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.i. '
- - 1 1 .. i , . , , , , , .. Yi
I- 'ii.
The Nation's Patient.
Thu American people havu again to
faco V:nl news about tho President.
'1 lis time, tho physicians, who have
heretofore Insisted upon giving the pub
lleroso-coloroil accounts, nro unable to
conceal thoir ulnrm. As thoy put it, t
con, plication has arisen, and the prusl
dent's stomach reject nourishment
This happened Sunday night and since
that time his death lias been muniuntu
rily expected, and Mrs. Uarlleld was
told by the iJiyslclous to pivpuro for
thcwotvL Tins very latest dispatches,
however, jt lcforo wego to press, nro
of a more encouraging character, but
while there Is n llttlo ronssurance, great
Hnxlety Is still manllested by his phy
sicians. If tho stomach recovers its
functions, tho President .may go on
gaining gradually, but tho chances uro
two U) ono against his recovery.
Is Ilnnlnu
them nil?
tho noblest lto'inun of
Ohio grnpo growers do not expect
moro than one-third of a crop.
Thk Republican party seems to be
coniiortnbly harmonious just now.
Kansas Germans uro organizing an
independent political party to settle tho
ltcer question.
The Southern Paeitlo has been inun
dated in Arizona by heavy rains. Int
ern travel has ceased.
Thk new direct line of tho Wnhaob
road between Detroit and St. Louis
was opened on tho KHh.
Thk Connecticut courts Jiavo decided
thnUpnituallsts arc era.y, and uro nut
competent to make u will.
Mil. Glaiwto.nk Is sulll-ring from
... r.iKiimi worry in IDs ollort-. to
sreuro tho passage of thu land bill.
The threatened export of gold from
Tails to America, began with :!00,000
pounds. Other exports aro oxjicetcd.
Tin: Iluroau of Inteinnl Revenue has
offered a reward of $200 lor tlio arret!
,uu I'lnrdercr of Colh-elor llraytou
ly (iiiiLeau knows when ho ha.- n good
thing, Iuj will slay quietly In jail. The
atmosphere outside ho ill find mala
rious. Ak association to catch criminals has
been organized at Lognnsport. Chlea.
go needs an association to hang a few
already caught.
The Ohio Democrats want Professor
Boll to invent an instrument by which
they can toll hotv much Democracy
there is in ltookwaltor.
VANDEMHI.T offers $600,000 for the
block opposite his now mansion, owned
by thu Cnthollu orphan nsyluui; hu
wants It for a privaio park.
A geiiuliifl casuof Asiatic cholera Is
reported to hnvu occurred at Finni
jrioio, Giant county, Wisconsin. Thu
patient died nnd tho physicians called
jt Asiatic nholera.
JlAjiTMAJjN, the Nihilist, has gono to
Canada for fCr this govenimunt will
surrender him to tho Uusshin authori
ties. Hartmmin and ('uiteaij should bo
crcmawii togptimr.
'1'IIL iv.iiftl..... I .. ...
"- lOUIUUIJOUS lor tins re
gion oi country predict "stationery, or
nigner temperature." Wo aro -is uou
seuuiive as a circus Id this business
stationary weather will suit us.
o . -
oi-NAToit l.-soALLS now dandles hi
oaoy. air. iii-niia M H tllmimi
tlvo man irom a senatorial stand point
out justice demand tho confession that
j a coloiiizorjmisgiylng success.
uenekai. Grant has bought a luru
nnu naniisnmo house on thu north kid
of East Sixty-sixth street, Kuw Yorl
t, t im price paw wa, 89.5,000. It
.u inougwt ne n-tll mako this his fgtur,
1'.... 1 . .
largest importatUiu of Norman
..urses ever Known to tho United States,
flPnlirrnl .n .... -
.- w vuu 4,,lu wuen j.jj Vero
" now in JVow York. Thoy wore boln.
shipped to Illinois for breeding pm'
C hicaoo refuses o ,)onilit ...,
sell papers in that city on account of
.nv;wora.n-angers uttciulinL' thu l.ns.1,
aces, yet over tlfty of them aro engaged
g m in spilo o tho prohibitory
DnuiNd tho Inst fifteen veura nf -i
very the South raised 40,f7',pi mlt.
Of COttoil. Dnrl,,,. n-.
vnnWu . ' . V'" 1,11,1 t''"'"'"
'ihari ;-,,"'"".""' irom ih.w to
W,L. mimocr of bales produeei
. The droiinht has
,9 lllnos.that itja vlf ,
w ll lu ma'do Iko foveriioV i.ext
wfnUjr hqlp ior jho ifmusands nf
r . ,M" 'u ;"oereu guio!
A,euuto y the fiihimity.
,ns "oniocrats ao unt uleased 1m
cause tho Republicans did not nonilH
siruignt ticket f .Virginia, ani
for t lint, rone ..." n . .
