nt Columbia, 111., Ailg. Oth., killing five per
sons. Tho pnper mill of Oglcsby & Moore,
at MiddlctDi, Ohio, burned Aug. 2nd. Loss
Fourteen buildings in tho business
iart of Augusta, Mich., burned Aug'. Sd. Lois
Hlgbeo & Co' s elevator, near Itc-
motit, Ohio, burned Aug. 4lh, with a loss of
Mrs. Ihtncc, hor child, nnd Miss
Annie liunce, were drowned at Madison, Ind.,
firo in tho lower part of Death' ood,
Aug. 8d, destroyed 2.1 buildings, causing a loss
of 1100,000.
An Ice houso nt Pullman, near Chica
go, on the night of Aug. 10th, was burned.
.oss (25.000.
Tho engine houso of the Huffalo
Creek Railway Co., at IlulTalo, N. Y., burned
Aug. Sth. Loss, $50,000.
Soorctnry Wlndom has approved
Judge Robertson's liotid as Collector of Customs
of the port of New Y6rk.
A large portion of Pawneo City, Nc-
raska, wns destroyed by lire Aug. 8th. The
damage Is estimated nt (40,000.
Judge James D. Coots, of tho Stnto
Supremo Court of Massachusetts, suicided at
MlUllcld, Aug. Oth, by shooting hlraeclf.
11 the houses except three, in tho
town of Trafalgar were burned from the sparks
of a locomotive, Aug. lOih. Loss W0,000.
Tho Laughlin nail mills nt Martin's
'erry, Vn., were burned, Aug. Oth. Loss, (GO,-
000. The firo leaves two hundred people out of
Tlio Hnrlcm llallroad express train
ran Into a working train July 20th, and the re
sult was two locumutlvcs and live cars smashed
Charles Flelschfrcsser was drowned
at Wntertown, Wis.; two sous of Mrs. Cook, at
llclolt aud Kdwatd Krous, nt Two ltlvcrs all
Aug. &th.
Kauffmau Ingcrsoll, a farmer In
Washington county, Nebraska, suicided by
shooting Aug. 10th. Ills body was found on
Ids fann.
At East Saginaw, Mich., Aug. 10th
the fine residence of, J. I). Ullllngs burned.
His father nnd dauglitcr-ln-law perished In
the flames.
Thirteen dcntlis havo occurred from
the explosion at Wallncr's distillery at Peoria,
III. The remaining four victims are dolngwell
nnd will probably recover.
Tho McLean Manufacturing Compa'
ny's woolen mill nt Jancsvtlle, Wis.," burned
Aug. Oth. Loss, (50,000. Fifty hands arc
thrown out of employment.
Ono hundred nnd fifty female oppera
mux oi tnc A'oveliy itnoDer company, m.nr
llrunswlck, N. J., 6truck Aug. 4th, for a 10 icr
cent Increase In thflr salary.
At rueno rintn, san uomingo, on
the night of July 10th, n tremendous fire da
stroyed the fortress. Twenty-five lives were
lost, principally by explosion.
I ho principal portion of tlio small
town of Cavclo, Colorado, burned on the nigh
of Aug. 4th. The fire originated from an over
turning lamp. Lots, (55,000.
Miss Minnio Williams, Daughter of
Prof. Williams, of Hastings, Nebraska, sulcld
cd by drowning In Bcott crcc i at Lincoln, Aug.
lUtr. Cause, depressed spirits.
In making an excavation for a public
garden In front of tha Cathedral nt the City of
.Mexico recently, a column oi an old cathedral,
erected In 1530, was ducovcred.
, IConMas Robertson, a wealthy far
mcr, near Madison, Ind., always livel headed
before, on the Oth of Aug., clotliod himself In
his wife's dress nnd sun bonnet, and hung him'
A ryo flouring mill was destroyed by
a supposed Incendiary firo at Cleveland, Ohio,
Aug. 5th. Loss, (25,000. Fifteen thousand
dollars worth of lumber was burned In an ad
joining yard.
A dispatch from Buffalo, N. Y., of
Aug. 10th, states that Mrs. Millard Fillmore
widow of tlio late President Fillmore, Is lying
dangerously in from the effect of a second
stroke of paralysis.
liio steamer Cortez, valued nt, 8G0,.
000, was wrecked August Sth, by striking
rock In going out of the harbor. She was bound
to St. Johns, Newfoundland, with a cargo ot
flour from New York, valued at (75,000 to (100,-
On tho 8th of August, a destructive
storm and flood visited Central 'City and other
places In Colorado, doing great damage. At
Central City tbo damage Is estimated at (50,
000, and at Idaho 8prlngs ,(200,000. Several
lives were loet by drowning.
