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with tho lnrfrstnnaMctllihtol Dry Goods Htoro In tho Rtato nutsMo of St. Louis Thev have
Imt completed a innirulflccnt system (if Improvements, Including I ho mt(1ltln of Tn-o'Mnro
"loorn to their Rtutu room j each HO feet long by 3J feet wide, connected Willi the first Hour by
The First Passenger Elevator
overused In tlio Dry flood business In this elty. This gives tliem three inncnlflcrnt rooms nnd a
liaM-mclit any ono of which Is as larite as any ordln.try Dry Ooods Store, lly im-atis of the Ule
vntor eaeh Hour Is made us accessible us the llrst. unit nil are 111 ted up so us to give the best light
iitul show goods to tho best povlblo advantage, Their .Second Hour Is fitted up as ti
where nre itesplnyed tlio very latest novelties In Ladles Suits, Cloaks, FtiriilshluK floods nnd
Kcady Mndo (inrnients for both Ladles and children. Their
now arriving wilt surpass In extent and variety an.MhliiK ever shown by tlieiii.coinprlsliiiMJiiodN
lor llrory Vluss or Trmlv. Their nations may rely upon flndtng tho very latest novelties In
tho Dry floods market upon their cutintera us fast as they are Introduced In the east and lit
they carry n stock ten times us large us are usually carried by country stores, (living their pat-'
rons, not only mi Immense line to select from, but which they buy at retail at wholesale, prices
lu fact In i;vcry l)eiui'linciit they propose to innrl: good ut tho very lowest prices possible,
belli;; determined not lo be undersold by any house Hast or West, 'their stock Is undoubtedly
tho largest to select from west of Chicago or St. I.ouls and In Attrnctlvo Price no liousoean
olfer greater Inducements. They Invllo strangers visiting too city to pay thorn u visit and for
those whodo, we have a pleasantly lilted up
whero they may rest with themsclve.i and chlldrenand otherwise mako themselves as comforta
ble as tiussllile. New goods are arriving constantly, so that all may tlud souietlilng to interest
them : iiii'. to all who favor them with u visit tho most attentive uud polite treatment will bo
extended whether they desire to purchase or not.
Chambers, Mamey 5 C,
North Side Felix Str., Between 5th and 6th.
li ram
421 Felix, Street,
Avo now.'propared to show tlio public tlio best mul largest stock of
Bootsand Shoes
Hats and Gaps, Notions, Etc., Etc.,
Ever offered ia Holt county. AVo ulso havo tv full lino of Glass nnil QuVons
waro. Wo bcliovo that wo lmvo tho largost lino of Ludics' and Missesi,Fino
Shoes. Call and oxammo goods. Wo will not be undersold.
rJTle Xroraiums
aro confined to tho few, but tho display and low prices on
Zfj and Novelties, Mad6 by
benefit all who viit tholr largo establishment.
Silks nnd tnmmltiirsi is simpiv astonishing.
General Stock, tho Largest. All vIsUvps oxteiuled a cordial invitation to spend
an hour with its. All strcotf ars lavr you within two blocks of our building.
S. W Cor 4th & Felix Str. St. Joseph Mo.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Attorney nt Law,
Will pruetico In all tho courts of Missouri. Wit practice In nil tlio courts of Missouri.
Ileal estate and collecthitf business promptly Keal estxte mill collection business promptly
attended t. attouiledto
T": : : ; : T Olllee ovor Bcliulto Ilros Ktoro.
I lmvo a span of good steady work
horsos I will sell cheap ou timo or ox- Cheviot Shirtings, 6 cents a ynr
"chatigo for stock. W. A. GauuneU, and up, at A. Goldsberg's, St. Josephd
si us i
St Joseph Mo.
? 0
For Fall Trado our display of
Dress uoous stoeK unoqtiuiea.
Tho President.