. Jhq defeat of tho Bourbon Democracy
In t!llf Clnt. 1.3 . ....
I " 7,"." ,"!'' p ft gpoi thing.
The President Is. gettim? boiler, but
you need not imrri- ww''i:i" J.j..
nboui that Wle'fflco. 'ext" winter
timo enbuoh. ' '"fco'iJconVo wllll'ln
with thorough disgust Vpon a man who
iians nbout Washington' tlieso1 .days
.look! ne for unofflcn. " '' .''''
Jv the Congress of tho United States
fie not jtay rresldant' 'Garfield's Moc
tor bills, too peopiooi lh6''coiintrv will.
Jliiltltudos, North nmrSonUi, would
Consider It furor tn tri c, it., i' 1 ...
fflk m t,m Plitlont of I'"" l'on oml
Hsnt siirgoons at Washin gton. I... u ti...
I pcnplo's patient, Hint they will foot tho
! lulls.
Tho nntl-Jowish iigllatlon has been
revived in many districts of Prussia.
Synagogues and tho stores of Hebrew
liavo been iittaekod by uobs In vunous
places. In Poineranla many houses
have been wrecked, nnd tho mobs had
to bo dispersed by tho police.
The French Government having in
vitcd the United States Government to
bend some offleers to witness thu
aiiliinin munonvrcs of tho French army,
Sccretary-nt-Wur Lincoln has dcslgmit.
ed Mnj.-Oen. John M. Kcofleld, Col.
Ito'jert S. Lamotle, and Captain .James
Chester to act on tho occasion.
Mound City.
News Items nro few and tinlntoi rat
ing. Leo Durham has moved his ollleo
into tho building where his harness
shop is kept.
Mr. Wetzel icninins with tho
church hero another year. This will be
pleasant news to many.
K. T. HICO 1ms Slllll tlla ImfrOini.
shop to Win. Mounts. Henry Llusal
lias tnKen cliargo as butcher.
Presly Durham has umde nrrango
ments to sell out tho Central to Mrs.
I J tiruoii. but wheilini Dm h
bo completed or not Is not yet known.
-Died, at his residence in Mound
City on Saturday last, of ooumniptluit,
HiratiiMasteis. Ho wiiHiilunit.nitv.iiv..
years of ago, mid ono ofthu original con-
wHws ior grading our railroad. No
caves a who ami largo fatullv to luouin
his untimely death. '
Elder LuTnnr closed his nicotine
horn trldny night hist. n0 will be
iiai-h nero on eilnesday beforo tho
i iiinn nuniiay in tins month, nt which
tlnio tho ordlnaneu of lmptUm will he
mijiiinisieroii ami an atlenipt made to
iK.im:u a permanent uiuiroli heru
M. i. NjIiiiIi sold her leninlnln"'
mock oi conrectioneries. fixtures mid
hoiwoholil ixnods at pubho sain last
Monday. They have had verv bad
nek for .lomo months put, anil lost
mcir cniin n lew weeks ago. It Is not
known whether they will remain hero
or not.
Pete. Roarers surniisoil tim
marrvlns Sunday evening Mks Dora
Meek, danghter of Mrs. Catherine
Meek of our placo. This Is not tho
tlrst tlnio that wo had lie-ud it reported
that 1 etc. was married, ami kiiowhf
lie falMtyof former report, wo wero
Inclined to bo skeptleil. Hut evc- It
nessos to tho ecreniony us-uro lis that
It actually occurred. May life be.
etc., etc." ' '
Messrs. GullHanis & Doughty had
five head of Hue young hoives and
iiiules killed on tho railroad one nh'ht
last week. "
-J. Foster .Marshall of your oily on
Monday last, sold his lino thorouah
bn d stallion ''Ned" to John Pntterson
of this city. Prleo pnld, SAOO.
i rT.ho , ,.V?",b,,? . of 11,0 Christum
ehurc h of this vicinity, purchased tho
school honso nt this plneu on Saturday
last nt publlu sale, and will relit th'e
same for a church
Miss Maggio Ludlow, a most fascin
ating St. Louis Belle, who has been
spending tho suuiuier with tho family
of Dr. Hond. near Craig, left for homo
on i iiesday last.
Vo nre glmi to report a good ram.
--l.ol. Sanford gave our poopla his ex
eollPnt eeturu on "Old Times and
Aew," last Satunluv ovoniii". All
wero delighted with it.
Our Greenback friends are makiii"
arrnngmnonls for a -rrand ovation im
tno ..3d prox. Some eminent speakers
aro announced for tho owmslon, whloh
promises to bo ono of unusual intersto
Tho social event of the season, was
a complimentary party given-to Miss
An ilo Elliott by her aunt, Mrs. W. n
VI Ilson, Kit Frldav uvenlng last. Miss
AV"'0,1 "wt l'cautlf..r and aeeoni
pushed bello of Memphis. Tenn.