The largo wire and nail mills owned
and operated by tho Old Colony Iron Company,
at Tnunton, Mass., bumed Aug. 7th, together
with the etocks nnd machinery. The loss
amounts to (150,000 to 1200,000. Several liuti-
dred men are ti rownout of employment.
Mr. Loring, tho Commissioner of
Agriculture, has requested Trof. C. A. White,
of Greeley, Col,, and Prof. Samuel Aughcy, of
Lincoln, Nebraska, to act as a commission for
the selection of i site for sinking experimental
artesian wells In the arid plains east ot the
Itocky Mountains.
A Iexington, Ky., dispatch says the
drouth his been the severest since 1854. Corn
Is twisted and colled with heat nnd the dry
weather, and wilt certainly be a short crop.
Tobacco prospccU are very unpromising. Oats
and hay yield well, but wheat, barley and rye arc
not one hall crops. Hemp Is In a bad condl
A special from Fort Smith say
deputy Marshal Marks haa been In pursuit of
Little uuck nve days, and run on to him Aug.
Otli, wbcu he and live others showed light, re
sulting la tho killing of Little Buck. lie was
one ot the chiefs of the Ostge tribe, one of the
weakest but most lawless tribes In tho Territo
ry. At tho last term ot the court six Osagcs
were convicted for horsc-steallng and sentenced
to Imprisonment at Detroit.
St. Paul reports tho official figures for
tho total wheat acrengo bt Minnesota for 18S0
was 3,000,000, and for 1881 it Is only 000 ncrca
more. Tho average, yield last year was only
1U.IXJ bushels per aero. Tiie rejKirts differ con
slderably concerning this year's yield. The
storms, floods and bugs have dono some injury.
hut tho latest reports are quite favorable, par.
ttcularl r from tho northern section of tha dtaU
The other cereals promt&e more than the uvcrago
results. Minnesota's chief product Is wheat
sho having raised last year but 733,000 ncrcs of
corn, 470,000 ncrcs of oats nnd 203,000 ncrcs of
Tho Kansas City Journal, of Aug. Oth,
publishes reports from nearly cvory town In
Kansas reached by telegraph,' giving tho con,
dltlon of crop. Considerable alarm wm caus
ed by continued dry weather, but the,
reports nrc In the main cheering, showing tho
damage to be much less than was feared. On
account of tho failure of crops In tho western
part of the state last year, It seems fair to esti
mate this years, crop of botb wheat and corn In
In the statu nt largo to bo nearly up to the
amount produced Inst year. Somo sections
have suffered severely, while others have an
average crop. In localities which suffered last
year there Is a cheering prospect nt present.'
Hcports from Southwestern Missouri are much
the same ns from Kansas.
Tho Indlnn llureau has received In
formation of thu killing of Spotted Tall at tho
Rosebud Agency Auir. Mb, by Crow Dog, an
other Sioux Chief. No particulars. Thcro has
been a bad feeling between theso Chiefs lately.
Thc.Sccrctary of the Interior .ordered Spottdo
Tall to come to Wnshlngton to consult with tho
Department nbout the Sioux. The Department
thinks Crow Dog got Jealous of Spotted Tail's
protnlocnco nnd Influence, ns tho latter was
killed tho very day ho was to have s'artcd for
Washington. Crow Dog was Captain ef tho
police nt Rosebud Agency. When Spot ted Tall
and Crow Dog wcro In Washington together
the last time, there was bad blood between
them, carrying pistols for cneh other. Spotted
Tall wns ambitious to become chief of all tho
Sioux, and Crow' Dog was an aspirant for tho
great honors. '
A dispatch from Las Vegas, New
Mexico, saysi An engagement between tho
rencgado Apaches nnd Mexican ranchers ha
Just taken placo near Red Creek, In thn gan
Mateo mountains. Seven Mexicans were wound
ed and one of them died. Government scouts
arrived hear, and reported that the Indlaus arc
coming north killing everything In their way.
A largo nutnlier of defenceless whites nrc re
ported killed nlrcndy, nnd there can bo no
mercy expected for those yet to 1 encountered
Four shccp-hcrdcrs hnvo been massacred In tho
Son Mateo mountains, and other sheep men arc
missing. A later dispatch from Capt. Jack
Crawford, nt Ft. Craig, confirms the nbove
report, and says that tho Indians Jumped
Mitchell's party of ten Amcrlenns nnd
twenty-six Mexicans, out from Chloride City,
on the trail In Red Canon. Tho fight lnstcd
until dark. Three Indians wcro killed nnd nlno
Mexicans nnd American! wero wounded nnd
killed with two missing. All of their horses
were taken by thu Indlaus. Lieut. Gllfovlo
started ou tho trail.