Again It Is announced that tho presi
dent is in n fair way to recover . Tlio
symptoms aro reported as altogether
favorable. Tho assurances that come
front tho Whito Honso aro very gratify
ing and tho people aro bouyant with
hopo. If after all tho president docs
recover, it will bo a remarkable, oven a
wonderful easo of recuperation. IIo
was thought to bo at death's door, and
it was only a question of a lew hours,
or thought to be, when ho would in fact
die. Just on tlio brink, ly) seems to
have rallied, and tho critical point hav
ing been passed, tho belief is entertain
ed that hu will get well.
The Mayfiower school will bo
taught by Miss F.dna Lukcns.
Nice, fresh and ripe grapes at only
two cents a pound. Leave your orders
with Michael Spoerle.
Tim Falrviow school board has en
gaged March Folk of this city to teach
that school tlio fall and winter terms.
A fino largo Walnut Desk, suitable
for a Lawyer or Doctor, for sale for
only Fifteen Dollars, by V. W. Daven
port. Wo understand thuro is soon to bo
a wedding in high life that will shook
the social circles from center to circum
ference. Yellow-logged chickens aro
going np. Wo don't know whether tho
coming conference has anything to do
with it or not.
Why can't wo have a telephone
lino in Oregon. Just think of it; what
a coiivcntonco it would bo to all old
gossiping women.
livery owner of a horse should go
and get ono of Kendall's "Treatise on
Horse," for snlo tit 23 cents at T. S.
llintlo's drug store.
Do yuu own a horse ? If you do
go and get one of Dr. Kendall's "Treat
Iso on Horse," only S!3 cents at T. S.
Hindu's Ding Store.
Oregon is tlio banner town for pat
ronizing "free things." Tho Methodist
church was literally packed at the free
concert on Wednesday evening.
Honry Minton has bought tho John
Wagnor larni 40 acres on tho bot
tom near tho Whito Cloud Ferry. Tho
price paid was S1,000, cash; or 823 per
acre. Who said that the bottoms were
ruined by tho overflow.
Americans as well as Germans
should throw widoopon their doors and
heartily welcome tho fifty ministers that
will bo lu attendance to tho conference
hero next week. Wo should do all in
our power to entertain thorn and cause
them to carry away a favorable impres
sion of our town.
S. 11. Lukons, dentist of Oregon,
spoilt a eouplo of days in Maitland, last
week. Mr. Lukons is considered ono of
tho best dentists in tho country, and
did somo very neat work whllo hero.
Wo examined somo samples of his
work which wo considered hard to beat.
Wo understand that Mr. Lukons will
arrange to bo in Maitland one week in
eaeh month. Maitland Independent.
Mr. John O 'Fallon has been heard
from again. IIo is in tho wilds of Col
orado prospecting for gold. He sent
m all the accounts and notes placed in
his hands for collection, to his brother
Sam. Wo hopo John will strlko it rich
out there, nnd then come back and
mako his bondsmen a presont of a gold
watch and a fine suit of clothes apiece,
besides pay compound interost to tlio
rest of his creditors.
Musical Convention.
Trot. H. W. Seagor, of Now York, au
thoroftho revision aiid dramatization of
tho cantatas ''Queen, Esther" and "Hol
shazzar," has organized a corps of able
and oxperlonccd directors and teachers
of vocal musio for tho purposo of hold
ing musical conventions in tho leading
cities and towns of Missouri and Ne
braska. Last ovoning tjhol.'Frofossor, assisted
by J. W. Harrliigton, Uuso, and Miss
Whltnoy, orgaijist, held ivCprolinilnury
rehearsal at tlioj M. E. Church of this
place, Hllingfilio auditorium to its ut
most capacity. Tlio exorcises aro very
interesting. Iff tho propor oncouro2e-
ment is given thoin they will organize a
class lioro, giro n eourso of six days
Instruction, ilnd then wtnd up with a
grand concei t. All lovers of music
should not fi'iil to tako advantage
this opportunity, Everybody Is cor'
Messrs. Maupln & Thornton will
do tho plastcrng of tlio new court house
II. Tebbs Alkiro has laid a sub'
stantial sidewalk tui tho west side of ids
residence. Next.