-Honry Thomas Esq., one of our
leading merchants has ust recovered
rom a serious attack of bllnous fever
llis liitlo snn Linmett, wl id tho mis-
fortunji of .raaklno an arm some ten
days siuco is ublo to bu out ngain.
Our former townsman" E. W.
Ilooner, dropped in on us Monday last.
Ed. Is mm- in the employ of the St.
Joseph Refilling Company, euenrred in
".ving grain and purcLsed several cir
oiu s o com at this place, for which hu
paid thirty cents per bushel.
Why a Letter Doesn't Co.
Heeauso you forget to address it.
Because you forget to stamp it.
Hccaufo you forget to write tho town
or statu on tho envelopu.
Heeauso you used a oneii cancelled
lieeaiuo you cut out an envelope
stamp and pasted it on your letter.
Decauso you used a foreign stamp.
Ilecausoyou u,ed a ruvenuo stump.
Heeauso you wrote tho address oU tho
p of thu envolope.'aud It was Mlrt.;v
oblitcrou-dbythu postolllee dating and
cancelling stainps.
And heeauso yon nut vom. i,.tt.... i.. ..
I'lank envelope, sealed It and forwarded
tto the-Doad Letter Otlloo-whoro
uut,iiiiV- up,,,, tn.Misan.U valuabh
letters are dally sent because the poo.
pie are either curler or Ignorant of the
postal Jaws.
A.,.r... v.. .
U11' We ,w,o would add
ruasuus wily
Ueeausoyoudo,;,,! yollr nan.o.
Hi-eauo Indistinctly it
cannot bo read. ' J
Heeauso you' do not !
onico.stauiorcoumy. r ' ,r'vV '
Heeauso you write wlUi a nondl
Rccftusoyou use Ink ,,u ..
Itcannpt bo read. ir " ' '
Uccayso you wiltu iio immiv ..
can read -Jt. " - ' "
Ueso yw do m onejflju stamn l
pr,epay postage 0 tlu fcnkyjr.
fyPpila. Liver Complaint.
i;i.i..ioi..i.. . . ,i7J.. "V.M K"l.
nut' Niiin 'i i , 1 a.
it .'niiii niiuun n v itiuizer, ovorv bottln
has a prlutod L'uaranteo n it. . ....
cordlngly and if it noes you no good It
will cost you nothing. Sold by, T S
Ilinde, Oregon, M9. ' ' '&
In Jtitat. worth tlw (nialj Vice o( 76
echu Vfrec yourselves 'of e, syin. !
! ! conipfaln s, 'if
I r ' 1 ....... .. tj. 'jiS'.': i ,
Tom Hlndc at an Immigration Aqcnt
Tom lllniln retiiined from his vl-lt
to llllnoU this week and reports every
thing very tin. Tho farmers were all
disgusted with that country and intima
ted as much that they would emigrate
just as soon as they could gel uway.
Tom deeply sympathized with them and
told 'urn hu was sorry thoy didn't live
in Holt county where tho people regu
lated thu wenthur themselves, and when
ever they wanted It to rain all they had
to do was to pull u Mring. Drouths
and crop failures wore strangers to our
farmers hero, nnd tho only dlflleulty
they experienced was in gathering tho
crop ; it took four yoke of oxens to haul
u stalk of corn Irom thu field, nnd lif
ter prying tho cars off with a crowbar
tho stalks wuro generally sold to circus
men for center poles. Quito a crowd
had gathered around him by this time
nnd Tom took m tho situation at a
glance, and thought this was ti golden
opportunity to get in hjs work, undhu
everlastingly stuffed 'win full. Ho said
the wheat wa below thu average this
year and would only yield about 49 1-2
bushels to tho aeie, but most all the
stalks wore sold to eastern cities for
ornamental lamp posts. Feeding cnl
tlo and hogs was thu most prolltnblo oc
cupation, for all thu farmurs had to do
was to cut a hole in the south sldo of a
pumpkin and drive tho stock Inside in
llin tall and keep them there until they
wero roady fur market when they would
eoinu out fat and slick. Tho Iiol's had
to bo punched up und mado to squeal to
litid out which end their head was on,
thoy grow so fat. A kind of suspicious
snillo was seen to creep over tho coun
tenances of his listeners by this time,
and Tom commenced moderating his
stories; but it was too late, they had
already proceeded to elect him Worthy
Grand Master of thu Liar's Club of tho
Stato of Illinois, and tho only thing that
saved Tom was tho timely nppearanco
of a Kansas real estatu nent, who had
lip enough to cat shelled corn out of a I
jug, and consequently wont Tom "ono
better" all around. Thu mayor Imp.
nciied around about this and takiii"
both gentlemen by tho coat collars, llo
led them around to tho alley back of
the post ollleo building und 'told them
in a fatherly innunor that he would give
them just two hours to get out of town.