Crlmo mid Criniintilx.
Nathan Grconliold, a wifo murderer,
was hanged at Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. fith.
lonica Hill and his father and mother
havo been held by tho grand Jury In Chicago for
the murder of a policeman.
Tho grand jury havo indicted tlio ab
sconding New York clerk and taken steps to se
cure his extradition from England.
Ilnrtraan, tho Nihilist, has departed
from New York, probably fcirlng extradition.
His friends refuse to reveal his whereabouts.
Geo. W. Stuart, Secretary of tho
Board of Kducatlon, New York, haa been ar
rested on charge of having embezzled (10,000.
The dead body of Charles C. Kitchen,
n signal service employe, was found In Eden
park,, Cincinnati, Aug. 8th, with signs of
Geo. Walker, of Uoston, who nbduet
ed n child aged 7 years from tho front of her
parents residence In New York, has been sent
to tho State prison for ten years.
Tlio Governor of Illinois 1ms offered n
reward nf (200 for the nrrest of Aaron Nols
alias Aaron Norrls, who murdered Howard
Turner at CoultervllI, III., April 24th.
Upon tho refusal of John W. Green to
drink with William Lee, n stranger, nt Peters
burg, Va., Aug. 6th, a light occurred In which
Green's throat was cut, and Lee Bhot. Both
P. W. Crowe, of Peoria, 111., of in
fernal machine notoriety, Is about to enter the
lecture Held. Ills subject will be "What 1 know
about Infernal machines." He still Insists that
the machines sent to Liverpool were mode at
Edward Northrup, a prominent at
torney at Elllottsvlllc, N. Y., shot and killed
Joseph O'Donuell, Aug. 8tb. Northrup liad
been administrator for tho estate of O'Donncll's
father. Ho surrendered himself.
Georgo H. Long, President, nnd
Charles P. Howard, Secretary of the Alliance
Insurance Company, Boston, were arrested
Aug. 10th for the embezzlement of (11,000.
They were admitted to ball in (15,000 each.
Chnrlcs W. Curry at St. Louis, on tho
night of Aug. 8th, ibeat and brutally kicked
Nuthan Prettyman, during an altercation re
sulting from Prettyman refusing to allow Curry
toviblt his daughter. Prettyman died next
Yell county, Ark., reports another
vunmuij uKKusinauon. mis nine It was a
school teacher named dturdevaut, who for tak
Ing the part of a child that was being abused bv
a. rulllau named Burgess, was waylaid aud shot
dead. Burgess escaped.
E It. Williams & Co,, groin commls
slonmcn at Toledo, Ohio, having failed, inves
tigation reveals that a largo amount of fraudu
lent bills of lading havo been issued by them,
amounting to from $00,000 to (100,000, and
they have obtained money on them.
Tho plileo of J. C. Wolcott & Co ,
New York, was robbed of (40,000 of securities,
on tho morning of Aug. 8th. The robbery is
supposed to have been committed by A. D,
Wltcclock, ono of tho clerks, who absconded.
It has been ascertained that Whcclock sailed
for Bremen. ,
At Lake Village, N. Y Aug. Oth tho
coroucr's Jury In the case of tho three children
of Churlcs Moody, colored, who wero burned
on the evening of July 4th, returned a verdict
that tho children were murdered and tho house
bumed to conceal tho crime. Moody and his
wife were arrested.
A vagabond named Jackson at Ilur
tou, Mo., having Insulted a Mrs. Langford, her
husband attempted to chastise him, but was
stabbed to death, Mrs., Langford then appeared
upon the scene and shot Jackson In tho breast.
The villlan attempted to stall her, hut fell from
loss of blood, having been mortally wounded.
Forty masked men mado an ineffec
tual attempt to' capture two brothers named
Hardin, confined In Jail at Fredonla, Kansas.
Aug. 7th, A warden being 'overpowered, gave
his pistol to one of the' Hardin's, who used It
to kill the ringleader, John Hoffman, whereupon
the remainder of the gang' fled, pursued by the
sheriff and a posse,
Taylor Underwood, tlio lender of
band of desperadoes in southwestern Missouri,
nnd tho murderer of Deputy Sheriff McElrnth,
of Dade county, was arrested nt Carthago, Mo.,
Aug. 5iht nfter a despciato stnigglo with De
tective E. 8. Pike. Threo of the Underwood
gang wero lynched by tho citizens of Dade
county for being concerned In the murder of
Fourteen shots wcro fired Into tho
steamer Handy ns sho wns approaching Port-
mouth, Ohio, Aug. 7th Tho shots came from
a wagon closo on the river bnnk. Tlio pilot was
compelled to Ho flat upon his. face. The balls
entered tho cabin, nnd barely1 missed ono lndy
passenger. Tlio shots also entered" tho engtno
room. Efforts' iro bclpg 'made to arrest the
criminals. No cause Is known forth altar It.