It may savo tlio lifo of your horse,
Go and get ono ; price 'J5 cents, at T. S
Hindu's drug etoro.
Mr. Joseph Iloblltzoll has pur.
ciiased the storo building owned by T.
I. Kreek, now occupied by Mr. Hostel
Hcv. S. Cnrothers will hold scrvlco
at tho Triumph school housu next Sun
day at 11 o'clock and lu Oregon at
Hershbcrger & Anderson and
Sehulto Uros., aro and will receive, an
immense stock of Fall goods They
anticipate a big trado.
Hcmeinbor Tin: County l'.ri:it is
tlio moit complete job olllee in North
west Missouri. If you want any jot)
work done give us a trial.
Mr. Edward Kiehards near Mound
City, has moved into his now residence.
It is said to bo ono of tho be.t resi
dences in that section of the county.
Wo havx jut received fifteen fonts
of now job type, and if you want some
neat Joli work done with new material
in modern style give us your orders,
l'riees always reasonable.
A coat was found on the road be
tween Oregon and Forest City, lly
calling at tills office, describing prop
erty and paying for this notice, the
owner can lmvo tlio samo.
Henry Kiehardssold eighty acres of
land last Saturday at 12. SO per acre,
to l'eter Strickland. The land is situ
ated llvo miles south of Oregon in sec
lion 22, township 39. range 'AS.
Oo-isipors should not fall to road our
aitlele on the editorial pnyo of this is
sue entitled "Old Seoldh or Gossiping
Women." and if It docs tlioin any good
wo shut! lcel that wo have not lived in
A young eouplo were walking by
tho ofilco one ovoning last week, ami
wo overheard tho following: "Dear
George, have you seen the lasteonietP"
"No, dealt; I haven't seen the last
comet; but I have a sitor Jawnot that
has seen tho last comet, and several
previous comets, gol dom It."
The editor of tlio Maryvillo llcpub
Ham "suggests a species of fish known
as tho mud cat, as a recuperative when
tlio brain is exhausted." Hu says it lias
wonderful brain producing properties,
etc. Tho citizens of Maryvillo aro
noted for making "confessions," but
this la-t one from tho editor of the Jtc
publican takes tho cake.
Mr. Maryvillo Republican, will you
please give us proper credit when you
take anything from tho columns of this
papor'r1 Wot don't regard our Items as
very remarkable for tho deep logic they
contain, but wo want proper credit all
the same. Wo don't acctiso you of pla
giarism, but somehow when wo say any
thing right nice about you, you have a
habit of crediting it to some other pa
per. -Elder W. T. Maupln has bought
tho dwelling of W. W. Davenport,
nearly oppoito Tin: County PAi'int
ollice. I'rlco paid, nine hundred dol
lars. Possnssion given ou First of Oc
tober. It is one of tho cosiest little
homes in Oregon and wo eongratulato
tho Elder on securing It at such a low
price, and also congratulate Tin: Coun
ty l'Afmi on securing such a good
-Having procured a largo nunibor
ol copies ol "A Treatise on tho llorso
and his Diseases," by H. J. Kendall, M.
D., we have decided to present a copy
of this valuable work to each now sub
scriber to Tin: County I'ait.k who
pay us one year in advance, and also to
all old subscribers who pay up what is
is now duo and one more year in ad
vance. This is a new book containing
an "Judex of diseases," which gives
tho symptoms1 cause and tho best treat
ment of each; a table giving tho prin
cipal drugs used for the horse, with tho
ordinary dose, tlio effects, and tlio anti
dote when a poison ; a tablo with tlio
engravings ot the horse's teeth at differ
ent ages, wltii rules (or tolling his ago;
a valuable collection of receipts, and
much other uselul information. It con
tains nourly a hundred pages, and has
cuts accurately showing tho appearance
ami symptoms of a horco under the in
fluence of various diseases. It is the
best book for farmers and horso own
ers wo lmvo ever seen. Itomember wo
give tills valuable work to all who pay
their subscription one year in advance,
Thobo living at.a distance will prompt
ly receive a copy by mill!, postage prepaid.