1 liey got ; anil Tomsas it was awful
wuil tlay for walking, as the dust was
no less, or no moro than seven inches
More about the Gizzard. '
Mu Kditoh:-A few months ago, if
von recollect, I wrote a llttlo article in
regard to finding snmo cold in a duck's
gizzard, and I promised to keep all
eyes open nnd if a nythlncr of tho kind
happened again, to let you know.
On tho 30th dnv of July I was up nt
Oregon on buaueVs; my wife and chil
dren at homo io lied with the nguo.
During my absence, my wife's niece,
Mrs. Levi Llneh, camo to wait on thu
sick. My wife told her to kill a chick
en for tlio baby. She caught ono, and
In dressing it, found in Its gizzard a
pieeo of pr.ro gold six or eight times as
largo as tho one found In tho duck's
gizzard, and another piece that will
welsh about half as much, but is near
ly round, nnd thr other Is flat.
There Is gold hero In paying quanti
ties too. nnd all that is wanted to devel
op It, Is a thimble-full of energy nnd a
little money nnd four years of practical
senn. It appears to bo strictly puro
and freo from all foreign matter. 1 am
too poor to develop this thing, as It will
takn practical men and machinery.
This is tho reason : it failed oneo beforo
nnd was called a humbug by myself and
others. If the ones who havo means,
and nro Interested m this bluffy land
would gather all thu truths they can.
and then get n practical man to Inves
tlgatn the matter nroperlv, this enter
prise would soon bo brought lo a happy
conclusion for all interested. Hut in
stead of tnkincr one practical ston to
ward it, thoy talk Idly and foolishly
aimiit It, seared at the thought of spend
ing a cent In tho right wnv, nnd wait
for tho scnlawaars to bring' it out, and
hen, llko the drones at the hive, nfter
tlio poor toillnif beo develops tho honoy
from the flowers, ready to reap all its
profits. 1
And now, Mr. Kdltnr, I hopo you
win not throw any moro told water on
Hs enterpris unless you properly invos
tlgato It nnd it proves a humbug. I
Know thero nro others who speak .'ll-'ht-I.V
nf tlds affair and me. but I do not
enro a cent. I know what I am talking
niout, ami tho day is not far off, when
the fun.nmking part of this cnte.rpri.so
will Im over. If it is worVed out and
proves a nieces, t hit onns that now call
mo a fool will call mo smart Would
not an v enterprising man rnvy me then
"I Hint iUtollhrcnt nail of thn cnmmnnl.
tv should bestow such honors nn I
illnllile, in order to mako It a success? 1
mu in invnr or forming a rompanv
nf .W.l.l .... .. ( . a ' .
... ...fiiu in mnu iron who nave the i
tnnntio 1.. ...... ....i .... . ..
...i.i "i ? aim iviio, it iimv meet i
in proper encouragement, will push
It through. This Is the only way in
)V, l,V Kivn iy ;onsenlto do any
thing with It, or oven allow others. I
Will not ill In a' It t.i.., .,...! ...111 1 1 ...
1 , . ..i.ii..-i .11111. null Jill'
J . 7 oni-'W nnd Mifllelent means fall
iiacl; in idle gossip, of a few inexperl.
cneed fool. 1
I am renily at any timo to moot with
such gnnf lomcn nnd discuss tho point
and gnu them all tho Information upon
tho subject that Tenn 1
Tho gold that has been found Is nt my
lionso, and enn bo seen by calling. I
be ievo that If practical men with ma
chinor.v would takn hold ot it, that I.
COIlM assurn tlinm Unit T 1.1.1.M
.in n mis win pay ton ttoiinrs to tho ton
m throo hours after tho machinery Is
put In operation. I moan 'business, nnd
if there cannot be a company raised In
Holt county, It ean bo raised some,
whoro nlso, sooner or Inter. I shall
leave- no stono unturned until this en
torprise Is dovolnpod. You will hear
from me frequently. Yours truly,
Ioa D. Stocking.
.11... .1. i ... nuvillll
The Markets.
ciiioaoo, August 11, ism,
n to 0 40
0 so ..... a ng
6 so (iio
v W
:o 0aa
ljrttluy., ,
Niiturduy.. .,
Moiidiiy, ,,,,,,
l'rtitiiv .
ciliit.Hriiiy ..
$1 21 8 A3
1 1U..
1 Tin ,
1 21 .
.. I IS .
.. 1 IV..
Wvomlnn. Lim.... ' 1 1
Holow wc ptiblisn a letter from Miss
Fannlo Meyer, daughter of our worthy
Mlow.oltlzon, Geo. Meyer, who Is now
in yomlng for her health. Miss Fun
nlu Is but thirteen years of ago nnd
writes a highly Interesting leltor, In
Unilor City, Wyoinlii!. July ruth, tsst.
Dkau Parents! Wo uru now mnl-.