David .Ooodnow, ft Boston merchant,
u fleeced out of (20,000 by 6tno young
snarpcr who claimed to .bo an intent of the
Pcppcrlll Manufacturing Company', of Bldde,
fon, Mnlnc, and got him 16 ship a largo cargo
or cotton, wine, etc., to Blddeford, and to buy
tho ship. Tho ship cleared July 28, and lias
not been seen since. Tho Pcppcrlll Company
don't know tho man,, who gave the name of
U. D. Fuller.
IVom'h Irom Aliroml.
A London dispatch of August 4th,
says! The House laid the first amendment to
the Land Bill providing for exclusion from
operation of tho bill parts of estates managed
on thoF.ngllsh system, which wns adopted with
out division. Tho amendment stood In tho namo
ot tho Dnko of Argyle, liberal, ns did also a
further amendment, cnrrled by 219 to 07, thus
giving tho landlord tho right to compromise In
ensoofsale, tho holding of which ho finally
brought up In the tenant right. In the criminal
court, Patrick Talford Hlcklo wns found guilty
of threatening to kill the Secretary for Ireland,
Forstcr, unless bo released tbo Irish prlsonca
and resigned office. The vcrdlqt was accom
panied with a recommendation of mcrcyi
Counsel for tho crown said Forester desired
tho lightest sentence consistent with Justlco
bo passed upon tho prisoner. Scntcnco was post
poned. The Freeman's Journal, of Dublin,
thinks Forstcr' will resign as soon as the Land
Bit receives royal assent.
In the Houso of Commons, Aug; 4th.,
Ilarcourt, home secretary, read a dispatch from
United States Minister Lowell, informing Earl
Granville he had wired Secretary Blalue July
Kith nn account of tho conversation ho had
with Tenderdcn, Under Foreign Secretary,
respecting tho Infernal machines at Liverpool,
to which he had received a reply from Blalnol
Bulling mai ino national, etato nnu municipal
authorities nre strenuously endeavoring to ills;
cover tho authors of the plot, in which ho has
reason to bellcvo very few wcro engaged, nnd
that no pains will bo' spared In discovering nnd
prosecuting them.
In tho Houso of Commons, August8th,
Forster stntcd that Dillon was released because
a report wns received that further confinement
would endanger his life. This report was con
firmed upon Investigation by other physicians.
Henry Lnbouchcrc, (liberal) asked what were
the. government's Intentions regarding Brad
laugh. Gladstone replied that the Government
understood that the resolutions preventing
Bradlaugh from taking the oath expired with,
tho present session, and consequently Bmdlaugh
couM picsent himself next session and have the
oath administered to him, meanwhile the Gov
ernment would consider tlio matter. Labouchcro
then announced that ho would not proceed with
the resolution ennbllng Bradlaugh to take the
oath In spite of the resolution against him.
Thcro is undoubtedly a disposition on
tho part of the government to drop tho powers
derived under tlio coercion net ot passible. It is
stated that the deanery of Westminister has
been offered to Kev. nenry Moutague; of Butler,
headmaster of Harrow School, who will prolmli
ly accept. In compllanco with the urgent request
of Pamcll, many home rule members of Parlia
ment returned to. London to bo present when
amendments in the House of Lords to the Land
Bill arc considered.
Tho Houso of Commons, Aug. 10th,
dlscumea and acted upon the amendments of
tho House of Lords to tho Land Bill, nnd gen
erally rejected them.
A special from Madrid says: King
Alfonso, with Queen Christine nnd the rest of
the royal family, leaves Le' Grauja, Saturday,
Aug. 0th, for tho province of Santanda. The
royal family will return to Madrid aboiuj the
end of this month, and early in September
they will receive a visit from the King of Port
ugal, who, with King Alfonso, Is to Inaugurate
tho new railway lines lictwccn tho two King
doms, In the valley of Dourc. Infanta Eulalla
will shortly bo married to the Aurtrian Arch
duke, brother of Queen Christine. Princess
Eulalla Is barely seventeen: her betrothed Is
still beardless. The young people fell in lovo
with each other during the recent visit of the
Archduke to La Grauja. The wedding will
probably take place In Madrid, In Deecmbor.