A maiden speech "asi; papa."
Who says wo aro not happy a lino
rain and ukrhtccu now subscribers this
Uciiihart has ou exhibition somo
fine peach us and delicious California
Mr. John Kreok is building quite
a commodious d, veiling in tlio western
part of town.
Messrs. Thornton & Maupln of this
city havo been awarded tho contract
for plastering tlio now school building
at Craig.
Jolinllossof Forbes, bought elev
en acres of corn lately -pretty'''.
corn too loKlortv dollars. Who said
corn was high ?
A dram shop is in full blast at East
Whito Cloud, which makes it quite
convenient for some of the poor "Pro
hibition ridden" Kansans.
Wo understand parlies at New
Point inland organizing a brass baud,
and aro negotiating with our boys tor
their horns. The horns of tho Oregon
brass band aro in good order and if they
want brass horns at a bargain they
couldn't do better, as our boys havo de
termined to purchase silver horns.
Tho niorehants of St. Joseph rec
ognize Tin: County I'Ai'Kit as thu best
advertising medium to reach their Holt
county patrons. If you don't believo it
just tako a look through our columns
and nolo the numerous advertisements
from that elty. The merchants of St.
Joseph aro all prosperous and shrewd
business men and know full well tlio
value of printer's ink.
Died, in Liberty township, Thurs
day, August 25, 1881, Mr. Jacob lto
stock, aged, 117 years. Ho was born m
Kiehlaud county, Ohio. April 28, ISM,
and came to Holt county lu 1810. Ho
leaves a wife and three children. lie
was an Industrious citizen :.nd a erodi
to tlio emnniunity in which he lived.
Iluwas buried in the Central school
housu cemetery in Libeity township.
Mr. F. Endorbrock, of St. Joseph,
manufacturer of trunks, valises, etc, lias j
i few words to say this week to the peo
ple of Holt county, through the columns
of Tin: County P.M-mt. Mi. Endor-
uroelc is too well Known to need any
words of prai-e from us, and anyono
going to St. Joseph should not fall to
go and visit Mr. Enderhroek's estab
lishment, whether you wmit any goods
or not
Mr. Phillip Kolmor, tlio 'present
proprietor of tlio county poor farm lias
placed upon our tablo live largo and
mammoth eais of corn, measuring from
fourteen to sixteen inches in length and
wcighlngjust soveu pounds. Tlio ears
aro well filled with a large and healthy
looking grain, which are hard and dry.
Mr. Kolmor says ho lus 21 acres that
will average about -13 bushels to the
acre ? Who can beat it i"
-A gonuino old-f tsliioncd, drizzling,
Ireiiching rain made us a pleasant vNit
last Monday evening and lingered about
three hours, much to tho satisfaction of
everything and everybody, except the
dust, which has had tilings its own way
for tho past tlireo weeks. It was badly
needed and heartily appreciated, espe
cially by (armors and stock men who
were compelled to haul water for their
stock in some localities. It was also of
incalculable benefit to tlio grass which
again looks green and fresh.