Ing our own butter; no churn either do
wcuse. now tin you ii nko ItP" I Im
agino you nsk. Well, Cnrno has charjro
ot mat tlepnrtincnt; who beats tho
cream witn a epoon, and I don't think
ii iiikos as long as tho old Missouri wnv
Misses luta nnd C'nrrlo Crittenden
and myself visited tho mountains a
short timo uiro in search of in.nli.rrw.,,1
spcelinons, but wero disappointed. Wu
cnino upon numbers of sngu hens, nnd
enjoyed ourselves trying to kill thorn
with stones, but, ol course, they would
in oil,) ,i ll jusi 100 SOOtl.
inmin, corn, new potatoes nntl cil-
cumners nro now in eating condition.
Sthool lias been in suasion nil tln
summer mid will continue. two months
onger ueioro vacation. Tho teacher
is u Missouri gentleman.
Harvostinir will commencn nlmnt An.
gun lutu.
Our visit to tho Springs wa adoiltrht-
ful one. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernest Hornnck.
or wero in company with us. Of courso
we wero an imppy in starting. Wo
soon arrived nt tho Xoi th 1
which is tho dividing line between the
intiian reservation anil govornmuiit
lauds. Tho citizens huvo a flouring
mill heru, a blacksmith shop, saloon
and provision store Up, up on tho
mountain top niav be seen a largo saw
mill. Alter halting and watering
both man and beast we moved on,
passing ovor what is culled ''Rouldcr"
or "Four Mllo Flat," which I thought
was a most lio.iutilul piece of land, but
not lit for farming, on account of its
rocky condition. Tho Rocky Moun
tnins to our south and Sand Hills to our
north, and as you hnvu heard "Distanco
icons oneimniniont to thu view," thoso
Sand Hills arc tho nicest things I havo
seen tor sonio time. Wo soon arrived
at thu government pot, and while It Is
way out, seemingly from all civilization,
thero are many works of advancement
and improvement hero; never in my
llfo did I see such an accumulation of
agricultural implements. It seemed to
mo as it tnero wnro enough to farm thu
whole nf Missouri.
You tell my school mates and friends
unit, seeing an intiian on paper or stand
nielli ii mil. hi it cigar store isn't any
snow ai an now, to mo. To seo a real
live, "wnr-whoop-ing" child of tho for
ot is a gonnino show. Hero at tho
agency may Do seen many hundreds of
tiiemj nig anil little, old and young,
it is a sicht indeed to seo tho old
squaws with tholrlittlo papooses. Thoy
me uiuu iiniMiijr iiuiigi. rney
ClUTV them on a lmnril. lm,l ilr.1,1
.... ...... ...w.. ..i.v l,
just ns yon would hae a shoe. A squaw
nun i.imjiiiu i! h real, jivo snow.
Our party, twenty four in number,
nnaiiy arrivctl at tho Springs. We
camped out, slucping on tho ground,
and wo eninn linen tiirlmililiii.nn.n,,,.,
1 hero is about ail aero of water, In tho
center oi wnicn is a constant, nevor
eensiiiff, boiling spring throwing Its
hot water several feet I1I2I1. Simndln'
for tho bottom of this spring has been
tried, but as yet the bottom has nuvor
neon reaotica. J tie water Is constant!
changing lis .hue Until houses have
uet-n ereetcu iy tlio government ofllecrs,
with all tho modern attachments, and
bathing Is qulto pleasant tint', healthful,
and we don't havo to "hang our clothes
011 a nicKory ninii" cither.
Unug.cat pccnllarity of tho bathing
if, 011 seum so iniicu lighter after com
lug out of tho water.
Jake tells. 1110 bo will tr.-uln nnn nf 1i1
sheep for n papooso and let 1110 bring it
homu with mo. How wnnhl vim 111-.. 1..
hnvu a rnal, live papoose on tho Moyor
i.uiiir ii ouiiui'i it uo nice!
Somn of tho fishermen out horo nre
suongiy oppnscd to tho Missouri nil
grims bathing hero: they claim It kills
UIU U-illtl-).
Potatoes. r cents nor pound ; Pii1i1mn.
on ...... t - .;':. - '
u vuuin iiit iouuu; squasn, m cents
per pound ; beans. 10 cents per nound ;
corn, 2,1 cents per dozen; cucumbers,
io conts per dozen. Harvest hands
command S-'.iO per day.
Love to all.
l-eorgo I. Senoy, the c)lubralcd pln-
ianuiro)Kt of New York, has given
thu Wesloyan Collcgo nt Macon, Ga.,
830,000, making $100,000 In all con
tributed lo that Institution. Mr. So-
ney'8 donations to collegiate institutions
managed by thu Wualoyans havo been
The people of the Wost owo a dobt
01 groutuiioto Dr.Ayor for the pro
dilution of Aycr's Aguo euro. Its time
ly uso will savo much suffering and
inueii tiieourageinont, and wo rccoin
mend it with tho greatest confidence In
Ilu .l.lll... ... .1.. ..11 .1.... f- . .
n "iny iv no 1111 mat is pi'oiuiseu ior
. . Aytir's Ajrue dure Is purely a voirota-
''u ,1,tur i pawr.rlul tonio, freo
" ,l'"""io or any ininurni suostanco,
...lit ill...,...., .f. . .. . .