Tlio Emperor of Germany has con
fcrred upon Prof. Wm. Dwlght Whltiiey, of
Massachusetts, the Order of Merit mado vacant
by the death of Thomas Carlyle.
Tho harvest prospects in Schleswlg
Holstcln, have never been so bad ns this ycur.
Most of tho fanners arc selling their cattle and
horses owing to a scirclty of fodder.
Minister Foster writes to tho Depart
ment of State, under date of July 18th, 18S1
that the Russian wheit crop Is likely to bo one
of the largest ever raUcd In tho Empire, and
that the export promises to lio much greater
than usual. From Moscow, wljlch Is the great
commercial center, It Is reported that nil
brandies of business nre beginning1 to revive
and flourish after a long season of depression,
solely on account of tbo preepect of an abund
ant harvest. It will not bo without practical
political influence also, for much discontent In
the Interior has resulted from hard times nnd
short crops.
Tho publication of tho Qolos has bee
suspended for six months for having exceeded
propriety In criticising the conduct of tho Prince
of Bulgaria and General Emoth, and exposing
the disorder existing on board Russian men-of-War
in foreign stations.
A bt. Petersburg dispatch of July 80,
saya: The Czar and family were cnthuslastlca!
ly received by tho inhabitants ot Moscow
their entrance Into that city. In rcsponso
their wclcom-the Czar saldt "After pasi
through tho great nfUlctlon which fell on
Imperial family aud all tho Russians, I esl
myself happy to bo able to carry out my heart
felt wish of visiting the original capital ot the
Empire. I cordially thank you for tho
reception. .Moscow nas already given an
nmplo to the whole of Russia. I hope It
ever continue to do so. It testifies no
formerly that the Czar and the people' fi
harmonious and solid whole. The Ei
and Empress proceeded on foot from tlio pal
nee to tho cathedral amid an Immense crowd
cheering them lustily all the way. The visit to
tho cathedral was followed by a reception nt
Kremlin. To-day 90,000 troops will bo passed
tn review at camp, and to-morrow (Suuday) Is
fixed for pilgrimage to. the Convent of St, Ser
Ins. Tho St. Petersburg correspondent of
tlio Ka'kmal Otuttlt says that the reason the
Russian court mado the recent journ'oy to Mos
cow was because of tho discovery of an extcn
slvo conspiracy to assassluato tho Imperial fam
ily. During Jho night of Iho 87th of July, tha
Prefect of Police stopped a boat which had suc
ceeded In passing the guard ships, and arrested
tho occupant, It was subsequently discovered
that six persons, suino of high rank, wero In
volved in the plot. Tho trlnl of thu revolution
ists belonging to tho 6o-call "Black Division,"
will bo commenced before a special court, Sept U6
The newspapers publish a notification offtrlMV
at I
In a I
arcwardfortnoentitnm hr itu, wiiuinf f thn
persons whd have been spreading false reports
relating to the distribution, of and
Dublin dlspatchofl of Aujnist 8tll sav
The llmo of manufaciririnir and Industrial class
es Is coming, nnd when the land question Is set-
nod other questions, which are already begin
ning to loom before tho cvei of. the tHillilral
otcrvcrs,"w1ilcom8toaglUtetfd country as
raucn a ,eycr. jipe agitators will do their ut
most to keep tlio people Ina state of, ferment.,
The rclcago of John Dillon was qufto'uoexpect-
A.i-Tr ,I , ... .
juj nj.jR-ufi, m nsuai ueann. me govern.
uwu un not inumnteu us reason ror tho re
lease, which was a Burpriso to Dillon and Uie
Land League. Ho li expected to mnko his ap-
pcarnnco at mo meeting of the League, aud
then proceed to London and rcsomo his scat In
Parliament to participate In'ihc final discussion
or tho land bill.
J ho rector nnd other iulmbtants of
Tlppcrary who did not Illuminate their houses
tn honor of John Dillon's release have had their
windows smashed by a mob. At Dublin a pro
cession of 2,000 icrsons, with bands, banners
and torches, marched to Dillon's rcsldenco to
coiigratulato him upon his rclcaso from Imprli
onment. American flags were freely displayed.
Dillon thanked tho gathering.
Tho latest jroporti from Mysore? nro
unfavorab!c7.lJtaln,ls,mucli wanted. Tho.crops,
nre wimcring ami prices aro rising. T'-o pas-
lures nro niso failing. Tho prospects are dc.
cldcdly gloomy, lind unless rain falls within i
week, a largo ixjrtlon of tho crops will be lost.