The band boys at tholr last meet
ing unanimously agreed to purchase
now silver instruments. Tho order has
been made out and thu boys expect to
toot their new horns in about two
weeks. They are anxious to disposo of
tholr old instruments, which are in
j;ood order and will bo sold at a bar
;aln. Wo understand the boys will
give us a grand musical concert when
tholr now Instrument arrive, and wo
hopo the citizens will turn out ami give
tlioin a rousing benefit, as they not only
need tho money but justly deserve II, for
tlio sweet inusio they havo furnished
gratis to our citizens ou so many occa
caslous. The brain pan of tho editor ot (he
Holt County Pai'I'.u is about exhausted
Wo suggest a spjieios of fish known as
"mud cat," us a reouporatlvo. It is
said to havo wonderful bralu-prodiielug
properties. Try It brother; do, before
the malady takes a fatal turn, Alary
ville Republican. So you have tried it,
havo you ; or in other words you speak
from experience. Wo havo long
thought that tho uiislick tilings that ap
peared from week to week in tho col
umns of tlio'lUpublican omaualcd from
a "mud eat" brain, lint lot us give
you a word of ndvlco, brothor; when
you find a rocipo that contains wondor-
erful brain producing properties, "don't
never giro it away: "Homo first tlio
world afterward" always. Don't for
go tills brother.
Hov. Mr. Miller will preaclfiii Oregon
next Sabbath morning, and nt New
Point In tlio evening.
Her. Scott will pi each in tho Pres
byterian church, Forest City, next Sun
day morning and uvenlng,
Sam Stuckey lias placed a turn
back ou thu road. It Is from tho well
known firm of Hcnshaw & Co., St.
Tin: County Pai'iiu is enjoying a
little boom at present, both in advertis
lug and subscriptions. Now let us have
a railroad and the merchants ot Ore
gon will enjoy a boom wltii us.
On account of Iho numerous adver
tisements and tho scarcity of room this
week the proceedings of the Holt Coun
ty Christian Convention aro unavoida
bly crowded out. Tliey will appear in
our next itsuc.
In accordance with tlio request of the
Like to See" column last week, the
rains descended and tho winds blow.
When Providence nnd Tin: County
I'Ai'Kit pool issues something has got to
lrop if it is a three-inch rain-fall.
Mr. Thos. G. Denny, of New Point,
will please accept our thanks for a $5
william sent lo this ollleo for Tin:
County Pai-kk; also Mr. Aug. Rroach-
er, of Whig Valley, who left 3.30 upon
our tablo for tho old reliable family
-Messrs. Ford & Smith, of Forest
City, aro out in a ll.unlng advertisement
in lids week's paper. They lmvo just
received a mammoth stock of fall and
winter dry goods, and extend a cordial
invitation to all who wish to take ad
vantages of bargains.
Tho commissioners lmvo not yet
decided what color they will paint tho
court house, but "Superintendent"
look informs us that it will be a rich,
lead color, with tho outside columns a
shade darker, to make a slight contrast
with the main building.
-A vicious cow attacked one of Mr.
Hosteller's little girls on Nodaway
street last Tuesday afternoon, and after
tossing it in the air upon Iter horns,
was preparing lo gro the little child to
.loath, and would probably havo done so
mil it not boon for the timely inteiier.
enco of some' bystanders. Such cows
should not be permllled to run at large.
The Western German M. E. Conference.
Tito following is a complete list of
preachers who will attend the Confer
ence Willi the names of tho places
whero they aro located at present to
gether wltii the names of tho persons
by whom they will be entertained whllo
llNliup U.'S. l'ovter preMillliK. Huston, M.w. ;
ltev. T. II. rh-KeiihaiiM, 1'. II., St Joseph, Mo. ;
Itev. K. II. Krletsal. 1'. V.., Lawrence. Kan. j
llev. (' Harms, I. i:., Macula, .Nuli.-AMDIiKW
ltev. J. (I. l.eht, Wyamlotte. Kan. i ltev. J. i.
Kosl, Lincoln, Jfeh. Mm. Si-hatz.
ltev. .1. Kratlli mul wife, Western, Neh,
Mas. SoiiAuit.
Hov. 11. JlruiiH, Waco, Neb. ; ltev. C. llriiCK
Ber, Omaha, Neb. I'm:.. ricilNiunr.n.