' u "")B uiut mu huyuiusi casus
I havo a lot of Millet hay I will sell
..1 or. iwi ... . .1.11 1 ...
.... ci.uii jiur 11111 iiunvurcu 111 urogon
ii- is cNceiioui, ioou ior 111111; cows.
I.eavo orders Inimedintoly with Hersh-
uergor & Anderson, W.A. Gauuniik
Cured of Drinking.
"A young friend of nilno was cured
of aiilnsatiablo thirst for lluuor. which
had so prostrated hint that Iio was un-
anio 10 uo any uusiness. no was on
tlroly cured bv tho uso of Hon Ulttars
It adayed all that burning thirst; It
took away tho appetite for liquor j mado
us nerves stcnay, una no nas rcmutnod
i t-ober nnd steady man for more than
two years, and has 110 desire to return
to his cups, I know of n number of
others who havo boon cured of drink
Ing by it." From a leading H. It. Ofll
cial, Chicago, 111.
Hardly to bo credited, but It is nev
ertheless true, that a Mok horse or a
natl conditioned cow can bo brought up
In a fow days by tho uso of 81111010118'
Liver Regulator. Tho powdors should
bo mixed wllh the food, nnd thoy will
oat it readily; nnd It is surprising to
seo what improvement lmniodlatoly
takes place. It opons tho bowels,
strengthening them, nntl does nil and
oven more than tho best Condition
Powders. A small quantity iu tho food
for chickens will cure cholera, and keep
tha poultry healthy.
Trylt when all othor romodlos fall nnd
get relief, liny It of King Ai Proud, Ore-
nj Franco & ij0(, Forest City. 1
H. B, KETCHAM, Proprietor.
rci.x weer, Between Third and Fourth
At old 8tnnd of Townsand Wyatt & Co.
33. BIDR,D, Manager,
Wo nro now receiving nnd offering tho largest nnd finest stock of PlniM.,
' brought to this Market. Mado and trlmniod u tho Most Stylish S, &
bio manner, equal to any custom mado work ; all of "which ! Sold nl
fat ntioli r, ...... I.t . .n . .
dolhing to call on s m,d oxano ouT go ls rd friw be ore ZL"
aro confident our good and prices will g,vo aatlsfaeiioii. 3
wi -u4tr--.it ! it iviiiiiu mi iiifMierwi tn
H. B. KETCHAM, St, Joseph Mo.
3VCOTJ2STID Oia?-2".
Arc making extensive prep
iuntions for the Fall Cain
imlffii iu Dry Goods, Hats,
Clothing, Groceries, Cnns,
Gloves, Boots awl Shoes,
Queesware ami Glassware.
They nro determined not
to be excelled in Style, qual
ity or, prices.
Duo notice will he given
on Receipt of stock.
Havo you a himo horse? Call for
Kendall's Spavin Cure. Seo advertise
meiit. Maryville Academy
Tlio first torm, fourth year, of this
nxeollunt institution bcnliis August 29th,
1881. Didactics, scientific nnd a com-
plcUi jNorninl course. All shoultl make
arrangements to attend thu first day.
M. S. K.MIlItKK,
Gale, tho pedestrian, tlnlshod Monday
at Now York, the greatest foat cvor at
tempted In pedestrlanisin. Iio walked
0,000 quarter miles in 0,000 conecutivo
periods of ton minutes. After finlslt-
Ing Ids task ho offered to waccrSSOO to
81,000 that ho could walk 500 miles iu
six days in addition.
Wloked fqr Clergymen.
" I liolievo It tn bo nil wmmmnil nvnn
wicked for clorjrvmon or other nubiia
meu to bo led Into clvinc testimonials
to quack doctors or vilo stuffs called
medicine's.' but wlmn a riinllv mnvltm-l.
ois article, mado of valuablo remedies
known to all, that all physicians uso
and trust In dailv. wo should t'reelv
commend It. I therefore) cheerfully anil
heartily commend Hop Hitters for tho
soon tiioy nave tionomoanti my irlontls,
ilnnly bellovlng thoy havo no equal for
family uso. I will not bo without thorn.",
liny , Washington, D. O.
The London Lancet oxcollont an
thovlty In tho matter "-ays It would
not bu in aconrdanco with modern surg
ical sciuneo to remove, tlio bullet tro
Prcsldont Garfield unless It excites 1
cnl disturbance Tho Prculdont's ph
sicians tnink so too.
A t'QoU'nunrntivo modlclno is ono of
.1.- 'I.-... " i-.i-l
mo nuHoimu neuossn.es 01 too aao.