Tho reports from the province of Coorg arc also
nan, nut account from other parts of India nrc
rainy good.
i. d!spntch"fr6in Homo of Auirust 10th
says: It Is rcllably'sUted that tho rcrmrlthat
tno I'opo intends to leave Romo is entirely un
founded. After a meeting in favor of the abo
lition the Papal guarantee, tho Pope declared
tunuAiuiij itnyiii uuvvr.Ul ICllO llOmO .Un
lcssfprclb'lyjcompcllod to Up so. .
Oooil Words. -I.-,
Amour tho many, circling wliniv4 'nf
thef Modrterrancnnlhcio isVnono inipre
tentlrolr hrin-fiUfiil'ttm UfnM
traveler stenms rohi tho openuen, on n
bright, calm April, day.lnto .its lake
llko splendor. It is a btigq pbarl In a
goblet of hills. To thd loft, eastward.
lies a rango of slender, arrowy, lofty'
iiciiKH, uee n uiuo ami s iver erov. msni
with crccnerv of olives nnd nalins. T.
iiiu.riimk a lower ranco. Wlinsn 'ni nr
npdiorm you,forgoMo.noto,.forattholri
uasu no tno ruiusof (Jartliage, a mistress
oi mo worm long oeioro, tlio namo of
Christ was knowr, and which had n civ
ilization beforo fnlntest Indication of
modern Europe had appeared.? In, view
of ills mftgioiruobishfuoundi, your lieart
iceis immeasuraoiy small! cy scorn
tho world, and yon n belated visitor: the
.. i . t . . . . . i
iuvuuh huumui minion is complete nml
wonderful. Wo steam on. nnd smlilnn.
iium uiu uock oi ine snip wo seo a
iuir, winio cuy, crowneil with bnttlc-
mcnta girdled with green, gracefully
reclining on tbo slopes of a distant hill,
her feet bathed in tho bluo waters of nn
Inner lako. That h Tunis, tho city of
our .uxpuciuiions; ami at tno samo timo
wo reach tho harbor of Tunis, La Gol
cttc. Wo mako our way up
tlio main strcot to tho Casbab, tho cita
del, perched al the top of tholrregular
ly ascending slone. nlahted tbero tn fin.
fend and protect tho city. It is a cluster
of nhoiont dons enciroled'tiy' castellated
walls fulling into ruins. From this
spot tho" oyo takes in tho wholo extent
nnd form of Tunis which is, ''roii-dily,"
tlio shiipo of a Iiernous cloak held at
tlio neck, spread out widely on thu
ground nt its sweeping hem, nnd gradu
ally sloped up to the hand of tho holder,
whero wo stnnd at tho citadel. In thu
sunlight its snowy whiteness Is dazzlim-;
hero and there imprisoned bananas and
palm-trees rlso in mounds nnd fountains
of groen, vicing in form nnd bight with
whfto domes nnd minarets; aniTbuyond
all lio tho waters of tho shipicss lake
and tho hills and mountnins on tho other
side, all 6tccpcd in tho magic coloring
of tho South, tho vnst mystery of light
nnd form which moves tho imagination
ns a fairy talo in early childhood.
I.onki on the I'Hrm.
How many timos as you arc driving
through tho country you seo a nice now
mower or plow left in tho Held exposed
to thoiweathcr from ono year's end to
tlio other, and, in fact, over ono half of
of one's valuable- tools left exposed to
tlio inclemency of tho wenther, when
for a mero nominal sum you could
build a shelter for them. Tho result of
all this Is that it will cost you moro for
repairs In a few years than you could
buy i a now implement for.
Another and very Important point to
bo noticed is tho proper cultivation of
yot;r crops. A) great many havo tho
much mistaken idea that tho least
amount of labor bestowed upon a crop
tho better, but aliovo all thoroughly
prepare your hind beforo planting, and
as soon as weeds begin to start co over
your crop with a smoothing harrow, as
this will exterminate tho first crop of
weeds. If you keep tho weeds down at
first you will have very little dllllculty
i lug thu season, for it is much easier
hoe than to harvost a crop that is half
W;ceds ' . ' ' M
SHU another very essential point Is
to tako1 proper caro of whatypu have.
It is much bolter to plant ono aero" and
tun iuko caro or it ttian to plant twp
ncros nnd leave it to tho merov of tho
weeds, for you will derive moro benefit
from tito ucro well oared for than from
tlio two uorcs half taken caro of. and
you will havo only half tho amount of
space to ciuuvato.
Another great loss is tho neglect to
tako proper earn of, your buildings.