Rev. K. l-'raiiz, lloouvllle, Mo. i ltev. K. i'full-cohered-,
Wichita. Kali.-l)u. (Iiwi.in.
ltev. .1. Demand, Lexington, Mo, s ltev, .1.
Hallcr. .lunclloii City, Kuii.-Mns. (Ihaiiam.
ltev. P. W. Mathtal anil wife, Sterling. Kim.
Itev. C. llueihel, Council drove, Kan. i Itev.
.1. Khrsam, Clay Center, Kan. Daniki. Zach
mav. Itev- .1, Kelt, Lyoun. Kim. s ltev. H. ltelmer,
St. .Joseph, Mo. .1. Ku.n.i.i:.
.1. .1. KIchenherKer. Firth, Neb. i II. M. Mea
ger, Cameron, Mo.-J. Hciiaumnu,
V. ScliulU. Hebron. flown, : K. Salelibaeh.
Harrison, Neb.-CKomii'. Mr.VKit.
,1. Sternberg. Sallim. Kan.-F. Hofi'mak, Kb.
II, Kruecer. Wyamlotle, Kan. ; 1'hllllp
Schramm, West Point, Neb J. Toi'llTF.ll
J. W. lluehholr, Liberty. JIo. s H. C. lime.
Hebron, lowa.-C. Soiilotziiachu.
Prof. ,1. A. Fulk, Wurrenlonton, Mo.- Lr.vi
ltev. F. Arnsborffor, Itrunswlck, Mo. s.I. Mey
er, Concnrilla. Mo. A. HiaiuKS.
(leo. KoenlK ami wllo, Oraliam, Mo.-lins.
Mao Watson.
,1.11. Mevlens, Coliimbiis, Neb. i W. C. Kelt
ncr, Oxtonl, Nch.-H. Rchui.tk
.lohn Hansani, Siiilthtwii, Mo, ; J, II. Asllntr.
Smlthtou, Mo.-D. .Senci.Ti:.
,1. Tauiier ami wife. Orctl, Neb. ; .1, 0. Keller,
Lincoln, Neb. ; C. Htiiecliiium, Kansas City,
.1. A. Mueller, Weston, Mo, ; 1). Waller, Kuilo-
r.i, Kau.-(i. Skhman.
0. Laneiisteln, Pampllllnn, Neb. ; Mr. Schu
macher, Nebraska City, Neb,-Fu. Uhkman.
J. (1, SchtilU, Lawrence. -Knii. : C. Ott, Wii-
theua, Kan. F. Makkt ami W. Oi-ri,.
.1, Fiihrman, Kansas, s II, Paulnmii, central
City, Neb,-(I ito. Flits.
F. Unhlllil, Ilillllbolt, wen. j u, j-.iu-niunu,
F.nterprlso, Kiin.-A. llonciciia.
W. H. Hteln, Ureal Ileml, Kan. s H. Holfnian.
Hays City, Kan.-(H:o. Apoi.rit.
.1. Vnnel, Enterprise Kan, s A. Hiiyer, liutor
prise. Kan. i A. II. Koch, D. D., President of
Wesleynu Colletie, Wiurenton, Mo.
Asploiulld Hunting caso or open
faeo coin silver watches, Klgin move
ments for $13.30, guaranteed for two
years, Harry Faraghur, Watchmaker,
Oregon, Mo.
B0X. Our llnu of Notions is complete
in every detail nnd aro remarkably low
lu pilco by Krcck & Watson,
TtlltKi: C'llANGKH.
for Tiini'ou.sTV I'ait.ii.
'Hie riiKt, the Unit,
Tho licaiitlful itut ;
rillliiB up everyone
With utter tll-wiit i
On our clothes,
Up your nose,
Down your throat
AihI lietueen your toes,
The rain, tho rain,
Tho heatilllul rain ;
.SetllliiK the dust
That was mi plain : ,
HiKikhiK thi'mich Ihe crack-),
lirlpphiK through the roof,
HmiiiltiK (town Jour b.icks
Through eo.U-t of water-proof.