..i.i. t 1. 1 . .
iiuswinit fiaa ucun sppuea oy ur. .j,
C Ayor & Co., wboso celebrated Cu-
thartlu PJUs aro known to be tlio safest.
surest and host purgative modlcinajovor
otler4to tho public, Thoy aro inijd
out, certain in moir cnoois, ana jjceep
1110 system f) gtioa oonaition.
Is n plant nativa to tho Sierra.
euros) It purpsl! Only 6 cents,
Try It nt King Proud, s. Oregon Franco
& Co,, Forest City.
Dan, Martin is now cnriTlni? a com.
nlcto stock of Uut-gv Harness of his
own mniiufnoturo which will bo sold a
choap as first cities work can bo. Cull
nntl Lo convinced.
Words pass away, but actions remain.
Let your actious be worthy ones., ' ',
itnx r.iin.. a i.
Maiiiifacturer of nil kinds of
VAU8KS, tie,, AND DI.Wl.KIt IN
113 & IIS Second Street, bet. Felix & Francis
ST. J0SKP1I, 310
& Mevftr
Secretary Illaino hits been sufferlii"'
from malaria and a tendency to chills.
Ills physician urges him to lcavo
Washington for a little timo, and it is
probablo iio will go to Fortress Monroe
or sonio other convenient olaco. Mr
Itlalno has been senrcely out of Wash-
ington since last Novombor.
Kansas City, Juno 7th, 1881.
I.kis Ciikmioai. Man'k'o Co., Law
rence, Kim.: I have tried Lois' Dandol
Ion 1 01110, nnd bear ehoorfur testimony
to its vuluo for persons engaged in offlc'o
work for a livelihood. Some of my
acquaintances havo nlso received "rent
benefit from its uso, and cordially rec
ommend It. Truly ycurs.
Con'l Ag't U. P. K. It.
A deputation of prominent Knglish
Tories is about to visit Ireland to m-
qulro iuto tlio condition of the agricultu
ral Ltborcrs, nd to ascertain whotbor
thoy aro treated as woll by the resident
landlords as by tho absentee landlords,
nnu ntso to ascertain how laborers aro
treated by farmers, Tho deputation
wHl roport tho result of thoir Investign
tllis, and thu report will form the basis
legislation to bo proposed by the
rios next session.
JAiioniioii! overv nni. Hnm mn
heuitl of Kendall's Simvln r.un,f
1 Announcoment is mado of tho death
of Gen. Robert Pattorson, who with tho
raint of Major-Gonoral, commanded n
portion of tho Union forces nt Hull Hun
on tho 21st of July, 1861, and who was
much blamed for a disposition of his
commantl that permitted Robol ro-ln
fakements to roaoh the battlefiold ant
deoldo tho day against tho Union army.
After SufTVirlilir fne
bundrojls of other so called remedies"
flon tvithout any bonollt, D. R. VVlVV
or ncuiibv ill too stotnanii nnu im im.
tiff K vuii iuo insianc ro r. 11. it v
f. -vlll do all that is claimed for It.
a. u. i,nphnmf Local Kdltor
Syracuse Courier.
Guarantood by all dtalors.
Vonnor, tho wontlior prophet, says
fo may expect a groaC chatigo in tho
weather nbout tho timo tho now eomot is
in porlliolloii. This will ocour tlio 20 of
presont month. Hctwoon the 16th mid
20tb ho says wo tlinll bo nearly frozou
by frosts and strong, cold, northorly
winds. Vcn nor is. u chcirful sort of a
Da, 1110, sol, fa, me, ra, do Do not
foiget your music lesson. T. S. Mindo"
now kcopf a stock of sheet musio.
No Good Preaching,
No matt can don good Job of
preach a good surmoii, try 11 law suit
well, doctor 11 patient, or wiiiu 11 food
nrllelo when ho ferls ml.sorablo 'unit
dull, wllh slugalsh brain ntul unsteady
ncrves, and nono should iwiko tho at
tempt In siii h a condll Ion when It can
bo so cheaply nnd easily removed by r.
little Hop Hitter-. Sue otlwrcohimit.
John S. Chapin,
of Now Liberty has tho choicest lot ot
Hedge Plants;.
that has ovor bosn offerctr for unlo In
northwest Missouri, whtnb 11.,. nHra ...
tho trmlo this fall. Addrcss.
Cl-algt Mo.'.
RoVOrlt ililrnliti .li,nlll.i ....j-i... i.
Orrifiin. nt r m V , . ""VV'
eall ami see TO ffl)H & fKTlNlr"
Onitouj Mo.
Nolo AcontH for til Miuin
'oilicr Cntilo
Ollr Till. II. K. l'nrnt li.ivl tttf linnii nim.iiiA.I l..
tliu l.lKl.ti.liiK li.Ml iHiHlni'ss ll.r tliu iV.'iii lout-
nip. n-ii-rs in iiijnilmU iI imrtli'S fur wlimm
i1 11:11 iluni. u'MrL't.li ,.r it-lii. u... 1..1 ....