How often you seo a houso or barn
wll hout n coat of paint. Tho paint not
only presorves tho building but pre
Tints Its decay. Many times you seo a
man driving along with his wagon jing
ling liko a threshing' mnohine, simply
for tho want of having a tiro set, or bo
cuuso a bolt is missing. Tho conse-
l ere
ooso, tho felloe split, and presently that
man will havo a bill of two or three
dollars to pay tho' whcolwright for re
pairs on tho wheel, when If tho matter
had been taken in season, tho black
smith would havo put him all right for
fifty cento.
No Uft
Thoro is no uso in putting up tho
motto, "God bloss our homo" it tlio
father Is a rough old bear, and tho
spirit of dlcourtesy and rudonoss is
taught by tho parents of tlio children,
ana by tliQ oldor tp tho younger. Thoro
Is no uso in putting Up tno motto, 'Tho
Lord will provide!" whilo tho father is
tdilftless, tho mother Is shiftless, and
the boys lofuso to work, and tho girls
busy tnoraso)vcs over gewgaws nnd
llneiy. Thoro Is no uso in putting up
tbo motto, "Tho greatest of theso is
charity," whilo tho tonguo of tho back-
J ....... . ....... 1 ,k. u. V
which roso nnclcnt .Carthago; and th
beauty is neculiarH hoticn.iHl n tvlin'n fl
. . . ...
anil tho frames havo rotted away In
What is tlin llln'iirnllKK Imtu'imn n 1,111
andrtplllP Ono Is hnrd to, get up and
tho other is hnrd to got down. '
ooma lorrlil bruto" has discovered
that tho difference between a woman
find nn nnitir.illA to U ti.... .1
.... .w. ,j iiidb UIUIU illU IllUUn
wjien you ban Shut up nn umbrella.
wo tnnnngcrof a church fair not far
nway, when asked if thcro would bo
imam, unuii, iivoning, replied, "No,"
ind then ndded, "Tmt there will bo
" The vorv nnll nf Vrn linn " an fa r.
w. - . ...ivv ouia 4
recent writer, "prouU immorality."
auv im uvu isnui iiuuiiuuriu tuis regard.
"You can lind 1 OOfln fin.Mil 111 nvjirv
country." J
A clcrrrvnifin nrnnantl Ma Qtnnm ....,1:
onco by asserting in tho most pDsitivo
manner that, nir-wlthminniiinn- ti,n i,,,i
times, tho wajrqs of sin havo .not been
4.11. .innm .... .J '
,A VOUnC.lailv'Wllff llllltl'f. 'm1fclli ll.n
v o - ........ . ....... , 1 v 1 tJ
custum In vogue nmong hor sisters of
-jyitjpg ft letter, nnd then cross-writing
it.to ille-'lblllty. said sho would
her opjstlo "without" hn oyerskirt;'!
i A.Thera'lRni)tlilnnllhnu.tltnn-.ln,..n t
said a retired merclinnt confidently to
Jtfsjncjghbor..; '"'Whoh I gavo up busi
ness I settled down mill fnmiil T l.n.l
- . .... ...... ......... .
qulto a comfortable fortune If I had
settled. Alp," I sho'tlldn t 'havo; had a
An 'Anicrtcan tiurist 'was ' visiting
Xnille.S ami RW Vnsitvlna .!!,. nV,
eruption. "Havo you anything like
that in tho now world? was tho (1uCs
tlon of an Italian spectator. "j"No, re-
j....... uuiiauuiii, -inn, i guess wo unto a
mill-dam that woulil nut it m,i i, n,-..
Two laillnq iirnsmitml llinma-.!.....,
tho door of a fancy ball, nnd on beln'
qsked by, tho usher whnt characters they
personated thoy replied that they wens
not in Fpccinl costtime', whereupon ho
brawlod out, "Two ladles without any
Instructor In T.ntln- tir- it .. ...i..
......... ... . . ... , ... ,-viiui,
was Ceres the godd,essP" Mr. II. : "Sho
was tho iroddoss of marriarn." I
tor: "Oh. no: of ni rliiiltnrn." in.. 11
(lookincr pernluxeih tvi,v
my book says sho wns tho Roddesa of
"SIuco wo last mot, have you thought
of me?" she asked coyly. "Yes," re
plied ho, provokingly, "onco." "Only
onco?" queried sho in petulant tones.
"Only onco," repintcdhe, "only onco
all the time." Then tlio curtain fell
on n tableau of Cupid and Psycho.