The iiuiil.the luuil,
The lieiiiiliful mini ;
MllekhiK lo everjIliliiK
Hut to what It shoultl :
MinciirhiK up jour elotla-i,
.SoIIIiik your shoes t
Who ejiu lie coiileuteil
While this life Is full of woes?
What Vc Would Like to Know,
t What old maids live for.
t If old bachelors can bo happy.
I Who is tlio biggest
t Tho trno condition
in town.
of the piesl-
t If H. C. Pepper lias political aspira
t How Georgo Nies enjoys rural bo-
t Where C. O. Plumraer of Forest
City gets .shaved.
t If It Isn't about time for thoso girls
to take another swim.
t Where the money eollectca in Jus
tice's courts goes to.
t How our ellleient postmistress en
joys being "cut out."
t If there aro any polities in heaven,
wii. Sammy Tildoivbo there.
t How many lmvo returned llianks
to the Alimghtv for tho rain.
What tlio attractions at Forest City
aro for tho "dovll" of this ollleo.
t Why a certain young lady of Mound
City prefers tlio Maitland train.
t Whether Leigh Irvino really wont
to ltrownvillo to tools up a location.
t How County Clerk Curtis enjoys
country dancing this warm weather.
t What effect last weeks' County
PAi'iu: had on old gossiping women.
t And if it Isn't about time they were
giving new anivals ami Innocent young
girls a rest.
t Whether tho ducking school would
havo any effect on gossiping old women.
t How much beer it takes to keep an
ordinary serenading party "toned up."
t If tlio Oregon baby crop hasn't
douu splendidly considering tlio drouth.
t If the gutter is not as good n place
to deposit melon peelings as thu sidewalk-.
t How many Holt county citizens aro
oing to llio St. Joseph Imposition next
t When the editwr of tho Maryvillo
JUpublican will make another "coufos-
f If Vanderbilt owned a railroad in
tlio promise laud would would ho water
stock there.
t If Charley Fillcy of tlio Maitland
train ically contemplates locating in
Mound City.
t Tho names of tho two young eouplo
that camped lu Pmkston'.s pasture last
Sunday night.
f If tho warm weather this summer
has brightened tho prospects of Iho
Otegon old mauls any.
t How long! Oh how long aro tho
sidewalks going to remain in their pres
ent dilapidated condition.
t Whether a bath 1st catnip tea
wouldn't answer the purposo of a cer
tain spooney young eouplo in this vicin
ity. t "What right thoso nasty stinking
old too-licaded grass-widowers from
Kansas lmvo to couiq over hero and
criticise our red-headed girls." Red
headed (jirlx in concert.
-Tho M. K. Sunday School of Ore
gon, together with Union Sunday Sehool
will glvo a plenlo at tho Noland Grove,
ono nnd a half miles north .of town to
morrow (Saturday) ScptomlierOd. Tlio
scholars of tho M. K. Sehool aro re
quested to meet at tho church promptly
at 8 o'clock-, wiioro conveyances will bo
In rcadliio's to convey tlioiu to the
A barn on the farm of Homy Stor
ot, now occupied by Georgo Profllt,
just on the south edgo of town, caught
file and burned lotho ground lust Wed
nesday morning. It was lull of hay
mid other feed at tlio time and it niailu
a big blazo.
figy Our stook of Hoots and Shoos is
vory complete and at prices within tlio
1U1IUII 111 llll. OUII1 Wf JVIUUIV I II iniii
BguSoino people aro In tlio habit of
buying their clothing in larger eltii s.
Tills Is nil wrong because Kreek & Wat
son will sell you your clothing at Jut
as reasonable figures.
Ulally Invited.
. 1

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