Hnvlnit i,.,h 1 it - 1.. " ,r "A"? .-
lsi,..,H 111,1 tllUl'll t ill IIKl'IK-y ot tlio IllHIVl"
I"'5' '""Mm tmi very best iniitiii
faetiiri'il, they ask dm pnlnnittm- of nil ivlm Ue-
ivr.141.1 i.iirii'riiiiii nj;aillM l.lKlllllllli;,
di:ai. with wkx you know.
tlPWllMl lit ('111.-
HVVfiidlr Vim hy fnnililllll!! Illfi-rlnr nnN ini.l
larKhiK tlimlilc prlees. Our liuuies are III
liiltnmiityiiliil eu.ieet tn eoiitlime to V(,
. 1 , ' " 11 ",,r uni'ii'si rn ileal !iiiliiN-
.. ... ...-.ii.iij milium ieiiiie nun we lll-
lllt 10 (ill so
oiii:io., mo.
tseo. V. Luckhardt.
m mm
Brcoder ot tho Calebratcd Thoroughbred
I have a number of Ihortiujtlibreil 1'oliiinl
Clilna l'ljtM now reaily for hi'Uu Hint nre, breil
from lull folaiiil china Honrs ami Hiiwm, ami
which I offer 1111 tho inort rcasuiiiiblii terim In
those dcslrliiK n SHprrlor tiiallty nf ho-i. .stock
breeders iiho have seen my pigs priU m.
ever nfferci" for sale hi Holt County. Tlmy are
mi mu iiioous, nnu nave a elear peill?rec. My
sows uro from the well known l'oiumi china
stock Miners. It. f. Horsey & Soils, of IVrry
Plko county, Illinois j A (! T OTalor, of
Oreenciisllo, Hiilllvan oou.ity. Missouri, 11ml
my li'mr from II. Custle, of WllliiiliiKtoii, Mills
county, Illinois, ifu was xlreil by Honest T11111,"
ho by Jim Orow ; 1st ilnin Jenny l.inil j u (lam.
Oxlonl Ilonuty.
Allot my stock Is thoroughbred ntul not re
lated In any particular.
Call and see them at lay Nursery, niljolnhnr
The Motive Power.
Tho most beautiful illnsirntinh
nofuct mechanism and U'llllfllllfltl
strtiiigth to bu found on tho globo is a
steam englno. It Is tho onihodiinont ot
conscious powor, ami will walk away
with 80 of 40 heavily Jadon cars as cas.
ly as you would tako
and toss It about, or push a baby car
jiago down hill. Isn't it 11 plcturo to
I00K at us it stands calmly on thn v,.nu
ovory point mid band throwing back
tho rays of thu sun like burnished trold
tho engineer's cab looking as neat us a
lady's pal lor P Did you over think how
worthless this grand mnohlno would bo
without tho powor to start Into life tho
wondoWiil cogs nnd lovcrsP Let us
point a moral frqiu this simplo skotch
nnd apply it U ovory tlay business lifoP
w wH seo at ,i glaueo that tho point
in this illustratos tho grand prlneiplo of
oxlstonco itsolf-tho motivo p;wor Yim
can't start tho ongino without stan
SSlniJlrI"l;M.,,,J?Mao wo,lt ,u s1ce"s-
.....j ...hi. .in mu unurgy tlllU nusli nf
tnn n, .. n; 1. A" l. " - W ?OS-tllO
- v..... ....(. iiiu-uiiuuiu unit Hlf
Ivo man
ino uut-incss. 'mR-"iii1
mess without thoiai(
havo labored for yea
business machine. v
. . ... . . rv i..:iv
o poworr iv
till vv .-
OKIk I...I.
s to porfect our
tho bands, oiled tho cogs5?' anil in m.
duced a groat many now features V"0
(I1IIIK I10W thai. It mill-
tho track- and wo w.,nthy.. to "corno
and see It work. We hnvcboo.i , obliged
Cn get fhoro room ninl kvn ,nn...i
fllo store room just east of K ins &
store, where you crnfseo
can see
win iiiiusi i no or Fiim ,.
county. Nor can my ifock of"coiui ,
and iindortuk ii muiu i, ..... '..rV'?3
Hi Halt
Northwest Msso,,rr;-Tlu3fln ;3
intho nor Itwost. is also ,y $vl?.
. . iiflwus, urcgon, Mo.
of Oregon, Mo., has a suro c-iro for fo
vor nnd aguo
inonov rofundoil.
warranted to euro
ceipt or price. One ounce bo fl 7V
two ounce bottlo, $1.26. mo' 7C'
ouut ny mall on
.Mt-.t j
AlMMtfw4l'.t.l'.JI't j-
TZZ&rzrtrr, .-.r,T. -
S." 'ill
C.t i i J . ..I

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