Never two fast words. It may ho't al
ways bo agreeable. "How do you liko
mv bonis. Im-oP" ,.v,.l,,l..l .. .... i. c.t
unite. "Oh, they're immense," replied
tho partner of her Joys; and sho had
t ie liiht matrimonial fainting away ns
tho result. " J
It was a youth of modest purso
Bald unto a maid,
"Which would you rather taeklo next,
Ieo cream or lemonade!"
Across the maiden's rosy check
Past flits a winning smile;
"I'll order some of both," she'sald,
Heaven help tho young man's "pilp."
A lato illdffa wn.q n. nntnl i,... a
young lawyer was onco making his first
effort beforo him nnd had thrown him
self on tho wings of his imagination far
uo iuu upper rontons, and wns scem-
inrrlv nrmiuvlnr t.t 1
,(?,' .V. . V"."." ".'K"u.r. s.ccnl'
mu juuku uxciuimcu, "Hold on,
hold on, my dear sir! Don t go nuy
uiguer, ior you uro already out of the
Yllla.llWl..n nf I 1 L ,i
An Irish Allhl lnt, Wi,. .it.i m
kill tho aglnt? Dan 1: Shuro, down tho
road strait there! I seo him shuot wid
my own eye?; on , bo labors, they vo
took him for murder! Pat: Tim nil
bo hanged, poor darllnt! Dan 1: Niver
ft bit: WO 11 lirnvn nn nlll.tl I i. ...
,tnnt, now; we'll provo.the ngiutiwasn't
tliera!" '
A commprclnl ir.,t.nii. ,.iin.i
merchant nnd handed him a picture of
... .,u..u.v.. insulin oi ins ousiness
card, saying ho represented (hat estab
Hshmont, Tho merchant examined It
carefully, remarked that It was n lino
usiuDiisnmont, nnd returned it to tho
usioniBiieu man, with a hopo that
vi is " "am,llletl in fiB"
ehln i tit , .y. , - v ri
"Sir " cm 1,1 ,i n.,n,n !.., .
ncss, "dp youCon-our dolemn onth, do
claro that this is not your hand writinff?"
"I reckon not," wns the cold roply.
"i;oos u rcsomuio your hand wriUnirf"
"Yos, sir, I think It don't," "Do(you
swear that It don't resemble yourhiind
tvntlnrrP" ..Vnll T ,W i,u
your solemn oalh that this writing does
"Ye-a-n-s. sir." "Nnuv. l I fU iln .
. viiuou 4. uuiri, unit
could write."
Counsel: "I)n
U8 enso?" .Turvninn. 4iT it ..iSl
road It?" 'Nn hb ... v:
thing?" "No." "Whatlneviu;?." "No
V 'l ' J"l
formed nnr
uuiiuuii u iu mis ca
'Neyer ha
i i.
hoard Pinafohfi" ifaA n ..r."'"'
Kemarks: ""No wonder-' Ko dflSSfc
H ------ -jry HU UlUn I
. Sold.") 1& sympathy with ar
thine- nortnlnlnir In !,. .v..i,ifJi.i .
No. r "No Information, npknowlodge,
no .opinions. n6 tasto'firmW.ii fa"'
.In :-""", Ul
Is the exclumation of rnorctliau on rJ,,ri,..i
working man and woman ; do wfflwhvR
aches I It Ulxwuso your kfdneva nn. !SJ
tasked and need strtngChcnlng ani?-milf w
needs to be cleansed, of bad hurnb) ou,ry,tn;
Klduey-Wort.-ySc. "umt,rs' uneed
oiicr wags in ino,inniiiv, nml ullly gos
sip is dispensed nl tho fenlablo. Tiioro
is no us' In placing up consplcuosly iho
motto, ''Tjiq liberal man dovisolh liber
al thlngi'Mvlillo tho money chinks in.
tho pockets bt f ho head of tho household,
groaning to'gU ttut to seo tho light of
day, nndheroX nro dollars nnd dimes
for wines ahi' tobacco nnd other lux
uries but positively not ono cent for
tho chuftjli. In how many homes aro
these niottbcfiAiandlng Ictus say hang
ing sarcasms; which servo only to point
n jest nmUtdorn n satire? Tho beauty
of quiet lives, is. trustful, hopeful, frco
hnnilcd charltablo lives of ono of sur
pasdng loveliness, nnd tlioso lives shed
their own liicompnrablo frngrnncc, nnd
tho world knows whero to find them.
And thoy shall remain fresh nnd fade
less When tho colours of pigment and
tha Wnrnti'il nnit Dm 11 naa ti n fi tn t1
: .-.I'.Yo'.V R"ur" eong on in tho
man. You aroaoceptedl" w

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